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Passions Transcript Monday 12/24/01 --Canada; Tues. 12/25/01 --USA

By Amanda  

Sorry, the names of the characters are not coming through on the closed-captioning for some reason...

I can't think of a better way to spend christmas than giving grief to all the good people of Harmony.

you could be out there caroling with those kids.

Timmy, a real boy with a heart and soul, subject to getting sick or hurt? You have no idea what you lose by becoming mortal. I know what i'd lose, my groupie of one. My doll face. My precious Timmy. I have to nip this nonsense in the bud and fast for both our sakes. Timmy, it's time to talk about the facts of life, and i don't mean the birds and the bees. How should i know? I'm a witch. I'm interested in being a boy all after sudden? You're one of a kind, living doll.

In other words Timmy --

it's not what i meant.

That's how i feel sometimes.

Are you saying i bore you, Timmy? Watch out, Timmy! (Screaming)

save us.

That torch won't do you any good. Xd

what's going on?


Your day of reckoning has come, Tabitha.

It comes in more ways than one.

Tabitha is anything but boring. I'm having so much fun. Maybe if Timmy was a little boy, he would be having fun like they are.

I won't listen to this nonsense. You mean to tell me you wish i gave you a little help to make you human?

I want the angel girl. I want the angel girl.

I won't let you. I will not let you make the biggest mistake of your unnatural life.

I'll take the hand of one that will take me places

and kiss the lips of the one that is so free

am i flying on the wings after bird

i knew it would take me higher

breathe in, breathe out

you are the fire burning

inside of me

you are my passion for life

i'll let you go if you promise not to make that foolish, horrible wish about being a human.

I will hold off making the wish but only for a little while.

You determined little doll, you. This is going to be harder than i thought. I'm sorry, Timmy, but you have to be careful what you wish for. Being human isn't a bed of roses, you know. Death and taxes are just the two of the neg tuffs and the list goes on. Why don't you make us up a batch of our tea and we'll discuss it in depth.


I won't lose my temper. He's been with me through thick and thin. He's my confidante, my little sounding board. I can't imagine what life would be without him.

There are times when i feel alone

and i'm searching for an open door

the way to your heart

through your broken dreams and memories

lonely days go by

without you

christmas eve won't be the same

without your love

without your love

christmas eve won't be the same

without your love

without your love

i'll return to my lonely room

where i feel i have lost it all

filled with broken glass

lonely days go by

without you

christmas eve won't be the same

without your love

i can't imagine what real life would do to him. My, don't we have a wonderful life.

I could see that at thanksgiving.

You watched that movie when you know i hated it?

I wonder what it's like --

they deserve it, the bunch of dead beats. He's an amateur. I'm a professional.

People do bad things.

Pure propaganda.

Oh, Timmy disbelieves. Timmy wants to be just like mr. Baily with all his friends around him.

Oh, gag me with a gumdrop. I hate the end of that horror flick. I'm going to do my best to protect you from a life of make-believe miracles.

Timmy believes in miracles.

Well, that proves you have batting for brains. You would still be a bunch of rags and buttons collecting dust if it weren't for me. I gave you life, Timmy. I gave you life! Grace is going to regret it if she goes against old Tabitha. Isn't that right, Timmy.

That's right, Tabitha. We're going to win. We're going to win. Life with Tabby hasn't exactly been a cakewalk.

Timmy has to become a real boy and fast. Timmy angel girl. Timmy angel girl. V envig

angel girl. Oh, angel girl, i have a christmas wish.

Not so fast, doll face. You remember all the fun times we had when we disguised ourselves to wreak havoc on the good people of Harmony? You were an elf extraordinaire. You remember how we got nick drunk to sabotage the christmas tree?

Tabitha, you did that to santa?

Stay quiet. Here you are, santa.

Oh, thanks. That's quite a kick.

Like a mean reindeer.


oh, santa --

this is the best toty i've -- ever --

he's dead?

No, of course not. He's just pie-eyed. I've still got it.

What time does the elf go to bed?

Timmy's no elf! And don't you bother coming back. We don't want you.

Speak for yourself, Timmy. I happen to have a weakness for men in red.

You're weird. OKay. The elf can stay but no kinky stuff.

Tabby's going to jingle santa's bells. And new year's, Timmy, that was the night to remember. With me as the grim reaper and you as baby new year.

>>Y, it's only me.

I'm sorry. You really scared Timmy. V

well, it's halloween. Carry about a six foot lethal weapon without attracting attention. Come on, babycakes. And crashing the cranes' no-go wedding. That was a hoot as well. You the little rabbi. Remember?


Well, thank you very much.

Maybe Timmy should convert.

From what? Come on, we haven't got time to discussth we have a wedding to perform.

I didn't know the cranes were jewish.

I don't understand. Where's the judge?

Don't ask.

Are you telling me we're going to get married by a miniature rabbi? What's going on here, julian?

There was even the time when you decided to go one on one with fluffy.

That fluffy, he needs to get through to Tabitha. Let Timmy through. Fluffy. You're getting no toys. Back! Come on. Come on.

Those were the times. Some were fun. Why do you do bad things to other people's louvres? He wants to be a little boy, a good boy. Maybe he can help Tabitha.

Help me how?

Once he becomes a little boy, Timmy can help his princess convert from being a witch into a human. Timmy sees you're surprised.

Surprised? I'm speechless.

Cookies for kids. And Tabby can change her clothes.

>What's wrong with my clothes?

