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Passions Transcript Wednesday 3/6/02

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Chad: What did you just say?

Whitney: I said that I donít want you here. So you need to get out right now.

Chad: No, no, no, no, Whitney. I ainít going to -- I ainít going to let you do this, ok? I mean, you love music. All right, tennis is just something you're going to do to please your parents.

Whitney: Please stop saying that, all right?

Chad: Whitney, listen to me --

Whitney: No --

Chad: Come with me to New York, ok? Just stop denying your passion for music, for a dream of a life that you know you want. Follow your heart. Whitney, please. Please, come with me.

Sam: We're here for Johnís DNA test.

Grace: Oh.

John: Hi, mom.

Grace: Hey, sweetie. You know, maybe we're just wrong to do this.

John: Mom, donít worry. I am your son. Dad wouldnít lie about this any more than he'd let Ivy Crane hire him to pose as your husband.

Rebecca: Oh!

Ivy and Rebecca: What are you doing here?

Rebecca: I have a hospital board meeting.

Ivy: Mrs. Crane sits on the board, Becks. You're not Mrs. Crane. Julianís divorce from Theresa was invalid. He was still married to the slut when he married you.

Rebecca: Julian divorced you before he married Theresa, so you certainly are not Mrs. Crane.

Ivy: Ethan doesnít think that that divorce is worth the paper itís written on. I am still Mrs. Crane.

Rebecca: Look, I do not have time to argue about this, all right? I have a hospital board meeting to chair.

Ivy: Over my dead body.

Liz: I canít wait to hear your plan to help Diana keep her job. I canít afford any more angry customers, especially not those two scouting for tour groups.

Brian: Just relax, Liz. It'll be ok.

Liz: Oh, "ok," he says. I donít see why Diana wants to waitress anyhow. I mean, why would anyone try to keep a job that they're horrible at?

Brian: Because itís important to her for her self-esteem.

Liz: Ok. I get it. But happy customers are important to me. If Diana doesnít get her act together soon, Iím going to have to do some--

Brian: Just relax, Liz. I know exactly what I need to do to help Diana, ok?

Liz: You can start by getting a mop and bucket.

Diana: Sorry.

Luis: I should've never believed that Sheridan would come back to me somehow. I set a bad example. Probably fueled Theresaís false hopes that Ethan would come back to her. Itís my fault that Theresa jumped off the wharf and tried to take her own life, Hank.

Hank: No, itís not.

Luis: Yeah, it is. Theresaís my little sister and I should have been there to keep her from making such an awful mistake. Now I know if she does anything else that isnít right, itís my fault, too.

Zombie Charity [As Julian]: Ugh! Is that what you want, Theresa -- for Ethan and Gwen to live happily ever after? Or do you want Ethan for yourself?

Tabitha: If Theresa follows zombie Blondieís plan, she might get Ethan back. But there will be hell to pay for everyone else in Harmony, including us.

Zombie Charity [As Julian]: Theresa, we had a deal. Isnít it time that you commit to executing my plan? You get Ethan and revenge on Ivy and Rebecca. Isnít that the happy ending you've always deserved?

Ivy: I know about the DNA test to prove whether or not John is Graceís son.

Eve: Oh, my God. Itís true. David is a fraud. He works for you. You're still trying to break up Sam and Graceís marriage!

Eveís voice: Grace is going to be devastated when she learns the truth. And from the looks of it, so will John. I'll stall for time.

Eve: Iím sorry. I forgot all about Johnís DNA test and Iím just swamped with patients, so --

John: Itís ok, Dr. Russell. We already know the truth, donít we, Mom?

Grace: Yeah.

John: We know the truth, too, donít we, Dad?

David: Without a doubt.

John: Mr. Russell, I know the DNA test was your idea, that you first suggested my dad was working for Ivy Crane. But with all due respect, you're wrong. My dad is a good man, successful and well-respected in his field. I canít think of a single reason why he'd work for Ivy Crane. So Iím asking you to please call off this test. You'll spare both my parents any more humiliation.

