Passions Transcript Wednesday 4/10/02



Passions Transcript Wednesday 4/10/02

by Suzanne

Whitney: Well, you ready to get out of here?

Theresa: Yes, i'm ready. Um -- but I'm not ing to your house, whitney. I'm going to my house.

Whitney: But your mother just said that your house is too badly damaged --

theresa: Not mama's house. My house.

Whitney: Theresa, don't even start with this, ok?

Theresa: Yes, whitney, I am going to the crane mansion, and that is where I, mrs. Julian crane, will spend the night -- the first night of my reign as queen of the crane empire.

Whitney: You are crazy. Ivy and rebecca already had you thrown out once. I mean, what is it going to take to get through to you?

Theresa: Ivy and rebecca are just going to have to get used to it. They're out and I'm in.

Rebecca's voice: As soon as eve reads those test results, it's over for you, ivy -- all over.

Ivy's voice: Don't do it, eve. Don't destroy all our lives.

John: Don't worry, mom. I know the test results are going to prove that I'm your son.

Grace: Yeah, I know it, too.

Kay: I can't believe my family's about to get even bigger. I need another sibling like i need a hole in the head.

Zombie charity: Well, your mom's convinced you're going to get one as soon as dr. Russell reads those d.N.A. Results.

Kay: Well, I'm not going to give up my room for john like i did for the real charity.

Eve's voice: I love you so much, t.C., But i can't let ivy blackmail me any longer. If she tells you about my past with julian, so be it. I just hope to God you'll be able to forgive me.

Tabitha: At last we're going to see the fireworks, timmy. Oh, I wish we had some popcorn.

Timmy: How can tabby be so cruel? After eve reads the test results, so many lives will be ruined.

Tabitha: Exactly. At long last, all my years of work are going to pay off. Oh. Buckle your seat belt, timmy. It's going to be a bumpy night.

Beth: What are you doing over there?

Brian: Beth?

Beth: Antonio? I thought you were luis.

Brian: You thought I was luis?

Beth: Yeah. We -- we came to bermuda together. He's just going to -- he is going to die when he finds out you're here.

[Sheridan coughs]

luis: Hello? Anybody in there?


sheridan: Just a minute.

Beth: Let me get luis. He's going to faint when he finds out you're here.

Brian: Beth, no. You can't tell luis I'm here.

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and i would fly on the wings of the bird i knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

beth: Antonio, i don't understand. You haven't seen your brother in years. I know he'd want to see you.

Brian: No, he won't.

Beth: Don't be ridulous. I can't keep quiet about something this important. I -- i have got to tell him.

Brian: No. No. And, besides, what are you guys doing down here, anyway? I mean, I thought you guys broke up years ago.

Beth: Yeah, we -- we did.

Brian: So you're back together again or --

beth: No, not -- not exactly. Maybe. I'm not quite sure.

Brian: But you're sharing a room.

Beth: Yeah, but it's just because the hotel was booked solid. We're not exactly sharing a room, if you know what i mean. Anyway, we're just reconnecting, you know, learning to trust one another again. I -- i have to tell him his brother is right next door.

Brian: Beth, if you care anything about luis and you want to get back together with him, keep quiet about it, ok? Don't tell him anything about me. Don't tell him i'm here.

Luis: Your -- your scarf was stuck in the door.

Sheridan: Oh.

[Sheridan coughs]

sheridan: I'm sorry. I'm not dressed. But thank you for telling me about my scarf. If you could just pass it through, please.

Luis: Yeah, sure.

[Music plays]

man: What's up?

Second man: What's going on?

Luis: Wow. That was some static shock there.

Sheridan: Yes. Well, thank you. That shock -- that was so strange. It was so strong, it went -- it went through my whole body.

Luis: Man, that was strange. Never had a static shock like that before.

Theresa: I can't wait to throw those two old hags out of the house. And then i'm going to redecorate the whole place. And of course ethan will be welcome to stay there since it is the house that he grew up in. And I will fire any servant who doesn't jump when I say "jump."

Whitney: You know what? You don't need an E.R. Doctor. You need a psychiatrist.

Theresa: No, whitney. For the first time, I am facing reality. I am sick and tired of being the victim. Now I am taking charge of my life.

Whitney: By trying to take over the crane mansion. And you know what? Since ivy and rebecca already threw you out once, they'll probably just shoot you this time for trespassing.

Theresa: Oh, stop being so melodramatic.

