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Passions Transcript Thursday 2/14/02

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Miguel: I’d take you back now, Kay, but I have to check it out.

Kay: I have to keep him from getting inside that cave. If he finds the real Charity trapped in a block of ice, I'm finished. Who was inside the cave talking, though?

Charity: I guess things didn't turn out as planned did they, Tabby? I told you I have your old powers and your old job.

Tabitha: How could you have my old powers and my old job?

Charity: Well, like I said, your friends in the basement didn't think you could handle them, so they gave them to me. You were supposed to destroy Miguel and Charity.

Timmy: Tabitha has done everything she could.

Tabitha: I have. I have tried everything. Anyway, you are Kay’s creation. You do her bidding.

Charity: Oh, well, that is what she thinks but she's wrong. And turns out your friends in the basement aren't really your friends after all because they gave me your old powers. So now it's my job to destroy Miguel and Charity.

Tabitha: I don't believe it. They wouldn’t.

Charity: Oh, they would and they did. You screw up everything, Tabitha. In fact, just a month ago your friends in the basement asked you to make sure that Ethan Winthrop didn't survive the case of the African flu. You botched that up and Ethan is now the winner of Survivor Africa. Now it is my job to screw up Miguel and Charity's life and bring as much pain and misery to Harmony as I can. Guess what else?

Tabitha: What?

Charity: I get to start with the two of you. It's all over for you and your doll. Prepare to die.

Brian: Diana, I hate to see you so hopeful when there is no hope that your lover is out there.

Diana: Look, I know it sounds crazy but I can feel it so strongly. He's out there and he's looking for me.

Brian: How can you say that? How can you trust your feelings? Just recently you were telling me he was dead and now you are convinced he's alive.

Diana: Yes, I know. I said it sounds crazy. I am sure he's alive now. He's so close and soon he'll find a clue that will lead him back to me.

Luis: Beth, did this come from?

Beth: From Sheridan.

Luis: What did I tell you, Hank? I told you I was going to find a clue. Maybe this is a message. Maybe this will lead me to her.

Simone: What is wrong with you?

Whitney: Aren't you having a good time?

Simone: He's my friend. We have to stop our father from killing Chad.

Jessica: He made a mistake.

Simone: He saw Whitney climbing all over Chad. She's acting really crazy. She was all over every guy in the room and he thinks it’s Chad’s fault but it's not. Please, you have to stop them, please.

Brian: Diana, I am not trying to drub your hopes but I don't want to see you cling to false hope.

Diana: I appreciate what you're trying to do but I know it is not false hope. I was with my love tonight, I know it.

Sheridan: Thank God I finally found you.

Luis: I can't believe it's you

Sheridan: I missed you so much.

Luis: Me, too. I was just swimming in this pool and now I'm here.

Diana: He's out there. I know he is.

Luis: Come on you, guys, this is a good thing. You said Sheridan sent it, didn't you?

Hank: Yes but -- Luis, she sent this before she --

Luis: She's not dead.

Beth: Anyway, that's why I brought it --

Luis: I don't understand.

Beth: She wanted you to have this if anything happened to her.

Timmy: Princess? Tabby's friends in the basement deserted her?

Tabitha: It's a possibility.

Charity: Not only did they desert her, Tim-Tim, they were delighted to know that you would be punished. So many of the forces are very angry with you, especially that one witch -- Haiku.

Timmy: No.

Charity: It seems like you know her.

Tabitha: That old gas bag, of course he knows her. She's furious that Timmy and I were able to trick her into climbing into that bottle.

Charity: Okay, yeah, whatever. Now here's the deal, Tab. I have your powers and your job so that leaves you kind of out in the cold, doesn't it? Your life has no meaning.

Timmy: Don't talk to Timmy’s princess that way.

Charity: But it's true and if her life is meaningless, just continuing about yours is too. You are nothing but a meaningless creation and the forces in the basement knew that. The forces in the basement handed over your powers to this zombie. They told me to destroy you and your little doll here. I think I’ll start with you because that way I can see the fear on Timmy’s new human face a little longer.

Timmy: Tabitha!

Tabitha: Don't worry, we'll be all right.

Charity: Shut up, both of you. I am tired of all of the talk. I am ready for some action.

Timmy: No! Timmy won't let you kill his princess. Timmy won't let you hurt Tabitha!

Charity: Do you really think that you can stand up to my powers, little man?

Timmy: No. But zombie Charity has to listen to Timmy.

Charity: Has to listen to him about what?

Timmy: Zombie Charity has to hear Timmy out. There are so many reasons Tabby shouldn't be killed.

Charity: You are quite a nervy kid, mister. So tell me, why shouldn't I kill Tabitha?

Timmy: First of all, Tabitha is over 300 years old. And Timmy personally thinks that she's -- that she's probably way over 300 years.

