Passions Transcript Wednesday 6/19/02



Passions Transcript Wednesday 6/19/02

by Suzanne

Tabitha: Ohpoor timmy!

Zombie charity: Hmm. This is it. Say good-bye to your dollboy.

Julian: Heh-heh. Please, tell me this is a bad dream.

Scarecrow: No!

Julian: A very bad dream.

Timmy: You're not from the wizard, are you?

[Scarecrow laughs]

julian: Perhaps we could discuss this over a brandy.

Timmy: Huh?

Julian: That's it! I'm out of here!

Timmy: What about timmy?

Julian: You're on your own!

[Toto barks and growls]

julian: Let go, you mangy cur!

Tabitha: No! No, don't hurt him!

Zombie charity: Hmm! Too late. Timmy and julian are about to be forked!

Tabitha: Oh!

Timmy: Feet, make tracks! Ah!

Scarecrow: Ha-ha-ha!

[Scarecrow growls]

timmy: Huh.

Zombie charity: Oh! Timmy's forked, but good. And this time he is going to die.

Tabitha: Oh!

Brian: What are you thinking about?

Sheridan: I was thinking about what nick said about helping me find my true identity.

Brian: Nick will say anything if it's to his advantage, diana.

Sheridan: Yeah, but what if he does know who I really am?

Brian: He doesn't. He was lying. See, he was only trying to get your hopes up to try to tie you to him some way. Look at me, diana. Believe me, nick does not know who you are any more than you do, ok?

Sheridan: But what if he does, brian? What if nick knows exactly who i am?

Stan: We'll be reaching bermuda in no time.

Nick: Do i give a damn when we dock? In case you haven't noticed, stan, everything went south on me.

Stan: Tough break.

Nick: I thought it was a lock. I thought I totally had diana convinced to come with me.

Stan: Did it ever come to you where you had seen her before, who she really is?

Nick: No. I'm usually so good at placing faces, too. Wait a minute. Paris.

Stan: Paris?

Nick: Paris. I saw diana in paris. I know who she is! I know. And her name isn't diana.

Ivy: Ok, I've been thinking.

Rebecca: The answer is no.

Ivy: I want to know where ethan and theresa are.

Rebecca: Didn't you hear what i just said?

Ivy: I can't stand you being one up on me.

Rebecca: Well, deal with it.

Ivy: Tell me!

Rebecca: Look, I'm keeping this secret for your own good.

Ivy: Look, rebecca, we're partners. Partners don't withhold information from one another. You know i'm just going to keep asking you.

Rebecca: Oh, all right! I'll tell you. Ethan and theresa are up at the cabin. Gwen told me.

Ivy: The cabin?

Rebecca: Yeah, but you can't breathe a word of this, ivy. Just l it be. Theresa will die up there, and then we will have everything that we want.

[Phone rings]

ethan: Yes! All right, come on, answer, dr. Russell.

Eve: It's ethan.

Pilar: Oh, dear God. Perhaps it's not too late to save theresa.

Beth: I'm sure it's not.

Luis: Please, God.

T.C.: Come on, sweetheart, answer it!

Eve: Ethan?

Ethan: Dr. Russell?

Eve: Ethan. How is theresa? Where are you?

Ethan: She's in very bad shape.

Eve: Oh, what do you mean by "pret bad shape"? Does she have a fever? Is she in labor?

Ethan: Look, you're going to have to speak up -- hello? Hello, dr. Russell? Damn it! How am i going to get help up here?

Eve: Ethan?

Ethan! Ethan, i need more information about theresa's condition. Hello?

Pilar: Eve --

eve: What?

Officer: Who is that, dr. Russell? Who are you talking to about theresa?

Second officer: And why are you so concerned about her if she's still here in the hospital? Unless she isn't. Has theresa left the grounds, doctor?

Hank: I miss anything?

Beth: Come here. We're afraid that the prison guards overheard eve answer her cell phone to ethan.

Hank: Ethan called? Well, where are he and theresa?

Beth: We don't know. Eve got interrupted before she found out.

