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Passions Transcript Thursday 3/7/02

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Eve: I just ordered the DNA test kit. It should be ready in a few minutes.

Sam: My gut told me you were a fraud from day one. You better hope this test proves me wrong, or you will pay for this.

[Phone rings]

Ivy: What is it?

Rebecca: First, some angry words with Eve. And then a flurry of urgent calls from a mystery person. Whatever you're up to, Ivy, it wonít work. This time I have you dead to rights.

Ivy: Donít tell me thereís a problem.

Marty: Not at all. I just --

Ivy: No, "just" nothing. You will get the thing that I need to convince Dr. Russell to change those DNA test results. If this fails, I will lose everything. And believe me, you do not want that to happen.

T.C.: You've got nothing to say I want to hear, boy.

Chad: First of all, my name ainít "boy," all right? And I'm sorry, Coach Russell, but you're going to listen to me this time because I ainít leaving till you hear what I got to say.

Brian: Diana, what are you doing here? Didnít Liz tell you to go get something to eat, take a rest?

Diana: I'm not hungry or tired. Look, this is my job, and I'm going to learn how to do it and do it well.

Brian: Yeah, I know. But you're brand-new at waitressing, and you told me how much you want to succeed, so --

Diana: Which is why I need to do this on my own. Look, you already bailed me out of my earlier shift. This is one is mine. I donít want or need to be rescued by you anymore.

Luis: Thereís no question about it. Theresaís as stubborn as they come.

Hank: I wonder where she gets that from?

Luis: Yeah, but I'm a guy. You know, I can handle it, the flak that life throws at me.

Hank: Whoa, whoa. What kind of double standard is that? Last time I checked, you didnít know which end was up.

Luis: All right. All right, I've made some mistakes, too. But Theresaís barely a kid. You know, sheís just out of school. Sheís already had her heart broken. And itís my job to look out for her, to keep her out of trouble, get her on track.

Hank: So, what, are you going to hire a bodyguard to watch over her 24/7?

Luis: No. I donít think I need to do anything that drastic. Theresaís headstrong, but after throwing herself into the ocean last night, I donít -- I donít think sheís going to do anything too crazy.

Theresa: Whatís that saying -- you know, "a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do."

Whitney: Wait, you're talking about honoring a pact that you made with Julian in hell just to win Ethan back. Whatís wrong with you, Theresa?

Theresa: Whitney, if you had seen what I had seen last night, you wouldnít have to ask.

Whitney: You know, it must've been your subconscious that made this whole thing up, Theresa, when you almost drowned. Thatís all. Thatís the only thing that makes any sense.

Theresa: No, it wasnít my subconscious, ok? I was in hell, and Julian was down there. And he made me sign my name in blood on a contract. Now, if I donít carry out his plan, I'm going to have to go back there. Or someplace even worse, and I will have to be there for all eternity.

Whitney: Well, I donít really care what you think you have to do. You canít follow through with a plan that involves hurting people. Thatís not who you are.

Timmy: Timmy wishes Whitney could talk some sense into Theresa.

Zombie Charity: Yeah, well, itís too late for that, and Theresa knows it. Oh, sheís going to follow my plan to the letter. Or shall I say Julianís?

Zombie Charity [as Julian]: Theresa doesnít know whoís really pulling the strings. But no matter. Sheís the one who'll be blamed when all hell breaks loose in Harmony.

Grace: Look, John, you know what? You and I really shouldnít worry about this because this test doesnít mean anything to us. Itís just a way to prove to all the doubting Thomasís that your father is on the up and up.

John: But why are they doubting him in the first place? My dadís the most honorable man I know. He'd never tell me you were my mother if you werenít.

Grace: Which is all the more reason to take the test. If we put an end to all these questions, it'll be worth it.

Ivy: You are going to fix that DNA test, Dr. Russell. You are going to change the results to show that, indeed, John is David and Graceís son.