Whitney: I'm being melodramatic, huh? You need to look in a mirror. You know, you're living in la-la-land if you think you can just prance into the crane mansion and claim it to be yours. Like ivy and rebecca are going to say, "oh, oh, of course, dear, it's all yours," and leave quietly.

Theresa: Whitney, i don't think it's going to be easy. Actually, I am sure that my attorney will have to be involved. But I am ready for a legal battle, whitney, and this time i am going to win.

Whitney: What makes you so sure that you are going to win? Oh, right, because of the deal you made with julian in hell.

Theresa: No. Because I have every legal right to claim what is mine. This baby I'm having guarantees it. And there is nothing ivy and rebecca can do about it.

Sam: It's pilar with ethan.

Grace: Oh.

Grace: Pilar, is theresa all right?

Pilar: Yeah, the nurse said she's ok, but they wanted to run some tests. Ethan was kind enough to drive me home. At least what used to be my home.

Rebecca: Where's gwen?

Ethan: She had to go by the office, pick up some papers. So, does anyone know how this fire started?

Sam: No, but they're investigating.

Pilar: Well, why are you all still here? Did something else happen?

Grace: No --

sam: We're waiting for eve to read us the d.N.A. Test results.

Pilar: Yes. Family is what matters most, isn't it? Unfortunately, it takes something like this fire to remind us of that. I'm just happy my children weren't hurt.

Miguel: Don't worry, mama. We'll get through this.

Rebecca: Could we all get back to the D.N.A. Test results now?

Ivy: You have one chance to save yourself, david, and to save eve. Don't let her read those d.N.A. Test results.

Tabitha: Oh, ivy's wasting her time. There's no way eve's going to let her manipulate her this time.

Timmy: Timmy feels sorry for poor eve.

Tabitha: Oh, pipe down and enjoy the show. Wish i had some popcorn.

Zombie charity: I think it's so sweet that you're about to have a baby brother in the house.

Kay: "Sweet"?

Zombie charity: Of course, it does mean that you're going to be moving down the totem pole another notch now that your mommy has her baby boy back.

Kay: Shut up. We don't even know yet if he is my real brother.

Zombie charity: No, but it won't be long. One thing we do know, though, is that miguel's days are numbered. That is once i get him in the sack.

Kay: I told you to leave him alone or i will personally destroy you.

Zombie charity: Do you think you scare me?

Kay: You better be scared because you know what? I brought you into this world, and I can take you right back out of it.

Zombie charity: [Demon voice] get your hands off of me!

Grace: Charity? Was that you?

Whitney: You are insane. You just don't want to learn from your mistakes, do you?

Theresa: Whitney, i have learned plenty. Ok, I know it was a huge mistake to sleep with julian, even if I did think he was ethan.

Whitney: You know what? You never should have gone down to bermuda to try to talk to julian in the first place. You knew what kind of reputation he had.

Theresa: Yeah, and I was hoping to get julian to take ethan back into the family.

Whitney: Ohright, right. Because you were so determined to help ethan that you guzzled down all the champagne julian could hand you. I mean, no wonder you got so drunk that you actually married julian thinking that it was ethan.

Theresa: I admit it, ok? It was stupid! But it can't be undone, whitney. And now I am pregnant with julian's child, ok? I have lost ethan temporarily, so all i can do is go forward and try to do the best that i can for my unborn child.

Whitney: By waltzing into the crane mansion and throwing ethan's mother out on to the street?

Theresa: Look, julian divorced ivy in bermuda before he married me. Therefore I am the only legal mrs. Julian crane.

Whitney: But ethan is fighting that divorce to try to help his mother. And if he does get that divorce thrown out, then ivy will be the real legal mrs. Crane.

Theresa: What if ethan can't get the divorce thrown out?

Whitney: Well, then i guess maybe then you will have a claim. But how is that going to help you get ethan back, huh?

Doctor: Ms. Lopez fitzgerald?

Theresa: No, I'm mrs. Julian crane.

Doctor: Oh, I'm sorry. Dr. Russell had you charted as theresa lopez fitzgerald.

Theresa: She knows me by my maiden name.

Doctor: I see. Well, I just came in to tell you that your blood work looks fine. But I would like to do a quick examination before we release you.

Theresa: But the nurse said that i was fine.

Whitney: Theresa, if the doctor thinks you need an examination, then you should probably get an examination, don't you think?

Theresa: All right.

Whitney: I'll wait outside.

Doctor: The nurse will be back in a minute.

Theresa: Ok.

Grace: Charity, are -- are you all right? I mean, I've never heard your voice so harsh and raspy.

