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Passions Transcript Wednesday 12/26/01 --Canada; Thur. 12/27/01 --USA

by Amanda

Sorry, the names of the characters are not coming through on the closed-captioning for some reason...

and think all of the terrible times are behind us. We're moving into our brand new house, we'll have a brand new start, and only good things are going to come for all of us.




Good-bye. (Laughing) good-bye and good riddance. Harmony's house frau couldn't be more wrong. Good things aren't coming our way at all. Pain is coming our way. Just in time for the holidays.

You said it was urgent to see me? Why?

The next step in my felon break up Sam and Grace's marriage is about to unfold.

You would do pretty much anything to get Sam back, wouldn't you?

Well duh! You know, I honestly thought bringing you here, pretending to be grace's husband from her amnesia is a-shrouded past would be enough to tear Sam and Grace apart. Their fondness is just too strong.

So now you're bringing out the heavy artillery.

My next salvo has to do the trick.

Just what exactly is your surprise?

Just when exact is he your surprise supposed to arrive?

Tonight. And once it's here, am and grace will be finished by New Year's.

(Speaking Spanish)

not well, mama. I didn't get much sleep last night.

Yeah, well neither did i. Now that ivy knows that you're pregnant with Julian痴 child, she will just be waiting to use the truth to destroy Ethan痴 love for you, and last night she almost succeeded.

Thank you. For convincing the maid from Bermuda not to admit in front of Ethan that that she found me in bed with julian.

All I did was buy you more time, Teresa. You need to tell Ethan the truth before he hears it from ivy or finds out on his own. You cannot keep this pregnancy a secret from Ethan any longer. Now you're going to be showing soon. You have to be honest with Ethan, Teresa. There is no other way.

You're wrong, mother, there is another way.

What -- what did you say?

Um, that it looks like a nice day today. And I think I will go for a long walk, mama. I will see you later.

Teresa, please don't go! Stay here. Let me try and help you.

Oh, mother, there's nothing that you can do.

Teresa, but it's cold outside. You can catch a cold.

Just let me go, mama.

Teresa -- I知 sorry.

No, look, I値l get my things, mama. You -- you have an appointment at the family clinic. Why?

Mama, i have to go.

Teresa, please! Tell me you're not planning to have an abortion. Please, Teresa, tell me!

Tabitha can't take the decorations down!

Why the hell not?

Because if the Bennets see tabby's taken everything down, they'll wonder why. And they're already suspicious of Tabitha. She'll use the ammunition to prove she's a witch!

Point taken. Oh, I suppose I値l have to leave this dreadful drat up here for a while! But i can't take being around this sugar plum schlock! Well, it's time we got the noel out of here, Timmy. (Laughing)

Timmy likes these decorations. Puts him in the holiday spirit.

Uggh! A candy cane in lieu of an umbrella? Whatever next! Fluffy will be sought a red very well set bow, i suppose.

Christmas is the time for miracles.

Will you get it through your straw-filled head? We don't celebrate Christmas.

Timmy knows that. If Timmy and tabby did, she'd enjoy it.

Oh, bah humbug!

Come on, tabby! Can't Timmy have a, have a real Christmas? Christmas, stockings hung by the chimney with care? A partridge in a pear tree? Chestnuts roasting on an open snir.

You'll be the only one roasting on an open fire in a minute.

Timmy's thinks you have him a little confused with a you led log.

You're the only one confused around here, Timmy. You're a dole. You will be able follow feel whatever warmth it is -- you're a doll. You won't be able to feel whatever warmth it is you think people feel at Christmas. You haven't got a heart!

Timmy wants -- hones his Christmas wish comes true. That he becomes a real boy, with a real heart.

Keep your eyes closed.

They're closed.


Where am I?!

Open them. Surprise.

I -- I can't believe this.

Dad, the place looks great. How'd you do it?

Well, these over-grown elves helped pitch in.

Thank you very much.

Grace, I know how important the holidays are for you, and i wanted you to be able to do the things you love best for the people who you love most.

Oh well that's you and my family.

It's so cool!

And my friends. Thank you for going to all this effort. And thank you! Giant, handsome elves! Wow. Celebrating Christmas as a family in our new home. Couldn't have given me a better present, Sam.

Well, the best gift you could give me is having Hastings sign the papers, have him stay out of our live the forever.