Hank: I hope we find theresa before she gives birth. That preeclampsia thing that eve said theresa h -- that could be fatal for both her and her baby.

Beth: Hank, it's worse than that.

Hank: Well, how could it possibly be worse?

Beth: Eve was reading up on preeclampsia, and in extreme cases a person who has it can have violent psychotic episodes.

Hank: Define "violent."

Beth: Eve feels that if theresa were to feel threatened she might lose control, even kill.

Gwen: I still can't believe that you're clinging to this fantasy that you and ethan are just going to, you know, run off together and have this idyllic life together and -- and for you to actually think ethan is going to love this baby, julian's baby, as his own -- how can he when you can't even?

Theresa: You bitch!

[Theresa screams]

gwen: Uh! Uh --

theresa: Ugh!

Gwen: Uh -- uh -- uh -- uh --

singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird i knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

[scarecrow growls]

[toto growls]

timmy: Oh! Oh!

Julian: Unleash me, you mangy cur!

Timmy: Julian! Help! Save timmy!

Julian: Sorry, girlfriend. I have to save my own tail!

Timmy: No! Timmy's going to die in drag!

[Munchkins laugh]

[scarecrow yells]

[munchkins scream]

julian: Wait for me! I'm cowardly, too!

[Munchkins scream]

julian: Oh, toto, I know you want me to save timmy, but how can fight that sinister bag of straw?

Tabitha: Damn that julian! He's useless, drunk or sober!

Zombie charity: Chill out, tabby cat. Julian's not saving his hide nor the timster'S. No, they're both about to get free body piercings, courtesy of my new best friend, the evil scarecrow and his pointy pitchfork.

Tabitha: Oh, poor timmy!

Head: Oh, for a boy to die wearing gingham -- what a horrible fate!

[Scarecrow snarls]

scarecrow: Ha-ha-ha!

[Timmy screams]

brian: Trust me, diana, nick has no idea about your true identity.

Sheridan: Well, for some reason, I believe that he has seen me somewhere before. I think he said london or paris.

Brian: Nick is a master manipulator. He will say anything he can to get someone to feel as though they need him. And then all he does is string them along until they're totally dependent upon him. And then that's when he takes advantage of them.

Sheridan: Really?

Brian: Yeah, and it's just like told you. Think about what he did to me. He was trying to use me to scam those innocent workers out their pension funds. Now, he knows that your weakness is amnesia, so of course he's going to try to keep you near him by telling you that he's going to be able to help you find out who you are and where you came from.

Sheridan: I hear what you're saying. But nick just seemed so convinced that he had seen me before.

Brian: Diana, listen, i know you want to find out, find any scrap that you can, and find out someone that holds the key to your past, but I'm telling you, nick is not that person. Maybe there's someone out there that is, but he's nothing but lowlife scum. And there is no way that he possibly knows anything about a beautiful woman like yourself.

Stan: You know diana's real name?

Nick: I know it starts with an S.

Stan: Shirley? Susan? Sally?

Nick: No. But it'll come to me.

Stan: Samantha? Sonya?

Nick: No, I know -- I know i saw diana at a party in paris a while back. The press was there in droves. I'm sure her picture made the society page of every paper in town. All I have to do is search the internet for one of those photos. And then i'll know her name. Then i can find out everything about her. Then i can get rid of brian and have diana -- or whatever her name is -- all to myself.

Ethan: I have to get through to dr. Russell. She's the only one who can tell me how to help theresa. Damn it! Can't get a signal.

Ivy: Looks like those prison guards are still hovering around eve.

Rebecca: Oh, yeah, like they want in on her phone call.

Ivy: We'd better see what's going on.

Officer: Who are you talking to about theresa crane?

Second officer: Has she left the hospital?

Eve: Left the -- no! No, of course not! Well, if you must know -- and I guess you must. I was talking to the lab about theresa's test results.

Officer: The condemned has been off being tested for a while now. How much longer is this going to take?

