Passions Transcript Friday 12/21/01



Passions Transcript Friday 12/21/01

By Suzanne Lanoue

Sorry Guys this is the way that passions came through on my card, I hope you can tell who is who since youíre passions fans :)

And charity would be free.

It was a good idea if you want to die at your young but you know perfectly well that if charity were free, she'd go straight back to Miguel. They'd get married. They'd make love, and they'd be curtains for you and me.

You've told me 10,000 times.

Why can't you get it through your thick head? What are you doing up here anyway? H'mm?

I wanted to see what the magic has to say about -- no, Timmy, you mustn't. Timmy, now you've done it!

You make the best hot chocolate in the world. Even no offense to the cafe.

I agree. Her hot chocolate is the best.

Thank you.

I always hoped you would share your recipe with me, Pillar. I would even give you a commission.

I'm flattered. Really i am. But the recipe's a family secret.

You made it tonight because you think Antonio are coming home, right?

Well, it's one of Antonioís favorites.

I know. I know how much it would mean for you for Antonio to suddenly show up before Christmas. I haven't forgiven Antonio for abandoning his family after papa disappeared.

The church teaches forgiveness.

Luis told me about the phone call you got. He said you heard Antonioís voice?

I heard him very clearly. - median --

and then Luis got on the phone and heard Sheridanís voice.

It wasn't Sheridan. We all know Sheridanís not alive.

It just doesn't make any sense. How could I have heard a -- Antonioís voice on the same call Luis heard Sheridanís voice?

It's wishful thinking.

Maybe it's a sign they're coming home. I pray that real soon Antonio will walk through the front door and bring Sheridan with him.

That would definitely be a miracle.

I believe in miracles, Luis. I can almost sense i'm getting close -- I can almost sense them getting closer to home.

That smells like hot chocolate.

That's exactly what it is. My mother's secret recipe.

Oh, my goodness. This is fantastic. It's the best I ever tasted.

I'm glad you hike look -- you like it. She uses a secret ingredient.


How do you know that?

I don't know how i know anything. I have mania.

I'm glad you can laugh about it.

I can't spend my life whining.

It's my ma's secret recipe.

Oh, my goodness. It's the best i ever had!

nana, what is it? Did you remember something new?

Yeah, i just had another memory. I love drinking hot chocolate with his mother in the kitchen. It was so real.

You seem to be having more and more memory flashes lately.

I know. It's the closer we get to Harmony, the more memories i have. Maybe it does mean something to me. Maybe the key to my past is in Harmony.

Hello, Mrs. Crane.

Jerry, thank goodness. I thought you were going to be late.

I came as quickly as i could.

She should be here any minute.

Did you give her any information why you're flying her here from Bermuda.

I said it was urgent and i would make it well worth her while. This maid is my very best hope. If she can verify the woman in bed with Julian was Teresa, then Ethan will know that Teresaís carrying Julianís baby.

For give me, you don't even know for sure that she is pregnant. All you have are your suspicions and a teenager's member nation. How to you know it's your ex-husband's child?

I have more than charity's premonitions, jerry. I have my own very good maternal instincts. I know Teresa has a secret. And my instincts tell me she's pregnant with Julianís child. I will not let her marry my son. I will stop her if it's the last thing i ever do.

Teresa, why you crying? I bought this teddy bear to make you smile. Sweetheart, what is it?

I think I know Teresaís secret. I just came to see what it is.

what did i do?

Nothing. Ethan, nothing. It's just that -- it's Christmas, you know. Everybody gets emotional during Christmastime.


Hey, can i talk to you for a second?


She's okay. Teresa, you have to pull yourself together or Ethan will know something's wrong.

He can't.

You don't think so? You hear a teddy bear say mama and you fall apart? Ethan's not stupid.

I know, okay? Coming from the clinic knowing i made an appointment to have a -- it's too much for me.

In a way i'm glad he gave you the teddy bear. You have an actual, real live, growing baby inside of you Teresa.

No, i can't think of this as a baby. I canít.

Well, it is. If you can't accept that, then you're in major denial.

Not now, okay? I have to do something and fast. I can't let Ethan know i'm pregnant. Ivy, she's always watching me, looking for any signs that i'm keeping a secret.

It won't take long since you will be showing soon.

I have to take care of this situation before i marry Ethan and before she finds out anything.

I just that woman would hurry up and get here.

If you're so sure your instincts are right, why do you need that maid from Bermuda?

I have to be very, very careful the way i reveal Teresaís condition. The last time when it came out that Teresa had e-mailed my personal letter to the tabloids about Ethanís true paternity -- i don't care what anybody says, i know she did it -- Ethan blames me. In essence he shot the messenger.

So the maid will be the messenger this time.

Yes. Oh, Teresaís very cunning. She's very clever the way she manipulates Ethan. She gets what she wants by playing on his good heart and his willingness to believe the best in me.

It sounds like you know this girl well.

I know her very, very well, that lying little tramp. I'm not going to let her marry my son and ruin his life.

You're going to tell Ethan what the maid saw?

