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Passions Transcript Friday 1/25/02

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Tabitha: So, could it be Theresa? Or Ethan? Luis? Pilar? Ivy? Rebecca? Or T.C.? Or was it dear Dr. Eve? Each and every one of them is a perfect suspect and then of course there is Sheridan and Antonio, Luis's brother. Chief Bennett doesn't even know about them yet. But either one of them could have done it as well. So who put this murder and mayhem into motion? You lovely old witch, you. There's seven more years of bad luck for Harmony.

Pilot: Ladies and gentlemen, we will be starting our approach into Bermuda International shortly. Please return to your seats and secure your seat belts. Thank you.

Liz: How is she doing?

Brian: She is still asleep. I am sure she is still dreaming.

Liz: At least she's not sleep walking again.

Brian: What do you think she could have been dreaming about to get her so upset?

Liz: I have no idea but she was definitely upset.

Brian: Maybe she was talking about what she said, she took everything away from someone. Then she said it's over, he's dead. What could she have been talking about?

Liz: I don't know. She has amnesia. She doesn't know anybody --.

Brian: I got to tell you, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up when she said, “he's dead”. The way she said did it. Who in Diana's past deserves to die?

Rebecca: Before anyone starts questioning me, I would like to know where Theresa and Pilar disappeared to last night.

Pilar: I would like to know why your dress smelled of fish when you came back to the mansion. Where were you, Rebecca?

Theresa: Well, I would rather find out why the cleaning staff saw fish guts trailing from Ivy's wheelchair. Where did you go, Ivy?

Ivy: How dare you ask me about anything you devious little slut.

Pilar: Don't call my daughter names.

Sam: That is enough. Now I don't want to hear another word out of anyone. Ladies, we’re just trying to investigate a possible homicide here. We need your help. Julian might have been murdered and I am going to get to the bottom of this no matter what I have to do. Now I need to know where each one of you was last night.

Sam, are you saying that we're all suspects?

Sam: That is right. Until we can figure out happened to Julian, everyone is a suspect.

Miguel: Hey! Are you all right?

Kay: Yeah, just clumsy.

Miguel: I'll help you clean.

Charity: Miguel, look what you made Kay do.

Miguel: Sorry. I know what's wrong. I know why you haven't been acting like yourself lately.

Charity: Really? Why?

Miguel: I was at the skating pond and I figured it out.

Timmy: Good. Kay is afraid that Miguel knows what she did to poor Charity, now the real Charity is going to be rescued and Kay is so busted.

Kay: So, you were at the pond?

Miguel: Yes. And like I said, I figured out why Charity has been acting so strangely. It is because of her premonitions.

Charity: What?

Reese: Premonitions. What do you mean?

Miguel: Everybody knows that Charity has premonitions all of the time and a lot of them are really terrible. In fact, I can't remember the last time she had a good one.

I neither can I.

Miguel: Most of the visions show terrible things. It has to be taking a toll seeing such awful things in the future all of the time.

Charity: No, no. That's not it, Miguel. That's not it.

Miguel: Charity, when you first started having these premonitions I did some research. I found out that people that are gifted like you, they sometimes blame themselves for all of the bad things they see in the premonitions. They feel like they're some kind of conduit for pain and push away the people they love because they think somehow they can protect them from these bad things.

Reese: That's excellent, Miguel. I think you are right on. Charity is pushing you away because she's trying to protect you from the bad things she has been seeing.

Miguel: At first I just dismissed it, okay, because I thought that our love was so strong that this kind of thing couldn't happen to us. When you started acting so weird it came back to me, what I read. That has got to be the explanation.

Reese: That has got to be it. What else could it be?

Timmy: No. No, it's Kay. Look at Kay's guilty face.

Miguel: So it is going to be okay, Charity. We can work through this. And then we're still going to be together forever. .

Timmy: Miguel still doesn't know what Kay did it. How can Timmy ever get the real Charity rescued?

Brian: Are you okay?

Diana: Yeah. Just dreaming.

Liz: We know. Must have been a pretty bad dream.

Diana: Yeah, it was awful.

Liz: What were you dreaming?

