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Passions Transcript Monday 2/18/02

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T.C.: She's all right, isn't she, Eve? Please tell me our little girl's going to be ok.

Marty: Mrs. Crane? Marty here.

Ivy: Well, what news do you have?

Marty: Nothing good. In fact, it could be real bad. Whitney Russellís collapsed, and I'm -- I'm scared she could be dead.

Ivy: Dead? What are you talking about?

Marty: I think I gave her too much of the drug, Mrs. C, which makes us murderers.

Eve: Whitney. Whitney.

Miguel: I'm telling you, it was Charity's voice coming from behind the rock wall.

Kay: I thought you said you weren't sure it was her.

Miguel: Ok, well, maybe it wasn't Charity, but then it was somebody else, someone who might need help.

Kay: You were right the first time, Miguel. It is Charity. Good. The ice is still frozen solid. There's no way that Charity can get out. I have to keep Miguel from finding her. He can't ever know what I've done.

Brian: Diana, I know you shared a deep love with someone from your past, a love so strong that, even though you have amnesia, you still remember his face.

Diana: Yes.

Brian: But you don't remember his name, his identity.

Diana: No.

Brian: And I also know that your memory is conflicted. I mean, earlier you were saying that he was dead, and now all of a sudden you think he's alive.

Diana: Because of what happened tonight. Because of what I experienced.

Brian: Because you think that you were with him.

Diana: I know I was with him. He held me in his arms. I could feel his heartbeat!

Brian: I'm sorry, I just don't see how that could happen if he's dead.

Diana: Look, I don't understand it, either. All I know is that I was with my love. And now I'm hoping that soon -- very soon -- we will reunite. Our love is pulling us back towards each other again. I can feel it.

Beth: So this fortuneteller -- the one at Sheridanís birthday party -- that must have been a lot for a little girl to handle.

Luis: Yeah. The fortuneteller told her that she would never be happy -- she would find the man she loves but never find happiness with him.

Beth: That's just what happened. You and Sheridan were supposed to get married, and then you were just torn apart.

Charity: So, tell me how you did it.

Tabitha: How I did what?

Charity: Don't you play games with me, Tabby. You said you'd tell me how you split apart Luis and Sheridan when they were lovers in ancient Egypt.

Tabitha: Oh, yes, so I did. All right, if you really want to learn something.

Charity: I do.

Tabitha: Well, actually, it was Antony and Cleopatra back then. Their love was so strong, so powerful, they could have ruled the world. Of course, I had to do something about it. I had to stop them. So --

Tabitha: Soldier Timithious, has Marc Antony arrived yet?

Timithious: No.

Tabitha: Good. I want you to delay him coming into the queen's chambers.

Timithious: Why?

Tabitha: Just do as I say, Timithious. Now, go.

Timithious: My general, may Timithious have a word with you?

Marc Antony: Yes, but make it quick. I'm on my way to see my love, Cleopatra. Timithious, your queen means the world to me.

Timithious: What is Tabitha up to now?

Cleopatra: I cannot wait for Marc Antony to arrive.

Tabitha: So you keep saying, your magnificence.

Cleopatra: He and I have a plan that will keep us together forever. [Laughs] [Sighs]

Tabitha: I have a plan of my own, Cleopatra dear. The next time Marcus Antonius lays eyes on you, you'll be dead.

Eve: Whitney -- Whitney, honey, it's me. It's Mom.

T.C.: And Dad, sweetheart. We're both here.

Eve: Everything's going to be fine.

T.C.: Sweetheart, she's not responding.

Marty: She croaks and we're looking at murder one.

Ivy: Well, you're the one who gave her the drug.

Marty: Well, you're the one who paid me to do it. We're in this together, Mrs. C, like it or not.

[Whitney moans]

T.C.: Sweetheart, she's coming to.

Whitney: Mommy, Daddy, what is going on?

T.C.: Honey, it's ok. You're ok.

Eve: Everything's going to be fine.

Whitney: Oh, I'm just tired. I'm just tired. I'm really tired, Mommy.

Eve: Well, her pulse is fine.

[Whitney yawns]

Eve: She seems ok, just -- just exhausted.

