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Passions Transcript Tuesday 2/19/02

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Hank: Luis, Sheridanís dead. Sheís not coming back. You are going to have to move on. Find love again. If you wonít listen to me, read Sheridanís letter again. She tells you herself what she wants you to do.

Luis: It would be different if she was dead, Hank, sheís alive. I saw her tonight in the ocean, in the cottage, at the gazebo. I held her in my arms and we talked, we kissed. Hank, it was a miracle.

Hank: It was your imagination. It didnít happen. Luis, you want Sheridan back so much that you even had Theresa going there for a minute, thinking we had seen you in the Crane swimming pool with her. It was in your mind, your grief is playing tricks on you making you think all kinds of crazy stuff.

Hank: As God as my witness, it happened, Hank.

Beth: Luis, you're a cop. Your life is not based on dreams and fantasies. Itís based on facts, cold hard realities and you are going to have to face yours before itís too late. I got to go. I'll check in on you later.

Hank: I'll keep an eye on him.

Beth: Thanks.

Luis: Am I ever going to get over you, Sheridan?

Diana: Brian, isnít it late to be working?

Brian: Might as well, I couldnít sleep if I tried.

Diana: What has you so upset?

Brian: Iím worried about you, Diana.

Diana: About what you said to me earlier? Why did you say it? Why did you tell me to just forget about the man I love and move on?

Brian: Because you need to for your own good.

Diana: Well, I canít. Donít you get it? This man is my soul mate. Heís the love of my life. I just canít move on, I canít.

Timmy: Timmy thinks the real Charity is starting to melt.


Miguel: Did you hear that? I heard a scream.

Reese: I think I did, too.

Jessica: I definitely did.

Miguel: We have to find a way in there, Reese, someone is trapped in there and it could be Charity.

Hank: Let me help you get those inside. There.

Pilar: Thank you.

Hank: You shouldnít be out alone at this time of the night. Whoever killed Julian Crane is still out on the loose.

Pilar:  Iím not afraid but I appreciate your help. Itís been a long day.

Hank: Tell me about it.

Pilar: Whatís wrong?

Hank: Nothing. Everythingís fine.

Pilar: Hank Bennett, I have known you since you were a boy; you are like one of my sons. I know when something is bothering you.

Hank: Someone.

Pilar: Itís Luis, isnít it?

Hank: I donít mean to upset you Pilar, but Iím worried about him. Luis wonít let go of Sheridan. Heís convinced that sheís going to come back to him.

Pilar: I know. I know how much he misses her. He was so upset at the mansion earlier.

Hank: Itís more than that. Heís actually started to see visions of Sheridan.

Pilar: What?

Hank: He thinks he was with her tonight, several times, in fact. He is so adamant about it that he had Theresa and me convinced almost.

Pilar: Oh, dear God. Iím afraid itís partly my fault. I encourage Luis to have hope, faith that a miracle would bring Sheridan back to him and maybe I was wrong to suggest to pray for the impossible. Hank, ever since that phone call when Luis heard Sheridan and I heard Antonio, I just am so sure that my oldest son was coming home for Christmas. If God could bring Antonio back to me he could bring Sheridan back to Luis. And Antonio didnít come home and neither did Sheridan and now Luis are and I are both hurting.

Hank: Sorry Pilar.

Pilar: God forgive me for trying to help my son. Maybe I should have never suggested that Sheridan would come back to him.

Luis: Hey.

Beth: Hey.

Luis: Thanks for the coffee and the book.

Beth: You know, I wasnít sure it was the right thing to do. I was just afraid it would add to your grief, you know, open old wounds which it has. Iím sorry, Luis, I really am.

Luis: No, you did the right thing. This is what Sheridan wanted. Iím so honored to have it. This was hard, you know. Hey, Luis, move on, just let it go. I canít. I still have this hope that Sheridanís going to come back to me. Sometimes she feels so close, like tonight. You know, I could have sworn that she and I were together. She was just as real as you or I and then Sheridan left me. I tried so hard to hold on to her. She left me. I donít even know what to think anymore. My head tells me one thing and my heart tells me another.

Beth: I wish there was something I could do.

Luis: Hey, I better go. Itís late. Thanks.

Beth: Luis?

Luis: Yeah.

Beth: Nothing. Take care of yourself, okay.

Luis: Yeah.

Beth: Itís cold out there and you always forget to button up.

Luis: You always take care of me. Thanks. I'll see ya.

Beth: Bye.

Diana: Why did you tell me to forget about the man I love?

Brian: Because I love you. And I canít stand to see you live with this kind of pain.

Diana: I canít help the way I feel.

