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Passions Transcript Friday 3/15/02

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Kay: What a night, huh?

Miguel: Yeah. I still canít believe that anyone would think Theresa killed Julian Crane.

Kay: Miguel, nobodyís going to believe Rebecca Hotchkiss.

Miguel: Charity didnít seem to have any trouble believing it.

Kay: Yeah. I donít know why sheís changed so much.

Miguel: I'm just glad you havenít changed, Kay. I donít know what I'd do without you.

Kay: Well, I'm always going to be on your side, ok?

Miguel: Well, what could have happened to Charity? I mean, it seemed like yesterday that Charity and I were so much in love. We were going to get engaged on her 18th birthday, and then -- boom -- her whole attitude towards me changed. I mean, what could have caused something so drastic?

Kay: I donít know, Miguel.

Zombie Charity: Oh, this night could not have been more perfect. Did you see the way Theresa shocked the hell out of Ivy and Rebecca?

Tabitha: They were more than dumbfounded. They were absolutely shocked when Theresa announced to the world that she was the one and only Mrs. Julian Crane.

Zombie Charity: Exactly. It was perfect, wasnít it? Timmy, mix us a batch of marTimmys. I feel like celebrating.

Timmy: Zombie wants marTimmys?

Tabitha: Zombie Charity is the most evil creature I have ever seen. I shudder to think what she'll be like with a pitcher of marTimmys under her belt.

Timmy: Timmy shudders, too.

Zombie Charity: Come on, raggedy boy. I want my marTimmys.

Brian: That was a pretty good dose of spontaneity, donít you think?

Diana: I'm becoming a pretty big fan of spontaneity.

Brian: Good, because thatís my specialty.

Diana: [Yawns] Oh, I'm so sorry. Oh, my goodness.

Brian: So much for my sex appeal, huh?

Diana: I am so sorry. I just -- I guess this day is finally catching up with me.

Brian: Yeah. It has been a long day, hasnít it?

Diana: I'm really exhausted.

Brian: Yeah, well, you have a right to be. You know, itís getting late. We should probably get back to the hotel. I have to clean up that room we painted. If Liz sees it in a mess like that in the morning, she'll hit the roof.

Diana: Well, I'll help you clean it up.

Brian: No. No, you've done enough.

Diana: No, I havenít.

Brian: Yes, you have. You helped me paint the whole room and everything. Thatís plenty.

Diana: No. I'm going to see this job through to the end.

Brian: I'm going to see this job all the way through, too, Diana. I love you. I'm going to make you mine.

Pilar: I still cannot believe what happened tonight, Theresa. You, telling everyone in the restaurant that you are Mrs. Julian Crane.

Theresa: I am Mrs. Julian Crane.

Pilar: Ivy and Rebecca were furious. Now, they also claim to be Mrs. Julian Crane.

Theresa: Mama, they're not. I am the only one who has a legitimate claim to the Crane fortune.

Pilar: Theresa, you despised the man, hmm? He got you drunk. He tricked you into marrying him, and now you're carrying his child. My God, why would you want to carry his name?

Theresa: Itís not what I want, but facts are facts. I was the last woman legally married to Julian before he died.

Pilar: I understand that, but why on earth would you want to stay married to that despicable, evil man?

Zombie Charity: [As Julian] You've died and come to join me in hell.

Theresa: You just said there might be a way for me to get Ethan back.

Zombie Charity: [As Julian] Not to mention get even with Ivy and Rebecca at the same time. You'd like that, wouldnít you?

Theresa: Of course. What would I have to do?

Zombie Charity: [As Julian] Well, you just follow my little plan. Itís as simple as a-b-c.

Theresa: What difference does it make, Mama? Julian is dead, and I've lost Ethan. And I have to think of whatís best for my baby. Now, thatís what you've been telling me, isnít it?

Pilar: Of course I want whatís best for your baby, but going after the Crane money isnít the way.

Theresa: Mama, please. I know what I'm doing.

Luis: Do you?

Theresa: Luis. Why are you looking at me like that?

Luis: Why? Because I canít believe that my own sister would actually want to stay Mrs. Julian Crane or announce it at the Seascape Restaurant. Sam doesnít understand it, either.

Theresa: Chief Bennett?

Luis: Yeah, he just called.

Pilar: Did he tell you what happened after you left? Rebecca accused Theresa of killing Julian.

Luis: Yeah, I heard. And after thinking about it, I think that she has a point.