Eve: Oh, I'm so sorry this is going to hurt you, Grace. But somebody has got to expose Ivy for the lying manipulator that she is.

Eve: You know, the test itself is actually very simple. I just get a tissue sample from each of you and then we send it off to the lab for matching.

Grace: So itís painless, right?

Eve: Absolutely painless.

Sam: Grace, are you sure you're up to this?

Grace: Yeah, absolutely. As soon as we prove to everybody that John is my son, then the sooner we can get on with our lives.

Eve: How could you do this, David?

David: Excuse me?

Eve: I know the truth. Ivy told me. You were never married to Grace, and John isnít her son. Itís one thing to hurt complete strangers. How can you do this to your own son?

David: You donít understand.

Eve: No, you're right. I donít understand. What kind of father are you?

Marty: I donít get this hate you've got for the Russellís. Fine, go after the parents. They're grown up, they can take care of themselves. But slipping drugs in their daughterís drink so she can act like a tramp? Thatís cold, lady.

Ivy: Did I ask for your opinion?

Marty: No, but I --

Ivy: Just shut up and do what I want you to do. Bring me that package. As much as I'm enjoying the fallout from Whitney Russellís behavior, I think I may need a rabbit up my sleeve.

T.C.: I will talk to you any way I want after you disrespected my little girl last night.

Chad: Look, for the last time, I didnít. And I resent you thinking that I did.

T.C.: Where the hell do you get your gall from?

Chad: From the streets, probably, where I grew up. But you already knew that, and thatís why you're so damn sure that I'm the guy who drugged Whitney last night.

T.C.: Well, two and two equals four.

Chad: Oh, come on, Coach! I know you're smarter than that. I mean, you got to know that people are more than where they came from. I mean, so what if I dropped out of high school and ran the streets for a while? They were a hell of a lot safer than some of them foster homes that I was in.

T.C.: Listen to me, Chad. Donít you talk to me like I donít know what the hellís going on. When I was a kid growing up, I didnít have two nickels to rub together. But I didnít run wild. I learned how to do an honest dayís work, and I didnít use my familyís lack of money as an excuse for doing wrong.

Chad: Well, neither have I! Coach, you and Dr. Russell used to treat me like a son or something, and now of all a sudden itís like I'm some horrible monster who just crawled out of some hole somewhere --

T.C.: You know what? If the shoe fits, wear it.

Chad: No, let me finish, man. I'm trying to give you the real deal here.

T.C.: No, let me finish, and let me give you the real deal!

Brian: Look, I'm not trying to rescue you. I just think that you could use some rest.

Diana: From what? I've barely served a complete meal all day.

Brian: Well, thatís because you've been so tired. Look, why donít you go get some more rest, and you'll be all fresh for this eveningís rush, right?

Liz: Yes. You should let him have his way. You know how stubborn he is.

Diana: But --

Liz: No buts about it. Come to the kitchen. I'll make you a sandwich.

Diana: All right.

Brian: Here, here. Thank you. I am so sorry to keep you ladies waiting.

Woman: Oh, thatís all right. As long as you're our waiter.

Second woman: Yes, we've been debating about what the Brian experience entails.

Brian: Well, yeah, thatís kind of hard to explain. But let me just say that you ladies wonít be disappointed.

Luis: Theresa is like a broken record about fate. Sheís talked about it so often, itís made me nuts.

Hank: Well, what do you think about it now? Was she right?

Luis: Well, all I know is that I should've set a better example for her these last few months. Itís no wonder she couldnít get over losing Ethan with me unable to accept Sheridanís death.

Hank: Hey, itís not too late to help her through this.

Luis: Yeah. Thank God for that. You know, from now on, I'm going to be the older brother that I should've been all along. I'm going to show her whatís right -- you know, to believe in things that you can touch and see. You know, enough of this chasing rainbows garbage and reaching for the stars. That stuff will just let you down in the end.