Brian: Neither can I.

Sheridan: Brian.

Brian: Diana, just hear me out. I know you feel like you and the man you loved had past lives together, that you were on the Titanic with each other and tonight you felt like you were reunited with him.

Diana: I was. Iím sure of it.

Brian: I admit that it did look like you were talking to someone in the ocean earlier and that I did have to struggle when I was pulling you back to shore because it felt like someone was holding on to you and didnít want to let you go.

Diana: Because it was him. Donít you see? He was holding on to me. The man I love wanted to keep me with him. It proves we it was real. The two of us were together not just once but several times, I mean, he held me in his arms. We talked. We kissed. Thatís why I canít let go; the connection is just too strong. I know that it seems impossible but somehow our love has transcended through time and space to reunite us.

Brian: I canít deny that there were some really strange things happened tonight. The man you love is not coming back.

Diana: Donít say that.

Brian: I donít want to. Listen, Diana, I feel for you and I feel for the pain you suffered but heís not coming back. I donít think heís going to come back ever.

Charity: What gives? How can this ice be melting?

Tabitha: What did you do?

Timmy: Timmy didnít do anything.

Charity: Donít you lie to me, brat. You have wanted her deiced from the get-go.

Tabitha: Stop picking on Timmy. Heís not to blame. How could he be?

Charity: Then who is?

Timmy: Maybe itís global warming.

Charity: Who asked you?

Tabitha: Are you certain? I think its Charityís heart that is melting the ice. Look how itís glowing.

Timmy: That is what Timmy calls heart burn.

Charity: I'll show you burning if you donít shut up. All right. Charity canít just defrost herself, not if -- so cold. That should keep her from melting.

Tabitha: Good job.

Charity: Thatís nothing. Just watch me.

Timmy: Timmy was hoping that Charity was defrosting.

Charity: Not on my watch. Oh, no. I have to think of a way to keep this one frozen solid.

Tabitha: So Kay can win Miguel.

Charity: Yeah thereís that among other things.

Timmy: What does she mean?

Charity: Well, thereís a major campaign of evil in Harmony and I really donít want Miss Goodie Gum Drop interfering with what I started.

Tabitha: Started? You have already brought other evil into town, havenít you?

Charity: You bet.

Tabitha: What does zombie Charity know about Julian Craneís murder?

Charity: Why everything.

Tabitha: Who did it? Who killed Julian Crane?

Charity: You will have to wait and find out but I tell you that there will be mega pain and suffering when the truth comes out.

Timmy: Ooh.

Tabitha: The ice is melting again. Charity is going to defrost in no time.

Charity: Iím going to put a stop to this once and for all.

Tabitha: Oh, my devil. I know what this is and I know what is causing it, too.

Miguel: Anything yet, Reese?

Reese: Not even a budge.

Miguel: There has to be a way to move these rocks and get into the cave.

Reese: I donít know how. It looks like they have all been sealed together with some sort of tar.

Jessica: There are roses.

Miguel: Roses donít grow here in winter time.

Reese: Wait a second. I smell it, too.

Kay: Ditto that.

Miguel: Now something weird is going on here.

Reese: That refreshing rosy scent seems to be coming from inside the cave.

Miguel: I told you, someoneís back there.

Charity: Stop fighting me!

Miguel: Did you hear that?

Reese:  The second time I heard it. I know itís Charity.

Jessica: Are you sure?

Miguel: Iím positive.

Jessica: Miguel, thatís impossible. How could Charity have gotten behind there when you canít enter the seal?

Miguel: I donít know but I know itís her.

Reese: Miguel thinks there is a chance Charity is back there. She might be in trouble. We have to find a way in.

Kay: If you do, I'll be in trouble, too. Big trouble.

Brian: Holding to memories of him and not being able to move on with your life, itís keeping you from having the happiness that you deserve. If I was your lover I would search to the ends of the earth to find you but you have been on this island for months. So it doesnít look like heís coming back for you.

Diana: How can you say that after what happened tonight?

Brian:  I say that, I mean, I am talking about in a permanent physical sense. I donít think that heís on this earth anymore or in this world. When I say that, I mean, Iím sorry. I donít think heís coming back. I donít think that he can come back.

Hank: Luis needs to move on with his life. He canít keep waiting for something that canít happen. Sheridan is gone and it doesnít mean he has to be alone. Thereís Beth. She still loves him, she always has.

Pilar: Beth is a good girl, devoted to her frail mother and to God.

Hank: She would like to rekindle the relationship they once had. I know that she hopes it works out this time.

