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Passions Transcript Wednesday 2/13/02

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Charity: Cat got your tongue, old lady? Now, I asked you question. Do you really think that you can handle knowing what's coming your way?

Timmy: What does she mean, Princess?

Tabitha: Blessed if I know, but it can't be all that terrible. After all, we've survived our friends in the basement. How bad can this faux Charity girl be?

Charity: Bad, Tabitha. Worse than you or your doll face can imagine.

Timmy: Timmy's not a doll. He's a real boy now.

Charity: Oh, well, bad luck for you, then. Because if you were still a doll, you probably wouldn't mind being destroyed along with your little princess here.

Kay: Miguel, this is crazy, ok? Let's just go back to the dance.

Miguel: No, ok? I'm sure that I heard voices coming from over here, all right, and there were lights coming out of these rocks.

Timmy: I'm scared!

Charity: Shut up, you little brat.

Tabitha: Listen to her, Timmy.

Timmy: Princess!

Miguel: There it is.

Kay: Miguel, I didn't see anything. Besides, how could there be light coming from inside the rock?  Good. Ice is still frozen solid. There's no way that Charity can get out. Once I seal this cave, I'm safe. Miguel is as good as mine.  

Timmy: I'm scared!

Miguel: That's where the voices are coming from, too! Look, I've got to see what's in there.

Eve: T.C., I'm afraid. Simone said Whitney wasn't at all like herself.

T.C.: Sweetheart, did she give you any details?

Eve: Only what I told you -- that she seemed out of control.

T.C.: Now, what is that supposed to mean?

Eve: I don't know. I'm afraid to find out.

Whitney: You've had a girl or two, they tried to prove they could please you, but they didn't have a clue what to do …

Kelly: I sure had her pegged her all wrong. Wait till Chad gets back and sees this.

Whitney: They couldn't make your body sway, they couldn't take your breath away…

Simone: I wish my parents would get here.

Jessica: You just called them, Simone. I'm sure they're on their way.

Simone: They've got to hurry before something bad happens to her.

Reese: Looks to me like something already has.

Jessica: Shut up!

Whitney: Make you trust me oh, trust me completely…

Jessica: Calling your parents again?

Simone: No, Chad.

[Phone rings]

Chad: Yo.

Simone: Chad, it's Simone. You've got to get back to the dance.

Chad: Yeah, I'm on my way back. Why? What's up?

Simone: It's Whitney. She's freaking me out!

Chad: Yeah, join the club. What's she up to now?

Simone: She's been dancing all over tables, and now she's sitting on some guy's lap singing to him.

Chad: Who, Whitney?

Simone: Listen, Chad, I'm scared. I mean, I don't think she knows what she's doing, but she's sending the wrong messages to these guys. I tried to call my parents but they're not here yet.

Chad: All right, be right there.

Whitney: How a woman does it…

Ivy: Now what's happening?

Marty: Exactly what you paid me to make happen. Thanks to the wonderful world of pharmaceuticals, the little Russell girl is really letting her hair down tonight.

Ivy: Oh, good. When I’m through with Whitney, her mother's going to do exactly what I want her to do.

Whitney: Oh I know you're gonna love it, let me touch you just right, keep you up all night…

Liz: How's she doing?

Brian: She's been quiet for a while. I think she dozed off.

Liz: I'm not surprised she's done in. It's been quite a night.

Brian: Yeah. It has been for us all.

Sheridan: I was with my lover twice tonight -- once in the ocean and then once here in the room. Our love is pulling us back together.

Brian: When you say you were with your lover, what do you mean exactly?

Sheridan: I was in his arms. I could feel him, I could touch him. We were together like the four of us are right now. My -- my love is out there waiting for me, and I have to get back to him. We have to be together.

Brian: Sometimes I wonder if Diana will ever be able to move on with her life. Even though she has amnesia, she's still in love with that man from her past.

Sheridan: I still feel so lost. Why can't I be with him again?

 Luis: I don't know how this happened, and I don't care. I am never going to let you go again. I know how to make sure of it. Now nothing is ever going to tear us apart.

Sheridan: If we never meet again, know that I will always love you. Always.

Luis: We're together. Can't you see? We're together. I love you. I'll always be with you wherever we go. Just don't let go.

Sheridan: I can't hold on much longer.

Luis: Just don't let go.

Sheridan: Your name -- I can't remember your name. Tell me your name.

Luis: Sheridan, it's me. It's -- Sheridan, it's Luis! No. No. Sheridan! - I had you back. I'm not going to lose you again.

