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Passions Transcript Tuesday 2/26/02

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Grace: I canít believe that Chad got Whitney drunk.

Sam: Yeah, well, T.C. believes that Chad was trying to take advantage of her.

Grace: Ok, we were not at the dance, we didnít see what happened, but I just canít believe that about Chad. I mean, he cares about Whitney.

Sam: Well, I agree. But something made Whitney behave the way she did tonight, throwing herself at Chad.

Grace: Eve and T.C. were devastated. I mean, they raised those girls so properly.

Sam: Worrying about a child is the hardest thing for a parent.

Grace: Yeah.

Sam: Hey. What is it?

Grace: I was just thinking about John. You know, we're going to have to talk to him.

Sam: You mean, about T.C.ís suspicions?

Grace: Yeah, that Ivy hired David to pretend that he was my husband and that John --

Sam: Isnít your son. Look, Grace, itís easy to prove. Like we talked about --

Grace: I know, itís a simple DNA test. But --

Sam: Hey, but what?

Grace: Itís just that, John is so happy to have finally found his mother. I donít know if I want to put him through all that turmoil right now.

[Knock on door]

John: Come in. Hi, Dad.

David: Hey. I thought you were at a party at the youth center, right?

John: Yeah.

David: Well? How was it?

John: I donít know, kind of strange. But, anyway, I had to come home and get some studying done before I crashed.

David: What was so strange about the party?

John: My cousin. Charity?

David: Yeah?

John: Sheís different. To say the least.

[Music plays]

John: Charity, I donít think this is such a good idea.

Zombie Charity: What?

John: You know, the way we're dancing? We're supposed to be cousins, right?

Zombie Charity: Yeah, right. Have you ever heard of kissing cousins?

John: But everyone else in my new family has been great. I'm really crazy about them.

David: Good. Good.

John: Finally getting to meet my mother has been fantastic. I donít know how to thank you, Dad.

David: Oh, you donít have to.

John: Yes, I do. You were the one who brought me to Harmony, let me get to know Grace, my mom.

Zombie Charity: Kay and Miguel. Miguel and Kay. Well, thatís one thing to cross off my "to do" list. Hmm. Yeah. Done and done.

Timmy: Timmyís not going to give up on his precious Charity.

Zombie Charity: Oh, yes, he is. And so should everybody else because there is nothing that anyone can do to survive my evil wrath.

Tabitha: Well, that went well. Very well, indeed. Nice work, Timmy. Well done.

Zombie Charity: Speaking of evil, thereís evil being hatched. Great evil. Look at those alley cats. Their claws are sheathed for the moment while they're plotting together. Oh, yes, the wheels are turning. And I think their plotting has to do with Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald.

Ivy: I wonder if Theresa really will kill herself or if this is just another one of her elaborate plans to get Ethan back.

Rebecca: Hmm. You know, I wouldnít put anything past the slut. But Pilar looked so terribly scared. I think itís probably true.

Ivy: Hmm. Just think, at this very moment, Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald could be dead.

[Zombie Charity laughs]

Tabitha: Theresaís dead? Whatís going on?

Zombie Charity: Who cares? As long as thereís evil and chaos in Harmony, life is good. Well, I've put in a full day of work, and so I want to have some fun.

Tabitha: What -- what kind of fun are you talking about?

Zombie Charity: I'm going out for a bit.

Timmy: The zombieís left Timmy and Tabby in the cave again. How are Timmy and Tabby going to get out?

Tabitha: Oh, I wish I knew, lad.

Tabitha: And why is Theresa in the water?

Theresaís voice: Itís over. I've lost Ethan. I've lost everything. No reason to live.

Ethan: Theresa!

Pilar: Theresa!

Ethan: Where could she be?

Pilar: Ethan, we have to find her. We canít let my baby commit suicide. Itís a mortal sin. She'll burn in hell.

Ethan: Donít worry, Pilar. We'll find her.