No, jerry. I have to be much more subtle than that. I'm going to have him workup here at the house and she can let it slip that she saw Teresa in bed with Julian and you can back the story up.

Happy to be of help.

Thank you, jerry. You know, i don't think it's going to take too long for this whole scenario to unfold. Ethan told Teresa he can't stomach any more lives. She swore she didn't have sex with Julian. If the maid puts the two of them in bed together, it will be the end of this whopping relationship between my son and that little witch once and for all.

You seem convinced you learned something about your past in Harmony.

I don't know why. I just hope my feelings are right. Maybe Iíll remember my family there.

I have an idea that'll make you feel pert.


Yeah. It'll be a chance for the two of us to spend some time together. What is it?

I just had another memory, a date with the man i love, on the are of in Harmony. I'm really convinced that Harmony could open up my memory. Maybe Iíll even find my family there.

Yeah, well i hope so.

You know, i know you're not as hopeful as i am about seeing your family. I really think you should be.

We'll see. Now that my brother still hates me. >>> Whatever you decide to do, i know it'll be for the best.

I hope so.

Remember, it is Christmastime and Christmas is time for family. Maybe it will soften your brother's heart towards you and he will be able to forgive you.

I don't know about that. I don't think that'll ever happen.

We both made wishes on the Christmas star. I really hope our wishes come true.

Yeah, i do too. I hope our wishes come true too, Diana. I hope nothing ever takes you away from me.

Now you've made it angry.

It's mighty temperamental.

Tell me about it.

Obviously it doesn't feel like answering questions about charity.

What are you talking about? ] envying g

Mrs. Crane, this is Sheila, the maid from the resort in Bermuda.

Hello, Sheila. How was your flight?

It was amazing. I've never flown on a private jet before, Mrs. Crane. I was waited on, served food and drink. It was incredible.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. You know, Sheila, there could be many such flights in your future, that is if you can help me with a small problem i have.

Oh, i'm happy to help if i can, ma'am.

Oh, you can. You see, Sheila, i think my son's fiancť has a secret. I think she's pregnant but not by my son. No. The baby that she is carrying is my ex-husband's, Julian crane.

Julian crane? He owns the resort where i work.

Yes, well never mind about that. When i spoke to you on the phone, i asked you if you remembered seeing mar. Crane at the resort and if you remembered seeing a woman in his bed.


Sheila, i want you to take a look at this picture, and i want to you tell me, is this the woman you saw in bed with mar. Crane?

Teresa, i think i know why you started crying when i gave you the teddy bear. You were thinking about your friend Lynne and her predicament, weren't you? I know how upsetting it was to find out she was pregnant and she was considering having an abortion, because i know how much you're against it. And, you know, Chad and i went into the family planning clinic ourselves and we were looking for you guys.


So i guess, you know, you saw the clinic too, right? And that got you thinking about how close Lynne came to ending her pregnancy.

You did see the clinic.

Well, i thought so. And, you know, just thinking what Lynne was going to do was enough to make Teresa sick. I know you think the same way i do. A fetus is a baby, not just a bunch of cells, right, Teresa? To think what Lynne almost did to her unborn child. That's why i'm so glad. When you get pregnant, i know you will put the baby first. You will never do anything to harm it.

What's wrong now?

There's a story to tell and it can only tell the story it wants to tell. The infamous Paul bernardo videotapes have been destroyed. Six years after bernardo was convicted of killing two teenage schoolgirls -- investigators now say the videotapes and other "sensitive evidence" no longer exists. O exists. We'll have all the day's top stories tonight on global news at 5:30. Now, su-ling go has today's news from the world of entertainment. We'll have more on all the day's top stories tonight at 5:30. Have a great

This is the story it wants to tell that they're having hot chocolate?

We're just going to watch.

Just for a little while. I want to make sure the Christmas decorations are put up properly he at the mansion.

I still don't understand how you can work for ivy crane after she attacked Teresa.

A wise person once said keeps your friends close to you but your enemies closer. Unfortunately, ivy has become Teresaís enemy.

Yeah. She coming home late?

Much late.

What's he looking at?

It's a letter from Sheridan. By Sheridanís attorney after her death. But in fact it will make his life more difficult, and more complicated.

I'll see you soon.

Good night, pillar.

It was just sitting right here. I couldn't help noticing the letter from Sheridan.


She said she wanted you to move on with your life if anything ever happened to her. Are you ready to do that? And will i be a part of your moving on?

That bevy is some nervy chick.

She's going after what she wants. I like that.

What's he going to do? He still wants Sheridan.

He's in a proper pickle, isn't he? He truly believes the love of his life is dead and now his old girlfriend wants to start up their relationship again. Oh, Timmy, there's more in those fragile hearts. It's Sheridan sailing straight for disaster.

I can't wait to get to Harmony. Maybe Iíll remember more about my past.

Sheridan can't remember her past?

No. She has amnesia. And that's not all, my little stuffed potato. The man she is sailing with is none other than Luis' brother Antonio.

No way.

Yep. And they're sailing straight into Harmony. Of course Luis has no idea that his brother has fallen in love with Sheridan. Oh, Timmy, when those two arrive in Harmony, it's going to be like a Molotov cocktail exploding. Everyoneís' lives are going to be turned upside-down.