Whitney: Listen to me. Do you remember what Father Lonigan told everyone after the Bennett house got sucked down into that sinkhole and Miguel and Charity got pulled --

Theresa: Of course I remember, Whitney. How could anyone forget?

Whitney: Well, you're acting like you never heard it. Father Lonigan said that when someone does something bad, it opens up the door to evil. And once that door is open, evil spills out and it affects more than just the person who did the bad thing.

Theresa: I know, Whitney. I know. And I told Julian that I didnít want anyone else to get hurt.

Whitney: Well, thatís great, Theresa. Thank goodness. You know, at least you still have a conscience.

Tabitha: The question is will she listen to it, or will she carry out the terms of the contract she made with you?

Zombie Charity: Donít be ridiculous. Of course she'll follow my plan. Or you better hope she does.

Timmy: What does zombie Charity mean by that, Princess?

Zombie Charity: She means donít ask questions you donít want to hear the answers to, ok? Ok.

David: I love my son very much, Dr. Russell.

Eve: Then how could you go along with the machinations of that horrible woman?

David: Look, if you know Ivy Crane, you know what she is. You know what sheís capable of. She forced me into a very small corner with no means of escape.

Eve: That doesnít make any sense.

David: No? Havenít you ever done anything that you regret with all your heart and your soul? Something that -- something that you would go to great lengths to keep secret?

Ivy: Just get me the ammunition I need to persuade Dr. Russell to be creative with those DNA test results. Just how much did you hear, Rebecca?

Chad: I didnít come here to fight you, Coach. But honest to God, I'll do it if thatís what you want. I ainít afraid of you.

T.C.: Well, just say what you got to say. And get to stepping because I donít want you around me or my family ever again.

Chad: Man, I cannot believe I'm hearing this from the man who taught me so much.

T.C.: What?

Chad: I've learned a lot from being around you, Coach Russell. I've learned how parts are supposed to be with each other, how they're supposed to be with their kids. You know, how they're supposed to laugh and talk and even argue as a family. But the thing that hit me the most, the thing that I want to carry with me into my own life, is the kind of husband I mean, the first time I saw how and looked up to you, man, I was blown away. It was -- I ainít never seen nothing like that before. Maybe once in a while on TV, but --

T.C.: So, are you done yet?

Chad: Look, man, all I'm trying to say is that no matter what happens, I hope that someday I turn out to be as good of a man as you are. And I know you may not think the best of me right now, but know this -- I would never hurt Whitney, not in a million years.

T.C.: And why am I supposed to believe that, Chad?

Chad: Because I love her. I love her as much as you do, Coach.

Whitney: You canít carry out such an awful plan. Tell me you're not going to do it.

Theresa: You know, enough about my mess. I want to hear how you're doing.

Zombie Charity: She canít even be honest with her best friend. Now I know sheís in my pocket.

Timmy: Maybe Whitneyís getting to her. Maybe she'll change her mind after all.

Zombie Charity: I wouldnít count on it, Tim Tim.

Theresa: You were dancing on tabletops at the youth center?

Whitney: And thatís just the least of it, Theresa. I donít really remember all that much more, but apparently I did a lot worse than that.

Theresa: Like what?

Whitney: Like grabbing a microphone and belting out some song while sitting on some strange guyís lap.

Theresa: No.

Whitney: Oh, and thatís nothing. Donít ask me why, Theresa, but I started acting like some kind of cheap slut with Chad. And of course, Chad gets blamed for it. My dad comes storming in the youth center and they start fighting.

Theresa: Oh, my God.

Whitney: Chad got really, you know, freaked out by the way that I was acting, so he snuck into my room last night just to check on me, right? And then thatís when I just rip open my pajama top right in front of him.

Theresa: You're making this up.

Whitney: I really wish I were, Theresa. Look, someone must've slipped something into my soda at the party, and thatís what got me high. But who would do something like that? Why?

Theresa: Well, that definitely doesnít sound like Chad.