Pilar: Teresita!

Ethan: Come on. Theresa!

Pilar: Theresa!

Julianís voice: Theresa. Theresa.

Theresa: Who -- whoís that?

Julianís voice: It is Julian, my sweet. Julian Crane.

Theresa: Julian?

Julian: I'm waiting for you, Theresa. Come to me. Let yourself go.

Grace: Canít believe I'm asking my own son to take a DNA test.

Sam: Honey, thereís really nothing to it.

Grace: Look, I know. Itís a simple test.

Sam: And it will erase any doubts.

Grace: Well, you see, thatís the thing. I donít have any doubts. I know that John is my son. I know it in my heart and in my soul. I donít need proof.

Sam: Hey, come here. Hey, itís going to be all right.

Grace: I just canít lose another son. We lost our baby. God wouldnít take two sons away from me. It would be too cruel.

John: Hey, Mom and Sam are home. I think I'll go say hi to her, maybe score some hot chocolate and tomato soup cake. Come with me, Dad.

David: Oh, no. I donít think -- I mean --

John: You know how much you love her cake. Besides, I like seeing my parents together. Come on.

David: Damn you, Ivy.

Rebecca: Think of it -- Theresa dead.

Ivy: Yes. After all the pain sheís caused me and Ethan.

Rebecca: Me and Gwen.

Ivy: Wouldnít it be tragic?

Rebecca: Too, too tragic.

Timmy: Theresaís going to kill herself? Thatís horrible.

Tabitha: Ivy and Rebecca donít think so. They think itís altogether splendid.

Rebecca: Wouldnít it be awful if Theresa were gone.

Ivy: Had no more claim on the Crane estate.

Rebecca: And Ethan and Gwen could marry.

Ivy: As they should have.

Rebecca: Champagne?

Ivy: Why not?

Rebecca: A toast -- to Theresaís demise.

Ivy: May she burn in hell.

Julianís voice: Oh, come to me, Theresa. Follow the sound of my voice. Come.

Theresa: What is this place? Where am I? [Gasps] What was that? What is going on? Oh, God. Please, please, God, help me. Please. Oh! No! No! Please, let me go! Oh! Let me go! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh! No! Let me go! Let me go!

[Demon laughs]

Theresa: No. No, no, no. Please, let me go! Oh, God. No!

[Demon hisses]

Theresa: No! No! No! Please! Stop! No! No! Stop! Please! Please! Please! Stop! Please! Oh, my gosh!

[Demon laughs]

Demon: Come. Come to me.

Timmy: Where is Theresa going? Why is Julian calling her?

Tabitha: Donít you get it? Sheís dying. If sheís not dead already.

Timmy: But Timmy thought when people died, they went down a tunnel with a beautiful white light.

Tabitha: Oh, well, thatís one thing that happens to people when they die.

Timmy: People go to heaven another way?

Tabitha: Timmy, Theresa isnít going to heaven.

Timmy: What?

Tabitha: Sheís on the fast track to hell.

Timmy: Theresaís going to hell? Thatís terrible.

Tabitha: Now, listen, I donít want to hear any of that. Donít forget whose side we're on. And anyway, Theresa brought this on herself. She lied to Ethan, and then she married the man that Ethan thought was his father.

Timmy: But itís not fair. It wasnít her fault. Julian got her drunk.

Tabitha: Oh, please, Timmy. No one poured champagne down Theresaís throat. And no one made her lie to Ethan, either. And then, to top it all off, Theresa does the unthinkable, the biggest no-no of all -- she kills herself. Honey, with a resume like that, where would she expect to end up after she croaks?

Demon: I've been waiting for you, Theresa.

Theresa: No. No. No.

Ethan: Come on, Theresa, pick up. No answer.

Pilar: We have to find her, Ethan.

Ethan: Theresa!

Pilar: Whoís that? Theresa?

Miguel: No, Mama, itís me. Why are you looking for Theresa? Whatís going on?

