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Passions Transcript Tuesday 2/5/02

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Grace: Itís very clear how much you guys love each other. You wouldn't do anything to hurt him no matter what.

Ivy: If your precious son ever learned the truth about you, oh, he would be far more hurt than believing that Grace, wonderful Grace, is his mother.

David: Grace, I'm Ė

Grace: Youíre a wonderful father and you have been nothing but kind and gracious with me.

David: No, Grace, I am not what you think I am.

Grace: I don't understand, David

David: You need to know the truth about me. I can't keep it inside any longer.

Rebecca: You know, I find your involvement with David Hastings most curious.

Ivy: Your imagination size as over active as your libido.

Rebecca: I just cannot imagine what -- what the two of you were talking about here in your room.

Ivy: I told you. I am having him take photos of the mansion as a parting gift from me to you.

Rebecca: Oh, Ivy, you don't think I really believe that, do you? Because I don't. No, no, no, it is something else. Ivy, what is that strange look on your face? Could I be getting just a little too close to the truth for comfort?

Ivy: I am in pain and you being here is only making worse.

Rebecca: I try to do what I can. I am going to do so much more when it comes to causing you pain.

Ivy: Why are you picking on me, Rebecca when it is Theresa who is a threat to both of us? She is pregnant with Julianís child for God sake.

Rebecca: The merry widow can wait but Iíll get even with you for making Sam suspicious I killed Julian.

Ivy: I told you I did no such thing.

Rebecca: And I still don't believe you so I am going to repay the favor by causing you pain. That is exactly the reaction I was hoping for. You see, Ivy, I know that you are after something. Now I don't know what it is just yet but when I do, I have a feeling it is something I can use.

Sheridan: I love you so much.

Luis: I love you, too. With all my heart.

Sheridan: I never want to leave your arms. I want to stay with you forever.

Luis: Don't worry, you will. Miracle brought you back to me and now that you are finally back, nothing is ever going to take you away from me again.

Brian: The lights are getting dimmer.

Doc: The power of the Triangle is fading fast.

Liz: The strange event. Whatever it was. It is almost over.

Doc: Whatever side Diana is on when the lights go out is the side she'll stay on.

Brian: But if she's not back before the lights go out completely --

Doc: Diane will be gone for good.

Brian: Please, God, no. Please Diana come back to me. Please.

Sheridan: Hold me. Never let me go.

Luis: I won't, my love. I won't.

Brian: Please, my love, come back to me.

Luis: The strange lights are almost completely out.

Sheridan: Hold me tighter. I need to feel that I'm safe, that nothing can take me away from you.

Luis: Don't worry. You always will be. -- Don't worry.

Sheridan: Now we're together and always going to be together. It will be wonderful, perfect, the way it should be.

Luis: Wonderful, perfect. The two of us together like this forever and always. Those strange lights are really almost out now. It will be dark soon.

Sheridan: I don't care so long as I'm with you.

Luis: You will be. You will always be with me.

Brian: It's out of my hands now whether or not Diana comes back. Itís up to the powers that took her away. If I could bring her back, I wouldn't. I want her to come back here because she wants to be here with me.

Doc: I think this could your chance, Liz. All I'm saying is that if Diana didn't make it back, I think you and Brian could be together again. He's more open now. He's more ready to commit to a relationship after falling in love with Diana.

Liz: Doc, I'm not so sure. You know what Brian and I had was nothing compared to the love he feels with Diana. I am afraid if he loses her now, he might never recover and he'll shut down completely.

Brian: What is happening to the lights?

Doc: I guess whatever we were witnessing is over.

Brian: No. No, Diana! Diana! Diana didn't come back. I've lost her. I've lost her forever, she's gone.

Rebecca: The smell of fear. The fear that I'm going to find out what you are up to and bring you down.

Ivy: Mess with me Rebecca and you will be sorry.

Rebecca: I don't think so. I think you are the only one that's going to be sorry.

Ivy: Fine. Think about something else besides your own meal ticket for five minutes but trust me, you will be wasting your time. I am in far too much pain and agony to plot and scheme about anything.

Rebecca: No, Ivy, I know you better than that. You will be scheming from the grave, with which any luck you will be resting in.

Ivy: Oh, really. Do you plan on killing me like you killed Julian?

Rebecca: You are accusing me to cover your own guilt.

Ivy: I guess we'll see about that won't we, dear.

Rebecca: Iíll get to see you in prison stripes.

Ivy: Fine, if that is your delusion. Just remember that Sam is already suspicious of your involvement in Julian's death. Look, if you killed him, wonderful. Sam is going to prove it and bring you to justice. You know, Rebecca, prison could actually be your salvation. I understand that some of the ladies consider red heads a real prize, if you know what I mean.