T.C.: This is a bad time for this to happen. We have a tennis tournament in the morning. Do you think she'll be ok by then?

Eve: I'm not sure.

T.C.: We have to get up early. We have to drive into Boston.

Eve: I don't know, T.C. She seems pretty spent.

T.C.: Damn that Chad for getting her drunk.

Eve: Honey, we don't know that. We don't know anything.

Marty: She came to. She didn't die.

Ivy: But she almost did.

Marty: You're one cold lady.

Ivy: No. Eve Russell brought this on herself. All I did was ask her to change some test results at the hospital, which she has done before. But no, no, Eveís gotten too cocky these days, told me she wouldn't do what I wanted her to do. No. Well, Eve Russell will be changing her tune. Now I have her exactly where I want her. I've shown her what happens when you say no to Ivy Crane. What happens to your family. Ok. Oh, yes. Eve will do exactly what I tell her to do from now on.

Kay: I've got to keep Miguel from getting into that cave. But how? I'll get him lost. I'll take him in the wrong direction. He won't even see the cave. Hey, Miguel! Where are you going? The cave is this way!

Miguel: No, it isn't.

Kay: No, I'm positive it's in the other direction.

Miguel: Ok, if you say so. Just hope you're right. Come on, guys.

Jessica: Coming.

Kay: At least this'll buy me some time.

Brian: So, tell me again about tonight. Tell me how you were with your lover.

Diana: I was in his arms. First we were in the ocean. Then we were in some sort of pool. There were lights. Strange lights.

Brian: Yeah. Yeah, we saw those, too. Doc said it was the power of the Bermuda Triangle and that the power of the Triangle was so strong, that's what brought your dead lover back from beyond the grave and that's why you disappeared.

Diana: The Triangle.

Brian: And he said that it pulled you two together, and because you were together, we thought you were dead, too.

Diana: Dead? No, we were very much alive.

Brian: Well, I've been around these islands for quite some time now, and I've heard a lot of strange stories that can be attributed to the Triangle. But Doc -- he buys into that stuff. I donít.

Diana: Triangle. Maybe that explains what happened before.

Brian: What are you talking about, before?

Diana: I've had other visions of my love. They weren't like what happened tonight. They -- they weren't real. They were strange. They were -- no. You'll think Iím crazy.

Brian: No, I wonít. Why don't you tell me?

Diana: Well, there were these visions -- dreams. They were actually like snapshots of past lives with my love.

Brian: Past lives?

Diana: See? I knew you'd think I was crazy.

Brian: No -- listen, I know you told me about dreams that you had about being on the Titanic with somebody --

Sheridan: No, but it was more that. I mean, it's almost like he and I have shared this love that has been flourishing throughout time.

Tabitha: The noblest Roman of them all, once or twice removed, was coming. So I had to get the queen of the Nile all snazzed up.

Cleopatra: Oh, Tabitha, how do I look?

Tabitha: Like a Goddess, exalted one.

Cleopatra: I don't want that. I want to look mortal, desirable!

Tabitha: There's not a man alive who could resist your sensuality.

Cleopatra: It must be so. Soon Lord Antony and I will truly be free to love one another.

Tabitha: How can that be, Majesty?

Cleopatra: Well, since you are my most trusted servant, Iíll let you in on my little secret. I'm going to renounce the throne -- just give it up. Antony and I are going away, just the two of us.

Tabitha: Just the two of you?

Cleopatra: Well, and a few hundred servants or so, and, of course, Antony will need his army, and the fleet, and the barge and my crew. Aside from that, it will just be the two of us.


Cleopatra: Could that be he? Oh, my Lord Antony. And here I am, still unprepared. You must keep him at bay until Iím ready, Tabitha.

Tabitha: At bay. At bay. Yes, your divinity.

Marc Antony: Well, what I feel for this woman, this Goddess in human form, goes beyond love, centurion.

Timithious: Timithious is heartened to hear it, Marc Antony.

Marc Antony: Hmm. And the sacrifice that she's willing to make -- to give up her throne --

Timithious: Timithious thinks it must be as you say -- beyond what mortals think of as love.