Miguel: Itís just such a mystery, Kay. One day Charityís the same loving girl sheís always been, and then suddenly sheís cold and unfeeling and she doesnít seem to care about me at all.

Kay: You're right. Itís a mystery. But -- never mind. Maybe I shouldnít say that.

Miguel: Say what?

Kay: I donít know, Miguel. I was just -- I was just thinking that maybe itís a good thing that this happened now.

Miguel: What could be good about it?

Kay: Think about it, ok? What if you and Charity were engaged already, or even married? What would you do then if she came home and she was just a different person, or she seemed like she was a different person, like she does now?

Miguel: I hadnít thought about it.

Kay: Well, maybe you should. Miguel, we're Catholic. We donít believe in divorce, you know.

Miguel: Of course not. When I get married, itís going to be forever.

Kay: I know, and thatís exactly what I mean. What would you do if you guys were married and she came home and suddenly decided she wanted to be single?

Miguel: I donít know. It would be horrible.

Kay: I know. And I know how much it would hurt you. And, Miguel, I hate to see you hurting like this.

Miguel: Well, I guess not everyoneís like you, Kay. I canít imagine you ever changing from the person you've always been. I can always count on you. You've always been there. Always the same. I canít tell you how much that means to me right now.

Zombie Charity: Doll boy, I want my marTimmy.

Timmy: Timmyís not a doll. Heís a real boy now.

Zombie Charity: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever. You can be anything you want if you just bring me my drink. Mmm, mmm. That is good. Keep them coming, pip-squeak.

Timmy: Timmy thinks that Timmy and Tabby should get out of here while Zombieís still in a good mood.

Tabitha: I think you're right. Who can tell what she'd be like when she gets all those marTimmys in her.

Timmy: From what Timmyís seen, it canít be good.

Tabitha: Definitely not good. Well, good night, Zombie. Timmy and I are going to bed now. See you in the morning.

Zombie Charity: Not so fast, witchiepoo. Zombies donít like to drink alone. Come over here and have a marTimmy. Come on.

Tabitha: Oh, no, I couldnít. Oh, I wouldnít sleep a wink all night if I imbibed at this late hour.

Zombie Charity: Well, I'm going to put you to sleep permanently if you donít do what I say.

Tabitha: Go, Timmy. Save yourself.

Timmy: No. Timmy wonít leave his princess.

Tabitha: I can handle zombie. Just go. I donít want to see you being target practice.

Timmy: Neither does Timmy.

Tabitha: Well, then just go.

Timmy: Good luck, Princess.

Theresa: Luis, you're my brother. How can you think that I killed Julian?

Luis: Thatís not what I said, and it is not what I meant.

Pilar: Then, what did you mean when you said that Rebecca had a point?

Luis: I just meant that she was justified in her accusations, based on what happened at the Seascape tonight.

Theresa: Well, I donít understand.

Luis: Look, Sis, in any murder investigation, an officer looks for a motive, and you gave us one tonight.

Theresa: How?

Luis: Theresa, if you would have refused to have anything to do with Julianís money, you wouldnít have a motive. But you told the whole world that you were entitled to the Crane fortune by claiming to be Mrs. Julian Crane.

Pilar: And that gives Theresa a motive?

Luis: Yeah, looks that way.

Theresa: But both of you could have a motive, too. I mean, Mama hates Julian for everything that heís done to our family, and so do you, Luis. What if one of us is accused of murdering Julian? We will need the Crane money to hire the best attorneys, wonít we?

Luis: Look, I said that I donít want to talk about this, all right? But I donít want any of us talking to each other about if we killed Julian. We all hated him, so we're all suspects.

Pilar: I curse that man. I curse Julian Crane. I mean, even in his death, heís threatening to tear my family apart. Itís like heís reaching from hell to try to drag us down with him.

Theresa: You're right, Mama. I donít think I ever knew true evil until I met Julian. All of my life, I have dreamed of being Mrs. Crane, but I wanted to be Ethanís wife, not Julianís.

Luis: Well, then quit pretending to be Mrs. Julian Crane. Just denounce his name and his money.

Theresa: I canít, Luis. The fact is I am pregnant with Julianís child, and Julianís money will make life easier for my baby, for all of us. That is why I am going to fight Ivy and Rebecca to be the one and only Mrs. Crane. We're going to be rich.

Pilar: No, Theresa. You cannot take that money because if you do, you will damn us all to hell.

