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Passions Transcript Friday 12/28/01

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***Sorry Passions Fans! This week they are not putting the names in the episodes for you

Hey, how are you feeling?

I feel fine, thanks.

Why didn't you call me? I wanted to see you earlier.

Well, you're seeing me now, aren't you?

Sorry. I just wanted to give you a kiss.

Oh. I'm going to check on alias, okay?

What's wrong with charity? She's been acting so irritable lately.

Ivy, are you going to midnight mass?

Oh, yes. I wouldn't miss it.

Me too. I'll come.

Oh, great.

You are such a hypocrite. It's so nice to have the demise of the marriage.

On Christmas Eve too. I really am a terrible person.

It has nothing to do with the fact you have been blackmailing me to get my help.

Very soon. I sent a limbo to get it. When it does arrive, Sam and grace's marriage is a dream.

You really hoping for another miracle this Christmas?

I'm trying to have faith. Trying to believe that Sheridan might come back to me this Christmas, just like she did last year.

Look, there it is. There's the Harmony what are of and the giant Christmas tree. There's someone standing next to it.

I have an idea what might make you feel better.


Yeah. There could be a chance for the two of us to spend some time together.

Are you okay?

Yeah. I just had that memory flash again. I see myself on the are of with the man i loved. The man i remember dying. It looked just like this what is of.

There are thousands of what are offs on the eastern seaboard that look exactly like that one.

I have a feeling about this one, the feeling that coming to Harmony will change my life. There's something waiting for me there, a key to my past.

You've seen Timmy before too, mar. Crane?

Oh, yes.

He loves -- own! Quit it! Pours force -- i can't breathe.

This little imp knows crane secrets. Now he's going to die.

Timmy. Timmy? Oh, no. Timmy, what are you doing? Hey, let go of me!

Get ready, Tabitha. I'm coming to put you in your grave!

I'm sorry. I feel so silly.

Teresa, you're not being silly. I know how you feel. You're sad because this baby doesn't have a mother and father.

He's such a precious baby. I can't believe his mother doesn't want him.

Neither can i. This is a good orphanage. I'm sure he'll find a wonderful home.

I hope so.

Don't worry. Just think how happy a couple will be to adopt him. I just wish more mothers gave their babies up for adoption instead of getting an abortion. I'm going to say goodbye.

I don't want to add to your pain. Don't forget what you're planning to do. Don't forget what church has taught you.

It's all i think about.

We're at the church in time for midnight mass.

Now the whole world will know about our love. From now on to the end of time.

What's the problem?

Long enough. It will be good to be on dry land again.

How long are you going to be in port?

I'm not sure, but the boat stays.

It's almost time for midnight mass.

Yeah, here.

Should we go?

You're late for midnight mass. They're waiting for us. Come on.

I'm going to get the boat docked up and locked.

I can take care of the boat for you.

Great. We can go to church. First I want to check out that Christmas tree. Isn't it beautiful?

Yeah. It's a beautiful tree.

For some reason, i'm drawn to this tree.

Why do i feel you're so close by?

Oh, my goodness.

I know what it is.

You look just like the are of in my memory flashes. Maybe i have been to Harmony before.

I can understand you're excited. It's like i told you, there are a thousand towns on the eastern seaboard that look just like this one.

I know you keep telling me that. For some reason i'm connected to this what are of.

Excuse me. I need you to sign these papers.

I'll be back in a second.

I really want to get to midnight mass.

I'll try to make it quick.

Wherever they are, this couple is still as happy as the day they carved their initials.

Sheridan came back to me at the church last year. Maybe she wills this time too.
He ruled the world
with truth and grace
and wonders of his love
and wonders of his love
and wonders, wonders of his love

i just don't get it.

All of a sudden you're best friends? Maybe Kay has changed. It is possible.

Come on. It's not like you're best friends. You think Kay has changed that much as a person?

