Passions Transcript Friday 6/21/02



Passions Transcript Friday 6/21/02

By Suzanne

Julian: God!

Timmy: Ah!

[Chain saw runs]

[tin man laughs]

tabitha: Oh, no! That tin terminator is set to slice and dice my timmy.

Zombie charity: Right you are, hagitha. Yep. Soon your little cross-dresser is going to be crossing over with john edward.

Tabitha: Run, timmy! Run!

Julian: Oh!

Tin man: You won't escape me like you did the stupid scarecrow!

Julian: Yes, that's right, because you have a brain. Now, you forsake this killing spree, i'll get you into the movies. You'll be bigger than r2-d2 and c-3po combined.

[Julian chuckles]

tin man: I like movies.

Julian: We're saved.

Tin man: Especially "the texas chain saw massacre."

[Tin man laughs]

timmy: Ah! Uh-oh!

Tin man: I especially like the part where people get sawed to pieces.

[Tin man laughs]

[chain saw runs]

[tin man laughs]

luis: Get out of my way!

Guard: Just a minute!

Sam: Let me through.

Guard: Just a minute, ok?

Rebecca: I cannot believe that you told sam and luis where ethan and theresa are. If you could've just kept quiet, then the preeclampsia would kill theresa. But no. No. You had to say something. So now theresa may be saved and we may be screwed.

Ivy: I care less about that than i do about ethan. I don't want my son in any more trouble than he already is. I want him brought back here where he will be safe.

Rebecca: Yeah, right, "safe."

Sam: Now, ethan can't save theresa alone.

Luis: My sister and her baby's lives are at stake. Now, i've got to get to them before it's too late.

Guard: You are not going anywhere.

Second guard: You knew our prisoner escaped and lied about it.

Hank: What's going on?

Sam: Ivy told us exactly where ethan and theresa are. We're trying to get to them to save theresa and her baby.

Luis: Only these idiot guards won't get out of our way.

Hank: Let luis and my brother go. Theresa could die if they don't get to her in time.

[Theresa pants]

ethan: Is there a way to stop labor?

Gwen: No, not without drugs.

Ethan: Well, how do we know when she's ready to give birth?

Gwen: I -- i couldn't even begin to guess without knowing how far along she is.

Ethan: You mean youave to --

gwen: Yeah

[theresa groans]

ethan: Look, theresa, gwen's going to examine you, all right?

Theresa: No.

Ethan: So we can see how close you are to giving birth.

Theresa: No! No!

Gwen: Theresa, theresa, this is really no time to be refusing help. I need to see how dilated you are.

Theresa: All right!

[Theresa groans]

gwen: Oh, my God.

Theresa: What?

Gwen: Ethan, the baby's coming now.

Theresa: Oh, no!

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird i knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

[chain saw runs]

[tin man laughs]

zombie charity: You go, tin man. Now, make like a lumberjack and saw them limb from limb.

Tabitha: No -- go for julian first. People think he's already dead.

Zombie charity: Oh, my metal minion has plenty of time to rip them both apart. I pity the maid who has to clean up that mess.

Tabitha: Oh, duck, timmy -- duck or be diced!

[Tin man laughs]

julian: Ah!

[Tin man screams]

[doorbell rings]

zombie charity: Oh, doorbell. Go get it.

Tabitha: Oh -- I'm not going to turn my back on timmy at a time like this. Poor little lad is going to be lopped in two. And there's nothing I can do about it, so have to watch!

Zombie charity: Oh, fine. It's miguel and kay. I'll get it. You know, she has nerve here, showing her face after she tried to destroy mine with the holy water.

Tabitha: Oh! Oh, get away from my timmy, you metal monster!

[Tin man laughs]

julian: This is a bloody nightmare -- emphasis on "bloody."

Timmy: Timmy agrees.

Julian: Wait, wait. You were sent here to kill timmy, not me, yes?

Tin man: Oh, you're right. He's the imp i'm here to obliterate.

[Tin man laughs]

julian: Perfect. In that case, I'll be on my way.

Timmy: Traitor!