Grace: Heís got a point, T.C.

John: Look at his face, Mr. Russell. I mean, does this look like a man who would lie to his own son about who his mother is?

Ivy: Move or be road kill, Rebecca!

Rebecca: Oh, I'll move, Ivy, straight to the head of the hospital board!

Ivy: Not if I retire you first!

Rebecca: Oh!

Ivy: Oh!

Rebecca: Oh, stuck in traffic? Oh, what a pity. Oh, but donít you worry -- the real Mrs. Crane is here to run the board meeting.

Ivy: Oh, no.

Rebecca: Oh, my.

Hank: Stop beating yourself up for believing that Sheridan would come back. Anyone who lost the love of their life would do the same thing.

Luis: Yeah, well, I went a little overboard. I made it ok for Theresa to believe the impossible.

Hank: Look, Luis, Theresaís always had her own fantasies. You hoping that Sheridan would come back has nothing to do with your sister hoping Ethan would take her back.

Luis: Yeah, well, it couldnít have helped.

Hank: Everyone has fantasies. Pilar hoped that your brother Antonio would return for Christmas. He never showed. What, is that your fault, too?

Luis: Why donít you just get the hell out of Harmony, all right? We learned to live without you and we sure as hell can keep doing it now. So go on. Just go on and go and never come back.

Hank: Luis, did something happen with your brother that Pilar doesnít know about?

Liz: Unless masochists have a resort somewhere where Diana can work, Iím not sure she'll ever pass muster as a waitress.

Brian: Liz --

Liz: Forget it, Brian. You know, some people are not cut out for certain jobs. Docís never going to be an underwear model and you'll never be a financial planner --

Brian: And you're never going to be a diplomat.

Liz: Exactly. Diana and waitressing donít mix.

Diana: Oh! Sorry.

Liz: Thatís it. Sheís fired.

Chad: You know, you were all set for coming with me to New York just a minute ago. And then your moms called. What'd she say to you?

Whitney: It doesnít matter what she said. Look, my dream is to win Wimbledon.

Chad: No, thatís your dadís dream! Look, Whitney, your dream is to make a name for yourself in music, but your pops canít see that because heís too busy living his life through you instead of letting you live your own.

Whitney: Shut up, please! Just get out, ok? I donít want you here anymore.

Theresa: I just want Ethan to be happy.

Zombie Charity [As Julian]: Oh, yes, as long as Ethan is happy with you and only you.

Theresa: No. See, I love him and I know that he loves me. But no matter how much I wish it, we canít be together. So leave me alone. Leave me alone!

Timmy: Timmy thinks zombie Charity struck out.

Zombie Charity: Wrong, kid. I scored a home run.

Tabitha: How?

Zombie Charity: Stay tuned. You'll see.

Theresa: What am I going to do?

T.C.: John, I know you love your father and you think the world of him. But I know the Cranes, and I know what they're capable of. So do Sam, Grace, and Eve.

John: But Dad isnít a Crane. He couldnít do what youíre accusing him of.

T.C.: And thatís why you should have the test -- to see if my suspicions pan out or prove wrong. This way everyone will know the truth without any doubt.

John: I already know the truth.

T.C.: You know, son, if I had a son, I would want him to be like you. David, I hope that you're not working for Ivy and that you're not lying to John about Grace being his mother because I canít imagine why any real man would treat this fine, young man here with such disrespect.

Ivy: Oh, God. Oh, damn it, come loose!

Rebecca: Oh, Ivy. Oh, I am so sorry. And I would help you, I really would, but I canít keep the other board members waiting.

Ivy: Oh, no, you donít. No you donít!

Ivy: Ha!

Rebecca: Ow! Ouch!

Whitney: All right, look, just get out, Chad, right now!

Chad: Ok, ok! All right, fine! Ok, I'll go. But you know what? You are making a big mistake. I mean, you're just -- you're just throwing away your chances to grab your dream. You got so much to give, Whitney, so much to give, and you're just letting it all go to waste. Itís a shame. For you and me.