[Tabitha and zombie Charity laugh]

Timmy: While Zombie and Tabby are having marTimmys, Timmy can use this time to try to figure out a way to help Timmyís sweet Charity. Timmy hates it that Charityís trapped in that block of ice. Timmy wants to ask the scroll a question. How is Timmyís sweet Charity? Uh-oh. Charity!

Charity: Is someone there?

Timmy: Itís Timmy. And Timmy wants to help Charity.

Luis: Mama, just take it easy.

Pilar: No, Luis, not until we have this settled. Theresa, you cannot take that blood money from the Cranes.

Theresa: I'm sorry, Mama.

Pilar: I just knew that only bad things would happen when my children became romantically involved with the Cranes.

Luis: Well, Sheridan wasnít like the rest of them, ok?

Theresa: And it turned out that Ethan wasnít a Crane, anyway.

Pilar: No, you're right. Ethan and Sheridan are the only good people connected to that family, but the rest of them are pure evil, Theresa.

Luis: Not Sheridan.

Brian: You know, I just thought of something that we can do.

Diana: Ok.

Brian: I really think you're going to like this.

[Music plays]

Diana: Tango music?

Brian: Thatís right.

Diana: You know I like it. Oh, donít tell me you want to tango right now.

Brian: I know you know how.

Diana: Well, I would be delighted, kind sir.

[Singing in Spanish]

Brian: See, thatís at least one skill we know you have. Maybe you were a dancer in your past.

Diana: You really think so?

Brian: You're definitely good enough. Who knows -- you may have even been a dance instructor.

Pilar: We know that Sheridan was different, Luis.

Luis: She was wonderful. The best.

Theresa: So is Ethan.

Pilar: Yes, Ethan is different, too, but they were both hurt by the Crane evil. Donít you see? Theresa, if you take money from that family, you will bring that evil upon us, as well.

Theresa: Mama, donít be superstitious. Money is just money. It is not evil. Itís not good. Itís just money.

Pilar: No, thatís not true. The Crane money was made by doing terrible things, Theresa. They forced people off their land. They were involved in shady businesses. They had the power to stay out of jail, but they were guilty just the same, and they didnít care who they hurt. They were ruthless. They got their money by being evil, Theresa.

Theresa: That was the Cranes, Mama, not the money. That money can be used to do good. Think of it. Miguel -- he could go to the best university in the country. You can stop working for Ivy Crane, Mama. You wonít have to work for anybody. We're going to be rich.

Pilar: Thereís truth to the saying that money is the root of all evil, and it doesnít buy happiness. It doesnít, Theresa. We've never had much, but we've had each other. We're a strong, loving family. We -- we love each other. We support each other. We have a home.

Theresa: Yes, but what if we could afford a better house, Mama, one where the plumbing doesnít make horrible noises, where we can take a shower and not have to wait for the water to heat up?

Luis: Oh, come on. I mean, I want to live in a better house, too. We'll get it with good, hard work. Honest work.

Pilar: Thatís right. Not with this kind of money, because the Cranes destroy everything that they touch.

Theresa: Mama, try to stop thinking of money as something that lives. Itís just money.

Luis: No, Mama is right. If we want a new house, we'll get it, but not with the Crane money. With good hard work, we'll make it happen.

Theresa: You mean like Papa? Papa worked every day of his life for nothing.

Pilar: Theresa --

Theresa: I'm sorry, Mama, but it is the truth. As hard as Papa worked, he never made a lot of money. Luis works hard, and you work hard, and we barely get by. You're always worried about the bills. And we never have enough money to save, Mama. Arenít you just tired of always being worried?

Luis: Look, let me worry, ok? I'll take care of all of us.

Theresa: Luis, I know that you'll try. But how can you ask me to give up this opportunity?

Pilar: Please. I am begging you. Donít do this.

Theresa: I'm sorry, Mama, but I will not let this chance pass me or my family by. We will not spend the rest of our lives scrimping and doing without. I am Mrs. Crane, and I am going to have all the advantages that come with that title and I am going to share it with my family, and no one is going to stop me.

Charity: Who is it? Is someone there?

Timmy: Itís Timmy. Canít Charity hear Timmy?

Charity: Hello! Is anybody there?

Timmy: Timmyís here. Oh, itís only a hologram. Charity must not be able to see Timmy or hear him. Timmy will just have to listen.

Charity: Whoever you are, please help me. I'm trapped in a block of ice in a cave near Harmony. Please come rescue me.

Timmy: Timmy knows. Timmyís tried, but it didnít work. How can Timmy help Charity?

Charity: You're probably wondering how you can help me. The only way is with the Book of Spells.