Rebecca: Okay, Ivy, you just have your fun but I'm going to have the last laugh. I don't know what you're up to but when I find out, I am going to bring you down. No more Poison Ivy.

David: Grace, I'm not the man, the wonderful man that you think I am.

Grace: You don't have to be modest with me.

David: No, I'm not and it is high time you knew the truth.

Grace: I already do. You have been nothing but fair and decent with me. You have let me make my own decisions without any pressure or guilt. I know that must have been hard. It must have hurt you when I didn't remember our past and when I decided to stay with Sam and the kids instead of reunite with you. You had every right to lash out and be angry but you didn't. You were completely understanding. You are a wonderful man, David. I am sure of that.

David: Grace, I want you to get on with your life, forget about me. You have a wonderful man in Sam, a fantastic family. Don't let anyone or anything get in the way.

Grace: I wouldn't. The love that Sam and I have is very strong and deep.

David: I know. But just be careful -- no, no. Promise me that you'll be careful.

Grace: Okay. I promise.

David: Good. Good. I just want you to be happy.

Grace: I know that, David, just like I know that you are a good man.

Luis: The lights are gone and you are still here with me. We're still together.

Sheridan: Promise me we always will be.

Luis: I promise you I will not let anything take you from me again. What is that?

Sheridan: What is happening?

Luis: I don't know. Maybe heaven and earth are celebrating us being back together again.

Sheridan: The two of us.

Luis: Yeah. Why this is happening is beyond me but it is happening and it is real. We're together again. We will be forever.

Sheridan: Forever.

Luis: It is a celebration of our love, our everlasting love.

Brian: I lost Diana forever.

Liz: I'm sorry, Brian, I really am. I know what it is like to lose out on a love.

Brian: I guess I just have to accept it. Diana is not coming back.

Doc: Not necessarily.

Brian: Why not?

Doc: Look.

Liz: What does it mean, Doc?

Doc: It means whatever this is, it isnít over. The power of the Triangle is back big time. Anything can happen.

Sam: What's going on?

Grace: David and I were talking.

Sam: You were in his arms?

Grace: Sam, I just wanted David to know how much I respect him getting our marriage annulled and supporting me staying with you and the family.

Sam: I see.

Grace: No, he just wants me to be happy. He just wants us to be happy. He made me promise that I would never let anything come between us.

Sam: Why? Do you think there is something that can break me and Grace up?

David: I'm not saying there is, Sam. I just want for Grace to hold on to what she has with you. Life is full of all sorts of unexpected twists and turns, some good, some not. You never know what is going to happen next. Now if you will excuse me.

Brian: Diana! It looks like she is coming back.

Liz: Unbelievable.

Doc: It is the Triangle. I told you it is not over yet. Anything can still happen.

Liz: Is it really Diana? Yes, it's her. She has not fully crossed over yet and that is why we are only seeing her image. Diana is caught between here and wherever she was with the man she loves.

Brian: Maybe my prayers are answered, she's coming back to me.

Liz: Go to her, Brian. Go to Diana. Take hold of her, fight to keep her here. What is it?

Brian: I won't force Diana to leave the man she loves. If she's happy with him, I want her to be happy. I can't make her leave.

Liz: You love Diana enough to let her go?

Brian: Yes. It is up to fate to decide where Diana should be, with him or with me. I love you, Diana. I love you.

Luis: The lights.

Sheridan: What is happening? I feel like I'm going away.

Luis: No, I'm not going to let you leave.

Sheridan: I want to stay with you.

Luis: I won't let you go away. No.

Sheridan: I feel myself leaving you. As if I'm going far away.

Luis: No, please, please don't leave me. Please, God, please don't take her away from me. Help me. I'm begging you, please let us be together. I love her. Don't take her away from me. Just let us be together.

Sheridan: I will always love you. I will always love you.

Luis: We're together. Can't you see we're together, I love you. I will always be with you wherever we go. Just don't let go.

Sheridan: I can't hold on much longer.

Luis: Don't let go.

Sheridan: Your name, I can't remember your name. Tell me your name.

Luis: Sheridan, it's me. Sheridan it's Luis. No. No. Sheridan! Sheridan!

David: Feeling better, Ivy?

Ivy: After being harassed by Rebecca? Hardly. And I don't need grief from you either.

David: Oh, I'm sorry. I have news that sure won't make you happy.

Ivy: I didn't make the cut in tap dancing class?

David: I just came to tell you it doesn't matter what tricks you try to pull on Sam and Grace, you won't be able to break them up.

