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Passions Transcript Monday 1/7/02

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Ivy: When Ethan finds out that you aborted Julian's baby, you're finished. By the end of this evening you will have lost Ethan and I'll have everything I ever wanted.

Tabitha: Look at Ivy. She's getting ready to blow Theresa out of the water.

Timmy: Poor Theresa.

Tabitha: Oh pft! She brought it on herself, Timmy, with all her lies. Too bad she's not going to be able to enjoy being as wicked as she is, 'cause she's going to be so miserable when Ethan dumps her. Look at Sam. He's very unhappy watching his wife being with her new-found son.

Timmy: But John isn't really her son, is he, Tabby?

Tabitha: No, no, 'course not, no, it's all part of Ivy's scheme to rip Grace and Sam apart. Oh, my scroll was right, Timmy! This party is ripe for pain.

Ethan: There's, there's someone I want to say hello to, I'll be right back, okay?

Theresa: Okay.

Whitney: Hey. You feeling all right? Maybe we should just go to your house and you can lie down for a little while.

Theresa: No, we, no, I can't leave, Whitney. Ivy knows my secret and I can't give her any more ammunition against me. If I left, I wouldnt be able to explain it. No, I've got to stay.

Ethan: Hey, Whit. Isn't this party great?

Whitney: Yeah, it's awesome.

Ethan: Theresa, you all right?

Theresa: I am fine. Everything is fine, as long as I'm with you.

Eve: You're worried, aren't you, Sam? You're afraid that Grace's new-found son's going to come between you.

Sam: I'm not worried, Eve. I told you that my relationship with Grace is rock solid. Look how happy she is.

Grace: So isn't this a wonderful evening?

Sam: Yeah, great.

John: This house is amazing.

Grace: Hey, I have an idea, why don't I show you around, give you a tour. I don't think Ivy would mind.

John: That'd be terrific, thanks.

Grace: Oh, why don't you guys come with, huh? Come on, you know the place.

Sam: Okay.

Grace: Thank you, Sam. I love you.

David: I'm so sorry, Grace. Sorry for the pain I'm going to cause you. And John, my son. Please forgive me for lying to you. Grace is not your mother. I pray you never learn the truth.

Pilar: Whitney. I saw you come in with Theresa. Where did you find her?

Whitney: Um, Mrs. Lopez-Fitzgerald, um, I think maybe you should just talk to Theresa about this.

Pilar: Oh my God. Oh my God, my poor Theresa, she did it, didn't she?

Ivy: You did a great job getting these pictures.

Private Detective: Thanks. How do you plan to expose the girl?

Ivy: Well, I can't do it myself, that would only infuriate Ethan. No, I, I have someone else in mind to help me.

Private Detective: Okay. Well, if you need my services again, you have my number.

Ivy: Yes, thank you.

Ethan: Mother.

Ethan: Mother, Happy New Year.

Ivy: Happy New Year darling. To both of you, of course.

Theresa: Yes, Happy New Year.

Ethan: And just think, you know, next New Year's Eve we'll all be a family, because Theresa and I will be married. And, Mother, I want to thank you for giving Theresa another chance and for letting us take over Sheridan's favorite charity at the orphanage. I know you're going to be very giving to Theresa in the future.

Ivy: Oh, Ethan, you have no idea how much I plan to give Theresa. No idea at all.

Julian: Don't worry, my pet, the army of Crane lawyers will take care of Ivy.

Rebecca: I'm just so disappointed. I wanted our first New Year's Eve together to be perfect.

Julian: Yes, it didn't turn out the way we wanted, did it? The house is full of riffraff, people I've never seen before. God! I wonder who else is out there, wandering around the grounds. Seems as if every party we have here lately is full of surprises. God save me from any more surprises.

Brian: I have to stop thinking about Julian Crane. I'm here to see Mama and I'm here to show Diana a good time for New Year's Eve. I wonder what Mama is going to say after all these years. And Luis. I don't know how he's going to react. I already know that he hates me.

Luis: Oh my God. Could that be...?

Diana: Brian, you scared me.

Brian: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, I was just coming to tell you that I'm ready to go inside now and see my mother.

Diana: That's wonderful. So let's go.

[Party horns blowing]

Brian: I don't want anyone to see me. I'm afraid that, you know, somebody might see me and tell Mother that I'm here and spoil the surprise.

[Party horns honking]

Brian: I think we should wait a bit longer, maybe.

Diana: No, you, you're right, you want to surprise your mother.

Brian: Yeah.

Diana: So, should we just wait here?

Brian: I guess. We haven't even said, Happy New Year yet.

Diana: You're right, we haven't.

Brian: Happy New Year, Diana.

Diana: Happy New Year, Brian.

TC: Pop, don't think that I forgot, okay? Because I live with what that bastard did to me every day of my life!

