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Passions Transcript Tuesday 3/26/02

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Tabitha: It should be safe now. Without the Book of Spells he won't be able to rescue his sweet Charity. He'll be alive, that's the point. I don't know what I would do without that little imp.

Timmy: Charity, it's Timmy. Don't worry. Timmy will find a way to rescue you, he swears it if it is the last thing he does. Timmy won't let his precious Charity die. Timmy will find that spell book and use it to free his beloved Charity. Timmy won't let zombie Charity win.

That hurt.

Zombie Charity: How I do love making you do my bidding, Teresa.

That hurt.

Zombie Charity: And you little Miss Sheridan Crane, can't remember your name. You thought you had seen an end to your heartache and pain. Can't wait until your boat ride to Bermuda brings you, Blondie.

Diana: What?

Brian: Nothing. Nothing. You know, I think that should be it. Bermuda is not that far. It looks like we have plenty of stuff.

Diana: I can't wait to get to the island. I think it is a long shot but maybe there might be someone there that can recognize me and tell me who I am.

Beth: Sorry, Luis. I know those initials meant so much to you.

Luis. You burned your hand trying to get a piece of wood for me.

Beth: I would do anything for you, Luis, you know that.

Luis: Maybe this is a sign, maybe those initials burning is a sign that I have to get on with my life, that living in the present is more important than hanging on to some old memories.

Beth: What are you saying?

Luis: I guess I'm asking if you'll go to Bermuda with me.

Beth: I would love to go to Bermuda with you. I am so glad you asked. But only if you're sure. I mean are you positive that you want to go back to the place where you lost Sheridan?

What is this? An attorney?

Rebecca: I thought you said no lawyer would take her case.

Ivy: This one is new to me.

Attorney: As you can see, I am Mrs. Julian Craneís attorney, and as such, compelled to present you with these papers informing you of our intent to see your sorry butt and your even sorrier butt in court, the two alleged Mrs. Cranes for the truthful and rightful Mrs. Julian Craneí proper recognition.

Ethan: Wait. What did you just say?

Teresa: He said I'm suing Ivy and Rebecca for what is mine, the Crane name, this house, everything that is due Julian Crane's widow and I won't settle for anything less.

Pilar: What are you doing now?

Beth: Are you sure about this trip to Bermuda?

Luis: I wouldn't ask you if I wasn't sure.

Beth: I don't mean just me going with you. You seem so adamant about never going back there.

Luis: I overreacted at the restaurant, that's it.

Beth: We both know it was more than that. Bermuda is where you lost Sheridan and it still holds so many memories for you, both good and bad.

Luis: Are you turning me down?

Beth: Not at all. There's nothing that I would like more than to go away with you. I'm just worried about how being there might affect you.

Luis: I don't blame you after the way I acted when the subject first came up. Hey, I guess I didn't think I was up to facing the ghosts that are down there.

Beth: And you are now?

Luis: To tell you the truth, I don't know. But if I'm ever going to find out, you are the person I would want to do it with. So will you come with me?

Diana: I packed all of the supplies, anything else?

Brian: I think that will do the trick, mate. I checked the weather. It looks like smooth sailing all the way.

Diana: That's a good omen, don't you think?

Brian: I don't know about that but we'll get there faster and easier.

Diana: I can't wait to get there.

Brian: Iím starving. How about we go back to the hotel and get something to eat?

Diana: Absolutely.

Brian: Hey Liz.

Liz: Don't you recognize it? Itís our old duffle bag. We always used for our quick get-aways to Bermuda. I packed it with your favorite things.

Ivy: Go ahead and sue me, you won't win.

Attorney: My client begs to differ, Ms. Winthrop.

Ivy: The name is Crane. That is what I have answered to for over twenty miserable years and Iím not about to change it now that I can have it without that pig Julian at my side. And you must be very new in town if you think for one minute that you can go up against me.

Attorney: I have done my home work Ms. Winthrop. I know about you and Ms. Hoch Hotchkiss as well, that's the elder.

Rebecca: Well, I never.

Attorney: I never take on a case I don't believe I can win. There's no percentage in it and from the looks of this, it appears to be a piece of cake. My client, the real Mrs. Crane, has excellent grounds.

Pilar: Teresa, what is going on here? Did you really hire this man to represent you?

