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Passions Transcript Friday 2/1/02

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Miguel: What's all this?

Kay: Miguel, you didn't say this party was going to be so romantic.

Miguel: I didn't know. I just heard there was a party. You knew. You knew this party was for couples and you let me come here with Kay.

Charity: Okay. I didn't know it was a party for couples. Besides you two were the ones that wanted to come here anyway.

Kay: Miguel, remember what Tabitha said, we have to make this look like a real date or she'll --

Miguel: Yeah, I know. At least that's Tabithaís theory. I just can't believe the way Charity is treating me.

Kay: Well, let's just get with the act, shall we? Would you mind getting me something to drink?

Miguel: Sure. I'll be right back.

Kay: How did you know this was going to be a party for couples?

Charity: I didn't. It does make it that much more - Miguel is really suffering.

Kay: I hate to see him hurt this way.

Charity: Pretty soon he'll have to give up on me. He'll be all yours. That is what you want, isn't it?

Kay: More than anything.

Charity: Okay. So don't worry about it. He thinks I'm the real Charity, pushing him away. Just play along. Pretty soon he'll be yours forever.

Ivy: Eve, T.C., how long have you been there?

T.C.: Long enough, Ivy.

Ivy: If T.C. and Eve heard that David and I are working together to tear Sam and Grace apart, we're finished.

Sam: Well, well, well, what do we have here?

Rebecca: Oh, my. Where did that come from?

Sam: Iím too much of a gentleman to look, but I would guess thereís a neat holster under that dress of yours. Probably strapped to your thigh.

Rebecca: Well, Sam, what in the world are you implying?

Sam: I am implying that you lied about having a gun. What else did you lie about? And where were you the night that Julian died in the cannery?

Rebecca: Nobody makes a fool out of me and gets away with it. I am going to make you pay, Julian.

Luis: Come back to me. Come back to me, my love.

Hank: Come on, Luis. You're scaring me now.

Luis: Hank, I was with Sheridan. I held her in my arms. She was as real as you and I are. Hank, look at the lights, they're getting brighter. Whatever force it is that brought me and Sheridan together must be getting stronger.

Hank: You're saying that those lights brought you and Sheridan together?

Luis: I don't know. I don't know, Hank. Hank, I came to this gazebo to connect with Sheridan. This is a special place for us. It is where I proposed to Sheridan.

Hank: I know, but Sheridan's dead.

Luis: She's not dead. Hank, she is alive and if I don't connect with her tonight someone or something is going to pull her and I apart forever.

Hank: Okay. Calm down. You go ahead, see if you can connect with her. I'm going to go get the car. When I get back hopefully you're ready to go.

Luis: Come back to me. Come back to me, my love.

Brian: There's no way I'm letting her go back to the ocean, no matter what you say, Doc.

Doc: She is being pulled back by her dead lover; part of her is being pulled into another dimension, another time.

Diana: It's you. You're here.

Luis: Come back to me, my love.

Miguel: Hey.

Reese: Hey.

Chad: Hey Miguel, man, whatís up with you and Kay?

Miguel: It's a long story.

Chad: Give me a short version.

Miguel: Okay. Well, Charity has been having premonitions about me and Kay, seeing us together as a couple. Even one where we are happily married.

Chad: That is crazy, man. She loves you. Why would she think you want to be with Kay?

Miguel: I have a theory. I think she is trying to push me away because the premonitions are causing people unhappiness.

Chad: So you are saying sheís pushing you away because she is trying to protect you from her bad premonitions?

Miguel: Right. Thatís the theory.

Chad: All right. That sure doesn't explain why you are with Kay.

Miguel: That would be Tabitha's idea. She thinks that if Charity sees me with Kay she might realize she could lose me if she keeps pushing me away.

Reese: I really hope it works because frankly, Iím not too hip on the idea of sharing my sweet Kay. Not that I think you would put a move on her.

Miguel: Of course not. I love Charity.

Chad: Hey, I hope your plan works. Okay. Check out the new CDs I got.