TCs Father: Then it's time to end it. It's time for you to kill Julian Crane.

TC: You're right. It's time for him to die, right? What the hell am I doing?! You're not here, Pop, you're not real! This is just my imagination working overtime.

TCs Father: No, I'm here. I'm your father and I'm real.

TC: Yeah, right, um, well, you know, I spoke to Eve about the last time I talked to you and thought I saw you. Pop, you are a part of my subconscious. Now I want you to tell me it's okay to give into my rage.

TCs Father: What a load of crap! I'm real, TC. And I can prove it.

Ivy: [Whispering] Hello? Where are you? Are you here?

Reporter: I'm freezing my buns out here. So what's up, Mrs. Crane?

Ivy: I need your help. You are going to help me save my son and destroy Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald.

Eve: Sam, I've known you for a long time and I know you're putting on a happy face for Grace, but you're really stressing about this, aren't you?

Sam: What, the fact that a perfect stranger comes to town claiming he used to be married to my wife, now he produces a son, claiming she gave birth to him before he lost her memory and met me?

Eve: Yeah, all that.

Sam: Well, I wouldn't exactly call it stress but I think anyone would be a little rattled.

David: So how's the tour?

John: Great, Dad. This estate is like something out of a movie, isn't it?

David: It's a pretty amazing place, yeah.

Grace: Well, John's been telling me a little bit about himself. You know, I'm wondering, is there any day from school that you particularly remember, you know, one day that stands out.

John: I'd, uh, I'd rather just talk about the future.

Grace: Come on, I'm trying to learn everything about you, there must be one day in school that you remembered.

John: All right, if you really want to know, my most memorable day at school is the same one every year. It was Mother's Day. I was the only kid at school who didn't have a mother to introduce.

TC: It's hard for me to believe that you're real, Pop. I was at your funeral over 20 years ago.

TCs Father: Look, son, sometimes worlds collide and the barrier between what you think of as the real world and the afterworld, sometimes it, it blurs.

TC: Pop, I'm having a hard time believing this. But you said you had proof.

TCs Father: I do. TC, you always thought it was Julian's car that crashed into you and ruined your life.

TC: Yeah and I said if I could prove it, I would kill him!

TCs Father: Then do what I say and you'll have all the proof you need. And you'll be making your old man very happy by ending Julian's life.

Julian: So much has happened this past year. I lost my son.

Rebecca: Julian, I'm surprised you still think of Ethan as your son.

Julian: He was my son for over 20 years. I miss him.

Rebecca: Pookie! I've never seen you this way before.

Julian: It'll pass. It's just that sometimes, on New Year's Eve, I start reflecting on the past. When I was a little boy, I had a European nanny. She told me stories I remember to this day. She would warn me, if I was bad, that all the ghosts of all the bad things I'd done would come out and haunt me on New Year's Eve.

Rebecca: That must have been very frightening.

Julian: I never slept on New Year's Eve. Tonight I... I can't help thinking about Sheridan. I had my sister killed this year. I wonder if Sheridan's ghost is out there stalking me, waiting for revenge.

Rebecca: Ooh, that's enough of this depressing talk. Now I think that it's time for me to make a delivery.

Luis: What am I thinking? Sheridan's dead, she's not on the Crane grounds kissing some guy. I'd give anything to kiss her tonight.

Diana: I have a feeling this is going to be a good year for both of us.

Brian: Oh yeah?

Diana: Yeah. You know, I'm so glad you came into my life. You're a wonderful man. Any woman would fall in love with you.

Brian: I feel the exact same way about you.

[Laughing and horns blowing]

Diana: You know, a reunion with your mother would be a good thing for you.

Brian: As long as you're in my life, everything will be good.

[Party horns blowing]

Brian: You know what, why don't we get away from the house for a while? Talk a little walk, let things quiet down, and come back.

Diana: Okay.

Reporter: I don't understand, Mrs. Crane, Im the guy who printed the story revealing your secret, that Sam Bennett was really the father of your son, not Julian Crane.

Ivy: Yes, I know. I wanted to kill you that night.

Reporter: Yeah, so what's changed that you want my help?

Ivy: A lot has changed. But what interests me is the last story you wrote, the one that exposed Theresa as the person who sent the email to the tabloid that revealed that Julian wasn't Ethan's father.

Reporter: So that's why you want me to help you destroy Theresa. Even though your son was probably so hurt when he found out that his own fiance, the girl he's going to marry, is responsible for taking his life of privilege.

Ivy: That's right.

Reporter: Well, it seems like Ethan's forgiven her, why not you?

Ivy: Because she continues to deceive Ethan and eventually she will break his heart. No, there is no way in hell I'm going to let my son marry Theresa.

Sam: You're right, Eve, I do have some fears about John coming into our lives. And I'm sure Grace had the same fears when we found out that Ethan was my son.