Zombie charity:

[Normal voice] I'm ok, aunt grace.

Grace: Oh. Well, I guess you inhaled a lot of smoke before you got out of the house.

Zombie charity: Yeah. Ahem. Yeah. Sorry, that must be it. I will feel so much better when i get home and get some rest.

Miguel: I'll take you home, charity.

Grace: Oh, you know, miguel, thanks, but -- you guys, could I talk to charity for a second?

Kay: Sure.

Miguel: Sure.

Grace: Charity, you know i think of you as a daughter. What, with my sister being gone -- I think I should give you some motherly advice.

Zombie charity: Ok. Advice about what?

Grace: Well -- I mean, I don't mean to pry into your personal life, but I think I should. You know, earlier tonight when sam and I saw you alone in miguel's room, we saw something that really upset us.

Zombie charity: What did you see, aunt grace?

Grace: Well, besides the fact you were alone with miguel in his room, you were practically naked.

Zombie charity: Oh.

Grace: Now, i know that you're at that age where your hormones are raging and you don't know how to deal with your feelings, but, you know, i want you to think back on that talk we had about waiting till you were married to have sex. Because it's a big responsibility, and I just think that you should be ready for that.

Zombie charity's voice: Oh, gracie, if you only knew the real truth.

Grace: Well, I mean, it's not really the time now, but I really think we should have a conversation about birth control. Preferably abstinence.

Zombie charity: Yes. Aunt grace, I love you so much.

Grace: Oh.

Zombie charity: And I really look forward to our little talk.

Grace: Well, ok. Good.

Zombie charity: Ok. Or not.

Kay: I mean, I'm really, really glad that nothing happened to you in that fire -- and charity, too. Miguel, I don't -- I don't know what I would've done if something happened to you.

Zombie charity: You wouldn't happen to know how the fire got started, would you, kay?

Tabitha: Nothing will stop zombie charity from getting what she wants -- short of an act by our friends in the basement.

Beth: Antonio, i don't understand. Why -- why don't you want to see luis?

Brian: Luis hates my guts. He has for years, ever since i left. Listen to me, beth. If you want to have this reunion with luis, just don't mention my name, ok? It's just going to upset him, and then it's going to ruin your whole romantic getaway.

Beth: Listen, luis does not hate you. In fact, he told me that he wants to see you again.

Brian: I don't believe that. Beth, I saw luis over christmastime.

Beth: You were in harmony?

Brian: Yeah. I wanted to see my mother, but I ran into him first. He told me to leave town and never come back.

Luis: So you really came back, huh?

Brian: Yeah. Yeah, I'm here.

Luis: Well, we don't want you. So why don't you just do the whole family a favor. Why don't you just get the hell out of harmony and never come back.

Brian: Believe me, he doesn't want to see me.

Beth: Listen, he was just speaking out of anger. I know he didn't mean it.

Brian: Well, it sounded like he meant it to me.

Beth: No. Luis has changed. He lost the love of his life, and I know he would not want to lose you, too.

Luis: Man. What was that shock all about? It's almost as if God's trying to tell me something.

Sheridan: That shock -- so powerful. It's almost as if something is trying to pull me and that man together.

Guests: Cha-cha-cha-cha- cha-cha! Cha-cha-cha-cha-cha-cha! Cha-cha-cha-cha-cha-cha!

Woman: Come on!

Guests: Cha-cha-cha-cha- cha-cha! Cha-cha-cha-cha-cha-cha! Cha-cha-cha-cha -- whoo!

Sheridan: Wait!

guests: Cha-cha-cha --

sheridan: Wait! I wanted to ask you if you recognize me. Oh. Which one of them knocked on the door? Oh.

Beth: Luis was madly in love with this woman back in harmony, but she died tragically.

Brian: Yeah, I heard that.

Beth: He was devastated. I mean, he's still trying to get over it. Having his older brother back in his life would mean so much.

Brian: I don't think so.

Beth: Antonio, come on. At least let me tell him that you're here.

Brian: No, beth, look -- it is only gng to remind him of how i walked out on the family. You're just going to bring him down. Just, please, don't say anything.

Luis: Beth, you out there?

Brian: Look, here he comes. Just, please, don't say anything, ok?

Kay: How would I know how the fire started? Maybe you knocked over a candle in miguel's room.

Miguel: No, the fire didn't start inside. It started outside the house.

Zombie charity: Imagine that.

Zombie charity's voice: And aren't you lucky miguel didn't ask how you knew we had lit candles in the room?

