Passions Transcript Tuesday 4/16/02



Passions Transcript Tuesday 4/16/02

By Suzanne

Kay: Mmm. Mom, that smells great. I am so in the mood for pancakes and sausage this morning.

Grace: I'm sorry, sweetheart. I just made this for john, actually.

Kay: John?

Grace: Yeah. I'm going to bring it up to him at the bed-and-breakfast.

Kay: But I'm starving.

Grace: Really? That's funny because you're never really interested in breakfast. You know, why don't you tide yourself over with some cereal, and when i get back I'll make you something.

Kay: Mmm, cereal. Thanks, mom.

Grace: I said i would be back in a minute.

Zombie charity: So, you really are the low man on the totem pole now, aren't you? Now that your mom has a new son to fuss over, you're kind of like leftover mashed potatoes, huh?

Kay: Shut up.

Zombie charity: No breakfast, no miguel --

kay: Look, I told you -- for the last time, you are not going to hurt miguel.

Zombie charity: I think you have better things to worry about this morning.

Kay: Miguel is all I ever worry about.

Zombie charity: Well, I think you should worry about going to jail!

Kay: Jail? What are you talking about?

Sam: Kay, charity.

Zombie charity: Hi, sam.

Kay: Dad. Chief garrison. Hey. What's going on?

Sam: We were over at pilar's house talking to some of her neighbors about the fire last night, and the chief here has some questions for you, kay. Now, do you anything about how it started?

Theresa: That's right. The crane mansion. I am enjoying the luxury i so richly deserve.

Theresa: What would make it all perfect would be ethan waking up next to me. I wonder if ethan's asleep. I could use my trusty key to go in and find out.

[Knock on door]

theresa: Come in.

Phyllis: Good morning, ma'am.

Theresa: What is all this?

Phyllis: Your breakfast, ma'am. Mr. Ethan sent it for you, and he sent this note.

Theresa: Ethan sent me a note?

Phyllis: Yes, ma'am. Will you be needing anything else?

Theresa: No, phyllis, thank you. Maybe he changed his mind. Maybe he does want us to get back together.

Ivy: It's so wonderful to see your handsome face here first thing in the morning, ethan. I'm so glad you've moved back in.

Ethan: I'm going to stay here as long as you need me, mother.

Ivy: Thank you. Speaking of needing you, I would really like you to try to get theresa out of the mansion immediately. I didn't sleep a wink last night, worrying about what that little witch was going to do.

Ethan: Mother, I wish you wouldn't get so worked up over theresa.

Ivy: Ugh.

Ethan: Look, I've been thinking about this situation, and I've made a decision about our future.

Ivy: Our future? Ethan, you can't think that you and theresa still have a future together.

[Sheridan coughs]

brian: Diana, are you all right?

Sheridan: Yeah, I'm fine. Good morning, brian.

Brian: You know, I don't like the sound of that cough, and I heard you get up a couple of times last night.

Sheridan: Oh, I'm fine, really. I can't wait to meet your brother at breakfast.

Brian: Yeah. I guess we'd better get ready.

Sheridan: I'm curious to see how much you two are alike. Or not.

Brian: Diana, are you all right?

Sheridan: I just had another memory flash. Me and dead lover -- we were on a boat. You know, this is just so infuriating, this amnesia. I just want to know who I am, where I come from, who my dead lover was.

Brian: I know it's frustrating.

Sheridan: It is. But you know, I really think that being here in bermuda is going to help me find the key to my past. It's almost like my dead lover is here somewhere nearby.

Luis: Morning.

Beth: Morning. How'd you sleep?

Luis: Probably better than you. I hope i didn't kick you or anything.

Beth: No, I didn't feel a thing. So, excited about breakfast? Seeing your brother? You get to keep your promise and take him home to your mother.

Luis: Well, we'll see what he has to say about it. I am curious to meet this woman he's with, though. And I would love to know why he's calling himself brian now.

Beth: Yeah. Well, I'm sure you'll get all your questions answered at breakfast.

Luis: Yeah. I guess I am excited. I've got a feeling that seeing my brother after all these years is going to change our lives forever.