Eve: When i get theresa's test results back, i will decide then if she needs more tests. She will be back when I am satisfied that it is safe for her to be back. Now, if you'll excuse me and let me make my call, i can get this moving.

Officer: Hold on a sec. You'd better go up to the lab, make sure mrs. Crane is really there. You people don't have a problem with us checking to make sure our prisoner is still in the hospital, do you?

Ivy: Uh-oh.

Rebecca: "Uh-oh" is right.

Hank: I can't believe a sweet girl like theresa could have a psychotic episode.

Beth: I know. I have a hard time believing it, too, hank, but preeclampsia is a serious condition. And with theresa under so much pressure -- being on the run, trying to escape execution, and a baby due any time now -- who knows what she might do?

Gwen: Ethan? Ethan, help me!

Theresa: Ethan can't save you, gwennie

gwen: Oh --


Tabitha: Oh, my poor timmy, pinned down by that pitchfork! Your bloodthirsty scarecrow about to finish him off -- i -- I can't watch. I can't watch my timmy being forked to death!

Zombie charity: Fine. Don't watch. But you're missing quite a show. Get him, scarecrow! Get him!

Tabitha: Oh!

Zombie charity: Gore him good!

Timmy: Julian, help! Do something! Save timmy!

Julian: I'm thinking! I'm thinking!

[Munchkins chuckle and laugh]

[scarecrow snarls]

[munchkins yell]

[scarecrow laughs]

timmy's voice: It's do or die time. And if julian doesn't do something soon, timmy will die!

Julian, help!

Tabitha: Run, timmy! Run! Make tracks like those munchkins did!

Zombie charity: In those shoes? I don't think so, tabs. Face it -- timmy's about to be

shish kebob -- mmm.

Tabitha: Oh!

[Scarecrow growls]

timmy: Ah!

[Scarecrow barks and laughs]

timmy: Julian!

Sam: You want your partner to see if theresa's still in the lab? Go ahead. Waste your time.

T.C.: Yeah, and look like idiots for doubting my wife.

Pilar: And the chief of police.

Eve: Well, if you're through wasting our time, I think I will call the lab, find out what they wanted.

Rebecca: All that whispering can't be good.

Ivy: I agree. If they do check the lab, not only will they discover that theresa's missing, but they're going to realize that she had help in escaping -- ethan's help.

Officer: You people have assured us that theresa crane is still in the hospital. Fine. Maybe she is. But something's going on here.

Second officer: My partner and I have seen you huddled together, talking.

First officer: We don't know what you've been talking about, but let me warn you of the consequences if any of you are thinking of helping theresa crane escape.

Ivy: Oh, ethan.

Officer: If you're caught helping a condemned prisoner escape execution, you'll spend a big chunk of the rest of your life in prison.

Second officer: We trust you'll pass along any information about our prisoner as soon as you get it.

Pilar: My son and chief bennett always do what's right.

Eve: I wonder if I can get ethan get back by pushing call return.

[Phone rings]

eve: Hello?

Ethan: Dr. Russell? I've been trying to get through to you ever since we got cut off.

Eve: Ethan, i never heard about what theresa's condition was.

Ethan: Well, look, that's what I need to know, all right? Gwen said that theresa had preeclampsia. Is that true? Could theresa and the baby die?

Eve: Yes, ethan, it's true. Theresa and her baby are both in grave danger.

Ethan: Oh, my God.

Eve: Now, i need you to tell me the symptoms. Is she having headaches? Vision problems? Are her feet and her hands swollen?

Ethan: Look, I don't know anything about vision problems, but, i mean, she's a mess right now.

Eve: Ok. Tell me where you are. We'll send medical care to theresa before those other symptoms manifest themselves.

Ethan: Wait. What other symptoms?

Eve: Is theresa unusually agitated?

Ethan: Yeah, definitely.

Eve: God, i was afraid of that.

Ethan: Well, why? What does that mean?

Eve: Now, look, i don't want to alarm you, ethan, but in some cases of preeclampsia, women can become psychotic.

Ethan: What?

