Passions Transcript Wednesday 6/5/02



Passions Transcript Wednesday 6/5/02

by Suzanne

Tabitha: Oh, that psycho norma escaped from the mental ward again. She could be after timmy right now.

Head: Yes, the scroll told me that someone from timmy's past is pursuing him. I see great, great danger for him.

Tabitha: Oh, I can't stand around here doing nothing. I've got to do something to help him.

Head: Well, how can you help him when you don't even know where he is?

Tabitha: No, I don'T. But I can convince chief bennett to do his job. He's got to hunt norma down and -- and put her back behind bars!

Timmy: Timmy needs to find out if peggy's norma. If she is, timmy's in trouble. Norma wants to kill timmy.

Norma: I warned you not to insult me and father, but did you listen? Oh, no! Instead, you laughed at norma, mocked her, made fun of the way she dresses! You asked for it, you got it!

[Norma screams]

[timmy and tabitha scream]

timmy: Norma's crazy, toto!

[Toto barks]


brian: Are you telling me that diana ran up a gambling debt at your club?

Nick: You know these chits are I.O.U.S -- gambling debts.

Brian: There is no way -- no way she could've lost this much money.

Nick: Diana, is this your signature?

Sheridan: Yes.

Brian: Diana, are these your chits?

Sheridan: Yes, but i certainly didn't know i borrowed this much money. This is insane!

Nick: Maybe. But you owe me, diana, and i'm here to collect what you owe me right now.

Pilar: Teresita, did you say you think you're in labor?

Theresa: I think so, mama.

Pilar: Please.

Luis: Don't worry.

Miguel: Hey, come on. Let's sit her down over here.

Guard: Hold it. She's not going anywhere.

Luis: She needs to sit down.

Ethan: She's going into labor.

Guard: My orders are to take her back to her cell.

Sam: Let her sit down. I'll take full responsibility.

Theresa: Oh! Oh, oh!

Chad: What's up with theresa?

Simone: I don't know. Chad -- chad, tell me what you were going to say.

[Theresa groans]

chad: Simone, it's got to wait. I got to see what's up with theresa.

Whitney: Did you tell simone about us?

Chad: No, I was going to, but --

whitney: We'll just tell her later. Let's see what's going on with theresa.

Kay: I don't believe you.

Zombie charity: Believe what you want, but it's the truth.

Kay: No. Simone may be upset when she finds out about whitney and chad, but she would never resort to killing her sister.

Zombie charity: Just watch. Simone will have murder in her heart when she sees that whitney stole the man that she loves.

Kay: But chad doesn't love her. He's always loved whitney.

Zombie charity: Just makes it more delicious, doesn't it? Seems you'll be going to another murder trial very soon -- simone's.

Theresa: I'm ok, I'm ok.

Pilar: You sure?

Theresa: It must have been a false alarm.

Guard: Ok, let's go!

Pilar: Come on, sweetheart.

Theresa: Oh! Oh!

Miguel: Theresa --

pilar: Theresa?

Theresa: Oh, my gosh!

Miguel: Sit down.

Ivy: Could this get any better?

Rebecca: I don't see how. Our plot to get rid of the little gold digger is working perfectly.

Ivy: It looks like theresa might have her baby right here, right now.

Rebecca: And then it's off to the death chamber she goes.

Pilar: Mija, just relax. Just try to breathe. Just breathe. There you go. Just breathe. It's ok, sweetie. Mama's right here.

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird i knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

timmy: What's happening to peggy's face, toto?

Timmy: Norma?

Norma: That's right, timmy -- it's me. And it's time for you to die!

Brian: Diana, what were you thinking? You didn't know how much money you were signing for?

[Sheridan sighs]

sheridan: I guess I did know at the time, but i -- I kept thinking that I would win it back.

Nick: Most people think they'll win back their losses.

Sheridan: I reallyad no idea I was spending this much money. All I knew is that i had to keep playing and win.

Brian: Why?

Sheridan: I needed the money for something.

Brian: For what? I don't understand.

Nick: One of the dealers told me she was trying to buy you a birthday present.

Brian: Diana, is that true?

Sheridan: Yes. I wanted to try and win enough money so that I could buy you that navigation system for your boat.

Brian: Diana, that is really sweet and I really appreciate it, but I really wish you hadn't have gambled without me being with you.

Sheridan: Well, so do I, but I had no idea I was spending thousands of dollars!