I feel bad we're always suspicious of her. Maybe we should give her the benefit of the doubt. It is Christmas Eve.

I guess.

Hey, charity, can i talk to you for a minute?

Sure. Will you excuse us for a minute?

I wanted to give you your Christmas present. I hope you like it.


Do you like it?

Sure. I said thanks, didn't I?

You know, just because i gave you your present doesn't mean you have to give me mine.

Oh, oh. I didn't get you anything. I didn't have any money this year, you know.

That's okay.

Thanks. I knew you'd understand.

My plan is working out perfectly. Hey, you ready to go inside?


Come on.

Oh, Sam, that picture looks so beautiful.

Yes, it does. Let's see what's going on.


I need you to stay focused, David. The most important part of my friend will be in Harmony soon. Once this person has arrived, Sam and grace are finished.

We should be there any moment. Á

Can we talk about it?

Did you hear that?

Who knows what he knows. He's always lurking around, pretending he can see or hear or speak. We know he canít.

You're right. He's a scientific march val. -- Marvel. We should capture him and study him. That will prove tab butte is a witch.

Did you say witch? You are a scientific marvel, i want to be in charge of perfecting you.

She went this way. Somebody stop her!

Be careful.

I have to find something else to wear.

Oh, Timmy. I thought they had you in their clutches. We have to get out of here. We're in a horrible situation. I can't take any more of this.

We know you're alive.

They know you're not a doll? Even crane knows? That will prove i'm a witch. This isn't good, Timmy, not at all. Now we can hide in here. We have to think of a way out of here.

We were almost goners.  

Where'd they go?

I think they went this way.

Let's split up. You go down this corridor. I'll take that one.

Got it.

Good, they're gone. That buys us a little time.

They're still out there.

Hello, doctor. I think my friend and i took a wrong turn. Just give us a little time. We'll be out of here soon. I'm sure it's all right.

You're an interest?

Sure i'm a doctor. Doctor death.

I saw you guys come in.

So what's up with that?

What is she up to now?

I think she was sincere. There has to be some good to ivy. She came to church tonight, right?

Look, my mother's here. Ethan, is that you?


Is Teresa here too?

I'm here, father.

Good. I have to talk to you for a moment.

Hey, guys. We're going to find a seat.


Hey, before we meet up with your parents, we need to talk.

About what?

About us. And all the stuff we have been going through, going down to Bermuda and getting involved in Teresa and Ethanís problems, we never got a chance to talk. Now we're in Harmony and Simone still doesn't know anything about us.

Oh, i promised to God i would give you up so Simone would live.

She wouldn't hold you to that kind of a promise. We didn't get a chance to explain to her our relationship and now i think we can try.

Simone still thinks you're in love with her. I'm not going to be the one otherwise. I'm not going to break my promise to God.

I don't think God will hold you to that promise either. We have to explain to Simone that --

explain what to me, jack?

What did you want to talk to us about?

A baby, a very special baby.

Dear lord, Iíll never ask anything of you again. Just bring Sheridan back.


Sheridan, is that really you? It's you. Don't you ever leave me.

Never again.

I know what you're praying for.

I'm praying for a miracle. Praying for Sheridan to come back to me.

How's it going?
Got it all taken care of?


We can go to mass.

I don't know about that.

You want to contact the guy who's handling the boat for the owner, make sure he knows we're here.

I just spoke to the woman who owns the boat. She's not sure if she's going to be in town when you guys arrive. She gave me the name of someone to contact when you're there.

Who's that?

Luis Lopez Fitzgerald.

How many years have we waited for Antonio to come home at Christmas.

Actually we can wait on that.

Great. We can go to

this way. They're down here.

I told you Iíd get you!

Timmy, let's get out of here.

There must be some surgical instrument. X

please, mar. Star, please make Timmy a real little boy with a real heart. Jerks round yon virgin
mother and child
holy infant

hello, Timmy.

Angel girl.

