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Passions Transcript Thursday 12/27/01 --Canada; Fri. 12/28/01 --USA

by Amanda

Sorry, the names of the characters are not coming through on the closed-captioning for some reason...

That is not the only reason I want to go to the its though. I'm really happy you decided to look up your family.

I'm not making any promises. My brother would just a soon never see my face again.

I don't know why anyone would feel that way towards you. Just so long as you say you will give it a try, i really have a feeling that this trip is going to resolve things for at least one of us.

More than Christmas and all the holidays put together. You would think some of the faith would rub off on me, believe anything is possible if you pray hard enough. Holy mother, please, please help them make the right decision about that baby she is carrying. If she terminates the pregnancy she will regret it for the rest of her life.

I was afraid i wouldn't be able to catch you in time. I called because I need a friend. If you are going to give me another one of your lectures save us both the trouble and go home now. Okay?

Deal. No more so-called lectures.

With everything, I can't say anything at all, right.

It depends. I just wish you would think about this some more, that's all. I don't think you should make a major life changing decision when are you in this state, Teresa.

You promised no lectures. I made the appointment for the abortion and i'm going to keep it i am on my way there right now.

This is the only way, the only way

well, i can't speak for Mr. Hastings but i came by to give you this.


It is just a little something to help celebrate your new home. David -- it is David with,.

I am here about the annulment papers.

It is about time you signed them.

Actually, I haven't yet.

Why doesn't that surprise me.

No, I intend to, it's just that, well, shouldn't we have a not any witness my signature.

Yes no problem. I will go call one.

Well, i think, you know, you didn't really need to do this.

Oh, but I did.

Oh, that is my casserole. Well, why don't you just come on in the living room.


I told you we have to be careful being seen together.

I don't know what you are worried about. I have never seen such a cool lie never my life.

I will do whatever I have to do to break them up. That is why I hired you.

You mean blackmailed me.

Stop nitpicking, just keep to the plan.

Can you do this right now.

Just do it. Or do you  want your precious Grace and everyone else to know what I already know about you? Is that what you want, David? I thought not

you can't go charging around this hospital demanding your own heart for a doll. And numbers you want people to throw us in the psyche ward here, you better start acting like one.

You got the message i left on your answering machine and you brought Kenny.

Yes, yes.

You are just in time. The show is about to start?

The show? This isn't about the heart donor.

I'm sorry? Heart donor?

Well, maybe you should just tell me about the show.

Gladly. You and your Timmy doll have been cordially invited to attend a holiday show that we do every year.

Invited, someone explicit -- explicitly invited Timmy and me, who could that possibly be.

It was one of the patients, apparently. And i heard they put up quite a fuss, wouldn't take their medication until you came to the show today. So obviously you mean go deal to whoever it is i will be right back and i will take you to the psyche ward.

Now, you see, you got the doctor's message wrong.

He doesn't care. He is not leaving this hospital without a heart.

Fillee, you can forget that bit of nonsense. In fact, while we are here i am going to have your name removed in the recipient list. Now please be a good lad and help me figure out who could possibly have invited us here today.

Well, i better get to the clinic. I want this over with as soon as possible.

One last time, Teresa, are you absolutely sure about this?

I better be. And after what ivy tried last night. Now that she knows i'm pregnant by Joey, she won't stop trying to expose me to Ethan.

You think having this abortion will take as a threat? Because it won't.

Well, at least if she does tell Ethan i'm pregnant I will be able to deny it by saying i'm not. And he will have to believe it.

I got to go.

I don't think i can be strong enough.

Whitney, Lisa.

Oh, no.

Everything good at the orphanage.

The orphanage?

Yeah, remember they told to us come by today because they were out countries mall -- Christmas caroling today.


And my mother gave us that cheque and we go some stuff at the toy store so why don't we say we spread a little Christmas joy.

That is really awesome but we're kind of in the middle of something.

Oh, hey, whatever it is, it is wait. I know there is nothing Teresa loves more than kids. That is one of the reasons why i can't wait to make her my wife. I won't it be something when we have one of our own?

Please give our daughter Teresa the guidance she so desperately needs right now. I want her to be able to live with herself. If she takes away the life of that unborn baby, and there is no guarantee of that but please.

How long have you been standing there?

Well, this is it. Show should begin in a few minutes. Sit anywhere you want

oh, no. We've got to get out of here before they recognize me. You can't leave now, the show is about to start.

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

What is doing.

He is a van industrial gist, Jimmy, or at least he thinks he is. The wooden doll is his dummy.

