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Passions Transcript Tuesday 1/1/02

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Ivy: Father and son together. Sam and Ethan and I, a family. Just the way it was always supposed to be. Well, better late than never. When my surprise arrives, Grace will forsake Sam leaving him free to be with me. [Sighing]

David: I saw your surprise, Ivy.

Ivy: Brilliant, isn't it?

David: Brilliant? What a horrible, loathsome bitch you are.

Julian: Those orderlies should be able to help us find a doctor to examine this unnatural imp and prove he comes to life.

Reese: Good plan, Mr. C.

Julian: You there, hospital help.

Tabitha: Run Timmy, run! Disappear or be dissected.

Julian: Ow!

Reese: Ow! God, that little devil doll is worse than Chucky.

Julian: Come back here you malicious Muppet.

Tabitha: [Sighing] Thank goodness Timmy got away. That was a close call. [ Sniffing ] Oh, no, Old Spice. Help, lunatic on the loose! It's Norma the psycho on the lam from the psych ward!


David: I was outside the church when he arrived, he almost saw me. How could you bring him here?

Ivy: Well, to break up Sam and Grace of course.

David: You cold blooded viper. Using me to break up Sam and Grace is one thing but I will not go along with this. No way in hell was this part of our deal.

Ivy: Well, it's part of our deal now, David. And you will go along with it. Or I’ll have to ruin your life forever. And you know just how I'll do that.

Kay: I thought of a way to get a step closer to making Miguel mine. Now, listen up and do exactly as I say. [Whispering]

Pilar: Did something happen to make you reconsider you decision during the service?

Theresa: Mama, it doesn't matter. I'm sticking to my plan. It is the only way I can keep Ethan.

Pilar: Theresa, mija, please, you were brought up in the church. Please, just stay true to your beliefs.

Theresa: I'm sorry, Mama. The only thing I believe in now is keeping Ethan. Protecting him and Luis from killing Julian if they knew that he got me pregnant.

Pilar: Sheridan didn't come back to you.

Luis: I tried, Mama. My faith was strong and... [Sighing] I even believed it was possible, knowing that Sheridan’s dead. The miracle I prayed for didn't happen.

Pilar: I know, Son. I also believed that a Christmas miracle would happen. I sensed your brother Antonio close by and Sheridan, too. And I, I thought God had done the impossible, you know, that he had brought them back home to us.

Luis: Yeah. I felt Sheridan’s presence, too. I guess it was just wishful thinking. [Sighing] Well, Antonio and Sheridan are nowhere near Harmony.

Diana: Let's go inside. I'd really like to say a prayer that somehow I’ll find my family, get my memory back. Please?

Brian: All right. If mass is over by now everyone must be gone.

Diana: You know, I felt drawn to this church all night. Now we're finally going to get to go inside. I keep feeling like there's something in there for me. Something that will change my life.

Julian: There he is.

Timmy: [Panting] Uh, oh! Feet make tracks.

Julian: Get him! [Screaming]

Julian: Look, a doctor. She can dissect him and prove he's not a mere doll but an unnatural being that comes to life at will.

Reese: Great idea, Mr. C. If we prove Timmy can switch, that proves Tabitha a witch.

Happy holidays, Father. I'm going to dissect Timmy and Tabitha both.

Reese: Now where have I seen that doctor before?

Sam: Everything is going great, isn't it? Ethan's finally getting to know his half sisters, our house is finally finished and Hastings will sign the annulment papers.

Grace: And we will have that big wedding that we've been planning.

Sam: The biggest wedding Harmony's ever seen.

Grace: You know, I can't believe that after everything we've been through, I mean, building a life together, raising a family, after all of that, now, we are finally going to be legally married.

Sam: You know, sometimes it seems like it was only yesterday when I saved you from that fire in Boston.

Grace: I can't believe I've had amnesia all that time. But I do remember every single moment of my wonderful life with you.

David: Look, I don't care what price I have to pay, I will not go through with this. This is where I draw the line.

Ivy: We'll discuss this later when you're calmer. Right now I don't want to risk having Sam or Grace or anyone else seeing us together. Goodbye.

