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Passions Transcript Thursday 1/31/02

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Reese: Okay. Just for the record, this isn't a date-date you are taking Kay on. You wouldn't be trying to steal the love of my life out from under me?

Miguel: Of course not. Itís Tabitha's idea to get Charity to come to her senses.

Reese: Tabitha.

Miguel: She thinks she will stop pushing me away if she sees Kay and I having a good time together.

Eve: Honey, what are you doing here?

T.C.: I was at the hospital when you called asking for this stuff. They were short staffed and I offered to bring it to you. Then they told me you were at the Crane mansion. Whatís the deal? What made you want to step foot in this God forsaken place again?

Eve: Ivy is in terrible pain and I am her doctor and I had to come.

T.C.: I admire your dedication. You don't you hate it here? I sure as hell do.

Eve: I try not to think about it.

T.C.: I can't help it after what Julian did to me.

Eve: Don't get yourself worked up. Sam is here and he's taking statements about where they were on the night of Julian's murder.

T.C.: Julian got what he deserved. Even with him being gone, this house still has evil in it. It is just like it was in the past. Anyone that gets involved with anyone from this family, their life will be torn apart.

David: Ivy, how can you be in such horrible pain and so driven to tear Sam and Grace apart?

Ivy; I am driven by my love for Sam. Because I know in my heart of hearts that we belong together. And the only way that is going to happen is for Grace to be out of the picture.

Grace: Sam, I am worried about Ivy. It seems like she is really suffering.

Sam: I had no idea she was in so much pain. No one did. Ivy lied to everyone. Different doctors write her multiple prescriptions for pain medication.

Grace: Well, I'm just sorry that I let another premonition make me suspicious.

Sam: There is no need to apologize, I understand your feelings. Ivy has been hovering around the edges of our life for a long time.

Rebecca: I wonder if Ivy is using her pain to get Sam back. Maybe that is why Grace had a premonition.

Grace: Sam, something is wrong, something that you are not telling me. I sensed it when you were upstairs.

Sam: Youíre right. Something is bothering me. It has to do with Ivy.

Rebecca: This is starting to get good.

Luis: What a weird night. Hank. I have this feeling if I don't connect with Sheridan tonight then I'm going to lose her again.

Hank: How can you lose her again? She's dead. She's gone.

Luis: What are you talking about? You saw what happened tonight. I went for a swim in the Crane's pool and all of a sudden Sheridan was in the water with me. We swam into each other's arms.

Luis: I can't believe it's you.

Sheridan: I found you.

Luis: The next thing I knew we were some place in the ocean. Some place warm, tropical feeling place.

Luis: How did I get here? What's going on?

Sheridan: I don't know how but it all that matters is we're together again.

Luis: And we were pulled away from each other.

Luis: What's going on?

Sheridan: Please don't leave me. Let me go!

Luis: Sheridan disappeared. And I was back in the Crane's pool. Not long after that, we were dancing together here in the cottage, that was someplace else too, I think. A balcony with roses. Both times I could touch her, I could feel her.

Hank: Your mind is playing tricks on you.

Luis: Hank, that is bull and you know it. Both you and Theresa were there, you saw what happened. You said that I was there one minute and gone the next. You even said you were trying to pull me out of the water and you felt something holding me and you didn't know what it was. It was Sheridan, Hank. I am sure of it.

Hank: Look, I don't have all of the answers.

Luis: Well, I do. Hank, I held Sheridan in my arms not once but twice tonight. I don't know how. Somehow, I have got to find her, Hank. I have to find her because if I don't, someone or something is going to take her away from me forever.

Liz: Brian, you may be head over heels in love with Diana but youíve got to admit that her connection to her past lover is incredible.

Brian: I think my love for Diana is strong enough to beat any ghost or whatever it was we saw. Right now, all I'm concerned about is making sure that Diana is all right.

Doc: I bet my stethoscope the happenings are tied to Bermuda Triangle exerting unusual power. Diana is somehow being pulled across the dimensions of time and space to connect with her dead lover.

Brian: Doc, I just don't follow --

Diana: Doc is right. I was with my dead lover earlier and I have to get back to him now, tonight.

Reese: I'm not sure how much advice you should be taking from Tabitha.