Whitney: Well, itís not Chad, but you know how you canít tell my parents anything. They've forbidden me to ever see Chad again.

Eve: Yes, David. There have been times in my life that I've been forced to do things that I'm not proud of.

David: Then you'll understand.

Eve: Understanding is one thing. Learning from your mistakes is quite another. Now, I made a vow to myself that I would never again betray my values, not for anyone or for any reason. There comes a time in your life when you have to be brave. You have to do the right thing, no matter what the cost.

David: I know. Thatís what I'm trying to do here today.

Ivy: How long have you been listening to my phone call?

Rebecca: Long enough to know how urgent it was. So who are you bossing around these days, Ivy?

Ivy: None of your damn business.

Rebecca: I beg to differ. And if you think that you are going to cheat me out of my rightful place as Julianís beneficiary, you are mistaken. No, I know that you hired David to pose as Graceís first husband. And after this DNA test, everyone in Harmony will know, too.

Ivy: Well, now, we'll just see about that, wonít we, Rebecca? If you'll excuse me, I think I'll get a snack.

Rebecca: Hmm. Sheís pretty calm for someone whoís about to be exposed. Well, donít you worry, Ivy. I'm going to find out exactly what you're up to.

T.C.: You have got some nerve talking about love in the same breath you utter Whitneyís name.

Chad: Coach, I'm just trying to be straight up with you. And despite what you think of me now, I'm going to turn that around. I'm going to make something of myself. I'm going to become someone that Whitney and you and Dr. Russell can be proud of. And I'm going to get the things I want in my life the old-fashioned way. I'm going to work hard for them. I'm going to prove that you and Dr. Russell werenít wrong when you gave me a chance when I first came to this town. You guys saw something in that I could barely see myself. Like I said before, I've changed and grown a lot just from watching you. I've seen how a real man acts when heís up against people and things that want to hurt him. And thatís why I'm asking you for another chance. And you ainít got to do nothing, man. Just -- just let me prove to you that I can be that kind of man. Because once you see that, then you will know that I could never have done what you think I did to Whitney. And thatís when I'll come back to you again and I'll accept your apology.

Woman: [Gasps] Oh!

Second Woman: Itís beautiful. Wow.

First woman: To you.

Second Woman: Hereís to you. Mmm.

First Woman: Oh, look at that.

Second Woman: That looks hot.

First Woman: Oh, gee --

Second Woman: Thatís really nice.

First Woman: Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Brian: What? Did I miss something?

Liz: Not a trick. You know, if you can teach Diana one tenth of what you know, I'll consider letting her keep her job.

Hank: You say you want to help Theresa focus on things in life that are real.

Luis: Yeah.

Hank: No more dreams about things that canít come true, no matter how hard you wish.

Luis: You mean Sheridan, donít you?

Hank: Sheís gone, Luis. You say you've accepted it, but when are you going to move on? Start sharing your life with someone else? Whenís that going to happen?

Theresa: Sounds like both of us had pretty rough nights.

Whitney: Well, you canít compare what happened with me to you almost drowning.

Theresa: Well, maybe not, Whitney, but we're both suffering terribly without the men we love.

Whitney: You know, if this is what love all about, then I donít want any part of it. Thatís why I turned Chad down when he asked me to run away with him to New York.

Theresa: What?

Whitney: I was so close to saying yes, Theresa. I mean, you should've heard him. He painted this picture of what our lives would be like together. I would sing, and he would write and produce all of our songs.

Theresa: How perfect is that?

Whitney: Heís absolutely positive that we can make it, too, if we just gave it a shot.

Theresa: And you said no?

Whitney: I had to, Theresa. I canít -- I canít just leave my family, my tennis, everything that I've ever worked for.

Theresa: Oh, Whitney! I could just slap you!