Diana: It was horrible. This terrible guilt, I felt like I had taken something from someone, almost as if I had taken someone's life. Oh my god. I also dreamed that I was walking around on the plane. Was I sleeping walking again?

Brian: Yes, but we were with you.

Diana: Oh, dear.

Brian: We explained it to the stewardess. The other passengers hardly noticed.

Diana: I hope not.

Doc: Who were you dreaming about? Who were you dreaming that you took something from and were  trying to get revenge on somebody?

Diana: I remember someone but it is all so vague. You know what? It was someone who had hurt me, hurt me badly.

Doc: Can you remember who?

Diana: No. No, I can't remember. You know what though? I do remember something very clearly.

Doc: What?

Diana: The smell of fish, a strong smell. I remember the smell of tuna.

Sam: All right. Ladies, I'll question you one at a time and no more accusations. Now, I just want to know where each one of you was last night.

Theresa: I've lost everything and it's all your fault. Damn you, Julian. Damn you.

Pilar: You took my daughter's innocence, Julian Crane. You will pay, you will pay.

Ivy: You have made my life a living hell for over 20 years, Julian, now it is your turn. I will send you to hell where you belong.

Rebecca: Julian, you cockroach, where are you? Oh, you slept with that little tramp and now I have nothing. You are not going to get away with it.

Luis: You are not going to get away with hurting my sister, Julian. If I find you, I am going to forget I'm a cop.

Sam: Now who wants to go first? Ivy? Pilar? Who wants to tell me where they were last night after Julian left the party?

Tabitha: Timmy? Anyone?

Hey, Timmy, your aunt is looking for you.

Tabitha: Hello, Timmy. Timmy, are you here? Timmy? Timmy?

Timmy: You look so frantic.

Tabitha: I was so worried. You didn't tell anyone about Kay's spell, did you?

Timmy: Timmy didn't tell. Timmy thought Miguel had it all figured out but he thinks Charity is affected by her premonitions.

Tabitha: What?

Timmy: Miguel thinks that Charity's pushing him away because she is afraid she will cause him pain.

Tabitha: Poor fool, he is so in love he would believe anything and he has no idea how wrong he is. Never mind about that. I wanted to make sure that you understand the gravity of revealing Kay's secret.

Timmy: Timmy knows.

Tabitha: Because if you do reveal it, everyone will find out about the book of spells and then that would mean we're through.

Timmy: Timmy knows. Everyone would find out that Tabby is a witch.

Tabitha: Yes and that would be the end of us. Let's see what those brats are up to.

Kay: Hey, can I just steal her for a sec?

Miguel: Yeah.

Kay: Thanks. We have to do something.

Charity: Do what, Master?

Kay: I don't know. Okay. Okay. Tell him that it is stupid, tell him his theory is wrong and that you just don't like him anymore.

Charity: All right.

Kay: Okay.

Charity: Look, Miguel. I don't want to be mean, really I don't. But this theory that you're having that I'm pushing you away to protect you from my premonitions, it is -- it is stupid.

Miguel: What?

Charity: Stupid. You are so off base it is ridiculous. The problem is not the premonitions, Miguel. The problem is you. I am pushing you away because you are smothering me.

Miguel: Charity, you don't mean that.

Charity: Oh, don't tell me what I mean. Miguel, I told you before I have outgrown this relationship. You are a sweet guy, really you are. But Miguel, I don't want sweet anymore. What I want is fun, exciting, hot, I want to party. And I just don’t see you jumping on the party band wagon, do you? Face it, Miguel, we are not right for each other anymore.

Tabitha: Do you feel it, Timmy? Miguel's pain. I can almost smell it. It is delicious watching humans suffer. You are going to regret becoming a real boy, I hate to tell you but you are going to regret it.

Sam: What is the problem? Either you have an alibi for last night or you don't.

Theresa: Ivy and Rebecca were the ones that hated Julian the most.

Oh, Theresa --

and made her --

Rebecca: Ivy wanted Julian dead for disowning Ethan.

Sam: All right. That is enough.