Hank: I -- I changed my mind about the coffee. I really think we should split.

Luis: Yeah. Why don't you go ahead? I'm fine here.

Hank: Like hell you are. You're never going to get past Sheridan’s death. You set up camp in her cottage.

Luis: Hank, it's not about these four walls. Home, the Crane estate, everywhere I go, I see Sheridan now because I know that she's still alive.

Hank: I don't know what to tell you, buddy.

Luis: Well, there's nothing to tell me because I'm going to find her.

Hank: Where? In the Crane swimming pool? Up in the stars in another galaxy?

Luis: I don't know. I'm not giving up, all right? All I need is just a slim chance, a tiny clue. Once I have that, I'm going to chase it till I have her back.

Beth: What is this? My God. It's from Sheridan.

Timmy: What does she mean? Timmy will be destroyed along with his Princess?

Charity: Ugh! What word didn't you understand, Timmykins? Oh. Or didn't the hag give you a brain when she sewed up your head?

Timmy: Timmy's not a doll. He's real now.

Charity: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. What do I care if you're alive or not?

Tabitha: Don't listen to her, Timmy. She's all bluff and bluster and no manners. You wouldn't even be here if it weren't for Kay's spell.

Miguel: Hello?

Charity: What the hell?

Miguel: Is anybody in there?

Tabitha: Oh, it's that dratted Miguel. If he finds us in here with both Charitys, we're mincemeat!

Kay: Miguel, come on. This is nuts, ok? It's cold out here.

Miguel: Look, I don't care. Ok, I saw a light coming through these rocks, and I swear I heard a voice.

Kay: That doesn't make any sense, Miguel. It's --

Miguel: Look, if you want to go home, then go home. Ok, but I am not leaving here until I find out what's inside there.

Timmy: Princess and Timmy have to get out of here.

Charity: Shut up so I can think.

Miguel: There it is again. It sounded like Charity, like she was angry. Look, what if she's trapped in there? I've got to get to her.

Whitney: Let me touch you just right, keep you up all night, let my body drive you crazy, baby let me show you how it feels and what you gotta…

Kelly: I missed you. You know, I don’t know what's so fascinating about Whitney Russell. She's been making plays for every guy in the room all night.

Chad: Simone was right. There’s something definitely wrong.

Kelly: Well, maybe she's just so tired of being standoffish and just wanted to cut loose for a change.

Chad: No, it's more than that. Whitney would never act this way normally.

Kelly: Well, I don't see anyone twisting her arm, do you?

Whitney: Oh I know you're going to love me, let me touch you just right, keep you up all night…

Chad: I got to do something about this.

Whitney: Let my body drive you crazy…

[Music stops]

Simone: Thank goodness you're back. You've got to stop Whitney from acting this way.

Chad: I'm sure as hell going to try.

Young Man: You are very, very talented.

Whitney: You're talented yourself.

Young Man: Yeah, very good.

Reese: Please tell me I’m not watching Whitney Russell.

Liz: Brian, it's late. I'm sure she'll sleep through the night.

Brian: Yeah, but what if she wakes? What if she starts sleepwalking again?

Liz: Brian, you can't stand outside her door all night. Look, why don't I make us a cup of tea, and then you can turn in. Brian, I know you want to help her forget about her love by showing her your own love but I don't think you're going to make much headway while she's sleeping.

Brian: All right, you're right. Liz, do you hate me for caring about her the way that I do?

Liz: Uh-uh. Brian, we've been through his already. Our relationship was over years ago.

Brian: Yes, I know. But I hurt you and I just want to make sure.

Liz: Do you want the tea or not?

Brian: Sure.

Sheridan: Thank God I finally found you. He's out there somewhere. I just have to find him.

Luis: You're right. It is strange to be around Sheridan’s things without her.

Hank: From you?

Luis: Last Valentine’s Day.

Hank: She loved you as much as you loved her. It's no wonder you can't let her go.

Luis: There's no reason to let go. I'm going to find her, Hank.

Hank: I know you want to, But --

Luis: I just need to keep looking. Eventually, I'm going to catch a break. I'm going to find her.

[Phone rings]

Hank: You going to get that?

Luis: I don't feel like talking to anyone right now.

Hank: I'll take care of it.

[Phone rings]

Hank: Hello?

Beth: Who's this?

Hank: Hank.

Beth: Oh, Hank. Hey, it's Beth. Is Luis there?

Hank: Yeah, but he's really tired right now. I don't know if this is a good time.

Beth: Listen, I wouldn't be calling so late if it weren't important. Where are you guys?

