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Passions Transcript Tuesday 1/15/02

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Rebecca: If they really were together, then their annulment is invalid. And if their marriage was never annulled, then my marriage to Julian is null and void.

Gwen: So you're not really legally married to Julian?

Rebecca: No. And I'm not married to your father, either, which means I have no money, I have no home, I have no name, I have nothing! Damn that Julian! Damn him. He's destroyed me!

Tabitha: Oh. Oh, so many of Harmony finest citizens are angry with Julian. Let's see who else the mirror will show us.

Eve: Come on, Julian, you pig. Where are you?

Chad: Dr. Russell. What you doing out here?

Eve: I'm looking for that rat Julian Crane and my husband. Have you seen T.C.? Or Julian?

Chad: No, no, I haven't seen either one of them. As a matter of fact, I'm looking for Ethan. Have you seen him?

Eve: No, I havenít.

Chad: I'm trying to find him so I can stop him from doing something he'll regret.

Eve: Like what?

Chad: Like killing Julian Crane.

Eve: Ethan's not the only one angry enough to kill Julian. If the truth comes out about our past, it'll destroy me, my life, my family. T.C. will go crazy.

Julian: He's already there, Eve.

Eve: Well, he'll come after you. He'll want you dead!

Julian: He's already coming after me, trying to kill me! He belongs in jail!

Eve: No, please, Julian. Please don't do this.

Julian: I'm sorry. I told you, I've had it. I'm tired of people causing problems in my life. This way it will be over and done with once and for all.

Eve: No! I have to find Julian. I can't let him tell T.C. the truth. I have to go, Chad.

Chad: I wonder what Julian Crane did to Dr. Russell to make her so mad.

Tabitha: Oh, you'll find out one day soon, Chad, and it'll rock your little world.

Ethan: Any sign of him?

Luis: No. Probably found some rat hole to crawl into.

T.C.: Or he's found some way to sneak off the grounds and he's on his way out of Harmony.

Luis: No, I don't think so. My instinct tells me he's here. We just got to keep looking for him.

Ethan: Look, don't worry, Luis. Iíll look for as long as it takes. I'm going to make Julian pay for what he did to Theresa.

Luis: Yeah, well, me, too. He ruined my sister's life.

T.C.: Well, you two have to wait in line because if I find him firstÖ He destroyed my life.

T.C.'s Father: When Julian crashed his car into yours and wrecked your knee, you lost all hopes of a career in tennis. All our dreams were destroyed that night. And I died of a broken heart, T.C. You have to get revenge.

T.C.: Don't worry, Pop. I'm going to do it.

Ethan: What'd you say?

T.C.: I said Iím going to find that bastard Julian Crane and I'm going to make him pay.

Luis: Yeah, well, we got to find him first. Come on, let's go.

Antonio: Luis, my brother, I have my own reasons for killing Julian. Let me find him first. You're going to regret the day you took me away from my family, Crane.

Tabitha: Oh, so many angry young men all hungry for Julianís blood. But you may be too late, boys. Julian's life hangs in the balance even as we speak.

Julian: Ivy, please, don't do this. You can't kill me.

Ivy: Ha! Oh, I can and I will, Julian. Your death is so long overdue.

Miguel: We should go check it out.

Kay: Charity, we've got to think of a way to keep them from going up there into that cave.

Charity: How?

Kay: I don't know. You know what? Stall them, do something to distract them. I'm going to check it out.

Charity: [Sighs] [Groans] This should do the trick. Help!

Miguel: It's Charity!

Charity: Somebody, please! Someone help! Help me, please! Help me! Help me!

Timmy: What does that mean? What's Tabitha doing tonight?

Angel: Sadly, you'll find out soon enough.


Angel: Someone's coming, Timmy. Come on.

Timmy: That's Kay. She's evil. She's done some terrible things.

Angel: Yes, she has, Timmy. In the past, she brought great evil to Harmony. And now that she's cast a spell to keep Charity encased in that block of ice, she's opened up a vein of evil that will cause the citizens of Harmony to suffer for many more years to come.

Tabitha: Oh, so much anger, so much hatred.

