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Passions Transcript Wednesday 1/16/02

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[Sorry Passions fans, no names again]

Eve: I hate you, Julian. You deserve to die.

Ethan: You deserve to die for what you've done to Theresa.

Theresa: You took advantage of me, Julian. You deserve to die.

Antonio: You should die for keeping me away from my family.

Pilar: You deserve to die for hurting my children.

Luis: You deserve to die for the pain you have caused my family, for trying to keep me and Sheridan apart. 

T.C.: You ruined my life. You destroyed my shot at pro tennis. You deserve to die.

Rebecca: You destroyed my life. I lost everything. You deserve to die.

Timmy: Timmy is still very afraid. He needs your help.

Tabitha: Not now. I'm busy.

Timmy: Timmy has to do something!

Tabitha: Whatever it is you want will have to wait. I'm in the middle of something important here.

Timmy: That's Julian.

Tabitha: Yes. And he's about to take a dive into a vat of boiling tuna.

Timmy: Eww.

Tabitha: Ethanís right. I guess Julianís bad deeds finally caught up with him. Not only did he just get shot. He's about to give tuna melt a whole new meaning.

Julian:  Surely someone will come to my rescue.

Julian: Mr. Crane, I am not your father and not your grandfather. You are a Bennett thanks to your mother's unspeakable treachery.

You're in for the fight of your life if you think I'm going to quit being Mrs. Crane.

Julian: I would start packing all the measly knickknacks that belong to you because you will be out on your derriere faster than you can spell d-I-v-o-r-c-e.

Tell me more.

Julian: I'm afraid when I was in Bermuda, I married Theresa. It's delicious.

You ruined our -- you son of a bitch!

Julian: You lunatics treat me like this in my own home.

You'll pay for this.

Make no mistake, you did.

You ruined my life. You rot in hell!

Julian: You stay in Harmony, you'll ruin the lives of your whole family. Is that what you want?

Everything you did to me. I'm going to kill you, Julian!

Julian: I'm going to let it out that you and I had an affair and a child.

Eve: No, you can't.

Julian: I can and I will.

Julian: Dear God. My life is passing before my eyes. Why? I admit I behaved badly on occasion. I don't deserve to die. Surely someone will come if I can just hold on for a while longer. Please, please, I want help! Help!

Timmy: Timmy can't watch.

Tabitha: And I can't tear my eyes away. Dangling from one hand and the limits of his strength. He can't hang on for much longer. You'll be swimming with the tuna fishes in that boiling pot. The point down is as good as -- Julian Crane is as good as dead.

Julian: Oh, dear God. Why is this happening to me?

I'll kill you for what you've done!

You'll pay for what you've done.

Pilar: I could kill you for what you've done to my daughter.

Nobody deserves to die more than you do.

I should kill you for what you've done.

Julian: Don't do this. You can't kill me.

Ivy: I can and I will, Julian. Your death is so long overdue.

You'll pay with your life.

You disgusting pig. I could kill you. I could kill you.

I'll kill you.

I'll kill you.

Julian: No one's coming to help me. I'm going to die. Noooooo....

Timmy: He's died. He's died.

Tabitha: Yes, Timmy. Julian Crane is dead.

Timmy: Maybe he's not dead. It must be awful.

Tabitha: Don't be so naive, Timmy. Of course Julianís dead. Put in the boiling brood and the bullet he took on the catwalk. So many people hated him and wanted him dead. And so many people were out tonight with guns looking to kill Julian Crane. Any one of them could have done it, Timmy, any one of them.

What are you doing here?

Oh, dear God. Please forgive me.

Are you okay?

Yes, I'm fine. You startled me.

I'll walk you back to the house.

Wait. I thought you were looking for Julian.

Right, Julian. I just -- I guess I've calmed down a little.

You were so angry before.

We were all angry. I guess we're both a little calmer now.

What have I done? What have I done?

Mrs. Crane, is there anything I can do for you?

Yes! You can leave me alone!

Liz: Brian, are you okay? You left here in such a state. You had a gun.

Brian: Yeah, I'm fine.

Liz: What about the gun?

Brian: Diana? What are you doing out here? Where've you been? I didn't even know you left the boat.

Diana: I'm not sure where I was.

Brian: Are you okay?

Diana: I think so.

Brian: What do you mean you think so?

Diana: I must have been sleepwalking. I was below deck trying to go back to sleep and next thing I know I'm standing here on the wharf. I must have walked in my sleep.

Liz: Or swam. You smell like fish. Actually, Brian, so do you. Where would you two have gotten to smell like that?

Brian: It's probably just from the heavy mist here on the wharf.

Liz: Fishy mist? Okay.