Hank: We're at Sheridan’s cottage, but --

Beth: Well, that’s what I need to talk to him about. Sheridan. I'll be right over, ok? I hope you're ready for this, Luis.

Kay: Miguel, you're going to hurt yourself, and for nothing. There's nobody in there.

Miguel: I know what I heard, Kay.

Kay: Well, it was probably just the wind. There's no way it could be Charity. We left her at the dance, remember?

Miguel: Well, maybe she left right after us. All right? Maybe she went for a walk and she got trapped in here somehow.

Kay: Ok, well, those are some pretty big maybes, Miguel. Maybe you're just upset because she was so rude to you at the party.

Miguel: Look, even if it isn't Charity, then somebody’s in trouble and they need help.

Tabitha: He's almost in. We've got to stop him.

Charity: You just stay out of this, old lady. I know exactly what to do.

[Phone rings]

Eve: Hello?

Simone: Mom, where are you?

Eve: Oh, honey, we're on our way. How's your sister?

Simone: Mom, I’m scared. I've never seen her act like this.  

Eve: Well, what is she doing exactly?

Simone: Well-

T.C.: Look, let me talk to her.

Eve: Honey, I’m going to put your father on.

T.C.: Sugar bear, what's going on?

Simone: Dad, Whitney is doing things she's never done before.

T.C.: Like what?

Simone: I don't know how to explain it.

T.C.: Well, have you tried to talk to her?

Simone: She won't listen to anyone, Dad. I mean, Chad is trying to get through to her now.

T.C.: What does Chad have to do with this?

Simone: Chad’s just as upset as you. He's worried about Whitney.

T.C.: Sweetheart, I can't hear what you're saying, but what did he do to her? Hon-- honey, if you can hear me, we're on our way. We're coming right now.

Eve: What's this about Chad?

T.C.: I don't know, but I plan to find out.

Marty: Maybe it's none of my business, Mrs. Crane, but I don't like what I’m seeing.

Ivy: What's wrong? Didn't you give Whitney Russell enough of the drug to get her high?

Marty: Oh, she's high all right. I just hope she comes down before she gets in too deep with some of these guys around here.

Ivy: As long as she's acting like a tramp, that's all I care about.

Chad: "We." You know, that's a pretty powerful word, ain't it? "We." I mean, Ethan and Theresa are a "we." Luis and Sheridan, that's another "we." Your parents.

Whitney: And now you and I are a "we".

Chad: Yeah. And I can't tell you how good that makes me feel. So, seeing as I can't tell you, maybe I'll just show you.

[Music plays]

Whitney: Our little piece of the note that you left made me think about you, boy I threw it all the way down the three flights like it was just a toy…

Kelly: Ok. Oh! Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Chad: We haven't even gotten on the ice yet.

Kelly: I know.

Whitney: Ahem. Excuse me, everyone. If you don't mind, I’m going to switch gears for a little bit and play this song that says what I truly feel about love.

[Music plays]

Singer: You must understand though the touch of your hand makes my pulse react, that it’s only the thrill of boy meeting girl, opposites attract…

Chad: You don't want to do this.

Whitney: What's the matter, honey? You don't like to see me having fun?

Chad: Look, Whitney, this is not fun, all right? I don't know if you're drunk or what, but something's definitely wrong with you. So let me get you home, ok?

Whitney: Oh, I want to dance.

Singer: Oh what's love got to do, got to do with it? What's love but a secondhand emotion?

Tabitha: I'm waiting, Miss Smarty-pants. Just how do you propose to stop Miguel getting in here and catching you with his real Charity?

Charity: Watch and learn, hag. Watch and learn. Well?

Tabitha: I had no idea you this kind of power.

Timmy: That's not a good thing for Timmy and Tabby, is it?

Charity: I heard that, and, yes. Yes, it's a very bad thing for you and your poser witch friend.

Tabitha: Who are you calling a poser?

Miguel: Whoever's in there, don' worry! We'll get you out soon!

Kay's: What do I do? Make a run for it, or stick around and to stop him from going inside?

Tabitha: Whatever you're going to do, you better do it now or it's going to be finis for all of us.

Simone: What does she think she's doing?

Chad: Cool it, Whitney. Now, you don't know what you're doing.

Whitney: Oh, that's where you're wrong, Chad. For the first time in my life, I know exactly what I'm doing. You know how you're always telling me, don't be afraid to seize the moment? Well, tonight I feel like seizing a whole lot of moments, honey.

