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Passions Transcript Wednesday 1/23/02

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Ivy: I never knew David was such a perceptive photographer. It is as if his camera can see right into my soul. Oh, well. I can't think about that now. Ethan needs his mother. Oh, good Lord, I keep forgetting you live in this house.

Rebecca: I understand that happens as you get older.

Ivy: I hope that is a local call.

Rebecca: What possible difference could that make to you?

Ivy: Oh, has no one spelled it out for you yet, Rebecca? You have no claim on this house and should vacate the premise as soon as possible.

Rebecca: You know, my marital status may be just a little bit up in the air right now but last I looked, your divorce from Julian was final. So you are the trespasser here.

Ivy: Enjoy it while it lasts, Rebecca, because I promise you I am going to have you and all of the remnants of your ticky-tacky taste thrown out of the mansion.

Rebecca: The hell you will.

Ivy: I would love to stay and chat but I really have more important things to do. I need to check on Ethan.

Rebecca: Oh, well that won't be necessary. I can give you all that information myself. You see, at this very moment, your precious son, Ethan, is with my daughter. Gwen is consoling him because he has just broken up with Theresa.

Ivy: Oh, that is wonderful. It worked. Everything I have done has paid off.

Rebecca: Everything you've done? Don't tell me, Ivy, you're the one that tipped off the tabloids that Theresa was pregnant by Julian.

Whitney: There you are. I have been looking all over for you.

Theresa: Hello, Whitney.

Whitney: Oh, boy.

Theresa: Yeah. Look at her. She didn't waste a minute going after Ethan again. You know what? It is my fault. I might as well have handed him to her on a silver platter.

Ethan: I am glad I ran into you tonight.

Gwen: Ethan, all I really want is for you to be happy.

Ethan: I mean, you're the one person in my life that has always been honest with me, that counts for a lot these days.

Gwen: I would never dream of being anything but honest with you.

Liz: You don't need to bite my head off, Brian. I think you are obsessed with the idea that her past life had something to do with Harmony. Even she knows that now.

Brian: It is all my fault.

Liz: Are you sure about that, Brian?

Brian: It is all my fault.

Sam: So Tabitha, you wouldn't happen to have the can that the ring came in, would you?

Tabitha: I most certainly do. Timmy.

Sam: Well, this was stamped today. It hadn't had times to reach the stores. How did you get this can?

Tabitha: Well, one of the cannery workers gave it to me as a souvenir of our tour last night. I know how busy you are, Chief Bennett, but I know that you would want me to come straight here with what I found.

Sam: You did right, Tabitha.

Luis: Weíve confirmed it was Julianís, made for him a few years back.

Sam: It looks like we have a murder on our hands Luis.

Tabitha: This is really exciting. This sort of thing doesn't happen, not often.

Sam: We need a list of suspects, everyone that had means, motive and an opportunity to kill Julian Crane last night.

Luis: That could include just about everyone in Harmony.

Tabitha: I don't have much experience in this sort of thing but I think it would be a good idea if you start with a list of the guests that attended the Crane party last night.

Sam: Thank you very much, Tabitha, I was just getting to that.

Tabitha: I know I am leaving the investigation in capable hands so if you need me for anything else, I'll be at home. Come along, Timmy. Just as I hoped, lad, once this case is solved, numerous lives will be ruined.

Sam: Okay. Everyone at the Crane bash last night with means, motive and opportunity.

Luis: That is going to include a lot of people we know.

Sam: It doesn't matter. We're cops, Luis, we have to be thorough.

Nobody deserves to die more than you do.

T.C.: It was on the radio, they just reported that Julian could be dead.

Eve: I forgot I left the radio on in the kitchen.

Grace: You scared me there, T.C. I knew you were so angry with Julian.

T.C.: And for good reason, Grace. So where did you get this picture from?

Grace: David took it. You know what? I'll just put it away and forget I ever saw it.

T.C.: You know, I don't care what you do with it. There is no secret how much I hate Julian Crane. Was that taken last night, too? Apparently David was a very busy man. Sweetheart, why are you glaring at Julian this way?

Julian: I'll have your insane husband locked up and I'm going to let it out that you and I had an affair and a child.

Eve: No. You can't.

Julian: I can and I will.

Eve: It's true. I was furious with him.

T.C.: I know why. You were upset on my account. The picture must have been taken after I told you Julian was responsible for the car accident that tore up my knee and killed my father.

Whitney: This is so crazy. And I thought I was having a bad night.

Theresa: What happened with Chad? Didn't you talk to him?