Pilar: Have you seen her, mijo?

Miguel: Yeah, I just saw her a little while ago. Why?

Pilar: Well, we were talking at the house earlier, and sheís very upset.

Miguel: Yeah, well, of course sheís upset, you know, after the way Ethan broke up with her.

Ethan: Hey, Miguel --

Pilar: Please, thatís -- not now. We have to find your sister before she does something terrible.

Miguel: Wait, hold on. Whatís going on?

Gwen: Your mother thinks Theresa might try to kill herself.

Miguel: What?

Kay: No.

Ethan: Look, you said you saw her. Did she say anything? You think she might harm herself?

Miguel: Theresa -- no.

Kay: Theresa? What are you doing?

Theresa: Oh, I was --

Miguel: What are you doing up on the ledge?

Theresa: There is no tomorrow for me, Miguel.

Miguel: We have to find her.

Ethan: Where did you last see her?

Miguel: She was here on the wharf, over there.

Ethan: Letís go. Come on!

Timmy: Theresaís getting closer to hell. This is horrible. Theresaís going to spend her life in eternal damnation.

Tabitha: Well, thatís the good news. The bad news is that you and I have problems of our own. What if zombie Blondie decides she doesnít want us around anymore? We could be in even more dire straits than Theresa.

Timmy: Timmy doesnít think anyone could have it worse than Theresa does now.

[Demon laughs]

Rebecca: Well, thatís enough bonding for now. Back to reality.

Ivy: Finally.

Rebecca: You see, Theresaís death eliminates one Mrs. Crane. But thereís still the two of us. So I want to be perfectly clear about this, Ivy. I am not moving out of the mansion.

Ivy: Well, neither am I.

Rebecca: I am Mrs. Crane, and I fully intend to inherit all of Julianís money and power.

Ivy: Oh, you're going to get a big, fat zero on both counts, Rebecca. You were never really married to Julian. He was married to Theresa when the two of you wed.

Rebecca: What about you? You and Julian were divorced when he married Theresa. So you have been out of the loop for a long time now.

Ivy: Ethanís working on that. Heís going to show that the divorce wasnít legal.

Rebecca: Oh, he can work on it till heís blue in the face, but he isnít going to be able to change the fact that you and Julian severed the knot.

Ivy: You're not going to get anything, Rebecca. I'll make sure of that.

Rebecca: How? You donít have anything on me. But I, on the other hand, have plenty on you. So you back off and acknowledge me as the one, the only, the true Mrs. Crane, or I will expose your little plot to break up Sam and Grace.

Ivy: Like any sane person would believe you.

Rebecca: Johnís DNA test is going to prove that he is not Graceís son. And then I am going to tell everyone that you hired David and John to pretend to be the long lost husband and son. Think about it, Ivy. How is Ethan going to feel about his mother when he finds out how hard you have schemed to get Sam back? Oh, if I were you, I'd really think about this, Ivy. And think hard. And ask yourself one question -- are you willing to lose your son?

Sam: Hey, I know this isnít going to be easy. I've been going back and forth with this myself. I think the best thing to do is to have John take a DNA test just to remove any doubts.

Grace: I know that he is my son. Having John take some stupid test isnít going to change anything.

John: What are you talking about, Mom? What kind of test do you want me to take?

Theresa: No! Please! Stop! Please! What is this? What is --? [Screams] Where am I?

Hitler: Gotterdammerung.

Theresa: Whatís going on?

Hitler: Willkommen.

Mussolini: Ciao, bella.

Khrushchev: Tovarish!

Booth: Welcome to hell.

Theresa: Oh, no. No.

Hitler: Was ist los? Are you surprised? Did you or did you not jump off a wharf?

Theresa: Yes --

Mussolini: Allora?

Khrushchev: Nyet. Nyet, nyet!

Booth: Didnít think this could happen to as fine a young thing as yourself, did you, little lady? Well, it did.