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird i knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

kay: Why would you think i know anything about how the fire started? Did somebody say they saw me or something?

Miguel: What's going on?

Zombie charity: Good morning, miguel.

Sam: Ahem.

Zombie charity: I'm sorry. I was just saying good morning to miguel.

Sam: Guel, don't you have a shirt?

Miguel: Yes, sir. It's right here.

Sam: Ok, well, then, you put it on.

Miguel: Ok.

Chief garrison: Your father thought you might know something,ay.

Grace: Well, john was very happy with his breakfast. Now I'll make you all something -- chief garrison.

Chief garrison: Morning, mrs. Bennett.

Grace: What's going on?

Sam: We have some questions for kay about the fire at pilar's house last night. And we're still waiting for an answer. Kay, do you know how the fire started?

Theresa: "Wanted you to eat a healthy breakfast, for the baby. Ethan." He's only worried about how well i'm eating. Well, that is all right because I am going to get him back someday. Julian himself gave me the plan to follow when i saw him in hell, and it's going to work. It's going to work.

Pilar: Theresa. What are you doing here? You said you were going to whitney's!

Theresa: *M u, + this is my house and i am living here now.

Pilar: Stop it. Stop that crazy talk. Now, you must give up this insane idea of claiming to be julian crane's legal widow.

Theresa: Mama, it is not insane. It's the truth. I am just trying to get what is rightfully mine.

Pilar: Mija, you are on a path to destruction. You will destroy yourself and everyone you love.

Ivy: Ethan, how can you even think about taking theresa back after all she's done to you, after all the lies she has told you?

Ethan: Mother, I'm not talking about my future with theresa. I'm talking about all our futures. Because whether we like it or not, theresa is going to be in our lives.

Rebecca: What a horrible thought.

Ethan: Whatever you think of theresa, the fact is she's pregnant with julian's baby. A baby with crane blood.

Rebecca: Ethan, i know that if theresa has julian's baby, she's always going to be in our future. But what if the baby didn't exist?

Ethan: Didn't exist?

Rebecca: Yes. What if theresa were no longer pregnant?

Beth: Hmm. Just another beautiful day in paradise.

Luis: Yeah, it is beautiful.

Beth: Well, I guess I'll take a shower and get ready for breakfast.

Luis: All right.

Beth: See you soon.

Luis: Ok.

Luis: I'm going to show this to antonio. It's got to convince him to come back to harmony. Why wait? I'll do it right now.

Sheridan: Y. I'm starving, so why don't we get dressed and go grab some breakfast.

Brian: Ok. Ok with me.

Sheridan: Ok.

[Knock on door]

sheridan: Wonder who that is?

Sheridan: I don't believe it.

Theresa: Mama, please.

Pilar: Theresa, no. Ok, I want you to leave this place with me right now and never come back. Teresita, we can make it our own without this crane money.

Theresa: Mama, I'm not leaving. Ok, this is my house. I am mrs. Julian crane.

Pilar: Theresa, you know that ivy will never give up this house. And neither will rebecca. Do you not remember how ruthless those women were when they were trying to break up you and ethan?

Theresa: Oh, I remember, mama. And that is just one of the reasons why i am staying here because i will not let them win.

Pilar: Theresa, you're up against two formidable enemies. Ok, we may not have any proof of what they did to you, but I am certain that rebecca was behind it all.

Theresa: I know, mama.

Pilar: Ok, then, think. Think of what they're capable of! And who knows what they could be plotting to do to you right now.

Ethan: Rebecca, what are you suggesting? That something might happen to theresa's baby?

Rebecca: No. No, of course I wasn't suggesting that. No, I was just -- I was just asking. I mean, if theresa was not carrying julian's baby, would she still have a claim to the crane fortune?

Ethan: Well, no. Especially if I can prove that the divorce julian got from mother down in bermuda wasn't legal.

Ivy: Then theresa wouldn't have anything. No right to be here at all, isn't that correct?

Ethan: Yes, that's right. But theresa is pregnant with julian's baby, so this conversation is pointless.

[Phone rings]

ethan: Excuse me, I'm expecting a one call. Ethan winthrop.