John: How much longer do we have to wait for the results of those tests?

Grace: I know, john. I mean, I'm anxious, too. It's just no use talking to pilar. I don't think we should interrupt.

John: You're right. I mean, it's not like there's really a chance that you're not my mother. I mean, my father was there. He saw you give birth to me. So unless he made the whole thing up -- which he would never do because he's so honest -- then it has to be true.

Grace: Yeah. You know, it's -- it's so frustrating having amnesia, to not remember giving birth to you.

John: It must be terrible. But, like I said, my father would nevelie about something so important. I can't think of any reason that he would sink that low.

Theresa: What's the matter?

Doctor: The baby's heart is beating a little fast. But considering what you've been through tonight, i don't suppose that's unusual.

Theresa: It's not?

Doctor: Well, they say the baby often reacts when the mother's in stress. But I would like to do an ultrasound just to make sure.

Theresa: Is it all right if my friend comes back in?

Doctor: Oh, of course.

Nurse: I'll get her.

Doctor: Would you like us to call the baby's father?

Theresa: No, he is in hell.

Doctor: Excuse me?

Whitney: The baby's father has passed on.

Doctor: Oh. I'm -- i'm so sorry.

Theresa: Can we just do the ultrasound and make sure that my baby's ok?

Doctor: Yes. It's a simple procedure. No pain, nothing to worry about.

Theresa: Ok.

Doctor: Ok, it's going to be a little cold here. Good. Ok. And there's the heart. You can see it beating.

Theresa: Oh.

Doctor: Still rather rapidly, but it's slowed down considerably. The arms. The legs.

Whitney: Oh, honey, you can really see the baby. Look, honey.

Theresa: It probably looks like julian, right?

Whitney: No, silly. You have to see this. It's a miracle. Look.

Theresa: Just tell me if the baby's ok, doctor.

Doctor: Everything looks good to me. As i said, the heart rate is fine now. The baby was probably just reacting to your excited condition.

Theresa: Good.

Doctor: Yep. I see two arms, two legs, two eyes, and -- oh, my God. What -- what is that?

Theresa: What is what?

Whitney: What?

Theresa: What?

Singer: You are my passion for life

theresa: What is it? What do you see?

Doctor: I've -- I've lost it.

Whitney: Lost what, the baby?

Doctor: No, the tail.

Whitney and theresa: Tail?

Nurse: Tail?

Whitney: Well, what are you talking about?

Doctor: I'm -- i'm not sure. I just caught a glimpse of it, but I could swear I saw a pointy little --

whitney: Pointy little tail? Excuse me. How long have you been practicing?

Doctor: I'm a first-year resident.

Whitney: Ok. Well, I am not a doctor, but my mother is dr. Eve russell, and i -- I assume that you do know her.

Doctor: She's my supervisor.

Whitney: Well, then isn't it possible that the baby moved in the womb when you were doing the ultrasound?

Doctor: Yes, of course. It's an active baby.

Whitney: Ok. Well, then, isn't it also possible that what you saw wasn't a tail at all? Couldn't it have been a normal part of a little boy's anatomy?

Doctor: I suppose so. I -- i -- I guess it could have been.

Whitney: Well, there you go. Then, congratulations, honey. You're going to have a little boy. Isn't great?

Theresa: Is that true, doctor?

Doctor: It's -- it's difficult to tell at this stage. And the ultrasounds often have shadows, so it's not 100% reliable in determining the sex of a baby.

Theresa: But you think that you saw a boy?

Doctor: I -- i think you should make an appointment with dr. Russell --

whitney: Great idea.

Doctor: Just to make sure. You can go home now.

Theresa: Ok.

Doctor: Do you feel all right?

Theresa: Yes, i'm fine.

Doctor: Good. I -- um -- I'd appreciate it if you didn't tell dr. Russell about what happened -- about the tail, I mean.

Whitney: My lips are sealed.

Doctor: Thank you. Thank you so much.

Whitney: Mm-hmm.

Whitney and theresa: A tail?

John: Dad -- I was just talking about you.

David: Oh.

John: I was saying that the D.N.A. Test has to prove that grace is my mom. I mean, you were at my birth, right? So it has to be true. You're my mom. I know it.

Rebecca: Oh. Come on, eve. Let's get this show on the road. I want you to announce the D.N.A. Test results so i can watch ivy crash and burn.

T.C.: Sammy, i just want to say i'm sorry for opening my big mouth about john's birth mother. I hope rebecca's wrong. I hope that ivy didn't hire david to come here to break up you and grace.