Marc Antony: Hmm. And here is her handmaiden. Where is the mistress? Where is my Cleopatra?

Tabitha: Soon, my lord. She has not readied herself as yet. She longs to join you. She begs your patience. Should not be more than a few grains of sand before she's in your arms.

Marc Antony: Well, I'm an impatient man, but she is worth the wait.

Tabitha: You will never see her alive again, Marcus Antonius.

Miguel: Finally. There's the rock wall. I knew you were wrong about where it was, Kay.

Kay: Sorry.

Reese: It was an honest mistake, sweetheart.

Miguel: Come on, Reese.

Kay: My only mistake was not realizing we were going to be back here so fast.

Miguel: So you think this device of yours is going to work?

Reese: Of course. This baby's state-of-the-art.

Miguel: How does it work again?

Reese: Well, it's ultra sophisticated, but basically it sends out waves, and it'll tell us whether or not there's a cavern on the other side of this wall.

Miguel: And if there is, then I could be right. Charity could be back there.

Reese: Mm-hmm.

Kay: What am I going to do?

Charity: So, what happened next?

Tabitha: Listen and learn, my zombie friend.

Marc Antony: Yes, life is empty without true love. But I trust that one day you will find yours.

Timithious: Timithious thinks he already has.

Marc Antony: Could it be that someone's already captured your heart? She is a beauty, no doubt.

Timithious: Timithious loves her so much. Perhaps one day he'll summon up the courage to ask for her hand.

Marc Antony: Of course he will. A braver man Iíve never served in battle with. That maid will be yours one day, mark my word. What is keeping my true love?

Timithious: Tabitha, please don't break up their great love. Please.

Tabitha: How to time it so this bloody snake can sink its fangs into her queenship? That is the question.

Cobra: That hurt.

Tabitha: Well, get over it.

Cobra: You watch what you're doing.

Tabitha: What Iím doing is trying to find the right time to strike.

Cobra: That wouldn't be a feeble attempt at a pun, would it? Here she is. Is it a go? Should I bite the babe?

Tabitha: No, not now.

Cobra: Now?

Tabitha: Not now.

Cobra: Now?

Tabitha: Not now.

Cobra: That's it. I'm going at it alone.

Tabitha: Would your magnificence care for a fig? They're very sweet, from the oasis at Giza.

Cleopatra: Oh, Giza. Oh, yes. It was at Giza that I decided to give up the throne. That way Antony and I can live a life without conflict. Nothing in this world should ever get in the way of our love.

Tabitha: Would my lady care for a honeyed drink to wash down her fig?

Cleopatra: Oh, no. The fig will suffice. Oh. Mmm. Delicious. Thank you.

Tabitha: I don't believe it. What happened? Why didn't you strike?

Cobra: I can't just turn it off and on, you know. I have to feel it. I have to be in the moment. It has to be organic.

Tabitha: I'll give you organic. You're a snake. That's what snakes do -- they bite people. They render them dead. It's your job, and you're damn well going to do it.

Cobra: Am not.

Tabitha: Am, too.

Cobra: Not.

Tabitha: Too!

Tabitha: Oh, sublime one?

[Cleopatra gasps]

[Cleopatra screams]

Tabitha: It'll only hurt for a little while, Cleopatra.

Cleopatra: Tabitha, why?

Tabitha: Why? Because I can't let love flourish. I had to destroy your love. And the truth is you'll never find happiness -- not in this life or in any other. Tragedy will follow you always.

Marty: So, is the job finished?

Ivy: The job is finished when I say it is finished. Now, you stay there and keep an eye on the Russell clan. Give me updates as warranted, understood?

Marty: Yes, Mrs. Crane. You are one piece of work, lady. Just hope I don't wind up in your crosshairs.

Eve: I just want to make sure she's ok.

T.C.: Some night, huh?

Eve: Awful.

Whitney: Hmm.

Eve: To see my daughter behaving in that way.

T.C.: You know, when I was a kid, I did my share of wild and stupid things. I know that you would never cross the lines. You're perfect. Things like this would never happen to you.

[Whitney moans]

T.C.: Sweetheart, she's starting to wake up.

Eve: Whitney?