Gwen: Mother, what are you thinking? You know, using underhanded tactics to get ethan away from theresa is one thing. But now you're talking about baby killing.

Rebecca: That's not what I'm saying. I wouldn't do a thing like that. I'm just saying that if theresa accidentally fell down the stairs --

gwen: Mother, that is horrible.

Rebecca: You know, you were so much more fun before you developed this conscience.

Gwen: I vowed to myself that there was going to be no more scheming. I'm just going to be open and honest with ethan from now on.

Rebecca: It's your life. But you better start thinking about a life without ethan because that is exactly what is going to happen.

Ethan: Mother, I have something important to tell you. It's about julian's bermuda divorce.

Rebecca: What? What did you find out?

Ethan: Rebecca, this is really between me and mother.

Ivy: It's all right, ethan. Go ahead and tell me. Just get to the point. Skip the legalese.

Ethan: Well, it turns out that i was right in questioning the legality of julian's divorce. There are some loopholes, and, well, the bottom line is that a judge in the states could rule julian's divorce invalid.

Ivy: Oh, hallelujah.

Rebecca: Theresa has no claim at all.

Ivy: No claim on the crane fortune.

Sam: Did you see anyone in the vicinity of pilar's housesswhen pou wt over to chk on miguel?

Chief garrison: Or anyone who looked like he didn't belong there or seen running away?

Kay: No. No, I didn't see anyone.

Sam: Yeah, I told you. If kay had seen something, she would've told us.

Grace: Well, didn't any of pilar's neighbors see anything?

Sam: No, not a thing. Well, I guess we can close the case, garrison. It was probably an accident anyway.

Zombie charity: An accident?

Sam: Yeah, someone must've flicked a cigarette out a car window and it must've landed on the pile of wood near your house.

Zombie charity: So you're going to give up just like that?

Sam: Well, I don't think we should waste the taxpayers' dollars looking for an arsonist when we don't have any leads.

Kay: Like dad said, it was probably just an accident anyway.

Zombie charity: Miguel and i almost died in that fire. I can't believe you care so little about me.

Miguel: Charity, that's not true.

Zombie charity: All I know is that if noah or jessica or kay had almost been burned to death, you wouldn't have stopped until you got to the bottom of it. But I guess I'm just a cousin!

Grace: Sweetheart, that's not true. You know we love you like our own.

Kay: Yeah, and, charity, like dad said, it was probably just an accident.

Zombie charity: But what if it wasn't just an accident? What if someone deliberately tried to kill us?

Grace: I think that she's remembering the fire that killed her mother and almost killed her.

Sam: Yeah, you're right. Charity, listen to me. Now, if it means that much to you, we'll keep investigating the fire. If someone did deliberately set the fire, then we'll find out who it was.

Zombie charity: Thank you. Thank you so much!

Ivy: So, if you can get a judge here in the united states to declare that julian's bermuda divorce was null and void, that would mean that i was still his wife at the time of his death. Therefore, i am still his legal heir.

Ethan: That's what I've been led to believe.

Rebecca: And theresa is dead meat with no claim on the crane fortune.

Gwen: So that means that your marriage to julian is null and void, too. I'm sorry, mother.

Rebecca: Oh, it's not over yet, gwennie.

Gwen: What do you mean? If you married julian while he was still married to ivy, then that makes your marriage just as invalid as theresa's to julian.

Rebecca: Oh, surely you don't think ethan is the only lawyer in the world who can find loopholes. The first thing we have to do is get rid of theresa. Well, ivy, congratulations. It seems you've won.

Ivy: Yes, it seems I have. But you've lost as much as theresa. So why are you happy?

Rebecca: Well, I'd be happy if the devil himself let the wind out of theresa's sails. You can get rid of her now, ivy, and i suggest you do it immediately.

Ethan: Look, hold on a minute. I said that i might be able to convince a judge to rule the divorce invalid.

Ivy: And theresa would have no claim on the crane estate, yes.

Ethan: Right, but she is pregnant with julian's child, and I couldn't take anything away that the child might be entitled to.