Charity: So what is the plan for tonight?

Kay: I don't know. I guess I'm just going to play it by ear and see how it goes. Whatever happens though, I am going to show Miguel a really good time.

Timmy: Timmy hates this.

Tabitha: I know. This music is atrocious but we'll have to suffer if we want to witness the dysfunction of Charity and Miguel.

Timmy: Timmy hates being around people that are in love and that are being torn apart.

Tabitha: Either keep Charity and Miguel apart or we die. How much more simple can I make it?

Timmy: Timmy still doesn't like it.

Tabitha: Well, like it or not we have to do everything we can to help Kay win tonight. Because if she fails, it is curtains for us, Timmy, curtains.

Ivy: T.C., just what is it you think you heard me say?

T.C.: I don't think, I know. I heard you threatening David. Threatening to destroy his life. Now why would you do that, Ivy?

Eve: David, what is Ivy trying to get you to do?

T.C.: What's going on, Ivy? What schemes are you working on now?

Sam: Are you going to answer my questions or not?

Rebecca: I told you, I don't know what happened to Julian.

Sam: You also told me you didn't own a gun. Obviously you were lying.

Rebecca: I'm sorry about that. It's just -- look, I don't have a permit to carry and I was afraid I would get in a lot of trouble.

Sam: You are going to get in a lot more trouble if you don't start answering me.

Rebecca: Well, the truth is, I forgot about the gun.

Sam: You forgot that you had a holster strapped to your thigh with this gun inside of it. Come on, Rebecca you can do better than that.

Rebecca: That's the truth. Look. As you know, I am a woman of some wealth and well, I don't feel safe walking around. You know the way the world is these days, I always wear a little itty bitty gun and sometimes I forget I'm wearing it.

Sam: Well, if you always wear it, then you were wearing it the night Julian disappeared, right? You better start answering my questions, Rebecca. Where were you that night and were you carrying this gun?

Luis: Come to me, my love.

Diana: I'm coming. No, wait, I'm coming. Don't go.

Doc: I think she sees her dead lover again. I think she's ready to cross over to him.

Brian: Iíve got to stop her. I can't let this happen. Diana!

Doc: Brian, don't. You could do serious damage if you pull her out of her trance.

Liz: Brian, what are you afraid of? Do you think she could actually crossover to her dead lover?

Brian: When I was in the ocean it was as if someone was holding on to her and she was holding on to them. That is why it took me so long to get her back to the beach. Another thing, when I was holding her, it was as if she disappeared.

Doc: Disappeared.

Brian: Yeah, I know it sounds crazy but it's the truth. One minute, I could feel her in my arms and the next minute I couldnít see her at all but I could still feel her.

Doc: It doesn't sound crazy at all. It's the power of the Triangle.

Liz: Wait a minute, Doc. Are you saying she could disappear and reunite with her lover, is that it?

Doc: The connection between Diane and her lover is enormous. And the power of the Triangle is helping them be together.

Diana: I'm right here. I'm coming. Wait for me.

Luis: Come back to me, my love. Where are you? Please come back to me. It's you.

Tabitha: Smile, Tim-Tim, pretend like you like this noise they call music.

Timmy: Timmy can't smile. All Timmy can think about is poor Charity inside that block of ice, trapped in that cave. While zombie Charity is here making sure Miguel thinks she hates him.

Tabitha: For Hades sake, get off of it. There is nothing you can do about it.

Timmy: I wish I had taken that book of spells away from Kay before she created evil zombie Charity.

Tabitha: Well you didn't. And I'm not interested in rehashing everything so put a sock in it, can it, zip it. That is more my cup of tea. That is my theme song, Timmy. Come on kid, let's rock. Come on.

Miguel: Hey, Reese. Thanks for going along with this plan. I know it is hard on you seeing me and Kay together.

Reese: I just hope it works and Charity stops acting so weird.

Miguel: Yeah.

Let's get down.


You know dance.

Well, I guess so. Later.

Kay: No, Reese, what if Charity is watching?


Shall we?