Timmy has never mentioned it.

How's that working by the way?Ci

right here any moment.

Well it's good to gather around.

So what does Tabby think of Timmy's friends? Malls across the city. If you don't have a gift yet, you have until this evening to find that special something. Most stores close at 6, including the lcbo outlets and beer stores. We'll have a live report from the thick of things at 5:30. Meantime, the last minute shoppers are making this a happier season for toy retailers. Keith oppenheim tells us why.

We'll have all the day's top stories tonight at 5:30. Day's top stories tonight at 5:30. Until then for breaking news and information, log on to our websiet at canada dot com. Have a good afternoon.

Your vision of my future came true, i'd want to be dead. My life is perfect just the way it is. So is yours.

Timmy doesn't have as perfect of a life.

I don't know who you are, but i know there is evil in this car. And i'm here to stop the evil now!

No! No!

What are you doing?!

Turn away from the window, Timmy. Now's your chance. Hurry before he sees you.


Get away. Get away from me!

Help me. Help me. Help me!


So that was exactly perfect. That's part of what makes our lives non-stop excitement. Listen to me Timmy, before you start wishing to be a real boy, again, let me remind you of all those things that went right. We'll just see about that.On all wrapped up with 0% financing and a $500 holiday bonus

listen to me, Timmy. If you became a live boy, your life would be dullsville with a capital "d". You would lose out on the drama and emotional intrigue that made it a best seller. Take this shocking secret for the truth that lurks behind Harmony. It's all here.

That's what makes it so good.

That's what makes passion so dangerous. If Harmony gets wind of this book. By the way, it's now available in paperback. This is a fact, Timmy. You are an adrenaline junkie. You need the rush of life that Tabby gives you. To think of all the things we accomplished.

What are you doing?

If you want to worry about something, worry about this. We're coming, Timmy. Happy hallow we be, my children. -- Happy halloween, my children.

Oh, my God, it's an avalanche! (Screaming)

what's going on?

Oh, damian, you demon you! It's been far too long.

Let's get him!

Would you look at that. Being sucked in the bowels of the earth. I wondered what happened for entertainment.

I can't take it anymore! Get it done and over with! Oh, my God!

Now that's what i call entertainment. Don't tell me you'd give all that up just to become a life boy.

Tabby has convinced me.

I'm glad you came to your senses, lad. Why don't you whip up another batch of martinis and we will celebrate your decision to stay a living doll, my living doll.

Tabby help Timmy realized what his life would be.

I don't understand.

That's the point of Christmas. You know how much Timmy loves Tabby. And yet you still trying to zap him like a bug. Timmy doesn't allow it anymore.

Doesn't allow it?

The only way would stay a doll is if Tabby promises to leave Charity alone.

Have you forgotten i'm here to stop Charity's goodness? That's my job. If i don't do it, we're done for.

But Timmy loves Charity.

For heaven's sake, that's just a doll's crush on the brat.

Timmy loves Charity. Remember all the bad things Tabby has done to him.

Good night,y. You will be sleeping for 300 years. Wasn't that fun? I'll show you powerless! All the forces in the heaven and the universe.

Might as well give up. Timmy has a special power of goodness whenever Tabby decides to do bad things to her.

She's falling!

Oh, no, go away!

Did you come to save us?

Why don't you and your boss just go away and mind your own business? !

Not as long as you exist.

I'm going to wipe that smug little smile right off your face. My hands. My hands.

Charity 5, Tabitha, zero, zip, zilch, nada, nothing, Zippo.

You want to know what i think of your chant, Timmy?

Tabitha failed for a reason.

What reason is that?

>>Y and Charity are destined to be together. For that to happen, Timmy has to be a real boy.

Timmy, i told you, becoming a real boy won't happen just by wishing it.

It could ify helps Timmy. It's Christmas and she might be busy. That's the first sign of becoming a real boy.

And of me losing you.

>>Y loves his princess -- Timmy loves his princess. You don't have to do evil things.

No, Timmy, I have to be evil. I'm a pawn in the basement.

Can't you just be good like the other people are?

***Music is sung as Flashbacks are played. Various Scenes are shown.

The stars are brightly shining

on the night of the dear saviorís birth

long may the world

fall on your knees sneet and hear the angels calling -- voices

the night divine

oh, night

when Christ was born

oh, night...


Oh, night

oh, night divine

oh, fall on your knees

oh, hear the angels voices

oh, night divine

Tabitha: I do have joy in my life. I have you in my life. And doll or boy, you are my precious Timmy.

Timmy: And Tabby will always be Timmy's princess.

>>Timmy: †The holidays of Harmony are just getting started.

Tabitha: You will never be turned into a real boy.

What's your problem, dude?

This is my girlfriend! You back off!

There's no way Charity can get out. Miguel's just as good as mine.

I know what you're praying for. Praying for a miracle.

>Coming to Harmony is going to change my life. Something is waiting for me there. The key to my past.

You can't give up on Charity.

Bring it back to me.

Christmas is a perfect time for family reunions.

Please forgive me. I didn't mean to break your heart.

My son.

I can't think of anything that i would choose besides you.

It's all going to come out now, teresa.

She doesn't deserve what you have in store for her. It's too cruel.Io

very soon.

No, it can't be.

Using me is one thing but i will not go along with this.

It's part of our deal now.

What do you know, it's Julian Crane.

Who the hell are you?

I'm antonio fitzgerald.

I hope you burn in hell.

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