Chad: Stop this right now, all right? You're going to feel terrible in the morning.

Whitney: If I do, I'll bet it’s worth it.

T.C.: Honey, can you see Whitney?

Chad: Ok, Whitney, you either stop right now or I’m going to throw you over my shoulder and I'm getting you out of here.

Whitney: Oh, well, go ahead, baby. I dare you. Aah!

Chad: Whitney --

T.C.: What the hell is wrong with that boy? What is he trying to do to my little girl?

Luis: Well, what else did Beth say?

Hank: I told you three times. She said she had to talk to you tonight -- something about Sheridan. She's on her way.

Luis: This could be it, Hank. This could be the piece of the puzzle that I’ve been looking for. Maybe Beth knows something that's going to lead me to Sheridan.

Liz: Brian, you didn't finish your cup of tea.

Brian: That's funny; I know her door was shut. She's not here.

Liz: You know, maybe she went down the hall

Brian: No, we would have seen her. Diana? Oh, no, Liz. What if she's sleepwalking again? What if she went back out into the ocean to see if she could find her lost lover? The current's way too strong tonight.

Sheridan: He's out there. The man I love is out there.

Tabitha: Another inch and he'll be able to see us, along with the real Charity trapped in the ice block.

Charity: Hey, I told you, it's never going to happen.

 Timmy: It's filling up the holes and cracks like putty.

Tabitha: Oh!

Charity: All sealed up.

Miguel: I can't see the light anymore.

Kay: I don't know. But like I said I don't think you were seeing light from inside the cave anyway, Miguel. It was probably just the moon reflecting off the rocks or something.

Miguel: Wait, what about the voice I heard that sounded like Charity? I've got to get in here somehow. Hello? Can you hear me? Is anybody in here?

Charity: What's the matter with that guy? Why won't he go away?

Tabitha: Oh, you don't know Miguel. If there's even a whisper of a chance that his beloved Charity's in here, he'll never stop. There's nothing you can do. I've been trying to separate Charity and Miguel for years without success. So what are you going to do?

T.C.: I trusted that boy. What the hell does he think he's doing, manhandling my little girl?

Eve: Honey, wait. We don't know what's going on.

T.C.: Sweetheart, you don't, but I can see as clear as day what the hell is going on.

Chad: I mean it, Whitney, all right? I'm getting you out of here right now.

Whitney: But you haven't told me where we're going yet, Chad. I vote for your place.

Simone: Oh, thank God my parents are here. They'll fix all this.

Reese: Whoa. Did you see the look on Coach Russell's face?

Jessica: Yeah, he's not taking his eyes off Chad.

Simone: Oh, no. He thinks that this is Chad's fault. Daddy! Daddy, no!

Brian: Diana?

Liz: There. There she is.

Brian: Diana, stop. What are you doing? I was worried about you when you weren't in your room.

Diana: I'm fine, really.

Liz: Is she sleepwalking again?

Diana: No, Liz, I'm wide awake. Ok, it's sweet of the two of you to worry, but I know exactly where I am and why I’m here.

Brian: Well, you'd better tell us. You almost drowned tonight.

Diana: I'm not going to go back in the water. I just wanted to be close to it, close to the man I love. I think he's out here somewhere.

Luis: What's keeping her? It's not that far from the book cafe.

Hank: I don't even know if that's where she was calling from, but I'm sure she'll be along any minute.

Luis: She'd better be. I just know this is it, Hank.

Hank: You're doing it again. Getting your hopes up for no good reason.

Luis: For no good reason? I saw Sheridan tonight, Hank. Twice. I held her in my arms. And you say that that is no good reason? They weren't visions, Hank. Sheridan was real. She's alive. And maybe Beth could be the answer that I'm looking for.

Tabitha: Miguel's like a dog with a bone. Knowing him, he'll probably keep looking until he finds another way in here.

Charity: No, he won't. Now's the time, now's the place, create a distraction, no time to waste. That should do the trick.

Miguel: I heard it again. The voice behind the rocks.

Kay: No, Miguel. That's what you heard -- those kids.

Miguel: No, no, I'm sure I heard it from over here.

Kay: You couldn't have. Oh, my God. How did they disappear? Could it have been zombie Charity?

Miguel: Did you say something, Kay?

Kay: Uh, yeah. Actually, I just -- I'm a little bit cold, that's all

Miguel: I just -- I hate to leave when I think somebody could be stuck in there.

Kay: It's got to be your imagination, Miguel.

Miguel: You must be right. Come on. Let me get you some place warm.

Kay: Ok.