Teresa: I did and I'm glad. I need someone to get what is rightfully mine, Mama, not just for me but for my baby.

Attorney: Wait, time out. Do my ears deceive me or did you just call this woman, Mama?

Pilar: Yes, that's correct. I am Teresa's mother.

Attorney: You work here?

Pilar: As head housekeeper, a position Iíve held for many years.

Attorney: I don't believe I could have come up with a juicier background story myself.

Pilar: What is he talking about?

Attorney: Your mom, a poor and lowly servant on the very estate that's trying to take food out of the mouths of a young widow pregnant with child. We'll have the jury eating out of our hands.

Zombie Charity: Be still my heart! Luis, I swear, if I didn't already have a date to seduce your younger brother --

Tabitha: Where did you get all these dolls?

Zombie Charity: Where do you think? I conjured them up. Do you want to play dolly? I will let you hold my marTimmy.

Timmy: Timmy's scared.

Tabitha: No thank you. I came up here to tell you I carried out your order.

Zombie Charity: Spell book's gone?

Tabitha: Forever. I threw it in the fire downstairs. It won't be a problem anymore.

Zombie Charity: I bet it killed you to do it, didn't it?

Tabitha: I can't say it was easy.

Zombie Charity: I can't believe that you did that just for me.

Tabitha: Why wouldn't I?

Zombie Charity: Because you hate my guts. You didn't do it for me, you did it for Timmy, because the scroll predicted that Timmy would die if he tried to use the spell book to save Charity.

Tabitha: I won't say that wasn't a consideration.

Zombie Charity: Don't lie to me. It was the whole damn reason. You love the little brat.

Tabitha: Love? I don't know what that means.

Zombie Charity: You are weak. Your soft spot is showing. It ain't pretty. I can't wait until my friend hears what has become of your commitment to evil.

Tabitha: Oh, please. No reason for them to know.

Zombie Charity: Forget it. You can't talk me out of anything. And just for the record, you have not guaranteed Timmyís longevity. Ten to one he goes for that cave and tries to save Charity without the spell book.

Tabitha: Don't worry, I have talked to him about that.

Timmy: Oh, dear, dear, they are too big for Timmy. Whatís a lad to do? Timmy has to get his hands on that spell book again, it's his only chance to save his precious Charity.

Beth: I would love to go to Bermuda with you. I just wish I knew what changed your mind.

Hank: Hey, you two. Just the guy I was looking for.

Luis: Yeah. What do you have there?

Hank: Information about the prize you won back at The Lobster Shack.

Luis: Let me check it out.

Hank: You said you didn't want to take the trip.

Luis: I changed my mind. Now Beth's coming with me, at least I hope she is.

Hank: How did you get him to turn around?

Beth: Honestly, I didn't. It was all Luis's idea. I don't still really understand.

Luis: I don't either. It was a combination of things.

Beth: Of what?

Luis: First of all, seeing this rail where Sheridan and I carved our initials. It is a sign that the past is over and time for me to move on.

Hank: Youíve said that before.

Luis: I know. But then the amazing coincidence of me winning this trip to Bermuda. Of all places to win a trip, why would I win to the last place where I saw Sheridan alive?

Hank: Like you said an amazing coincidence.

Luis: Yeah. I think my sister would call it fate. She calls everything fate but I think she has a point. This just feels, it feels likeÖ something.

Beth: Is there any other reason you want to go?

Luis: Yes, of course, there is, you. You are my favorite person to spend get-away time with.

Hank: So are you going to open the envelope?

Luis: Why not? It's time to live dangerously.

Beth: What is it?

Luis: The trip is to the Bermuda Pavilions, the last place I was with Sheridan before she died.

Liz: When do you set sail?

Brian: At the crack of dawn assuming my crew gets up on time.

Diana: I am so excited I may not get sleep at all. How long will it take to get there?

Brian: That depends on the wind. I can promise you I will get you there before you the sun goes down so you will have a chance to walk around the island.

Liz: Do you really think you will recognize something on the island?

Diana: I am more hopeful someone will recognize me. Maybe I visited Bermuda before I was lost at sea.

Brain: I don't want to her to get her hopes up too high.

Diana: Like in Harmony, that turned out to be a dead end. I'll try not to, but it's hard.