Eve: Theresa's agitated state could worsen, and it could erupt in violence.

Ethan: What? Would theresa turn violent? No, dr. Russell, theresa would never do that.

[Gwen gasps]

theresa: Ugh. This is it, gwen.

Gwen: No, please. Please, no!

Theresa: You and your bitch mother have been out to get me ever since ethan broke off your engagement. And now you're trying to steal him away from me.

Gwen: Ethan -- ethan -- ethan --

theresa: And, gwen, you won't get him. Now, see, see, you won't keep me from going away with him because you're not going to be around long enough to stop me, gwen. You're going to be dead, gwen -- dead.

[Gwen gasps]

timmy: Ah! Timmy guesses this is it! He thought he'd be somewhere over the rainbow, but instead he's six feet under!

Julian: That bloodthirsty scarecrow's hellbent on skewering poor timmy. I mu think of a way to stop this corn-fed carnage! Toto! What -- that dog has a death wish.

Zombie charity: Face it -- you and the mutt are mincemeat.

Timmy: Toto should save himself. Go back to harmony and tell timmy's princess that he loved her most of all.

Tabitha: And I love you, too, timmy. And I don't bloody well care who knows it.

Timmy: Well, at least timmy will die with dignity.

Julian: Oh, God. I must save the boy. If i don't, the recipe for martimmys will be lost forever!

[Julian laughs]

julian: But how does one stop a supernatural scarecrow? That's the burning question.

[Julian coughs]

julian: En garde!

[Scarecrow grunts]

scarecrow: Huh?


Julian: That's what I call heartburn.

Scarecrow: Huh? Huh? Huh? Ah!

Zombie charity: This can't be happening.

Tabitha: Oh -- oh, but it is! Your plan, like your killer scarecrow, is going up in smoke! And to think i have a crane to thank for saving timmy! Run, timmy! Run as fast as those little silver slippers will carry you!

Scarecrow: Ah! Ah! Oh! Oh! Whoa! Ha!

Brian: Nick was trying to manipulate you, telling you he could help you find out who you really are.

Sheridan: Thanks for keeping me grounded. Knowing my future lies with you more than fills any void i feel about my past. Not that i'm not curious about my true identity, but I know it will never affect us.

Brian: Good. That's exactly what I wanted to hear. Now, come on, let's go for a walk. We got a lot to talk about.

Sheridan: Oh, yeah. It has been quite an eventful day.

Brian: To put it mildly, yes, it has.

Sheridan: Let me just put this stuff away. I'll be right there.

Sheridan: There goes nick's boat. I wonder if my instincts were right. What if he had met me before in london or paris? Well, I guess any chance i had of finding my identity is now sailing off into the night. Hmm.

Stan: Where'd you get diana's picture?

Nick: I took it from brian's room.

Stan: It's probably the only think o'leary had worth taking.

Nick: You got that right, stan. Those tech guys are worth every penny I paid them to load the latest software onto my computer. And thanks to a satellite phone hookup, this baby will take diana's photo and search the internet for a match.

Stan: Wow, the feds should have such good equipment.

Nick: Lucky for us they don't. As soon as i set up search parameters, we'll be well on our way to finding out who diana really is.

Stan: Sharon? Serena? Sandy? What other names begin with s?

Nick: Patience, my friend. Our little mystery will be solved before you know it. Then diana will be mine and brian will be left with nothing.

Sam: We're running out of time, luis. As soon as that guard discovers that theresa's not in the lab, he'll put an a.P.B. Out for theresa's immediate apprehension.

Luis: Yeah. Well, it's a good thing those guards don't know that ethan helped theresa escape. Look, I'm sure he's got her someplace safe by now.

Sam: Well, let's hope so, because if they're caught, ethan's going to spend a lot of time in jail, and, well, theresa -- theresa could die. Look, eve's on the phone. Let's hope she's talking to ethan.

Eve: Ethan, no matter how sweet theresa is normally, extreme preeclampsia can lead to abnormal psychotic behavior.

