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Passions Transcript Monday 3/4/02

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Beth: Luis, your order will be up in just a minute.

Luis: All right. Thanks.

Beth: You're welcome.

Sheridan: Iím really here -- right where I belong.

Luis: I donít know how this happened, and I donít care. I am never going to let you go again. I know how to make sure of it.

Luis: Now nothing is ever going to tear us apart.

Sheridan: Your name. I canít remember your name. Tell me your name.

Luis: Sheridan, it's me. Sheridan, it's Luis! Sh--

Luis: No. No. Sheridan!

Hank: How you doing, buddy?

Luis: Hi, Hank.

Hank: You look about a million miles away. Let me guess. You were thinking about Sheridan again.

Luis: Yeah.

Hank: So, all that talk about finally getting over her and moving on with your life was just talk, right? You're never going to give up on her, are you? You're just going to keep living in the past, dreaming of something that can never be.

Diana: I am so sorry.

Man: What's wrong with you?

Liz: Diana, why donít you get this nice man another glass of orange juice?

Diana: Yeah.

Liz: Iím so sorry, sir. She's -- she's new. Listen, of course breakfast will be on the house, and Iíll be glad to take care of the cost of having your pants cleaned.

Man: I certainly hope so.

Liz: Are you trying to run me out of business?

Diana: Liz, Iím so sorry.

Brian: Liz, she's obviously never waitressed before. Why donít you give her a chance to get up to speed?

Liz: Brian, it's obvious to me, too, that she's never waitressed, but I canít give away free food.

Brian: Try not to be so hard on her, huh? Iíll pick up the guy's tab, ok?

Liz: And who's going to pick up your tab?

Brian: All right, you're right. Iíll talk to her, make sure she's more careful, ok? Right, Diana?

Diana: Right. Liz, Iím going to be the best waitress you've ever had. I promise.

Liz: Ok, fine. Just try to be more careful.

Liz: Oh, oh, I will. I promise. I swear.

Brian: Thank you, Liz.

Diana: Thank you.

Whitney: Chad. What are you doing here?

Chad: Just came back to pack up my stuff in my room. And see how you were doing.

Whitney: Iím fine.

Chad: Look, Whitney, from the way you were acting last night, Iím figuring that somebody must've slipped something in your drink. And Iím sorry.

Whitney: For what?

Chad: I just feel like I should've protected you somehow. You all right?

Whitney: I am now.

Chad: Whitney, are you sure you're ok?

Whitney: Just get away from me.

Tabitha: What the heck is Ethan doing there?

Timmy: Maybe he's going to forgive Theresa and they'll live happily ever after.

Tabitha: Huh! Well, you better hope that's not it. No, the question now is what is Theresa going to do? Is she going to go through with the plan laid out by zombie Charity disguised as Julian to get Ethan back?

Timmy: If she does, Theresa will be giving in to evil.

Tabitha: That's exactly what we want to happen, lad. Let's just hope this waspish Romeo doesnít screw things up for us.

Theresa: You said that you want to talk?

Ethan: Yeah. I just wanted to make sure you were ok. And, Theresa, I -- I had no idea that I hurt you so badly to the point where you'd want to take your own life.

Theresa: Iím all right now.

Ethan: Yeah, I hope so. You know, I just know how suicide was a sin, and, well, for you to try to take your own life -- I mean, you must've been so desperate. Look, Iím truly sorry because I never meant to hurt you, and I -- I really wish to God that things could have ended differently than they did.

Theresa: It's ok. It's all right. I mean, you came back, Ethan. That's all that matters.

Tabitha: This is no good at all, Timmy. Not good at all.

Timmy: Timmy thinks it's wonderful. Ethan and Theresa belong together. Back to the way things are supposed to be.

Zombie Charity: Move it, move it. That's it. No, this is not the way it's supposed to be at all. Donít fall for his kind words, Theresa. Be hard, cruel. Ruthless. Tell him to take a hike.

Theresa: I knew you'd come back to me. I knew that God would never be so cruel as to take you away from me, to take the only man I have ever loved -- the only man I will ever love.

Ethan: Theresa --

Theresa: Ethan, I have prayed for this moment. I have prayed so hard that you would forgive me and come back, and now you have.

Ethan: Look, Theresa --

Theresa: Ethan, we can get married and raise my baby as our baby. We'll be happy. Then I will make you so happy, I promise.

Ethan: Theresa, stop, all right? Iím glad you and your baby are all right, but I didnít come here to make up.

