Passions Transcript Tuesday 5/14/02



Passions Transcript Tuesday 5/14/02

By Suzanne

Grace: It's unbelievable.

Kay: Oh, there are a lot of turndowns?

Grace: No. Actually, just about everybody we invited is coming to charity's birthday. It's going to be wall-to-wall people.

Miguel: Everybody loves charity. I wonder what's keeping her. She went over to / /miguel: Yeah, that sounds like charity -- always doing nice things for other people.

Zombie charity: It's all over for you, timbolina. You're as good as dead already.

[Pounding on door]

tabitha: Oh, damn you, zombie. Damn you for all time. My precious timmy -- please don't hurt him.

Zombie charity: And now for the finishing touch.

Timmy: Oh, no! Zombie's casting another spell!

Tabitha: Oh -- oh, no. Oh, it's coming true -- my worst nightmare. Zombie's about to finish off my poor, precious, little timmy. Oh, damn that demon!

Theresa: I want to formally confess to the murder of julian crane.

Luis: Theresa, please, don't do this.

Theresa: I killed him, luis, and I want to make a formal statement!

Luis: Well, I'm not going to let you.

Sam: Stay out of this, luis.

Luis: Damn it, sam, this is my sister.

Sam: If she wants to confess to a murder -- I'm going to have to take your statement.

Luis: Sam, there is going to be no statement.

Ivy: I can't believe how wonderfully everything has turned out.

Rebecca: Yes. Ethan and gwen are back together and theresa is on her way to death row.

Ivy: Oh, it's just too marvelous for words.

Rebecca: All because of this little movie masterpiece that no one else has seen -- except theresa.

Ivy: Well, you were right, rebecca. Everything has worked out exactly as you planned.

Rebecca: Yes, and theresa is overme with guilt because she thinks that ethan killed julian for her. So theresa has confessed to julian's murder.

Ethan: What?

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird i knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

sam: Get it together, all right? You're a police officer.

Luis: I know that, sam. Let's use some common sense here. This is my sister we're talking about, and you know she could never resort to murder.

Sam: You heard her. She confessed to killing julian.

Luis: Well, that's impossible. Sam, you know my sister. You've known her her whole life. She's a dreamer, a romantic. Maybe her heart has caused her to do some crazy things, but not this.

Sam: Look, I --

luis: But never this. She would never resort to murder!

Sam: I agree. But even good people have been driven to murder, and she had reason to kill julian.

Luis: So have a lot of other people.

Sam: But no one else is confessing. Look, luis, I know you're having trouble believing it. Hell, I'm having trouble believing it myself. But why else would she confess to a murder if she didn't do it?

Julian: Oh, oh.

[Theresa gasps]

theresa: Oh, my God. Ethan killed julian. He must've done it for me. Ethan killed julian for me.

Theresa's voice: I'm sorry, luis, but I have to protect ethan.

Ethan: What are you two talking about? What's this about theresa confessing to killing julian?

Ivy: I'm sorry, ethan. I would rather you have found out in a more gentle way. I know how you feel about theresa.

Ethan: Then it's true? She confessed?

Ivy: Yes.

Ethan: Well, I don't believe it. There's no way theresa's capable of murder.

Gwen: I agree with ethan.

Ethan: No, she couldn't kill anyone. She's innocent.

Kay's voice: Why would that zombie go to tabitha's? Wonder what she's up to now.

Grace: Hey, eve, you're early.

Pilar: Hi, eve.

Eve: Well, I wanted to bring over this casserole and see if anybody needed any help.

Grace: Thank you very much. And you know what? I think everything's pretty much under control. Where's T.C.?

Eve: He's at a coaches' meeting, but he will be here.

Simone: Here, I'll take this for you, mom.

Eve: Oh, thank you, sweetie.

Grace: Thanks.

John: I really appreciate you including me in the celebration, mom.

Grace: Well, it was sweet of charity to share her party with you.

John: Well, it means a lot to me. Makes me feel like i'm really part of your family.

Grace: Are you kidding? You are. Both you and your dad -- you're part of the family now. Oh, and I have a surprise. Wait here. Hey, hey, help me with something.

Simone: Yeah.

Grace: Whoa.

Simone: Whoo!

Grace: Oh, boy. These are for you. There's one for each year that we missed together. Look for the bow.

Kay: Hey.

Miguel: Hey.

Kay: What you wrapping?