[Toto barks]

[tin man laughs]

[chain saw runs]

pilar: I'm trying to have faith. I am. I'm just worried about my theresa. What if ethan doesn't call back in time to save her?

Beth: Hey, i'm sure things are going to work out. Now, come on. Let's get you something to eat. You have got to keep up your strength for theresa's sake, ok? Come on.

Pilar: Ok.

Eve: I just wish I knew where ethan and theresa were. I need to be there to help her. Otherwise, she could --

guard: Wait!

Luis: Out of my way!

Guard: Just a minute! Wait -- sir --

T.C.: What is the problem here?

Hank: The prison guards know that ethan helped theresa escape. Now they're not letting luis and sam leave to try and help her.

Eve: Yeah, but ethan didn't call back. We don't even know where they are.

Sam: Ivy told us they were at the crane cabin.

Eve: What?

T.C.: Ivy knew about this all along and kept quiet?

Sam: I'll deal with her later.

Luis: Not till theresa and her baby are safe. Now, i'm warning you, don't you touch me. Every second counts.

Guard: Hey!

Luis: Get off of me.

Guard: These liars are not leaving this hospital!

Second guard: We're detaining you until state troopers arrest you for aiding and abetting a felon.

First guard: Watch these guys. I'm going to make the call now.

Second guard: You got it. Come on.

Luis: I'm sorry, but i got to save my sister!

Guard: Oh! Oh!

Hank: Don't move, buddy! You're could be hurt!

Guard: Hey!

Hank: Go, guys!

Guard: Hey, come on back, you two!

Second guard: Hey!

First guard: Stop or I'll --

T.C.: Brother, i'm sorry. Let me help you up.

Eve: Thank you, t.C. I love you.

T.C.: I love you, too, honey. Be careful.

Eve: Ok.

T.C.: You know, it is surprising how slippery these floor are.

Guard: Hey. You -- you tripped me and kept me from getting up.

T.C.: I didn't trip you.

Hank: I'll vouch for him.

Guard: Get your hands off me. We're having you both arrested.

T.C.: Yeah, well --

theresa: No, no, this can't be happening. Not here, not now.

Gwen: I know, I know, but it is, theresa, and you have to help us by staying focused.

Theresa: I'm focused.

Ethan: Look, theresa, I'm here, all right? Both of us are.

[Theresa groans]

gwen: Ethan, her pulse is racing. She has to have this baby right away.

Ethan: Hey, look, theresa, you have to try to rest between contractions, all right?

Theresa: Ok.

[Theresa pants]

ethan: Gwen, thanks for sticking with me.

Gwen: Yeah, well, it's not like i could sit here and watch tv with theresa screaming her head off over there.

Ethan: I know. But considering theresa just went psychotic and stabbed us both --

gwen: Yeah, well --

ethan: You have no idea how much it means to me that you're willing to help her through this.

Gwen: I know, but I'm going to be honest with you, ethan. There is no love lost between me and theresa. But I can't help if an innocent baby has a lying, self-serving mother. I just -- I have to deliver this baby, and I have to keep her alive while I'm doing it.

Ethan: Gwen, I love you for being you.

Gwen: I love you, too.

Ethan: Let's do it.

Gwen: Ok.

[Theresa groans]

eresa: Oh, shoot.

Ethan: Don't rry, theresa. We're here for you, together.

Theresa: Ok.

Gwen: Ok.

Theresa: Thank you.

Gwen: Ok.

Theresa: Yeah.

Gwen: Ok.

[Theresa pan]

gwen: Ok, this is it, theresa.

Theresa: Ok.

Gwen: Start pushing.

[Theresa grunts]

ethan: Breathe, breathe.

[Theresa grunts]

ethan: Breathe, theresa, breathe.

Gwen: Come on.

[Knock on door]

zombie charity: Oh, miguel. Kay. So, what brings you guys by?

Miguel: I've been trying to reach you since you left the graveyard.

Zombie charity: Oh, I'm sorry i rushed off like that, miguel. It's just that tabitha's been so upset, I wanted to check on her. She's really worked up with timmy gone.

