Passions Transcript Tuesday 5/28/02



Passions Transcript Tuesday 5/28/02

By Suzanne

Brian: That last one was the best.

Sheridan: Last what?

Brian: Last wave, of course.

Sheridan: Oh, right.

Brian: It had to have been at least five feet high.

Sheridan: Oh, at least.

Brian: That was a good idea to go swimming -- energizing, refreshing.

Sheridan: So, what do you think we can do with all your extra energy?

Brian: Oh, I think we can find some outlet for it.

Sheridan: Hmm, i like the sound of that.

Brian: Well, you're going to like a lot more than just the sound.

Beth: Oh, I've been dreaming about this for so long.

Beth: Make love to me, luis. Make love to me.

Jessica: Reese, you have to give on this thing you have about tabitha being a witch.

Reese: She is a witch, jessica, and these berries are going to help me prove it.

Jessica: Reese, just --

reese: These juniper shade berries are a hallucinogen, and they can expose demons and witches.

Jessica: That was just some stupid myth that we read on the internet. It doesn't make it true.

Reese: Well, all I have to do is get tabitha to drink some tea made with the berries, and then i'll prove it's true.

Jessica: Give it up, reese. Please.

Reese: I'm sorry, jessica, but i can't. I know tabitha's a witch. I just have to find a way to prove it. And I'm positive these berries are the key.

Tabitha: I don't understand.

Head: And what's not to understand? Your precious timmy is going to die.

Tabitha: But that can't be right. As i told you before, zombie charity is the only one who's after timmy and she's busy with miguel tonight.

Head: I didn't say it was a zombie. I said it was from timmy's past.

Tabitha: Someone from timmy's past? But who can that be? Who could possibly be out there wanting to kill him? He's a wonderful little boy.

Head: Hmm. Be that as it may, he's not long for this world. Timmy is going to die.

Tabitha: Will you stop saying that?

Head: As we speak, the boy is facing death. I see a sharp blade, a woman with a sharp blade.

Tabitha: Oh. Oh, timmy.

Peggy: How did you find me?

Timmy: Timmy didn't. Timmy has no idea who peggy is. She's never met timmy.

Peggy: Liar!

Timmy: No, it's the truth!

Pegg you have to die.

Timmy: Why, when timmy doesn't even know peggy?

Peggy: Prepare yourself, timmy. Say your prayers because you are about to die.

Timmy: No!

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird i knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

beth: Oh, luis.

Brian: I couldn't be happier than i am right now at this moment. My life -- our life -- it's perfect.

Sheridan: "Our life." I like the sound of that.

Brian: Well, you better get used to it because that's the way it's going to be from now on -- you and me together.

Sheridan: As long as we're together, everything will be perfect.

Nick: Have yourself a good time, brian. Get it while you can, stud, because soon you're going to pay for what you did to me. You ran up a real hefty tab, so big that I'm going to have to destroy you and your girlfriend's lives forever.

Tabitha: I still don't get it. Who from timmy's past would want to get him, want to kill him?

Head: All I know is the boy is going to die and I've never been wrong before.

Tabitha: Yes, that's what worries me.

Head: Well, no point in worrying when it's out of your hands.

Tabitha: Maybe zombie charity killed miguel already and decided to go after timmy again. Oh, that demon's so powerful. If she's turned her attention to timmy -- oh, I don't even want to think about it.

Head: That's what I've been trying to tell you.

Tabitha: Oh, poor timmy!

Head: Poor you.

Tabitha: What?

Head: You're in danger, too.

Tabitha: You see that?

Head: I'm not talking off the top of my head here. "Top of my --" it's a little play on words.

Tabitha: Enough with the jokes. Just tell me about this danger that you see me in.

Head: It's coming directly from the zombie.

Tabitha: Oh, zombie charity. Yeah, she'd be furious if she knew I was talking to you.

Head: That is one nasty demon.

Tabitha: And now she's going after my timmy. He's going to die, he's going to die.

Zombie charity: He's not the only one who's going to die tonight.

Timmy: Timmy gets really nervous around knives! They cause accidents!

[Peggy screams]

timmy: Anybody, help!

timmy: Help! Somebody, anybody! Help timmy! Help!

Waitress: What the heck do you think you're doing?

Timmy: Scaring timmy half to death!