Timmy: The Book of Spells? But thatís what Kay used to trap Charity in the block of ice in the first place.

Charity: Thatís how I got trapped here in the first place. The Book of Spells. Please come rescue me, if you can hear me, before itís too late.

Zombie Charity: Mmm. Now, I want to hear about the Cranes. I heard you spread some glorious evil to the Crane family; put a spell on them and everything.

Tabitha: Oh, I'll tell you a good story. In the dull and dreary days of the pilgrim, I was sentenced to be burned at the stake by -- you guessed it -- one of the Cranes.

Zombie Charity: And did you? Burn, I mean.

Tabitha: Of course. And let me tell you, it was no picnic. Anyway, soon as I came back to life, I put the most delicious curse on the Crane family and all their descendants, and that curse continues to work to this day. And they havenít had a nice day since.

Zombie Charity: You donít have to tell me.

[Tabitha and zombie Charity laugh]

Zombie Charity: [As Julian] Hello, you old hag.

Tabitha: Ooh! Julian, there you are. Feeling the effects of my curse? Are you enjoying burning in hell?

Zombie Charity: [As Julian] That was one incredible curse you laid on me. Yes, it was. I guess we've done our share. Brought a lot of evil to the sleepy little town of Harmony.

Zombie Charity: That Miguel is some hottie, isnít he?

Tabitha: If you like them young and gorgeous.

Zombie Charity: Oh, we're out of marTimmys. I need more marTimmys. Timmy! Whereís the little imp?

Tabitha: Oh, I donít know. Heís probably off somewhere trying to find a way to rescue his precious Charity.

Zombie Charity: What?

Tabitha: Um --

Zombie Charity: If that little brat is talking to the scroll, it will be the last thing he ever does.

Tabitha: Oh, Timmy, what have I said?

[Music plays]

Brian: Wow. Itís amazing. Itís almost like the dance is a part of you.

Diana: It is amazing. Itís -- I feel so comfortable in your arms, itís like I know how you're going to move before you even move.

Brian: I know. Itís weird.

Diana: Who taught you?

Brian: My mama. She made all us kids learn how to do, you know, tango. It was a requirement.

Diana: Well, I love your mother for teaching you.

Brian: Yeah, she was good. She taught me a special step that only the most accomplished dancers can do, unless, of course, they already know how to do it.

Diana: Really? Well, teach me.

Brian: I donít know. Itís kind of tricky.

Diana: Well, I donít care. Letís try it.

Brian: All right. Hold on. How did you know how to do that? How could you have possibly have known that special step my mother taught me?

Pilar: Could you please talk some sense into your sister?

Luis: Theresa knows we're right. You know that the Cranes are evil. You know their money comes from evil.

Theresa: Well, what about Sheridan? She grew up with the evil Crane money, and it didnít seem to affect her. She was good.

Luis: Sheridan was good, but she didnít care about the money. She was going to marry me. She was going to be a copís wife.

Theresa: Really, Luis? And how long do you think Sheridan would have been happy living in some crummy little apartment, having to clip coupons to buy groceries?

Pilar: Theresa --

Theresa: Mama, Sheridan was worth billions. Do you really think an heir to the Crane fortune would be happy living in squalor with you after having everything that the world had to offer? Do you really think that your love was that important to her?

Pilar: Whatís happened to you, Theresa? How can you hurt your brother like this?

Luis: Itís ok. But you're wrong. You see, my love did mean that much to Sheridan. You know, it meant so much to her, that she couldnít wait to get married and she couldnít wait to live in a crummy little apartment.

Theresa: Luis, I'm so sorry. That was a terrible thing for me to say, and I didnít mean to hurt you. Honestly. I love you, Luis, and I loved Sheridan, too.

Pilar: You see whatís happening? The Crane money is already causing pain in this family -- a sister hurts her brother with her words.

Theresa: Please, Luis. Please forgive me.

Luis: I forgive you.

Pilar: We're arguing among ourselves. Fighting. Itís damaging our family, and you donít even have the money yet.

Theresa: Oh, mama, all I am saying is that that money can be used to do good for a change. Luis, if Sheridan would have wanted to use some of her money to make life easier for all of us, would you have told her no, even if you knew it would make her happy?

Luis: We hadnít talked about it.

Theresa: But donít you think that Sheridan would have wanted to use some of her money to make life easier for you, for all of us?

Luis: Well, Sheridan was generous to a fault. Even though I would never touch her money, I could see myself letting her use it in certain situations.