Ivy: Good-bye, Julian.

Julian: No! Oh, thank God! I've been saved!

Ivy: Oh!

Julian: The gun misfired!

Ivy: Oh!

Julian: Ah!

Tabitha: Oh, damn it! Julian didnít die. That's a pity. Well, there are many more opportunities coming his way. In fact, Iíve just thought of a way to up the ante. I've got a little errand to run.

Ivy: Damn you, Julian! I won't let Ethan kill you! I will protect my son!

Julian: Well, your little plan backfired, didn't it? It didn't occur to you that you'd enrage your son to the point of committing murder, did it?

Ivy: No, it didn't occur to me, and that's why I have to be the one to kill you. I will not let Ethan go to prison.

Julian: Well, nothing's going according to plan, dear. I'm still alive, and I intend to stay that way!

Ivy: Oh!

Julian: [Chuckles] God! Luis.

Ivy: Oh! Lopez-Fitzgerald, the man whose sister you defiled. Well, you're not going anywhere, are you, Julian? You're a dead man walking. Luis will shoot first and ask questions later. Ha! Luis! Luis!

Julian: Shut up!

Ivy: Damn it!

Charity: Help me! Help! Help!

Miguel: We've got to do something.

Reese: Ok, but what?

Miguel: Let's make a human ladder, ok? If you can keep me from falling in, then I can pull her out.

Simone: Come on, come on, come on, come on.

Charity: [Shrieks] I hope this distracts Miguel long enough for you to do what you have to do, Kay. Help me! Help! Miguel!

Kay: Oh my gosh. How did this happen? Did the real Charity escape? Where is that light that we thought we saw coming from up here? Oh, thank God. Whoo. Ok. Oh, she's still frozen in ice. Now all I have to do is close the opening back up before Miguel and the others get up here.

Tabitha: My nose is leading me to the place where I can do the most evil. [Sniffs] I think this is it. There it is! Ah, there now. Eve has a gun, T.C., Luis, Brian, and Ivy. But there are others who need guns, too. Now, which of you will take Julianís life?

Theresa: Chad. Chad, did you find Ethan? Is he ok?

Chad: Well, I tried to talk to him, but I couldn't stop him from going after Julian.

Theresa: Chad, if he kills Julian, his life is ruined!

Pilar: Teresita, you have to lie down, mija.

Theresa: Mama, no, no, no, I have to find Ethan! I have to help him! This is my fault!

Whitney: That's not true, Theresa.

Chad: Yeah, you sure as hell didn't seduce Julian Crane.

Whitney: I told you before, this is Julianís fault. He took advantage of you when you were trying to help Ethan. Julian is responsible for that.

Chad: Yeah, Whitneyís right, all right? Don't blame yourself, Theresa.

Theresa: Ok.

Whitney: Honey?

Theresa: All right. You knowÖ [Exhales] I think I will lie down, ok?

Whitney: I think that's a really good idea. Why don't I take you to the library, ok?

Theresa: Mm-hmm.

Whitney: All right.

Chad: Iíll come with you.

Theresa: Ok.

Whitney: Come on. Just relax, ok?

Pilar: Whitney and Chad are right. This is all Julianís fault -- all of it! He took advantage of my Theresa, he pressured her, he used her. And I can't let him get away with this. But I can't let my son kill that vermin and go to jail. I won't let my son suffer. I will take care of Julian myself.

Rebecca: When I divorced your father, I didn't ask for anything. All I wanted was a quick and simple divorce.

Gwen: Right, because you thought you'd be marrying Julian.

Rebecca: Yes, and that I would have access to the Crane billions. But Julian lied to me, and now I have nothing, and I am not going to take this lying down.

Gwen: Oh -- What are you going to do with that?

Rebecca: Julianís not going to get away with doing this to me.


Julian: Sorry, poison Ivy --

Ivy: Oh!

[Muffled screams]

Julian: But I won't let you throw me to the lions.

Ivy: Oh, God! Julian! Don't you -- Julian!

[Phone rings]

Alistair: Yes, what is it?

Julian: Father, you have to help me.

Ivy: Alistair!

Alistair: Help you? Julian, do you have any idea how many people are trying to kill you?

