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Passions Transcript Monday 1/14/02

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Antonio: You want to destroy us, Crane? Then bring it on. Let's see how much destroying you can do when you're dead.

Julian: Not only do the good citizens of Harmony want me dead, but Antonio Lopez-Fitzgerald has returned from exile after all these years. I have to do something. Find a way out of this mess. If don't, I shan't live through the night.

Tabitha: Mrs. Crane! It's me, Tabitha.

Ivy: I'm sorry, Tabitha, youÖ you startled me.

Tabitha: I can see that.

Ivy: Is there something you want?

Tabitha: Well, I, I thought there was maybe something I could do for you. You rushed away so quickly after I'd read your tea leaves.

Ivy: Yes, yes, Iím very grateful that you did that, because you made me realize that Ethan's life will be ruined if he kills Julian. It would all be my fault.

Tabitha: How so?

Ivy: Oh, I should have thought through every detail. I, I should have thought of all of the consequences...

Tabitha: Yes?

Ivy: Nothing, nothing, I just need to find Ethan before he vents his rage on Julian, that's all. Excuse me.

Tabitha: The scroll is never wrong. There's going to be a murder here tonight and there's nothing you can do to stop it, Ivy dear. And as for you, I told you I'd get back at your bloody family! This will teach you to burn me at the stake, albeit 300 years ago! Humph! [Chuckling]

Theresa: Mama, Mama, did you find Ethan?

Pilar: No, not yet.

Theresa: Luis?

Pilar: I spoke to him, I tried to calm him down, but he's determined to kill Julian.

Theresa: Oh, Mama, this is my fault!

Whitney: Now, Theresa, we can't start thinking like that.

Theresa: Yes, if I would have just told the truth, if I didn't keep those secrets --

Pilar: It's too late for that now, Theresa.

Theresa: Mama, if Ethan and Luis find Julian, they will kill him!

Pilar: Just pray that they don't, mija.

Theresa: Mama, they blame him for getting me pregnant, for sleeping with me! If they kill him, they will go to prison. What have I done?!

Tabitha: I'll tell you what you've done, Theresa, you've helped sign Julian's death warrant. But don't think it's just Luis and Ethan who are looking to do him in. Oh no, there are many, many people who want to see Julian Crane dead.

Julian: I'll have your insane husband locked up and I'm going to let it out that you and I had an affair and a child.

Eve: No. What -- no, you, you can't!

Julian: I can and I will.

Eve: Well, I won't let that happen. I'll kill Julian before he can tell T.C. about our past. At least I know where T.C. is. That sedative I gave him should still be working. He'll be home fast asleep. Where are you, Julian?

T.C.: Pop. You're here.

T.C.ís Father: We don't have much time, T.C. I had to come back. Make sure you get this done!

T.C.: Don't worry, Pop.

T.C.ís Father: Julian Crane was responsible for the car accident that ended your tennis career.

T.C.: And he's going to pay, Pop!

T.C.ís Father: He shattered your hopes and dreams, ruined your life! And made me die of a broken heart. Settle the score, T.C. Settle it once and for all.

T.C.: It's over, Julian. You are a dead man!

Julian: Got to find a way out of here.

Ethan: Couldn't have gone far. He's going to pay for what he did to Theresa. Forcing himself on her, getting her pregnant?

Julian: This is getting very old, very fast.

Luis: You're gonna pay for what you did to my sister, Julian!

Rebecca: Where could Julian have gone to?

Gwen: Well, he's probably out getting a nightcap.

Rebecca: Without me?

Gwen: Look, I'm really sorry that you were embarrassed tonight, Mother, but at least something happened.

Rebecca: Yes, your mother's mortification happened.

Gwen: I was bored to death at the country club.

Rebecca: Oh, poor baby.

Gwen: I hate the holidays. Since Ethan and I broke up, I've dreaded every one of them. Thanks to Theresa. Before she got her talons into him, my whole future was planned and it was, it was perfect and now, now I have nothing.