Kay: Miguel, Charity is looking at us.

Miguel: Kay, you know this isn't a real date, right? I mean you are like one of my best friends and I'll love you like a friend forever but this is just pretend for Charity's sake so she'll realize we should be together.

Kay: I know but we have to make this look real don't we?

Miguel: Yeah, I guess so.

Luis: Hank, I thought --

Hank: You thought you were seeing Sheridan again, right?

Luis: Well, she still feels so close by. Hank, when I heard you back there I just thought that --

Hank: I couldn't get the car. There was a delivery truck blocking it so I came back to tell you.

Luis: Oh.

Hank: So, are you ready to go?

Luis: Hank.

Hank: I know you are trying to reconnect with Sheridan but I don't think it is going to happen.

Luis: It has already happened twice. First at the Crane pool and then Sheridan's cottage. Hank, Sheridan and I were together.

Hank: How can you be together? She's dead. Whatever you saw was your imagination. Visions brought on by your incredible need to see her again.

Luis: Hank, they weren't visions. Don't you remember what happened when you were trying to drag me to the edge of the pool? I disappeared.

Hank: That could have been the lights playing tricks --

Luis: Hank, it wasn't a trick. It was real. Hank, Our love is breaking through the barrier, whatever it is trying to keep us apart. I know if I keep believing and if I keep calling to Sheridan, she's going to come back, Hank. I know it. Sheridan is going to come back.

Brian: Diana almost disappeared and then she suddenly came back to herself.

Liz: What is happening, Doc?

Doc: I told you. She's been being pull back to her dead lover into some other dimension.

Brian: I can't let that happen, I have to stop her.

Doc: Brian, if you care about her, let her go.

Brian: I don't know if I can. I don't know what I would do if I lost her.

Liz: Would you deny her this happiness, being with the man she loves? She obviously can't forget him. If you put your feelings above Diana Ė

Eve: Why don't you answer, Ivy? Why are you threatening David?

Ivy: All right. If you must know, I wanted him to get me another prescription for pain medication. That's all. When you heard me saying I was going to destroy David, it was the pain and desperation lashing out.

Eve: Are you in that much pain?

Ivy: How can you even ask that? If you were a caring decent doctor you wouldn't let me suffer this way.

Eve: You are self-medicating. That is dangerous. You have to take what is prescribed and not more.

Ivy: I know. I know. I understand.

T.C.: What I still don't understand is why you are threatening David?

Ivy: I told you. I wanted him to get another prescription filled. He refused.

David: Well, I knew what Dr. Russell had said before, she shouldn't get any more pain killers.

T.C.: Look, threatening to destroy your life, isn't that a little over the top?

Eve: Well, pain can sometimes makes a person act strangely, T.C. Sometimes bizarre and irrational.

T.C.: No, sweetheart, I think it is more than that.

Eve: What are you saying, T.C.?

T.C.: I was just wondering if David here is not being drawn into the Crane orbit. Or maybe you are asking him to do something he doesn't want to do and you are going to destroy his life if he doesn't do it.

Sam: Rebecca, you are not helping yourself out here. First you claim that you don't own a gun. Then suddenly you remember that you do and that you carry it with you so often you are not aware that you are carrying it. Look at this. There is a bullet missing from your gun, Rebecca.

Rebecca: Really?

Sam: One shot fired from your gun, now who did you shoot at? Did you shoot Julian Crane?

Rebecca: No, I shot a rat. A rat that deserved to die.

Liz: Could you really be happy keeping Diana from the man she loves?

Brian: Well, you're right. I can't deny Diana the chance to be with the man she loves even if it means giving up my own happiness. I'm going to keep an eye on her and make sure she didn't hurt herself.

Doc: Talking Brian into letting Diana go was a brilliant move. If she does disappear and stays gone maybe you and Brian can get back together.

Liz: I would never manipulate Brian that way.

Brian: What is happening? Is she about to crossover to her lover?

Luis: Hank, the lights. I think I am about to be connected with Sheridan again. Come back to me, my love. Come back.