Whitney: I didn't get a chance. He was too busy making time with his new girlfriend.

Theresa: What are you talking about? You just told him that you didn't see a future of the two of you guys tonight. So he has not had time to meet anyone else.

Whitney: Well, that is what -- want to bet?

Theresa: But he loves you, Whitney. I know that he does.

Whitney: Well, you could have fooled me. I mean, it took him like 30 seconds to get next to her.

Theresa: My gosh. What have we done?

Ethan: I am going to talk to Chad for a second.

Gwen: I'll be right here.

Ethan: Chad. Hey. What's up?

Chad: Hey, man. Ethan, this is Kelly. Kelly, Ethan.

Kelly: Hi. I am going to get skates, okay.

Chad: Okay. Thanks.

Ethan: Did I miss something?

Chad: No. Actually that would be me. Dude, I pegged Whitney all wrong, man. I mean, I was so sure that, you know, if we spent enough time together that she'd eventually realize that we had something worth hanging on to but --

Ethan: She didn't see it that way.

Chad: She turned me down flat, man. I mean, she kept insisting that God was holding her to this promise she made to Simone. I tried to talk her out of it and she wouldn't hear it. So I guess I will have to take her word for it. But, hey, you know life is too short, right?

Ethan: How did things get so messed up for both of us?

Theresa: You know, we can't just stand by and watch our hopes and dreams go down the drain.

Whitney: How do you propose we stop it?

Theresa: I don't know, Whitney. But I'll think of something.

Sam: Ethan had to be furious with Teresa when she found out she -- she found out she slept with Julian.

Luis: That's your son, Sam.

Sam: I still have to put him down as a suspect. I guess Theresa would be next.

Luis: Wait a minute. Look, I know that Theresa was upset but she would never resort to violence.

Sam: Luis, I told you this was going to be tough but we have to put down everyone that is a potential suspect. If I can put down my best friend and son on that board, I am afraid I will have to add Theresa's name to the list, too.

Luis: Sam, this is crazy. I know my sister would never have killed Julian and neither would my mother.

Sam: Is there something you want to tell me? Something you haven't told me yet about the disappearance of Julian?

Luis: You are going to pay for what you did to my sister, Julian.

Rebecca: I hear that confession is good for the soul, Ivy.

Ivy: The only reason that you think I am the one that tipped off the tabloids about Theresa and Julian is because it is the sort of thing you would do, Rebecca. But I am not the one that spends all of her waking hours plotting and scheming trying to get what isn't mine.

Rebecca: You forget who you are talking to here. See, I went to boarding school with you and you always got every single thing your spoiled little heart ever desired.

Ivy: That is so not true because the only thing I ever wanted was Sam Bennett and we both know how miserably I failed at that. Now it is your turn to admit defeat, Rebecca. You gave up your pathetic life to try to steal mine only to find out that it isn't going to work after all.

Rebecca: You know what you are, Ivy, you are such a bitch.

Ivy: You were saying?

Rebecca: I am not going to stoop to your level in front of the help. Besides I should think you should feel like celebrating now that your precious Ethan has finally dumped Theresa.

Ivy: That is good news, isn't it? I think we will have a glass of champagne. Katy.

Rebecca: You know, I couldn't be more pleased that Gwen is by Ethan's side in his time of need.

Ivy: Well, at least we can agree on something, as different as we are. We both want our children to be happy. And Ethan, as much as he has been hurt by Theresa's lies, his pain will heal and soon he'll forget that he ever wasted time on her and he'll move on with his life. Yes. Good riddance to bad rubbish, Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald.

Pilar: What have you done to my daughter?

Ethan: Why don't you give Whitney another chance? You know she is worth it.

Chad: Man, I never met anybody more worth it in my life. It is tough being rejected over and over again, man. Sometimes you just got to face up to harsh reality.

Ethan: You don't have to tell me. But neither of you have done anything so irrevocable it can't be fixed.

Chad: You unlike Theresa, you mean?

Ethan: Yeah. I mean, I can't stand the thought of being without her but how can I trust a woman that doesn't know how to be honest? I need that in a relationship.

Chad: Hey, man, everybody does. Don't be too hard on yourself.

Kelly: Gentlemen, thirsty? Hot chocolate.

Ethan: Indeed.

Chad: Thank you.

Theresa: Maybe I should give you some space but there is no reason that you can't patch things up with Chad.

Whitney: There's nothing to patch up, Teresa. It is not like we were a real couple or anything.