Miguel: Charity's birthday present.

Kay: Yeah? Let me help.

Miguel: Oh, no, it's ok. I can do it.

Kay: Come on, miguel, i --

miguel: No, I want --

kay: I am a terrific -- miguel, what is this?

Miguel: Just keep your voice down, all right? I don't want my mother to hear -- or yours.

Kay: Miguel, you're giving this to charity for her birthday?

Miguel: Yes, yes. It's for tonight. You know, for when we're finally together.

Kay: No, miguel, you cannot have sex with her!

Zombie charity: Oh, yes! Yes! I am about to get everything a zombie girl ever dreamed of -- a party, followed by a night

hot, hot, hotter-than-hot sex with miguel, after which he'll die. But first something to whet my appetite. That timmy brat will soon be history.

Zombie charity: Oh.

Timmy: No, tabby, help timmy! He's going to be mowed to death! Help timmy! Oh, no!

[Timmy cries]

tabitha: Oh -- oh, no! No!

Timmy: Princess!

Miguel: I don't get it, kay. You knew that charity and I were going to make love when she turned 18. Yeah, so why are you so against us being together?

Kay: Miguel -- maybe it's just that it's a little too soon.

Miguel: We've waited a long time to have sex -- you know, until we were both 18. You know, and we've been dating for almost three years.

Kay: I know.

Miguel: So i thought you supported us. You know, you were the one that helped us get back together. So why are you so against us making love?

Kay: Miguel, I -- I guess I'm just worried. You know, I don't want her to end up like theresa.

Miguel: Oh, my --

kay: I mean, pregnant and not even married.

Miguel: Ok, ok, that is one thing you don't have to worry about. Ok, I am being very responsible about this. I have protection, obviously. And we're going to be getting engaged soon. If we didn't know that we were right for each other and we were going to be spending the rest of our lives together, we wouldn't be taking this step. It's what we want to do. I just hope you can be happy for us.

Kay: How am i ever going to get through to you, miguel?

Simone: When are you finally going to get it? How long before you give up this pipe dream of you being with miguel? Once miguel makes love to charity, they are going to be together forever forever.

Kay: No, because he can't do that, because if he does he's going to die!

Simone: He'll what?

[Timmy screams]

zombie charity: Die, timmy, die!

Tabitha: In all the centuries i've lived, I've never felt this kind of pain before. Not even being burned at the stake or being stoned to death. Hearing my timmy's cries for help and -- and being powerless to do anything to save him is like torture! What's happened to me?

Zombie charity: All my worst nightmares are coming true. Ain't life grand?

[Timmy screams]

timmy: Princess, help timmy!

[Timmy screams]

[toto barks and growls]

timmy: Run, toto, run! No!

Ethan: No one can convince me that theresa killed julian. I mean, she's just not capable of something like that.

Ivy: I know this is a terrible shock, ethan, but she did confess.

Ethan: It's a mistake.

Ivy: You need time to accept this, time to come to terms with it.

Ethan: No, I don't, because it's not true. All right, nothing can convince me that theresa pulled the trigger. She didn't kill julian. She couldn't. I mean, I'm more capable of murder than theresa, and I couldn't kill anyone in cold blood.

Gwen: Ethan, i'm having a really hard time accepting this as well.

Ethan: Of course you are because it's ridiculous.

Gwen: But if theresa did confess, then --

rebecca: Look, frankly, i am not the least bit surprised.

Gwen: Mother, please.

Rebecca: No, just -- I don't know how you can be. I mean, think of all the wicked things she's done in the past.

Ethan: Rebecca, she never killed anyone.

Rebecca: No, she lied, she schemed. She broke you and ethan up, gwen.

Gwen: I know, but that --

rebecca: And then she flew down to bermuda, she crawled into julian's bed, she married him, she got pregnant by him --

ethan: He tricked her.

Rebecca: Oh, and then she did everything she could to take everything that ivy has. I mean, a poor, helpless woman in a wheelchair -- your own mother, ethan. No, any woman who is capable of that is capable of cold-blooded murder.

Gwen: Mother, that is enough.

Rebecca: If there has ever been a black widow, it is theresa lopez fitzgerald.

Ethan: You're glad theresa confessed to killing julian, aren't you, rebecca? Aren't you?

Sam: Well, lu? Why would theresa confess if she didn't do it?

Theresa: I know who murdered julian crane. It was ethan, father. Ethan killed julian, and i have the evidence to prove it.