Peggy: Just trying to teach the kid a lesson! Stay out of my kitchen!

Waitress: Timmy's the new busboy. He has to come in the kitchen.

Timmy: Yeah, but timmy will be sure to stay out of here for sure.

Peggy: Yeah, that's for damn sure! Now, get out!

Waitress: What is with that woman?

Timmy: Timmy doesn't know, but she sure is mean.

Waitress: Junkyard dogs run when they see her coming.

Timmy: You saved timmy's life. Thanks.

Waitress: I don't know if she's that mean. I don't figure she'd do more than yell. Are you sure you want this busboy job?

Timmy: Yes.

Waitress: Even after getting a load of peggy?

Timmy: Toto and timmy don't have any money. Timmy has to have a job.

Waitress: Ok.

Timmy: Don't worry, timmy will figure out a way to deal with peggy. If timmy doesn't, toto will starve to death -- and maybe timmy, too.

Peggy: Where is it? Where -- oh, I knew i'd see you again, timmy. I knew i'd have a chance to seek my revenge.

Tabitha: Zombie. I wasn't expecting you.

Zombie charity: I'm sure you weren'T.

Tabitha: Oh, my. Are you aware that --

zombie charity: That i keep changing back into a demon? Oh, yes. I'm aware.

Tabitha: But -- but why?

Zombie charity: That idiot miguel put those damn berries into our bath.

Tabitha: Oh, yes, the juniper shade berries. They reveal witches and --

zombie charity: Demons, right. And now I have no control. I can't stop these shifts of form.

Tabitha: Yes, i can see.

Zombie charity: I never know when i'm going to be charity or the demon.

Tabitha: Oh, that must be terribly uncomfortable for you.

Zombie charity: You don't know the half of it.

Tabitha: No, I suppose i don'T.

Zombie charity: Everything has gone wrong tonight -- every damn thing!

Tabitha: Uh -- by the way, what you said earlier about -- about somebody else dying tonight -- who exactly did you mean?

Zombie charity: That wretched kay. She's going to die.

Tabitha: Ok, kay. Kay, yes, of course. Well, she deserves to die. But what about miguel? Has he seen you in demon form?

Zombie charity: No. Luckily, i was able to distract him.

Tabitha: But you had sex with him tonight? He's dead, right?

Zombie charity: No. No, he's not, thanks to kay. She came busting into the room to announce that theresa had confessed to julian's murder. Needless to say, miguel went to comfort his precious sister. Damn that kay! I know she did it on purpose just to stop me from doing the nasty with miguel.

You have any idea how frustrating that was?

Tabitha: I can only imagine.

Zombie charity: Oh, what else can go wrong tonight?

Zombie charity: What's going on here? Are you trying to find a way to kill me again, tabitha? Is that why you broke out the floating head?

Tabitha: No, certainly not.

Zombie charity: That's it, lenox. You are one dead witch!

[Tabitha screams]

tabitha: Ow! Ow! Leave me alone!

Reese: What was that? It sounded like -- what the heck? Jessica?

Jessica: What?

Reese: Did you see that?

Jessica: Why are you whispering?

Reese: In tabitha's attic, this weird light.

Jessica: I didn't see anything.

Reese: There was this strange orange light.

Jessica: I think you've been eating some of those berries, reese. You're hallucinating.

Reese: I'm not hallucinating. It was real.

Jessica: All right, you know what? That's it. I think you should go home -- look, go home, go to bed, get some rest. You definitely need it. Ok?

Reese: But, jess --

jessica: No, no -- just like my mom always says -- don't borrow trouble. You know, besides, i'm exhausted. I'm going inside. Are you going home, too?

Reese: Well, I guess it is late.

Jessica: All right. Now, tabitha's not a witch. She's a harmless old lady. Ok?

Reese: I can't leave yet. I've got to find out what's going on in that attic. The proof that tabitha's a witch might be right under my nose.

Brian: I just had a thought.

Sheridan: I thought we weren't supposed to do any of that thinking stuff until tomorrow. Tonight is just for this.

Brian: Yeah, but you have done so much for me. You've given me a wonderful birthday. And now it's my turn to give back, do something for you.

Sheridan: No, brian.

Brian: Yeah, come on. Tell me, anything, anything at all. If i can do it, I'll do it.

Sheridan: Just being with you is enough.

Brian: No, come on. There's got to be something.

