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Passions Transcript Wednesday 3/13/02

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Diana: Water felt wonderful.

Brian: Yeah, I told you it would.

Dian: Oh, you were right. It was a perfect way to get the paint off.

Brian: You know, I wonder if van Gogh or Gauguin ever had that much fun cleaning up after a long day at the easel.

Sheridan: Oh, Gauguin definitely. I donít think poor Vincent really ever enjoyed anything.

Brian: Then he never met you because his whole life would've changed if he had -- the same way that mine has. Diana, are you ok?

Diana: Yeah, just a little cold, thatís all.

Brian: A little? You're chilled to the bone.

Diana: Yeah.

Brian: And I know just the thing to warm you up.

Diana: You do, huh?

Brian: Oh, yeah.

Hank: Luis?

Luis: Itís Officer Lopez-Fitzgerald to you, buddy. I'm on duty.

Hank: What, are you out here looking for pirates?

Luis: Yeah, yeah. Something like that.

Hank: Everything all right, buddy?

Luis: Well, you know, letís see -- my sister decided that she wanted to continue the high life as Mrs. Julian Crane and to hell with whatever her family or anyone else thinks. So, yeah, you could say I've had better days.

Hank: Yeah.

Luis: If it continues on like this, sheís going to break Mamaís heart. Mine, too. Whatís left of it, anyway.

Hank: Hey, I couldnít help but notice the way that you were staring at that photo in the Seascape -- you know, the one of you and Sheridan.

Luis: Look, Hank, I know. You're trying to get me to move on, and I'm trying. Itís just that Sheridan was the love of my life and itís just not that easy.

Hank: I know. I know.

Luis: Everywhere I go, I see things that remind me of her.

Hank: Man, I'm sorry you're going through this. I wish there was something I could do just to make it easier for you.

Luis: Yeah, so do I. But you canít, all right? Thanks, anyway. I just got to put all those memories aside and try and convince Theresa that what sheís doing is wrong. Now, if she doesnít snap out of it, sheís going to be in a hell of a lot of trouble.

Rebecca: Chief Bennett, I demand you arrest Theresa at once.

Simone: Is this some kind of weird joke?

Kay: Arrest Theresa?

Chad: I donít believe this is happening.

Whitney: Oh, good grief. What is Rebecca up to now?

Timmy: Is this part of zombie Charityís plan?

Tabitha: I donít know, lad.

Pilar: What do you think you're doing, Rebecca?

Rebecca: Oh, didnít you hear me, Pilar? I want Theresa arrested for the murder of Julian Crane.

Theresa: You are lying, Rebecca! I did not kill Julian!

Rebecca: I know what I saw.

Sam: Wait a minute. Are you saying you saw Theresa kill Julian?

Pilar: Itís a lie. My daughter would never do such a terrible thing.

Miguel: Itís all right, sis.

Sam: All right. Everyone just take it easy.

Pilar: Theresa did not kill Julian!

Rebecca: Chief Bennett, you keep that woman away from me.

Pilar: My daughter was raised in the church. Sheís a good girl. She would never take a human life. Itís a sin!

Rebecca: Well, thatís exactly what she did. She took a human life -- my husbandís!

Ivy: He was not your husband! I am still Mrs. Julian Crane!

Rebecca: Oh, we'll see about that!

Sam: Enough!

Pilar: You know Theresa. You know that she would never -- I mean, she could never kill Julian. Tell Rebecca that my daughter did not do this terrible thing.

Eve: This is it for you, Julian. I'm going to make sure you never hurt anyone again.

T.C.: Finally, Pop, I'm going to make Julian pay for what he did to us. He took my life. Now I'm going to take his.

Ivy: Oh. You have made my life a living hell for over 20 years, Julian. Well, now itís your turn. I am going to send you to hell where you belong.

Ethan: Where are you, Julian? You're not going to get away -- not this time.

Pilar: Say something. Why are you silent? How can you just stand there? Most of you have known my daughter her whole life. Tell this woman that my daughter did not kill Julian!

Whitney: Well, of course she didnít.

Chad: No, no way.

Simone: This whole thing is just plain crazy.

Ethan: Pilarís right. Theresa would never hurt anyone, much less kill them. This is ridiculous to even think it.

Rebecca: Is it, Ethan? You of all people should know what she is capable of.

Ethan: Yes, I do, but itís not murder.

Rebecca: What about what she did to you? Theresa lied to you. She got pregnant by another man, a man you thought of as your father for most of your life.