Nick: So, who's going to pay up? I take visa, mastercard, american express, or cold cash. What's it going to be?

Brian: I'll tell you exactly what it's going to be.

Miguel: Mama, the judge said that theresa had to go to the death chamber as soon as her baby was born.

Pilar: Yes, miguel.

Miguel: What about appeals? You know, what about all those people that sit on death row for years and nothing ever happens?

Ethan: Miguel, don't worry. I'm filing for an appeal today.

Miguel: Yeah, but if theresa has her baby today, then the judge isn't going to listen to any appeals. You know, he's just going to go ahead and order theresa to be put to death.

Pilar: Dear God --

ethan: Look, miguel, I'm going to do whatever it takes to save her, all right? I won't let them kill her.

Luis: This is ofc. Lopez fitzgerald. I'm bringing my sister to the emergency room. Would you please call dr. Eve russell and have her meet us there? Thank you.

Guard: Sorry, but the prisoner is going back to jail.

Luis: My sister is in labor, all right? I need to take her to the hospital.

Guard: Then she'll go to the prison hospital.

Sam: Wait a minute. That's a state hospital. It's over 100 miles away.

Ethan: Theresa has a legal right to emergency medical attention, all right? She needs it now.

Sam: Now, if you want to keep your job, you'll let us take her to harmony's hospital.

Guard: All right, but i have to stay with her.

Sam: Luis, you get your sister to the hospital.

Reporter: Theresa, over here! Is it true? Are you in labor?

Second reporter: Theresa, didn't the judge --

ethan: Just back off --

chad: Back up!

Reporter: Excuse me. Could we just get a statement!

Second reporter: We want to talk!

Chad: Back up!

Reporter: Do you regret what you've done?

Rebecca: Bye-bye, slut.

Ivy: Oh, within a week, theresa will be joining julian in hell.

[Ivy and rebecca chuckle]

kay: I'm going to go talk to simone, see if I can fix this.

Zombie charity: You can't help simone, just like nobody can help theresa.

[Zombie charity sniffs]

zombie charity: Smell that, my friends? It's evil. And if you think that it can't get any worse than theresa's execution, think again. By the end of the summer, harmony will be changed forever.

Nick: So, you going to tell me how you're going to pay?

Brian: Let me get this straight first, nick. Diana was playing cards, she runs out of money, and one of your guys suggests that she sign a chit.

Sheridan: That's right. I was going to quit, but he kept saying that I needed to stay in, that my luck would change.

Brian: Oh, so, in effect, it was you who was lending her money to gamble, huh?

Nick: Of course. I own the club. You know how it works, brian.

Brian: Yeah, I do know how it works. And you were setting her up. That's what it was, huh? Man, she had no idea what was going on. I ought to push you straight off this island and straight to hell where you belong.

Tabitha: Oh, oh -- chief bennett -- oh, I'm so glad I found you. I called the station. They said you were coming here.

Sam: What's the problem?

Tabitha: Oh, it's my nephew, timmy. I'm desperately worried about him.

Sam: Why?

Tabitha: Well, I think he's in grave danger.

Sam: Listen, tabitha, why don't you go to the station, all right? Someone will help you there.

Tabitha: You don't understand. I believe that norma is after timmy.

Sam: Norma, the -- the lady from warlock island, the one we had committed to a psych ward?

Tabitha: Yes, only somehow she escaped from the psych ward and now e's after poor, little timmy!

Sam: Now, listen -- you tell me where they are, i'll have someone pick them up.

Tabitha: That's just it -- I don't know where they are.

Sam: Then how do you know norma's after timmy?

Tabitha: Well, you see, I know that norma blames me and timmy for getting her committed to the mental ward in the first place, and now she's escaped. Well, of course, she must be after timmy.

Sam: Listen, tabitha, my hands are full right now. So unless you have concrete proof that she's after timmy or you have some idea where he is, there's nothing i can do.

Tabitha: Oh, but -- but timmy's no match for a mad woman with an ax. You have to help him.

Sam: Tabitha, listen -- go to the station. Someone will help you there, ok? That's the best I can do.

Tabitha: Well, your best just isn't good enough. I'm just going to have to handle this alone. I've got to figure out where timmy is and warn him before norma gets to him.

Timmy: Please, don't hurt toto.

Norma: Oh, I've got plans for toto, too.

Timmy: Pl-- plans?

Norma: Wonderful plans for you both. I'm making cream of timmy soup!

Timmy: No!