[Door slams]

Chad: Damn. Damn it, Whitney. When are you -- when are you going to learn to just trust yourself? Trust us?

Whitney: Singingís not the only thing Iím losing out on, Chad. Iím also losing out on you.

Theresa: I have to talk to someone. Not Mama -- I mean, not about this. Whitney. Yeah. I have to talk to Whitney.

Timmy: Why does zombie Charity think her talk with Theresa did any good when she just got mad and left?

Zombie Charity: To bring chaos and pain to a group, one must first bring chaos and pain to an individual.

Timmy: What philosopher said that?

Zombie Charity: Who knows? I saw it written in blood on a wall in hell.

Timmy: Oh.

Tabitha: So, what are we going to do now?

Zombie Charity: Keep tabs on everyone in town.

Timmy: Everyone?

Zombie Charity: Well, yes. With all the horrible happenings I have planned for Harmony, I need to stay informed.

Tabitha: Oh, Iím worried how these horrible happenings are going to affect us, Timmy.

Timmy: Timmy worries about all the innocent townsfolk.

Tabitha: At the rate zombie Charityís going, sheís bringing enough evil to destroy everything they hold dear.

Hank: Whatís going on, Luis? Did something happen with your missing brother that your mom doesnít know about?

Luis: Antonio came back to Harmony at Christmas.

Hank: What?

Luis: After all these years, he calls up, says heís coming back to Harmony and wants to see Mama. I told him that'd be ok if he promised me that he wouldnít just up and take off again. Antonio couldnít promise me that. I told him to stay away. Later on that night, Julian disappeared. I ran into Antonio here in Harmony, on the Crane estate. He said he'd come back to see Mama anyway. Man, that made me so mad, so I told him just to leave, just to go back where he came from. He must've passed by the house before he did to see Mama. I think he was the intruder that Ethan and Theresa scared off. So God granted Mama the miracle, brought Antonio back after all these years. I scared him away for good. What kind of son am I? Just wish I knew where Antonio was now.

Brian: Liz, you canít fire Diana.

Liz: I canít afford not to.

Brian: Look, just give me a little while longer. I'll fix everything, ok? I promise.

Liz: Fine, but make it quick. My patience is running out, and I am not alone. Oh, here comes trouble. Yes, ma'am, may I help you?

Woman: Yeah. You can fire that waitress before we all starve to death.

Liz: Iím so sorry. Diana is new, but sheís really trying.

Woman: To what? To put you out of business? That waitress has screwed up every order sheís taken from us. She brought the wrong drinks, the wrong bread. She probably brought the wrong food, too, except that she dropped it before it got to our table.

Liz: I am so sorry that your dining experience was less than satisfactory.

Woman: Let me put it to you this way -- the only tour group my partner and I would recommend your place to would be to waist watchers since they'd never get a bite to eat.

Liz: Well, ma'am, I really value your input, and I'll be sure to implement the changes. Perhaps then you could recommend my hotel to other groups.

Woman: Maybe, maybe not.

Liz: Well, we'll be happy to comp your meal today.

Woman: Iím still not sure thatís enough.

Liz: Listen, Iím sure thereís something that we can do.

Brian: Hey, why donít you take a break? You know, go get yourself together. I'll cover for you, ok?

Diana: No. Brian, that is exactly what I didnít want -- you having to rescue me again.

Brian: No, this isnít about rescuing you. Itís just about you taking a break. Now, go.

Woman: This is terrible, terrible service.

Liz: Oh, I am so sorry --

Woman: We canít come here again. I mean, this is terrible --

Brian: Well, you say you love Diana. Nowís your chance to prove it.

Woman: No, we canít.

T.C.: I appreciate where you're coming from, but I still think you should take the test.

Sam: I agree with T.C. And like Grace has said, it'll erase any doubts that anyone has.

John: It'll prove what I've known since we met -- that Iím your son.

T.C.: And I hope you're right, for both your sakes. Honey, I know you said you're booked solid today, but surely you could fit John and Grace in for the DNA test.