Tabitha: Hey, whose side are you on?

Timmy: Timmy thinks that zombie Charity should pay a little more respect to someone as old as Timmy’s princess. Think of all of the things Timmy’s princess is responsible for in the name of evil. She is personally responsible for the sinking of the Titanic, the Chicago fires, the San Francisco earthquake, even Pompeii.

Charity: Get out. Now that erupted in 79 AD. That was way before she was born.

Tabitha: Shows how much you know. When I had my powers I could go as far back in history as I chose to cause pain and suffering. As a matter of fact, I was responsible for the destruction of Pompeii.

Timmy: But that's not all Tabby's about. Once you get to know her, Tabitha is a really great person. It would be a horrible thing to kill Timmy’s princess. She means so much to him.

Tabitha: Oh, Timmy.

Timmy: So will zombie Charity let Tabby live?

Charity: Well, I must say that I am touched by your devotion to your princess.

Timmy: So, Timmy’s princess will be spared? Please.

Charity: Well, since you asked so nicely -- the answer is no! Tabitha will die.

Luis: Sheridan wanted you to give me this book if anything happened to her?

Beth: That's right. If you open it you will see that it is a complete diary and scrap book of your relationship.

Luis: We had our whole lives together. Didn't she think we were going to be together forever?

Beth: I know she wanted that, Luis. But she had a feeling that she wouldn't be okay. I know that she hoped she was wrong.

Luis: But it turned out to be true.

Beth: You know, she came to me a few days before you were supposed to get married and she wanted me to help her find a book binder. She said she felt kind of funny asking me, you know, you and I used to be together but I told her that I would help her, of course. Well, it's this beautiful book now.

Luis: I still don't understand.

Beth: I told you, she had a feeling. She made me promise to give this to you if anything ever happened to her. I don't know, as if she -- she knew she wasn't going to live much longer.

Brian: Diana, don't get upset. Let me play devil's advocate here.

Diana: All right.

Brian: Let's just say that you're wrong. Let's say that he's not out there. Then what happens?

Diana: If he is out there and after everything that happened tonight, after all of the memories that I have had of living a life with him, he has to be. A love like that can't just be over. It can't be. Every time I have tried to give up on my love, something has happened. I either have some kind of vision or I get some kind of sign. Just like the rose my love gave me. You see, Brian, this is a sign. He's out there, I know he is.

Simone: What's wrong with you? Why are you acting this way?

Whitney: What is your problem? I am just having some fun.

Marty: This is really bad, Whitney’s father is going to kill that guy, Chad, and Whitney is still freaking out. I think that drug I gave her was too strong.

All right. That's enough. Cut it out. You are going kill him.

Simone: Daddy! Daddy! Please stop. Please stop.

Simone: Miguel, there's something wrong with Chad. It's like he's in another world. Stop! Please stop! Dad!

T.C.: You tried to take advantage of my daughter, that's what happened.

Luis: Sheridan made this book because she thought she was going to die?

Beth: I don't know that for sure. All I know for sure is that she made me promise to give this to you if something happened to her.

Luis: It sounds like she had one of those premonitions.

Beth: Maybe. Anyway, the book just came from the book binder so I am keeping my promise, Luis.

Luis: She can't be dead. I was with her tonight. I held her in my arms.

Hank: Luis, don't you think that if she was out there that she would have found a way back to you by now?

Luis:  Hank, she has. That is what tonight's all about.

Beth: What happened tonight? I mean, what are you two talking about?

Luis: I was in the Crane pool and all of a sudden Sheridan was there. She was in the pool with me. Then we were in the ocean. I'm telling you, she was as alive as you or I.

Charity: Die, Tabitha. I want you to die.

T.C.: We trusted you, damn it, and this is how you repay us? By treating Whitney like a common street slut. My daughter is a good girl, you low life son of a bitch.

Chad: No, I didn't --

Simone: You hurt him. Are you okay?

T.C.: Simone, get away from him.

Chad: I didn't do anything to Whitney. She was acting weird.

T.C.: I saw it for my own eyes. Nobody touches my --

Simone: It wasn't his fault, Daddy.

Eve: Oh, my God. Is everything okay?

Simone: No, we have to get him out of here.

Chad: I want to explain.

T.C.: You don't have to explain, I saw.

Simone: Get out of here, go.

Jessica: Whitney would not want you fighting with Coach Russell.

Chad: Okay. Okay. That's what is best for Whitney.

Jessica: Are you okay?

T.C.: I can't believe that he would have the nerve to touch Whitney. Are you all right?

Whitney: I am fine, Daddy, never better. You are looking fine tonight, Miguel.

Miguel: What the hell is going on here?

Jessica: I don't know but she is acting really weird.

Eve: Something is terribly wrong here.

Kay: Miguel.

Eve: Whitney? Whitney, what did Chad do to you?