Whitney: My baby's gone and it's all part of the plan, since you went away nothing's the same, my baby's gone he made me so mad, I was doin' him bad, my baby's gone

T.C.: My goodness, that was amazing. She sounded just like a professional. Where would Whitney get that kind of talent?

Eve: No more, hush little baby don't you cry, and I don't know why my baby's gone

Reese: All systems are go. We should know whether there's a cavern behind that wall in a few minutes.

Charity: So that's it? You just jammed the cobra into her yourself? That's how you killed Sheridan -- or Cleopatra?

Tabitha: You haven't heard the whole story yet. With these powerful lovers, there are always twists and turns. And it's how one handles one's self when a twist pops up that determines one's success. You have to react, think fast, and I've always been very good at that. Which is why, when it comes to spreading pain across the centuries, Iíve been a howling success.

Tabitha: R.I.P.

Marc Antony: My patience is thinning, dear heart. I'm coming to claim you. It's time we were off. Our chariot awaits.

Marc Antony: My dearest heart. My dearest heart, what has befallen you?

T.C.: Where would Whitney get that kind of talent? I mean, I know no one in my family can even hold a note. Sweetheart, how about you? You didn't sing in high school or college, did you?

Eve: No, not really. I never sang professionally.

T.C.: Hearing Whitney sing reminds me when I was at the Crane mansion, in Julianís library. I heard this woman, this blues singer, and Whitneyís voice sounded like that. I never got a chance to see the name on the tape. I wonder who that was.

Eve: No one can ever know about my past life as a singer, as Julianís mistress -- especially not T.C. Oh. He can never, ever know.

Brian: I know a lot has happened to you tonight, Diana. But can you really accept any of this as reality? I mean, what if you say those things out loud -- that you were with your dead lover, that maybe you were in another time, another place, that you were with your dead lover in another lifetime? Now, none of that sounds real, now, does it?

Diana: Well, not when you list them like that, no.

Brian: So, then, if it doesn't sound right, maybe it isnít. Maybe it's just your mind playing tricks on you.

Luis: Hmm. That was the first time that Sheridan and I swam in the Crane pool. We always laughed about how funny it would be if Julian found a Lopez-Fitzgerald in there.

Hank: It's kind of strange, don't you think, Luis?

Luis: What's strange?

Hank: All the memories that you're talking about, the things that you and Sheridan did together -- they are the same things that you were doing tonight when you thought Sheridan was with you.

Luis: Swimming. Dancing.

Hank: I mean, don't you think it's just possible that maybe you were just trying to relive some of those happy moments? It was your grief or -- or your mind playing tricks on you. You were trying to recapture some of those good times.

Tabitha: I'm about to give you a stellar example of thinking on one's feet, thus being able to cause more pain than I had a right to cause.

Timmy: What was that?

Tabitha: Eh? What are you babbling about, Timmy?

Timmy: Timmy thinks Timmy and Tabby should get out of here before Miguel comes back.

Tabitha: What makes you think Miguelís coming back? And even if he did, he wouldn't be able to get in here.

Reese: Ok. We're all set to zap.

Miguel: Let's go.

Kay: Hey, Miguel, I am really cold. Is there any way we can just do this tomorrow?

Miguel: No.

Reese: Whoa! Check this out! There's a huge cavern behind that rock wall! It's amazing.

Miguel: I knew there was something back there.

Tabitha: To continue my story -- I hardly had time to savor Antonyís pain before I had to start thinking fast.

Marc Antony: Cleopatra? Cleopatra, what befell you?

Cleopatra: It matters not. I'm dying. But before I shed these earthly bones, you must know how deeply I love you, will always love you throughout eternity.

[Cleopatra gasps]

Marc Antony: No, no. Cleopatra, don't leave me.

[Cleopatra coughs]

Marc Antony: I can't go on without you.

Cleopatra: You must. You must make a new life, find a new love.

Marc Antony: No. There is only one love for me. Cleopatra, you are my only love.

Cleopatra: Good-bye, my darling. Good-bye.

Marc Antony: No. Cleopatra, no! What is this?