David: What was that?

Eve: I donít know, but somebody could be hurt.

David: Whateverís going on out there is nothing compared to the hurt this DNA test is going to cause. I'll lose my son as well as any chance of any future with Grace. But at least Ivy will be exposed as the manipulative monster she is.

Ivy: Ow!

Rebecca: Ow!

Whitney: I wonder if Iím doing the right thing.

[Knock on door]

Whitney: Chad. Oh, Theresa. Hi. You look a little --

Theresa: Like hell?

Whitney: Well, yeah.

Theresa: Believe me, Whit, I have got good reason.

Whitney: Why? Did something happen?

Theresa: You're not going to believe me when I tell you.

Whitney: Well, join the club.

Theresa: Why? Did something happen to you?

Whitney: You know what? Go ahead and go first.

Theresa: I told Ethan that -- that I want him to move on, that we shouldnít see each other anymore.

Whitney: Honey, thatís great.

Theresa: Well, I never thought that I would do it, but I did it.

Whitney: Thatís -- thatís awesome. I mean, you're finally thinking about whatís best for you and whatís best for Ethan and not, you know, whatís best to try to get him back.

Theresa: No. No, thatís -- thatís not it at all. See, telling Ethan to take a hike was the first step in this huge master plan to get him back.

Whitney: What are you talking about?

Theresa: And I didnít come up with the plan, Whitney.

Whitney: Ok. Well, then, who did?

Theresa: Julian Crane.

Whitney: What?

Theresa: He gave me this plan last night when I met him in hell.

Rebecca: Oh!

Ivy: Oh!

Orderly: Are you ladies all right?

Rebecca: Oh, these are sick people things! Get this stuff off of me!

Ivy: This is all your fault!

Orderly: Iím sorry. You ladies came out of nowhere at full throttle. I --

Eve: Itís ok, Zack. I donít see any broken bones or abrasions. Just some bruised egos.

Rebecca: Oh, this is not funny, Eve!

Eve: Yes, as a matter of fact, itís --

Ivy: Ow!

Eve: Oh, that little tumble you took must have aggravated your condition. Well, since it was an unexpected shock to your system, Iím going to let you take a pain pill. But this is not a license to take more than your prescribed dosage, ok?

Sam: Why were you two in such a hurry, anyway?

Rebecca: Because Ivy had the nerve -- the nerve to think that she would chair todayís board meeting as Mrs. Crane when everyone knows that I am the real Mrs. Crane! Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a hospital to run.

Eve: First of all, Theresa is Mrs. Crane now. And secondly, there is no board meeting today.

Ivy: What? Well, how can that be?

Eve: The schedule was changed. The board meeting was yesterday.

Rebecca: Well, why wasnít I informed?

Ivy: There has always been a Crane at the board meeting.

Rebecca: Yes, this hospital would not even exist if it was not for the funds from the Crane Foundation, which I now head as Mrs. Crane.

Ivy: Over my dead body.

Rebecca: Yeah. Well, we're halfway there, arenít we, Ivy?

Grace: Rebecca, shame on you!

Eve: Well, maybe the board doesnít consider either of you a Crane anymore.

Ivy: Well, I will deal with the board later. What are all of you doing here?

Sam: Well, Eve was going to do a DNA test to see if John is really Grace and Davidís son.

Ivy: I -- I didnít realize there was any doubt.

T.C.: Questions have been raised about your relationship with David.

Ivy: Relationship? Well, Iím afraid I donít understand.

Sam: We think thereís a possibility that you hired David to come to Harmony to tear Grace and me apart.

David: Donít you think itís time the truth came out, Ivy?

T.C.: Are you admitting that Ivy hired you?

Ivy: Oh, this is all your fault, David.

John: Dad, what is going on? Why is Mrs. Crane saying itís all your fault?

Woman: As for recommending your place to tour groups, we'll recommend they avoid it like the plague!

Liz: No, please, let me make this right for you.

Woman: Come on, letís get out of here before that waitress scalds us with coffee.

