Passions Transcript Thursday 5/16/02


Passions Transcript Thursday 5/16/02

by Suzanne

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Grace: Tabitha, are you sure that you're up to the party tonight?

Eve: You know, you could use a good night's sleep after the fall you took down the stairs.

Tabitha: Well, I do feel a bit wonky, but --

zombie charity: Oh, excuse me. Can I borrow tabitha for just a minute? I have to ask you a question about the party.

Grace: Sure. Go ahead.

Zombie charity: Thank you.

Eve: Promise me that you'll lie down if you get a little tired, tabitha.

Zombie charity: Now, you listen to me, hagitha, and you listen good. You are going to do what i tell you to do or you and your little doll face aren't going to live to see morning.

Tabitha: I already saved him from one of your horrid spells today.

Zombie charity: Yeah, you got lucky, and it's not going to happen again. Now, i want you to act like you're fine, like you've never felt better, because tonight i want you in tiptop form.

Tabitha: I will not let you hurt timmy.

Zombie charity: Oh, timmy, schmimmy. I have other lives to mangle besides his. Now, if you do what I want, I may even reconsider, let timmy live.

Tabitha: All right. I'll do whatever you want as long as you spare my precious timmy.

Zombie charity: Deal. Now, here's what i want you to do. Damn that girl. What's she telling miguel now?

Miguel: So, you had something important to tell me before? What was it?

Kay: I know if he makes love to you he's going to die, and I'm not going to let him die just so you can have sex.

Zombie charity: Oh, well, what are you going to do to stop me? Are you going to tell him the truth? No. Face it, kay, it's a done deal. Miguel and i are having sex tonight. And in the afterglow of lovemaking, he will die.

Kay: No.

Zombie charity: But with a smile on his face.

Kay: Miguel, you're right. It is important, and i need to tell you right now.

Brian: If you got a problem with me, that's one thing. But I'll be damned if you're going to involve diana.

Nick: Pretty name for a pretty girl.

Brian: I mean it, nick.

Nick: Hey, relax. There doesn't have to be a problem. I just want to talk.

Brian: Yeah, and I don'T.

Nick: Then we got ourselves an unpleasant situation, and so does the girl.

Sheridan: Ok, I'm listening. How do you propose that I make enough money to buy my boyfriend a special birthday gift? Legally, i mean.

Stan: Of course legally. What kind of guy do you think i am?

Sheridan: I don't know. I just met you five minutes ago.

Stan: Fine. I just overheard you talking to your -- your old man about how you'd like to have enough money to buy him a new navigation system for his boat, and I knew how you could do it. It's no big thing. I don't blame you for being suspicious. You don't know me from adam. Why would you trust a single thing I say?

Sheridan: But wait. Don't go. I -- i'm sorry. I didn't mean to be rude. I'd like to hear how i could make that kind of money.

Stan: Great. You won't be sorry. In a little while you'll have enough money in your purse to buy your boyfriend a whole new boat.

Sheridan: How could I make that much money in one night?

Stan: I'll show you.

Nick: I'll take care of it.

Stan: Tonight's going to change your life forever.

Luis: Whitney, it's luis.

Whitney: Hey, luis. What's going on?

Luis: It's better if i tell you in person. How soon can you get to the police station?

Whitney: The police station? Something bad happened, didn't it?

Luis: Look, I don't want to get into it over the phone, ok?

Whitney: Come on, you can't do this to me. Look, is it someone in my family? Is it -- is it chad? Are they ok?

Luis: Everyone's fine. All right, it's theresa. She needs you.

Whitney: What's theresa doing there?

Luis: I'll explain when you get here.

Whitney: Look, luis, you're really scaring me. What's theresa done?

Luis: Whitney, just hurry up and get here, ok?

Luis: Hey, are you ok?

Theresa: Yeah, yeah.

Luis: Because I don't get this at all. Theresa, why are you confessing to a murder that i know that you didn't commit? Why are you saying that you killed julian crane?