Diana: I don't know if I was having a memory from my past or what. When I was on my way back to the boat, I had these flashes of myself, seeing someone dead and that feeling as though I had killed them.

Gwen: Mother, is that you? Where have you been? Did you find Julian?

Rebecca: No, I never saw Julian, not once.

Gwen: You left and you were so angry. I was afraid of what might happen to you. Thank goodness nothing happened. You know -- you smell like you just got out of a vat of fish.

Rebecca: Oh, you know, I went for a stroll on the wharf. I guess some of the fishy smell got on me.

Ethan: Are you okay?

Ivy: I'm fine. I'll be just fine now.

Ethan: Mother, what's the matter?

Ivy: You startled me, Ethan, that's all.

Ethan: Are you sure? You look nervous.

Ivy: I was worried about you. I'm fine now that you're back.

Ethan: Worried, why?

Ivy: You were so angry with Julian about what happened with Theresa. I thought you might actually kill him. I couldn't let that happen.

Ethan: I'm not talking about that anymore. In fact, don't ever mention that again.

Ivy: I won't. I don't need to now. Julian is dead.

T.C.: Are you all right? You're shaking. What's wrong? What happened?

Eve: I'm just so glad to see you. I was concerned when I heard you left Harmony. You were so angry with Julian. I thought what I gave you would have you sleeping all night.

T.C.: I was so upset that pill didn't work. Honey, I woke up and you were gone. My father, he appeared to me again tonight. He reminded me of everything that Julian did to me. I just couldn't take it anymore! I was so filled with rage, I came back to confront the bastard.

Eve: Oh, T.C. T.C., you have a gun in your pocket.

T.C.: I brought it from home.

Eve: And did you confront Julian?

T.C.: Why do you ask?

Eve: You said you came here to confront him.

T.C.: Why did you come back?

Eve: I wanted to tell Julian off for what he did to you.

T.C.: I'm glad you didn't find him. Don't worry. We don't have to worry about Julian anymore.

Eve: No, we don't.

Theresa: What have I done? What have I done?

Luis: Mom, what's wrong?

What happened?

What happened?

You're saying "what have I done".

Theresa: Did I say that?

We both heard you.

Theresa: Did I say anything else?


Theresa: I just meant my life, what have I done. The pain I caused you, Mama, Ethan, everyone. I was so afraid you and Ethan would ruin your lives, kill Julian because of me. I couldn't deal with that.

It's not your fault. Julian is to blame for everything that's happened.

Theresa: Yes, Julian.

Don't worry. Julian is never going to bother you again.

That's certainly part of it, Timmy. The mystery of who actually pulled the trigger and shot Julian. Let's see if anything of him has surfaced yet, shall we?

Cannery Worker: It's time to chop it up.

Second Cannery Worker: Somebody left the gate open on the walkway. I wonder why.

Cannery Worker: That latch is old and rusty. Damn Cranes never replace it. They don't give a lick about our safety, just profits. Latch probably broke is all.

Second Cannery Worker: I hate to think if someone fell in that vat.

Cannery Worker: The only one I know that's been here tonight is us. If someone goes up there and falls in that tub, they're long gone.

Second Cannery Worker: You got that right.

Diana: I saw someone dead. I don't know if it was a memory from my past or something that I saw tonight while I was sleepwalking. I don't know if I even have a history of sleepwalking. Not knowing what happened tonight scares me.

Liz: Maybe it's connected to the nightmare you had earlier, about someone getting killed.

Brian: What?

Diana: I had a nightmare that the man I love is looking for someone, wanting to kill them.

Liz: Maybe it's the same dream. You're seeing someone getting killed and then seeing them dead.

Brian: You know what? I'm sure that's what it is. I mean, you had such stress put on you. Not knowing who you are is really taking a toll on you, not to mention the fact you came to Harmony hoping that somehow it would help bring your memory back to you. Ever since we've been here you tried so hard to remember. Your mind's working in overdrive. That's all.

Liz: Makes sense to me. Why don't I go below and make you a cup of herbal tea. It'll help you relax.

Diana: Thanks, Liz. Hey, you seemed preoccupied since I got back.

Brian: Just worried about you, that's all.

Diana: No, it's more than that. Where were you when I was sleepwalking?

Brian: I was confronting my past.

Diana: Did you?

Brian: Yeah, in a way.

Diana: How'd it go?

Brian: You know, I wish Liz would hurry back with your tea.

Diana: I get the feeling you don't want to talk about it.

Brian: No, Diana, I don't want to talk about what happened tonight. Not now, not ever.

Ethan: What do you mean Julian is dead?

Ivy: I mean he's dead to me. I want nothing to do with him ever again.