Pilar: No, Luis, because that money would have come with a price. Look at Ivy Crane. Look how money has destroyed her life. And poor Sheridan. What a miserable, unhappy childhood she had, and her mother was never happy. All the money in the world couldnít bring that family happiness.

Theresa: Mama, I will not let you or anyone else talk me out of this. I am going to get Julianís money.

Pilar: And I will not stand by and let my family be destroyed. Now, I am going to pray to God for his help and his guidance. And I think you should do the same thing, too, Theresa. Pray to God and ask him if you should go and get this Crane money. Do you remember the bracelet you used to wear that said "WWJD"? You know what it meant? "What would Jesus do?" Now, what would he do, Theresa? Would Jesus take the Crane money? Would he?

Miguel: I'm sorry I'm not very good company, Kay. I havenít been for a while now.

Kay: Miguel, you've always been good company.

Miguel: Thanks. I feel the same way about you.

Kay: Thanks.

Miguel: You know, I just remember something that my mama told me once.

Kay: Yeah? What was it?

Miguel: She said that when I grew up and I started looking for a wife that I should look for a friend, you know, someone that I wanted to spend time with, someone that I felt comfortable with just talking.

Kay: You know what my grandpa told me once? He said that when I grow up and start looking for a husband, I should look for someone that I share a history with.

Miguel: Well, we've done that, havenít we? We grew up in the same town together, went to the same school, the same church.

Kay: You're right. We do have a shared history.

Miguel: And who knows -- maybe we'll make some more history with whoever we wind up marrying.

Kayís voice: You're going to marry me, Miguel. If zombie Charity can keep up her end of the bargain, you and I will make history together. We'll spend the rest of our lives together.

Charity: Please, if anyoneís listening, help me. You have to save me.

Timmy: Timmy wants to save Charity, but he doesnít know how. Charity says he has to use the Book of Spells, but how will Timmy know which spell to use?

Zombie Charity: I'm going to kill that little wannabe Romeo if he is messing around with the scroll.

Tabitha: Oh, Timmy, I hope you're nowhere near that scroll.

------------------------------------------------------------- (show interrupted)

Brian: Diana, whatís wrong? Diana, tell me whatís wrong. What happened? Did I do something wrong?

Diana: No, I'm sorry.

Brian: Come on. Tell me whatís wrong. Itís ok.

Diana: Brian, I'm sorry. Itís not you. I just -- I had another memory.

Brian: You had another memory of what?

Diana: Of my lover. We were dancing the tango.

Brian: You and your lover?

Diana: We were dancing, and we were just so much in love.

Brianís voice: Diana, will your lover ever leave us alone? When will you be able to bury his memory and move on?

Luis: I wish you were here, Sheridan. I'd ask you for your help with Theresa. I'd ask you what I should say to her, how to fix this situation. But you're not. All I have are the memories.

Tabitha: Zombie -- Zombie, listen. Timmyís probably in bed by now. You could see how exhausted he was.

Zombie Charity: If that little weasel is playing with the scroll, he is so toast. Oh. No.

Tabitha: What is it?

Zombie Charity: I'm having a sudden feeling.

Tabitha: A feeling?

Zombie Charity: I have to go.

Tabitha: I donít know how you can feel anything after two pitchers of marTimmys.

Zombie Charity: Theresaís weakening. I've got to go give her a push. [As Julian] But I'll be back.

Tabitha: Oh, thank heavens. Timmyís safe for now, anyway. I better check, just in case. Oh, my. Timmy.

Pilar: Well, I prayed, but it didnít help. I donít recognize my own daughter. What has happened to Theresa?

Luis: Mama, it will be all right. I mean, Theresaís just confused. Sheís going to do the right thing. Sheís not going to take Julianís money.

Pilar: I pray that you're right, but I -- I feel as though my worst nightmare has come true. The Crane evil has possessed my own daughter. Terrible things are going to happen tonight. I can feel it. I can feel evil right here in my own home. Terrible things are going to happen. Terrible things.

Theresa: Mama looked at me like she didnít know me, like I was a stranger. Am I? I mean, have I really changed that much? Maybe I should just forget about the plan to get Ethan back, forget about Ethan, forget about being Mrs. Julian Crane. Julian.

Zombie Charity: [As Julian] Donít abandon ship now, Theresa, just because your mother gave you a funny little look. She'll come around. Stay the course. Stay the course. You'll have everything you ever dreamed of -- all that money. And Ethan.

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