Rebecca: Well, don't you worry, because now that I have Julian, we can proceed with the rest of our plan. First, I have to convince Julian to reinstate Ethan as a Crane.

Gwen: Mother, would you give it up, Theresa has won.

Rebecca: No, she hasn't!

Gwen: Yes, she has, we have to face it, the, the slut is good, and she even got Julian to marry her.

Rebecca: I am just relieved that there was no hanky-panky after that drunken wedding in the islands, because if they had slept together, there is no way that Julian could get his marriage to Theresa annulled.

Gwen: And your marriage to Julian would have been taken off the books.

Rebecca: But all is well that ends well. And this will end well for all of us, you'll see! Look, we will find a way to get rid of Theresa.

Gwen: How can we when Ethan still loves her? After all the lies that she's told and after all the secrets that she's kept, he still loves her. No, Mother, I have to move on, because Theresa will never do anything that makes Ethan leave her.

Luis: He's gotta be around here someplace.

Ethan: I'm going to find him.

Luis: No, he's mine, Ethan. I know you want to tear his head off.

Ethan: I'll tear his heart out!

Luis: Theresa is my blood. Family honor demands that I have to kill him.

Julian: Get going, Julian. It's your only chance.

[Bushes rustling]

Ethan: What was that?

Luis: Got him.

Tabitha: My, here come the Hotchkiss girls. Time for me to ratchet up the volume of evil. A cup of kindness for you two lovely ladies.

Rebecca: Oh, thank you.

Tabitha: Vintage champagne, of course, nothing but the best in the Crane household.

Rebecca: It's... Tabitha, isn't it?

Tabitha: Oh, how nice of you to remember my name. Pity you weren't down here earlier. You missed all the excitement.

Rebecca: Well, I thought Julian and I were all the excitement at the party.

Tabitha: Oh, I felt awful about that! I know how embarrassing it must have been.

Rebecca: Oh, it was horrible!

Tabitha: I can't believe that Ivy didn't tell you she was having a party here.

Rebecca: Humph! Well, what else can you expect from such a wretched woman?

Tabitha: Oh, quite! So unfair!

Rebecca: I'm so glad you agree!

Tabitha: Who wouldn't?

Rebecca: Well, there are some.

Gwen: What excitement was it that you were talking about earlier?

Tabitha: Well, I don't like to tell tales out of school, but there was a tabloid reporter here earlier and he had the most remarkable bit of information. It seems that Theresa is with child.

Rebecca: Pregnant?

Gwen: Oh no. Oh, Theresa's having Ethan's baby. Now I'll never have him back.

Tabitha: Oh no, she's not having Ethan's baby. That's what caused all the excitement!

Gwen: Theresa's pregnant but Ethan's not the father?

Tabitha: Absolutely not.

Rebecca: Well, if Ethan isn't the father, then who --

Tabitha: Ivy was very interested in the baby's paternity, too, but she's off running a little errand now.

Rebecca: Tabitha, please, you have to tell me who... who is the father?

Tabitha: Julian. Julian Crane is the father of Theresa's baby.

Ivy: Ethan can't kill Julian if I kill him first. And I know, I know exactly what Julian is going to do to escape Ethan and Luis. And I'm going to be there waiting for him.

Luis: I heard something.

Luis: T.C.

T.C.: Luis --

Luis: Look, you gotta be more careful, man. I just about blew you away.

T.C.: What the hell is going on?

Ethan: We thought you were Julian.

T.C.: Julian? Have you seen him?

Ethan: No.

Luis: Not yet. But you can sure as hell bet I'm gonna find him tonight.

T.C.: So why are you two out here searching for Julian?

Ethan: That's right, you don't know what happened. You left before it all went down.

T.C.: What happened?

Ethan: Theresa was... was pregnant with Julian's child.

T.C.: What?! How could something like that --

Ethan: She went down to Bermuda to... to try to talk Julian into taking me back into the family. He got her drunk, he married her and then slept with her.