Theresa: What?

Ethan: I didnít come back to you. We're not getting married. Not after everything you've done.

Chad: Whitney, what's wrong?

Whitney: Oh, donít even look at me like that, ok?

Chad: Like what?

Whitney: Like Iím some kind of cheap slut. I know what you're thinking.

Chad: What? Whitney -- Whitney, that's not what I think about you at all.

Whitney: Well, that's definitely how I was acting last night, right?

Chad: Wait, wait. Donít get down on yourself, all right? Whitney, you -- you are the most decent and upstanding girl I have ever met.

Whitney: Yeah, well, you'd never know it from the way I was behaving last night.

Chad: Here -- come here. Sit down. Go ahead. Look -- somebody must've slipped something in your drink. That happens all the time. That's why you never, ever take your eyes off your drink.

Whitney: Why would somebody do that?

Chad: I donít know. But I promise you this -- if I find the person who did it, they're going to be very sorry.

Whitney: Well, Iím still completely humiliated.

Chad: Whitney -- look, Iím sorry that somebody drugged you, ok? But at least something positive came out of this.

Whitney: Something positive? Please. What are you talking about?

Chad: Iím talking about you and me. Last night the real Whitney Russell came out and showed me what she really wanted. Donít even try to deny it.  Look, Whitney, all Iím saying is that I saw a side of you that I never saw before last night, and I think it's a side that you've worked so hard to control that it took getting totally out of control for it to break loose. I mean, you were pushing the limit last night, no doubt, ok? But like I said before, I think the real Whitney Russell's been held down all of her life. And last night, she exploded full force. I mean, you was real. And you can deny it all you want, but you were having fun. That's the real Whitney Russell -- not a robot who plays tennis according to Daddy's schedule.

Luis: You're wrong, Hank. Iím not holding on to Sheridan or to what could have been.

Hank: Then what are you doing? You sit around here in a daze half the time, staring into space, not living, not connecting with anyone or anything. Tell me, what the hell are you doing?

Luis: I am trying to get over losing the love of my life, for God's sake. And it's just -- it's taking a little longer than I expected. But Iím not going to wallow in grief and self-pity anymore. Theresa's suicide attempt last night was a wake-up call. You canít hold on to something that's not meant to be.

Hank: At least something good came out of her tragedy.

Luis: Yeah, well, thank God that she survived. Look, Hank, as much as it kills me to admit it, I know that Sheridan's gone. I just hope that, wherever she is, somebody's looking out for her.

Liz: Diana, Iím going to take a quick break. Why donít you do the same? Just as long as you're back in time to set up for the lunch crowd.

Diana: You sure?

Liz: Yeah, go ahead. Put your feet up for a while.

Diana: Ok, well, I will be the first one back to work.

Liz: Ok.

Brian: Ok. Come with me.

Diana: Where are we going?

Brian: It's a surprise.

Ethan: You know, obviously, it was a bad idea for me to come here. But now that I know you're all right, Iím going to go.

Theresa: Iím not all right, Ethan. Iím never going to be all right. Not as long as we're apart.

Ethan: Look, Theresa --

Theresa: I wish you would have let me drown last night.

Ethan: Look, donít say that, all right? You're young and beautiful, and you have your whole life ahead of you.

Theresa: No, I have nothing ahead of me, Ethan -- nothing -- except for a lifetime of pain and loneliness and heartache.

Ethan: Theresa -- Theresa, come back!

Theresa: I canít take this anymore. I canít. I feel like Iím losing my mind. Now I know Iím losing my mind.

Zombie Charity [As Julian]: Oh, no, you're not. But you're going about this all wrong. You'll never get Ethan back like this. Didnít you hear a word I said to you while you were down in hell?

[Door rattles]

Ethan: Theresa, open up. Come on -- let me in.

Whitney: Well, Iím sorry, Chad. You couldnít be more wrong. I love tennis, ok? And I love my parents.

Chad: I know that, Whitney. All Iím saying is that last night I saw a girl who was living for the first time. You know, I have never seen you that happy on a tennis court.

Whitney: Well, then, you obviously havenít been watching. I love being on the tennis court more than anything in the world, ok? And the only thing I love more than that is winning.

Chad: Oh, nothing.

Whitney: Nothing at all.

Chad: Not even being the center of attention last night when you were holding that microphone and you were singing from your soul?

Whitney: I donít want to hear any more! Just forget it!