Norma: Did you have a nice bath, father?

[Theresa groans]

eve: Get her to that cubicle. Sam, is the guard really necessary?

Sam: Well, she's still in custody. But you can wait outside the cubicle.

Eve: How long has it been between contractions?

Luis: I don't know. It's been kind of sporadic.

Pilar: She's had one after another, and then maybe nothing for three minutes.

Eve: Ok, so maybe she's not in full-blown labor.

Ethan: But why is she in so much pain?

Eve: I don't know, ethan. I'll have to examine her.

Pilar: Can we please go in to be with her?

Eve: No. Pilar, you should stay here.

Luis: Eve, the judge ordered theresa put to death as soon as the baby's delivered.

Eve: I know. He called the hospital. He wants to be notified immediately after she delivers.

Ivy: Ethan, how is she?

Rebecca: Yeah, we were so worried when we saw her carried out.

Ethan: We don't know yet. Dr. Russell, could i use your office? I want to do some research -- find a way to appeal the judge's decision.

Eve: Absolutely, ethan. You know where it is.

Ethan: All right. Thanks.

Gwen: Ethan, i'll go with you. Maybe I can help.

Ethan: Sure.

Ivy: We'd better go with them, too. We have to keep ethan from helping theresa.

Rebecca: You're right. That may be the only thing that would mess up our plan.

Theresa: Oh! No, don't -- ow! It hurts, it hurts!

Eve: I know, sweetheart. Just try and keep hold of your breathing.

Theresa: Oh! Oh!

Pilar: I never thought I'd dread the birth of my first grandchild. But when that baby is born, theresa will be put to death.

Luis: Now, mama, ethan is going to find a way to stop this, ok?

Pilar: This is not the way it's supposed to be. I cannot lose theresa.

Theresa: Ow! Ow!

Brian: You're leaving this island and you're never coming back.

Nick: Back off, brian. I didn't set your girlfriend up and I don't run crooked tables.

Brian: You're lying, nick. You set her up to get even with me.

Nick: You don't get it, do you? Even if I wanted to be a nice guy and let this slide, the people i work with won't like it. They have a good memory of people who owe money, brian. You ought to know that. They'll do whatever it takes to collect. You think m trouble? Wait till you see these guys. You'll never be able to protect diana. Never.

Whitney: I need to see theresa.

Chad: Ok, but hey -- you know what? Before we do that -- I know you're upset about theresa, ok, and i don't want to get you more upset, but you know we're eventually going to have to set simone straight about you and me, right?

Whitney: I know. I know. We should've told her a long time ago. I was just -- you know, I didn't want to see her hurt, and I was hoping that --

chad: I'll tell her as gently as i can. But I think your sister's a lot stronger than you give her credit for.

Whitney: Yeah. Well, I hope you're right about that.

Chad: I hope so, too, because she's got to be told the truth.

Whitney: Ok.

Chad: Ok?

Whitney: We're going to make it happen --

chad: That's right.

Whitney: Together.

Chad: That's right.

Whitney: Now, listen, I really want to see how theresa's doing, ok?

Chad: Ok. Well, I'm going to get something to drink for everybody. Then i'll meet you there, ok?

Whitney: Ok.

Chad: All right.

Simone: Charity was right. Whitney stole chad away from me.

Kay: Simone saw chad holding whitney.

Zombie charity: Yes. And look -- a tray of scalpels within simone's reach. The perfect murder is about to happen.

Kay: Stop saying that.

Zombie charity: Kay, but it's true. Simone saw whitney in chad's arms. She'll find out the truth -- that they've been in love all this time. And she'll murder her dear sister. Won't it be wonderful?

Ethan: Thanks, gwen.

Gwen: Mm-hmm.

Ivy: So, ethan, are you having any luck?

Ethan: No, not yet. But I'm not going to stop until i find something. You know, I just don't understand how this could've happened -- you know, how judge harris could make such a wrong decision.

Rebecca: Well, I'm sorry, ethan, but i'm sure that the judge feels he did serve justice.

Ethan: "Justice"? This is the biggest miscarriage of justice i have ever witnessed.

Ivy: Oh, ethan, darling. I just hate to see you wasting your time on a lost cause.

Ethan: You can't be serious.

Ivy: Ethan, look at the facts. Theresa confessed to killing julian. She told sam where her gun was, there was a bullet missing from the gun, and there was gunpowder residue on her glove.

Ethan: It's all circumstantial evidence.