Eve: So what is it you fear most?

Sam: Well, I guess I'm worried that her connection to John will grow and maybe her connection to David will grow, too, and eventually she'll want to be part of their lives, not part of ours.

Eve: Oh, Sam, now you can't believe that?

Sam: Look, I know Grace loves me and the kids and I know she wants to be a part of John's life, too and be a great mother to him, but I'm not going to lose her.

Grace: I'm just so sorry I couldn't be there for you. I know it must have hurt.

John: It's okay, Grace. Mom. I know now it wasn't your fault. But it was pretty hard to take, watching all the kids with their mothers. I've never talked about this with anyone before.

Grace: I just wish I could have been there for you.

John: One day we had a substitute teacher and it was Mother's Day and she went around the class having the kids introduce their mothers and when she got to me, she asked, "Where's your mother, John?" And some kid said, "He doesn't have one, she didn't want him, so she left him."

Grace: Sweetheart! I'm so sorry. I do want you, okay? Your mother's never going to leave you again.

Diana: Oh, isn't it beautiful!

Brian: My father built this gazebo.

Diana: He did?

Brian: He used to work here.

Diana: It's amazing.

Brian: Diana, what's wrong?

Diana: I just had a, a weird memory flash. Like I've been in this gazebo before.

Brian: Well, most gazebos do look the same.

Diana: No, I, I remember someone else telling me that their father built a gazebo. Who could that be?

Luis: I got to come to grips with the fact that Sheridan's dead. Go over part of these grounds where I had times with Sheridan. I'll relive those times and... maybe then I'll be able to move on.

Sheridan: I will marry you! Yes, yes.

Luis: I'll start at the gazebo. If I can get over the memories of Sheridan there, I can get over them anywhere.

Tabitha: Look, Timmy! It's that reporter from the tabloid.

Reporter: Okay, you want me to get rid of Theresa, how?

Ivy: I have information about her. Theresa was pregnant and she had an abortion.

Reporter: So? That's not news, Mrs. Crane, it happens every day.

Ivy: Well, Ethan knew nothing about it!

Reporter: Sorry, I, I don't mean to be cruel, but, you know, Ethan's no longer a Crane, nobody cares. Besides, they looked so happy, why don't you just leave them alone?

Ivy: Because the baby that Theresa aborted wasn't Ethan's, it was Julian's!

Reporter: She aborted Julian Crane's baby? And Ethan doesn't know about it?

Ivy: That's right. Now do you think it's a story?

Reporter: A story, Mrs. Crane? This is front page news!

Tabitha: This is it, Timmy, Theresa's life is over!

Luis: No, I, I should start at the cottage. That's where it all happened, that's where we lived, we made love.

Diana: Who could have told me that his father also built a gazebo? Of course I didn't see a face, I just had a memory of someone telling me that -- oh, Brian, I'm sorry. Here I am thinking about myself and you're here to reunite with your family and I know that you're nervous. So what can I do to help?

Brian: Nothing, I'll be all right. You know, I'm going to go back to the house, see if it's a better time to see my mother.

Diana: Do you mind if I wait here?

Brian: No, no, I'll come back for you, okay?

Diana: I'll be here.

Diana: Why am I suddenly remembering my lover? If only I could find that house, that cottage. Where is it?

TCs Father: Okay. Pull back the painting, there's a safe behind it.

TC: A safe, Pop, how did you know...? Pop, how did you know there was a safe there?

TCs Father: I told you, TC, I'm real, not figment of your imagination. Now, you didn't know the safe was there, did you?

TC: No, sir, I had no idea.

TCs Father: And you certainly don't know the combination, right?

TC: Of course not.

TCs Father: 9 right, 26 left, 64 right. Go on, try it. Good, look inside. You'll see lots of papers, stocks, bonds and some cash. Now look way in the back. They buried this secret years ago. That's it. Open it.

TC: It's a receipt. From the auto body shop. Wait a minute. It's dated the day after my accident.

TCs Father: That's right, TC. That's where Julian took his car to be repaired after he deliberately crashed into you, to keep you from playing that tennis match. Now you have the proof, now is time for Julian to die.

Julian: Oh, you can make all my deliveries!

Rebecca: [Chuckling] Are you sure? It could get very expensive.

Julian: Oh, I'll pay the tariff, whatever it is.

Julian: I'm up for a martini, care to join me?

Rebecca: Oh, I'd love it.

Julian: Oh, damn it, no vermouth! Hello, hello, hello! Anyone there, I need some help here. Hello! Those damn servants don't answer, they're probably downstairs helping out with Ivy's trashy friends. Make sure that the silverware's counted.

Rebecca: Where are you going?

Julian: I'm going to my library to get some more vermouth. I'll be back tout suite.