Chad: Ok, ok. All right. I mean, hey, I could be wrong. I donít think so, but I wonít push it. Have it your way -- or Daddy's way.

Whitney: Um -- where are you going?

Chad: I already told you. Iím going to pack up my stuff. I mean, your dad blames me for what happened to you. He donít want me living here anymore.

Whitney: Well, where are you going to go?

Chad: I donít know. But away from here. And I donít want to live here anymore, either. So, Iíll see you around, Whitney.

Whitney: Chad, wait! Donít go!

Timmy: Timmy's going to check on the scroll, see what it can tell Timmy.

Tabitha: Hey -- how many times do I have to tell you to leave that scroll alone? It's full of danger, and you've no idea what you're doing. So hands off, or you'll get burned. Now, come on. We've got to watch and see what Theresa is going to decide.

Timmy: Sorry, Princess. Timmy has to know what's going to happen.

[Door rattles]

Ethan: Look, come on, Theresa. Let me in. Open the door.

Zombie Charity [As Julian]: Grow up, Theresa. Stop acting like a lovesick teenager and do what I told you to do in hell. Trust me, your silly schoolgirl belief in fate wonít get Ethan back. Only following my plan will work.

Theresa: How can I trust you to tell me the truth?

Zombie Charity [As Julian]: Well, Iím your husband, for God's sake. Of course Iím telling you the truth. If you really want Ethan back, you'll do what I tell you to do.

[Theresa gasps]

Ethan: My God.

Ethan: Theresa, give me the glass. Look, you canít do this. I wonít let you hurt yourself.

Theresa: Oh, no, Ethan. It's not what you think!

Ethan: Just give me the -- damn it.

Theresa: Oh, my.

Ethan: You canít do this.

Theresa: No -- I wasnít trying to kill myself.

Ethan: Well, then, what's with all the broken glass?

Theresa: My hairbrush -- it accidentally hit the mirror, and the mirror -- it fell on the floor, and I just -- I just havenít had time to finish cleaning up the mess.

Ethan: Are you telling me the truth?

Theresa: Yes. Ethan, you hurt yourself. Let me get you something.

Ethan: My hand's fine.

[Phone rings]

Ethan: Yeah, hello? Hey, Gwen. Look, I canít talk right now. I came by Theresa's to see how she's doing. Listen, look, Iíll explain it to you when I see you. Yes, Iíll meet you for lunch shortly.

Zombie Charity [As Julian]: I told you so. Hmm.

Theresa: I canít let Gwen have him.

Ethan: Listen, Iíll see you soon. Bye. Theresa, where's your mother?

Theresa: She went out.

Ethan: When's she going to be back?

Theresa: I donít know.

Ethan: All right, well, look, Iím going to wait here until your mother or one of your brothers come back because I just donít feel comfortable leaving you here alone.

Theresa: No. I donít want you to stay.

Chad: How come you donít want me to leave all of a sudden?

Whitney: Because this is your home.

Chad: No, it's not. I mean, I appreciate your momís letting me stay here to recuperate after I got hurt, but it's not my home. I mean, your parents made that very clear to me.

Whitney: Iím sorry for the way my parents treated you. Iím going to try to get them to understand that what happened wasnít your fault.

Chad: Hey, it donít matter, all right? I mean, you know, it's too much baggage here. You know, your parents and Simone and us.

Hank: Listen, Iím sorry. I just hate to see you so unhappy, so alone.

Luis: Hank, donít worry about me, all right? Iíll be fine. One of these days. Look, as much as it hurts me to let go, I know that it's time to move on.

Hank: Well, Iím glad to hear it, buddy.

Luis: Yeah. I know it's time to move on. Question is where and with whom.

Beth: You look like you could use a refill.

Luis: Oh, yeah.

Diana: This is wonderful. Thank you.

Brian: My pleasure.

Diana: I donít know why I am so exhausted.

Brian: Well, it's like you said -- the tension. And, besides, you've been working all morning. You have a right to be tired.

Diana: I should have more stamina than this. I mean, Iím not sick, and the work isnít that grueling.

Brian: Yeah, but you've had a lot on your plate emotionally, and that takes its toll on anyone, right?

Diana: Yeah, I suppose you're right.

Brian: You know Iím right. I mean, think about it -- that light from the Bermuda Triangle appearing, disappearing, reappearing again, and you feeling as though you were transported somewhere with your lover?

Diana: Yeah.

Brian: You got to be completely drained.