Tabitha: I understand your concern, Reese, given who and what you are. But you shouldn't feel threatened by Miguel taking your girlfriend out on a date. Any touchy feely, kiss, kiss on their part is simply to make sure that --

Miguel: Really, I would never try to steal Kay away from you.

Timmy: Tabitha is so rude.

Tabitha: Itís in my job description, lad. Besides I am trying to help Kay, even though she is the one that cast the spell to create zombie Blondie. Itís in need of a boost so I provided it.

Kay: So I'm totally psyched that Miguel asked me out but I am wondering what changed his mind. Who cares? It worked didn't it?

Charity: Yeah, I mean we obviously got help from somewhere.

Kay: Yes, we did.

Brian: I didn't realize you woke up.

Diana: I just did. I heard Doc talking and he's right. I was with my lover twice tonight, once in the ocean and once here in the room. Our love is pulling us back together.

You say you were with your lover -- what do you mean exactly?

Diana: I was in his arms. I could feel him. I could touch him. We were together like the four of us are right now. I mean, my lover is out there waiting for me. And I have to get back to him. We have to be together.

Luis: I have to get back with Sheridan somehow. Maybe all this weird atmosphere stuff has caused me to have a connection with Sheridan.

Hank: You think there's some sort of weird cosmic thing going on out there? You never used to believe in that stuff.

Luis: Hank, we have seen a lot of stuff in the past few years. I have seen stuff I never thought could have existed before. Something had to put me and Sheridan together. Now I touched her, I felt her skin against mine. I feel like we could be together again. We could pick up right where we left off if we just make another connection.

Hank: I just don't see how that's possible.

Luis: I don't either. Wait a minute. I just got an idea, Hank.

Timmy: Timmy thought Miguel had figured out what was wrong with the real Charity but he didn't. So now Timmy has to figure out a way to save Charity without getting in trouble.

Tabitha: Timmy is getting a doing of charity at all, you know what will happen if she ever gets defrosted. Too much fan fanning the flames and you are too, aren't you young man?

Timmy: Timmy enjoys being a little boy.

Tabitha: You better mind your own business or we'll be obliterated. Case closed.

John: Hey, guys.

Hey, John.

How is it going?

John: It's great being back with Dad and finally meeting my mom, I just need a break from studying. Thereís tons to read for the courses Iím taking at Harmony College.



John: Hey, sis.


And how is our newest half brother doing?

John: Newest? Oh, right. Your father, Sam, had a son by Ivy Crane. Ethan.


And I guess she had you before she met Dad. They're even.

What a family tree.

Miguel: I am really looking forward to our date.

Kay: Excuse me. Boyfriend watching.

Miguel: We have to make this look as real as we can for Charity's sake.

Refills? Can I get you one?

No. Thanks.


Did I hear right? You are going out with Kay when you are dating Charity.

Miguel: It's a long story.

I'm a good listener.

Jessica: Kay, what is really going on between you and Miguel seriously? Itís no secret you have had a crush on him and he said you might have hooked up if Charity hadnít come to town and that made you resentful big time.

Kay: I am not denying that Charity used to get on my nerves.

Jessica: Used to? What kind of scheme have you come up with to get between Charity and Miguel and what are you planning to do on this date with Miguel?

Eve: I know you hate being in the Crane mansion. I hate being here, too. But Sam called me and asked me to treat Ivy. I can't say no. Besides, Julian is dead and he's never coming back.

T.C.: Julian ruined my chances at pro tennis. My father died of a broken heart because of it. Who knows what else he and his stinking family have taken from other people in this town.

Eve: All these years I have lived with the pain of thinking my baby was dead and he's not. He's alive. You took him from me, Julian. You stole my baby. Believe me, T.C., I have as many reasons to hate Julian and his family as you do. He took something from me, too.

T.C.: What Eve? What did the Cranes take from you?

David: You should stop thinking about Sam and start focusing on getting better.

Ivy: Getting Sam back is the only thing I want. His love will help me recover. And if you don't help me, David, I will destroy you, I swear it. I want Sam back no matter what the cost.

Sam: You are right, Grace, something is wrong and has to do with Ivy. I am afraid I have been keeping something from you, something I feel incredibly guilty about.

Tabitha: Reese is staring at me again. Didn't his parents teach him it is rude to stare?

Forget revel if Kay does snag Miguel.

Maybe not.