Marty: I had no idea the drug would last this long. Yeah, she's still flying. Ms. Crane, if I gave her too much of that drug it could affect her heart. Oh, my God if I gave the girl too much she could die. I would be guilty of murder.

Beth: Wait a minute. You're telling me you actually held Sheridan in your arms, first in the pool and then in the ocean.

Luis: That's what happened.

Beth: You know how crazy that sounds, don't you, Luis?

Luis: I know. Look, I know that you two must think that my imagination is working overtime. But Sheridan -- how come I was able to put the handcuffs on her wrist. When I put them on her wrist, they closed. Now if she wasn't there, they wouldn't have locked.

Beth: Where is she now?

Luis: I can't explain it. She was there, she faded. She was there. She disappeared.

Beth: Luis, it is pretty hard to believe, you know.

Luis: Yeah, I know. This is the damnedest thing that has ever happened but I'm telling you it is how it happened.

Hank: Titanic. Was that a special movie for the two of you?

Luis: No. We liked it but it wasn't special for us. It was another reason why that ad is in the book.

Beth: What is the reason?

Luis: When Sheridan was a little girl she had a fortune teller at one of her birthday parties and the fortune teller told her she would be with me and that we had a past together.

Hank: What do you mean a past?

Luis: That we had previous lives together. Including one on the Titanic.

Beth: So you and Sheridan were on the Titanic together?

Luis: Hey, that's what the fortune teller told Sheridan.

Beth: Come on, Luis. I can't believe you bought into it.

Luis: No, Sheridan believed it. You know, supposedly we had quite a love affair aboard the Titanic. Sheridan told the story with such passion that I actually remembered being there.

Timmy: Timmy is going to report zombie Charity.

Tabitha: Right on, Timmy. I'm not ready for the old rocking yet.

Charity: Shut up, you two. You are throwing my aim off.

Timmy: Hey, hey! Wait a minute, zombie. How can you cause chaos in Harmony if you don't know the history of the town and its people?

Charity: All right. I already told you I read your book. And the paperback has lots of new information like love letters and other interesting tidbits not previously included in the hard back version.

Tabitha: Love letters, how did love letters get into the paperback? Timmy?

Timmy: The publisher called Tim and wanted more information -- what was Timmy suppose to do?

Tabitha: Will you ever learn?

Charity: Actually, Timmy, I am very thankful to you for getting all of the information that I need.

Tabitha: Well, you may have read Hidden Passions but that doesn't mean that you know everything there is to know about the people of Harmony. You might be able to destroy Charity and Miguel but what about Luis and Sheridan?

Charity: Old. Sheridan is on some island near Bermuda, can't remember a damn thing about herself. Luis is still clinging to the idea he is going to find her. And Luis’s brother, he's on the island with Sheridan falling madly in love with her.

Tabitha: But that's the story in this lifetime.

Charity: What?

Tabitha: You will never be able to destroy their love if you don't know the whole story. You need to know how strong their love is and what you'll be up against if you want to cause them pain. You need to know about their past.

Charity: Yeah, yeah, yeah. That stuff about them on the Titanic.

Tabitha: No, when they were lovers in ancient Egypt.

T.C.: Whitney, what did Chad do to you?

Whitney: Daddy! I am fine.

Eve: I have never seen Whitney behave this way before.

T.C.: I don't know. Chad must have gotten her drunk.

Eve: Whitney knows better than to drink.

I can vouch for Chad, Coach Russell. He would never do anything to hurt Whitney.

T.C.: How do you explain her behavior?

I can't. Not really.

T.C.: Well, it is time for her to go home. Let's go. Whitney, it's time to go home.

Whitney: What is the matter, Daddy?

T.C.: We're leaving.

Whitney: You are always trying to spoil my fun! Just leave me alone!

T.C.: No, your party is over young lady.

Whitney: Daddy, get off!

I would hate to be Whitney.

I have never seen Coach Russell so mad.

You were here when Whitney started acting crazy. Do you think Chad got her drunk?

He was gone before she started acting weird.

What about -- didn't turn out how we thought it would. What happened to the plan? I thought Kay was pretending to be on a date with Miguel --

Where is Charity?

I haven't seen her.

Neither have I, at least not in awhile.

Miguel: What if I really did hear Charity behind the rock wall?

Reese: What rock wall?

Miguel: Kay and I were taking a walk out in the woods and I saw light coming from behind the rocks and then I thought heard voices and one sound like Charity.

Why would Charity be behind a wall of rock?

Miguel: That is what I would like to know.

Miguel, you couldn't have heard Charity behind the wall of rock. First of all, she was at the party when we left, having a wonderful time. Why would she leave?

Miguel: She’s not here now. Reese, will you and Jessica come with me? I might need help getting through the rocks.

Reese: What makes you think she is trapped in there?

Miguel: Maybe she went for a walk and something happened.