There's a chance you will get your wish. Christmas wishes can come true. You could be turned into a real boy.

Timmy wants to be a little boy so much. It's almost Christmas.
Shepherds quake
at the sight

what do you have to explain, jack?

He was explaining he forgot to bring your Christmas present. I told him you would totally understand if he explained to you.

Of course i understand. We can exchange presents later. Come on. Let's go light a candle.

What baby are you talking about?

I was wondering if you and Teresa would be part of the service. I would like you to bring baby Jesus in and place him in the manger.

The baby Jesus.

It's just a doll, of course.

We would be honored, wouldn't we?

Of course, father.

Wonderful. I'll bring the doll out shortly and let you know when to go on.

We'll be here. Let's go say hi to my mother. Merry Christmas, mother. I didn't know you were going to be here tonight.

Well, it's Christmas eve, darling. Of course. How did it go at the orphanage.

Oh, great. They were wonderful.

Teresa, it's a shame i already got your Christmas present. It looks like that coat's getting a bit tight on you. I know how special this part is to you. It's special to me too. No matter how many times we gathered here before going into mass.

I want you to be able to go to mass. Come on. Let's go. Come on. Let's go.

You have a problem going to church?

No problem at all. Let's get changed and let's go to mass.

We have to ask someone directions how to get to church.

You know what? I'm sure we will find it if we just follow the sound of the church bells.

I just have a feeling something is waiting for me in Harmony.

What's waiting for you is nothing compared to what's

Timmy. Timmy, where did you go?!

Got you now kewpy doll!

Maybe i should make this Christmas wish again.

Grab him before he turns back into a doll.

I've got you now.

That's very thoughtful of you to get Teresa a present.

Ethan, Teresa, here's the baby Jesus. I'll signal when it's time to enter. Thank you again for being part of the service.

Our pleasure, father. Merry Christmas, Teresa.

Merry Christmas, Ethan. Teresa. I spoke to ivy earlier. She seems to be much more accepting of your relationship with Ethan.

Doesn't Teresa look perfect holding a baby? I can't wait until she's holding a real baby.

Well, it might happen sooner than you think, Ethan.

All right. Teresa, Ethan, its almost time for the service.

We'll wait in the back, father.

Well, i guess we should take our seats.

See you later.

I guess the evil plans are coming true, are they?

Yeah. They do seem to be, don't they? Soon Teresaís pregnancy will become evident, and Ethan will know that she slept with Julian and lied about it. And revenge will be mine forever.

If you'll excuse me, i need a breath of fresh air.

Teresa, i sense you're deeply troubled about something. I can tell you don't want to talk about your problem, but i would like to offer you a bit of advice. All your life, this church has been your home. Look here for the answer to your problem.

You may be seated. Thank you all for joining us in celebrating this midnight mass. Right now i would like to remind us all of why we celebrate this holy day. an event pressure core off the damage to the

oh, Timmy, help me. Where are you?

He can't help you now.

You're dead, Tabitha! Dead!

We've got you now, raggedy Andy.

You won't get away this time.

You can't turn yourself into a doll. We have proof you're alive.

Why can't Timmy become a Cole again?

-- A doll again?

Could it be? Did Timmy get his wish?

It would come as a surprise to destroy Sam and grace's marriage. I wonder where he found someone to do it.
-- Where she found someone to do it. No. No, it can't be.

My surprise should be here any moment, grace. When it arrives, your relationship with Sam is history. Oh, everything's perfect. Sam will be mine and Teresa will be out of ethaneís life forever.

I know how this is an emotional holiday for you. I know how much you love it.

Please, God, help her stay true to her beliefs.

I know lightning doesn't strike twice in the same place, but i can't bring myself to give up on Sheridan. So if she's out there, bring her back to me. Please.

Hey, you all right?

Yeah. Yeah, i'm fine.

All right. Well, let's go inside. I can't help but think there's something waiting for me.

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