Kay: Yeah, well, miguel wanted to know what happened to him in the graveyard tonight. I told him he should ask you.

Zombie charity: Well, yeah. Well, you were really upset, so we took a walk so you would calm down. And when we got to the graveyard, you seemed really tired, so, you know, i suggested you sit down. And I think, miguel, that you were so upset, you just kind of zoned out.

Miguel: If you say so. I don't remember anything.

Zombie charity: Stress does that to people.

Kay's voice: So do zombies casting spells.

Miguel: I guess I should go to the hospital and check on theresa.

Kay: Miguel, wait. If your mom sees you like this, it's going to upset her. Maybe we should just go for a walk instead.

Miguel: Ok. Good night, charity. Have a gootime with tabitha.

Zombie charity: Oh -- you know, tabitha's just watching a horror movie upstairs. I'm sure i won't be missed if i come with you.

Miguel: I'd like that.

Zombie charity: Good. Good. I just don't feel like the night went the way it was supposed to. Maybe now it can.

[Chain saw runs]

[tin man laughs]

tabitha: Oh, damn julian for running out on timmy. I should have known that saving the lad from that scarecrow was a fluke. Julian gave me false hope. Now I hate him even more!

[Tin man laughs]

[chain saw runs]

[chains saw stops]

[whirring noise]



julian: Another one bites the dust.


timmy: Julian saved timmy.

Julian: Yes, well, i was never a fan of heavy metal.


timmy: Timmy thanks julian with all his heart.

Sam: They're reporting near gale force winds up in the mountains. That's exactly where we're going.

Eve: Can we fly when it's that windy, sam?

Sam: We have no choice.

Luis: We have to get to theresa. If you want to go back, we understand.

Eve: No, I'm right with you. Theresa needs a doctor. I just hope and pray that we're not too late.

[Theresa grunts]

gwen: Push, theresa. Yes, just push.

Ethan: Try to focus on me, theresa, not the pain. How's it going?

Gwen: I can see the head. Push --

theresa: Ok.

Gwen: Push, push, push.

Ethan: Push.

[Theresa groans]

ethan: You're doing good, baby. You're doing good.

Gwen: Push, push, push. You can do it. Come on, push.

[Theresa groans]

[theresa yells]

theresa: Come on. Ah --

[theresa yells]

gwen: Theresa, one more push and the baby will be here.

[Theresa grunts]

ethan: Come on, theresa, yocan do it. One more push and you'll be a mother.

[Theresa screams]

[baby cries]

ethan: You did it.

Gwen: It's a boy.

Tabitha: Oh. Who inAdes -- or heaven, for that matter -- would ever have thought julian crane could be so noble? Or maybe his near-death experience changed him. Or maybe he likes martimmys so much, he can't let timmy die.

Timmy: Timmy can't thank julian enough for saving his life.

Julian: Well, you're -- you're quite welcome. I -- oh -- I might be ruthless when it comes to business, you know, wives, mistresses, former sons, but I could hardly turn my back on a tyke a tin man was trying to take out with a chain saw.

Timmy: Timmy's indebted to julian for life.

Julian: Well, so you'll do me a favor one day, yes?

Timmy: Timmy will start by finding the wizard.

Julian: So we can find the demon's horn and be on our way. Good idea. I'm getting a bit creeped out by all this stuff around here.

Timmy: So is timmy. And these shoes are killing him.

Julian: Yes. So -- we're off to see the wizard.

Oh. What have we here?

[Julian chuckles]

woman: We saw what happened.

Second woman: You were so brave.

Julian: Oh.

Woman: Nice tail.

Julian: Well, yours is quite pleasing as well.

[Julian chuckles]

timmy: Ahem. The wizard.

Julian: Oh, yes. Ahem.

Woman: What's your rush?

Second woman: Stay and have a drink with us.

Julian: Well, I'm afraid we cannot tarry.

Woman: We won't take no for an answer.

Second woman: We like 'em big and tall.

Lian: Well, honey, you just hit pay dirt.

[Julian chuckles]

timmy: Ahem.

Julian: Ahem.