Pilar: You shut your wicked mouth, Rebecca!

Rebecca: I am just telling the truth.

Pilar: You're just jealous because my daughter has the title that you so desperately wanted for yourself -- the title of Mrs. Julian Crane. God, why anyone would want that is beyond me.

Rebecca: Hmm. So many things are beyond you, Pilar.

Pilar: Somebody, please, help Theresa.

Ethan: Look, I will. I know in my heart Theresaís innocent. And if -- if charges are pressed, I'll defend her.

Zombie Charity: Why canít that doofus just stop being so damn noble?

Diana: What'd you have in mind?

Brian: In mind?

Diana: To warm me up?

Brian: I'm going to start your fire.

Diana: I -- I donít think --

Brian: What?

Diana: I -- I just am not sure we're ready for that.

Brian: Oh, yeah. I think we are.

Diana: What are you doing?

Brian: Itís cold out here. I'm going to build you a bonfire.

Diana: Oh.

Brian: What did you think I was going to do?

Diana: I -- build me a bonfire, of course. So build.

Hank: Look, I know that Theresa needs your help, but to put off moving on with your life for the sake of your family -- itís just a huge mistake. And your family wouldnít want it, either.

Luis: Look, Hank, I know you mean well, ok, but this is my call. My family has to come first.

Hank: Yeah, well, I heard that years before when you split up with Beth for your family. It cost you that relationship.

Luis: That was a long time ago!

Hank: Yeah. But Beth still cares for you -- a lot. Donít you even see that?

Luis: Of course I do, and thatís the trouble. I donít want to hurt her. Hank, I told you that.

Hank: Yeah, well --

Luis: Look, I like Beth. I really do. I just donít want to get involved in something if I canít finish it.

Hank: Well, you're thinking negatively now.

Luis: Exactly! Thatís exactly how I'm thinking, and I donít want to get into a relationship until I can think positively.

Hank: Thatís just about the worst thing you could do.

Luis: And the worst -- the worst thing that you can do is to interfere with an officer whoís on duty. So just step aside, ok? Let me finish my shift.

Hank: What you need, Officer Lopez-Fitzgerald, is a good push in the right direction.

Brian: Am I a champion bonfire builder or what?

Diana: Hmm. You are definitely a man of many talents. You're good at everything you take on -- unlike yours truly, who seems to botch up everything.

Brian: You know, you are way too hard on yourself. You need to cut yourself a break. You just need to find something that you're good at.

Diana: I've definitely narrowed that down.

Brian: Well, donít give up on the waitering job because I figure with all those tips I gave you, that should help.

Diana: If I can stay out of my own may, they will. I appreciate you giving me these tips. I -- I'm sorry if I sounded ungrateful.

Brian: Hey, you'll never have to feel sorry when you're with me, ok? There she is.

Diana: Who?

Brian: Diana, the goddess of the forest and childbirth.

Diana: Where?

Brian: Right up there. You see?

Diana: Ah. Itís beautiful.

Brian: Yeah -- beautiful.

Luis: There. Now the whole world will know about our love. From now until the end of time.

Sheridan: Or at least until the termites get it.

Luis: Always. I'll think of you always. I'll never forget you, Sheridan.

Ivy: Oh, defend this little bitch -- no, Ethan, I will not allow it!

Ethan: Mother, calm down.

Ivy: Theresa has caused us nothing but trouble, given us nothing but grief.

T.C.: I donít think it'll ever come down to Ethan defending her.

Ethan: Why not?

T.C.: Because nobody here really believes that Theresa killed Julian.

Ivy: Oh.

Pilar: Thank you, T.C.

Rebecca: Why are you all so gullible? What, is it the goody two-shoes thing? Because itís an act. Itís a charade. Theresa showed her true colors when she went down to Bermuda and tricked Julian into marrying her.

Pilar: Thatís not true. Julian tricked Theresa.

Rebecca: Oh, and you expect us to believe that?

Pilar: Yes, because itís the truth.

Rebecca: Julian told me that she manipulated the whole thing.

Pilar: Sheís lying.

Rebecca: No, Theresa seduced Julian, she lured him into her bedroom, and then she got pregnant on purpose so she could get the Crane fortune. She is nothing but a money-grubbing little slut.

Pilar: Oh!

Sam: Pilar --

Pilar: Donít you ever talk about my daughter that way! She is a good girl -- nothing like you, you scheming witch!

Tabitha: Now, now, careful who you call a witch.