Hank: Luis, I hope it happens. I really do.

Luis: It will, you'll see.

Hank: Okay. But I'm going to check on the car and see if it is still blocked.

Luis: Yeah, go ahead.

Hank: If I come back with the car, will you let me take you home then?

Luis: Hank, when you come back I'm going to be with Sheridan, okay.

Hank: I hope so. I'll be back in a few.

Luis: My love, come back to me. Please. I need you. I'm here. My love, you've come back.

Kelly: Whatís up, Chad? Are you thinking about Whitney?

Chad: No, no, Kelly, just trying to decide which tune to play next is all.

Kelly: Well, the tune that you are playing suits me just fine. We haven't danced all night. Come on. Let's dance.

Chad: Okay.

John: Charity, I don't think this is such a good idea.

Charity: What?

John: You know the way we're dancing, we're supposed to be cousins right?

Charity: Oh yeah, right. Have you ever heard of kissing cousins?

Kay: Miguel, what's wrong?

Miguel: Chad should be with Whitney, you should be with Reese, and Charity should be with me.

Kay: I see what you mean. But you know maybe this is a year for change. Maybe 2002 is going to bring better connections.

Miguel: What are you talking about?

Kay: Except for you and Charity, of course. You guys are always going to be together. Miguel, I know it's hard but try not to look at her, okay. The plan is never going to work if you don't.

Miguel: I know. You're right.

Timmy: Timmy wishes he -- too much to watch.

Tabitha: If you think this is bad, Tim-Tim, just you wait.


Eve: I'm going to give you an injection, Ivy. It will make you feel better right away.

David: I can understand you being suspicious but Ivy was simply trying to force me into getting a prescription.

T.C.: Are you sure about that?

David: Absolutely. I am not even from Harmony. But I can understand your anger toward the Cranes. They will do anything to get what they want.

T.C.: You know what, David, youíve learned a lot about the Cranes in the short time you have been here.

David: I have traveled all over the world and seen other families like the Cranes. Too much wealth, too much power. I have seen how that could drive a person mad.

Sam: You shot a rat? Now was that rat named Julian Crane?

Rebecca: No. No it was a rat in our -- little whiskers, fur, tail. It was a rodent.  There are rats in the Crane mansion.

Sam: Don't the Cranes have regular exterminators?

Rebecca: Ever since Ivy has been hurt and Julian is dead, the maintenance has gone to hell, you know. I saw this big rat scurrying across the hall and was terrified so I -- I shot it.

Sam: You hit it?

Rebecca: Well, of course.

Sam: You must be one hell of a shot, Rebecca, to shoot at a rat running in a dark hall way and nail it.

Rebecca: I am the best shot at the club. I mean, some of the members of the Harmony police department go there so you can ask them yourself. I can shoot the wings off of a fly at 40 paces.

Sac: Now it wouldn't be that hard to shoot someone, someone on a cat walk, high above the ground in a cannery, right? That wouldn't be that difficult, would it?

Liz: What's happening?

Brian: She's fading, Doc. She fades out and then she comes back.

Doc: The power of the Bermuda Triangle is getting stronger, focusing.

Diana: I'm here. Come to me.

Doc: She's fading. She's not long for this dimension.

Diana: That's right. I'm here. Come to me.

Luis: I'm coming to you, my love. Wait for me.

Brian: Diana! Where are you? Diana, answer me.

Luis: Where are you? Where are you? I can't lose you now, you were almost here. I saw you. I think I saw you but -- you're trying to break through to me. Where did you go?

Diana: I'm right here.

Eve:  T.C., could you and David give us a minute? I want to make sure you are in less pain and I need to examine you.

T.C.: Sure, honey, we'll wait outside. Listen here, David, I don't know you but if you are involved with Poison Ivy in any way, let me give you some advice. Run. Run far and run fast. Because the Cranes can destroy you and anyone that you love and they will if they find it necessary.

Eve: Your blood pressure is a little high. I guess that is normal when you're in pain. You know sometimes pain can be augmented by anxiety. I would like to run a little test.