Timmy: The wizard.

Julian: I'm sorry, timmy, but I'm thirsty for something short and wet.

Woman: That's our specialty.

Julian: Oh, yes, i've always been up for new experiences.

Woman: You'll get that.

Second woman: And a whole lot more.

Third woman: Six hands and three sets of lips, to be exact.

Julian: Mercy.

[Julian laughs]

julian lead on.

[Julian laughs]

julian: Oh. Oh. Oh.

Timmy: While julian's being julian, timmy and toto will find

he wizard.

Timmy: Hello? - Anybody home?

Timmy: Yoo-hoo! Is mr. Wizarhere?

Voice: Who dares to disturb my solitude?

Timmy: It's timmy, mr. Wizard, sir. And he's come a long way to find where to get the demon's horn.

Voice: Well, you've come to the wrong place. There's no demon's horn here.

Timmy: But timmy saw the symbol on the wizard's

illboard, so the wizard must know where to find it. Please, can't the wizard help timmy?

Voice: No. Now, be gone.

Timmy: The wizard is guilty of false advertising. Timmy will sue.

Voice: How dare you threaten me.

Wizard: How dare you threaten me.

Timmy: Timmy needs the demon's horn.

Wiza d: I don't care. Now --

[toto barks]

wizard: Oh, oh -- oh. Go!

Timmy: Mr. Wizard?

Wizard: No. Ignore that man. He is not -- i repeat -- he is not the wizard.

[Wizard groans]

timmy: Timmy saw the movie, mr. Wizard.

Wizard: Oh.

Timmy: The munchkins even made him dress the part. So timmy needs help. What's the holdup?

Wizard: Don't you know? Haven't you figured out the story yet?

Sam: Hold on. We're getting close to the cabin. I'll try to land it near the clearing by the lake.

Ethan: He's beautiful, theresa. Just as beautil as his mother. Theresa, look at him, all right? You won't hate him, I promise. He your son.

[Baby fusses]

theresa: Mommy loves you. Yeah, she does. Mommy loves you with all her heart.

Ethan: He looks just like his mother.

Gwen: And he seems to be doing just fine.

Theresa: Hmm.

Theresa: Dr. Russell -- she must have been w ong when she told you that I had preeclampsia. I mean, my baby and I -- - we didn't die.

Ethan: You both were lucky. You definitely had preeclampsia. Othe wise, you wouldn't have stabbed gwen and me.

Theresa: I -- i still can't believe I did that. I am really sorry.

Ethan: Theresa, it wasn't you. It was the preeclampsia. I'm just glad it didn't affect you and the aby.

[Theresa sighs]

ethan: She should rest.

Gwen: Do you want me to get you a glass of water or something before -- theresa? Theresa? Theresa, can you hear me?

Ethan: Theresa?

Gwen: Theresa. Theresa. Theresa! Theresa, can you hear me? Ethan, i -- I can't wake her up. Theresa. the demon's horn.

Wizard: I said no. Now, scram.

Timmy: The wizard is more frustrating than timmy's princess.

Wizard: Your princess?

Timmy: Tabitha lenox. She ives in hmony oh, timmy loves her a lot.

Wizard: Well, why didn't you say you know tabitha? We go way back.

Timmy: So do timmy and tabby.

Wizard: Sorry I was rude. I'm just sick of kids trying to get me to re-create their favorite children's stories just for fun.

Timmy: Fun is the last thing on timmy's min

wi ard: You're on quest to save a girl's life.

Mmy: Timmy's t ue love, charity.

Wizard: Does tabitha know where you are?

Timmy: Timmy's not sure. He's kind of been incommunicado.

Wizard: Ah. Well, let's just check + my han-dandy c ystal ball + and see what the old gal is up to, huh?

Tabitha: Oh, timmy. Timmy, wher re you?

Timmy: Princess looks upset.

Wiza d: She is, timmy. Tabitha's worried sick about you.

Miguel: Charity, you look kid of tired. You want to rest a little while?

Zombie c arity: Oh -- um -- - ok.

Zombie charity: M.