T.C.: But I thought the marriage was annulled.

Ethan: It was. And they claimed that nothing happened. But it did. Julian's ruined my life.

T.C.: Well, Ethan, you're not alone. He destroyed mine, too. He took my dreams from me. And he's gonna pay for that. Tonight, Julian will die!

Julian: T.C. is back! I'm in a nest of vipers! Who else could be out there looking for me?

Eve: Where are you, Julian?

Luis: I'll make you pay, damn you!

Rebecca: It can't be true!

Tabitha: But it is.

Rebecca: Julian?

Tabitha: Is the father of Theresa's baby.

Rebecca: I, I, I don't believe it.

Tabitha: It's true! Now you can see what you missed. The expressions on their faces, priceless!

Gwen: Oh my God! This is better than I could have ever imagined, Mother. I'll see you later.

Rebecca: Wh-wh-where are you going?

Gwen: I'm going to go have fun torturing Theresa.

Rebecca: Julian.

Tabitha: Oh, he's the one, Mrs. Hotchkiss.

Rebecca: I... I, I have to sit down.

Tabitha: Oh, let me help you, Mrs. Hotchkiss.

Rebecca: Wh... You called me "Mrs. Hotchkiss". Do you know what that means?

Tabitha: Yes. I know.

Rebecca: I mean, if Julian is the father of Theresa's baby, then that means --

Tabitha: Your life sucks, doesn't it?

Gwen: So, Theresa, are you enjoying your New Year's Eve?

Whitney: You know, whatever you're up to, Gwen, just forget about it, okay?

Gwen: Up to?

Whitney: Just back off.

Gwen: I wasn't aware that I was intruding. Although I did hear a really interesting piece of news. Um, it seems as though your lies have finally caught up to you, Theresa.

Whitney: Damn it, Gwen, this has nothing to do with you!

Gwen: And now you're pregnant with Julian's baby? No wonder you look like something the cat dragged in!

Whitney: Stop it!

Gwen: You know, Ethan's never going to have anything to do with you ever again. You do realize that, don't you? Your relationship is over.

Ethan: What did Julian do to you, T.C.?

T.C.: That bastard was responsible for the car accident that took my legs from me. I can still walk now, but on a tennis court you need a good set of legs that are not gonna give out on you. Tennis was my life.

Ethan: I'm sorry.

T.C.: I always said if I ever got the proof that Julian took my career away from me, I would kill him. Well, now I got the proof.

Ethan: Yeah, I understand. You know, the baby Theresa was carrying is proof that Julian doesn't give a damn about anyone's life. He's ruined mine, that is for sure.

T.C.: You know, Ethan, he's gotten away with this for far too long. It's time to take him out.

Ethan: Why don't we split up?

T.C.: Cool, I'll go this way.

Ethan: Hey, T.C. Give a shout if you find him, 'cause I want first crack at that bastard.

T.C.: I'm sorry, Ethan, if I find Julian first, he's all mine. I have a lifetime of pain to get revenge for.

Ethan: Dr. Russell! What are you doing here?

Eve: Don't try and stop me, Ethan!

Ethan: Stop you from what?

Eve: When I find Julian, he's going to pay! He's going to pay for what he's done to me!

Ethan: Dr. Russell, I've never seen you like this.

Eve: You don't know, Ethan. You have no idea.

Ethan: What did Julian do?

Eve: That man! He's capable of more evil than you can even imagine.

Ethan: I know what Julian's capable of.

Eve: Oh, Ethan. You, you've been deeply hurt tonight. But I hope that you won't let it keep you away from Theresa. Please, Ethan! Don't let Julian ruin your happiness. Be strong! And know that Theresa loves you. She loves you more than anything in the world. Don't abandon her, Ethan. She's a victim in all of this!

Ethan: There are other victims.

Eve: Can't you look inside your heart, Ethan? Can't you just forgive Theresa for what she's done? Just move forward, don't look back.