Well, David wants me to be happy, and i told him what makes me happy is my life with you. I知 sure once he reads the papers he'll sign them and he'll just move on with his life.

Grace, you're so trusting. I mean, you see the best in everyone. Not me. Not when it comes to Hastings. Now I don't know what it is. I, I can't put my finger on it. There's something that's very wrong about that guy.

I know what you mean, bro. I've still got the same feeling, that Hastings isn't on the up and up.

I hate what you're doing, Ivy. Grace doesn't deserve this. She's a good person. Her marriage to Sam is the type people dream about. A couple who deeply and passionately love each other.

Sam deeply and passionately loved me once, also. And in his heart i know he still does.

The only person in Sam痴 heart is grace. No matter how desperately you want to think otherwise.

Stop being their cheerleader and just do what i tell you to do.

Look, grace gave me the papers and Sam is chomping at the bit for me to sign them. So what do you want me to do? I cannot stall them much longer.

Well, look, okay, just pretend to be cooperating and grace will eat that up. I know, tell her, tell her that you want to sign the annulment papers but you think you should do it in front of a notary. I doubt it'll ever come to that. Because once my surprise gets here, grace will forget all about the annulment. In fact, I gather she'll never give it another thought.

Answer me! Answer me, Teresa! Tell me this is not your appointment card. Tell me that you're not planning -- to have an abortion. It's wrong!

The card, mama, I teed it back.

Why? Why, my child?! Why do you need it?! This goes against everything that we believe in! Everything we hold dear!

Mama, please.

You know this it Teresa! I know you know this! I know you believe it!

No, you can't. Please. Tell me that you would never do such a thing. Tell me this is a mistake, why this card... Was in your purse. I know there's got to be some explanation, because there is no way that this could be your card! Do you hear me, Teresa?! There's just no way!

I知 sorry, mama.

The card is mine.


No, Teresa.

I have... An appointment... To get an abortion today.

I have agonized over what to do, but this is the only choice that I have.

No, Teresa, it is not your only choice.

But mama, i have gone over and over this! And for me, now in my situation, there is nothing else that i can do! I can't tell Ethan that I知 pregnant with Julian痴 child! I will lose him. Mama, my life would be destroyed.

What about your baby's life?

I can't have it, mama, and give it up for adoption without Ethan finding out. Or worse, Julian. He might take my baby away from me and raise it as a crane!

Even so, Teresa, we are talking about... A baby. A life.

I can't think about it that way, mama. I can't.

You're in denial, Teresa. You cannot bring yourself to admit that you will be ending the life of an innocent baby.

Don't say that mama!

It's true! You won't even allow yourself to stop and think about that precious creature growing inside of you. Because if you do, you would not be able to terminate this pregnancy.

I know, I know you want to solve this problem. You want to put it behind you. Oh, I understand that. But what you are thinking, it seems like quick fix, but it isn't, Teresa. If you allow your baby's life to be taken, you -- oh, God -- the repercussions will haunt you for the rest of your life, and you will never get over it! Never. (Laughing)

Kay. Kay, Kay! Kay, wake up! Wake up, Kay!

Miguel! Miguel!

It's okay, there's nothing to be afraid of.

What happened?

You were having a nightmare.

With you in here?

Yeah, i heard you cry out so i came in to check on you. You were some upset. That must have been some nightmare you were having.

You have no idea. It was terrible, you can't even imagine.

What happened?

I don't remember. Just, it was, it was really awful.

Well it's okay, alright? It's only a dream. Can't come true.

Okay. (Thinking) i hope not.

Oh, Timmy. Let's get out of here, before I O.D. On all this seasonal schlock.

Timmy wishes to have Christmas. It's the most magical time of the year.

Yeah, well this magic certainly seems to have affected you. You've turned into a fruit cake.

Tabby can make friends, Timmy, but when he becomes a real boy and his wish comes true, she'll be sorry she laughed at him.

If your Christmas wish comes roux and you turn into a real boy with a real heart, i will wear a Christmas wreath on my head for a week! Now come on, let's get going.

Tabby'll look backier than you do with that on her head.

Don't worry, doll-face, I don't plan on something to do it, because you're not going to turn into a real boy.

That's what Tabby thinks.

I think I知 going call Charity and see how she is.

Okay. (Phone ringing)


Hey, Charity. I知 just -- I missed you at the nutcracker last night, but it sounds like you're feeling better.