Kay: Hey -- I don't like being so close to he ce where the real & charity is roze .

Zombie charity: Oh, chill, cuz. Who will know?

Kay: Yeah, but --

miguel: Wish i could remember what happened in the graveyard. - It scares me to have lost time like that.

Zombie cha ity: Well, I know that's kind of unsettling, but, trust me, nothing weird or scary happene

kay: Yeah. Nothing weird or sca y happened. +

Miguel what'd ou say?

Kay: I was alkinAbou how hot and um d it s ou here. - It's kind of like a jungle.

[Drums sound]

kay: Those drums are real. What a e you doing?

Zombie cha ity I'm setting the mood to finish what I started earlier.

Kay: You're going to have sex with miguel?

Zombie charity: Killer sex.


Ethan: Heres

ethan: Theresa? Theresa, speak up. Speak to me. Please, God, don't let her die. Oh, God -- please, the esa, don't die.

Lease don't die.

[Baby sses]

P gwen:Shh. Shh s, shh. It's ok.

Sam: Ethan!

Luis: Theresa! Theresa!

Ethan: Dr. Russell, over here. Theresa passed out. I can't wake her up.

Luis: Theresa, it's luis. Sis, can you hear me? Sis.

Eve: She has a pulse, but it's weak.

Ethan: Look, you can't let her die.

Eve: I'll do my best.

Ethan: Theresa? Theresa, can you hear me?

Theresa: Oh, luis?

Luis: God. You all right?

Eve: Sam, we have to get theresa back to harmony as soon as possible. Call the e.R., Have them on standby.

Sam: Got it.

Gwen: Oh, my God.

Sam: Yes, chief bennett --

gwen: The baby's stopped breathing.

Theresa: Oh, God, please don't let my baby die!

[Julian growls]

[women laugh]

[julian growls]

[women laugh]

women: Oh.

Julian: Good-bye, bliss, rapture, ecstasy.

[Julian pants]

julian: After that close encounter, secretariat isn't the only stud to have won the triple crown. Ooh.

[Julian sighs]

julian: Yeah. Where was I? Yes, timmy and i were off to see the wizard. Where is he? That little imp has taken off on me. Woe is timmy if he tells anyone that i'm alive. Timmy, where are you? Timmy?

Tabitha: Oh, timmy, where are you?

Timmy: Timmy's here, and he's fine.

Wizard: Tabitha can't see or hear you, i'm afraid.

Timmy: Timmy has to finish his quest so he can get home. Now, where can he find some + Demon's horn?

Wizard: Well, just follow this map and you'll find it. Just remember that your journey will be fraught with peril. It might even cost you your life.

Tabitha: Oh, no.

Immy: Immy will risk death to free charity and za her evil zombie. That demon is a threat to everyone in harmony. Even tabby.

Wizard: Oh.

Guard: Theresa crane escaped. She's at the crane family cabin with her ex, ethan winthrop.

Hank: I hope that eve, sam, and luis make it to the cabin on time to save theresa and the baby.

Pilar: Oh, my God. What --

beth: What's going on?

Guard: These two are unr + arrest for impeding the apprehension of an scaped felon.

Pilar: What? Wait. I don't understand. What?

T.C.: Ivy told sam and luis that theresa and ethan were at the crane cabin.

Pilar: What? You knew this whole time and kept quiet? If anything happens to theresa or her baby, you will be riding in a hearse and not that wheelchair, so help me.

T.C.: And these chumps tried to stop them. But we stepped in.

Pilar: Thank you, t.C. Thank you both.

Rebecca: I hope that windstorm up there keeps sam and company from getting to the cabin until after theresa dies.

Sam: How's he doing, eve?

Eve: He is breathing on his own.

Sam: Good.

Eve: But it's very shallow. I suspect that he's probably suffering from respiratory distress syndrome. Sometimes in the few hours after a baby is born, the breathing can get progressively labored. The chest sinks in instead of expanding.

Theresa: And then what?

[Baby coos]

theresa: Are you saying my baby's going to die?

Eve: I'm saying that our best hope is to get him to intensive care right away.