Timmy: You lost Timmy.

Tabitha: I think Kay has a good chance of making Miguel fall for her. And if he does Reeseís focus will return to his former best friend and his imagined former girlfriend. Then all we have to do is just be close by to offer any assistance.

Kay: Would you guys just give me a break? Lately I have done everything I can to make sure Miguel and Charity stay together. I even got them tickets to The Nut Cracker.

You ended up going with Miguel instead of Charity

Kay: Is it my fault she got sick? You still don't believe me, do you? Okay. Fine. I'll tell you the truth. I'm going to tell you guys exactly what I did to get Charity to help me take Miguel from her.

You were with your dead lover tonight, incredible.

Diana: Yes. First we were in the ocean and then we were here in the room dancing together. It was real. I know it was.

We did see the man in the white dinner jacket.

You said you remember him dying in your arms.

Diana: I still do. Look, I can't even begin to explain what happened tonight. All I know is that we were together and I could feel his love, our love for each other. It was so strong. It was so passionate.

Doc: Maybe this man didn't die in your arms. Maybe he was saved and you just don't remember. And that's why your love is using the power of the Triangle to draw you back together.

Diana: Yes. Maybe Doc is right. Maybe the powers of the Triangle are bringing us back together. No. No. It can't be. I remember him dying in my arms. If he had been saved, I would have remembered that. I have memories of other happy times. I mean, that would have been the happiest of all.

It makes sense.

As any of it does.

Diana: I don't know what is going on but whatever it is, it is extremely powerful. I have to use that power somehow to get back to him. I have to.

Luis: Sheridan was with me earlier in the Crane pool and at the Crane cottage. Both of those places have wonderful memories for us.

Hank: Yeah, so.

Luis: This place is special, too. Maybe even the most special. This is where I asked Sheridan to marry me.

Hank: I still don't know where you are going with this.

Luis: Hank, I figure whatever force it is that is bringing us together, it is going to be strongest in a place that is special for us. Like here.

Hank: It makes sense. If any of this makes sense.

Luis: Hank, look. That strange light is getting brighter. This could be my last chance to connect to Sheridan. The last one. Sheridan. Sheridan.

Kay: Okay. Here's what I did. I downloaded Brain Washing 101 from the net and I brain washed Charity into pushing Miguel away so that I could --


Kay: No. Of course not. Guys, I didn't do anything.

Something is not right. I mean, what would Mom say if she knew you were going out with Miguel?

Kay: Mom will probably freak out. Every ever since Charity has come to Harmony --

You have lied and schemed against Charity before.

And Charity never does anything wrong.

Kay: I don't care. Mom should take my side no matter what but she doesn't. I am at the bottom of the totem pole. I am below you, Charity, Noah and even my two half brothers, Ethan and John, are above me. Who knows how many other Bennett bastards are out there waiting to be discovered.


That would hurt his feelings so bad.


Kay: You guys come over here accusing me of stealing Miguel from Charity, convinced I am the vilest person on the planet and now you are worried about his feelings.


What about mine? Compared to some people in this town, like Mom for example, I am a complete saint.

What are you talking about?

Are you hiding something about Mom?

Grace: Sam, what are you keeping from me?

Sam: I feel guilty about Ivy's injuries. She was trying to help me fix the signal beacon when she was struck by lightning and fell. I feel responsible.

Grace: Sam, you couldn't have possibly known what was going to happen.

Eve: Ivy probably wore metallic underpants hoping she would get zapped so Sam would feel sorry for her.

Grace: I am sure you did everything to keep Ivy safe while fixing the beacon light. What happened to her, you had nothing to do with it. You shouldn't feel guilty. You are the most wonderful man in the world and I love you.

Rebecca: All of this talk about love is getting too icky for me.

Sam: Rebecca, what are you doing?

T.C.: What did the Cranes take from you?

Eve: We are married, T.C. They have taken something from you; they have taken something from me.

T.C.: Oh, honey. Forgive me for being suspicious of you having a past with the Cranes. How crazy is that?

Eve: It is okay, sweetheart. What with Julian's murder and everything, it is just a tense time for both of us.

T.C.: What do you mean?

Eve: Both of us thought that Julian had it coming, both of us are glad that he's dead and yet here we are both of us in his house again.

T.C.: I want to get out of here as soon as possible.