David: It's not over, Ivy. It's not over by a long shot. My God, it's you.

Diana: Did anyone else have this much trouble getting you to go to church?

Antonio: It's one of my first services as an altar boy, Mama. What if I forget my responses? Or drop something?

Pilar: Don't worry, Antonio. You will be just fine, mijo.

Antonio: Really, Mama?

Pilar: I promise. Now come on, let's go inside.

Brian: Come on, Diana, let's go.

Pilar: I'm sorry Sheridan didn't come back to you, Luis. But I still feel her close by. Antonio, too.

Orderly: Norma! [Screaming] [Thudding]

Norma: Get off of me, you wimps in white! I've got a job to do.

Orderly: Give her the sedative. [Screaming]

Tabitha: While everyone waits for that murderous moose to pass out, I want you to go into doll mode.

Timmy: Timmy told Tabby he can't anymore. He's a real boy now.

Tabitha: Would you stop with all this nonsense about being a real boy. That Christmas wish didn't work.

Timmy: It did, too, Princess. Timmy's a real boy.

Tabitha: Oh. Oh.

Eve: What on earth is going on?

Julian: Eve, your timing couldn't be better. Dr. Russell will vouch for us.

Reese: Yeah, tell them that Tabitha’s a witch and Timmy is a living doll.

T.C.: Reese, not again, please.

Reese: But it's true, Coach Russell. You two can see for yourselves.

Eve: Tabitha, your doll.

T.C.: He's alive.

Julian: Finally, two eye witnesses to substantiate my claim.

Reese: Vindication at last. Timmy's alive which proves that Tabitha is a witch.

Kay: A Matchbox 20 CD?

Ethan: I hope you like it.

Kay: Ethan, I've been wanting that, thank you.

Jessica: I got a CD, too. Thank you, this is cool.

Charity: Another CD, thanks, Ethan.

Jessica: All right, now it's time for you to open your gift.

Ethan: Whoa, ha-ha! Wow. Oh, wow. A Paul Laroche briefcase? You guys, these things cost a fortune. This is way too expensive for me to accept as a gift.

Jessica: You know what? We got it on sale. Reese helped me find it online. It was like 80 per cent off retail so Kay and Charity and I all chipped in together.

Kay: Yeah, Ethan, we know you're trying to start your own law firm so we thought it would help you look professional.

Ethan: Well, I'll say. Wow, thank you, guys, thank you very much.

Jessica: Aw, you're welcome, Bro. [Laughing]

Charity: That's a great trade. A nice leather briefcase for a discount rock CD. [Sighing]

John: Dad, hi, I got your message. I've been looking all over town for you.

Ivy: That's right, David. I'm the one that sent your son the message that brought him to Harmony.

John: I've missed you, Dad. What brought you back to the States?

Ivy: Yes, David, your son is now part of the plan to break up Sam and Grace.

Pilar: This church holds many happy memories for me. Many happy memories.

Antonio: You were right, Mama, I didn't forget my responses.

Pilar: You make a wonderful altar boy. I am so very proud of you, Antonio.

Diana: Brian, hey. You all right?

Brian: Yeah, I just need some time alone to think.

Pilar: I just thought of something. Antonio could be home waiting for us.

Luis: No, Mama. Antonio knows we'd be at midnight mass. He would have come here to find us.

Pilar: Yeah, but what if he got to town too late? Luis, I still feel your brother close by. I'm going home to find him.

Luis: Mama...

Diana: Brian? Hey, is there something wrong?

Pilar: Come on.

Fr. Lonigan: I'm very proud of you, Antonio.

Antonio: Thank you, Father.

Pilar: My Antonio at his confirmation. Oh, dear God, my first born son. All grown up, I am so proud of you.

Antonio: Thank you, Mama.

Pilar: You're a good son, Antonio. You're honest, trustworthy and responsible enough to help me take care of your brothers and sisters.

Brian: I let you down, Mama.

Diana: I'm sorry, did you say something?

Brian: I need some time to be alone, to think.

Brian: [Sighing] So I’ll meet you at the boat. Do you think you could find your way back to the dock?