Liz: I really hope that something strikes a chord and you will remember who you are.

Diana: Thanks, Liz.

Liz: So how long do you plan on staying away?

Brian: That depends. I just told the hotel to leave the reservation open.

Liz: Good idea. Where are you staying?

Brian: Well, there is only one resort that gives hotel discounts to employees that work at hotels on other islands so, the Bermuda --

Diana: Pavilion. Is that it? Is there a place with that name?

Brian: Yeah, that's the name of the place we're staying but how did you know? I never said that to you before. 

Timmy: Hi. Timmy was just looking for one of those gloves and he thought he left it up here.

Zombie Charity: Haven't seen it. How about you, Princess?

Tabitha: No, I haven't seen it.

Zombie Charity: What do they look like? I am playing with them.

Timmy: Whatever floats Zombie's boat.

Zombie Charity: This one's Luis. I think he needs a bit of a push, don't you?

Tabitha: What kind of a push?

Zombie Charity: You will see.

Tabitha: You got some nerve keeping your plans from me when I started the Luis-Sheridan curse centuries ago.

Zombie Charity: That was then and this is now. I think you will approve of my plan though.

Tabitha: Can't you give me some sort of hint?

Zombie Charity: And ruin the surprise? No. I will tell you though that Sheridan and Luis are headed for something they never expected. Something that will change their lives forever.

Brian: How did you know the name of the Bermuda Pavilion resort?

Diana: I have no idea.

Liz: Maybe you saw an ad in the newspaper.

Diana: I don't think so. Are you sure you never mentioned it before?

Brian: Positive.

Liz: Maybe you stayed there as a guest.

Diana: Do you think it's possible?

Liz: Anything's possible.

Brian: Don't go jumping to conclusions.

Diana: But Liz could be right. Maybe when I get there someone will recognize me and can tell me who I am and where I came from.

Liz: I hope it works out but even if it doesn't you will still have a great time. Bermuda is beautiful in the spring. Here. A little bon voyage gift from me.

Diana: You don't have to do this. It is enough giving me the time off.

Liz: I insist. I bought it for myself but it turns out I'm not going to need them.

Diana: I don't understand.

Liz: I thought I might be getting away to Bermuda for a few days and anyhow, the ticket to the special dinner dance they have at the resort each spring.

Diana: You bought them for yourself, maybe you can still go.

Liz: No, it's not going to work out. They're yours.

Diana: This is wonderful. Dinner and dancing under the stars. Are you sure you want to give them up?

Liz: I am sure.

Diana: Thank you. This is great. Maybe someone at the dance will recognize me.

Luis. The resort where Sheridan and I stayed, what are the chances of that?

Hank: Maybe Teresa is on to something. It looks like fate strikes again, huh?

Beth: Two tickets to the dinner dance they're having during our stay. It sounds so romantic, dancing under the stars. But I understand if you don't want to go.

Luis: I didn't say that. It sounds nice. I'm just blown away that it is the exact same hotel.

Beth: Maybe we could ask them to change it. Or, hey, it's not too late to back out completely. You don't have to take me anywhere, Luis.

Teresa: What are you doing?

Attorney: Making a note to myself about your mama being a lowly servant. 

Pilar: I told you before I am head housekeeper.

Attorney: Lowly servant will score more points. Love places where people like you are pitted against high and mighty husbands. Any juicy details we could use.

Ivy: Iíve got one. How about she was born a lying two-timing tramp?

Ethan: Mother.

Ivy: She was.

Attorney: Call her names like that in front of the jury and theyíll be back with a verdict in five minutes.

Ivy: Who the hell are you?

Rebecca: Where did you go to law school?

Attorney: University of the streets, ladies but I can assure you everything is on the up and up. You may not approve of my methods but I can tell you, by the time I am finished you will be wishing I was defending you. Tell me, Ivy, how do you think the jury is going to feel when they discover that you tricked your poor deceased husband into believing that fine young man was his son? And all along you knew he was nothing more than your love child from another man? And you, may I call you Becky?

Rebecca: You most certainly may not.

Attorney: Becky, youíve got the morals of an alley cat. Dump your goat to marry another. We'll have the jury on the edge of their rock hard seats drooling. More details of the rich, but I wish all my cases were this easy. I truly do.