Theresa: If that is what you really think, Whitney, you are blind. Okay? You two were meant for each other and I can't bear to see you throw something that good away.

Whitney: No offense, Teresa but when I start taking relationship advice from you I know that I am in trouble.

Theresa: Did you ever occur to you that this isn't all my fault? The person to blame is that skunk Julian Crane. Well, thank God I am never going to see him again.

Whitney: How in the world do you know that, Teresa? You make it sound like he's dead or something.

Luis: I don't know any more than you do, Sam.

Sam: Okay.

Luis: Let's get on with it. The sooner we clear those names, the sooner we can get them off of the board.

Sam: That's right. Well, I guess Ivy and Rebecca should be next.

Pilar: Answer me what have you done to Theresa?

Ivy: Well, calm down Pilar. I haven't done a thing. Surely you realize that Theresa brought all of this misery on herself with her secrets and her lies.

Pilar: I do not condone what my daughter has done, but I find it more than convenient that the press found out about Theresaís pregnancy and managed to take incriminating photographs as well. Look, very few people knew about the situation and you are the only one who would have used it against her.

Ivy: Well not that I am not pleased that the tabloids found out about Theresa, but I had nothing to do with it.

Pilar: If I find out you're lying, if youíre the reason that my daughter lost Ethan, I will get behind that wheelchair smiling and push you over a cliff.

Grace: You know I love both of you very much and so does Sam.

T.C.: What are you getting at, Grace?

Eve: She has a feeling that one of us is involved in Julian's disappearance. Isn't that right, Grace?

Grace: Look, I don't want to think that. But both of you were very angry at Julian last night and you know that things have been really out of control in Harmony for the last year. So what if Father Lonigan is right. What if there is some evil living amongst us, an evil that causes good people to do things that they would not do under ordinary circumstances, things that they would regret for the rest of their lives, like committing murder?


Theresa: Well, yeah. I just meant that Julian is dead to me wherever he is. He is out of my life forever after last night.

Whitney: Well, let's hope so. Who knows, maybe he's learned his lesson, right.

Theresa: All right. You know you want to make things right with Chad. Whitney, don't be afraid of my mistakes. Just follow your heart.

Ethan: Hey, we'll see you guys later.

Kelly: You're welcome.

Chad: Bye.

Theresa: Where is Ethan going with Gwen?

Whitney: I don't know Theresa. I don't care and frankly neither should you.

Theresa: I can't help it, Whitney. I have to try to get him back. Ethan, wait. I need to talk to you. Ethan.

Luis: I guess we should add Eve to the list.

Sam: What is her problem with Julian?

Luis: She loves her husband. She was just as furious as T.C. when she founds out Julian cost T.C. his dreams, not to mention his father's life.

Sam: Everybody on this board had motive and opportunity to kill Julian last night. Now can you think of anyone else that I should add to that list?

Luis: You want to do something for this family, just get out of town. Don't look back, all right.

Antonio: I am not going to let Julian Crane hurt Mama, Theresa, and Miguel.

Luis: Who the hell do you think you are? You have been gone for or a decade and you magically reappear and you think you are our protector.

Antonio: I have unfinished business, Luis. Something had to be done.

Liz: She is sleep walking just like last night in Harmony.

Diana: I did it.

Flight Attendant: Are you all right?

Brian: Wait a minute. I think she will wake up on her own.

Diana: He stole everything from me so I took everything from him.

Pilar: I wouldn't laugh if I were you, Rebecca.

Rebecca: How dare you address me by my first name?

Pilar: You are lucky I don't call you by the names that fit. Now I'll be watching you as closely as I watch Ivy. Some months ago somebody used my daughter's computer to tip off the tabloid about Ethan's paternity and if it were not for that one vicious act the lives of Ethan and my Teresa would be happy today. So if I find out that you or your daughter was responsible I will think nothing of pushing you off a cliff as well.

Rebecca: Such fiery words, Pilar. I guess it is true what they say with those Latino tempers.

Pilar: My fury has nothing to do with my heritage. It has to do with being a protective mother and I will do anything to protect my daughter.

Ivy: Good thing there's no sharp cutlery around. The only thing that hasnít happened around here lately is murder. Oh, I guess you haven't heard.

Pilar: Heard what? Oh my God. They think Julian was murdered. Last night the two of you were angry enough to kill him.

Ethan: This is for a job, look, this will only take a minute.

Gwen: Okay. Where do you think you are going?

Theresa: Let me go, Gwen. I have to talk to Ethan.