Liz: Oh, no, ma'am --

Brian: Ladies, ladies. Well, you canít leave yet. I havenít had the pleasure of serving you.

Woman: Oh?

Second woman: Really?

Brian: Yes. You havenít had what I call the Brian experience.

Woman: Brian experience, you say?

Brian: Oh, yeah.

Woman: Well, I am hungry.

Second woman: Iím starving.

Brian: Good. Then you'll stay.

Lizís voice: Brian, what are you up to?

Timmy: Why did zombie Charity bring Timmy and Tabby to the Russell house?

Zombie Charity: Because Theresaís here to see Whitney. And as Martha Stewart would say, "thatís a good thing."

Timmy: Wonít Whitney try to talk Theresa out of going through with your plan?

Zombie Charity: Oh, yeah, she will. But Whitneyís going to fail.

Tabitha: How can you be sure?

Zombie Charity: Because, Tabby, unlike you, I know what Iím doing. Now, watch. Just watch.

Whitney: Ok, Julian deserves to rot in hell for all the horrible things that heís done in his life. But, ok, what were you doing there? And how did you get back here?

Theresa: Brace yourself, ok, because what happened last night is right up there with Chad and Ethan fighting those demons from hell.

Whitney: Ok, why donít you just start from the beginning?

Theresa: When I left the youth center last night, Ethan came out to give me my coat. And I thought that he was taking me back. But he said, in no uncertain terms, we were finished as a couple. Well, I couldnít take it, Whitney. I mean, I couldnít take the hopelessness, the emptiness of a life without Ethan. So I decided that I'd rather be dead. I went to the wharf near where Ethan first kissed me, climbed over the railing, and I jumped into the water expecting to die. The next thing I knew, dark shadows grabbed me, took me down a tunnel where a demon who turned out to be Julian was waiting for me. And he gave me a step-by-step plan to get Ethan back and then had the shadows return me to my body just before I would have died.

Whitney: I donít know what I would have done if I'd have lost you. Honey, you're my best friend.

Theresa: And you're mine, too, Whit. For life.

Timmy: Timmy and Tabby share that kind of love and devotion.

Tabitha: Hmm. That we do, lad.

Zombie Charity: Ok, the only thing you two are going to be sharing is a heated cell on the third level of hell if you donít shut up so I can hear whatís going on.

Grace: David, are you saying you're in cahoots with Ivy?

David: All I was saying to Ivy is that if she has nothing to worry about, then why would she object to knowing without a doubt who Johnís parents are?

T.C.: What about you, Ivy? Why did you say that it was all Davidís fault?

Ivy: No, I only meant that Iím surprised David let this inquisition go this far. I mean, why didnít you just refuse to let your son take the DNA test and tell them I didnít hire you?

David: Because I want everyone to know the truth. I donít want there to be any doubt in anyoneís mind as to what the real situation is.

Sam: Well, letís do the test, then. Eve, you can fit us into your schedule since we're all here.

Eve: All right. Everyone, letís go down to the nurses' station.

John: I still think this is a waste of time. I know Grace is my mom.

Ivy: I agree. It is ludicrous to think that I hired your father to break up Sam and Grace.

T.C.: Maybe itís a stretch, but itís not ludicrous. You're a Crane, Ivy. You've tried your damnedest to break up Sam and Grace before. The Cranes are always trying to destroy peopleís lives.

Rebecca: Stand your ground, T.C. Your suspicions will prove to be true.

Chad: Whitney --

T.C.: What the hellís wrong with that boy? What is he trying to do to my little girl?

Chad: Coach Russell?

T.C.: What are doing here?

Ivy: I am in far too much pain myself to even think about causing Grace and Sam any pain.

Sam: Itís like you said, David. If Ivy has nothing to hide, thereís no reason not to do the test.

Ivy: I just hate to think that everyone is inconvenienced because of T.C.ís suspicions.

David: Oh, itís no inconvenience at all, Ivy.

Eve: I'll just send down to the lab and have the test kit sent up right away.