Diana: This is true. But I should be able to handle one morning of work. I must've had some sort of job before I lost my memory. I couldnít have just sat around and done nothing all day.

Brian: You know what? I wouldnít worry about it too much. You've got a job. You're making a living.

Diana: I wonít for long if I keep messing up like I did this morning. And Iíve got to keep this job so I can earn my keep around here. You and Liz have been so wonderful -- giving me a place to live, food.

Brian: Hey -- Liz and I -- we're just doing something --

Diana: Thanks.

Brian: That anyone else would do for you.

Diana: Well, Iím grateful, anyway, and I want to contribute.

Brian: You are. So just relax, ok? Remember, you're supposed to be taking a break.

Diana: Yeah, I could use a siesta. But you know what? Iíve got to set up for lunch, and I donít want to be late. If I fall asleep, promise me you'll wake me up in time.

Brian: All right, I promise.

Diana: Thanks.

Brian: I love you, Diana.

Beth: Iím sorry your order's taking so long, Luis.

Luis: It's ok. Iím in no hurry.

Beth: Iím glad.

Luis: Thanks.

Hank: Gosh, Luis, maybe if you look around, you'll find someone to move on with.

Luis: Huh?

Hank: Come on. You got someone who's perfect right under your nose. She's ready and willing.

Luis: Beth.

Hank: If you're truly ready to move on, why not move on with Beth?

Luis: Because it really hurt Beth when I couldnít marry her. I donít want that to happen again.

Hank: Why should it? If you and Beth got together, the only thing that could come up and hurt her is if Sheridan came back. And we both know that's not going to happen.

[Irish music plays]

Sheridan: That officer on the Titanic -- you know, he seemed so familiar. Could that really have been Brian? No, that's crazy. Brian? Oh, no. I overslept. Liz is going to kill me.

Chad: Whitney, what's wrong?

Whitney: Oh -- nothing. Iím just still a little bit disoriented from last night. Iím just kind of confused.

Chad: You're not confused. As a matter of fact, you've never been more sure of anything in your life. You're just trying to deny it.

Whitney: What do you mean?

Chad: Whitney, last night I saw a girl who's been caught in a trap her entire life suddenly get set free. And when you sang that song, you lit up the room. I mean, and I could tell it's something that you really want to do. Whitney, you can really sing. I mean, you've got talent. You canít just throw that away.

Whitney: I donít know why I did that. I mean, my mother has never approved of me singing. I donít know why.

Chad: Well, you sure as hell sang last night, and everybody loved you. Look, Whitney, I write songs and I plan to produce music someday. Now, you and me can be an incredible team together. Nothing can stop us.

Whitney: What are you saying?

Chad: Iím saying that you need to do something for you for once in your life. Iím telling you to just stop living your parents' dreams and start living your own. Whitney, Iím telling you to go and pack a bag and come away with me.

Ethan: You donít want me to stay?

Theresa: No, I want you to go.

Ethan: Why? Are you going to try to do something stupid again?

Theresa: My mother reminded me that suicide is a mortal sin and it only hurts the people who are left behind. And I have a baby to think about now, and Iím not going to do anything to hurt either one of us.

Ethan: I mean, you sure? You just telling me this to get rid of me?

Theresa: Iím telling the truth. I accidentally broke the mirror, and I was just picking up the pieces. Just like I have to do with my life now, Ethan. You donít have to worry about me anymore. Iím fine.

Ethan: Ok, I believe you, but it's just I'd feel better if someone were home with you.

Theresa: Stop acting like you really care.

Ethan: I do care. We canít go back to what we had, but I do care about whether you're all right or not. You know, I do want you to be ok.

Theresa: Ethan, I told you, I am fine, ok? I donít need a baby sitter. I just need to be alone. And if it really is over between us, I donít want you hanging around all the time. I want to move on without you, find someone I can share my life with.

Ethan: Well, Theresa, Iím glad to hear you sounding so mature, but I have to say Iím a little surprised.

Theresa: Why, Ethan? Because you always thought I was immature?

Ethan: I didnít say that. Iím a little surprised because you're telling me to leave now, but just a few minutes ago you had your arms around me.

Theresa: Just a few minutes ago, I was acting like a fool. Ethan, I am over it now.

Ethan: You're sure?

Theresa: I understand why you find it hard to believe, but, yes, Iím sure. Now, just go. Give me a chance to heal.

Ethan: You really want me to go now?

Theresa: Yes. You know what they say -- "out of sight, out of mind."