Hitler: Dummkopf.

Theresa: Oh. If this is -- if this is what you say it is, why are you having coffee?

Hitler: Because we are a kaffee klatsch. [Laughs] You did not find that funny?

Mussolini: Per piacere.

Khrushchev: Nyet.

Booth: You kill me, Adolph.

Theresa: I -- I just -- I donít get why you're not --

Hitler: Not suffering the tortures of the damned?

Booth: Because we are the guests of honor, Theresa. Unfortunately, you donít fall into that category.

Hitler: But alone you are not.


Booth: You have friends here.

Mussolini: Amica.

[Demon hisses]  

Theresa: [Gasps] Oh, no. No!

Hitler: Ja.

Theresa: No!

Hitler: Ja.

Mussolini: Si, sŪ.

Khrushchev: Da, da, da.

Booth: You and this friend were very close once, Theresa.

Theresa: No! That -- that isnít a friend of mine! I donít know who that is! Please!

Hitler: Do not argue! Just look!

Theresa: Julian!

Julian: I told you I was waiting for you, my sweet.

Theresa: You --

Timmy: Julian sure has a lot of powers in hell.

Tabitha: Yes, doesnít he, though. Strange.

Julian: So -- happy to see me, wifey dear?

Hitler: I said you were not alone, did I not? Did you think I was making a joke? I may have a wunderbar sense of humor --

Theresa: No, Julian Crane isnít my friend! Heís the reason I'm here! He took everything away from me!

Hitler: What are friends for?

[Julian and Hitler laugh]

Theresa: You, Julian!

Julian: Now --

Theresa: You!

[Julian and Theresa groan]

Theresa: Julian!

Tabitha: Oh, that girl sure does have a lot of spunk.

Timmy: Julian deserves everything sheís giving him.

Tabitha: I should have pushed Theresa more. She could have been very useful. So useful, in fact, that maybe the powers of darkness wouldnít have taken away my powers.

Timmy: Donít worry, Princess. You've caused gaggles of pain throughout history.

Tabitha: Yeah. True enough, Timmy. But that doesnít seem to count for anything now. We're trapped. And thereís not a bloody thing I can do to get us out of this cave and away from zombie Charity.

Miguel: This is where I saw Theresa last.

Ethan: Well, where exactly?

Miguel: I already told you -- right here.

Ethan: Are you certain?

Miguel: Look, Ethan, why donít you just go home and let Mama and me look for Theresa.

Ethan: What --

Miguel: We wouldnít be in this situation in the first place if it wasnít for you. All right? If you didnít break up with her, she would have never even thought about committing suicide.

Ethan: Look, Miguel, I didnít mean to hurt Theresa --

Miguel: Ok, yeah, well, you did, ok? And if you werenít so selfish and you were a little more understanding, maybe this wouldnít have happened!

Ethan: Hey, Miguel, that is not --

Gwen: Hey, hey, Ethan, please. Please.

Pilar: Please stop it, both of you. This is not the time for fighting.

Gwen: Why donít we just concentrate on looking for Theresa?

Ethan: Theresa?

Miguel: Theresa?

Pilar: Theresa?

Miguel: Theresa?

Ethan: Dear God, let her be all right. I've just got this horrible feeling sheís in terrible trouble -- or worse.

Julian: Why do you want to hurt me?

Theresa: You're the reason I'm here, Julian!

Julian: I?

Theresa: Yeah, you did this to me! You made me commit suicide!

Julian: You're making me angry, dear. You wonít like me when I'm angry.

[Theresa gasps]

[Demon growls]

Theresa: [Screams] No, let me go! Please!

Demon: Beating on me will not solve your problems, Theresa. But listening just might.

Theresa: Ok. Ok. You know, I -- I donít understand. How will listening to you solve my problems?

Julian: Well, I have solutions, options. But committing suicide was never one of them. You took the easy way out.

