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Passions Transcript Tuesday 12/25/01 --Canada; Wed. 12/26/01 --USA

By Amanda  

Sorry, the names of the characters are not coming through on the closed-captioning for some reason...

Rub adub, dub, so much pain in the tub. Did you see how much pain and suffering, Timmy? That's all the pain -- it seems everything is falling in place.

They think Sheridan is dead. But she's a live. Alive and well and sailing into har man -- Harmony with his long lost brother. But Teresa is freg Nantes with Julian’s baby and trying desperately to hide it from Ethan.

I love this story.

And then the family being torn apart by that dreadful daisy character who claims to love her husband but is, in fact, an imposter hired by ivy. And then there's terry, devious terry. Cast a spell on charity and replaced her with an exact replica, a zombie charity as you put it. There's a plan to get Miguel. And Miguel, well, that poor boy, he doesn't have a clue. What are you looking at?

It's locked. That's turned into a little boy.


So you mean it could happen. Maybe he could turn into a real boy too.

Tabitha is going to be so surprised when she sees all the decorations.

It's the least we can do.

I appreciate everything she's done for our family. I can't wait to get back into our new house.

Me too.

Our lives are getting back to normal. As soon as we have the papers to sign, we can start making plans to get married again. Hey, what's wrong?

It's so close to Christmas. I don't know if we should give the papers right now.

You didn't change your mind. You do want your marriage to David annulled.

She says she admits it. Do you believe her?

I don't know.

I think charity -- why is charity helping with the decorations?

I don't know.

She's been acting so weird lately. Last night when we were at the pond, she snapped at me and she wouldn't let me walk her home. Do you have any idea what's going on with her?

Nobody's ever even going to know you're not the real charity. How are they going to ask you're a zombie i created by casting a spell? I mean that in the nicest possible way, of course

whatever. But i do what you wanted last time.

Oh, yeah. You definitely pushed Miguel away. He was really upset when you snapped at him.

Why did you insist on getting out of the car before we reached the house? It's freezing out here.

We were stuck in the car for hours. I needed some air especially after being locked up in that hotel suite all night.

The handcuffs were your were your idea, my pet.

I wanted to make sure.

You succeeded, my Christmas cookie.

Speaking of Christmas, i have a surprise for you. To celebrate our first Christmas together as husband and wife, i left word to have the house decorated entirely to my taste. Every bit of ivy is to be trashed. I hated what she did to that mansion.

Something else ivy didn't mind the full potential of.

That's what i love about you. Reaching for my potential.

Wacky, wacky.

So, Sheila, is this the woman you saw in bed with mar. Crane?

Yes, this is the woman i told you about on the phone. I saw her with mar. Crane.

Ivy knows?

She knows. She knows everything. She knows who's the father of the baby you're carrying.

Oh, God no.

your nose is a little like Pinocchio’s.

It's exactly the same.

I didn't whittle you. I sued you and stuffed you.

Whatever. Just like Pinocchio. And Timmy wants to be a real boy just like Pinocchio.

Timmy, this is fiction.

Being unselfish and nice. That turned Pinocchio into a real boy.

You're living in a fantasy world, lad. No matter how brave and unselfish and nice you are, you will never be turned into a real boy because you're a doll. I'm disappointed in you, Timmy. We work for the dark side. Have you learned nothing? Our people don't do anything nice for anybody.

Sure we do.

Only if they want something in return. Nobody cares if you're good, Timmy. There won't be any reward. And you will never be turned into a real by.

-- A real boy.

Of course i want my marriage to David annulled. You know that, Sam.

Then let's get it over with, move on with our lives.

Okay. I'll have him sign the papers tonight, and then we can get on with our plan of getting married again.


This should calm her down. Everything's done.

Before you go, i love you.

I love you too, Sam.

Hello, grace.


I got your message about the papers and i came straight home.

Oh, good because i want you to sign them right away.

You're making a big mistake, grace. You don't want to get an annulment. You still love me. I know you dot(

if Kay is still going why would she do something nice for him and charity? It doesn't make sense.

Maybe she has changed, given up on taking him away from charity.

I don't know what's wrong with her.

She's definitely not acting like herself.

That's because she isn't herself. She's a zombie.

Miguel, relax. Everybody knows how much charity adores you.

