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Passions Transcript Tuesday 1/22/02

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Eve: T.C., put on your reading glasses. You'll get a headache if you don't.

T.C.: Okay, honey. It's over, Julian. You are a dead man!

Eve: I'll kill Julian before he can tell T.C. about our past.

T.C.: This is no place for a gun. I'll put it away.

Eve: T.C., I don't think we should keep a gun in the house anymore.

T.C.: It's registered and kept under lock and key.

Eve: Still, you don't know when a person might get so angry and do something horrible.

T.C.: Shoot someone in the heat of the moment.

Sam: What makes you think this is Julian's jacket?

Tabitha: His name is embroidered on the inside. See?

Sam: You say you found this in a vat of tuna at the crane cannery?

Tabitha: Yes. And given the unsettling rumor of Julian's missing, I can't help but wonder if this jacket is proof he met with foul play.

What is this about?

Sam: Could it be Julian Crane, the most hated man in Harmony, is dead?

Tabitha: Oh, my, what's that?

Sam: What's what?

Tabitha: Could it be -- of course it couldn't. I've been reading too many murder stories.

Sam: Could it be what?

Tabitha: Could it be a bullet hole?

Sam: Could be. But with the state of this jacket, it's impossible to say.

Tabitha: So you'll have to search the cannery for Julian's boiled and battered body.

Sam: Calm down, all right? I'll be right with you.

Tabitha: The town was chasing Julian last night ready to kill him and they all had guns. Why can't I get them to investigate?

Timmy: Maybe they -- maybe he survived it.

Julian's demise from start to finish.


Julian's in the vat!

Tabitha: If simpleton Sam won't listen to me I will have to go to the state police or Feds.

Sam: If you call it comes straight through to me. All right, Tabitha, tell me exactly where you found this jacket.

Tabitha: Well, Julian promised my grand-nephew, Timmy and I a personal tour of the cannery.

Sam: Julian offered you a tour?

Tabitha: Yes, yes, we discussed it last night at the party. So today in spite of the fact that I'd heard these rumors that Julian had done a vanishing act, we went down to the cannery to meet him. But he never showed up. I thought maybe he was inside waiting for us. So we went inside to look for him. And there we saw these two workers standing by this huge vat holding Julian's jacket. Well, I suggested that they were report such an unsettling find. They said they were afraid to for fear that the caning process would be interrupted and the Cranes hated for the cannery to be idle.

Sam: All the Cranes care about is money.

Tabitha: Yes, yes. Even at the expense of safety it seems.

Sam: What do you mean?

Tabitha: Oh, didn't I tell you? The gate at the catwalk directly above the vat was open like Julian himself was up there and it had given way.

Sam: Have a couple of my men meet me at the cannery ASAP. I'm going to investigate.

Tabitha: Great.

T.C.: What -- Grace, what brings you over?

Grace: I was wondering if --

Eve: What are you doing, honey?

T.C.: Grace, you seem a little unsettled.

Grace: I was just wondering -- you know, I didn't know if you guys heard the rumor. [Phone ringing]

T.C.: Hello. School business. I'll take it in the kitchen.

Grace: Eve, is there something wrong with T.C.? He seems a little preoccupied.

Eve: He's just got a few things on his mind. We all do. So what's this rumor that you heard?

Grace: The radio reported Julian missing. There's even an unconfirmed report he might have been murdered.

Eve: And you came over to tell us in person why?

Grace: Eve, I know you were very angry with Julian last night.

Eve: Yes, a number of people were.

Grace: David brought these photos from Ivy's party. It scared me to see everybody look so angry.

Eve: What are you trying to get at, Grace?

Grace: Eve, a person you hate with a passion is missing, maybe even murdered. Do you know anything about Julian? Do you know what happened to him?

Eve: Don't be so dramatic.

Chad: I just wanted you to know that this talk is really important to me. Look, I've been doing a lot of thinking since we came home from the Cranes last night.

Whitney: You mean about Theresa and Ethan, of course.