Rebecca: Oh, you are just as violent as your daughter, arenít you? No wonder sheís the way she is!

Pilar: One more word out of you, I swear --

Miguel: Mama, this isnít doing any good. Come on.

Pilar: Itís doing my soul good, son.

Gwen: Are you ok?

Rebecca: Of course I'm not ok. How could I be ok when that woman struck me? Look, all I'm trying to do is tell the truth -- that Theresa planned the whole thing.

Pilar: If you already knew this, why didnít you come forward before tonight?

Rebecca: Because I didnít want anyone to get in trouble.

Pilar: Oh, please.

Rebecca: When I started figuring it out, I couldnít keep it to myself any longer.

Sam: Ok, Rebecca. Tell us what you know, and I mean the facts.

Rebecca: I saw Theresa there that night.

Sam: Where?

Rebecca: The wharf. Outside the cannery. She rushed in, and I could see how angry she was. She was talking to herself, saying how -- how Julian caused her to lose everything. And she pulled out a gun, and she ran into the cannery, and then I heard the shot.

Sam: Did you see Theresa fire the gun?

Rebecca: Well, I --

Pilar: No!

Sam: Pilar --

Rebecca: Look, it is a perfectly logical deduction! She had a gun, she was angry with Julian, and she was there!

Pilar: Look, just about everyone was very mad at Julian in the room that night. And Theresa was not the only one with a gun. You had one, too, Rebecca -- one that turned up with a bullet missing.

Rebecca: I did not kill Julian. Why would I? He didnít do me any good dead. The only way Julian could help me was by being alive. That way I could sue him up one way and down the other.

Sam: Sue him?

Rebecca: Yes, for breach of verbal contract.

Sam: "Breach of verbal contract"?

Rebecca: He promised to marry me, and then he went down to Bermuda and married Theresa. So you see? Alive, he meant the world to me. Dead, nothing.

Pilar: Then -- if you didnít kill Julian, then what were you doing at the wharf that night?

Rebecca: I went for a walk to get some air. And then I heard a sound, so I followed it.

Sam: What sound?

Rebecca: A wheelchair. An electric wheelchair. And I realized that could only belong to one person.

Ivy: Oh, no, Rebecca. You're not going to pin this on me.

Rebecca: All I am saying --

Ivy: No, I didnít kill Julian. I may have wanted to strangle that no-good, philandering pig with my bare hands, but I didnít. I'm in a wheelchair for pityís sake. I couldnít handle this contraption and a gun at the same time.

Rebecca: Then what were you doing there?

Ivy: I heard a sound, too.

Rebecca: Really?

Ivy: Yes, a voice I thought I recognized. Turns out I did. It was none other than Dr. Eve Russell.

Whitney: Wait -- Mom, what were you doing at the wharf?

Eve: I --

Tabitha: Now, thatís going to be a tough one to answer.

Eve: I went there to talk to Julian about T.C., about the fight that they'd had.

Ivy: You wanted to talk?

Eve: Yes.

Ivy: Then why did you have a gun in your hand?

Simone: Thatís a lie.

Whitney: My mother would never have a gun.

Ivy: I know what I saw. I wonder which one of us will get to him first.

T.C.: You're wrong, Ivy.

Ivy: I'm just telling your daughters what I saw.

T.C.: Well, you're mistaken. Eve wasnít the one that you saw.

Ivy: I may be in a wheelchair, T.C., but I'm not blind.

T.C.: Well, Eve has nothing against Julian. She wouldnít want to hurt him. She has no reason to, no motive.

Ivy: Are you sure, T.C.?

T.C.: Oh, I'm really sure. What are you insinuating?

Ivy: Nothing. But few people knew Julian as well as I did, and, believe me, anybody who ever met the man had something to hold against him sooner or later.

T.C.: Well, Eve didnít know Julian well enough to hold anything against him. And I think you sitting here pointing fingers at everyone else is not doing any good. Julian Crane is dead. And whoever killed him did this world a good favor. So I think we should leave it at that and quit trying to find the person who pulled the trigger.

Sam: Unfortunately, I canít do that, T.C.

Rebecca: Of course you canít because whoever killed my poor pookie just killed my heartís desire.

Pilar: Your only desire is to hurt my daughter.

Rebecca: Oh, zip it, Pilar.

Gwen: Mother.

Rebecca: What, donít "Mother" me. I'm just saying what needs to be said. Someone has to pay for Julianís murder, and Theresa had the most motive. She proved that tonight by trying to claim Julianís name and money.