Gwen: Where do you get your nerve after everything you have done?

Theresa:  I have more of a right to be here with Ethan than you do.

Gwen: I donít think so, not after all of your slutty behavior and the lies you told him.

Theresa: I didn't act like a slut. Julian got me drunk.

Gwen: Oh, well that makes all the difference. You know I've been drunk once or twice in my life, Theresa, but managed not to drop my drawers and get pregnant with some guy that is old enough to be my father. How could you let him touch you, Theresa? Let me answer that. Julian is a bona fide Crane unlike the dethroned Ethan you spent half your life panting after to marry. When things didn't work out with him, you know, you shifted your focus on to the next generation so I suppose congratulations are in order since your annulment was invalidated by your pregnancy. You are still the wife of one of the richest men in the world.

Whitney: Maybe Theresa is right for a change. Maybe I should just follow my heart.

Kelly: We haven't even gotten on the ice yet.

Chad: I know.

Theresa: I see what you're doing. You are trying to make me look like the sore loser when it is you. Why else would you be hanging all over Ethan not 10 minutes after we broke up?

Gwen: For your information, Theresa. I am here with Ethan as a friend. It is something that he sorely needs after your little antics.

Theresa: You are a liar, Gwen. You want him back.

Gwen: Yes, I am not going to lie to you and tell you I wouldn't take him back if he wanted things to get serious between the two of us. Ethan is the most wonderful man in the world and yes, I still love him. He loved me too, you know, before you stole him away from me.

Theresa: I didn't steal him, Gwen. He fell out of love with you and in love with me.

Gwen: Well that was his misfortune wasn't it? You have done a real job on Ethan's life. He was much better off before he met you and you know that. He would still be a Crane, he would be practicing law the way he should be and he would be happily married to me. When you think of everything that Ethan has lost because of you, how do you sleep at night?

Rebecca: Ivy and I were not the only ones angry with Julian last night. Julian, you cockroach, where are you? Oh, you slept with that little tramp and now I have nothing. You are not going to get away with it.

Ivy: If I were the two of you I wouldn't throw stones, glass houses and all that. I know. I know exactly what Julian is going to do to escape Ethan and Luis and I am going to be they're waiting for him.

Pilar: Iíll make you pay, Julian Crane, for making my family suffer. I won't let my children go to jail, I won't. I will put an end to his evil myself. Remember what I said, I will do anything to protect my daughter, all my children in fact.

Sam: Can you think of anyone else I should add to that list?

Luis: Why don't you just say, Sam? You know that I was at the Crane estate last night and had both the means and the opportunity to kill Julian Crane.

Sam: You really think I would consider my close friend and number one officer a suspect in a murder investigation?

Luis: Thorough is thorough, that is what you have always taught me.

Sam: Do you have any information of the disappearance of Julian?

Luis: Wait.

Sam: If you do have pertinent information, I suggest that you hire yourself a lawyer.

Theresa: I never meant to hurt Ethan. That is the last thing that I wanted to do.

Gwen: Then does him a favor, Theresa, leave him alone. Please get out of his life before you cause him any more pain.

Ethan: Oh, there you are.

Theresa: I lost him. I really and truly lost him.

Grace: What is that?

Sam: A list of suspects we're compiling in the Julian Crane disappearance case.

Grace: You have Eve and T.C. up there, I mean, --

Sam: That is what we do in any investigation, sweetheart. Put down anyone and everyone that could be involved.

Grace: Well, I just can't believe that one of our friends could be a --

Sam: Murderer? I am sorry, sweetheart, facts are facts. Could be someone we know killed Julian Crane and it is up to me to narrow down that list until I find out exactly who it was.

Bless me father for I have sinned. It has been awhile since my last confession. I have committed a mortal sin, Father. I have done something terrible.

T.C.: We got our revenge, Pop. We got our revenge.

Pilar: I meant what I told Rebecca, I will do anything to protect my children.

Diana: Damn you for what you did to me, Julian. You deserved what you got. Should have done it a long time ago, Julian, a long, long time ago. I took everything from him, everything.

Liz: Do you know what she is talking about? She seems upset about something she did.

Brian: I don't know what she is talking about.

Liz: Whatever it is, it is freaking me out. I get the feeling she did something really awful.

Brian: It is all my fault.

Tabitha: Oh, a new face. Sheridan Crane, what a spectacular array of suspects. Oh, how marvelous to be able to ruin so many people's lives when actually only one person is guilty. Oh, life is good, life is good. You know, people say I have a great mouth.

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