T.C.: Well, I'll never find out who that singer is now because Julian had the tape and Julianís dead. It's probably the only bad thing about him being dead -- me not knowing who that singer is. Well, I better get Whitney up to her bed; get her ready for the tournament tomorrow.

Eve: No, honey. I think we might wake her up. Why don't we just let her rest on the couch?

T.C.: Yeah. I just hope that she's fine for the tournament tomorrow. She should be ok -- a little hung-over. But she's young. She'll bounce back. Chad won't be bouncing back after I finish with him. Well, sweetheart, it's going to be a long night. I should go and get some coffee.

Eve: Yeah.

Eve: Would a couple of drinks have gotten you to act that wild? Or was it something else?

Whitney: What are these?

Man: Just take them. They'll make you feel good. Real good.

Eve: Did somebody give you something more than alcohol?

Marty: What are you doing, Doc? A blood sample. If she has it tested, she'll find traces of the drug.

[Phone rings]

Ivy: Hello?

Marty: We're in trouble, Mrs. C. Big trouble.

Diana: I suppose that my mind could be playing tricks on me.

Brian: Good. That's all I wanted to hear. But now there's something that I want to tell you, something that you may not want to hear. If I don't say it, Iím going to be regretting it for the rest of my life.

Hank: I think Sheridan was trying to tell you something with this scrapbook. Now I'm sure she was. Look at this -- a copy of Sheridanís letter, the one to her attorney, to be delivered to you in case she died.

Luis: Sheridan wants me to move on, just find someone else.

Hank: I know this must be tough for you to look at.

Beth: Listen, Luis, I hate to go, but I got to get back to the cafe. Ok?

Hank: Wait. We'll come with you. Luis needs to get out of here, clear his head. How about we let you buy us a cup of coffee -- how's that?

Beth: Youíre on.

Hank: On the way over, I want you to think about that scrapbook. Why did Sheridan put that letter at the end of it? What was she trying to tell you? And what would she want you to do if she was still alive today?

Tabitha: When I saw the look on his face and that wicked sword --

Marc Antony: You. Tabitha, loyal servant, how did this happen?

Tabitha: Oh. Woe is me, Lord Antony. I tried -- I tried to tell my mistress, to stop her, but she was determined to take her own life.

Marc Antony: What?

Tabitha: Oh, yes. She wanted to tell you, illustrious one. Cleopatra loved you. But -- but to give up her throne -- it was too much.

Marc Antony: But I thought that's what we both wanted. Oh, God. What have I done? I cannot go on. I cannot live without you.

Timithious: No! Don't kill yourself, Marc Antony!

Tabitha: Too late.

Charity: Telling Antony that Cleopatra committed suicide was pure genius, Tabitha.

Tabitha: One of my finer moments.

Timmy: Did Tabby feel that? It's raining.

Tabitha: Eh? How can it be raining in here when we're in a cave?

Timmy: Uh-oh.

T.C.: Sweetheart, what are you doing?

Eve: I know that you think Chad got her drunk, but what if it's something else?

T.C.: But what else could it be? Are you telling me that Whitneyís on drugs?

Marty: As soon as she runs the sample, Mrs. Crane, she'll know, and she'll come after you, tear you apart.

Hank: There you go.

Luis: The letter -- I --

Hank: Let's talk about that, Luis, and what Sheridan meant by this letter. I figure she put together this wonderful scrapbook for you because she wanted you to get on with your life. It's time, buddy.

Brian: I don't want it to seem like Iím not here for you, Diana, because I am. But I am not about to stand by and just watch you hurt yourself.

Diana: Brian, what are you talking about?

Brian: I'm going to put this as simply as possible. It's time for you to move on. That's what your lover would've wanted. So just move on, Diana.

Timmy: Timmy thinks the real Charity's starting to melt.

[Tabitha and zombie Charity scream]

Miguel: Did you hear that? I heard a scream.

Jessica: Yeah, I think I did.

Reese: I definitely did.

Miguel: We have got to find a way in there, Reese. Someone is trapped in there, and it could be Charity.

Tabitha: If the -- if the real Charity gets free, she'll tell all. Kay will be exposed, the book of spells will be revealed and -- and it'll be curtains for us, Timmy! We'll be doomed!

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