Pilar: Ok, that does it.

Miguel: Mama, no, no. Come on.

Gwen: Ok. Can you excuse us for a minute?

Rebecca: What are you doing?

Gwen: We're going to talk. What exactly are you trying to do? Do you think that by accusing Theresa and having her arrested that Ethan is -- is going to come back to me? Because you can forget about that.

Rebecca: Look, if -- if sheís out of the way --

Gwen: No, no, no, no, no. It wonít work, trust me. Itís going to make him want to defend her more, so can you just knock it off?

Diana: Second wind giving out on you?

Brian: Yeah, a little.

Diana: Hmm. Well, after a day of waiting on tables with me and then painting a whole room --

Brian: No, two thirds of a room, and you helped.

Diana: Still, you must be exhausted.

Brian: I canít afford to be exhausted. I got to finish what I started. Liz is going to kill me if I donít have that whole room painted by tonight.

Diana: I have an idea. Why donít you curl up and take a nap and I'll wake you up in enough time so you can get the room painted by midnight.

Brian: I canít ask you to do that.

Diana: After all that you've done for me, you donít have to ask. Consider it done.

Brian: Are you sure?

Diana: Yes. Come on. Close your eyes and go to sleep.

Brian: Yes, ma'am.

Luis: Mustnít be anyone here.

[Beth screams]

Luis: Beth?

Beth: Luis, itís me.

Luis: Are you ok?

Beth: Uh -- let me check.

Luis: I am so sorry.

Beth: Well, I donít think anythingís broken.

Luis: I thought that you were a burglar or something. What are you -- what are you doing here? The cafeís closed.

Beth: I know. The alarm company called me, and I came over to investigate. I was upstairs in the storeroom and I heard a noise, so I was afraid it was whoever broke in. So I was going to try and, you know, run out without them seeing me, and the next thing I know, I'm being tossed over the table.

Luis: Are you sure you're ok?

Beth: Yeah, but you forgot to read me my Miranda rights.

Luis: Did you have time to check and see if anythingís missing?

Beth: Uh, no, I didnít get to check everything. But so far it doesnít look like anythingís been taken.

Luis: Yeah. There.

Beth: What?

Luis: Itís what set the alarm off -- windowís broken.

Beth: Well, how did that happen?

Luis: Probably just some punk kid -- yep -- looking for a little excitement.

Beth: Well, you're probably right. Whoever did it must be long gone by now.

Luis: Yeah.

Hank: Sometimes you just have to knock a little sense into their heads.

Tabitha: You know what this means, Tim Tim?

Timmy: What, Tabby?

Tabitha: This murder investigation -- itís going to rip a hole in the very fabric of Harmony society. By the time itís finished, this town will never be the same.

Timmy: Thatís terrible.

Zombie Charity: Ugh. I think itís about time that someone stood this boring burg on its ear. Personally, I canít wait to see the good people of Harmony rotting in hell -- hmm.

Theresa: She is lying, Mama. I swear it.

Pilar: I know she is, mija.

Ethan: Theresa, nobody believes her.

Theresa: I'm not so sure about that. I mean, people didnít exactly rush to my defense.

Miguel: Thatís not true.

Theresa: Mama had to practically twist everyoneís arm to say that I was innocent.

Pilar: Thatís because everyone was thrown by what Rebecca was saying. They didnít know what to think for a moment.

Theresa: Yeah. Well, I hope thatís all it was. I wonder what the two of them are plotting against me now.

Rebecca: Well, I know what I'm doing.

Gwen: Well, it doesnít look that way to me or anyone else here.

Rebecca: Look, just relax and let me handle it.

Gwen: Would you look at where Ethan is standing right now? Heís standing right by Theresaís side.

Rebecca: Look, I donít know. I donít know if she killed Julian or not. I donít. But she might as well pay for it. I mean, better Theresa than me.

Gwen: I canít believe you're being so cruel about this.

Rebecca: Wait a minute here. Wait, wait -- since when do you think it is cruel for me to try to protect both our futures? Look, I'm not just some silly little girl whoís going to sit here and wait for good fortune to fall on us. I know exactly what it takes to make things happen in this town, so just step aside and -- and let me take care of it.

Ivy: We both know what really happened that night, donít we, Eve?

Eve: What night?

Ivy: The night that Julian was killed.

Eve: I donít know what you're talking about, Ivy.