Theresa's voice: You did it for me, ethan, because of the pain that julian caused me. And I cannot let you pay for something that isn't your fault.

Luis: I don't know why you're doing this. But I know in my heart, in my head, in my gut -- i know that you didn't do it.

Sam: I don't want to believe it, either, but she's insisting she did, so I have to take her statement.

Luis: Sam --

sam: Look, you and I can question her together. Maybe we can find some inconsistencies in her statement.

Luis: Yeah, I'm sure we will.

Sam: I'm going to let you give a formal statement.

Theresa: Ok.

Sam: Theresa, are you sure you want to do this?

Theresa: Yes, i am. I am positive.

Sam: I'm going to have to record it.

Theresa: I understand.

Sam: Speak directly into the microphone.

Theresa: I will.

Sam: State your name for the record.

Theresa: My name is theresa lopez fitzgerald -- crane. And I killed my husband, julian crane.

Simone: Miguel is going to die?

Kay: No. I meant I would die. Me. If he makes love to charity, I'll die.

Simone: Well, there's not much you can do about that.

Kay: Oh, yes, there is.

Simone: And how do you plan on stopping them?

Kay: Oh, it's easy. Dad took care of it for me.

Simone: What are you talking about?

Kay: Daddy made miguel promise that while he was staying here he wouldn't do anything intimate with charity. Since miguel's house was messed up by the fire, there's nowhere for them to make love.

Simone: Oh, dream on. Honey, look, if they really want to make love to each other, they will find a place to go.

Kay: It'll never happen.

Simone: You know what? You better just face it, kay. You have lost miguel.

Kay: We'll just see about that.

Simone: Mm-hmm.

Rebecca: "Happy"? You actually think i am happy that theresa confessed?

Ethan: I can see it in your face.

Rebecca: No, of course not. I hate when bad things happen to people. But I'm not going to lie, either. I am relieved that this whole sordid affair has come to a conclusion. Now we can get on with our lives. Your mother can have her house back and you and gwen can --

ethan: Gwen and i can what?

Ivy: I'm sure what rebecca meant was that you and gwen could be friends again without theresa insinuating herself between you.

Rebecca: That's right.

Ivy: Yes, i feel the same way, rebecca.

Rebecca: Oh, I only want everyone to be happy.

Ethan: Well, I can't be happy while theresa's sitting in jail for a crime she didn't commit.

Rebecca: Oh, ethan, how can you not believe this? It's the truth. Why else would theresa confess if she didn't do it?

Gwen: I think that's an excellent question.

Sam: The night julian was killed, where were you, theresa?

Theresa: At the crane mansion for the new year's eve party. It was the night where everyone found out that julian and I slept together and i was carrying his baby.

Sam: And you were angry with him for what happened?

Theresa: Of course I was angry at him. I was so mad, it was like I was blind with rage. I wanted him to pay for what he had done -- getting me drunk, tricking me into his bed, and then getting me pregnant.

Sam: Tell us what happened.

Theresa: Julian left the house. I saw him leave, so I followed him.

Sam: Where?

Theresa: To the cannery.

Luis: The cannery? Cannery's a long way from the crane mansion. How'd you get there?

Theresa: I drove, luis. I had mama's car that night.

Sam: And how did you kill julian? Where did you get the gun?

Theresa: I found a gun in a hallway in the mansion. It was just sitting there on this table as if someone had left it for me to take. Who left a gun lying around?

[Theresa screams]


luis: Well, I'm having a hard time believing any of this.

Theresa: Well, it's the truth.

Luis: Who would just leave a gun lying around?

Sam: Where's the gun now, theresa?

Theresa: Um, I -- i threw it away before I went back to the house.

Sam: Where?

Theresa: It's under a bush on the crane grounds, but I don't know what happened to it.

Luis: I don't believe any of this.

Theresa: Well, go to the mansion and search the grounds. You will find it.

Luis: Yeah.

Sam: Cartman, send a couple of squad cars over to the crane estate. Search everywhere for a handgun, under every bush.

Ofc. Cartman: Right away, chief.

Luis: You didn't do this, theresa. I know you didn't do it.

Timmy: Whoa!

Timmy: Tabitha, help timmy and toto before the lawn mower turns timmy into mulch! Wait. Maybe that's it. Get ready, toto. Timmy has an idea.