Chad: Yeah. And Luis and Sheridan. I've been doing a lot of thinking about life and love and relationships. In case you ain't noticed, we're together all the time like a couple anyway. Okay. Only we ain't one. That may be okay with you, but I just can't live like this anymore, Whitney. I can't play this game. I can't dance this dance with you no more, okay? I want us to be a couple like your Moms and Pops. I want to stop wasting our time running in circles and really be together.

Whitney: That's impossible for me.

Chad: Not if we tell Simone the truth. We can be together free and clear. We can take what we know we got to the next level. Whitney, what do you say?

Luis: I know it would take a miracle. What if Sheridan is on that boat?

Diana: I guess I'll go below and finish packing.

Luis: Permission to come aboard. Hello. Is anybody there? Hello. (Knock on door) Oh, my God. It's you.

Gwen: I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to get so emotional.

Ethan: Gwen, it's okay.

Gwen: I must look a mess. I think I'm going to freshen up.

Ethan: I think you look fine. But if it'll make you feel better.

Gwen: I'm really glad we're friends again, Ethan. I've missed you so much.

Ethan: I've missed you too, Gwen. We'll always be friends, we'll always be a part of each other's lives. Gwen's been honest with me. Why weren't you, Theresa? Why did you have to lie to me?

Pilar: You have lied to Ethan so many times, I have lost count. You have deceived him over and over again. Every deception was bigger than the one before.

Theresa: It was only to keep from hurting Ethan.

Pilar: That's to justify your actions, Theresa. The reality is you were not thinking about Ethan and not losing the man you love.

Theresa: No, Mama.

Pilar: If you stopped for one second to think about Ethan's feelings, none of this would have happened. You would never be able to lie to the man that you love.

Whitney: Simone wants you. I can't be the one to take you away from her.

Chad: I'm not with her. I don't love Simone.

Whitney: I promised Simone, Chad.

Chad: Okay. Why don't you talk to Father Lonigan.

Whitney: God isn't holding me to this. Love for my sister is.

Chad: What about your love for me? Okay. So this is the way you want it then. Then I have to move on because after seeing Ethan and Theresa and Luis and Sheridan, I realize that life is too short and that time's too precious to waste hoping that things will just work out with you. You know how I feel about you. Things will never happen between us and I guess we'll have to accept that. I mean, I want you but I can't force you to want me. I just -- I just wish you would give us a chance. See you around.

Liz: Hey, what are you doing here?

Luis: Well, I heard a beautiful woman dropped off keys for the boat off at the station.

Liz: You heard right.

Luis: Man, I'm losing it.

Liz: Hey, listen, what do you mean?

Luis: I thought maybe the beautiful woman could have been my fiancée. I know she's dead, but I just had this strange feeling down at the station, the same one I had at St. Lisa's island.

Liz: I remember.

Luis: I'm sorry to ramble on. It is good to see you.

Liz: You too.

Luis: I didn't even know you were coming to Harmony.

Liz: I hadn't planned to but things happened –

[Cell phone ringing]

Luis: Sorry. I have to take this. Sam, what's up?

Sam: You have to meet me at the cannery. We may have a break in what happened to Julian Crane.

Luis: All right. I'll be right over. I have to go. Police business. I'll see you.

Liz: Okay. Luis told me about his lost love back on St. Lisa's. I wondered then if it could have been Diana. Now he feels his presence after Brian and Diana drop off the keys at police headquarters? Hey wait! There's something I have to tell you!

Brian: Did I hear you talking to somebody?

Liz: Yeah, your brother.

Diana: Brian's brother is here? I want to give him a piece of my mind for the way he's treated his brother.

Brian: Diana, wait. You're wasting your time.

Liz: Brian you thought I was crazy, but isn't it possible that Diana could be your brother's fiancée?

Diana: Where is Brian's brother? You're not getting away this time.

Brian: There's no way Diana can be my brother's fiancée.

Liz: How can you be sure?

Brian: Not one person has recognized her, not even a local cop from the station house.