Ethan: Mother, c will take dare of this.

Rebecca: I will not stand here and listen to this ambulance chaser try to ruin my reputation.

Gwen: Mother.

Rebecca. This is a miscarriage of justice and I will see you disbarred.

Attorney: On what grounds? Any and all rights to pursue legal means in the defense of my client as I am sure young Ethan will do too. This is most proper and legal. The epitome of justice at its finest that there by supports the legality on the scales of justice. Don't you agree, young man?

Ethan: What you just said doesn't make sense.

Attorney: You weren't listening. You will have to work on that if you want to practice law in this town.

Ethan: Who are you?

Attorney: Like I said, I am Mrs. Julian Crane's attorney.

Ivy and Rebecca: I am Mrs. Julian Crane!

Attorney: Well, perhaps I should have qualified my statement. I represent the one and only bon a fide, real Mrs. Julian Crane, formerly known as Teresa Lopez-Fitzgerald. You are posers, imposters, frauds, and phonies.

Ethan: Enough all right.

Attorney: Just so you know what you are up against in court. I intend to make sure these two on your side women never obtain the benefits of the Crane name again. If necessary I will bring charges against them for the attempted theft of my client's rightful name. Attempted theft, I wish I had thought of that earlier. How I love this case, I truly do.

Zombie Charity: Naughty, naughty. I told you what would happen if you didn't obey me.

Tabitha: Out now, Timmy.

Timmy: It's important. Princess has to get zombie Charity out of here so Timmy can look for the Book of Spells.

Tabitha: The spell book, I told you to forget about the blasted book.

Timmy: Timmy can't. Timmy needs it. Tell Timmy where it is, Princess.

Tabitha: All right. If you must know, I destroyed it. I threw it in the fire place downstairs and watch today burn to ashes.

Timmy: No. How could Princess do such a thing?

Zombie Charity: Do you really need to ask Tim-Tim? She did it for you.

Timmy: For Timmy?

Zombie Charity: She did it to save your life.

Tabitha: That wasnít the only reason. The book had served its purpose. It needed to be destroyed before it ruined everything.

Timmy: Timmy knew it was needed for saving the real Charity from the block of ice and the cave. Now Timmy's beautiful Charity will die.

Zombie Charity: That would be a problem because?

Ivy: You can speak all the double talk you want but no way in hell you will prove this to be is anything but a gold digging slut from the wrong side of the tracks.

Attorney: I don't have to convince anyone in hell, just a judge and jury of Teresa's peers. By the time I am finished everyone in this fine town of Harmony, if not the world, will know that Teresa is the one and only true blue widow of Mr. Julian Crane. And as such, she'll be granted everything that the legal next of kin is legally entitled to. Namely the Crane name, mansion and millions, millions of dollars.

Brain: Hey, I just want to tell you thanks again for those dance and dinner tickets in Bermuda.

Liz: Yeah. Still remember the one that we went to, I'll never forget that night.

Brian: I'm sorry, Liz.

Liz: No, come on. Don't worry about it. I had no business thinking you would invite me to Bermuda in the first place. In fact, we have been over forever.

Brian: You still mean a lot to me.

Liz: Please, Brian, not that we'll still be close friends. I'm not up for tonight or any other night.

Brian: Okay. I'm going to take my plate back to the kitchen.

Liz: Why Diana and not me? She doesn't even love you.

Beth: I'll understand if you don't want to take me to Bermuda, Luis. I mean, it's one thing to go back to the island where you last saw Sheridan alive but stay at the same resort. It's just too painful.

Luis: It's just hard to imagine walking the same beach but I havenít changed my mind.

Hank: You still want to go?

Luis: I don't know if want is the right word but it could be what I need.

Beth: How do you mean?

Luis: I just think staying at the same resort where Sheridan and I stayed could, it could be what I need to finally get closure over her death.

Hank: You will go.

Luis: Yes. If you are still game, I would like it if you came with me.

Beth: I would love to. I can't think of anything that I would love more.

Ivy: Do you hear me, Teresa? I will see you in the gutter and myself six feet under before you are mistress of this house.

Attorney: Interesting possibility. Tell me, how long have you been confined to that wheelchair, Ms. Winthrop? Has your doctor given you a prognosis?

Ethan: That's enough, stop.