Kay: I still think this is a big waste of time.

Reese: Come on, Kay, a chance to be alone together, with Charity not here.

Miguel: Thanks, Reese. Let's go.

Reese: I have a new device I have been working on in the car, it might help.

Beth: According to Sheridan, the fortune teller said you two had been lovers in past lives.

Luis: That's what Sheridan said. She said that our love had reached over time but we would never find happiness, something would always keep us apart. We would always come up against these unbelievable obstacles.

Hank: You mean like now.

Luis: Yeah. Like now.

Charity: So you mean to tell me that Sheridan and Luis had a past life in ancient Egypt.

Timmy: Sorry, their love is stretched across the centuries and Tabitha has stopped it every time.

Charity: But they kept finding each other in other lifetimes.

Tabitha: But they never found happiness. Every time they found each other I have wrenched them apart.

Charity: How?

Tabitha: No, you will never know now, will you, since you are going to kill me.

Charity: Well, maybe I’ll give you a break this one time. You tell me how you kept Luis and Sheridan apart in ancient Egypt.

Tabitha: I think we're going to be all right, I bought us some time.

Timmy: How much time, Princess?

Hey, guys, wait up. I almost lost you.

Sorry cupcake, we are anxious to get to that pile of rocks.

Kay: I still think this is a waste of time.

We'll find out soon enough.

Reese, what is that thing?

Reese: Oh, it is a kind of sonar. With this device I’ll be able to tell if there is a cavern on the other side of the rocks.

Miguel: If there is, we can find a way to get inside.

Reese: If Charity is in there, we'll find her in no time. Let's go.

Kay: I have to find a way to keep Miguel from getting in the cave. If he finds the real Charity it’s over.

Charity: So tell me how you did it.

Tabitha: How I did what?

Charity: Don't you play games with me, Tabby. You said you would tell me how you split apart Luis and Sheridan when they were lovers in ancient Egypt.

Tabitha: So I did. All right, if you really want to learn something.

Charity: I do.

Tabitha: Well, actually, it was Cleopatra back then. Their love was so strong, so powerful they could have ruled the world. I had to do something about it. I had to stop them. So –

Tabitha: Has Marc Antony arrived yet?

Timithious: No.

Tabitha: Good. I want you to delay him coming into the queen's chambers.

Timithious: Why?

Tabitha: Just do as I say. Now go.

Timithious: I need to have a word with you.

Marc Antony: Make it quick. I am on my way to see my love, Cleopatra. Your queen means the world to me.

Timithious: What is Tabitha up to now?

Cleopatra: I cannot wait for him to arrive.

Tabitha: So you keep saying, your magnificence.

Cleopatra: He and I have a plan that will keep us together forever.

Tabitha: I have plan of my own, Cleopatra, dear. Next time he lays eyes on you, you'll be dead.

Simone: Chad. Chad, wait, please.

Chad: I can't believe your pop thought I could have caused Whitney to act that way.

Simone: Chad, I am so sorry but when my dad walked in all he saw was you with Whitney and assumed you were the problem.

Chad: That's what makes me so mad, Simone. It doesn't matter what I do, people always think the worst of me.

Simone: That is not true.

Chad: Oh, it's not?

Simone: No.

Chad: Even after I saved Whitney’s life and not just once, after I have done everything I can think of to prove to your parents that I am one of the good guys, they see Whitney acting crazy and they assume it is my fault.

Simone: Chad, I am sorry. I'll tell my daddy that you had nothing to do with the way Whitney was acting.

Chad: It won't make no difference; nothing is ever going to change their minds about me. I am nothing but a street punk to them and that is all I am ever going to be.

Simone: No. That is not true. And when I tell my mom and dad what really happen they will feel sorry for the way they treated you.

Chad: Thanks. You might as well save your breath. Listen, I got to go.

Simone: Chad, wait. Chad, wait.

Chad: Don't you think I would ever do anything to hurt Whitney, Coach. I would never do that. I love her.

Whitney: I can't believe you guys dragged me away from that party! I was having such a good time.

Eve: Whitney, you are not behaving as you were raised. What are you thinking?

Whitney: You know what? I have been thinking, Mom, and I am so tired of being a good girl all of the time. I am going to start having some fun.

Marty: Keep an eye on this girl. If I gave her too much of that drug --

T.C.: So all of a sudden you think the only way to have fun is to stop being a good girl. Sweetheart, who put this into your head?

Whitney: Nobody, Daddy.

T.C.: I know who did it. It was Chad.

Whitney: Chad oh, my God, he is so hot. I really love dancing with him. Yeah!

T.C.: Sweetheart, I was right. I will rip that boy apart if he ever comes around here again.

Eve: Honey, just calm down. We need to get to the bottom of this. What are you --

Marty: Whitney. She overdosed. It's my fault. I've killed her.

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