Eve: We will as soon as I get a good read on Ivyís condition.

T.C.: Whatever pain she is in, I am sure she deserves it for all of the things she has done. It is like what goes around comes around comment, you know what I mean?

Eve: I'm not sure that's fair. You know, Ivy was hurt trying to help Sam fix that signal beacon when the kids were trapped out on Warlock Island during the hurricane. Itís probable that she helped save's someone's life.

T.C.: No, she was trying to impress Sam. She doesn't give a damn about anyone. You know she could be trying to go after Sam again.

Eve: I thought of that. But after everything, trying to get Sam in the past, I wouldn't put anything past her. But the pain is real and she does seem - real and seems to have given up on Sam.

Ivy: You and your son can't leave Harmony, not until Sam is mine again.

David: I think you are going to be dead sooner.

Ivy: Is that what you think, David? Well, think again. Open that drawer and take a look.

David: Where did you get this?

Ivy: Don't worry about that, David. Worry about what your son is going to think when he sees that picture


Rebecca: I wasn't listening. Heavens no, I was just passing through. I was. I was passing through and I saw you talking to Grace and I didn't want to interrupt.

Sam: Now that you're here, I need to ask you about Julian, I would have done it earlier but got side tracked when Ivy was overcome with pain.

Rebecca: Is Ivy really in pain?

Sam: Apparently she has been since the accident. She managed to hide it up until now.

Rebecca: Oh, well, Ivy and I have had our issues but we both hate Theresa and we both want Ethan and Gwen to be together so I hope she feels better soon.

Sam: Yes, we hope she feels better soon also. Now about those questions.

Rebecca: Oh, really it is so late and, you know, I am so tired.

Sam: It won't take long. Do you have a gun and did you have it with you the night Julian was murdered?

Rebecca: Where -- Julian, you cockroach, where are you? You slept with that little tramp and now I have nothing. You are not going to get away with it.

Rebecca: No, I don't own a gun. I certainly didnít have one when Julian was killed. In fact, well, I wouldn't even know, you know, which buttons to push to make it fire.

Sam: You don't push buttons, you pull the trigger.

Rebecca: Oh. You don't say. Just the thought of some fiend shooting my pooky, that is upsetting. I thought we were going to have a long, wonderful life together.

Sam: Even though he married Theresa and got her pregnant.

Rebecca: Well, nobody's perfect. Besides you knocked up Ivy on her wedding night and Grace still forgave you.

Sam: That has nothing to do with Julian's murder.

Rebecca: Julian's murder. -- Julian's murder. My pooky is dead, he's really dead.

Grace: You know, Sam, maybe we should give Rebecca a moment to compose herself.

Rebecca: Thank you, Grace. You have such a sweet soul. I mean in spite of all his flaws, I still miss my pooky so much.

David: How can you live with yourself? This is evil.

Ivy: One thing I learned during all my years with the Cranes is that the end does justify the means. On second thought, you better put those back where you found them. I wouldn't want them lying around, not because it might embarrass you but because if somebody saw them they might realize I am losing you.

David: Heaven forbid.

Ivy: That is the one threat to my plan succeeding, if someone were to find out what I was doing. Otherwise I am sure that Sam and Grace's relationship will be destroyed as long as no one discovers our connection.

T.C.: Well, I think Ivy being struck by lightning is divine intervention. God's way of weeding out a source of evil.

Eve: Honey, I know you are angry with anything or anyone that has anything to do with the Cranes and so am I, but I have to take care of Ivy. So once I hook up those monitors and I run a few tests I can better read what kind of pain she's in.

T.C.: Baby, I'm sorry, I just don't trust her. I think she is faking it.

Eve: Well, if she is, these tests will expose her.

Kay: You know what, guys, why don't you forget what I said about Mom and leave me alone.

I still think you are up to something, Kay.

Kay: Okay. Why don't we ask Charity? Charity, do you think I am trying to steal Miguel from you?

Charity: What?

Kay: Yeah. They think I am trying to take Miguel from underneath you.

Charity: Well that's just crazy. I mean, come on, Kay has been nothing but supportive of my relationship with Miguel. In fact, she has done everything in her power to try to keep us together.

To tell you the truth, I --

I didn't know things had gotten this bad.

Would you rather I lie?


Kay: Told you so.