Pilar: You know, I always thought that Luis would marry Beth but he came to believe it was his responsibility to take care of the family. He put our well being ahead of his happiness. He told Beth that he felt it was wrong for them to get married when our family was in such dire straits. That left Beth broken hearted but she never stopped loving him because she knew he had done the right thing. Beth wouldnít push him. She loves him too much for that.

Hank: Iím just saying that Luis has a chance at love again. Heís going to let it pass him by because of this fantasy that Sheridan is going to come back to him.

Pilar: I really do believe that there was hope, that miracles happen, especially at Christmas. But Antonio didnít come home. I guess Sheridan must not be coming back either.

Hank: Tell that to Luis. He'll listen if you tell him.

Luis: Tell me what?

Reese: Almost got it.

Miguel: Kay, we need had your help.

Reese: Give us a hand, sweetie.

Jessica: Why wonít you help us, Kay? Donít you want us to get inside?

Miguel: On three. One, two, three.

Tabitha: Whatís happening? Miguel is nearby and heís looking for Charity.

Charity; Get a clue, Tabitha. Kay knows the real Charity is on ice. Do you think she would let Miguel come near this place?

Timmy: Well, maybe, Kay tried to stop him but couldnít.

Tabitha: Miguel and Charityís love is very strong. It saved Charity from demons, fire, flood and avalanche. Even Hell itself. Now you can see what a difficult time I've had trying to dispatch Charity. Even she gave it her best shot and she failed. Their love keeps saving the Charity brat.

Timmy: The power of love, Timmyís love will save the real Charity.

Charity: Both of you just shut your pie holes.

Timmy: Thereís a pie?

Charity: I donít buy any of this power of love saves the day nonsense, all right.

Timmy: Zombie Charity will see that true love conquers all.

Charity: Why donít you embroider that on a pillow and then gag yourself with it.

Timmy: That is the rudest zombie Timmy has ever met.

Tabitha: Isnít she though? The power of Miguel and Charityís love is melting that ice and unless you do something about it and fast, Blondie will be free. And you will be back to playing bit parts in peopleís nightmares.

Luis: What is it that you want to tell me?

Pilar: Oh, we were talking private.

Luis: Itís about Sheridan, isnít it? About me believing that sheís coming back.

Pilar: Yes, it is. I think itís time that you accept the truth, that Sheridan is gone.

Luis: You were the one that kept encouraging me to believe in miracles. You are the one that said never give up hope that she was coming back.

Pilar: I know. Iím sorry. I realize now that it was wrong to tell you that.

Luis: Why? You have faith, you believe in miracles.

Pilar: Still, I realize that I gave you false hope, Luis and you're hurting because of it, unable to move on with your life. So where is this coming from? What made you change your mind?

Luis: I have my reasons.

Pilar: What reasons? Luis, there comes a time when you just need to let go and that time has come for you now.

Luis: Mama, Sheridan came back to me.

Pilar: Luis! Luis, I donít want to see you living your life in limbo, letting your life pass you by as I have for more years than I care to remember. I held on to the hope that your father would come home one day and he hasnít. Maybe I was wrong to wait for him. Maybe it was a mistake for me not to have remarried.

Luis: Mama.

Pilar: No, Luis, maybe if I had remarried you wouldnít have felt responsibility to take care of this family, you would have married Beth and had a family of your own.

Luis: I would never have fallen in love with her. Sheridan. We were meant to be together. She is the love of my life.

Pilar: I know but Sheridanís gone. Sheís not coming back.

Brian: I donít mean to be blunt, Diana but you need to make a decision. Either you put the man you love and his memory to rest or keep on hoping for the impossible to happen. It is killing me to think that one day you might realize that your whole life has passed you by, all of the happiness you could have had. I love you and you know that. I got offered a job on a fishing boat and if I take it then Iím going to have to be out at sea for six months.

Diana: Six months?

Brian: I need this job but I'll turn it down to stay here with you if you're willing to put this man that you love behind you.

Diana: You would do that for me?

Brian: I canít bear to watch you torture yourself like this.

Why wonít you help us, Kay? It is like you donít want us to get inside.

Kay: Itís not that. Itís just that I donít know whatís back there and I donít want anybody to get hurt. It could be dangerous.

Miguel: Way to be concerned but somebody is back here and I am pretty sure it is Charity. We have to find a way to get in. Come on.

Pull! Oh, shoot, now we'll never get in.

There has to be another way. We just have to find it.

Charity: No wonder my friends in the basement took away your powers. You are too dumb to deserve them.

Timmy: Stop dissing Timmyís Princess like that.