Ivy: Really?

David: Yeah, I just spent time with them, their marriage is far stronger than your desire.

Ivy: Every marriage has its weakness, even Sam and Grace.

David: You are wrong, Ivy, dead wrong.

Ivy: You just keep doing what I hired you to do. You just keep pretending that you are Grace's husband and John is the child you have together. I will do the rest.

David: I don't want to do this anymore.

Ivy: Yes, David, I know you have made that abundantly clear but you have no choice. Say it with me, David, if I don't do what Ivy wants me to do, she will destroy me. And you know I can.

David: Look, I don't know how I am going to make this up to John. Letting him think Grace is his mother when she's not.

Ivy:  No one ever has to know, no one does.

David: But damn it, I do.

Ivy: Look, David, we both know you have fallen in love with Grace. When we breakup their marriage, Sam will be with me leaving Grace free to be with you and John. Your son will have the mother that he's always dreamed of and you will be with the woman you love. Everyone will be happy. No one will be wiser, the end.

David: You are -- you just evil, Ivy. You don't give a damn about anyone but yourself. You don't care whose lives get ruined just as long as you get what you want.

Ivy: Well, just remember, David, that you're helping me to destroy those lives. You are not just some innocent bystander here, David, no. You are as guilty as I am.

Diana: Tell me your name. I don't remember your name.

Liz: Diana's image is getting stronger.

Brian: She's coming back. Don't stop now. Diana.

Doc: Amazing. She's back in the flesh.

Sheridan: What is your name? Tell me your name.

Brian: It's me Diana. It's Brian. You are going to be okay.

Diana: What is your name?

Diana: Brian. How did I -- where am I?

Brian: Diana! Diana.

Luis: Come back to me. Come back.

Hank: Luis, did you see the sky just now? That was the most incredible fireworks show I have ever seen.

Luis: She's gone.

Hank: Who?

Luis: Sheridan was here, now she's gone again.

Hank: What?

Luis: Sheridan was here with me, Hank. I kissed her. She kissed me back. We talked. I held her in my arms. She was really -- Sheridan was here and she was real.

Hank: Luis, we have been through this before. Sheridan is dead. She couldn't have come back to you.

Luis: Hank, I'm telling you, Sheridan was here. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it either. I swear to God she was here.

Hank: All right. Let's go get a beer, just something to help you relax. All right.

Luis: No. There has to be a way to find her and bring her back.

Hank: That sounds crazy.

Luis: That's it. I think I know a way to find her and bring her back, Hank.

Scientist: Who are you? What do you want?

Luis: Those lights in the sky, look, I need to know where they came from and how to get them back.

Scientist: I am sorry I can't answer your questions.

Luis: You are a scientist, aren't you?

Hank: Easy, Luis. I apologize for my friend being so intense. Anything you saw about those lights -- would be much appreciated.

Luis: Today would be nice.

Scientist: As a matter of fact, I was just checking into that data when you burst in here. As far as I can tell, it has been over a century since something like that happened. It is rare a phenomenon as it is strange.

Luis: But when will it happen again? How can I get them back?

Scientist: I told you I don't know. It is impossible to predict an event such as what happened tonight.

Luis: You got all this damn equipment. Everything, try.

Scientist: Sir, what is your problem?

Luis: You. Right now you are my problem.

Hank: Luis --- let me handle this, okay. Here's the deal. Somehow during the time those lights were in the sky tonight, my friend feels that his fiancť returned to him.

Luis: She did, Hank. Sheridan was here.

Hank: My friend was engaged to a woman who died last summer but he feels that she was with him tonight and that her appearance was directly related to those lights in the sky.

Scientist: I'm sorry to disappoint your friend but what you're describing to me is a scientific impossibility.

Luis: To hell with science. I am telling you both that it happened. My fiancť came back to me. I was with her. Then those lights went out and she disappeared. Look, I'm not crazy, okay. There is a connection between Sheridan appearing and those lights. You need to find a way to get them back. That's the only way to get Sheridan back.

Scientist: I am a scientist. I am not a Hollywood special suspects guru. I am sorry that I can't help you.

Luis: You have got -- you have got all of this damn equipment. Just try. Try to get those lights back because I need to get Sheridan back. Now.

Diana: Where am I?

Brian: You are in your room on St. Lisa.

Liz: We are all here with you.

Brian: You are going to be just fine.

Diana: I had the strangest dream that -- it didn't seem like a dream. It all felt so real.

Doc: It wasn't a dream. Diana, the powers of the Bermuda Triangle have come into full force tonight, something that hasn't happened in over a hundred years. It can cause the impossible to happen and we think it did.