Luis: Wait, you... You're not Julian, you're...

Antonio: Luis?

Luis: Antonio. Yeah, it's you.

Antonio: Yeah, it's me, your brother.

Luis: You really came back, huh?

Antonio: Yeah. I'm here.

Luis: Well, we don't want you. So why don't you just do the whole family a favor... Why don't you just get the hell out of Harmony and never come back?

Julian: Guns to the right of me, guns to the left of me, ready to volley and thunder. The question is how do I get out of here before this poor body is pumped full of lead? Yes! Finally, a way to escape!

Tabitha: I know what you're going through, Mrs. Hotchkiss, really, I do. I watch all those court shows on television and I read all the tabloids, so I know that Theresa and Julian's annulment was predicated on the fact that they never slept together. But they did!

Rebecca: Please, I need to think.

Tabitha: I don't know what there is to think about? The marriage was consummated, the baby proves that. Ergo, Theresa is still Julian's wife. Which means, Mrs. Hotchkiss, that you are not.

Pilar: I will not let you keep badgering my daughter.

Gwen: Badgering?! I'm simply stating facts the way the tabloid reporter did earlier. At least, that's what I heard.

Pilar: Really, from whom?

Gwen: Word gets around. Anyway, isn't that what this is about, not being able to keep dark secrets hidden?

Pilar: No, this is about people getting terribly hurt. But obviously you're not sensitive enough to see that.

Gwen: I wish I could have seen the look on Theresa's face when she realized that all her secrets were about to be revealed.

Whitney: I can't believe you're saying these things, Gwen.

Pilar: That's cruel, even for you.

Gwen: You told Ethan that you didn't sleep with Julian, but you did.

Pilar: No more, Gwen!

Gwen: And then you told him you weren't pregnant, but you are!

Pilar: Get out!

Gwen: You made Ethan look like a fool and now you're carrying Julian's baby?

Pilar: I said out.

Gwen: He is through with you. Ethan is through with you. Who would want a woman who slept with a man he grew up thinking was his father?

Ethan: Theresa could have told me the truth right from the beginning. But she didn't, she lied to me. She kept another secret from me. And she swore to me she would never keep anything from me. She broke her promise. How can a man love a woman he can't trust? You know, who keeps terrible, destructive secrets?

Antonio: Look, Luis, I can understand you being angry, but you don't know the whole story.

Luis: I know that you left your family at a time when we needed you most. Papa had just disappeared, for God sakes! You just took off. You abandoned us, you left us to fend for ourselves. You know, Mama had to send Paloma to Aunt Maria's 'cause she couldn't... She couldn't even afford to support us all!

Antonio: I'm sorry, I, I didnít know.

Luis: Save it, all right? I don't want any apologies. Just don't cause this family any more pain.

Antonio: There's one thing that I don't understand.

Luis: What? How can I make it any clearer?

Antonio: No, this is about Julian Crane. Why are you after him? What did he do to make you so angry?

Luis: Don't worry about it, all right? Our family has always suffered at the hands of the Cranes. Now Theresa...

Antonio: Theresa what? What about her?

Luis: Like I said, I'll take care of it, all right? Now you... Would you just get the hell out of Harmony, all right? We learned to live without you, we sure as hell can keep doing it now. Just go on. Just go on and go. Never come back. I'm going to get Julian.

Antonio: Julian Crane took me away from my family. He hurt them even more when I left. He doesn't deserve to live. And he won't, he won't if I catch him.

Julian: God! I have to get out of here! Take one of my cars and drive like hell!

Ivy: You're not going to drive like hell, Julian, you're just going to hell.

Julian: Ivy...

Ivy: There's no way you're getting out of here alive, Julian. So say your prayers.

Rebecca: I'm not Mrs. Crane.

Tabitha: Not.

Rebecca: I'm not married to Julian. That little slut Theresa is Mrs. Crane.