Ethan: Maybe in some women, dr. Russell, but not theresa.


ethan: What the hell was that?

Eve: Ethan? What happened? Is it theresa?

Theresa: Gwen?

Gwen: Uh --

ethan: Oh, my God.

Gwen: Uh -- ethan! Uh -- uh -- ll us where the others are...

Singer: You are my passion for life

scarecrow: Ah! Uh! Uh!

Zombie charity: How dare julian set fire to my scarecrow with his cigar?

Tabitha: It's unbelievable. A crane actually did something good for once.

Zombie charity: Watch your mouth, witchy. My scarecrow was supposed to kill timmy.

Tabitha: And instead it's proven that cigars can be as deadly as cigarettes.

[Tabitha chuckles]

[scarecrow coughs]

timmy: Timmy thanks julian for saving his life.

Julian: Oh, you're quite welcome. As for our friend here, it seems to be the last straw for him.

[Julian laughs]

[scarecrow growls]

julian: Come, timmy, we must make good our escape.

[Scarecrow growls]

eve: Ethan -- ethan, what's going on?

Pilar: Shh --

eve: Ethan --

pilar: Shh. Don't draw attention to yourself. The prison guard is already suspicious.

Ivy: Did he tell you where he was?

Eve: No, we were discussing theresa's condition, and, i don't know, something happened on the line at his end.

T.C.: Did the line go dead again?

Eve: No. No. I thought I heard what sounded like a cry of pain, and, i mean, we're still connected. It's like ethan just dropped the phone.

Pilar: Oh, my God. Theresa could be in labor.

Rebecca: Tick, tick, tick.

Beth: Well, we have to find out where they are.

Hank: Yeah, but how?

Sam: Wait a minute. I know who can help us. Agent freeman from the f.B.I.

Hank: Oh, the guy that i helped bust those french drug runners with.

Sam: We can get him to trace the signal of ethan's cell phone. Then we'll know the exact location of ethan and theresa.

Luis: Yeah. Well, that's our best shot of finding them before these damn guards realize they've escaped.

Sam: Right. You know what?

Ethan: Gwen. My God. What has theresa done to you?

Gwen: Ow! Ow!

Theresa: Gwen stabbed me in the back, so I -- i returned the favor.

Gwen: Ow. Ish these moments.

julian: Wait!

[Scarecrow growls]

scarecrow: Ha-ha!

Julian: Run!

[Scarecrow growls]

tabitha: Skip faster, timmy! That horrible haystack man is gaining on you!

Head: Oh! Look! There's a door they can hide behind!

Zombie charity: Whose side are you on, anyway?

Head: Sorry. I got caught up in the excitement. I lost my head.

Tabitha: They've reached the door!

Julian: Wait. Yes, go.


[Julian sighs]

julian: Yeah.

[Julian chuckles]

julian: Well, carry on. We're just passing through.

[Julian chuckles]

julian: You won't even know we're here. I think we ditched the scarecrow. Come, boy.

[Scarecrow growls]

[munchkins scream]

julian: Oh, God! Good God! We're done!

[Scarecrow growls]

julian: Oh, my God!

Timmy: No!

[Scarecrow growls]

[scarecrow screams]

munchkin: Yes! Yes!

Julian: Stupid scarecrow. If he had a brain, he'd would have known better than to get too close to a gentleman with a lit cigar.

Tabitha: Oh, thank hades, timmy's safe.

Zombie charity: Not for long he's not.

Tabitha: What are you doing with fluffy's food?

Zombie charity: This is how i'm going to take care of timmy and company once and for all.

Tabitha: Where do you think she's headed with this, head?

Head: Let me put it to you this way, tabitha -- I'm not sticking around to find out. If you think the scarecrow was a nasty piece of work, wait till you get a load of zombie's next creation. Give me a call in, maybe, another 300 years.

Bye-bye. Ow! That's going to leave a mark.

Brian: I can't believe how close I came to losing you.

Sheridan: It's over now. That's all that matters.

Brian: No, but volunteering to go away with nick and work for him? I've never met anyone so selfless.