Ivy: What kind of test? Don't you believe that my pain is real, Eve?

Eve: Ivy, I want to test the degree of pain you are in so I can help you and not overmedicate you.

Ivy: I can assure you that my pain is real, Eve. My physical pain is just as real as the pain in my heart and the only thing that will heal that pain is holding Sam in my arms again.

Sam: A good shot like you would be able to make that shot, wouldn't you, Rebecca?

Rebecca: It's possible. But just because I'm a good shot does not make me a killer.

Sam: No, it doesn't. But I will have to verify your story about that rat.

Rebecca: Well, that's going to be kind of difficult because the rat has already been destroyed. Why are you grilling me like this? Did Ivy put you up to this? Did she accuse me of killing Julian?

Sam: I am not at liberty to discuss what other suspects have said during questioning.

Rebecca: I see. That bitch, Ivy. She sicced Sam Bennett on me. If you think you have problems from the pain from your accident wait until I get hold of you.

Luis: It's really you. Are you really here?

Diana: Yes, I'm here. I'm here.

Luis: It is you. You're real.

Diana: I love you so much. I missed you.

Luis: I love you, too. More than you will ever know.

Timmy: Nobody is with the right person.

Tabitha: Oh, yes, it is horrible isn't it? Almost every relationship in Harmony is in danger. Of course Ethan and Theresa have already been torn apart and Sheridan and Luis and Sam and Grace very soon. But most importantly, Charity and Miguel are almost kaput. We're going to live a very long life, Timmy. You and I and Kay are going to get everything she wants and Charity and Miguel will be history.

Eve: Well if anyone thought you were faking they were wrong. You are definitely having pain.

Ivy: Well, good now that we both know it, may I please have a stronger prescription?

Eve: I'm going to reevaluate your condition before I change your medication but the injection I gave you should help you get through the night. Are you feeling any better?

Ivy: Yes, thank you.

Eve: You shouldn't be needing these tonight. And Ivy, when I give you a stronger prescription I insist that you take just that prescription and nothing more. Do you understand? Otherwise I will have to take you back to the hospital where I can keep an eye on you.

Ivy: Yes, I understand, okay. Just please ask David to come back in here. I would like to apologize.

Eve: Apologize?

Ivy: Yes, Eve, apologize. I promise. I'm not going to make him my drug runner or anything, I just want to apologize.

Eve: David, Ivy wants to see you. She said she wants to apologize.

T.C.: Remember what I said, David, far and fast. So how is she doing?

Eve: Well, I gave her know injection to help her get through the night but she's in a great deal of pain.

T.C.: Well, at least she's not lying about that.

Eve; Do you think she's lying about something else?

T.C.: Oh, yeah. I think she and David are up to something. I don't know what it is but I can feel it.

Eve: Well, let's go find Sam and Grace.

David: That was very dangerous. What if Eve and T.C. had heard everything we said?

Ivy: Then we will be in deep trouble.

David: Then we have to stop the plan now. If we don't stop the plan we'll be discovered for sure.

Ivy: No, we're not going to stop. We will stick to the plan. Everything will be fine. I want Sam and Grace torn apart.

David: No matter how many lives you destroy?

Ivy: I don't care about anything but Sam. Sam will be mine again, I swear it.

Rebecca: May I go now?

Sam: Yeah, you can go. Just don't leave town.

Rebecca: Where else would I go? So I can't leave town, that's all right. I wouldn't leave town anyway until that bitch, Ivy, gets what is coming to her. And tonight a good time to start.

Brian: I can't believe it. I can't find Diana anywhere. She's disappeared.

Doc: She's crossed over, Brian. She rejoined her lover.

Brian: No. I hope she's happy. I just let the woman of my dreams go back to her first love. I'll never see her again.

Luis: I still can't believe it's you. It's really you.

Sheridan: I'm really here, right where I belong.

Luis: I don't know how this happened and I don't care. I'm never going to let you go again. I know how to make sure of it. Now nothing is ever going to tear us apart. Nothing.

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