Ethan: Well, after what's happened tonight, I don't see that as a problem.

Ivy: Neither do I.

Ethan: I think I could use a drink.

Ivy: I could use one too.


Rebecca: Ivy, what are you doing here? Why aren't you still looking for Julian?

Ivy: Why aren't you, Rebecca? Unless you found him.

Rebecca: I didn't, did you?

Ivy: No, I didn't.

Didn't what?

Find Julian. That's why I came back.

Me too.

Ethan, did you have any luck finding Julian?

Ethan: No. What about you, T.C.?

T.C.: No.

See, we were all out looking for Julian and none of us found him.

I think -- do you think we're all trying to hide something? Because we're not.

Of course not.

After everything that happened tonight, I could use a drink.

Ethan: We were upset before about Julian. I thought you could have killed him.

You were pretty angry yourself, Ethan, angry enough to kill Julian for what he had done to Theresa.

Ethan: I'm calmer now.

So am I.

Luis, did you find Julian?

Luis: No. Did you?


Pilar: Has anyone seen Julian?

No, Pilar.

He hasn't come back yet. It makes me wonder, shouldn't you all still be looking for Julian?

Eve: No reason to.

Eve, you talk as though you know Julianís dead.

Eve: Julian is dead, to me anyway. I'll never see him again.

T.C.: No you won't, Eve. I promise.

What do you know that you can make a comment like that, T.C.?

T.C.: I just know that Julianís a coward. He won't show his face around here again.

He knows if he does, everyone will kill him.

Unless someone already has.

Timmy: They all feel guilty. He's done it himself.

Tabitha: Each and every one of them could have. And they all were armed.

Timmy: How did they figure it out?

Tabitha: With a little help. May I remind that you Julian Crane was going to be murdered tonight anyway? We read that in the scroll. All I did was help things along a little. Since when have you been such a big fan of Julian Crane's? He tried to get you dissected once, remember?

Timmy: Timmy knows that Julian did those things.

Tabitha: Yes, well, his tastes have changed. He's into fish stews now, literally. Come on. Let's see what's happening at the old cannery.

Cannery Worker: All right, this tuna is sterilized. It's time to chop it up.

Timmy: He's going to be chopped bits. Timmy has to do something.

Tabitha: Nothing we can do except take note of this ironic moment.

Timmy: What?!

Tabitha: So many people wanted a piece of old Julian. Now there will be much more of him to go around.

Liz: Here's your tea.

Diana: Thanks. You know, Iím going to get a scarf.

Liz: You want me to get a jacket?

Diana: That's all right. You've already done enough.

Brian: Thanks.

Liz: So Brian, did you find the guy that you were looking for, the man that threatened you and your family?

Brian: Did you ever find yourself so upset you were capable of doing something, something you otherwise thought you could never do?

Liz: Tell me what happened tonight.

Brian: I just want to turn the boat over, get out of Harmony as soon as we can.

Liz: So, have you gotten in touch with the person you're to sell the boat to?

Brian: No, not yet. The only one I'm supposed to contact is my brother.

Diana: I'm definitely going with you when you turn that boat over. What an unaccepting jerk he was not to accept you in the family.

Brian: You don't have to do that.

Diana: After what he's done to you? I can't wait to see your brother's face.

You're still shaking.

I'll get you some water, huh?

Diana: Okay.

Ethan: Theresa, I need to talk to you about what Julian did to you. To us.

Theresa: I can't, not now. Not after --

Ethan: After what? Look, did something happen that I don't know about?

Theresa: What more could have happened tonight, Ethan? It's a total disaster.

Ethan: You're shaken up like something happened, rocked you to the core.

Neither do I.

Me either.

Same here.

I too am at a loss.

I don't understand how you all went to look for Julian and none of you found him.

What are you implying?

I'm not implying anything. I'm just curious.

Why are you so touchy? Is there something you want to tell us?

No, do you?

No, of course not.

Maybe none of us found Julian because he phoned his father. Julian's probably long gone by now.

Luis: That makes sense. I don't think we'll ever see Julian again.

Luis, you seem awfully sure of that.

[Telephone ringing]

Crane residence.

Alistair: I want to speak to Julian. I said I want to speak to Julian. Is he there or not?

No, Alistair, Julianís not here.

Alistair: Where the hell is he?

Tabitha: That room is so thick with tension, you can cut it with a knife.

Timmy: Oh, please, Princess.

Tabitha: It appears that Alistair has blown their fear that the fear is within.

Timmy: Who shot Julian?

Tabitha: Well, lad, one thing we do know is somebody did. Somebody is responsible for Julianís death. And that somebody is right here in Harmony. One of those people killed Julian. The question is, who?

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