He could be smart, he could be a member of mensah.

Hi, Freddy, what is on your mind tonight.

I'm glad you asked. For starters i'm sick and tired of you pulling my string.


this is going to be a long night.

This is exploitation of dolls, that is why he wants to be a real boy.

I was just using a prayer.

For Antonio to come home, right? Sorry to interrupt.

It's okay. I'm sure the good lord has heard enough from me for one day.

Oh, God, it smells great in here. Just like when we were kids.

So you are not angry that i'm making all the food Antonio likes?

No, no way. Look, even if Antonio doesn't come home we're going to have a feast, just like the old days.

Two for Teresa. Two for Luis.

Ah, but only one for Antonio.

That is my favourite.

Your father is only teasing made you extra special, for my wonderful first born son, i'm so proud of you.

Your father and i are proud of all of you.

What is it?

I was just thinking about Christmas at home a long time ago.

I wish i could do that. Close my eyes and imagine what my life used to be like. Tell me about the Christmas you remember.

It was perfect. Lots of food, laughter,  teasing. Always my mother's favourite time of the year. She always made such a big deal about it. We always went along with it because it meant so much to her. We didn't have much money but it didn't matter because it was always great. Because back then we were all together the she always made sure we looked out for one another, no matter what.

Sounds wonderful.

She was. She is.

Must be so hard for your mother to not know where you are. I can't imagine what it would be like for a mother to lose one of her children.

Look at all of them.

All right, i'm going to go and make my way with the little natives.

It's so good to see you.

Our pleasure. This is my fiancée Teresa this is her friend Whitney.

>This is the Teresa i have heard so much about. So when is the big day.

As soon as we can do it. I just hope we have as happy a marriage as you have.

You will if you have the right things in common, i don't mean the same favourite foods or taste in furniture, that stuff can work itself out. I mean the big things, the values, what is important to the two of you.

We agree on the important things, don't we Teresa

So, can i get you two any coffee or anything.


No, not for me.

No thanks, grace. I'm fine.

I can't find a not ary that will come over tonight.

Well, you can't be surprised. Everyone wants to within their family for the holidays.

I just wanted to put this marriage with David behind us so we can be married for real and get on with our lives.

We will. A few days isn't going to matter. Nothing can change my love for you. Right?

Since when did you grow a conscience. I want the real thing too, i deserve it just as much grace does. Besides, you should be eating this up. Once grace is alone, she will be free to be with you.

Cute or what.

Adorable. We place large of children with adopted parents but most of these kids haven't been here that long.

Maybe one day Teresa and i will adopt. But it would be nice to a have a couple the old-fashioned way.

Just let me know when you are ready.

He hasn't been here that had. I can't seem to get him to stop crying.

Let me get him a bottle.

Would you mind? She needs some help.

Look. I'm not making any promises, but maybe when we get to Harmony you can meet my mother, if i go and see her, okay? I remember my brothers and sisters used to bring all their friends over to the house because my mother was so welcoming. She treated each one them like they were one of her own kids. I remember there was this one little girl in particular, she was like a second mother to.


Yeah. Just typical poor little rich kid. May mother used to work for her family. I think when the little girl was very small her mother passed away. And well, the rest of the adults in the family didn't really know what to do with her. Didn't know what to do with a kid at all and they were kind of very distant and cold people. They tried to send the little girl off to boarding school to get her out of the way.

How sad. Must have been so lonely.

She was. Until my mother took her under her wing and showered her with tons av fiction. I think my mother was the only adult that really loved her.

Lucky. The little girl, whoever she was.

>Okay, rover, now rollover, and wave to the audience. Rover is waiting for some applause.

Good boy .

>We've got to get out of here.

Where is the patient that invited you.

I really don't give a damn who invited us here. The last time it nearly killed us.

You asked for t you got it.

We are stuck here like rats in a cage.

You don't know i'm still a patient here, do you.

Remember, got the call -- .

The patient who invited Miss Lennox.

Oh, she is around. She will be delighted to know her gusts have come.

[Applause] l

That concludes our presentation here at Harmony hospital.

Let's get out of here before they put me in one of those --

are you not leaving, are new.

Oh, yes, doctor. The show was marvelous but we really need to get home.

But there is a special encore planned just for you. Have a seat.

I don't like the sound of this.

It seems i heard this song before.

You have. It kidding i have written a had to daddy "from one of your favourite movies. I can't imagine why anyone would pick this song to sing for us.