Sheridan: I couldn't let you risk your life just to pay off my debt. That's my responsibility.

Brian: But, diana, I told you, I want to help you. And your problems are my problems.

Sheridan: That's sweet of you to say, but --

brian: I mean it. Look, I'm going back to race cars so I can pay off this debt to nick.

Sheridan: No, brian, i do not want you to race cars. I won't let you!

Nick: It won't be long now. Soon i'll know just who in the world diana really is.

Sam: Agent freeman. Yeah. Hey, this is chief bennett over here in harmony P.D. Listen, I need the f.B.I.'S help in locating the source of a cell phone signal.

Pilar: E, can you hear what's happening between ethan and theresa?

Eve: No, but the line's still open. It's like ethan put the phone down to hurry and do something.

Pilar: Oh, dear God. Pray it's not to deliver her baby.

Luis: Sam, come on, we're running out of time here. Now, look, that guard -- he must be talking to his partner.

Officer: Where are you? Well, get a move on. We have to find out if theresa crane is up in the lab or not.

Eve: Ethan, are you there? Ethan?

Gwen: She -- she stabbed me. Ethan, theresa -- she stabbed me!

Ethan: Gwen, look, I'll take you to the bedroom. I want to get a look at your wounds.

[Gwen gasps and cries]

ethan: It's ok.

Theresa: You didn't forget about her, did you, ethan? You didn't forget about gwen even when you said you loved me!

Ethan: Theresa, calm down --

theresa: You lying bastard! I'm going to get for leading me on, ethan. I'm going to get you. I'm going to get you.

Zombie charity: You won't be celebrating when you see what i have in store for you next. Searching for a heart, causing great pain, tear up in timmy's chest, and to julian do the same.

Tin man: I'm here to do your bidding, zombie queen. Timmy and julian a going to be canned!

Zombie charity: Ah!

Sheridan: Brian, racing is so dangerous. That's the only reason why i went with nick in the first place -- so that you wouldn't have to risk your life for me.

Brian: Look, I am telling you, everything will be ok.

Sheridan: You say that, honey, but you can't guarantee it.

Brian: Yes, i can.

Sheridan: How?

Brian: Because before, diana, i was more reckless. I took chances that I wouldn't have because i didn't have anything to lose. But now I have you and I love you and I'm not going to let anything keep us apart. Now, racing is the only thing that i can make that much money that fast to be able to pay nick off and give him everything that he wants.

Nick: This is it. I know who you are now, diana. Soon, you'll be mine and brian will be history.

Eve: Ethan still isn't back yet.

Sam: Keep the line open so the feds can trace the call.

Luis: You heard agent freeman. This search is top priority.

Pilar: I pray theresa and the baby are all right, that that scream you heard earlier isn't theresa going into labor.

Rebecca: Now, if theresa is in labor, then she's going to die, and so will the baby.

Ivy: Well, that's all well and good, but what about ethan? If they find out that ethan helped theresa escape, he is in big trouble!

Rebecca: Well, if theresa just hurries up and dies, no one will even care what ethan did.

Ivy: I can't risk my son going to prison.

Rebecca: Ivy, the plan is to get rid of theresa. Now, you can't tell sam where ethan and theresa are because then theresa could be saved and then we could be screwed.

Ivy: Oh.

Rebecca: Besides, ethan is in no danger. The only one that's in any danger is theresa, so just stick with the plan and ethan will be fine.

Ethan: Theresa, stop, all right? Listen to me. I spoke to dr. Russell. She confirmed what gwen said -- you have preeclampsia, and it's making you a little unbalanced.

Theresa: Damn it, ethan! I am not unbalanced!


Oh, God! I'm angry. I am angry at what you did to me!

Ethan: What have I done but help you, theresa?

Theresa: You've always loved gwen, ethan. That's why our relationship didn't work out. That's why you don't want to run away with me now! You never really loved me, ethan! You lied to me. You led me on. And now I'm going to make you pay. Both of you! You are both going to pay with your lives!

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