She sure isn't acting like it.

Maybe you're just being a little sensitive.

Really. That's sort of what she said.

Well, there you go. Miguel, trust in your love for her and her love for you, okay?


You're going to have a wonderful time at nutcracker tonight.

Thanks for setting me straight.

Any time.

Whatever charity says, tonight will be a special night, for the woman i want to spend the rest of my life with.

Tonight is going to be a special night for the woman you're going to spend the rest of your life with: Me.

Mrs. Kramer knows the secret, the one she wants to tell me?

She'll be completely destroyed.

If it's what i think it is, she will be destroyed with her. You said something earlier about a Christmas present. What do you want to give Teresa and me.

Don't be so eager, Ethan. You'll get your present. Teresa’s goes to get hers too. You know, i don't believe you met the new maid. Sheila.

Yes, mars. Crane.

I don't believe you've met my son, Ethan.

Nice to meet you, Sheila.

Nice to meet you, sir.

I can't believe this is happening, mama.

Ivy thought of everything.

It's that maid. She said she saw me with Julian. How does the maid know my secrets? Did ivy set me up?

You should have been honest in the beginning!

It's too late for that. What are we going to do?

Teresa, pillar. Please, come on in. There's something we need to discuss.

We have to find out why mom wanted us to come by.

Okay. I'm coming.



David:  You still love me, grace. That's why it took so long to get these annulment papers together.

Grace:  Annulments take time.

David:  Not if you really want them.

Grace:  David, you're wrong.

Sam: What the hell are you doing here? I'm talking to grace. Actually, i'm glad you dropped by. The papers are already to go. All you have to do is sign them and your marriage to grace will be over.

Sam: We're done inside.

Grace:  Good.

Sam: As soon as we surprise Tabitha with the Christmas decorations, you can sign these papers and grace and I can get on with our lives. As husband and wife.

Tabitha:  If you think you're going to be turned into a real boy for doing something nice or being brave or unselfish, you have another thing coming.

Timmy:  I am unselfish.

Tabitha:  But this is the new millennium, Timmy. All those goodie-goodie things went out the window, down the tubes. Nobody does anything nice for anyone anymore. Hello, Jessica.

Jessica: Who were you talking to just now?

Tabitha:  Oh, well, I was just rambling on. This old attic has so many memories for me.

Ross:  I bet she was talking to her little doll. I told you that doll was alive.

Tabitha:  Would you just drop it?

Tabitha:  Yes, Ross, drop it. Nobody is interested in all this nonsense.

Jessica: Tabitha is the furthest thing from a witch. She's been so kind to my family.

Ross:  Okay, okay.

Jessica:  Anyway we have a surprise for you and we want to you come down and see it.

Tabitha:  I'll be down in a minute, dear.

Jessica:  Hurry.

Tabitha:  What kind of a surprise did the Bennets come up with now? No doubt more of grace's tomato soup cake.

Timmy:  Thank you -- probably to thank you for letting her stay here for all these months.

Tabitha:  Cold, hard cash would have been nice.

Timmy:  You said they were having cake.

Tabitha:  I was being gracious. One time I said they didn't have to pay and they never asked again. Cheapskates. We have to go downstairs and see what they have in store for us, what surprise.

Rebecca:  Oh, we didn't quite make it to the shed. I'm sorry, pooky.

Julian: We must schedule another romp Al Fresco. Remind me to tell the gardener to mow the lawn. I find it lumpy.

Rebecca: As long as you don't find me lumpy.

Julian: Not at all.

Rebecca:  I can't wait for you to see how I decorated the mansion starting with the tree.

Julian:  Deck the halls.

Rebecca:  Ivy always did something dreadful with the tree, fake snow. I want to do something entirely different and new. No!

Julian: What's wrong?

Rebecca: This is it. This is my tree! Excuse me. You over there, aren't you part of the maintenance crew here?

Man:  Yes, ma'am.

Rebecca: Would you please explain to us what my tree is doing in the trash?

Man:  Mrs. Crane said she wanted it thrown away.

Rebecca:  I am Mrs. Crane.

Man: Oh, I didn't -- Mrs. Ivy crane said to toss it.

Rebecca:  Oh, that bitch! She can not do this to me and get away with it.

Theresa: What's going on?

Pilar: She knows.