Tabitha: Well, yes. She has to shoulder some of the blame, but really it's Julian who's behind it. I mean, he's the one who got her drunk in the first place, isn't he?

Rebecca: Yes.

Tabitha: And then he took advantage of her. A little nugget of news which he kept from you. The fact is, Mrs. Hotchkiss, Julian knew what had happened and didn't tell you. So where do you think most of the blame lies?

Rebecca: With Julian.

Tabitha: That Julian, he's a sly one. Working both sides of the street, if you know what I mean.

Rebecca: He did this to me!

Tabitha: Indeed he did, Mrs. Hotchkiss. Oh, I can't really call you Mrs. Hotchkiss anymore, can I?

Rebecca: What?

Tabitha: Well, I mean, you divorced Mr. Hotchkiss so that you could marry Julian. And I remember, it was a very quick divorce, because you wanted no alimony.

Rebecca: No... Alimony.

Tabitha: Hmm, if my memory serves me rightly, the tabloids said that you were only marrying Julian because you wanted access to the Crane billions. Oh, that gives you pause for thought, doesn't it? I mean, Julian could have engineered this whole damn thing! He knew that your marriage wasn't valid, because he knew that the annulment wasn't valid.

Rebecca: He knew?

Tabitha: Your marriage was a complete sham! But he let you go on believing that you were his wife.

Rebecca: He lied to me!

Tabitha: Oh, indeed he did, Mrs... Whatever. And the result of his lying to you is that you're penniless!

Gwen: It's over, Theresa. You've lost.

Pilar: Damn you, Gwen!

Gwen: Okay, I'm going. Okay, I'm going.

Pilar: Pay no attention to her, mija.

Gwen: Oh, my God. You had the baby aborted. Ethan hates abortion. And now he hates you.

Eve: Ethan. Go back to the house, sit down with Theresa and just talk.

Ethan: We've already done that.

Eve: Then talk some more! Don't give up, Ethan! A relationship like yours and Theresa's comes along once in a lifetime!

Ethan: There is no relationship.

Eve: Yes, of course there's a relationship! And there is a future! You could still have your life together.

Ethan: Look, Iím sorry, Dr. Russell, but I don't agree. Anyway, I don't even want to think about that. I just want to...

Eve: What?

Ethan: I thought I heard something. And I told your husband to give me a shout if he finds Julian first.

Eve: T.C.'s here?

Ethan: Yeah, I saw him earlier, Iíve never seen him that angry before.

Eve: Oh, dear God!

Ethan: Look, T.C. told me what Julian did to him, that he took away his tennis career. I just can't believe there was ever a time that I was... proud that Julian was my father.

Eve: I have to find Julian!

Ethan: Julian's damaged more lives than I ever imagined. You gotta pay now, Julian.

Luis: You're still here.

Antonio: Yeah, listen, Luis --

Luis: Listen, I told you to get out of Harmony.

Antonio: Yeah, well, Iíve got some stuff I need to take care of. Stuff for the family.

Luis: You wanna do something for this family? You just, you just get out of town, you don't look back, all right?

Antonio: I am not gonna let Julian Crane hurt Mama, Theresa, Miguel, anybody --

Luis: Who the hell do you think that you are? You've been gone for over a decade and you magically reappear. Now you think that you're our protector?

Antonio: I have unfinished business, Luis.

Luis: Just get out. You know, I have been taking care of this family ever since the day that you packed it in. I don't need your help.

Antonio: Yeah, well, you know what --

Luis: Look, just go back to where you came from, all right? Leave us alone, we don't need your help.

Antonio: Sorry, little brother, but Iím not leaving until Julian gets exactly what's coming to him for what he did to our family.

Julian: Just, you be careful with that thing, Ivy.

Ivy: Scared, Julian?

Julian: I must confess Iíve, uh, I've, uh, felt more at ease. Good. That's better. Ah!

Ivy: I know the only thing that has ever mattered to you is your own pathetic hide. But if you ever had any real feelings for Ethan at all...