What do you want?

Well, your family's moving into your new house today so I thought I壇 come over and help so we can spend some time together.

Um, thank you, Miguel, but I知 still not feeling very good.

Oh, um, then I値l bring you some soup or something.

Mmm... I'd rather you didn't. I kind of want to be alone so I can rest. Talk to you later.


Oh, and Miguel? Please don't call here anymore. Just in case I知 asleep, you know?

Was that Miguel?

Will she be coming over to help us decorate in.

No. I guess she's too busy.

Charity, is everything okay with you and American league zel.

It's fine. Thank you.

Charity doesn't want pea to come over today. She even said not to call her.


I don't get it I mean Charity's acting so distant lately, just like she doesn't want to be with me.

Maybe she's just still not feeling very well.

Yes, that's what she said.

You know, we could always do something together today.

Thanks for offering but I知 not in the mood.


I'll see you later.

My plan is going so well. Zombie charity is going to split up Miguel and charity in no time. I can't take any chances of my nightmare coming true though. Not when I知 so close to getting what I want. I'd better go up there and make sure the real charity is still frozen in ice in the old cave.

I知 sure your surprise will make grace completely forget about me signing all the papers, and everything else, for that matter.

Even Sam.

Probably. I grew to know grace pretty well. She's a good-hearted, kind and loyal person. Completely devoted to family. She壇 do anything for family. Yes. Yes, your surprise will get the result you want, I知 sure of it.

That's what I知 counting on.

Grace is such a pure and loving heart. She's undoubtedly the most sincerely good person i've ever known.

Dear God! I don't believe it. You have fallen in love with grace.

Somehow -- somehow I have failed you, haven't I? Or you wouldn't be here right now, on your way to -- oh my God. What, what, what sign did I miss? How in God's name did i fail you?

Mama, no. No, mama, no. Look, this isn't your fault. You're an amazing mother. But why i am doing this -- mama, this is my choice. This is a decision only I can make.

No, Teresa. No! I am your mother and I will not allow it! Do you hear me, Teresa?! I will not allow it!

did you hear me? I will not allow it!

I知 sorry. I don't mean any disrespect. You but there is nothing that you can do to stop me, mama.

Teresa! I am your mother! And you will do as I say!

And I am a woman now, mama. I can make my own decisions. And I have decided to do this.

How? How can you? Especially now, at Christmas, when we celebrate the birth of our savior? And it's an insult follow all that's decent. And holy.

Mama, I have to do it now. Before I start to show.

But, but I told you about your brother, Antonio calling, and that he's going to be home after such a long time. How can you stain such a happy occasion?!

You think Antonio is coming home, mama, but you can't be sure. Well i am sure about Ethan. He'll never marry me, mama. If he finds out that impressionist with his ex-father's child. And if he learns that I didn't tell him that julian and I had sex, even though I was drunk, even though I thought I was making love to Ethan, mama, he will be so hurt, so angry. That I値l lose him. And this time for good. And you, mama you will lose Luis, because if if he finds out that impressionist with Julian crane's child, he will kill him, mama. And he will spend the rest of his life in jail.

And what will Luis do when he finds out what you've done to your baby? What will Ethan do, Teresa?

He won't find out, mama. I am doing it this way so that no one finds out.

You can't.

Mama, this isn't just about me. Mama, this is also about the people that I love!

Really. Is it?

This pregnancy won't just destroy my life, mama. It will destroy Ethan痴 and Luis' lives.

What about that life that you are carrying inside, Teresa?

I can't think about that. I can't.

You have, haven't you? You have actually fallen in love with grace. Ha! Well this is wonderful. Grace and Sam痴 marriage will be over soon, Sam will be with me. Poor Gracie will be all alone. Who better for her to spend the rest of her life with than the man she thought was her husband. Oh, but you know, David, I always thought you were too hard-hearted to fall in love with anyone.

All I知saying a is that grace is a good person. She doesn't deserve what you have in store for her. It's too cruel, i've especially Christmas.

Mmm. A mother's most vulnerable moment.

Some what about me? How many Christmases have i been forced to spend without Pam? How much more am i expected to suffer?!

Selfish to the end!

Do you know what it's like for me, in my own home? Fighting for my position Mrs. Crane since Julian married that oversexed top-heavy tramp Rebecca?! And Ethan, who means everything to me is about to marry a girl I dispise.