Ethan: What'd you say? Look, sam, what is he talking about?

T.C.: I'm sorry, ethan. I didn't realize you could hear me.

Ethan: My mother would never do anything like that.

Sam: Listen, ethan, calm down. Now, your mother has done some things in the past. Well, I just hope she didn't do this.

Luis: Beth?

Brian: Beth, please, if you don't want to ruin your trip, don't say anything about me being here, ok?

Luis: Beth, what are you doing over there?

Beth: Oh -- I -- i -- I was just getting some air. Did you get the ice?

Luis: The ice? No -- I guess I forgot it. Must still be out in the hall.

Beth: What made you forget it?

Luis: Well, I saw this woman's scarf was hanging out of the door next door, so i knocked to tell her about it.

Beth: The room right next door?

Luis: Yeah. And when i handed her the scarf, I got the most intense static shock. You can't even believe it.

Beth: So there -- there was a woman in the room next door?

Luis: Yes. I didn't see her because she said that she wasn't dressed, but when our hands touched, i'm telling you, it was like this intense bolt of energy went through us and the -- it was weird.

Beth: Yeah.

Luis: Are you all right? Because you look like you've seen a ghost or something.

Brian: Diana, what's wrong? Are you feeling worse?

Sheridan: No. Not really. That knock on the door right now -- it was this man telling me that my scarf had gotten stuck in the door. Well, I didn't see his face, but when i reached out to grab it, our hands touched. But, brian, it was like this bolt of electricity went through me.

Brian: You mean like a static shock or what?

Sheridan: Yes, but -- no, it was more than that. It was -- it was almost like a flash from the past -- like i knew this person from someplace. I just can't shake this vibe that i'm feeling. Brian, what's wrong?

Brian: Nothing.

Sheridan: Come on, brian. I know you better than that. Something's bothering you. What is it?

Brian: I do think that you are feeling a vibe from someone from the past.

[Sheridan coughs]

brian: Not from your past. From mine.

Sheridan: Yours? I don't understand.

Brian: It's my brother. He's in the room next door.

Sheridan: Your brother? He's here? This is great. Come on, we got to go see him right now. Come on. Come on.

Whitney: I can't believe that you wouldn't even look at the screen. I mean, aren't you at all interested to see that baby growing inside of you?

Theresa: I looked, whitney. I'm excited.

Whitney: No, you're not excited. You're still in denial that you're actually going to have a baby, aren't you?

Theresa: In denial? No. No, no, no. I am not. I mean, why do you think that i am doing everything that i'm doing? It's to help my baby.

Whitney: Well, that's a bunch of bull. You're doing what you're doing to try to get ethan back.

Theresa: Can't you just cut me a little slack?

Whitney: You know, you might want to start thinking about getting some maternity clothes. You're going to pop any day now.

Theresa: I know. I just don't have the money right now.

Whitney: Ok, what if we go down to the hospital thrift shop? I bet you they have something that you could afford down there.

Theresa: I am not going to wear hand-me-downs, whitney. As soon as i get to the crane mansion, i will have access to all of julian's credit cards, and then i will buy whatever i want.

Whitney: Here we go again. I mean, you're making a huge mistake if you're going to count on having julian's money.

Theresa: No, I'm not. Julian is the one who got me into this, and it's julian's money that is going to get me out of it. It's not my fault that he just dropped dead.

Whitney: The man was murdered. It's not exactly the same thing as "dropped dead," don't you think? Theresa, do you know something about how julian died?

Theresa: No. No, of course not. Ok, but dead is dead. And I can't feel sorry about it, all right? Julian didn't do anything to help me. All he's done is get me pregnant, then go to hell, and then leave me penniless with his demon seed. You know, with my luck, this baby really does have a tail.

Whitney: Oh, stop saying that. Don't even joke like that, all right?

Theresa: All right. But the point is i have no choice but to go after what i really want. And I am going to get it, whitney, with or without your help.

Whitney: I really wish that i could talk you out of this.

Theresa: Well, you can'T. Guess I'm going to have to go it alone.

Whitney: Wait a second. I know i'm going to regret this.

Zombie charity: Good going, theresa.

Tabitha: Is she here, too?

Zombie charity: No. I'm getting a vibe. She's following through with the plan I gave her as zombie julian. That's my girl.

Timmy: Zombie charity wouldn't hurt a pregnant woman, would she?