Timmy: Yes! Timmy did it! Timmy and toto are saved!

Timmy: Isn't it good? Isn't it

singer: You are my passion for life

miguel: I'm kind of getting worried about charity. She's been over at tabitha's for a while.

Kay: Miguel, she'll be here.

Miguel: Tabitha's probably talking her ear off.

Kay: Yep.

Miguel: You know, I'm going to go over there, rescue her.

Kay: Miguel, what is this?

Miguel: Shh, shh. It's a key to a hotel room.

Kay: A key to a hotel room?

Miguel: Yeah.

Kay: What -- yeah.

Kay: What --

miguel: It's -- it's for later.

Kay: For later?

Miguel: It's so charity and I can have someplace

go -- some privacy after her birthday party tonight. You know?

Kay: Mm-hmm.

[Recorder plays]

tabitha: What is that damn zombie up to now?

[Toto growls]

timmy: What is it, toto? What's wrong?

[Toto growls]

[toto barks]

timmy: Help, princess!

[Timmy screams]

timmy: Tabby, do something! Timmy's being hugged to death by a garden hose!

[Toto growls]

[timmy struggles]

timmy: Help! Please! Princess!

Tabitha: Stop it, zombie! Stop it right this minute! All right. All right. Enough of this nonsense! I may have very little power left, but what i have I'm going to summon up to save my timmy! Ooh. Ooh.

Tabitha: Ugh.

[Timmy struggles]

gwen: Listen, ethan, I -- i know how difficult all of this has been for you, and I wish i could make it easier.

Ethan: Thanks, gwen, but I don't think you can.

Gwen: I just wish what happened upstairs before -- us making love -- i wish that could just erase all the feelings you ever had for theresa.

Ethan: Well, gwen --

gwen: But, no, i know that that's not going to happen. At least not overnight. And I just want you to know that i'll always be here for you.

Ethan: Thanks. I mean, what i can't figure out is why theresa would confess to a murder she didn't commit. I mean, I know she's been upset lately, you know, distracted. Like she's been keeping a secret. What could it be? I mean, could this be it?

Rebecca: Of course it could. I mean, what bigger secret is there than murder? I mean, the guilt was probably weighing her down and she just cracked under the pressure and confessed. Doesn't that make sense?

Ethan: Maybe, but i still don't believe it.

Sam: Radio in as soon as you reach the crane estate.

Officer: Will do, chief.

Luis: This is a total waste of time and manpower.

Sam: I don't think so.

Luis: My sister didn't kill julian, sam.

Theresa: Yes, i did, luis.

Luis: All right, show me some proof, then. I want some proof.

Theresa: You'll get it.

Sam: From the gun? Are you saying your fingerprints will be on it?

Theresa: No. I was wearing gloves.

Sam: Do you still have them? The gloves?

Luis: Theresa, don't give them to him.

Theresa: No, luis.

Luis: Theresa, don't do this!

Theresa: Stop!

Sam: Luis! Drop them in here. If there's no residue, it may help establish reasonable doubt that she didn't kill julian. What the hell are you doing?

Luis: I will not allow this.

Theresa: Luis, stop!

Luis: Theresa, you are done here.

Sam: You are not going anywhere!

Sam: Luis, let go of her arm and give me the evidence back. Now, i've looked the other way up until now because i know you're emotionally stressed and you're acting out of love for your sister.

Theresa: No. No, luis --

sam: Luis, I've known you your entire life. We've worked together for years. You're a good cop. There's no telling how far you can go in this department. You've got a bright career ahead of you. Don't throw it all away.

Theresa: He's right. He's right, luis. Look, I committed a crime, ok? I want to pay my debt to society. Not that i feel that julian's murder was a terrible thing. He deserved to die --

luis: Would you stop incriminating --

theresa: For all the things that he did to people!

Luis: Stop incriminating yourself, please.

Sam: Luis, if you want to take yourself off this case, everyone will understand.

Luis: Fine. You want me off the case? I'm off, sam. And guess what? Take them. Because I'm no longer a cop. Go on.

Ethan: Look, where's theresa? I want to talk to her.

Ivy: I assume she's still at the police station.

Ethan: I want to hear from her own lips what happened because I won't believe it otherwise.

Rebecca: Well, that's a good idea, ethan. I'm sure theresa could use a friend right now.

Ethan: Maybe she could use a really good lawyer, too.

Ivy: You can't represent her.