Theresa: Oh, my God, are you serious?

Pilar:  It's all over.

Ivy:  Listen, everybody, before we get started, I would like to introduce Theresa to our new maid, Sheila. This is Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald.

Ivy: Hi.

Ethan:  Well, mother, you said something about Christmas present.

Ivy:  Okay. One, two, three... Tah-dah!

Tabitha:  Oh, my.

Jessica:  I knew you'd love it. Now you don't have to spend all those hours putting up your decorations. We did it for you.

Tabitha:  I don't know what to say. I have friends in the basement will say. It won't be pleasant.

Timmy:  Uh-oh.

Tabitha:  The pipes are acting up again. I better check on them again.

Ross: That doesn't sound like pipes.

Tabitha:  Look, Ross, if there's one thing I know its bad pipes, so back off!

Simone: Oh, gosh, it's getting kind of late. If you want to make it to the nutcracker on time, you better get going.

 I wonder what that girl's up to now. I'm coming.

I'll run to my house and jump in the shower and come back and pick you up.


Miguel, i don't think you guys have time to do that. If you want to make it on time, you better meet there.

Yeah, i guess you're right. Okay. So I’ll meet you there.


Your plan is working perfectly.

I know.

Miguel's going to be mine soon. Very soon.

Hello, Timmy. There's a chance you'll get your wish. Christmas wishes come true. It might be true that you are a real boy.

You didn't answer my question, mother. Why do you want to see us?

Oh, well, i know you weren't formally introduced. I thought you might remember Sheila.


From the crane resort? She was a maid there when you and Teresa visited.

You do look familiar, but i don't know if I can place you. Sorry.

That's all right.

What about you, Teresa? Do you remember Sheila?

This is the last straw, ivy!

Oh, this is perfect. Two birds with one stone. I can deal with you at the same time i'm taking down Teresa.

How dare you throw my tree into the trash. How dare you do anything in this house. I am a mar. Crane. This is my house now.


You heard me. Julian and i are married. Now that i is mistress of the house.

The hell you are. I don't care what you call yourself. I am still Mrs. Crane, and this is still my house. Now we can discuss all of that later. After all, this is the holiday season. My son and his fiancé are here. I would just like to enjoy the Christmas spirit. I'm really glad we're all here actually. Come to think of it, the last time that Ethan and Teresa and Julian were together was down on the island at the crane resort.

Yes, i suppose it was.

What about you, Julian? You remember Sheila, don't you?

She does seem somewhat familiar. Meet my mom, the psychic.

well, Julian?

Well, i vaguely remember her from the resort.

It's not over yet. You're going -- you may as well know everyone's story.

Pilar, that's not necessary.

>It won't take long, Mrs. Crane. Have you ever loved someone with all your heart, someone you would have done anything for?

Yes, i have.

Then you have something in common with my daughter. Teresa loves Ethan very much.

I love her.

Teresa went down to the island to talk to Mrs. Crane about reinstating Ethan who isn't a crane. I read about that. That is leaking the story to the tabloid. But it wasn't her fault.

Pilar, just where are you going with this? It's hardly keeping with the holiday spirit.

When Teresa got down to the island, Julian got her drunk.

I object to your characterizing it that way.

And somehow by mistake, by some tragic mistake, my Teresa and Julian crane because she was so drunk, she thought she was actually marrying Ethan. She had no idea she had Julian.

The idea of airing family secrets in front of the help.

I only want Sheila to understand that people she will be working for.

Whether does she understand who signs her chouse?

Teresa loves Ethan more than anything. She would never hurt him, ever. They are to be married very soon. They have their whole life ahead of them. You do understand what i'm saying, don't you?

As soon as pillar has finished her story, perhaps Sheila has a story or two of her own to share.

Well, i for one have had enough of stories.

What about it, Sheila? Do you remember seeing Teresa with anyone at the resort?

You really mean it? I can be a real boy?

No, Timmy. You will never be a flesh and blood boy. I won't allow it.

get out of here. I created Timmy. He's mine now.

We are all Gods’ creations.


Damn you. You come back here. Never!

There is hope, Timmy. There is hope.

Just sign all the papers.

You said you wanted to make me happy. This will make me happy. My life is with Sam and our children.

I do want to make you happy, grace.

Then sign.