Ivy: Why were you really at the cannery, Eve? I mean, what had Julian done to make you mad enough to want to kill him? Your affair was over years ago. Surely you werenít still carrying a grudge.

Eve: Ivy, would you just go away and leave me alone.

Ivy: Thatís it, wasnít it? Julian was going to expose you for the fraud that I know you are, wasnít he? What? Was Julian going to tell all of Harmony that Dr. Eve Russell is nothing but a slut? Oh, you think you're so good. You wonít change one DNA test result for me, but get you mad enough and you'll kill a man in cold blood.

Eve: So help me God, Ivy --

T.C.: Whatís going on?

Eve: Nothing. Are you girls all right?

Simone: Yeah, Mommy, we're fine.

Whitney: You know, itís Theresa that I'm really worried about. This is crazy.

Eve: So sorry that you had to witness this sorry spectacle.

T.C.: Me, too. You two didnít deserve to see this. Although there may be something you can learn from this.

Eve: I donít know what there is to learn, honey -- an evil person telling vicious lies.

T.C.: Sweetheart, I'm talking about Theresa. See, this is what happens when you get mixed up with the wrong guy, and I donít want this to happen to you two.

Eve: Your fatherís right. Oh, and I would just never forgive myself if I didnít protect my babies.

Simone: Mommy, will you excuse me? I need to go freshen up.

Eve: Ok.

Simone: How are you doing, Chad?

Chad: Been better.

Simone: Look -- I'm sorry. I know my parents and Whitney have been making your life miserable.

Chad: No, Simone, itís just --

Simone: They just wonít give you a break. I know that. I want you to know that no matter what they say about you, no matter what happens, I will never believe that you drugged Whitney that night. You're a good person, Chad. I've always known that, and I know you would never do anything bad.

Chad: Thatís very sweet of you to say that, Simone. I wish the rest of your family believed in me as much as you did.

Simone: You can count on me, Chad, always.

Timmy: Timmy wants to get out of here, whip up a batch of marTimmys, and kick back.

Tabitha: Sounds good. First I'll grab a lobster for the road. Oh, heís heavy. Live one, Timmy. Ooh, ooh! Get in there! Ok.

Man: Not so fast, old lady.

Tabitha: What did you say?

Man: You heard me. You stole one of our lobsters.

Tabitha: What?

Man: I saw you fish it out of the tank.

Tabitha: Oh -- donít be ridiculous. I did nothing of the kind.

Man: Fine. Then you wonít mind if I take a look in your bag.

Tabitha: I most certainly do mind.

Man: Look, you donít turn it over now, I call the police.

Timmy: Excuse Timmy, sir. Timmyís great aunt isnít as young as she used to be and she tends to forget things. Maybe Timmy can help jog her memory.

Man: Whoís Timmy?

Tabitha: Him, the little wretch. I'm going to wipe out his memory for good if he doesnít back off.

Timmy: And her moods arenít what they used to be, either. But Timmy can handle it. Excuse me. If you donít give back that crustacean, Timmy and Tabby could end up in the tank!

Tabitha: I will not be treated like a common criminal! Hmm!

Man: Wait one sec --

Tabitha: Give me that.

Man: Aha!

Tabitha: Ow! Ah -- oh! Ooh! Ooh!

T.C.: You make it a real bad habit by hanging around, donít you? Every time I turn around, there you are.

Chad: Well, you know what, Coach -- you better get used to it, all right, because I'm sticking around till I can prove to you and Dr. Russell that you're wrong about me.

T.C.: It'll never happen.

Chad: Oh, and another thing, man -- I donít know why the two of you are all so worried about clocking me so much when it seems to me like you-all got bigger things to worry about.

T.C.: Meaning what, Chad?

Chad: Meaning where were the two of you the night that Julian Crane was murdered? I mean, Dr. Russell was there at the scene of the crime. We know that.

T.C.: Donít even think about it, all right? My wife had nothing to do with Julianís murder.

Chad: What about you? You there? Yeah, thatís right, Coach. Go ahead, take the fifth, man. Thinking you-all so high and mighty, thinking you just better than me because I'm street trash, right? Well, you know what? At least I've never been accused of murder.

Miguel: I canít believe whatís happening to my sister.

Kay: I know. Miguel, anybody who knows Theresa knows that she wouldnít do this, ok?

Miguel: Yeah.

Zombie Charity: Well, letís face it. I mean, she has done some pretty terrible things in the past. Whoís to say if she wasnít pushed she might just -- kill somebody?