Kay: I can't believe my own best friend and sister are suspicious of me.

Charity: Can't imagine why they would be.

Kay: I don't need sarcasm from a zombie, okay.

Charity: Well, I told you, I thrive on being's pain.

Kay: Well then watch the local news. Now we need to figure out a strategy for my date with Miguel, so here's what I think we should do.

Doc: Diana, I know how much finding out about your past might mean for you. There might be a clue in your meetings or whatever they were with your dead lover.

Diana: How so, Doc?

Doc: Did you speak to him? Do you remember him calling you by your real name?

We did talk but I don't remember him ever saying my name smooch what with you, Diana? Did you call him by name?

Diana: I don't think either of us said the other's name.

Doc: If you could remember if he said your name, then we could find out who you really are. Knowing your name would change your life forever.

Liz: He's right, Diana. Think. Think hard.

Luis: Sheridan, I know you're out there somewhere. Please come back.

Hank: Luis, don't do this.

Luis: Hank, itís okay. It's okay. I know I can connect with Sheridan. Sheridan, Sheridan, where are you? Please come back to me. Where are you?

Diana: What did my lover say to me when we were together?

Luis: Where are you my love?

Diana: Did you all hear that?

Hear what?

Diana: My lover. It was his voice. He's calling out to me.

Luis: Where are you my love? Tell me where you are.

Diana: I'm here, my darling. I knew you would come back for me.

Hey. We should get going.


Where are we going?

There is a party at the youth center. Chad is deejaying. It should be a lot of fun.

You should come, too.

John: Sure it is all right?

Tabitha: I am sure it would be fine if you came.

Charity: Cute boys are always welcome at a party.

Miguel: Charity is flirting with John. Are you sure this is going to work?

Guaranteed as long as you do your part and commit to the moment, really see this as a full fledged date with Kay. You will remind Charity you are the one that she really loves.

Miguel: Okay. Then here goes. Hey.

Kay: Hey.

Miguel: Are you ready?

Kay: Yeah.

Miguel: Let's go.

Timmy: Timmy hates to see Miguel hurting.

Tabitha: It is better than us burning. Besides Miguel said himself he might have hooked up with Kay if Charity had not come to town. In a way it is a wrong being righted. And finally Kay is going to get everything she wants. Come on.

David: I can't do this, Ivy. I cannot ruin innocent people's lives so you can work your --

Ivy: For the last time, if you don't do as I say, you will destroy an innocent life. Your son, John, when he sees you for the man you really are.

Eve: Hang in there a little while longer. I'll run these tests on Ivy and then we'll go.

T.C.: I hope I never have to come back to this evil place ever again.

Ivy: You put yourself in this position, David, I didn't.

Ivy: Yeah, but you are the only person that would take advantage of something like this.

Eve: David and Ivy, what are they arguing about?

T.C.: There is only one way to find out.

David: Sam and Grace don't deserve what you are using me to do to them.

Ivy: I didn't deserve to be tricked into a loveless marriage for over 20 years.

David: It is true; two wrongs do not make a right. I am taking John and I am leaving Harmony.

Ivy: You will stay here and you will do exactly as I say or I will destroy you. Do you understand that? Eve and T.C., how long have you been there?

Rebecca: I could never kill Julian. I loved him too much. In spite of his flaws, he was my life, my pooky.

Sam: It is late so we'll stop now. But I may have to question you later.

Rebecca: I'll make myself available whenever you want to speak to me. Right now I need to get an aspirin for this headache. It was so upsetting earlier when Theresa made those wild accusations that Ivy and I had something to do with Julian's death. It was as outrageous as it is ridiculous.

Luis: Come back to me, sweetheart. Please come back to me.

Hank: Luis, you can't keep doing this.

Luis: Shh. I have to try. The lights are so bright. I think maybe the power is getting stronger. Whatever force that brought Sheridan back to me, bring her back to me again. Where are you Sheridan? Where are you my love?

Diana: I am here.

She must hear someone calling her.

Liz: Her dead lover maybe.

Diana: Come back to me. Please come back to me.

Luis: I'm coming, my love. I'm coming.

Brian: Where is she going?

Doc: Sorry, Brian but I think Diana is looking for her long lost lover.

Diana: If you can hear me, come back. Please come back.

Luis: I'm coming, my love, wait for me.

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