Attorney: I was just asking a question, young man.

Ethan: Which no one is going to answer. Youíve badgered my mother enough. I am still not convinced you're a real attorney, let alone licensed to practice in this state.

Attorney: I don't care what you think, young man. Just know that I'm going to see to it that my client gets everything she deserves.

Rebecca: I would really like to see that she gets everything she deserves.

Gwen: Mother, don't. Listen, you are in no position to fight this. You know your marriage will not hold up in court.

Rebecca: Why are you siding against the enemy with your own mother?

Gwen: You went after Julian with a gun when you found out Teresa was pregnant by him.

Rebecca: I didn't kill him.

Gwen. Do you want to raise that question in front of the jury? You had a motive to kill him, Mother.

Rebecca: Gwen, I can't believe that you are saying this to me.

Gwen: I'm just telling it like it is.

Rebecca: I am not going to just stand by and watch her just walk all over me and take everything that is rightfully mine. Iím not going to do it. Do you hear me?

Hank: Whether you know it or not, Luis, I think you just took your first step to feeling better.

Luis: I'm not saying I am ever going to forget Sheridan.

Hank: Nobody is asking you to. We want you to heal, stop hurting.

Luis: Yeah. I can't even imagine what that would be like. Coming?

Luis: I'll catch up. Maybe it is time to move on, maybe it is time to join the living again.

Diana: You know I can't wait to get to the resort in Bermuda, dinner and dancing. Wait. Is the resort fancy? What am I going to wear?

Brian: You look great in anything.

Diana: Thanks but I don't want to stick out. I want to blend in with everybody else.

Liz: Don't worry. You can borrow something of mine.

Diana: Really? You don't mind?

Liz: It's fine. I have great resort wear kicking around in my closet. You can take your pick.

Diana: That is so sweet of you.

Brian: That is very sweet.

Liz: I will bring some by your room and you can try it on later.

Diana: Sure. What?

Brian: I can't remember seeing you so excited about something. Is it Bermuda or the dance?

Diana: Both, I guess. I don't know if I ever been to a something like this before and it all sounds so wonderful, dancing and dinner and dressing up. Maybe it will happen, maybe there will be someone at the ball that will know who I am.

Brian: If they don't?

Diana: I will have a great time anyway. It can't be any other way if Iím with you.

Brian: You mean that?

Diana: With all my heart.

Timmy: Why did the princess burn up the Book of Spells, Timmy's only means of saving the real Charity?

Zombie Charity: Must everything be explained to you, Tim-Tim? The Book of Spells might have saved Charity but it would have signed your death warrant in the meantime.

Timmy: Timmy was willing to take that risk.

Zombie Charity: Hello, hello. Your princess couldn't bear the thought of life without you. She burned the book to save you.

Timmy: Timmy knows Tabitha cares about him but Tabitha has told Timmy that no self-respecting hag can call herself a witch without having a Book of Spells.

Zombie Charity: She loves you more than the witchcraft, okay. Do you get it? She is a loser as a bad guy. No wonder her ex-friends in the basement gave up on her.

Tabitha: Don't worry. I can hold my own with the best of them.

Zombie Charity: You are a washed up old saucy. You should be leading a Girl Scout troop.

Timmy: Timmy loves his princess.

Tabitha: It is all a load of nonsense. I would have done the same thing for anyone.

Attorney: If I were you I would start packing right now. Teresa will be moving in her belongings and I'm sure that she won't want to be bothered with the disposal of the belongings of former squatters.

Rebecca: How dare you?

Ivy: Ethan, do something.

Ethan: I am trying, Mother.

Attorney: Don't waste your time, son, I just thought of something else we should add to the suit. We'll be wanting to collect back rent from the women who are currently living here illegally.

Ivy: Damn you both. Just get out of my home.

Attorney: We'll leave when we decide, not when you say.

Ethan: Please, Teresa. You can put a stop to this right now. Tell him you changed your mind.

Teresa: No, Ethan, I'm sorry. I stand by every word my attorney has said. This house belongs to me. And since you two have no problem throwing me out, I see no reason not to do the same to you.

Ethan: Rebecca, wait. Get off. Stop.

Attorney: Unhand -- get off.

Ethan: Rebecca.

Attorney: Get your hands off of my client.

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