Theresa: Did you hate him because he threw you out of the family when he found out that you were sam bennett's son?

Ethan: No. I think that -- that hurt me more than anything. Theresa, i hated julian because he took advantage of you. He got you drunk and he got you pregnant, and then he tried to blame all of it on you. He was a pig.

Theresa's voice: Love, luis. I'm confessing to save ethan's life.

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird i knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

eve: Everything looks wonderful, grace.

Grace: Well, I just hope that charity has a good time. You know, you only turn 18 once.

Eve: Thank God.

Tabitha: Ow.

Tabitha: Lucky to be alive after that monster attacked me.

Grace: Charity, i want to ask you something.

Tabitha: Hmm. Little do they know who they're giving the party for or what she plans to unleash on them.

Jessica: It all smells so good.

Reese: What should we do with these, mrs. B?

Grace: Oh, yeah, you can put them right there. That'd be great. Does everything look all right?

Jessica: It looks great, mom. I mean, you did an amazing job.

Grace: Thanks.

Zombie charity: Right, right, you did an amazing, amazing job.

Grace: Oh, thanks. Well, you know, you guys really helped me out a lot.

Reese: Well, the best part is that charity and miguel are back on track. They're closer than ever, just like me and kay.

Grace: You know, I've been meaning to ask --

eve: What's the matter, grace? Are you cold?

Grace: No. No, it's something else.

Father lonigan: I'll tell you what it is. I can sense it, grace, and so can you. There's something threatening in our midst, something borne of pure evil.

Tabitha: For once father see no evil doesn't mean me. Charity's so wicked, she makes me look like blinking snow white.

Kay: Miguel --

zombie charity: Well, hello.

Miguel: Hey, you.

Zombie charity: What you guys talking about?

Miguel: Oh, kay was just about to tell me something important.

Zombie charity: Hmm. Well, I would love to hear, kay. What is it?

Kay: It's something that miguel really needs to hear.

Brian: I'm tired of your idle threats. I've got nothing to say to you. Call your goons off, nick. I'm not any more scared of them than i am of you.

Nick: You and that hot irish temper of yours. Is this how you always act when you run into a long lost friend?

Brian: You're no friend of mine, and you never will be.

Nick: You wound me to the core, o'leary. All I wanted to do was talk, and now you hurt my feelings.

Brian: Get out of my way, guys.

Nick: They only take orders from me. Of course, i could call them off you and send them elsewhere. Where was it you and your girlfriend were sitting?

Brian: You know what? I am so sick of your veiled threats against diana.

Nick: Who said they were veiled? Hey, the ball's in your court. Talk to me over a friendly game of pool, and nothing bad happens. Brush me off -- well, let's just say that would be a mistake on your part. It's up to you.

Brian: Ok, fine. Tell you what -- i'll go tell diana where I'm going to be, all right?

Nick: You know what? Don't worry about it. She won't have time to miss you. Let's go.

Sheridan: So you promise me this is all on the up-and-up?

Stan: Boy scout's honor. Stick with me, and your boyfriend will have the best birthday present money can buy.

Sheridan: I can't wait to see brian's face when I give him a navigational system. Ok, so, where do we go?

Stan: Follow me.

Sheridan: Ok. Oh, you know what? Can I catch up with you? I'd just like to let brian know where I'll be.

Stan: We'll be back before he misses you, i promise.

Sheridan: Great.

Ethan: Theresa, don't do this. All right, it's way too big of a sacrifice.

Luis: He's right. Whoever you're protecting isn't worth it.

Theresa: Who said i was protecting anyone?

Luis: Because it's the only explanation that makes any sense. Look, I know that you didn't kill julian crane.

Thesa: How could you possibly know? Ok, I hated julian as much as everyone else did, and I certainly d enough motive. So forget it, luis. Take me at my word and leave it at that, ok?

Luis: No, it's not ok. Does the person you're protecting even know that you're doing this? Do they know that you've confessed to a crime that they committed?