Ivy: Ethan, we are talking about a girl who supposedly loved you, slept with my husband -- a man you grew up thinking was your father -- then got pregnant by him and lied to you about it, and you are still worrying about her? Please! Where did I go wrong?

Ethan: Mother, you're my client, and i am going to do everything humanly possible to make sure you get everything you deserve. But theresa deserves something, too, i mean, for all the pain and suffering that julian has caused her.

Ivy: Pain and suffering? Ethan, what about all the pain and suffering theresa has caused everyone is this room, especially you? No. Theresa gets nothing. Nothing!

Sheridan: Brian, did you order all of this?

Brian: Yep. Last night after you went to sleep. Thank you very much.

Waiter: You're welcome, sir. Have a good day.

Brian: Yeah, you, too.

Sheridan: A humidifier?

Brian: Yeah, I thought it might help your cough. And I know how much you like tea, so I thought you could have some tea this morning while you're getting ready. I'll tell you what, I'll go plug the humidifier in in the bathroom, ok?

Sheridan: You are so sweet. I don't know how i got so lucky to have you rescue me from the sea.

Brian: Hey, i'm the lucky one.

Beth: Hey, where are you going?

Luis: Oh, I was going to go show antonio a -- a picture.

Beth: Can't you show him at breakfast?

Luis: Yeah. Yeah, I guess I shouldn't push it, huh?

Beth: That's probably smart. Hey, do me a favor and hand me that long, striped sundress on the bed, please?

Luis: Sure. You mean this one?

Beth: Yep. Thank you. Hey.

Luis: Hey. Maybe I should make you come out here and get it.

Beth: Oh, really? All right, stop teasing me. Hand it over.

Luis: Ah --

beth: Come on.

Luis: Ok.

Beth: Thank you. You know, I haven't seen this playful side of you in ages. It's kind of nice.

Luis: And I never thought i was going to smile again, not after losing sheridan. Well, I was wrong. I'm starting to live again. Maybe after spending some time with my brother, i'll have even more joy in my life.

Singer: You are my passion for life

pilar: You are a fool, mija. I suppose it's my fault because you've never been able to deal with reality.

Theresa: That is not true. I am dealing with reality right now, mama. We will win because we have to. We need the money.

Pilar: We do not need the money. Not crane money.

Theresa: Mama, our house almost burned to the ground last night. We have no insurance. How are we going to rebuild?

Pilar: I don't know, but we'll find a way.

Theresa: Oh, yes, yes, i know what that means. That means that you are going to be working tons of overtime right here. Right here at the mansion, working for ivy. And luis will have to double his shifts, and miguel will have to go to work at the cannery. He won't go to college, mama.

Pilar: That's not the point, theresa. There are other things --

theresa: How can you say that, mama? Do you want luis to put his life on hold forever? Because remember, he broke up with beth years ago because he had to take care of our family. And now it might happen all over again. Is that what you want?

Pilar: No, of course not.

Theresa: And luis is going to feel responsible for my baby. And he will sacrifice his own happiness if i let him, and I will not let him, mama. I will fight for that crane money, and we will live right here, right here in this crane mansion.

[Knock on door]

woody: Mrs. Crane.

Theresa: Yes?

Woody: The maid sent me up. I hope you don't mind.

Theresa: No, please, come in. Mama, you remember my attorney, mr. Stumper?

Pilar: Yes, i do.

Woody: Ah, mrs. Lopez-fitzgerald, looking bodacious, beguiling, and much too young to be this little lady's mama.

Pilar: Mr. Stumper, I -- i hope that you're not expecting to win a lot of money in this case because i'm trying to talk my daughter out of it.

Woody: Much to my consternation, i have to concur and concede.

Theresa: You concur and concede? What are you saying?

Woody: What i'm saying is that your case is untenable, unwinnable -- I.E., A loser.

Ethan: Mother, you can't mean that.

Ivy: What? That i don't think theresa should get any of my money?

Ethan: Yes. Look, the estate is worth billions of dollars. I mean, you will hardly miss it if we give theresa enough to raise the child comfortably. And we could avoid a lengthy, possibly messy trial here.

Ivy: So you're going to offer her a settlement?