Julian: So you know what's going on. You'll help me, and send a helicopter, the National Guard. Just get me out of this snake pit!

[Crashing noise]

Luis: Julian's in the garage. Of course, he's trying to make a run for it!

Kay: There. Well, that should hold little miss goody-goody for as long as it takes. I wonder what my zombie did to distract Miguel. Whatever it was, I guess it worked because he's not here yet. I better get down to the skating pond before Iím missed.

Timmy: Timmy guesses Kay won this time. There's no way Miguel can rescue Charity.

Angel: No one wins when deception and lies are involved, Timmy. I see death hovering around those poor kids.

Charity: Ah! Oh! [Groans]

Jessica: Whoa! Oh, God, you are so lucky, Charity, that Miguel and Reese were here to save you.

Simone: Oh, yeah. You could have died in that icy water.

Charity: Yeah, I guess.

Reese: Are you ok? Do you need to go to the hospital or anything?

Charity: I'm ok. But Iíll be a lot better in a minute.

Reese: Miguel!

Jessica: Miguel!

Simone: Oh, my God! Reese, you got to do something!

Jessica: We got to get somebody to help him! Help!

Reese: Help!

Jessica: Help! Anybody, help!

Reese: Someone!

Simone: Come on, Reese! Do something!

Jessica: Somebody help!

Simone: Reese, you got to do something!

Reese: I'm trying!

Jessica: Somebody help us, please!

Reese: Help!

Jessica: Help!

Reese: We need a rope!

Kay: Sounds like my zombie's doing her job.

Jessica: Anybody!

Boy: Hi.

Charity: Hi.

Boy: You're soaking wet. You must be freezing.

Charity: No, no, no, no, no, I'm fine. I actually really love the cold. Thanks for being so nice, though.

Boy: I can't believe you're not cold.

Charity: Well, actually, I find it quite stimulating.

Kay: Charity. Hi.

Charity: Oh.

Kay: What's going on? I thought I heard some screams.

Charity: I didn't hear anything.

Kay: Oh.

Boy: I'm going to go get you some hot chocolate, ok?

Charity: Oh. Ok. Thanks.

Kay: So, what'd you do to distract Miguel?

Charity: [Sighs] Look, it worked, didn't it?

Kay: Oh. Ok.

Jessica: Help! Someone help us, please!

Reese: Try to reach!

Simone: Help!

Kay: Oh, my God! Miguel!

Jessica: Just a little further!

Gwen: Mother, I don't like this. You could get hurt.

Rebecca: Gwen, the only one that is going to get hurt is Julian. I'm going to make him pay for what he did to me.

Tabitha: Good show, Rebecca. And here comes someone who will definitely be interested in these guns.

Theresa: I'm all right. Why don't you -- you should just help Ethan and Iím just going to rest in the library.

Whitney: I don't really feel too good about that. I don't think you should be alone right now, Theresa.

Theresa: I'm ok. Really.

Chad: Theresa, look, you go lie down, all right? We'll go and find Ethan. We'll check on you later. Ok?

Theresa: Yeah.

Whitney: No --

Chad: Yes.

Theresa: Who left a gun lying around? You know, Whitney is right. Julian let me think that he'd help Ethan. But he got me drunk. He got me pregnant. Well, if it wasn't for Julian, I'd still have Ethan.

Ethan: Luis, did you find Julian?

T.C.: Is he in the garage?

Luis: I think so. I heard a noise.

[Ivy screams]

Julian: An entire posse has formed outside, Father.

[Ivy screams]

Ivy: Julian!

Julian: You have to help me.

Alistair: No help, Julian, no helicopter, No National Guard. You're on your own this time.

[Ivy yells]

Julian: But they want me dead.

Alistair: This is your mess. You find a way out of it.

Julian: All right, Iíll call the chopper myself.

Alistair: Won't do you any good. I've given orders to everyone -- the staff, the airline personnel -- to stand down. No one is to help you in any way.

Julian: Father, do you want them to kill me?

Alistair: I want you to act like a man. Find a way out, Julian!

[Ivy yells]

Julian: Father? Father?