Theresa: Would you stop it? Stop badgering me!

Luis: You -- you talk to her. She won't listen to me.

Ethan: Theresa, please --

theresa: Ethan, i have made up my mind.

Ethan: I'd die for someone i love. I'd do anything for the woman i love.

Theresa: Look -- I know that I have lied to you before, but i am asking you to trust me now. I really do know what I'm doing. I killed julian crane. It's as simple as that.

Sam: It's time, theresa.

Luis: Come on, sam.

Sam: Hey, no, this --

luis: Look, this is my sister, for crying out loud. She's innocent.

Sam: She confessed. Hey -- wait till she gets settled in, all right? You can see her later.

Grace: Father, do you really think that's what it is?

Father lonigan: I'm afraid so, grace. I feel an evil presence in our midst. It's very strong. We all need to be on our guard.

Kay: Miguel -- you're going to have a really hard time believing what i have to say to you, but it's the truth.

Miguel: Well, what is it, kay? Just say it.

Zombie charity: Here. Let me, kay. Here's the deal. I know that you're allergic to coconut, and there's coconut in the birthday cake. And I didn't want you to have a reaction, so i made kay promise to tell you in case i forgot. Isn't that right, kay? I'm sure that you'll stay away from the cake now that you know.

Miguel: Yeah.

Zombie charity: But thanks for being my backup. Now, miguel, will you excuse us for just a minute? I told kay to pick out one of my presents for herself. Come on. You better watch it, kay. You're treading on thin ice, and you know how creative I can be with ice when somebody gets on my nerves.

Kay: Threaten me all you want. I am not going to let you sleep with miguel and then kill him.

Zombie charity: How many times should we go over this? You don't have any options. Would you like everybody to find out that you made a deal with the dark side? Your parents would probably disown you -- and give john your bedroom. And miguel -- well, miguel would never forgive you for what you did to the real charity.

Kay: I don't care what it costs. I made a mistake, ok, but I am not going to let it go any further. I have got to save miguel.

Nick: Rack them up.

Brian: So, you want to tell me what the point of this is?

Nick: We have an old score to settle. I figured this would be the best way to do it.

Brian: Well, nothing with you is ever fair, so --

[phone rings]

nick: Excuse me.

Sheridan: So, where are we going?

Stan: You'll see.

Nick: Sorry. Sometimes I wish i was one of those nine-to-five guys that gets to turn off work at the end of each day.

Brian: Sure you do.

Nick: No, I mean it. As much as i love what i do, it's not a steady job. That's why i always keep an extra ace up my sleeve in case things don't go my way.

Whitney: Hey. Ethan, you're here, too, huh?

Luis: Hey.

Whitney: Ok. This must be serious. What is it?

Luis: Well, it's very serious.

Whitney: Well, what? Where's theresa?

Luis: She's in the back in a cell.

Whitney: What? Why? What'd she do?

Ethan: She confessed to julian's murder.

Whitney: She what?

Luis: You didn't know anything about it?

Whitney: Well, of course not. I'd never let her do anything so insane. Please. Well, ok, I know she didn't kill julian.

Luis: Yeah, well, you wouldn't know it by talking to her. She even told sam where to look for the murder weapon. Got guys over at the crane grounds prowling around for it right now.

Whitney: Well, I don't believe this.

Luis: Neither do i. Not till i see proof.

Whitney: Oh, gosh, theresa, what have you done now?


Grace: I sensed something, too. I just didn't know what it was.

Reese: Are you sure it's evil, father?

Father lonigan: I'm afraid so, my son.

Reese: Well, it's got to have something to do with tabitha.

Jessica: Reese, don't start.

Reese: Well, she was here just a minute ago, and now she's gone. She must've known you were on to her.

Father lonigan: I can't tell who it is or what it is. I only know it's very nearby. Evil, I know you're here! Whoever you are, whatever you are, reveal yourself now!