Tabitha: Oh. Well, this is an amazing turnaround, I must say. Who would've believed that Theresa would be Miss Independent to Ethan? Of course, it's all zombie Charity's work. But how is she managing to get Theresa to do her bidding?

Timmy: That zombie said Timmy wouldnít like what he saw if he could see into the future. Timmy needs to know what she meant.

Timmy's voice: Help me.

Timmy: What was that? It sounded like a voice. What was it saying?

Timmy's voice: Help! Help Timmy!

Timmy: That -- that's Timmy's voice. What's happening? No, no, donít hurt Timmy! No!

Luis: Anyway, Iím going to get down to the station house, bro.

Hank: All right, see you later.

Luis: See you later.

Beth: Luis -- hey, donít forget your lunch.

Luis: Hey, thanks. Guess I forgot.

Beth: Yeah.

Luis: Yeah. You know, Iím lucky to have a friend like you.

Beth: No problem.

Luis: Well, thanks.

Beth: Sure.

Luis: Good to see you.

Beth: Bye.

Diana: Oh, Liz -- oh, I fell asleep. I swear, Iíll never let it happen again, I promise.

Liz: Never let what happen again?

Diana: Iím late. I was supposed to set up for the lunch crowd.

Liz: It certainly looks like someone did.

Brian: Well, hello, ladies.

Liz: Brian. Never seen you in an apron before.

Brian: Well, it's me, donít you think?

Diana: You're incredible. Give me that.

Liz: Diana -- customers.

Diana: Yeah, Iíll be right there, Liz. Thank you. It's the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me -- at least that I can remember.

Brian: Well, I hope it's the first in a long list of nice things that I can do for you.

Chad: Come on, Whitney. What do you say?

Whitney: Uh -- I -- I canít believe what you're asking me. I mean, you're -- you just want me to drop everything and just run away with you just like that?

Chad: That's what Iím asking.

Whitney: But I canít. I mean, I could never hurt my parents like that. It would kill them.

Chad: Look, you're not a kid anymore, all right? I mean, you got to leave home sometime. Look, your parents are wonderful, all right, but they canít keep you trapped in a cocoon your whole life.

Whitney: No. They donít do that. They just want what's best for me, that's all.

Chad: I know, I know. Look, if you want to stay here, keep playing tennis, then I wonít stop you. But if you want to do something different, something that you're terrific at, like singing, then come away with me. Let's accomplish our dreams together.

Tabitha: Timmy, what's wrong?

Timmy: Timmy -- the scroll -- Timmy heard a voice screaming. It was Timmy's voice! It was horrible! It was --

Tabitha: Well, what were you doing playing with that scroll? I told you not to.

Timmy: Timmy had to figure out what was going on around here after what zombie Charity said earlier.

Tabitha: Well, zombie Charity says a lot of things. What in particular concerns you?

Timmy: Everything's upside down -- the whole world. Luis and Sheridan are apart. Theresa and Ethan are separated. And that zombie Charity is pushing Miguel away, making Miguel think the real Charity doesnít love him. It makes Timmy sad.

Tabitha: Well, I told you it wasnít a good idea to become a real boy. Real boys get hurt. They feel pain in ways that dolls canít.

Timmy: Timmy's feeling pain right now.

Tabitha: Yes, I know, and Iím sorry. I wish I could protect you and keep you with me for hundreds of years, but I canít promise that now that you're a real, live, breathing, human boy.

Timmy: What's Tabitha mean by that? Tabby's not planning on leaving Timmy, is she?

Tabitha: Oh, no, of course not. After all we've been through together for the last few hundred years? I wouldnít turn my back on you. Now, enough of this. We've got to see what zombie Charity's up to and who she's separating now, and let's just hope to the dark side it isnít us.

Theresa: I really want you to go. Here. Let me have that.

Ethan: Are you sure you're all right?

Theresa: Of course not, Ethan, but I will be -- in time. But if I have to see you every day, standing in front of me, reminding me of everything I had, Iíll just go crazy. So, please, just go. Go ahead.

Ethan: What has gotten into her? She's not herself, that's for sure.

Zombie Charity [As Julian]: Good job, Theresa. Very good work indeed.

Theresa: You sure this is the way to get Ethan back?

Zombie Charity [As Julian]: Oh, yes. You threw him a curve ball to end all curve balls. He doesnít know what hit him.

Theresa: But will it work?

Zombie Charity [As Julian]: We'll see. If not, you always have me.

Theresa: Go to hell where you belong.

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