Luis: Julian, if you're in there, come out now!

Ivy: Oh!

Julian: Well, I'm about to take a page out of your book, Ivy!

[Ivy yells]

Julian: I'm coming out, Luis!

[Car engine starts]

Julian: I'm coming out right now!

[Car accelerates and tires screech]

Luis: Watch out!

Kay: What happened? I told you to distract Miguel, not kill him!

Charity: Ah. So that he'd save me, forget about going to the cave. I guess he fell in after he tried to get me out.

Kay: Ugh!

Jessica: Just go a little bit further!

Kay: Reese, help him!

Jessica: He is trying to help him, Kay. Where have you been?

Reese: I think I've got him!

Jessica: Come on!

Reese: Oh!

Jessica: Oh, we got you, we got you!

Simone: Up! Up!

Jessica: Pull! Pull! Pull!

Kay: Oh, my God.

Jessica: Pull, pull, pull.

Kay: It's ok.

Jessica: Oh, God.

Kay: Miguel, are you ok? Are you all right?

Miguel: Where's Charity? Is she ok?

Simone: She seems to be fine.

Boy: Oh, stop it.

Kay: Well, I didn't want Miguel to be in danger, but I guess it's working.

Luis: Damn you, Julian!

Antonio: Thank God you're all right, Luis.

[Car engine races]

Eve: Aha! That's got to be Julian!

[Car accelerates]

Rebecca: Well, that sounds like Julianís car. He's trying to get away, that little weasel.

Ethan: Wait for me.

Ethan: Look.

Luis: He's not getting away. Come on.

T.C.: Come on, let's get him!

[Ivy screams]

Ethan: Mother!

Ivy: Ethan!

Ethan: What happened?

Ivy: Oh -- ow! Oh, Julian! I tried to stop him, and he tied me up -- oh! And he gagged me and put a bucket on my head!

Ethan: Oh, well, look, don't worry. Iíll make him pay for this and what he did to Theresa, too.

Ivy: No, no, Ethan, no! No! Don't go after him, please. Just let Luis kill him!

Ethan: I'm sorry, Mother.

Ivy: Oh! Oh.

Ivy: Oh. Next time, Julian, You won't be so lucky. Oh!

Julian: Oh. Oh. Oh. Ow! Damn! What is it?

Luis: Sounds like it came from over there.

T.C.: Looks like he went this way.

Pilar: Luis, What was that noise?

Luis: It was Julian. He drove his car through the wall of the garage trying to get away.

T.C.: And then he wrecked it over there.

Whitney: Daddy, are you all right?

T.C.: Yeah, sweetheart, I'm fine, just as soon as we catch that rat.

Luis: Well, come on. We can't let him get away.

Brian: Don't worry, Mama. Iíll get Julian for what he's done.

Pilar: Where's Theresa?

Whitney: Oh, she went to go lie down in the library.

Pilar: But I was just at the library. I didn't see her.

Chad: Well, then, where could she be?

Pilar: Oh, my God. Oh, please. You have to help me find Theresa, please.

Chad: Well, maybe she heard the crash and came out to look.

Whitney: All right, all right, come on, let's go. We're going to go look for her.

Pilar: Ok.

Pilar: Oh. Oh, I've had enough of Julian Crane making my family suffer. I won't let my children go to jail. I wonít. I will put an end to this evil myself.

Ethan: What's this? It must be Julianís gun. Good.

Luis: He's headed to the wharf!

Theresa: You took Ethan away from me, Julian, and now you're going to pay.

Tabitha: Well, I've done my job. All the players are armed -- guns for everyone. You won't live through the night, Julian.

Miguel: Charity, what do you think you're doing?

Charity: Having some hot chocolate.

Miguel: No, I mean with this guy?

Boy: What, you got a problem?

Miguel: Oh, shut up!

Charity: Ok. Why don't you just give us a minute? Here -- I'm not cold.

Boy: Ok.

Charity: Ok.

Miguel: I don't understand.

Charity: Miguel, what's wrong? Are you mad because I'm not all over you? Because I'm not kissing your feet for saving my life?