Zombie charity: Ugh! Who invited father three blind mice here? He sounds like a broken record.

Kay: I don't know, but he's on to you.

Zombie charity: I don't think so.

Zombie charity: Hmm. I'm sorry. What was that you were saying? I remember -- "don't hurt miguel. I won't let you. Please don't hurt him."

Kay: Look, I'm not bluffing. I will do whatever is necessary to make sure that he's safe. And if that means telling everybody that i conjured you up, then fine.

Zombie charity: You don't want to do that.

Kay: No, but I will. In fact, i'm going to -- right now. Ah --

zombie charity: Oh, oh, does that hurt? Oh, good. Chew on this, kay -- either miguel dies as planned or, if you insist upon going through with your foolhardy plan and confess, i'll kill your mother.

Kay: No.

Zombie charity: Oh, yes. It's your choice, though. Either miguel dies or your precious mommy. You choose. I don't really care all that much.

Nick: Now, isn't this more civilized? Working out our problems like the gentlemen we are?

Brian: Cut the bull, nick. What do you want?

Nick: I want to stop feeling angry at you, brian. You cost me a lot of money, and you know how i feel about money -- especially the people who take it away from me.

Brian: Well, you're wasting your breath, nick. I'm busted.

Nick: That's a bad answer, brian. I want my money back, and I'll do whatever I have to to get it.

Sheridan: You know, I really don't want to leave the club without telling my boyfriend.

Stan: Oh, we're not leaving the premises. This is just a backroom. Now, you're not getting cold feet, are you? I thought you wanted to get your old man that birthday present.

Sheridan: Well, I do, but --

stan: Then relax. You'll make all the money you need right in here.

Luis: So i thought maybe if you talked to her --

ethan: Try to get her to admit why she's doing this. Then we have a shot at changing her mind.

Luis: Ethan and I are sure that she's trying to take the rap for the person who really murdered julian. We tried to get through to her, but she just doesn't seem to realize how serious this is.

Whitney: Well, of course i will try to talk to her, but I can't guarantee she's going to listen to me. I mean, you know how hardheaded she can be.

Luis: Well, she'd better listen. But if she doesn't, the -- you tell her, ethan.

Ethan: If theresa doesn't recant her confession, she could be convicted of murder. And in this state, that could warrant a death sentence.

Whitney: Whoa. What, you're saying she could be executed for this?

Luis: Whitney, that's why i asked you to come down here -- to try and talk some sense into her. Now, if eresa doesn't take back what she said -- whitney, she could die.

Singer: You are my passion for life

tabitha: Kay's no match for this one. No one is. Not even me.

Kay: Leave my mother alone.

Zombie charity: Oh, ok. Then you choose miguel as the one who dies tonight?

Kay: No. Neither of them. I -- take my soul instead.

Zombie charity: That's a laugh. Kay, your soul's worthless after all the bartering you've done with it.

Kay: There's got to be something that i can give you. There has to be something I can do to save miguel.

Zombie charity: Not really.

Kay: I'm not going to let this happen. I love him!

Zombie charity: Guess you didn't take me at my word, kay.

Kay: Miguel, I really need to talk to you.

Miguel: Again?

Kay: Yes.

Miguel: Ok.

[Grace gasps]

grace: Ow! Oh, my -- my neck.

Eve: Grace, what is it?

Father lonigan: It's the evil. It's growing stronger.

Grace: Ow! Oh, God --

nick: Did you really think you'd get away with cheating me out of all that money?

Brian: I didn't cost you anything that was yours. I just made sure that the rightful owners got to keep what was theirs.

Nick: Are you saying i was out to steal from innocent folks?

Brian: Yeah. Yeah, that's about it.

Nick: You see, this is where we disagree. From where i stand, it was definitely my money. And if it weren't for you, I would've had it. That's why you're staying right here until you figure out a way you can pay me every last dime.

Sheridan: I don't believe it.

Stan: What do you think?