Zombie charity: Oh, wouldn't she? Did you ever see that movie "rosemary's baby"?

Tabitha: That zombie charity won't be satisfied until she's brought everyone in this town to their knees. And if you don't stop antagonizing her, you will be one of them.

Miguel: Charity, it's getting late. We should head over to your house.

Zombie charity: Ok.

Kay: Hey -- i think we should all go together. Sound good?

Pilar: I'm just glad that no one was hurt, you know?

Miguel: Hey, mama. I'm going to head over to the bennetts' with charity and kay.

Pilar: Ok.

Miguel: You going to be all right at the b&b?

Pilar: I'll be fine. Good night, mijo.

Kay: Bye.

Pilar: Good night.

Zombie charity: Good night.

Ethan: Mother, I just heard something very upsetting.

Ivy: What did you hear, darling?

Ethan: T.C. Seems to think that you hired david to break up sam and grace's marriage. Tell me that's not true -- because you know how i feel about lies. I cut theresa out of my life because of all her lies. Tell me you're not responsible for this. You're not, are you?

Ivy: Don't be ridiculous, ethan. Of course I am not responsible

sam: I hope that's true, ivy, for our son's sake.

Brian: Diana, wait.

Sheridan: Wait? Wait for what? Your brother is right next door. You can go over there and confront him and make up with each other.

Brian: No, I am not going to see him!

Sheridan: Why?

Brian: Why? Because -- you know why. Because in harmony, he told me to drop dead. He doesn't want me on the planet.

Sheridan: Well, then go over there and yell at him. Look, just get it all out in the open. Go have a knockdown-dragout fight, but just get it over with and make up with each other.

Brian: No.

Sheridan: Would you stop being so stubborn. Look, now, come on.

Brian: No! I am not going over there to that other room.

Luis: Beth, hey, you know you can tell me anything. What's got you so upset? Beth, come on, you're scaring me. What, is it something that i did?

Beth: No, you -- you didn't do anything wrong, ok?

Luis: What is it, then?

Beth: Ok. I might be making a huge mistake here, but I have got to tell you something, ok? And, well -- it could change everything. Q#coqQ# b b go

turning up my point of view

kay: Can I get you guys some hot chocolate or tea or something?

Zombie charity: Gee, cuz, you know what? I am exhausted. I'm ready to hit the hay. How about you, miguel?

Miguel: Yeah, I'm pretty wiped after everything that happened.

Zombie charity: Ok, well, why don't sleep upstairs in my bedroom?

Miguel: Charity, you know -- I mean, your uncle made it real clear that if I stay here tonight, i have to sleep on the couch.

Zombie charity: Hmm. Miguel, you saved my life. You're my hero. You'll be so much more comfy upstairs.

Miguel: I don't know, you know --

kay: You know what, charity? That is a brilliant idea, actually. So thoughtful of you. Miguel, why don't you sleep upstairs in charity's bed, and you can sleep down here on the couch.

Zombie charity: Me?

Kay: Mm-hmm. And that way, if you need anything, you can just call me because I'm right across the hall from you.

Miguel: Well, you know, if that's cool with charity, then --

kay: Ok. It's settled, then. Come on.

Pilar: If something happened to any one of my children, eve, i would -- I would want to die.

Eve: Oh, I know exactly what you mean, pilar. I mean, my daughters are my life. If anything happened to them, I couldn't go on.

Ivy: Of course. I should have just stuck to my plan of using whitney and simone to get to eve. Well, I know exactly what I'm going to do.

Whitney: Don't do this, theresa. This could only give you more grief.

Theresa: Maybe it will, whitney. But maybe I'll be the one who causes some grief.

Maid: Yes, may i help you?

Theresa: You certainly may. Take my bag to my room, please.

Maid: Excuse me?

Theresa: You heard me. Take my bag to my room.

Maid: And you are?

Theresa: Mrs. Julian crane, and I'm coming home.

Sheridan: Brian, he is your flesh and blood. You can't just turn your back on him.

Brian: Yes, i can. Diana, he hates me.

Sheridan: I don't believe that. He might be angry with you, but so what? Even if you're mad with each other, you have to have contact. My God, he is right next door. You can't pass up this opportunity. At least call him.

Brian: No.

Sheridan: Fine. If you won't call him, then i will. Yes, this is room 229. Would you please ring the room next door?

[Phone rings]

luis: Can you hold that thought for just one second? I just want to make sure everything's ok at home.

Beth: Your brother antonio is in the room next door.


sheridan: Come on. Pick up.

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