Diana: Yeah. Hey, what's that in your pocket?

Brian: It's nothing.

Diana: Yes, it is. It's the gift I got you for your mother.

Brian: Yeah, I must have forgotten it was in my pocket, huh?

Diana: I just hope you take my advice and get in contact with her while you're in the States. Christmas is a perfect time for family reunions. You know, maybe you should open it first. I want to make sure that it's appropriate.

Brian: No, I'm sure it's fine.

Diana: Fine, see you later then.

Brian: Lady of Guadalupe. How could Diana have known? It's perfect.

Pilar: I'm going home to see if Antonio’s there.

Luis: Why don't you go on ahead? I'll meet you at home later. Mama, it's time I moved on with my life. I realize that Sheridan’s not coming back.

Miguel: Charity? I thought you liked this band.

Charity: I do, Miguel.

Miguel: Then why are you ungrateful for Ethan's gift? You know he's not rich anymore.

Charity: That's exactly what I'm talking about. Listen, my whole life I haven't had much. Not that I remember much about my life with my mom but... [Sighing] All I do know is that we always had to budget to get by. And then one day I find out that I have a cousin who's a Crane. A member of the richest, most powerful family in the whole world. And I'm sorry but I thought I would get something for being related to the guy. But no, no, no, no. He gets kicked out of the Crane family without a dime. And... [Sighing] I'm sorry but it's not fair.

Miguel: [ Scoffs ]

Charity: And you know what? I don't mean to sound ungrateful but for once in my life I want to feel that money isn't something I have to think about. That I had somebody to give me everything that I want. All right, I'm sorry. I didn't mean that the way it sounded. I'm just tired, that's all. And I like the little things that you give me. You know... [Sighing] that CD is not so bad. We'll listen to it while we're cleaning up, all right, how's that?

Kay: [Sighing] I'm really sorry I have to put Miguel through this. But it's for his own good. I love him. And I'm going to make him so much happier than Charity ever could.

John: Dad, is there something wrong? You don't seem so happy to see me.

David: No, no, no, don't be silly. You're my son, I love you. It's always good to see you. I'm just a little tired. You know what? Here, just take this and there's a pastry shop around the corner. Would you go and get me a cup of coffee? Perk me right up.

John: Be right back.

David: I know what you're trying to do and I will not let you go through with it. This is where I draw the line.

Ivy: Oh, you will do as I say, David or I swear I will--

David: What? Ruin my life? Go ahead, ruin my life. But I will not let you ruin my son's life. I will not let you play with John's heart.

Grace: Did you hear somebody arguing?

Sam: Yes, I did. Better go check it out. Come on. What's going on over there?

Ivy: [Gasping]

David: I mean it, Ivy. I will not let you use my son as a pawn.

John: Here, Dad.

David: Oh, thanks, John.

John: Dad, everything okay?

David: Yes, everything's great now that you're here. I've missed you. I'm glad you're here.

Sam: We heard raised voices, what's going on here? I asked you a question, Hastings. What's going on?

David: This doesn't concern you, Sam.

Sam: I'm Harmony's police chief. If something's wrong, it concerns me. Now is this young man bothering you?

David: No, nothing like that at all.

Sam: Then who is this guy?

David: Look, Sam, I know you mean the best--

John: Hi, the name's John. David's my father.

Grace: Your father?

Tabitha: Well, it's getting late; I'd love to stay and chat, night all.

Reese: Not so fast, witch.

T.C.: Reese is right, Tabitha. You shouldn't try to run off. Unless you have something to hide.

Tabitha: Really, T.C., how can you give any credence to this bozo and that old boozehound?

Eve: [Gasping] It's human flesh and I feel a pulse as well.

Reese: Yes!

Julian: It's alive. It's alive.

Eve: Tabitha, how could your doll have come to life?

Tabitha: My Timmy doll didn't come alive.

Julian: Look at this unnatural imp. He's alive.

Tabitha: Will you just leave my grand-nephew alone, please.

Julian: Your grand-nephew?