I don't sign anything without reading it.

It's a simple, straightforward annulment.

I'm sure it is. But i still don't sign anything without reading it first.

He's stalling.

I'm protecting my interests and grace's. I don't want to do anything rash.

Look, Sam, it's all right.

No, it isn't.

David, why don't you just take that with you and drop it by later, all right?

Okay. I'll do that.

Grace, what was that all about? Why didn't you just get him to sign the papers and get it over with right now?

Sam, it's Christmas. I know this is hard for David.

You're too nice. Look, i have a bad feeling about this guy, a very bad feeling.

I don't remember seeing Teresa at the resort.

I would like you to really think about this, Sheila.

I have, Mrs. Crane.

Are you positive?

Yes, i am.

Mother, is there a problem?

No. No, i just need to have a word with Sheila alone.

You're wonderful. Mom, what you did, i love you.

I still disapprove of you lying. Tell Ethan the truth. I have work to do. I want you to be honest with Ethan. Tell him everything. That's your only hope of keeping him.

What's happened here?

Well, i knew it would be beyond me. Since the accident the behavior has been quite bizarre.

I will have a few words with her make sure she knows who the woman of the house is.

You are. Of course my little pet. We'll deal with ivy later. What do you say we continue our honeymoon. We have not yet made love in this house as husband and wife i mean.

And there are so many rooms, so little time.

I am very disappointed in you, Sheila.

I know.

I was counting on you.

I'm sorry, Mrs. Crane. It's just i could tell how much Teresa loves Ethan. I can see it in her eyes.

Well, that is the last thing you will see in this country. You are going back to the island, and you're flying coach!

Mother, are you ever going to tell us why you wanted to see Teresa and me? What's going on? $P@

your plan is too cruel, ivy.

Cruel? It's a present. It's my Christmas present to grace. You will do what i say, David.

Sorry, grace. Sorry for all the pain i'm going to cause you.

Stop thinking about being a real boy. It can't happen.

It can too.

What was that?


Well, my doll, it will not happen.

What is it?

Charity. Charity!


Why aren't you at the nutcracker with Miguel, dear?

I don't feel well.


Kate's going with him instead.

Oh. That's right. Well, feel better. The plan is working. We could learn a lot from that girl. She's taken to the dark side like a raft to the rapids.

Charity and Miguel will be torn apart.

Kay, what are you doing here?

Charity wasn't feeling well. She gave me her ticket.

What's wrong with her?

She's just feeling a little under the weather.

I should check on her.

She's sleeping by now. She felt really, really bad about missing the show.

Okay. Well, if that's what charity wants, then let's enjoy ourselves, have a good time. For charity.

Well, who else?

Things couldn't be better, Becky.

I whole-edly concur.

I'm married to a sensuous woman who understands my needs, my appetite. At the same time i divorced a monster.

Once we get ivy out of the mansion.

Oh, that will make everything better.

She'll be much more than a nuisance, wouldn't you say?

She's insufferable. Thank God we pulled it off. To think of all the things that could have gone off that didn't. My annulment to Teresa got done without a hitch.

Yes, it did. And you are so lucky you never took that girl to bed, Julian. If Teresa had become pregnant, we would have a horrible time getting out that have marriage. She would have gone after you for alimony and for child support. Not to mention Ethan, they would have killed you without a second thought.

Yes, I’d be turning up daisies. A toast.

To what?

To my good luck that Teresa isn't pregnant.

Ethan:  Well, mother, what is it?

Ivy:  I, um -- I wanted, um -- I wanted you and Teresa to stop by so that I could give you this cheque. It's to the children's home. That was Sheridan’s charity. With Sheridan gone, I thought perhaps you would like to give it to them.

Ethan:  That's a beautiful thought. Thank you for thinking of us.

Theresa:  Always.

Ethan:  I guess we better get going of before the children's home closes. You guys ready?

Theresa: Let's do it.

Ivy:  I know your story.

Theresa: You're hurting me.

Ivy: My plan to expose you may have failed but I won't have to wait long to find out you're pregnant. Your stomach will give you away. How will you explain that to Ethan?

Whitney: What did you want to talk to me about?

Theresa:  I made a decision.

Whitney: You're not going to go through with it?

Theresa: I have to. It's the only way I can keep Ethan.

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