Liz: Better finish packing, Brian. We have to leave for the airport soon. I feel Diana and Luis are connected.

Diana: Shoot. I lost Brian's brother. No time to track him down. We have to get to the airport. I hate to leave Harmony but I guess there's nothing here for me after all. I just --

Luis: There it is again, that feeling that Sheridan's close by. Sam's waiting for me. I have to get to the cannery.

Grace: Eve, I feel guilty even asking you about Julian. You were so furious with him last night.

Eve: Yes, I was. There's no need for you to worry.

Grace: Are you sure? I mean Julian is missing from the Crane estate.

Eve: I know. A number of us went looking for him last night, including T.C. and myself.

Grace: You know, Eve, I hate to ask you this but you didn't take a gun with you, did you?

Cannery Worker: Okay, Richard, all right. All right, an update.

Radio Announcer: …fueling speculation he's a victim of foul play.

Cannery Worker: I wonder if something I did will catch up with me.

Where are you, Julian? I'm going to find you and give you what you deserve.

Sam: Look, guys, I'm sorry. Under the circumstances, the cannery has to be shut down.

Cannery Worker: The Cranes will go ballistic.

Second Cannery Worker: We'll lose our jobs.

Sam: I'm sorry. I'm prepared to take full responsibility.

Cannery Worker: Even if you shut down the plant, you're not going to find anything to prove that Crane fell in that vat last night.

Sam: Why not?

Cannery Worker: All of the tuna that was in there was already canned, most shipped today.

Sam: I have to find evidence for a possible crime. Make sure those cans are recalled.

Tabitha: Things are going our way, Timmy. Top cop Sam is finally on the case. Soon we'll have a body -- at least bits of one and then a suspect will be found and charged with murder. And there will be a huge, sensational trial and the secrets will come out that will decimate the lives of Harmony's leading citizens. That's what I call justice.

Pilar: You know I'm right about this.

[Knock on the kitchen door]

Whitney: Oh, no. Theresa, did Ethan break up with you?

Theresa: Yeah. He said it's over. This time he meant it. I lost the love of my life and it's my fault.

Whitney: I'm so sorry. I really am. Is there anything I can do for you?

Theresa: Don't let the same thing happen to you. I know that you love Chad and Chad loves you. So don't lose him, Whitney. You will regret it the rest of your life.

Brian: So you still think Diana is my brother's fiancée?

Liz:  Yeah, I do. In a way it all fits.

Brian: Except for one thing.

Liz: What?

Brian: I remember you telling me a while back on St. Lisa's that my brother's fiancé died and once the body was identified they cremated her, right?

Liz: That's what Luis said, yes.

Brian: There's no way that Diana can be my brother's fiancé, is there?

Liz: No, there isn't. Unless...

Luis: So is there any credible evidence that something happened to Julian?

Sam: We found his jacket. It was in the processing vat directly under the gate from the catwalk.

Luis: You're saying Julian was here last night? He fell into the vat and got chopped up?

Sam: It's a definite possibility. Until we rule it out we have to handle this place as a potential crime scene.

Luis: You got it.

Tabitha: Well, our work here is done. Now that Harmony's finest are on the case.

Timmy: Princess and Timmy can go home now?

Tabitha: Yes, after I pick something up for dinner.

Timmy: If he is alive, he could have fooled everybody.

Tabitha: Fooled, Timmy? Why spend our hard earned royalties on hidden passions? We don't have to. Come on. Let's get out of here.

Sam: We need more than this jacket. If I find new evidence, I will go after them. Nobody kills someone on my watch and gets away with it, even if it is Julian Crane.

Whitney: How did you know about Chad and me? You know what? Chad and I did talk. He told me that if I didn't break the promise I made to Simone that I would leave him alone so she could be with him, that he was going to move on with his life. And all hope of us having a relationship is gone.

Theresa: And what did you say?

Whitney: What could I say, Theresa? I can't go back on my promise.