Sheridan: There isn'T.

Brian: Just think. I mean, if you could have one thing right now that would make your life better, what would it be?

Sheridan: Well -- I am thirsty.

Brian: Well, your wish is my command, my lady. I can take care of that. I'm going to go get two clean glasses and some lemonade and I'll meet you back in the room. How's that?

Sheridan: Perfect.

Brian: All right.

Sheridan: One more kiss before you go.

Sheridan: Oh, brian, I am so lucky to have found you.

Nick: There goes our stud now, leaving his lady love right out in the open. This couldn't go any better, stan. Diana's gambling markers will allow me to play brian like a puppet. No. He has no idea she lost so much money at the table, and she has no idea she lost as much as she did. It's all too sweet. I've got to go, stan. It's time for me to hook up with good old bri and start phase two of my plan, the phase that's going to shake brian's life up forever.

Tabitha: No. No, no. You've got it wrong.

Zombie charity: I'm never wrong.

Tabitha: No -- yes, you are. I mean, no you're not -- never. But the floating head was telling me about timmy. I'm not trying to get rid of you. I was just trying to find out where my timmy was.

Head: True, true. That is true. That's all tabitha wanted to know.

Tabitha: You see?

Head: Please, don't hurt us. It would be meaningless, seeing as how timmy will be killed anyway.

Zombie charity: What?

Head: At the very least, it would solve one of your problems.

Zombie charity: Timmy's going to die? I'm thrilled. I don't have to worry about the little imp anymore. I can concentrate on killing miguel.

Tabitha: Oh, I wish there was some way i could save the little lad. I've got it. I know exactly how i'm going to save my timmy.

Peggy: They won't take me back to harmony, back to that place. I won't let them! Oh! Too bad flo saw me with my knife. Means I can't kill the brat out in the open. But I can take care of him another way. Oh, yeah. Mmm.

Peggy: Yep.

Peggy: After he drinks this, no more timmy. It's all over for you, kiddo. You're finished. How sweet it is!

Luis: Sheridan?

Beth: What?

Luis: Sheridan --

beth: Sheridan. You're still dreaming about sheridan.

Luis: Sheridan? Sheridan! Sheridan! Sheridan, wait! Sheridan! Sheridan, wait! Sheridan, sheridan. Sheridan.

Beth: Someday soon, luis, she'll stop haunting your dreams and she'll no longer be in your heart because I'm going to replace her. She's gone and you're mine. Sheridan took you away from me, but now I'm going to take you back. You're going to forget all about sheridan crane and only think about me.

Nick: Hey, brian. Fancy meeting you --

brian: What the hell are you doing here, nick?

Nick: Hey, man, cool i

brian: If you're here to threaten my girl, if you go anywhere near her, i'll kill you. |

Singer: You are my passion for life

nick: Hey, lighten up, will you?

Brian: You know, you made a big mistake coming here, nick.

Nick: What the hell's wrong with you, man? I didn't even know you were on this island.

Brian: Yeah, and you're a lousy liar!

Nick: I swear, brian, I didn't come here to see you.

Brian: What are you here for, then, huh?

Nick: Is that any way to treat an old bud? You know, you've gotten real cranky in your old age.

Brian: I told you before and I'll tell you again, we are not buds. I'm the guy who messed up your pension funds scam. You remember that?

Nick: You don't have to remind me, brian. It's all up here. I'm never going to forget how much cake you owe me. And one of these days, i'm going to get it all back -- every last dime.

Brian: Dream on.

Nick: Right now, i've got other problems. Someone else on this island owes me a lot of money. I'm here to collect.

Brian: Well, I know what that means -- kneecaps.

Nick: You're talking last resort, brian. See, i try to sweet-talk them first and then try to maybe make a smoother transaction.

Brian: Oh, is this a legitimate business deal or just something you made up? What did you do to scam these people into owing you money, huh?

Nick: Your opinion of me is so low.

Brian: You know what? You don't even rate an opinion.

Nick: Anyway, this is no fabricated debt. It's strictly legit. Someone lost a lot of money in one of my card games. The marker's due. If this person reneges, I'm going to have to force the issue. You know what I mean?

Luis: Sheridan, wait!

Luis: Sheridan! Sheridan, stop! Sheridan! Sheridan, stop. Sheridan.

Luis: Sheridan.