Charity: Listen, kid, anyone that thinks that Miguelís love is strong enough to make her heart glow and melt the ice deserves to be dissed. That is wrong. Case closed.

Timmy: That must be Miguel trying to get in.

Charity: No, itís not.

Tabitha: What is it then? Thunder? A chain gang on a midnight spree?

Charity: Well, we'll just see wonít we? Outside of the cave. Fine. You're right. Miguel is out there with the other losers.

Timmy: Told you so.

Charity: Yes. Look at Kay just standing there. How could she let this happen?

Tabitha: I am sure she tried to stop him, as have I.

Timmy: More times than Timmy can count.

Timmy: Nothing can keep Charity and Miguel apart. Not even a zombie.

Charity: Miguel can try all he wants; heís not getting through this rock. They are stuck like glue.

Timmy: Zombie Charity keeps forgetting that true love conquers all.

Tabitha: Timmy has a point. If the ice surrounding Charity continues to melt then your ooze filled rock barrier will open up, too, allowing Miguel and company to get in here and then the three of us will get it for sure.

Timmy: Thaw, Charity, thaw. Timmy knows your love can do it.

Brian: Diana, you know I love you. Iím willing not to take this job just to stay here and help you get through this.

Diana: I canít believe you would do that for me.

Brian: Whatever you want, whatever it takes. I mean, even if you were to find another man that you would fall in love with, it would be okay with me. I just want you to be happy. But you have to commit to making a decision to let this man go, the memory of him behind you. Thatís what he would want, Diana, he would want you to be happy, to live your life to the fullest. You know I love you and I want to be with you more than anything else in this world. For now, for me, I just canít bear to watch you torture yourself anymore.

Pilar: I have known Sheridan since she was a child. I know that she wouldnít want you to be torturing yourself this way. She would want you to move on with your life and find love again. It would break her heart to know that her death has stopped you from moving on with your life.

Luis: I donít think that Sheridanís dead. I think sheís alive and sheís out there somewhere.

Pilar: All right. Then, if you really believe she came to you, then go to her. Talk to her about the confusion and the pain that you're feeling.

Luis: How am I supposed to go to her? Because I donít know where she is?

Pilar: You and Sheridan had a spiritual bond. You were soul mates in the truest sense. Try to reach her, Luis. Ask her what she wants you to do. But, son, let your heart be open to her answer, my son. Let your heart be open to the truth.

Charity: You're wrong as usual, Tab. Charityís not getting out of cold storage and Miguel is not getting in here and saving her.

Tabitha: If Timmy and I had a nickel for every time we thought that we would be living the life with a summer house at the beach and a winter home in the mountains. But as our presence here suggests, that is not the case. So Miguel will save little Miss Snow Cone as usual and if we somehow survive, you will be in the hot seat with our friends in the basement and when I say hot seat, I mean, hot seat.

Charity: Miguel can try all he wants. Heís not getting in here and finding her.

Timmy: What was that?

Tabitha: It seems that the rock barrier is going the way of the Berlin wall. Itís coming down.

Reese: We must have loosened them up earlier.

Miguel: Maybe enough that we can get through.

Tabitha: About the rocks being bonded with ooze so no one can find us, can I quote you on that, dear?

Charity: All right. So a couple of rocks fell. Itís still impossible for anyone to get in here and besides Charity is still trapped in the ice.

Pilar: My young, beautiful son, Antonio. I should give myself the same advice that I gave Luis about Sheridan, just move on with my life. Our Lady of Guadalupe. The same one that Antonio always wore. Antonio was here, he was here for Christmas after all. If he was here then maybe -- then maybe Sheridan was really with Luis.

Brian: I love you, Diana; I canít stand to see you hurting like this.

Diana: What am I going to do? I still love you, I still feel connected to you. I canít shake this feeling in my heart that we were together tonight. I wish you could be here with me right now. Maybe Brian is right, maybe you really are gone. I canít stop feeling though that somehow, some way; there is a chance that you will actually come back to me. I just canít imagine living without you. Going on without you, what should I do? What would you want me to do?

Luis: Sheridan, I hope you can hear me. Somehow this finds its way to you, I love you so much. It is like we're two halves of a whole connected by our heart and soul. I just need to talk to you because I donít know what else to do. You know everyone is telling me that you're gone, and that you're not coming back. I need to get on with my life. Iím just not sure that I can do that unless I give up hope that you're coming back. Are you coming back? Because if you are, I will never give up hope. I know that you're out there somewhere so Iím begging you to please answer me. Please answer me, should I give up hope, my love, or is there a chance you will come back to me?

Diana: Should I move on, my love? Is there a chance you will come back to me? Could that be a clue?

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