Rebecca: But she did confess. You seem to be overlooking that fact.

Ivy: And a confession isn't circumstantial. Ethan, i think it is time you faced the fact that if theresa confessed, she might be guilty of murder. | ) T t

Singer: You are my passion for life

eve: It's ok. It's just braxton-hicks contractions. Basically, a false alarm.

Pilar: Thank God.

Sam: I'll make sure ethan gets the news.

Theresa: Mama? Luis? Miguel?

Miguel: Can we go in, dr. Russell?

Eve: Yes, go ahead.

Pilar: Mi nina. Are you all right?

Theresa: Yes, mama. I'm ok. I'm ok now.

Luis: Thank God it was just false labor.

Pilar: Yeah.

Luis: At least that bought you some more time.

Theresa: No. No, no, no, luis, don't look worried. Ok? Ethan, he's on his way to overturn the judge's decision. And, besides, I am a crane now, and the cranes -- they won't lose one of their own.

Luis: Theresa, you never learn, do you? Even with alistair crane's own attorney, you still got the death penalty.

Pilar: Your brother's right. The crane name will do nothing to save you.

Luis: Something's very wrong here, and there are forces we don't even understand.

Pilar: I think so, too. Father lonigan said evil was here in harmony. I'm just afraid that that evil is going to take you away from us.

Theresa: Oh, mama. No. No. No.

Ivy: Ethan, i know you think that theresa is lying to protect someone, but do you really think anyone would keep up this pretense once they were sentenced to die?

Ethan: I know it seems incredible, but I still can't believe that theresa would kill julian.

Rebecca: But think what he did to her, how he ruined her life. He got her drunk. He got her pregnant.

Ivy: And took away the one thing that she truly loved -- you.

Ethan: Everybody knows theresa had a motive, but so did a lot of other people.

Ivy: But no one else has come forward to confess.

Gwen: I'm starting to agree with your mother, ethan. Why would somebody face the death penalty for a murder that they didn't commit?

Ethan: Now, look, I understand what you're saying, gwen. And I have to admit that i'm beginning to consider the possibility that theresa might be guilty of murder.

Whitney: Mom, is theresa all right?

Eve: Yes, sweetheart, she's fine. It was just braxton-hicks -- false labor.

Whitney: Oh. So at least theresa's safe for now -- i mean from the execution.

Eve: Yes.

Whitney: I still can't believe that all this is happening.

Eve: Neither can I, sweetheart. Ethan is trying desperately to do everything he can to overturn the judge's decision.

Whitney: I mean, theresa just couldn't stop living in this fantasy world. It's crazy.

Eve: You're right, sweetheart. She just refused to give up this fantasy of marrying ethan, and now look what trouble it's gotten her into.

Whitney: You know, the horrible thing is, is that ethan really did fall in love with theresa. I mean, they would've been married by now if theresa would've just been honest and upfront with him, if she would've just used her head.

Eve: Well, I'm just thankful that you're not like theresa in that way, sweetheart. You've got a good head on your shoulders, thank God. I know i never have to worry about you making bad decisions where love is concerned.

Whitney: I hope not.

Eve: No, I'm sure of it. Now, simone -- that's another story. She's the one I worry about.

Whitney: What do you mean by that?

Eve: Oh, you know simone -- she wears her heart on her sleeve. I'm afraid if she ever did fall in love and get her heart broken, it could do severe psychological damage.

Kay: Hey, simone. What you doing?

Simone: Nothing. I need to go find whitney and chad.

Kay: Wait. What are you going to talk to them about?

Simone: I want to know if you and charity are right. I want to know if whitney is messing around with chad. And he just left, so i'm going to go --

kay: Wait, simone -- whitney and chad are -- are not together.

Simone: What? Why are you all of a sudden changing your mind?

Kay: I just -- I was watching whitney, and I just know that she's not interested in or -- or she's not involved with chad --

simone: What is going on, kay?

Kay: Nothing. I just -- I know that whitney and chad are not involved because --

simone: All you're doing is convincing me that they are. And I will never forgive whitney for this. Never.

Norma: Tomato potato and onion yum, yum, yummy oh. And now just one more ingredient to add --

chopped timmy and toto!

Timmy: Please, don't hurt toto. Toto never hurt norma. Let toto go!

Norma: Toto, you should have chosen your friends better.

[Norma laughs]

[timmy screams]

timmy: Timmy had a terrible dream, toto. Norma was going to make timmy and toto into soup. If peggy really is norma, she -- she'd kill timmy at the first chance she gets.