Sheridan: I thought you said this was a legal way for me to make money.

Stan: Card playing is legal here. All you need is a little lady luck. And you, lady, look very lucky to me. Sit down. Play a hand. What have you got to lose?

Luis: So you'll talk to theresa?

Whitney: Well, of course i will, luis, but, you know, what if she won't listen to me?

Ethan: She's got to.

Whitney: You know, this explains why theresa's been acting the way that she has.

Luis: What do you mean?

Whitney: I mean, she hasn't been herself lately. And it's not just the pregnancy. I mean, she's been preoccupied. And every time i would try to ask her what's bothering her, she would shut me out.

Ethan: She was the same way with me. I had a feeling she was keeping something from me -- you know, some secret. And I confronted her about it, and she denied it.

Luis: Well, what i don't understand is why she stepped forward now. Julian was killed months ago. She never said anything then. Something must've happened to trigger her confession. Wonder what it could be.

Theresa: I won't let anything happen to you, ethan. I will protect you with my life. I swear it.

Luis: So you'll talk to theresa?

Whitney: I'll do what i can.

Luis: Thanks. Whitney, you're our only hope. If you don't get her to recant her confession --

theresa: Oh, whitney.

Whitney: Theresa, what have you done? Can I just have one minute alone with her, please?

Officer: I can let you in her cell for a couple of minutes, but I got to wait right here where i can see you. Stand right there, please.

Whitney: Totally understand.

Whitney: Sweetie. Oh, God.

Theresa: How did you ever find out?

Whitney: Luis called me. He's totally freaking out about this.

Theresa: Yeah, I know.

Whitney: Listen to me. You've got to let me help you. All right? You've got to.

Brian: It'll be a cold day in hell before i give you any money. I don't owe you a dime, and you know it.

Nick: You fouled up a deal in which i stood to make millions, brian. The way I see it, you owe me everything i would've taken in plus interest.

Brian: All I did was keep innocent, hard-working people from investing their life savings into your bogus corporation.

Nick: You had no right ratting me out to the authorities.

Brian: Why not? You know, embezzling people's retirement funds -- that is against the law. You're just lucky you didn't get caught and put behind bars where you belong.

Nick: You're starting to tick me off, o'leary.

Sheridan: I think you have the wrong idea about me. I don't have enough money to gamble. In fact, i barely have $10 on me.

Stan: That's not a problem. It's enough to get you in the game.

Sheridan: Really? Because it looks like they're playing really high stakes with all those chips on the table.

Stan: Don't let that scare you. Anyone can play with any amount. That's the beauty of gambling -- even just a little pocket money played the right way can turn into a fortune.

Sheridan: I just don't think i'm one for gambling.

Stan: You'll be surprised. Sometimes it's the first timers that win the biggest. And you did want to get that birthday present for your boyfriend.

Sheridan: Yeah, but what if i blow it?

Stan: So what? You'll be down 10 bucks. But if you win --

sheridan: You're right. What have I got to lose?

Dealer: You in?

Sheridan: Sure. Well, what should I do?

Stan: Well, it's up to you, but I'd put down the whole $10.

Sheridan: Why not? Might as well get all my losings over in one bet.

Sheridan: I won. You were right. This is fun.

Grace: Ah!

Kay: Mom, are you ok?

Grace: No, it's -- it's like this sharpest -- ah! -- Stabbing pain in my neck!

Eve: What does it feel like, grace?

Grace: Oh, it's like someone sticking me with something! Ah!

Father lonigan: It's the dark forces i sensed were near at hand. That's what's causing you such pain, grace.

Grace: Ouch! Ow!

Kay: Give that to me, you -- monster.

[Tabitha chuckles]

tabitha: Like quicksilver, that one. I'm afraid she's unstoppable.

Kay: Please, stop hurting my mom.

Zombie charity: But I thought that's what you wanted. It seemed clear to me that you were choosing to save miguel. You can't have both.