Ivy: Why don't you ask Luis? He was in a rage last night when he found out that Julian slept --

Sam: Okay. That is it. This is not going to work. All right. You take Ivy and Rebecca into the other room and I'll stay here and talk to Pilar and Teresa.

Ivy: Absolutely not.

Rebecca: Luis is a suspect. We'll be trapped into saying something incriminating.

Sam: Luis is a good and decent cop.

Ivy: Never the less I will not be questioned by him.

Rebecca: Neither will I.

Sam: All right. I'll question you two, Luis you stay here with Pilar and Teresa.

Ivy: You will let him question his own mother and sister? How could he possibly be unbiased?

Sam: Ivy, I am going to be questioning our son.

Ivy: Ethan?

Sam: He is a suspect, too. This is a community. It can't be helped. I want both of you to go into the library and I'll be in shortly.

Ivy: Fine.

Rebecca: This is preposterous. There is no way that Luis is going to report anything incriminating that Theresa and Pilar say.

Ivy: I agree.

Sam: This isn't going to get any easier, all right. We have to question everyone.

Luis: I know.

Sam: It is probably a waste of time since there are dozens of people that we don't even know that wanted Julian dead.

Luis: I know. I am having a hard time believing that it is someone we know.

Doc: I don't remember Brian ever being that attentive with you.

Liz: Oh, thanks a lot. Have any more salt to rub in my wounds?

Doc: I'm sorry but it kills me to see you standing by doing nothing while Brian falls hardener and harder for Diana.

Liz: What am I supposed to do?

Doc: I don't know, but if you don't do it fast you will lose Brian -- they will be so closely bonded you'll never get them apart.

Flight Attendant: How are you doing?

Diana: Fine. Thank you.

Flight Attendant: You must be a wonderful actress. I am sure you will get that part.

Brian: Thank you. We're sure she will, too.

Diana: What is she talking about? Part?

Brian: When you were sleeping walking we told her that you were rehearsing a scene for a soap opera.

Diana: Rehearsing a scene, great. It must be a very dramatic one, too.

Brian: So real it gave me the chills, like you had killed someone.

Diana: Thank you. Are we going to be landing soon?

Brian: We're on approach right now.

Diana: Did I really say those things?

Brian: You were just dreaming. Don't let it upset you, okay.

Miguel: You're wrong, Charity. You can't just stop loving someone overnight. Something else is going on.

Charity: Think whatever you want to think but I'm telling you that my premonitions have nothing to do with the way I feel.

Miguel: You're wrong and I'm going to prove it. All right. We're going to do some more research and if I can prove to you that it's a possibility then we can see someone, maybe Dr. Russell can help us through this. I love you, Charity. I'm not going to let you get away from me.

Tabitha: I can't wait to hear what Kay comes up with next.

Kay: I can't believe this. I was sure Charity and Miguel were going to be done by now.

Charity: Hard one to crack all right.

Kay: Okay. I have to think of ways to fix this. Okay, think. Premonitions, premonitions. I have got it. I am going to use one of Charity's premonitions from the past. That will rip Miguel and Charity apart for good.

Brian: You are going to be okay, Diana.

Diana: Yeah. It had to be a dream. How could I kill someone in Harmony? Why would I?

Brian: There's no way that you could have.

Diana: No, it just has to be the fact that I can't remember my past. I was just so sure that there would be some sort of clue for me in Harmony that it would open some sort of window.

Brian: Hey, sorry things didn't work out.

Diana: Yeah. You know the thing is that even though I didn't find out anything in Harmony, I still had this nagging feeling that there's still something there for me. As if I left something behind, something very close to my heart.

Luis: Look. I know this is pointless because I know neither one of you could have killed Julian. This is my job. I have to do it.

Pilar: Of course you do, son. Luis, Sam can't be serious about considering you a suspect, too.

Luis: Well, Mama, everyone that was at the party last night is a suspect. It's a start, okay. Now, there were a lot of people at the party last night that were angry with Julian and that’s why he ran off. Mama, Theresa, look, I can take you both off the suspect list, just tell me you calmed down and went home, that you didn't chase Julian. You did go straight home, didn't you?

Theresa: No. I went look for him. I tried to find him.