Head: Oh.

Tabitha: Damn civil servants. Why aren't you reading the paperback version? There are a lot more goodies in that, hmm?

Head: Actually, it was sold out. Besides, i have no place to put my wallet. I take it that the police weren't able to help you?

Tabitha: He wouldn't even look for that wacko. And I pay his salary with my tax dollars. Huh. And that chief sam bennett wouldn't even lift a finger. I do pay taxes, you know. I made a lot of money with that book, "hidden passions." It's a great summer read in paperback, hmm?

Head: Really? Oh, I've been looking at the scroll into timmy's future. It hasn't changed.

Tabitha: Oh, no. Timmy, i can't let that happen. Oh, damn you, scroll. Show me where I can find timmy. Timmy!

Timmy: If peggy really is norma, toto, timmy has to turn her in. It's timmy's only hope.

Tabitha: Timmy, norma's close. Run away. Run away from norma.

Brian: You better listen to me, nick. You better tell those goons to back off and tell them not to come around here making threats because I can protect diana, and i will.

Sheridan: Brian, please, don't get in trouble because of me. I was the one who signed those i.O.U.S.

Brian: No, he set you up! Nick manipulated you.

Nick: I was nowhere near that card table. She got into this mess all by herself, with no help from me.

Brian: Maybe she did, but I know you and i know how you operate. And the best thing you can do is just forget about this debt. Forget you ever saw me. Forget everything.

Kay: Simone, I'm telling you, you're wrong. Chad wouldn't mess around on you.

Simone: But you've been saying all along that he would. Why are you changing your mind?

Kay: Because I just -- I just know that nothing's going on with whitney and chad, ok?

Simone: Nice try, kay, but i don't believe you. I'm not blind, kay. I see the way that they are together, the way he touches her -- like they're a couple. And I'm going to find out right now for myself.

Kay: Wait, simone. What are you going to do?

Simone: If whitney betrayed me -- if whitney betrayed me, I'll make her pay.

Whitney: Mom, so you think that if simone got her heart broken that it could really damage her?

Eve: Yeah, I think that it could -- yes.

Whitney: Well, why? I mean, why do you think simone is so different from me?

Eve: Because you're so levelheaded, sweetheart. You have self-esteem without having a boy in your life. You have your tennis, and you don't need a boy to make you feel like a whole person.

Whitney: And you think that simone does?

Eve: Well, simone -- she's like theresa, you know? She defines herself by a relationship. And anything goes wrong and -- and she gets hurt, she could be destroyed. I mean, look what's happened to theresa.

Whitney: I guess I never really thought of it that way.

Eve: I want you to look out for your sister, ok? You can see if she's headed for heartbreak, and you can try to keep her from being hurt.

Whitney: Ok.

Eve: I have to go, sweetie.

Whitney: I can't let chad talk to simone about us right now. I got to stop him.

Ivy: So, ethan, do you finally think that theresa might be guilty of murder?

Ethan: No, I don'T. I don't think theresa's capable of killing anyone. Not even julian.

[Phone rings]

ethan: Dr. Russell's office. Yes. She is. Thank you for calling. Theresa did not go into labor. It's a false alarm.

Gwen: Thank goodness.

Ethan: I'm going to go check on her.

Ivy: Ethan, wait. She's with her whole family right now. Why don't you just let them take care of her?

Rebecca: Yeah, ivy's right. Besides, don't you want to do some more research on that appeal?

Ethan: I'll get back to it. Right now I just want to see if she's all right.

Gwen: I don't know what you two are up to, but if ethan gets hurt, i'm holding both of you responsible.

Ivy: Oh, damn! I thought theresa would finally have that brat.

Rebecca: Well, she can't hold onto it forever. When she finally has that baby, we will have everything. No one can help theresa now.

Ivy: You're right, rebecca. She's as good as dead.

Sam: Ok, buddy, you're off duty. The court sent another guard to replace you.

Guard: Ok, but I have to check with judge harris.

Sam: Go right ahead.

Theresa: No, no. There is no evil in harmony. I'm going to be fine, luis. You'll see.

Luis: Maybe it's not the same kind of evil that father lonigan was talking about. I've got the feeling that someone or something is out to destroy your life.

Pilar: I have the same feeling. Your sentence, theresa, had nothing to do with justice.

Luis: That's for damn sure.