Ethan: Yes. I've been thinking about this some time, and i think i've come up with something that will be fair for everyone.

Rebecca: How can you even think of being fair when it comes to talking about theresa?

Ethan: I'm not talking about theresa. I'm talking about the child. And if theresa takes this thing to court, she could end up winning more than I'm thinking about offering her in the settlement.

Ivy: Well, how much money are we talking about here, ethan?

Ethan: Well, you know, considering the needs of the child and julian's responsibility, I was thinking we could offer theresa $10 million.

Ivy: $10 million? Over my dead body!

Brian: Good morning, luis. Hi, beth.

Beth: Morning.

Luis: Morning. Look, I called down to reserve a table, so, whenever you guys are ready, we can all go down together.

Brian: Yeah, diana's still in the shower, so how about we meet you guys down there?

Luis: We don't mind waiting.

Brian: Ok, I said we'll meet you down there. You don't have to babysit for me. I'm not going anywhere, ok?

Luis: Look, I'm not trying to babysit you, just --

beth: Hey, luis. You know what? Let's go get our table. I am dying for some coffee.

Luis: Ok. That'll be fine.

Beth: We'll see you downstairs, antonio -- brian.

Brian: Fine.

Sheridan: Brian, did i hear you talking to someone?

Brian: Yeah. Yeah, it was just my brother telling me what to do again.

Sheridan: I know how hard it is for you to deal with him. I just wish you would try.

Brian: Believe me, I'm trying. There's just a lot of history between us.

Luis: I didn't mean anything by what I said. I didn't mean to get antonio all upset.

Beth: Hey, try to remember to call him brian.

Luis: Right. Brian. All right, i'm going to back and apologize, ok? I don't want to start our breakfast off on the wrong note.

Beth: Ok. "Wt

beth: What's wrong?

Luis: Nothing. Just antonio -- brian and his lady friend were having a nice moment, and i don't want to interrupt. So we'll just meet them downstairs.

Beth: That's a good idea. But, hey, listen --

luis: What?

Beth: You've got to try and watch your temper, ok? It's so important for you and your brother to try and make up after all thes years.

Luis: I know, all right? I'm not going to let anything get between us again, ok?

Beth: Ok.

Ivy: What do you want, rebecca?

Rebecca: I want you to think about what you are doing. Look, when you think about the crane estate, $10 million is just a drop in the bucket. No you could be rid of theresa and the baby forever.

Ivy: I know! I just -- I can't let her win!

Rebecca: Ivy, who cares who wins? Theresa would be out of ethan's life for good, and he'd be free to be with gwen, who you know would make him happy. And you get to keep your name and your money. Everyone wins.

Ivy: Except you, rebecca. You end up with no husband, no name, and no money. So what's in it for you?

Rebecca: My gwennie gets what she wants. She gets to be with ethan. And isn't that what you want, ivy? For ethan to forget all about the little chalupa?

Ivy: Well, you do have a point.

Rebecca: So why don't you go in and tell ethan to offer theresa the deal.

Ivy: All right, ethan. If you think it's fair, go ahead and offer her the settlement.

Ethan: Good. I knew you'd make the right decision, mother. Well, I'll just call theresa downstairs right now.

Theresa: Mr. Stumper, what makes you say that I'm going to lose?

Woody: I'm saying that because it's a factual fact -- that is, ipso facto. Because your ex-fiance has been working behind the scenes, trying to get his mother's island divorce nullified and denied.

Theresa: Well, I know that. But you have to do something. You have to work harder, find a way to stop him.

Woody: There's no one -- no one works harder than woodrow stumper, when he has an even-steven chance for victory. But I'm only one man. Ethan even has some of the crane lawyers working on his side.

Pilar: You see, theresa? Mr. Stumper would not give up if he thought you had a chance.

Woody: Absolutely, positively, irrefutably not.

Theresa: But you can't give up. Ok? I am mrs. Julian crane. Those crane lawyers should be working for me.

[Phone rings]

theresa: What?

Ethan: Theresa, hi. I'd like you to come downstairs. I want to talk to you about your claim to the crane estate.