Theresa: My baby's dying. My baby's dying.

[Baby coos]


hey, hey !Not in the house !

Tabitha: Oh. Oh, my timmy's got to leave that hotel before zombie finds out that her tin terminator didn't finish him off. But timmy's so determined to free his charity and fry her doppelganger, what the wizard said might come true. Timmy's quest could cost timmy's life. Oh.

Wizard: Zombie charity sounds like bad news. Be careful, my boy. A demon like that is most dangerous.

Timmy: Could timmy really die if he goes after to get the demon's horn?

Wizard: In a word, yes.

Timmy: Timmy's not afraid. He'll finish hisission.

Timmy's voice: Or be finished for good.

Wizard: Then you'd best hurry. From what you said, if the real charity thaws out before you get back to harmony with the demon's horn, there's no telling what zombie might do to her.

Julian: There you are. Did you think you could run out on me?

Timmy: Timmy found the wizard.

Julian: You're the wizard?

Wizard: Hmm, yes. And if i'm not mistaken, you're the late julian crane, huh?

Julian: Uh -- I'm afraid you're confusing me with some other cowardly lion.

Wizard: There's no use lying. You're julian crane. But why are you here? Why not go back to harmony?

Julian: I'm waiting for my supposed killer to be brought to justice.

Wizard: Oh, that must be what i saw earlier in my crystal ball -- the person convicted of your murder, strapped to a gurney, about to be executed.

Julian: Huh? Well, good. Once my killer is kaput, i can go home to my manse on the hill and all will be well with the world.

Wizard: Yourille isn't the only one about to die soon. More will follow.

Timmy: Who?

Wizard: I can't say. Wizard confidentiality clause.

Julian: Yes, that's quite all right. I have to be going, anyway.

Timmy: So does timmy.

Wizard: I mean it, young man. You could die if you go after the demon's horn.

Timmy: Timmy couldn't live with himself if he didn't try to save charity.

[Drums sound]

miguel: It's weird. I feel like I did at the graveyard just before I lost track of what happened. Do you hear those drums?

Zombie charity: No. I don't hear anything. Just relax. Concentrate on the sound of my voice.

Kay: No. Miguel, don't listen to her. Miguel, don't be drawn in.

Miguel: Did you say something?

Zombie charity: It's too late, kay. Miguel is going to love me to death.

[Drums stop]

miguel: Ah. What just happened?

Zombie charity: Oh -- I think you were just resting your eyes for a second. Miguel, would you get me a blanket from the car?

Miguel: In this heat?

Zombie charity: I think I'm catching a cold.

Miguel: Ok. Um -- I'll be right back.

[Miguel groans]

kay: What are you up to now?

Zombie charity: You see that? The ice block that charity's frozen in iselting.

Kay: Good. Because I think she's the only one who's strong enough to win if she takes you on.

Zombie charity: Oh, little miss popsicle can't defeat me.

Kay: Liar. I see the fear in your eyes.

Zombie charity: Now, now. The only thing you see in these eyes is determination. I'm going to have my way with miguel, and then he's going to die. And he won't be the only one.

Guard: We're turning you in to the state troopers.

Pilar: I'll do what i can to get you outf jail as soon as possible. And, again, thank you for helping my daughter.

T.C.: Anytime, pilar.

Guard: Come on, let's go.

Second guard: Come on, let's move it. Come on.

Pilar: Beth, what if the state police -- what if they get to the cabin before sam, luis, and eve have a chance to rescue theresa and ethan?

Ivy: If anything happens to ethan, I am holding you responsible.

Rebecca: It's not my fault.

You are the one who told them where they are.

Eve: We've got to get theresa and the baby to the hospital immediately. They're both in severe distress.

Man: Everyone freeze!

Luis: All right, now, look. We have got a woman and a newborn baby who are in danger of dying here.

Sam: We need to get them to the hospital right away.

Officer: Look, save it for a judge. We have orders to apprehend an escaped felon and her accomplice.

Second officer: And that's what we're going to do.

Theresa: No, no, please. My baby could die!

Officer: Take one more step and we will shoot!

, Mom.

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