Miguel: But who would want to hurt theresa like that?

Luis: I've got a hunch. I'm going to go down to the station, ok? I'm gl you're feeling better.

Miguel: I'm going to go with you, luis. Maybe I can help.

Luis: Ok.

Miguel: I love you.

Theresa: I love you, too.

Pilar: Good-bye, mijo.

Miguel: Bye, mama.

Luis: Sam, miguel's going to come with us down to the station house, all right?

Sam: Sure. Maybe he'll become one of us.

Luis: No. After college, all right?

Sam: Yeah.

Miguel: Right.

Pilar: I'm begging you, teresita, think about what happened today. If you had had this baby, you could be on your way to the death chamber tomorrow.

Theresa: I know, mama. But it's not going to happen. You see, i have faith in ethan, and he will make sure that an appeal is filed before my baby is born.

Pilar: Why don't you just retract your confession? It's not too late. Just tell the court you did not kill julian.

Theresa: I'm sorry, mama, but that is the one thing that i cannot do.

Pilar: Then i must start to mourn for you now. Because when that baby comes, theresa, you will be taken away from me.

Theresa: No, mama.

Ethan: Dr. Russell, thank you for having the nurse call me.

Eve: I knew you'd want to know that it was a false alarm.

Ethan: Yeah, it's a big relief. Now I'll have time to work on filing the appeal.

Eve: Well, I hope you can get to it by today or tomorrow at the latest.

Ethan: Why?

Eve: Theresa's about ready to give birth. Her baby could be born at any moment.

Ethan: That means she could go to the death chamber before i have a chance to do anything about it.

Timmy: Timmy has to figure out if peggy is norma, but how? Timmy has to figure out a way to protect himself and his princess.

Tabitha: Oh. Oh, timmy's worried about me, the dear, darling boy. Timmy, you've got to get away from norma. Get out! Go!

Head: It's no use, tabitha. Timmy can't hear you.

Kay: I can't believe what i've done. Simone is so hurt.

Zombie charity: You did this, kay.

You invited evil back to harmony. You didn't learn anything from the last time, did you? You burned down your family's house, you almost lost your soul, but you invited evil back anyway.

Kay: I -- i didn't -- I didn't mean to hurt anyone. All I wanted was to take miguel from charity.

Zombie charity: Well, you failed. And look at all the people you're going to hurt. Not just simone, but your parents, too.

Kay: No.

Zombie charity: Yes. You created this havoc, and now you just have to watch your loved ones suffer. And, remember, it's all your fault.

Whitney: I just can't let chad tell simone that he doesn't love her.

Simone: Now I'm going to find out what you were going to try to tell me, chad. Now I'm going to find out the truth.

Nick: Like i said, even if I did forget about the debt, the people i work with won't. I suggest you find a way to pay up.

Brian: I'm not going to pay you a dime, nick.

Nick: Suit yourself, brian. You either pay me or you pay my partners. And if they don't get their money, they'll extract a much higher price -- your lives.

Theresa: Mama -- mama, you cannot give up now, ok? You taught me to have faith. Now, why can't you have faith now?

Pilar: Faith. I'm facing reality, theresa. Maybe it's just as well that you live in a fantasy because your hea would break if you realized thatour baby won't have a mother. You won't hold it in your arms, and you'll never look into its eyes.

Theresa: No, don't say that, mama.

Pilar: Then wake up! Wake up and realize what you are doing to this baby and to your whole family with your stupid lie. Please, dear God, tell the truth. I can't lose you, teresita. I can'T. Oh, God.

Ethan: Are you sure, dr. Russell, that theresa could have the baby at any moment?

Eve: When braxton-hicks contractions occur this close to the due date, sometimes they can trigger the real thing.

Ethan: What am I going to do?

Eve: Well, I hope that you're going to file this appeal immediately. Otherwise --

ethan: It's going to be too late.

Nurse: Doctor, I have the results of the test you ordered.

Eve: Oh, thank you, monica. Will you excuse us, ethan?

Ethan: Oh -- yeah, of course.

Theresa: I know ethan will find a way to save me. I know he will.

Ethan: I'm trying, theresa. It's just there's no time. What else am i going to do -- I mean, short of breaking her out of jail? Fat chance of that happening. No, they have plenty of security there.

Ethan's voice: Wait a minute. There's plenty of security at the jail, but there seems to be a lack of it here at the hospital. This could be my only hope of saving theresa. I have to help her escape.

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