Zombie Charity: If thereís one thing Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald canít abide, itís true love slipping through someoneís fingers. Whitneyís choice is going to motivate her even more to get Ethan back. Itís all coming together like a good jigsaw puzzle.

Tabitha: Letís just hope she forgets we're two of the pieces.

Chad: I'm going to get out of your face now. But I ainít leaving town. You'll see me again.

Orderly: Sorry it took so long, Dr. Russell.

Eve: Oh, no problem, Ken.

John: Is that it?

Grace: Yeah, must be.

Rebecca: I thought you were getting a snack.

Ivy: I changed my mind.

Rebecca: Oh. Is that smart? I mean, if I were you, I'd want to be as far away as possible when the results came in.

T.C.: So, honey, are you ready to do the test?

Eve: Yeah. Who wants to go first?

Theresa: I just -- I canít believe you would throw away a lifetime of happiness because you're chicken!

Whitney: Really? Theresa, what would you have me do, hmm? Just chuck all my clothes into a backpack, hop on the back of Chadís motorcycle, and run off to New York to be a singer?

Theresa: Why no Whitney, you have a fabulous voice, and I know that you love to sing.

Whitney: Yeah, well, I love tennis, too. Thatís why I spent my whole life working towards --

Theresa: No, you've done that for your father, Whitney, not yourself. Look, I'm not saying that you are not good at it because you are an incredibly gifted player. But your face doesnít come alive the way it does when you sing. Now, thatís your real dream, even if you canít admit it.

Whitney: I canít just chuck everything and take that risk. Come on. Do you know how many young girls go out to New York to try to become professional singers every single day?

Theresa: We're talking about you, not them. Whit, I donít want you to wake up one morning 10 or 20 years from now and ask yourself why you didnít pursue the things you really love, like your music and Chad. I donít want you to regret the choice you made today for the rest of your life the way I regret the choices that I've made with Ethan.

Brian: Watch carefully, ladies.

Woman: Oh, my --

Second woman: How'd you do that?

First woman: Oh!

Second woman: Oh, bravo.

First woman: You're so talented, Brian. What are you wasting your time waiting tables for?

Brian: You know, I just love what I do, especially when it involves waiting on two lovely creatures like yourselves.

Woman: Oh, Brian.

Brian: Thank you guys very much.

Woman: Oh, it was our pleasure. We'll be back.

Brian: See you.

Liz: Well, I hope you ladies enjoyed your meal.

Woman: Oh, it was perfect once we got Brian as our waiter.

Second woman: Oh, heavenly.

First woman: Yeah, we're going to tell everyone we know about your place.

Second Woman: In fact, we were going to meet some friends tomorrow night for a party at another restaurant, but we've decided to change venues and have it here. If itís not too late to make a reservation?

Liz: Not at all. I'll look forward to seeing you both.

Woman: Thank you.

Second Woman: Thank you.

Brian: Well?

Woman: Call me?

Liz: How can I say no? Diana can keep her job.

Brian: Thank you, Liz. I appreciate that. I promise she wonít mess up anymore, ok?

Diana: I knew it. You did take over for me to save my job. I asked you not to bail me out anymore, and you did it anyway. How could you do that to me?

Brian: Donít be mad.

Diana: I expressly asked you not to help me out. I will keep or lose my waitressing job on my own merits, not because you feel sorry for me.

Brian: I donít feel sorry for you. I know how important this job is to you, and all I was trying to do was just jump-start it. Not so much the job, but your self-confidence. Thatís really all you need to be the best. These are for you.

Diana: Oh, no. You did the work.

Brian: No, I didnít. All I did was the cover the tables for you. Now, take it. Take it.

Liz: Whatís with her?

Brian: Hey. I didnít mean to make you mad.

Diana: Itís not that.

Brian: Well, what is it, then? Why'd you run out?

Diana: I didnít want to say it in front of Liz.

Brian: You didnít want to say what?

Diana: I love you, Brian.

Luis: I love Sheridan. I always will.