Luis: Why? What were you going to do if you found him?

Theresa: I wanted to kill Julian.

Tabitha: I can't wait to hear Kay's latest plan.

Timmy: Timmy can. Timmy just wishes he could get Charity out of that block of ice.

Tabitha: Don't even think about it.

Kay: Okay. There is this one time Charity had a premonition that Miguel and me were together.

Charity: How does that help?

Kay: It's perfect. Come on. Here's what we should do.

Tabitha: This is wonderful. Kay has reached a whole new level of evil.

Luis: Theresa, do not say anymore.

Theresa: Why not, Luis? It's the truth. I wanted to kill Julian and that's why I left the party.

Luis: You cannot say this to anyone, do you understand me?

Pilar: I also wanted to kill him.

Luis: No. Please, just tell me that you went straight home.

Pilar: I went after Julian. He had hurt my children and I wanted him dead.

Luis: Please. Don't tell me this. I know neither one of you killed Julian but when you say these things it makes you sound suspect.

Pilar: It is true, Luis. We both left the party looking for Julian, to find him.

Theresa: Luis, we weren't the only ones. Ivy and Rebecca were just as furious.

Pilar: And Ethan and T.C. and Eve and even you, Son, we all wanted to kill Julian and anyone that says otherwise is a liar.

Sam: Rebecca, we'll start with you first. Ivy, wait out here, please.

Ivy: Of course.

Sam: Rebecca, would you like to sit down? Rebecca, we all know that you were furious with Julian.

Rebecca: I certainly was. That's no secret. So was everyone else.

Sam: I know. Rebecca, did you have a gun in your possession last night?

Rebecca: A gun? Me? Where would I get a gun?

Sam: Damn. Ivy.

Rebecca: What is wrong with her now?

Sam: Ivy.

Ivy: Oh, what happened?

Sam: I don't know. I heard you cry out and I found you on the floor.

Ivy: The pain, I was trying to reach my pain pills.

Sam: It's okay. Just sit right here, okay. I'll call the doctor.

Ivy: No, no. I'll be fine. If I can just have my pills. Thank you.

Sam: Rebecca, find one of the staff and have them bring in a heating pad, it might ease the pain.

Rebecca: Of course, we wouldn't want poor Ivy to be in pain.

Sam: I didn't realize you were still in so much pain.

Ivy: It comes and goes.

Sam: You are still paying such a price, trying to help me turn on the signal beacon in that storm. I'm sorry.

Ivy: Not your fault, Sam.

Sam: I'm sorry anyway. Are you okay?

Ivy: Yes. It's just -- nothing, you know, nothing is the way I thought it was going to be.

Sam: Come here. It's okay.

Rebecca: Very convenient time to be in pain, Ivy. Just the thing to take Sam's mind off the murder and bring him closer to you.

Luis: Mama, please. Don't incriminate yourself for no reason. Now you too, Theresa. Yes, there were a lot of people at the party last night that were angry with Julian. But we don't even know at this point if he was murdered. However, until we have evidence to the contrary we have to assume that he's dead. And any one of those people that hated Julian could have murdered him. Okay.

Theresa: I'm glad that Antonio didn't come home after all. He might have been a suspect, too.

Luis: I don't think we have to worry about him.

Pilar: No. We know for sure that Antonio wasn't involved in whatever it is that happened to Julian.

Brian: It is good to be home, isn't it?

Diana: It is.

Brian: Are you going to be able to sleep okay?

Diana: I am exhausted but afraid to go to sleep. I am afraid I'll start sleep walking again.

Brian: No. Everything will be fine. Okay. Tomorrow is a new day, wake up and the sun will be out, everything will be okay, I promise.

Diana: You know, I feel so safe with you, and just as long as you are around my troubles seem so small.

Brian: Then we shouldn't have troubles. Now I'm going to hit the hay because I'm going to get up and go fishing. If you need anything, just knock on the wall. I'm right next door, I'll come running.

Diana: Thanks Brian.

Brian: Good night.

Diana: Good night all.

Liz: Good night. Really starting to depend on you, isn't she?