I used to find strands of hair on my mother's coat when she would come home from work. I couldn't believe the color. It was like spun gold. What a crush i had on that little girl. Unfortunately, so did my brother.

You fell in love with her hair.

Hey, it was beautiful hair, what can i say. Anyway, it was kind of funny because my brother and i would get into fights about who the little girl liked more.

I bet if you and he talked about this now you would both laugh at the memory.

I wish. Unfortunately, after hearing my brother bad mouth me the way he did during that phone call to my mother, i doubt very much that we will ever share anything with each other ever again.

I wish i could give you some of my --.

So do i. No matter what happens, i am so lucky to have you. And Miguel and two sisters. Everyone's happy and doing great. Do you have any idea how much i admire you.


Ma, more than anyone in the world. I know we have been through a lot. Pop disappeared, Antonio ran off, but you have always been there for us.

I try. I just don't know how well i have done.

Well, ma, how can you even doubt. Look at Miguel, he's doing great. Teresa, i know how hard it was to keep her feet on the ground but all her dreams are coming true. She will get married and you can play grandma

aren't you going to open my little housewarming gift.

Oh, of course. But Sam and i would like to ask you for something else as well.

I would be happy to oblige if i can.

Well, you can if you want.

We would like you to leave Ethan --Ethan and Teresa alone.

I don't understand, Ethan is my son, our son in case you have forgotten.

I haven't forgotten, neither has grace. That is why we would like you to layoff the woman that he loves and plans to married.

We have known Teresa since she was born. She Val a sweet girl.

That is a matter of opinion. But as for back off you will be happy to know had have. Ethan is a grown man. And as for putting my two cents into other people's love lives, i learned my lesson the hard way. That is why i brought over this little gift. I wanted to make amends for the ways i've acted towards the both of you.

Well, thank you.

You better open it though. I'm afraid it has a short shelf life.

It's called floating island and it is nothing as exotic as your cake but i thought it would be a treat. Well, why don't we all have some. You and David can join us.

Why not.

Sure. Let me get some bowls from the kitchen.


So what is this dessert thing all about.

It is just like Sam and graces marriage. It won't take long for it to go bad, very bad.

What is this about not being able to play grandma.

I just meant that -- i was thinking about Antonio, that is all. Oh, ma. I think i understand. You are wondering if Antonio already has children, children you never got to meet or play grandmother too.

Yes, i wonder about that all the time. That is only one of the reasons that i hope Antonio comes home with yeah, well, come on, don't worry about that. Because i'm sure Ethan and Teresa are ready to start having kids soon.

I don't know about that.

Well, just between you and me, i think that guy is almost ready to have kids. He called here earlier looking for Teresa. He wanted her to go with him to the orphanage.

He was really intent on finding her. I bet they are at the orphanage right now. Mom, come on, how about some cider.

No, thank you. I just remembered i forgot something at the store. I will be back in a little while.

Stopped crying the second he was in your arms.

He was just tired, that is all.

Are you kidding?

No, baby, this is about you and the vibes you are giving out. He feels comfortable in your arms.

Do you think it is what i think it.

Open it.

Admit it, you are loving this.

This one is kind of special. It's just too bad his birth mother wasn't able to keep him. But at least she didn't have an abortion. With who the hell is that?

I've written a letter to daddy.

The sender is your girl

dear daddy

i miss you so awfully

i wish you could see all my curls

hear's hoping this note makes it to you

without you i'm empty and dull

i come by you soon as i'm able

to live much more than a skull .

She has a lovely is voice.

Are you kidding. She sounds like a strangled cat dear daddy

they mopped me and rocked me

away so i would lose my mind

they never counted on your little

girl with an axe to grind .

Get out of here.

Surely you aren't going to leave just yet.

Remember me?

We better get out of here Timmy . Got off me you big baboon.

Those two won't know what hit him.

I can't believe it. Nobody has been able to stop this little guy from fretting since he got here.

Wally, a anyone -- Anita this is Teresa’s mother.

I was just telling your daughter she is going to make a great mother some day.

Will you have to excuse me for a moment.

She is not telling me anything don't already in. Can't wait until Teresa is pregnant .

All my life you have given me comfort, peace, serenity. Now i can hardly look at her even though it was the last place i saw her. Please, bring Sharon back to me.

There it. We're back.

Is that Harmony.

That's it.

Wow!. What are all the twinkling lights on the dock.

I don't know. Are you cold, you want my jacket.

No. I just got the feeling that someone is there, someone is waiting for me in Harmony.

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