Theresa: But there was no reason for me to live anymore. I couldnít have Ethan. He said that he could never love me again.

Julian: But you gave up too soon. You could have had Ethan again, but you blew it. You blew it for all eternity.

Timmy: What is Julian up to?

Tabitha: I donít know. But his powers are certainly very impressive, Timmy. I wonder -- could he have made a deal with the underworld?

Timmy: Timmy doesnít like the sound of that.

Tabitha: He would be a very powerful spawn, much more powerful than I've ever been.

Timmy: Poor Theresa.

Tabitha: Indeed. Theresaís in big trouble now, Timmy. She is face to face with the purest evil imaginable. No mortal comes away from such an encounter without being changed forever.

Rebecca: You know, I'm just trying to envision this little scene. What is Ethan going to say? What is he going to say when he learns about your plot?

Ivy: You can envision all you want, Rebecca.

Rebecca: Could he possibly feel the same way about his mother? Oh, I donít think so. In fact, he might even think that you set Theresa up, that maybe everything that happened wasnít her fault.

Ivy: Never.

Rebecca: He might even think that you pushed Theresa down the path to hell. Ooh, Ethan is going to hate you. Oh, you are going to lose your precious son.

Ivy: Ethan will never believe you, Rebecca.

Rebecca: Oh, I can be very persuasive. And the groundís already been laid. Oh, and what about David? I mean, he could turn on you any second. Oh. Ivy, the possibilities are endless. The only question is, are you willing to chance it? Are you willing to risk the love of your son? Because all I have to do is say one little word and you lose everything. You lose Sam, you lose Ethan, and you lose the Crane fortune. So hereís the bottom line, Ivy -- either you back off or am I going to take everything that you covet.

John: Mom, what kind of test do you want me to take?

Sam: David? You want to weigh in on this?

John: What does he mean, Dad?

David: Um --

John: Dad, do you know what this is about? Would somebody please tell me whatís going on?

Grace: John --

Sam: What we're doing is taking precautions, thatís all.

John: Precautions?

Grace: Sam, he needs to know.

Sam: Grace, I'll tell him.

Grace: I should tell him.

John: Now I'm really getting worried.

Grace: Ok, John, thereís been a question raised about your father.

John: What?

Grace: If I was married to him. You see, I have amnesia --

John: I know, but --

Grace: So I canít remember that time in my life. I donít remember if I was married to David.

John: I understand, but whatís that got to do with my taking some test? What test?

Grace: Thereís a suspicion that Ivy Crane hired your father to pretend that he was my husband all as a plot to break up Sam and me. And if thatís true, then that means that --

John: I'm not your son. And you're not my mother.

Grace: But we donít know that. And if we have a DNA test, then we would have proof.

John: But itís crazy. I mean, you're saying my father is lying? No way. Dadís too honorable to lie. Wait a minute. Do you think Ivy Crane hired me, too?

Grace: No. John, no.

John: Dad and I would never do such a thing. Never. Donít you trust Dad and me? Donít you believe us?

Theresa: What do you mean, I could have had Ethan?

Julian: Well, just that.

Theresa: No, he told me that there was no chance we could ever get back together.

Julian: [Chuckles] You believed him?

Theresa: Yes.

Julian: So you gave up?

Theresa: What else could I do?

Julian: You were a Crane, Theresa. You were my wife. You should have thought like a Crane, fought like a Crane. If you had, you'd be on the road to being back with Ethan, instead of here in hell avec moi.

Theresa: What could I have done differently, Julian? How could I have made Ethan change his mind?

Timmy: Timmy was afraid of this.

Tabitha: What?

Timmy: Theresaís falling for what Julianís saying to her.

Tabitha: Yes. She is. And if you thought Theresa was in trouble before, you just wait and see what Julian and the dark forces have in store for her now.

Ethan: Do you think she might have jumped?

Pilar: Oh, dear God, no!