John: I donít want to do this, Mom.

Grace: Sweetie, itís going to be ok.

Sam: David? You nervous?

David: No, I just want to get the test out of the way.

Sam: Yeah, so do I. You see, because I never really believed your story. Yeah, it checked out, but I always felt that something was a little off. I donít know if T.C.ís right about Ivy hiring you or not. But if it turns out that John isnít Graceís son, I will make you pay big time. I swear to God I will.

Ivy: Oh! Unless you want your life to end as you know it, you will change those DNA test results to show that John is Grace and Davidís son.

Eve: Donít you threaten me, Ivy. You just brace yourself because you are finally going to get everything that you deserve, consequences be damned.

Rebecca: Hmm. I wonder what that was all about.

Ivy: Marty, itís me, Mrs. Crane. Yes. You put the drugs in Whitney Russellís drink and that was part one of my plan. Now for part two. I want you to bring that item to me. Yes, how soon can you get it? Perfect. You can huff and puff all you like, Eve. But when my incentive plan goes into action, I think you're going to do exactly what I want you to do.

T.C.: What are you doing here at the hospital?

Chad: Looking for you. I went by the school, but you werenít there.

T.C.: I have nothing to say to you except stay away from Whitney.

Chad: Well, I got some things to tell you about me. And you're going to listen to everything I got to say.

Woman: The Brian experience, huh?

Second woman: Can you give us a hint of what that is, exactly?

Brian: Well, now, you'll just have to stay to find out, now, wonít you?

Woman: Maybe we'll stay for a while?

Second woman: Long enough to experience Brian -- I mean, have the Brian experience.

Brian: Well, I am very much looking forward to it, ladies.

Diana: Well, thanks for the break. But you know what? I cannot let you wait on my tables again.

Brian: No, you know what? Itís no big deal.

Liz: Right. Why donít you go get something to eat, you know, before you come back to work? Build up your stamina.

Diana: No, no --

Brian: No, Liz is the boss. You better do what she says, ok?

Diana: Oh.

Brian: I'll come get you later.

Sheridan: Ok.

Liz: I sure hope you know what you're doing.

Brian: So do I, Liz. So do I.

Hank: Luis, donít be so hard on yourself for what happened with Antonio. You gave the guy a choice, told him not to see Pilar without promising he'd stay in Harmony. Itís not your fault that he chose to leave town. You didnít put him on a bus at gunpoint. You did what you always do -- protect your family.

Luis: I wish I could see it that way because right now I canít.

Hank: Because of Theresa?

Luis: Hank, I love my sister. Theresa has this way of getting herself into trouble without even meaning to. Then she tries to fix things, and she -- she makes an even bigger mistake. I've just got this feeling that if I donít pay more attention to her that sheís going to make an even bigger mistake. The biggest one yet.

Theresa: Trying to take my own life was wrong, as wrong as it gets.

Whitney: Well, then why did you do it?

Theresa: I was so upset over Ethan that I wasnít thinking straight.

Whitney: No, you werenít. Taking your life is one of the biggest mistakes that anybody can make.

Theresa: Anybody but me.

Whitney: Well, what is that supposed to mean?

Theresa: You know, Julianís plan for me to get Ethan back -- I agreed to it, Whitney. I -- I signed my name in blood.

Whitney: Whoa, you made -- you made a pact with Julian, who is now a demon in hell? Ok, what did you agree to, exactly, then?

Theresa: Itís complicated. I donít even know some of it. But if I follow Julianís plan, Whitney, innocent people could be hurt.

Whitney: Well, then obviously, you canít go through with it. Theresa, you canít go through with the plan. Oh. You're really going to do it, arenít you?

Zombie Charity: The answer is yes, Whit. Theresa will go through with my plan. Oh, I can see it on her face.

Tabitha: Zombie Charityís right, Timmy. Ultimately, Theresa will follow the dark sideís diabolical plan to get Ethan back. And the consequences to herself and everyone else in Harmony, including us, will be horrific.

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