Miguel: Charity, how are you going to talk that way about my sister?

Zombie Charity: All I'm saying is you never know about people. They can switch like that. They can go from being really good to really wicked, you know?

Kay: Charity, Theresa is innocent.

Zombie Charity: Poor Kay. So deluded.

Miguel: Talk about people changing. Charityís a different person.

Kay: Miguel, I apologize for what she said. She never should've said that. I -- I know how much it hurt you.

Miguel: Yeah, it did. I feel like I donít know her at all anymore. I just thank God that I have good friends like you, Kay.

Kay: I'll always be here for you, ok?

Rebecca: Chief Bennett, what are you going to do?

Sam: About what, Rebecca?

Rebecca: About letting a murderer go free -- thatís what.

Sam: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Just back up right there.

Rebecca: No, you have enough to convict. You even have a witness -- me. I'm an eyewitness to the crime.

Pilar: Excuse me, but you're not an eyewitness to anything. You didnít see Theresa fire the gun.

Rebecca: Oh -- Chief Bennett, I swear, if that woman strikes me again --

Sam: Calm down, Pilar.

Pilar: How can I be calm when she keeps insisting that --

Rebecca: Look, I saw Theresa at the cannery. She had a gun. She was angry at Julian. I heard a shot.

Pilar: You had a gun, too, Rebecca.

Rebecca: But I had no motive.

Pilar: Of course you did. You were furious at Julian for making a fool of you, for costing you everything.

Rebecca: Thatís a very flimsy motive, and it pales in comparison to Theresaís. Yet sheís hardly been questioned. And even an idiot could figure out why -- her brother is on the police force, so heís protecting her.

Sam: Now, you hold it right there. Luis and I arenít protecting anyone.

Beth: Luis, you donít have to do that. Come on -- I'll get it tomorrow. Let me thank you with a cup of coffee, ok?

Luis: That would be great.

Beth: Hmm.

Luis: Itís freezing outside.

Beth: Hey, how was Theresa when you -- you left the party?

Luis: Well, as far as I'm concerned, she needs to have her head examined for thinking that she wants to stay Mrs. Julian Crane. Thatís crazy! I mean, I donít know who talked her into it or how. Itís just -- itís nuts.

Beth: Hey, you know what I was thinking about tonight? The -- the senior class clambake --

Luis: You know, I warned her to stay away from the Cranes. You know, I warned her if not once, twice, a million damn times. Does she stay away? No. I canít believe that sheís doing this. Damn them.

Brian: Diana? How -- when did this happen?

Diana: Surprise!

Luis: You know, it was spending all that time in the house, that Crane mansion, seeing how the other half lives and those people putting ideas into her head. Like Theresa really needed another fantasy.

Beth: Hey, why donít you drink your coffee, take your mind off things, ok?

Luis: Now she wants to stay Mrs. Julian Crane. Itís a fate worse than death.

Beth: Luis --

Luis: You know, if I warned her once, I warned her a thousand times.

Beth: Luis --

Luis: Stay away from the damn Cranes!

Beth: Oh, the hell with it.

Brian: You did this?

Diana: Mm-hmm.

Brian: Finished the whole thing by yourself?

Diana: Mm-hmm.

Brian: But why?

Diana: Because I owe you. You saved my waitressing job.

Brian: I'm not keeping tabs on favors, you know.

Diana: Well, I am. I wanted to do something nice for you.

Brian: Well, you did. You know, itís probably the nicest thing anyoneís ever done for me.

Diana: You're so sweet. Oops.

Brian: Huh. Well, seeing how it worked the last time, what do you say we go to the beach and wash up, huh?

Diana: Think you can stay awake?

Brian: Yeah, watch me.

Tabitha: Ow, ow, ow, ow!

Timmy: Get off!

Tabitha: Ow!

Timmy: Run for it, Princess!

Man: Hey, hey! Give me that thing.

Man: Ow! Ow!

Timmy: Feet, donít fail Timmy now!

Man: Ow.

Sam: Harmony P.D. isnít looking the other way or playing favorites with their family members. We're professionals. We understand our responsibility. God knows I'm glad I donít have to determine who the real Mrs. Crane is because I wouldnít know where to start with that. But what I can do is find out who killed Julian Crane, and thatís exactly what I'm going to do, no matter whose toes I have to step on to do it. I'm going to hunt down Julianís murderer and make them pay for their crimes for the rest of their lives. Now, I donít care who it is.

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