Diana: I don't understand.

Doc: From what we can gather you crossed over to be with the man you love from your past.

Diana: That's exactly what happened. I was with my fiancť. You are saying it wasn't a dream?

Doc: No. It was real.

Diana: Oh my God. I was really in his arms. He really held me. We really talked about how much we had missed each other, how much we loved each other.

Liz: Diana, do you think that you were in heaven?

Diana: I don't know. Wherever it was, it was so beautiful. It was just perfect. Peaceful. Neither one of us wanted to let go of the other.

Brian: What happened?

Diana: I could feel myself getting weak. I remember getting pulled away. I tried to hold on to me but no matter how tight we clung to each other, I just remember myself fading away. The next thing I knew I was back here on the island. I can't believe that I was in his arms and I couldn't remember his name. I asked him but I was gone before he could tell me. Now I'll never know.

Liz: I'm sorry, Diana. I really am but -- maybe you could go back to him.

Diana: No, Liz. I don't think so. I think tonight was the last time I'll ever see him. I lost him. I've lost the man that I love.

Sam: You know something? After all these years, whenever I kiss you it still feels like the very first time.

Grace: And my heart still skips a beat when you walk into a room. When you're not around I find myself daydreaming about you.

Sam: I'm so lucky to have you in my life. You are everything to me. I guess we're steamier than we thought.

Grace: Yeah, I put a kettle on. I was going to make Ivy some herbal tea and calm her down.

Sam: You know, Grace, you are a saint to still want to help Ivy after all of the pain she has caused you.

Grace: Sam, I have not forgotten what she has done but she is hurting right now and I think I should be there for her. It's not like I trust her. I'm a long way from that. But, you know what I think? Maybe Ivy has changed. I think she's realized there is nothing she can do to take you away from me.

Ivy: When Grace and Sam's marriage is torn apart, it will be because of you, David. You are just as guilty as I am.

David: Only because you are blackmailing me.

Ivy: Exactly. So stop bothering me with your so-called conscious because we both know what you're capable of. Don't forget what got us into this mess, remember.

David: I'm not the man I used to be.

Ivy: I wonder if your son would feel that way. We could find out if you are willing to have you're past exposed. I thought not. So just do your job, David. Breakup Sam and Grace so that Sam and Ethan and I can be the family we were always meant to be and you can take Grace and your son and you can go far, far away from Harmony.

Rebecca: What could Ivy possibly want from David Hastings? Not his photography, that's for sure. So what does she want? What does Ivy want that David can give her? What does Ivy want besides my head on a platter? Sam. Ivy wants Sam. Even though she would never admit it. But Sam is married to Grace -- or at least he thought he was until David Hastings came to town and -- oh my God. You see, Sam would never leave his wife for Ivy. But if he were to find out that Grace wasn't really his wife and technically he would be a free man, a free man to be with whoever he wanted, like his first love. Ivy, oh my God. This is so obvious. Why didn't I see it? David Hastings just comes into town claiming to be Grace's long lost husband and that they had a child together. But David isn't really Grace's husband. No. No Sam already checked that out. As Ivy knew he would. So she covered her tracks like only a Crane wife could. David isn't Grace's husband. No, Ivy hired him to help breakup Sam's marriage because she couldn't. Oh, this is so good. Ivy, you are no match for me, just you wait. Lightning may have struck you once but now it is my turn to strike. And strike I will. With a vengeance.

Diana: It's over. My life with him is over. I will never see the man that I love again.

Brian: I'll stay with Diana until she falls asleep.

Liz: Poor Diana. The idea of not being with the man she loves is tearing her apart.

Doc: Brian, too.

Liz; Doc, is there any way that she could cross back over?

Doc: No. The lights have gone and the power they represented has past. It could be a century or more before something like tonight happens again. Diana is back and she is here to stay.

Brian: Fate brought you back to me, so it must want us to be together. Iím sorry you are in so much pain. Losing the man from your past is hurting you so, but I'm here to help you get past that pain by showing you how much that I love you and God willing, you will love me, too. I love you, Diana. I love you.

Diana: Hold me. Hold me.

Hank: You have to get a grip. He watches the sky, he doesnít control it.

Scientist: At least one of you is lucid.

Hank: My friend is hurting here. Give him a break. Luis, I am sorry that you are hurting over Sheridan but she is gone. Nothing can bring her back.

Luis: Hank, she was back. I held Sheridan in my arms. I felt that she was -- she was real. Sheridan, you were here. We were together. Now you're gone. She's gone forever. Sheridan. Sheridan!

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