Tabitha: What makes you so sure you got rid of Miguel?

Charity: You wouldn't need to ask if you knew everything I did.

Tabitha: Oh, please. You'll have to live a thousand years to possess half the knowledge I do.

Charity: Oh, really? Well, then why don't you tell me what our future holds? You don't have a clue. So would you like to know what's in store for the two of you now?

Timmy: Timmy thinks he'll pass.

Charity: Nobody's talking to you, pip squeak. But I'll spare you both with the bare-bones version. Expect a lot of fireworks.

Timmy: Like on the fourth of July?

Charity: Hmm -- no. Like this. Woo-hoo! Ha-ha! Ah, yes.

Diana: Honestly, you two, I'm fine. So why don't you just go back to the hotel and I’ll talk to you in the morning?

Liz: Brian?

Brian: Go on, Liz. I'll walk Diana back. Listen, Diana, I know that you feel a connection to this man that you loved. But what happened tonight was not real.

Diana: It was to me. I could feel his arms around me. I could even feel the stubble on his cheek.

Brian: That's impossible - because you told me yourself that you remember him dying.

Diana: What if I'm wrong? What if he's still alive?

Brian: Then why hasn't he come looking for you?

Diana: I don't know the answer to that. Maybe he will. Maybe he's out there right now still looking for me.

[Knock on door]

Luis: Where the hell have you been?

Beth: I guess you told him.

Luis: Just tell me, Beth. Just tell me everything that you know about Sheridan.

Beth: Luis, this came to the book cafe tonight. I thought you'd want to see it as soon as possible.

Chad: Whitney.

Whitney: Oh, you don't like the new Whitney, huh? [Laughs]

Chad: Actually, I miss the old one.

Whitney: Oh, I bet I can get you to change your mind. Once we get back to your place, oh, honey, anything goes, if you know what I mean.

Chad: Coach Russell?

[Crowd buzzes]

Marty: You wouldn't believe what I’m looking at right now, Mrs. Crane.

Ivy: Well, tell me!

Marty: Eve Russell’s husband just slugged a guy his daughter was throwing herself at. I think his name is Chad - or something.

Ivy: Oh, I couldn't have choreographed this better if I was there myself.

Marty: You know, I've done a lot of things I'm not proud of. But you take the gold medal for cold, lady.

Eve: Please -- please, let me get through. I have to get to my daughter, please. Please, excuse me.

Reese: Whoa.

Simone: What happened? I don't see Chad anymore.

Reese: Well, no wonder. He's on the floor with T.C. standing over him. Your dad decked him good.

Simone: No! No!

Jessica: Somebody better tell him that Chad was just trying help.

Reese: No no, no, no. You're not getting anywhere near those two.

Simone: No, but I'm afraid if I don't that my dad is going to hit him again!

Reese: No way. It's dangerous over there. You could get hurt.

Simone: No!

Jessica: He's right.

Reese: It looks like he's about ready to explode.

T.C.: Get up! What the hell do you think you're doing? Get up! What the hell do you think you were doing? Now, get up and take your whupping like man. I said get up, Chad!

[Crowd buzzes]

[Jessica and Simone scream]

Kay: Let it go, Miguel. It was just those kids you heard.

Miguel: What if you're wrong? I mean, what if somebody's in here? I say we go get Reese and bring him back here. He's a smart guy. Maybe he can figure out another way in.

Kay: Miguel, there's nobody inside. Ok? It's -- it's solid rock.

Miguel: Ok, then why do I think I heard Charity's voice?

Tabitha: Big deal. I could do that when I was five years old. You don't scare me one iota. I'm a certified witch, and you're nothing but a zombie.

Charity: Oh. Is that what you think? Well, watch this.

Tabitha: Aah!

Timmy: Is Princess all right?

Tabitha: Oh. How did you do that? Zombies don't normally have that sort of power.

Charity: Well, they do when your friends in the basement give me your old ones.

Tabitha: What did you say?

Charity: You heard me. They didn't think that you could handle your powers, so they gave them to me. You're doomed, Princess, and so is your little friend.

Brian: I'm not trying to dash your hopes. But if he's still alive, wouldn't he have come looking for you? Or at least sent out a search party?

Diana: Maybe he's hurt and he couldn’t. Maybe he tried and then something went wrong. Or maybe he's hit a dead end and he's desperately trying to find another clue. I mean, maybe even as we speak he's closer to finding me than I ever dreamed.

Luis: I don't understand.

Beth: Just open it.

Luis: Oh, my God. Sheridan.

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