Kay: How am i supposed to make a choice like that?

Zombie charity: Easy -- let me decide. All you have to do is keep silent to miguel and your mother will be fine. If not --

grace: Ah! Ah! Ow! Ow, my back!

Jessica: Oh, my God!

Zombie charity: What's it going to be, kay? Who's going to die tonight -- your mother or miguel? The whe house says i notifi

Grace: Oh, eve, don't -- don't touch it! It hurts worse!

Eve: I have to find out what's causing you all this pain.

Father lonigan: I told you what it is. It's the evil.

Jessica: Oh, mom, you're scaring me! Please be all right. Please.

Tabitha: Poor old grace. Hmm. Looks like she's baked her last tomato soup cake.

Kay: You can't do that.

Zombie charity: Oh, I can and I will. Either you keep your mouth shut to miguel or your mother dies right now. What's it going to be, kay -- mama lives or mama dies?

[Grace gags]

jessica: Oh, my God -- mom? Mom? Oh, my God.

Brian: There's nothing I hate more than a lowlife who makes his living off the backs of innocent, trusting people.

Nick: You didn't seem to have a problem with it when i first took you on.

Brian: But that's before i knew how your scam worked. See, i don't take blood money, no matter how much i may need it.

Nick: Haven't we become mr. High and mighty? Hope you know you're playing a dangerous game, brian.

Brian: Like i said, you don't scare me.

Nick: Good. Makes things more interestin just remember there's always a winner and a loser. You don't want to lose this game, brian, because if you do, it's going to be for keeps. Get my drift?

Sheridan: I can't thank you enough. I bet I have enough money to buy my boyfriend his birthday gift.

Stan: You think? I've heard those new navigation systems cost a pretty penny. I wouldn't quit just yet, especially while you're on a winning streak.

Sheridan: Ok. One more.

Dealer: Boss is letting her win pretty big.

Stan: That's all right. She won't be alive long enough to spend her winnings.

Luis: Well, thanks for giving whitney permission to go talk to theresa.

Sam: It's the least i could do

luis: I'm just hoping that she can get through to theresa where ethan and I couldn't. Hey, you know, if she can get her to recant her confession, we can forget this whole thing ever happened, right?

Sam: I don't think that's possible, luis.

Ethan: Why? What happened?

Sam: Well, the men I sent over to the crane estate just left word they're on their way back.

Luis: What did they say? Did they find the gun that theresa talked about?

Sam: They didn't say. We'll have to wait until they get back.

Luis: Yeah, well, I'm sure she's making this whole thing up.

Ethan: Hope you're right, luis. But if they find that gun, I mean, it's going to look bad for theresa. It's really going to look like she murdered julian.

Whitney: Why did you do this? Why did you confess to killing julian?

Theresa: I had to, whitney.

Whitney: No, you didn't. Look, I know that you didn't kill julian. I mean, do you realize the kind of trouble that you could be in?

Theresa: You don't understand.

Whitney: No, you're wrong. You're the one who doesn't get the whole picture here. I mean, we're talking murder. If you get convicted of this --

theresa: I know what the sentence could be.

Whitney: Theresa, this is what you call real life, not some tv court show or something. I mean, just take a look around you, theresa. You're in a dark, dingy jail cell. You told the police that you killed a very rich and powerful man. If you don't take it back and say that it was a lie, a mistake or something, they could sentence you to death, theresa.

Theresa: Look -- I know what you're trying to do, but it's not going to work.

Whitney: Well, it better because I'm not going to let my best friend die because of something that she didn't do. Now, listen, i'm just going to go get chief bennett and just tell him that it was one big, horrible mistake or something.

Theresa: No, I can't let you do that, whitney!

Whitney: Why not? Why can't you at least tell me why you're doing this, huh? We've been through a lot together, theresa. Please, don't shut me out now.

Theresa: All right. All right. You want me to tell you why i did this? I'll tell you why I confessed to julian's murder.

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