Theresa: Yes, i'll be right down. That was ethan. He wants me to come downstairs to discuss the case, which means they must have something to offer.

Woody: Well. Now, that -- that would indeed be something of another matter, something that we should be open to discussing.

Theresa: That's right. So, obviously, your information is wrong, mr. Stumper. We are going to win this case.

Zombie charity: So, mr. Garrison, how do you go about investigating an arson case? I mean, do you look for footprints in the yard or fingerprints or something?

Chief garrison: We do all of the above if we believe there was a motive for arson.

Sam: And in most cases, the number one reason for arson is insurance.

Zombie charity: Oh, so somebody would burn down their home to collect the money from insurance?

Miguel: Yeah, I've heard about that happening, but mama didn't have insurance, so that blows that theory.

Sam: And without a motive, it's pretty much a shot in the dark to try to find an arsonist if there was one.

Zombie charity: I can think of a motive.

Sam: You can?

Zombie charity: Yeah. What if there was somebody, a girl, who was jealous ofe? She wanted miguel all for herself. I can think of lots of girls at school that are jealous. Aunt grace, can't you think of any girls that are just crazy about miguel?

Kay: Well, but if the girl was crazy about miguel, he was in the house. So why would she light a fire with him in the house?Pq

zombie charity: Oh, I don't know. Revenge, maybe?

Sam: Revenge?

Zombie charity: Yes. Picture this -- a girl who feels like life isn't fair, like she always gets the short end of the stick. And she's in love with miguel, but she can't have him because he's with me and it is driving this girl crazy. Maybe she's even told miguel how much she loves him. But miguel doesn't love her back, so she goes over to his house and she sees me with miguel. And we're so happy and we're so in love. And so she snaps! She lights a match. She throws it in the woodpile. She wants to get back at miguel for not loving her. She wants to get back at me for having him. I don't think that scenario's so far-fetched, do you, sam?

Grace: Oh, the bacon's burning.

Zombie charity: Oh.

Sam: So you think that's what happened? A girl was jealous of you and miguel and set that fire for revenge?

Zombie charity: I just think it could've happened that way.

Grace: Charity, did you have a premonition? Did you vision somebody?

Zombie charity: I just don't think that we need to go very far to find the answers to this arson investigation. Do we, kay?

Grace: Kay?

Ethan: Theresa, i am glad your attorney is here because we have a settlement to propose.

Woody: A settlement? Out of the question. We settle for nothing less than the whole enchilada. But in the interest of being reasonable, rational, and at all times fair, we'll listen to your offer.

Ethan: Thank you.

Theresa: So what are you talking about, ethan?

Ethan: Well, my mother understands that julian took advantage of you and impregnated you. She doesn't want to see you suffer because of what julian did. But at the same time, she doesn't feel that you're entitled to the -- well, we've put together a very generous settlement.

Woody: Please, please -- define and declare what you mean by "generous."

Ethan: $10 million plus continued support and a trust fund for the baby.

Pilar: Dios mio.

Woody: That -- that is indeed a generous offer. I think we should take this.

Ethan: Theresa, listen to your attorney. Take the settlement.

Beth: Now, remember, he wants to be called brian. And try and keep your cool, all right? Huh?

Luis: All right, i'll try. Look, I just want to talk to him. I just want to get everything straightened out. More importantly, want to keep my promise my mother that if i ever ran into antonio again i would bring him home to her.

Beth: I'm sure that you and brian can work things out, ok?

Luis: Right. Brian. Who knows? Maybe this new girlfriend of his will help me bridge the gap between us.

Sheridan: Ready?

Brian: Yeah. I'm ready as i'll ever be.

Sheridan: Well, I really hope you come to some sort of agreement with your brother -- you know, about your future with your family.

Brian: Yeah. You know what, i'm not so sure that this is the right time. Maybe we should just skip this and get back to st. Lisa's island.

Sheridan: Oh, no, no, no, no. You are going to talk to your brother. It is time.

Brian: All right. I guess you're right. Let's go.

Brian: Hey. Is anything wrong?

Sheridan: I just had the strangest sensation, almost as if our lives are about to change forever.

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