Brian: I just want her to know that I'll be there for her.

Liz: So different than when we were together. The last thing you wanted was a clinging vine, no need for a woman depending on you.

Brian: That was a long time ago, Liz. Things were different then. You are in a different place emotionally.

Liz: Yeah.

Brian: I'm going to go to bed now, maybe we can talk about this some time, okay.

Liz: Sure. Fine.

Brian: Night.

Liz: Night.

Doc: Remember what I said earlier, Diana’s fiancé may not be dead. She might even have a husband. The point is she really doesn't remember anything. So you could find that person from her past. Brian and Diana would have no future and maybe you and Brian might.

Tabitha: Kay's plan is not only evil, it is brilliant, Timmy. I can't wait to see how it plays out.

Kay: Hey, guys. How is it going? Have you found anything yet?

Miguel: Found a few documents. Putting them together in a booklet. Once I get done downloading, I am going to print them out and then we can give them to Charity.

Kay: Hope it is enough to convince her.

Miguel: I do, too. Her premonitions really have to be the reason she is acting the way she is.

Timmy: That Kay is such a liar.

Tabitha: I know, isn't it wonderful?

Kay: I was thinking about some of the premonitions she's had, the one about Sheridan and Luis and the boat exploding.

Reese: That one was right on the money.

Kay: And the one about Ethan and Theresa.

Reese: That came true.

Miguel: It has to weigh heavily on Charity's mind.

Kay: I mean, she also had premonitions that didn't come true, too. Like the one about me and you, that we would wind up together.

Miguel: I remember. But even the ones that don't come true have to be hard for Charity to deal with. They are so intense.

Kay: I agree and I am sure that is the reason she is pushing you away. Miguel, you know we are friends and we'll do whatever you want us to make sure that you and Charity end up together.

Tabitha: Time for the next step in Kay's plan, Timmy. Come on.

Kay: That was Charity. Perfect. Very soon you will be mine, Miguel.

Miguel: Charity.

Kay: No, Miguel, don't. She's in a trance. I mean, it could freak her out or something.

Charity: I'm having a premonition. Miguel, you and me.

Miguel: You see us together?

Charity: No. Not together. You were with someone else. But you're happy, you're very, very happy.

Miguel: No. Charity, I can't be happy with anyone else but you.

Charity: Yes, you're happy. You are with someone else. But you're happier than you've ever, ever been. You are with Kay.

Miguel: Kay?

Charity: Yes. You and Kay, very happy together.

Sam: What are you talking about, Ivy?

Ivy: It's just that nothing is right, Sam. You shouldn't have to question your own son in a murder investigation. I thought --

Sam: Thought what?

Ivy: I thought things would turn out differently. I thought we would be a family and now we're suspects in a murder.

Sam: I told you everyone has to be considered a suspect. That doesn't mean that I believe you did it.

Ivy: No, but you actually think I am capable of murder. And it is all the fault of the Cranes, the damn Cranes. I heard you say it once, that it was the curse of the Cranes that ruined my life. They ruined our son's life and now Julian is dead and he is still tearing us apart from the grave.

Rebecca: I wonder if Ivy is going to use this pain to get Sam back. If she's smart, she will.

Sam: Everything's going to be fine. Calm down.

Luis: I have to ask you this question even though I know the answer. Did either of you have guns last night? Theresa? Mama? Are you telling me that you both had guns last night? No. How? How did you two get guns? Forget that I asked, okay. If you did have guns, I don't want to know about it. I am telling you I expected a very different answer from both of you.

Theresa: We all know what a horrible man Julian Crane was and what he did to our family, unforgivable.

Luis: I know. I am still convinced he and his family are the reason for the Papa's disappearance.

Theresa: Look what he did to me. Got me drunk, slept with me, got me pregnant.

Pilar: Theresa is right. Each and every one of us is a suspect. Even from the grave, if that is where he is, Julian Crane has a chance to destroy our family.

Diana: Brian.

Brian: So if you need anything just knock on the wall, okay, I am right next door.

Brian: Diana, what's wrong?

Diana: I had to see you. I need you. Make love to me. Make love to me now.

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