Ethan: Look, mother, I'm sorry, but i'm not discussing this with you. Right now I want to talk to theresa and find out what the hell's going on.

Gwen: I'll walk you out.

Ivy: Stop him, rebecca.

Rebecca: No, ivy. Don't you see? This is a good thing. I mean, let ethan hear from theresa's own lips that she's a murderer. That way he'll finally believe it.

Miguel: I'm going over to tabitha's to get charity.

Kay: No, wait. Miguel, no, you can'T.

Miguel: Kay? What's the matter with you? I've never seen you this upset.

Kay: I have to tell you something.

Miguel: What?

Kay: I was really, really hoping I wasn't going to have to tell you this, but it looks like it's the only way that i'm going to be able to protect you, so --

miguel: Protect me?

Kay: Yeah.

Miguel: From what?

Kay: Um -- miguel -- ahem -- you can't be with charity because -- not the way you want to be, anyway, just because if you --


miguel: Did you hear that?

Kay: What?

Miguel: It sounds like it's coming from tabitha'S.

Kay: No --

miguel: Charity.

Kay: Miguel, listen, if you sleep with her, she's -- going to kill you.

Timmy: Tabby --please help timmy.

[Toto growls]

[recorder plays]

[pounding on door]

tabitha: Let me in!

Tabitha: And that, as they say, is that.

Zombie charity: No, it isn't, you miserable witch.

Tabitha: Well, I don't know where that sudden surge of strength came from, but it certainly put you in your place.

Zombie charity: And now it's time I show you where your place is. You're going to die, you're going to die, miserable witch!

Gwen: You two are up to something.

Rebecca: I have no idea what you mean.

Gwen: I don't know what it is, but I'm going to keep my eye out on both of you.

Rebecca: Oh, gwen, please. Would you just lighten up? We got some very good news -- that theresa lopez fitzgerald is going to be out of our lives for good. We should be celebrating.

Gwen: I don't dance on other people's graves, mother -- which is exactly where theresa's going to be if she gets convicted of killing julian.

Rebecca: Oh, that's right. The death penalty. Oh, my, how tragic. You know, ethan is probably going to need a whole lot of t.L.C. From someone who really cares about him.

Gwen: That's disgusting, mother. Look, I am not going to pretend as though I like theresa. God knows I don'T. But I don't want to see the woman dead. I would never take advantage of this situation.

Rebecca: Why not? I would. Oh, well. Let's continue the celebration.

Ivy: No, I'm not in the mood.

Rebecca: Oh, why are you so glum? Everything is going our way.

Ivy: Ethan has gone to see theresa. What if they start comparing notes? What if she tells him about the tape? He will know it's doctored.

Rebecca: Oh, she's not going to tell him. She is doing this out of love, remember? So she's not going to let ethan know that she thinks he's the killer and she's just doing this to protect him.

Ivy: I wish i was as sure as you are.

Rebecca: She has such an ego. She probably thinks that if she let ethan know that she was confessing to protect him that he would turn around and do the same thing to protect her.

Ivy: There's so much room for error here.

Rebecca: Oh, ivy, trust me. Don't worry. I have thought of everything. I have looked at all the angles. Please, let's just drink and celebrate that i'm right. Theresa will be out of our lives for good, six feet under, exactly where she belongs.

Luis: Go on, sam. Go on, take them.

Theresa: No. No, no, no, luis.

Luis: Come on. Take them. Why don't you take them? They're yours. Why don't you just take them?

Sam: Look, I didn't ask for your resignation. But I am asking you to act professionally.

Luis: Oh, this is as professional as it gets. I know that my sister didn't kill julian crane.

Theresa: Don't do this, luis!

Luis: She's lying! I don't know why, but -- wait a minute. That's it, isn't it? You're covering for someone else. That's it, isn't it? You're lying. You're trying to protect someone, aren't you?

Timmy: What happened, toto? Did toto save timmy?

[Timmy groans]

timmy: No, toto's too small. Tabby must've done it. That's it. Tabby saved timmy and toto from zombie charity. Timmy just got a bad feeling -- a real bad feeling, toto. Timmy hopes tabby's ok.

Zombie charity: Now to finish what i started upstairs. Wake up, princess! I want to see the look in your witchy face when you realize you're about to die! Ugh!

Miguel: Charity, what are you doing?

Kay: Tabitha?

Kay: She's dead. Tabitha's dead, and charity killed her!

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