I met Teresa and she seems quite lovely.

Oh, on the surface, maybe, but deep down she's a conniving witch. Just like grace.

Grace? Grace a conniving witch?! I think your pain medication has you hallucinating.

Please. No one is as good as grace pretends to be. I mean, always smiling and doing good deeds and doling out that God-awful tomato soup cake.

Tomato what?

My point exactly. Whoever heard of a cake made out of tomato soup?! It's got to be toxic. Just like grace. Underneath all that sugar and spice she's a viper. Which is why Sam belongs to me. He'd be much happier.

Sam and grace have three children and a niece.

Sam had a son with me first.

Is this how you justify what you're doing?

Just stop arguing and do what i tell to you do.

Like I have any choice. You are blackmailing me!

Yes, I am. And don't forget it! Look, this is our big moment, but we have to be very careful. No one can see us together. It would be disastrous.

And I知 Marx


Dax: A witch has to go to get away from Christmas?

Timmy doesn't know. Maybe a kibbutz? Hey!

Stuff it, you little trader! I told you i hate Christmas.

So did a man that Timmy knows about. His name was scrooge.

Bah humbug.

That's him. He hated Christmas, but then he was visited by three spirits. And after that, he loved Christmas.

Yes. Well, Ebenezer probably discovered that -- Ebenezer probably discovered that Christmas gifts were tax deductible. Enough of that holiday hooey. I知 going buy some chestnuts.

To roast over an open fire?

No, to throw on the ice to trip up the skaters. (Laughing)

what's happening to us, charity? What's going on?

Oh, good. Kay's still blocked off. I'd feel a lot better if i could just get there and see that charity's still on ice. I've got to get into this cave! But how? I'll bet you there's something in here that could get this cave open.

My God. Wow! Ah, thanks.

Dear God, let Teresa realize that what she's thinking of doing not the answer to her problem.

But a grave mistake that will haunt her the rest of her life.

Please, mama, don't do this.

In the name of the father, and of the son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I have put my faith in God. You must, too.

Try to, to understand, mama.

What I知 doing, I don't have a choice. If I don't do this, I will lose Ethan.

Better that you should lose Ethan than lose your soul, Teresa.

But mama, other people don't believe that!

Maybe not! But we do. And that's all that matter, Teresa.

I know that somewhere deep in your heart, you believe that.

I know you do. So i'm, I知 begging you to please, please, listen to that part of yourself. Now, before it's too late.

Poor favor, Teresa. Poor favor.

I知 sorry.

I知 sorry, mama.

Well, guys, I知 going go check on Eve.

And I still have some presents wrapped.

Come on, guys --

I want to thank everyone for helping us get settled in.

Wait, everybody go out to the kitchen because I've got cookies for the giant elves and hot chocolate for you kids to take Caroling.

Yea, yea!

Thank you,.

Little elves.

'Bye, have fun. Oh, boy. Sam, I am so happy.

Me, too, grace. Me, too

hello, Ivy.

What are you doing here?!

I told you, Sam was expecting some action in on the papers.

Well i didn't expect to you bring them by now. I want to give grace and Sam this house warming gift to keep them off their guard. Now get out of here before somebody cease you and tells it you of Sam! He's already suspicious of you and he's not very trusting of me, either!

What are you two doing out here?

Say good-bye to your dreams of Olympic Gold.

Timmy: Tabby, tabby! Guess what?

Tabitha: Oh, honey nestle, Tim, you've got the worst timing of anyone I know. What is it?

Timmy: Timmy just called tabby's answer machine and Dr. Eve Russell left a message saying that she wants Timmy and Tabby to go there right now!

Tabitha: Why?

Timmy: Timmy put his name on a transplant list for a donor. They must have found a heart for Timmy.

Tabitha: I can't believe it!

Timmy: Tim can't believe it, either. Timmy's Christmas wish is coming true! He's gonna get a heart, and be a real boy!

Kay: Hey, Miguel, where's Charity?

Miguel: Hey, uh, she's not feeling well.

Kay: Oh, I hope Charity feels better soon, because this is the time of year when you most want to be with the ones you love. 'Bye.

Miguel: See 'ya. Why don't you want to be with me, Charity? I feel like something's come between us, but I don't know what it could be.

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