Julian: Of course I do!

Ivy: Then stay away from him, whatever you do, just avoid him at all cost.

Julian: What do you think I've been trying to do? I'm avoiding Ethan, Luis, T.C., AntonioÖWhoever the hell else is out there looking for me.

Ivy: Antonio?

Julian: That doesn't matter, what does matter is how brilliantly you've orchestrated this whole thing.

Ivy: Me?

Julian: Drop the innocent act, your fingerprints are all over this. The reporter turning up at the mansion revealing that Theresa was pregnant --

Ivy: Oh, that's not important now.

Julian: Not important?! There's a posse on my tail gunning for me!

Ivy: The only thing that's important is that Ethan not go to jail. That was the one thing I wasn't counting on, that Ethan would be the one to kill you and suffer the consequences.

Julian: What about the consequences I might suffer?

Ivy: Oh, well deserved!

Julian: You're right about never thinking things through.

Ivy: Don't start with me, Julian! I don't care if you live or die and quite frankly, I would prefer you dead. I am only concerned about Ethan's future!

Julian: Perhaps you should turn your attention to your own future, because when all of this is over, I am going to destroy you. I'll have you bounced out of the mansion on your more than ample derriere! Not to mention, I will make certain that you stay penniless for the rest of your life!

Ivy: And if I were you, Julian, I wouldn't worry about my life. I would start worrying about your own, because it is about to end and I am the one who is going to happily end it!

Whitney: You know, I don't know what is wrong with your hearing, Gwen, but you were told to get out of here.

Gwen: I'll go when Iím good and ready!

Whitney: Oh, you're ready, all right, in fact you've never been more ready.

Gwen: Okay, why don't you just stop right there, Whitney?

Whitney: If tossing you out of here is the only way to get you to leave, then that's exactly what Iím going to go ahead and do.

Gwen: All right, I, I don't know how to street fight like you obviously do, Whitney, but I do know one thing. Ethan is through with Theresa.

Whitney: You are really looking to get hurt, Gwen.

Gwen: He's going to come back to me. He's going to realize that I'm the only one he ever really loved.

Whitney: You have totally snapped!

Gwen: Ethan is mine, Theresa --

Whitney: Gwen, you have lost it.

Gwen: Mine, he's all mine.

Tabitha: Obviously Julian knew that he'd slept with Theresa and he knew the annulment wasn't worth the paper it was printed on, but he still went ahead and married you. Oh, the gall of the man! Playing you for a fool like that!

Rebecca: That pig! He lied to me, he took everything I had in this world! Well, I have no money, I have no place to live, I can't even use his name! Oh, he is not going to get away with this. I am going to make him pay.

Tabitha: I'll get you some more champagne, Rebecca. I can call you Rebecca, can't I? If you're going to make him pay, you better hurry up, dear. The line forms outside. [Chuckling]

Eve: Got to find T.C. I can't let Julian tell him the truth.

Ethan: I thought I heard you shout.

T.C.: I didn't see anything!

Luis: There's no luck here.

T.C.: Is there any way he could have gotten off the grounds?

Luis: My instinct says no. I think he's still here and close by. Come on, let's make another sweep.

T.C.: Let's do it.

Antonio: I'm gonna kill him myself, Luis. It's payback time for everything Julian's done to us.

Julian: Think about this, Ivy, you can't kill me.

Ivy: It'll be like squashing a bug.

Julian: But, Ethan's mother will be a jailbird. You don't want that, I mean, it's the last thing Ethan would want.

Ivy: If your death is what it takes to protect my son, then I will happily kill you. After all, what have I got to lose? You've already said you're going to destroy my life, leave me penniless.

Julian: In the heat of the moment!

Ivy: At least in prison I'll have a roof over my head and three square meals a day. And the satisfaction of knowing that I was the one who killed you and kept Ethan from doing something that would ruin his life. So as Iíve said, I really hope you've said your prayers, Julian, because your time is up.

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