Hank: I know. Thatís beautiful, buddy. It really is. But thatís not going to keep you warm at night or bring you the kind of life that you deserve. For Godís sakes, you used to talk about wanting to have children.

Luis: Yeah, with Sheridan. I just -- I donít know what I want anymore.

Hank: You know you want to keep living. You know you donít want to throw yourself into the ocean like your sister did last night. That means you got to keep on keeping on. Embrace the life you still have in front of you.

Luis: Look, I'm just not ready to think about other women yet. You know, itís all I can do to go on day after day taking care of my own family. Itís just all I can handle right now.

Whitney: Ok. What would you have me do, Theresa? Spend the rest of my life singing in some sleazy jazz joint like the one we went to that time? My mother would die.

Theresa: Whitney, you canít live your life for your mother and your father.

Whitney: But they raised me to be someone that they could be proud of. My mother is a respectable doctor. My fatherís an educator. I canít be a lounge singer.

Theresa: Even if itís what you want?

Whitney: You know, you sound just like Chad. Did you guys compare notes or something?

Theresa: Whit, maybe you should think about that.

Whitney: You know what I think? I think you want me to act as crazy as you do. You, who just last night made a pact with the devil.

Theresa: Because I lost the man I love by being a coward. And I donít want you to make the same mistake.

Whitney: Well, donít worry about it. I could never screw up as many times as you have. I'm sorry about that.

Theresa: No. I am. I mean, you have a right to make your own decisions, even if they arenít the ones that I'd pick.

Whitney: Yeah, well, nothingís worth losing a friend over, right?

Theresa: Right.

Whitney: Friends forever, right?

Theresa: Well, I better get out of here. Letís go.

Whitney: Ok. You know, one more thing. Before you go through with this plan, think about where itís coming from, ok? Just think about the consequences.

Theresa: I will.

Zombie Charity: Theresa is so ready to do my bidding.

Tabitha: And what would you have Timmy and me do?

Zombie Charity: You'll know when itís time to do your part. Meanwhile, I have places to go and things to do.

Timmy: Whatís going to happen to Theresa, Princess?

Tabitha: I have no idea, Timmy. All I worry about is whatís going to happen to us.

Eve: Now, you do understand that this test will prove, once and for all, whether John is Graceís biological son with David?

Grace: Yeah.

John: I understand.

Eve: Well, then, we're all prepared to learn the irrefutable truth.

Rebeccaís voice: Ivy and Eve again? Hmm. What is going on between those two?

Eve: Why donít we do this in my office. You can decide whoís going to go first on the way.

John: Ready, Mom?

Grace: You bet, Son.

Chad: We can make all our dreams come true together.

Whitney: I miss you so much already, Chad. But I canít be with you. I just canít.

Theresa: I canít believe Whitney turned down Chad. I've got to --

Zombie Charity [As Julian]: Oh!

Theresa: My God! What are you doing here?

Zombie Charity: I just wanted to see if your little chat with Whitney changed your mind. Are you going to forfeit your chance to be with Ethan the way she blew hers with Chad? You could, you know, if you find what I proposed too repugnant. Or you could seize the opportunity I've put before you and take control of your life. Now, I admit there are a few little unpleasant tasks to be completed along the way. But by the end of it all, Ethan will be yours. Itís entirely up to you, my beloved.

Theresa: What am I going to do?

Luis: Well, I better get back to the house. I'm going to see if I can grab a few minutes with Theresa. And who knows, you know? Maybe I'll take them all out tonight. Itís been a while since we had a family evening.

Hank: What? What is it?

Luis: Nothing. Itís just one of those weird feelings from out of the blue.

Hank: Is it about Sheridan again?

Luis: Must've been. Itís like I felt this wave of happiness rush right through me, you know? Like she was in good hands. I was right to let her go, hank. Sheís happy. And I can feel it.

Brian: What did you say?

Diana: I love you. There, I said it. I -- I love you.

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