Miguel: No, of course not, all right? But every time I look up, you're flirting with another guy, ok? Like at the party and then this guy! I thought we had something special!

Charity: I think "had" is the operative word.

Miguel: What?

Charity: Miguel, I've outgrown this relationship, or maybe Iíve just outgrown you. I want something different. I want something exciting. I mean, I want something more than just a Disney movie and a milk shake, you know? I want action. And honestly, I just don't see myself getting it from you.

Julian: Oh, it's a lynch mob.

Luis: This way.

T.C.: He can't get far unless he jumps into the sea.

Ethan: Let's get him!

Julian: The cannery! Iíll hide in there.

Chad: Ah, man. Still no sign of Ethan and Theresa.

Whitney: You know what? Maybe we should split up, you know? We could cover more ground that way. I don't know. For some reason, Iím getting a really bad feeling about this whole thing.

Chad: Hey, look, don't let your head get away from you, all right? Let's just concentrate on finding Ethan and Theresa before something bad does happen.

Whitney: Ok.

Chad: Come on.

Tabitha: Too late, kiddies. Julian Crane will die tonight.

Theresa: I've lost everything and it's all your fault. Damn you, Julian. Damn you.

Ethan: Where are you, Julian? You're not going to get away, not this time.

Pilar: You took my daughter's innocence, Julian Crane. You will pay. You will pay.

Luis: You're not going to get away with hurting my sister, Julian. When I find you, Iím going to forget I'm a cop.

Antonio: You took away my family, Julian. Now you're going to pay.

Eve: This is it for you, Julian. I'm going to make sure you never hurt anyone again.

Rebecca: Oh, Julian, you cockroach. Oh, where are you? Ooh, you slept with that little tramp, and now I have nothing. Oh, you're not going to get away with it.

Ivy: Ooh. You have made my life a living hell for over twenty years, Julian. Well, now it's your turn. I am going to send you to hell, where you belong.

T.C.: Finally, Pop. I'm going to make Julian pay for what he did to us. He took my life. And now I'm going to take his.

Julian: Ah! No one will think to look for me here. Iíll bide my time until those morons cool off, and Iíll catch the first jet out of the country.


Julian: What was that noise? Oh, my God, they've found me.

Timmy: There has to be a way Timmy can save Charity.

Angel: There is, Timmy. You can save her.

Timmy: But angel girl won't tell Timmy how!

Angel: No, I canít. I'm sorry. But it's not within my powers. You must realize it for yourself.

Timmy: But what if Timmy can't figure it out?

Angel: Just think, Timmy. You're a real boy now, not a doll. Think harder than you've ever thought. You can save Charity. You just have to figure out how.

Timmy: Don't go, angel girl! Timmy needs your help! Timmy needs to figure out how to save Charity!

Miguel: Charity, you can't be serious.

Charity: Sorry, Miguel, but I am serious. Ok, well, I've had enough fun. Who's got a car to take me home? Hello? Oh, hello? I said who has a car to take me home?

Reese: Well, I have my car.

Charity: Great. How about giving me a ride?

Reese: I -- yeah, I guess.

Charity: Yeah, ok, ok, now.

Reese: You can ride with me.

Charity: Good. Let's go.

Reese: Are you going to be ok, Miguel?

Jessica: We should get you out of these wet clothes.

Simone: I cannot believe that Charity would say those things to you, Miguel.

Jessica: Uh-uh, Neither can I.

Kay: Hey, guys, you know what? Why don't you guys just go home.

Reese: All right. Later.

Simone: All right, Miguel.

Kay: I am so sorry.

Miguel: I just don't understand. What happened?

Kay: I know. Neither do I. But I'm -- Iím here for you, Miguel, ok?

Miguel: I know you are, Kay.

Kay: Ok.

Miguel: Thanks.

Kay: I'm sorry.

Miguel: I know I can always count on you.

[Cat meows]

Julian: Oh, God! Thank God! It's just a cat! Of course there are cats in here. This place reeks of tuna.


Julian: Oh. Just that cat again.


Julian: My God! I'm trapped!

Julian: Oh. I had no idea this was so high up. Just stay calm, keep moving. Oh! Oh, oh!

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