Pilar: Whitney, I'm sorry you're having trouble with Chad. I would love to stay and talk but I have to get back to work. You remember what I said about Ethan. Leave him alone. I love you.

Theresa: I love you too. Whitney, you can't let Chad go. You can’t lose him.

Whitney: What choice do I have? I can't go back on my promise, Theresa.

Theresa: You and that promise. You know, Simone -- Simone doesn't even know you made it, Whitney. How can it mean anything? Go to Father Lonigan. I'm sure he will tell you don't have to keep it.

Whitney: That's exactly what Chad told me.

Theresa: And Chad is right. I lost my chance at love. Don't lose yours. You know, I couldn't stand to see you go through what I have with Ethan. To know how you would be hurting, how empty and alone you would be feeling. You need to look inside your heart and listen to what it's telling you.

Whitney: That's exactly what my father told me to do.

Theresa: And your heart is telling you to hang on to Chad, isn't it?

Whitney: That's exactly what it's telling me.

Theresa: Then you have to go to Chad, Whitney. Don't lose him! Come on!

Eve: Don't be silly. I didn't take the gun from Julian's library last night. I'm sorry, Grace, but I have to do this. I'm not going to let Julian Crane take away everything that I care about.

Grace: I'm sorry for even thinking a thing. It's just I was worried.

Eve: Grace, just relax. They don't even know for sure that Julian's dead, do they?

Grace: No. If he is, I wonder who killed him.

Luis: Sam, initial search for evidence didn't turn up a thing. We're going took over everything again.

Sam: If Julian was murdered, we could fill this building with suspects. Everybody hated him. Anyone could have done it. First we have to find the proof that Julian isn't just missing but dead.

Tabitha: Do you want a tuna sandwich? I was only joking. This is going to be a lovely treat. Looks like it's been --

Timmy: What was that?

Tabitha: It looks like Julian’s signet ring. You know what this means, don't you, Timmy?

Timmy: Timmy's about to throw up.

Tabitha: It means that we have proof of a murder. Julian Crane's murder!

Whitney: I'm too late. Chad's already talking to some other girl.

Theresa: Whitney, Whitney, get real. Chad is not like that. He's probably making small talk while she's waiting for her latte. Go and talk to Chad. Ask him to a movie or something.

Chad: Yeah. I know how to ice skate, sort of. Oh, hang on. You change your mind, Whitney?

Whitney: You know what? You're right. I'm going to talk to him right now so we can spend a life time together. Soon we will both be back with the men we love. Goodbye.

Kelly: Come ice skating with me. I promise we'll have a good time.

Whitney: What was I thinking? I can't do this. I made a promise. I have to stick to that promise.

Kelly: Chad, are we going skating or what?

Chad: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, Kelly, let's go skating.

Kelly: I'm going to get my coat and purse, okay?

Theresa: By now Whitney and Chad have kissed and made up. Now all I have to do is find Ethan, tell him I have learned my lesson this time and he'll forgive me and we can be a couple again. No. Ethan, no.

Eve: Relax. T.C. wouldn't. He just couldn't. Let me see those pictures. Come on, sweetheart, let me see. Julian, I hope you burn in hell!

Liz: St. Lisa's here we come. I cannot wait to get back.

Diana: You know I really thought Harmony held the key to my past. Things just didn't go the way I hoped they would. I still don't know who I am.

Brian: Diana, everything happens for a reason. When it's time to know your past, you will.

Diana: I can't shake this feeling that I'm leaving Harmony having missed something. Something that could have changed my life.

Luis: Besides the jacket, it doesn't prove Julian was here.

Sam: Someone could have taken it from him and dumped it in the vat. All we know for certain is Julian is missing. Where do we go for proof that he's actually dead?

Luis: If that doesn't prove Julian is dead, I don't know what does.

Tabitha: Oh, stop it. You and your delicate constitution. Fluffy. Come here, precious. Mommy's got a special treat for you tonight. Crane tuna and I do mean Crane tuna.

(Cat meowing)

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