Rebecca: I gave up everything for that man. Thank goodness he never slept with that little slut, Theresa, in that quickie drunken wedding in the islands, 'cause if Theresa had gotten pregnant there was no way he could have gotten that annulment and then there is no way he could have married me. And if Julian had done that to me, I could not be held accountable for my actions.

Ethan: You know, Theresa, I, I can tell this is the last place you want to be tonight.

Theresa: You know I don't care where I am, as long as I'm with you.

Ethan: You're so wonderful. I'll get us some more punch.

Theresa: Okay.

Whitney: Hey, how are you holding up, are you all right?

Theresa: Being with Ethan makes everything all right.

Pilar: Theresa. I know where you were earlier.

Theresa: Mama, please, listen to me --

Pilar: Shh, Theresa. You are my daughter, you don't have to explain anything to me. I love you and nothing will ever change that, nothing.

Theresa: Mama.

Brian: Oh my gosh, it's Theresa with Mama. She's so grown up, so beautiful. They're so close. Theresa's life seems to be perfect.

Reporter: This is some story!

Ivy: I thought you'd like it. It'll blow the roof off this mansion for good.

Reporter: You said it. I mean, first of all, Ethan's gonna dump Theresa and then Julian will be disgraced and Theresa's brother, Luis, he already hates Julian and hell, he and Ethan are gonna have to fight over who gets to kill Julian and it's -- well, I'm not telling you anything new, am I?

Ivy: No, I'm not stupid.

Reporter: No, you're not. You are, uh, destroying Ethan's love for Theresa and getting your ex-husband killed at the same time.

Ivy: Well, I can't predict the future, all I can do is sway it a little.

Reporter: Ooh, brr. You're one cold lady.

Ivy: Yes, I am. That's why I need your help, no one can know that this story comes from me.

Reporter: I'm gonna be asked to give my source.

Ivy: You say anonymous. Now, I want you to take these photos, I want you to show them to Ethan and tell everyone that they'll be in tomorrow's news.

Reporter: You want me to do it right now? It's like signing Julian Crane's death warrant.

Ivy: Well, what difference does it make? Tonight, tomorrow.

Reporter: Even I'm not that cold, no, I'm not gonna do it.

Ivy: Listen to me, if I can dig up this kind of dirt on Julian Crane, imagine what I could dig up on you. You will do exactly as I tell you to do. Unless you want to read about your own pathetic life in your competitor's rag tomorrow.

Reporter: Okay, tell me exactly what you want me to do.

Tabitha: I must say, I'm impressed with Ivy. She's got ice water in her veins.

Timmy: Timmy feels sorry for Theresa. Her whole life is about to be destroyed.

John: This isn't what I thought it would be like, Dad. I thought when we found Mom, you two, well, you two would be together again.

David: Sometimes our, our fantasies and the realities in this world don't mesh, John.

John: Do you think she'll ever be a part of us? The three of us? A family?

Ivy: I will do whatever I have to do to break Sam and Grace apart, that's why I hired you!

David: You mean, blackmailed me.

Ivy: Oh, stop nit-picking and just keep with your part of the plan!

David: I don't know, John. I don't know.

TC: You're right, Pop. This is the proof. I was right, Julian deliberately ruined my life!

TCs Father: Yes, so what are you waiting for? Find him! And kill him.

Julian: TC. What are you doing here?

TC: You bastard.

Luis: You look... incredible.

Sheridan: You look unbelievably handsome.

Diana: I feel as if I'm so close to him, so near! God, I wish I could remember my past!

Diana: I feel as if the key to my past is just around the corner and my lover's there, too.

Luis: [Sighing] We shared so much here in your cottage, Sheridan. But... I have to accept that you're gone, I'll never see you again.

Brian: Now isn't the time to try to see Mama. Soon, maybe. I just hope Luis doesn't ruin everything. I just want to talk to Mama.

Tabitha: This is it, Timmy. We are going to witness the absolute destruction of a human being. This is an explosion that will rock Harmony to its core!

Reporter: Excuse me. Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention, please?

Ethan: You're that tabloid reporter! How did you get onto the grounds, what the hell are you doing here?!

Reporter: It's a free country and a free press. I'm here to get some reactions to a story I'm working on.

Theresa: What is going on? What's he doing here?!

Whitney: I have no idea.

Ivy: You should be worried, Theresa, it's all over for you.

Ethan: You've got a lot of nerve showing your face around here. Now, if you don't leave, I'll have you thrown out.

Reporter: No, no, no, come on, we've played this game before. You don't have the authority to throw me out.

Ethan: My mother does. Mother, would you call security?

Ivy: Well, I did, darling, but they ignored me.

Ethan: Well, what do you want?

Ivy: Well, Ethan, I'd like to get your reaction to the fact that your fiance, Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald, is pregnant.

Ivy: It's all going to come out now, Theresa. You are history.

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