Miguel: Theresa! Theresa!

Ethan: Theresa?

Pilar: Teresita, mija.

Woman: Whatís going on? Who are you calling for?

Pilar: We're looking for my daughter, Theresa.

Woman: What does she look like?

Ethan: Sheís beautiful. She has dark hair.

Miguel: She was wearing, like, dark pants and a big sheepskin coat.

Ethan: Right. Well, have you seen her?

Woman: Uh -- I think we may have, yes.

Second Woman: We just called 911.

Pilar: What? Why?

Woman: A girl fitting that description was here.

Second Woman: We saw her jump into the water.

Pilar: Oh, my baby! Oh, dear God!

Ethan: Theresa!

Gwen: No, Ethan! Ethan, please donít --

Kay: Miguel, no. Miguel!

Pilar: Oh, no!

Miguel: Let go!

Kay: No!

Ethan: Theresa!

John: Do you think Dad and I have been lying to you?

Grace: No. John, I donít think anything of the sort. You see, thereís just some people --

[Phone rings]

Sam: Itís Kay. Hey, honey.

Kay: Daddy, hey, itís Kay. Can you please come down here right now?

Sam: Down where? What happened?

Kay: We're at the wharf. We think -- we think Theresa may have tried to commit suicide tonight.

Sam: What?

Grace: What happened?

Kay: I donít know. Ethan just jumped into the water after her. The oceanís freezing, Dad. Heís going to die. Can you please just come down here?

Sam: Stay right there. I'm on my way.

Grace: Sam --

Sam: Theresa might have tried to commit suicide tonight, and Ethanís jumped in the ocean to save her. I've got to get down there.

Grace: Oh, my God. I'm going to go with you.

Sam: I'll call Ivy on the way.

Grace: John, I -- I am so sorry about all of this, but I love you and we're going to talk.

John: I'm coming with you. I wonít get in the way, I promise.

Grace: Ok.

John: I love you, Mom. And I know you donít really doubt Dad or me.

Sam: We got to go.

Grace: Ok.

John: Dad?

David: You go ahead, John. I'll catch up with you.

[Door closes]

David: When John takes that DNA test, you are going to burn, Ivy. But I'm going to burn, too. My son is going to hate me forever.

Rebecca: So, whatís it going to be, Ivy? You going to back off and give me whatís rightfully mine?

Ivy: Oh, one thing I can assure you, Rebecca -- you're going to get whatís coming to you.

[Phone rings]

Ivy: Itís Sam. Hello? What -- what? Oh, yes. Dear God. I'll get there as soon as I can.

Rebecca: What, trouble?

Ivy: Damn that Theresa. Sheís hurting Ethan even when sheís dead.

Rebecca: Even when sheís --

Ivy: Yes, yes. Have my car brought around immediately. I'll meet it out front.

Rebecca: Ivy, what is going on?

Ivy: Ethan jumped into the ocean after Theresa. The water is freezing this time of the year. He could die.

Rebecca: No. No, he canít die. Heís got to marry Gwen.

Theresa: What could I have done to get Ethan back?

Julian: Well, I'll tell you, dear. If you'd have thought like a Crane --

Theresa: But itís too late. I mean, isnít it, Julian? I'm dead.

Julian: Uh -- no, Theresa. In hell, itís never too late. There might be a way to get you back to your life and give you everything you ever wanted, including Ethan. Now, you just listen carefully while I explain how Ethan can be yours. [Chuckles]

Tabitha: I see. The forces of darkness are using Julian to hatch an incredible plan. If they could somehow bring Theresa back to life and bring her back to pursue Ethan in Harmony, it'll bring more pain and chaos than we have ever seen before.

Timmy: Then why is Princess scared? Timmy thought Tabby liked chaos and pain.

Tabitha: Normally, yes. But this is different. If the powers of darkness are going to do what I think they're going to do, then no one will be spared, Timmy, not even you and I.

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