Tabitha: I know what I'm going to do. I know exactly how i'm going to save my timmy.

Zombie charity: What are you doing?

Tabitha: Me?

Zombie charity: Yes, you. Who else am I talking to?

Tabitha: I -- um --

zombie charity: Ah, I see. You're changing into your witch's garb, aren't you? You think you're going to cast a spell to save timmy?

Tabitha: No.

Zombie charity: Don't lie to me.

Tabitha: All right, i won't. I am going to cast a spell.

Zombie charity: It won't work. You don't have any power.

Tabitha: I'll make it work. I have to. It's timmy's only hope.

Zombie charity: If i thought even for a minute that you could pull this off, i'd stop you. But really, why waste my time and my energy? Your powers went south a long time ago.

Tabitha: I'm not going to give up. Perhaps some of the powers you gave me to read the tea leaves tonight are still with me.

Zombie charity: No. Wore off hours ago.

Tabitha: No matter. I can still cast a spell. I know i can. And it's just perfect. If someone from timmy's past is threatening him, then this will stop them dead in their tracks.

[Head whistles]

head: Want to step out tonight, honey? Paint the town black?

Tabitha: I dot have time for your old one-liners. I have a spell to cast. Eye of newt, cauldrons aflame, shelter the lad called timmy by name.

Reese: I can't wait to see what's going on up here.

Tabitha: Tinder, cinder, clash and blight --

timmy: This is going to work. Timmy will talk to peggy and get some common ground with her.

Flo: Well, good luck. You're sure as heck going to need it.

Timmy: Thanks for everything, flo.

Flo: I'll be here when you come back. If you come back.

Timmy: Peggy, are you there? Peggy?

Peggy: Timmy! Ooh, i'm so happy to see you.

Timmy: You are?

Peggy: Yes, i've been expecting you. Come on in. Listen, I want to apologize for my behavior earlier.

Timmy: It was nothing.

Peggy: Oh, it was terrible. And to show you how sorry I am, I've made you a delicious cup of hot chocolate. I hope you enjoy it.

Luis: Oh. Hey. What are you doing up?

Beth: I was just going to ask you the same thing. Are you all right?

Luis: Yeah.

Beth: Well, why are you out of bed? What's going on, luis? Did you have a bad dream?

Luis: No.

Beth: You seem like something's wrong.

Luis: Beth, I just have a lot on my mind.

Beth: Of course you do. What was i thinking? What, with theresa confessing to julian's murder, how could you not be distracted from time to time? Hey, i want you to know that i'm always here for you -- to talk to, to confided in.

Luis: I know that.

Beth: And even though we weren't together for such a long time, i was always there for you, even though you had no idea.

Luis: I'm so lucky to have you in my life again.

Beth's voice: I'm always going to be in your life, luis. No one is ever going to take you away from me again.

Brian: I feel sorry for whoever it is that owes you money. They should have known better than to get involved with scum like you.

Nick: Just like you should have, right, pal?

Brian: You're the con man's con man, nick. You don't let people see who you really are until it's too late.

Nick: I'm going to be straight with you now, brian. I'm going to give you a chance to make a few bucks, get rid of some of that debt.

Brian: I don't owe you anything.

Nick: All you have to do is collect the cash from this person. That's it.

Brian: You're not listening to me, are you, nick?

Nick: I don't care how you do it -- use muscle, whatever --

brian: You and I are quits!

Nick: You do this one thing, and I'll forget about some of the money you owe me.

Brian: I'm going to tell you this and i'm going to tell you one time -- I don't ever want to see your ugly face again. Don't come around me, don't come around my girl because if you do, then I'll make you pay. You understand?

Nick: Relax, bri. Didn't i already tell you I'm not here for you?

Brian: You've been warned.

Nick: Sorry, pal. There's no way i'm going to leave you alone. If i let you screw me out of that money, it sets a bad example. Other people might want to try it. No, brian, you're going to have to pay up. If you don't, I'll take something away from you. And I'm sure you wouldn't want to see your precious diana hurt, would you?

Tabitha: Heart of darkness, specter of gloom, shield my small timmy from certain doom.

Reese: Oh, my God. Tabitha has changed charity into a demon. I was right! Tabitha is a witch. I knew it. And now that i have proof, I'm going to tell all of harmony.