Tabitha: Yes. He came to visit his Auntie Tabitha, didn't you, Timmy? And a fine introduction he's had to Harmony, I must say. First we're invited to some patient show at the hospital psych ward and then this murderous lunatic chases us with an axe and then you two twerps chase down this innocent child accusing him of being a doll is outrageous. And don't think I won't send you my grand-nephew's therapy bills, Mr. Crane.

Julian: But he looks just like your doll.

Tabitha: Of course he does, Julian. I made my Timmy doll to look just like my grand-nephew, Timmy. Because I miss my Timmy so much.

Reese: Yeah, he's going to need therapy all right.

Tabitha: Look who's talking, Ross.

Eve: Tabitha, I'm so sorry about what happened at the hospital today.

Tabitha: Yes, well, you should be Dr. Russell. Whatever drug treatment or pills, therapy, lobotomy, whatever it is you've given to Norma, it isn't working. She's as insane as ever.

Norma: I may be a bit eccentric but you and Timmy are about to become body bits! [Screaming]

Grace: This is your son?

David: Yes, Grace, this is my son, John.

Grace: Well, it's just David, you never told us you had a son.

John: Dad's private like that.

Sam: So John you came to Harmony to visit your father?

John: He's back in the States and I'm on break from school so here I am.

Sam: School?

John: College.

Grace: College, really? Um, I have a son that's a freshman.

John: Oh, really? I'm a sophomore.

Grace: A sophomore?

Ethan: Theresa, I love you so much. And just think, next Christmas we'll be married and have a place of our own. Well, maybe a small one bedroom apartment but at least it will be our place.

Theresa: Next Christmas we will be married. And everything's going to be perfect.

Ethan: You think I can stay the night with you?

Theresa: What about Mama?

Ethan: Well, she's not home yet and she won't know I'm here. Just wake up in your arms. Theresa, I want to make love to you. I'm just so glad you're on the pill because with our finances being non-existent we can't really afford to have a baby now.

Brian: Some things never change.

[Door closing]

Home. Mama used to light a candle for Papa every night before I left. One of those must be for me.

Pilar: Despite everything, I haven't given up hope, Lord. I still pray for Antonio’s safe return. And I trust that wherever he is, he knows that I love him. That I will always love him and this will always be his home.

Brian: Mama.

Norma: [Screaming]

Eve: Let's get her to the psych ward.

Norma: You can lock me up and drive me to kingdom come but the kid and the rich guy are right. Tabitha’s a witch and that's her living doll. Tell them, Father! Tell them! Father? Father? [Screaming] I want my daddy! I want my daddy! [Sobbing]

Julian: Is this really your grand-nephew?

Tabitha: Yes.

Reese: I still don't believe you.

Julian: There's only one way to make sure. Do you know what a martimmy is?

Tabitha: That's it, we're out of here.

Tabitha: [Panting] Could it be true? You're really human?

Timmy: Timmy got his Christmas wish. Timmy's a real boy.

Kay: Hey, Miguel, what's wrong?

Miguel: I don't really know. It's just that Charity has been... she's been really different lately.

Kay: You're talking about that whole gift thing with Ethan.

Miguel: I've never seen her be so petty or go on and on about money.

Kay: I don't know, Miguel. I mean, it's definitely not like her. Just remember you can talk to me if you need to, okay?

Miguel: Thanks, Kay. I know I can always count on you.

Kay: Always. Miguel, seriously, always.

Grace: You're a sophomore. That means you're older than my son Noah.

John: Why is that so important? Dad, why is my age such a big deal to her? I mean, who is she anyway?

David: Um, John, son, this is Grace and she's my wife.

John: Your wife?

David: Yes, Grace is my wife.

John: Grace? Mother?

Theresa: You're right. We can't afford to have a baby right now.

Ethan: Theresa, are you all right?

Theresa: Yeah, I'm fine. Um, I just want to be close to you.

Ethan: Your wish is my command.

Theresa: Will you love me forever?

Ethan: Forever and ever.

Theresa: Show me. I need you to show me that you love me.

Brian: Please forgive me, Mama. Please forgive me.

Luis: There's no Christmas miracle this year. Sheridan didn't come back to me.

Diana: Oh, thank goodness. I never thought I would find my way back here.

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