Tabitha: Destruction and strife rise up from below and save timmy's life.

Zombie charity: Oh. I told you, tabitha. You can't cast a spell. You're a big zero in the powers department.

Tabitha: Something has to work. I have to be able to save timmy somehow. If only I knew who it was in the past who's threatening him. I mean, who would hate timmy that much? Oh, no.

[Norma screams]

timmy: Help, somebody! Norma's trying to kill timmy and tabby!

Tabitha: Norma.

[Phone rings]

nurse: Psychiatric wing.

Tabitha: Yes, hello. I want to check on the status of a patient. Her name is norma something.

Nurse: Norma?

Tabitha: I gather you know her.

Nurse: I used to.

Tabitha: Well, don't tell me she's been discharged.

Nurse: No, no, she escaped a while back.

Tabitha: Oh, no. If she finds timmy, she'll kill him.

Zombie charity: Norma? That wacko that tried to give you the ax on the island? Perfect! She'll do my job for me.

Timmy: That's very kind of you.

Peggy: What?

Timmy: The hot chocolate?

Peggy: Oh, yeah.

[Toto barks]

timmy: Don't worry, toto. Good boy.

Peggy: Uh -- why don't you come into the storeroom with me, timmy?

Timmy: The storeroom?

Peggy: Yeah. I got to get some supplies. We could talk while I'm getting them.

Timmy: Sure. Stay, toto.

[Toto barks]

peggy: This won't take too long. No, not long at all.

Timmy: Timmy really needs this job, peggy, and he won't be any trouble.

Peggy: Oh, I'm sure you won'T.

Timmy: Timmy just wants to get along.

Peggy: From now on, we'll be like old friends. Have a seat, won't you?

Timmy: You know, timmy's been thinking about it and peggy does look familiar. Have timmy and peggy met?

Peggy: No. Never. Say, don't let that hot chocolate get cold.

Timmy: Timmy just thought of something. How did peggy know timmy's name?

Peggy: What?

Timmy: When timmy first came in the kitchen, peggy called timmy by his name. How did she know?

Peggy: Did I call you by name?

Timmy: Yes. When timmy was outside the kitchen door, peggy called him by his name.

Peggy: Yes, i did. Because I heard flo talking to you in the diner.

Timmy: Timmy was really surprised when peggy said she wanted to be friends. She looked like she was going to carve timmy into pieces at first.

Peggy: Oh, well, first impressions can be so deceiving, can't they? I'm going to turn over a new leaf. I'm going to make friends with the people I work with. Hey, you better drink that up before it's not even warm chocolate. Go ahead. I made it for you as a peace offering.

Timmy: Mmm. This chocolate is --

peggy: Damn you, little timmy boy. You're going to sleep for a long time -- a very long time. And now to finish the job.

Tabitha: Norma is on the loose?

Nurse: Well, highway patrol put out an a.P.B.

Zombie charity: Ah, wonderl news. Maybe today won't be a total loss after all.

Head: Doom -- that's what i see for timmy. Doom!

Tabitha: I'll call back later, see if there's any news.

Reese: I wonder who she could be calling. Maybe after I show everyone my proof, I'll be able to check the phone records. I better go find chief bennett, give him my evidence, bring him back to the attic. By this time tomorrow, all of harmony will know that tabitha is a witch. Whoa!

Brian: Hey. Here's the lemonade. Start pouring.

Sheridan: You were sure gone a long time.

Brian: Yeah. I was talking to someone.

Sheridan: From the look on your face, it doesn't sound like it was a real pleasant conversation.

Brian: It's nothing.

Sheridan: Brian.

Brian: Well, someone on the island is in trouble. Big trouble.

Sheridan: Anyone we know?

Brian: Could be. I mean, it is a small island, and whoever it is, they're in more trouble than they can even imagine.

Nick: If ou only knew it was your precious diana. And you're right about her being in trouble. More so than in your worst nightmare.

Sheridan: Thanks.

Luis: I'm thirsty. I'm going to get some water.

Beth: Ok.

Luis: You want some?

Beth: Sure.

Luis: All right. Be right back.

Beth: You were thinking about sheridan. But that's all goingo end because I'm going to replace her -- in your heart, in your mind. Nothing will stop me from replacing her in your life. And one day soon, you'll only think about me, about us and our life together. I will replace you, sheridan. I will.

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