Let's not talk about money anymore. I have an interview with a client next Wednesday.

Not so well. Once he realized i used to be a crane, he got nervous.

Because you were a crane?

Yeah. He's afraid to do anything to upset Julian and Alistair. He decided not to hire me.

That's awful. He didn't even give you a chance?

Yeah. I'm afraid i'm going to be facing that a lot. No one wants to be on the bad side of crane industries.

I'm sorry.

It's okay. Don't worry. We'll find something.

Hey, look, you're a good lawyer. You have a lot of experience with the crane industries. You don't have -- you'll have more time you can handle.

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Chad.

Chad's right. You will be absolutely fine. You have nothing but good things in your future.

Well, thanks for the support. Look, don't you go worrying i can't make a living. This is just a minor setback.

I wasn't worried about that. I know you will be a huge success.

I plan on having a booming law practice. Before you know it, Iíll get a house, start a family. I know how important children are to you.

Very important.

Me too. So don't worry. Hopefully we won't have to wait too long. I can't wait to see the look in your eyes first time you find out you're pregnant.

So is this the woman you saw in bed with mar. Crane?

Yes, this is the woman i told you about on the phone. I saw her with mar. Crane.

Okay, Sheila, i want you to take a look at this picture of mar. Crane. Are you sure this is the man you saw in bed with this woman?

Oh, yes, ma'am. I certainly remember the owner of the resort.

Okay. Just to be sure about everything, once again, you saw this woman in bed with mar. Crane.

What in God's name?!

Yes, they were in bed together. This woman and mar. Crane. I remember it clearly.

Oh, okay. I'm a little curious, are you sure? There was never any other woman with mar. Crane? I heard there was another young woman.

No, ma'am. This woman was the only woman mar. Crane was with on his last trip to the resort.

Thank you, Sheila. Now, jerry will take you to the service quarters, and you can find a uniform.

Excuse me, ma'am?

I would like you to work here at the house for a while, triple what you were making on the island.

I don't know what to say, Mrs. Crane.

Don't say anything, Sheila. You're doing me a huge favour.

Well, then, thank you.

Just go in the hall. Jerry will be right with you. I got her now, jerry! She's toast. I'm going to get that witch out of my son's wife once and for all. >> The pain and suffering away.

You can't make it such a Ė

well, i do. The centuries have been breaking up Luis and Sheridan over so many different lifetimes. This is a lifetime that they will be finally torn apart forever.

I'm sorry. I'm not ready to move on with my life and i don't know if i ever will be.

Of course. I understand. I just thought with Sheridan giving you permission, almost urging you to move on might make a difference to you.

No, really it doesn't. I was just telling my mother that i don't know if i'm ever going to be able to get on with my life. We've had this conversation before.

I know. I'm not trying to push you here.

Look, hey, if i do decide to move on, you'll be the first person to know, okay?

Don't hold your breath, baby, because Sheridan is heading back to Harmony full speed.

The wind just died.

Why? It was fine a minute ago.

I don't know. The sea's calm. If the wind doesn't pick up, we'll never make it to Harmony.

They can't stop now. They have to be in Harmony by Christmas. That's my Christmas present to myself. So they'll know the pain and suffering when Sheridan and Antonio arrive.

What are they going to do then?

I don't know. There's nothing i can do. They need wind. I will give them a bit of wind.

But how?

Just listen to me.

Hello. This is Ethan.

Ethan? It's your mother.

Hi, mother. How are you feeling?

I feel marvelous. I would love it if you and Teresa could come over right away.

You want us to come to the mansion?

Yes. I have something i would like to dipswitch both of you.

Yeah, okay, sure. We'll be right there. Bye. Hey, you guys have time to go to my mother's house? She wants to talk to Teresa and me.

About what?

She didn't say. She sounded very happy. It must be something very good.

I hope so.

What about you?

You don't think ivy knows.

There's no way, right? I'm not showing. No one saw me.

Why do you look so worried just now?

Ivy's always looking for a way to take Ethan away from me. I don't trust her.

Let's pray she doesn't find out about this little secret, all right?

You ladies ready?

Yes, we are ready.

Good evening, ivy. How are you feeling?

I couldn't be better.

Well, you're in a cheerful mood. Any particular reason?

Well, i know it may sound hard to believe, but i think my son Antonio will be coming home for Christmas.

Really. After all these years?

Yes. I spoke to him earlier and i really do think he's coming home.

Well, if it makes you happy, I'm glad for you, pillar. I thought you would be happy for a different reason.

A different reason?

I thought you might be happy because you're going to be a grandmother.

i'm sorry, Beth. I don't want to hurt you.

No. Don't worry about it. I may not always like the things you say, but at least i know you're honest. I always know where i stand with you. Listen, i better go. Thanks for the hot chocolate.

Yeah. See ya.

There's actually one thing i need to do before i go.

What's that?

That is some chance.

I can see i will have to put child-proof locks on all the magical video devices. There are some things adults shouldn't see. Did you do what i asked?

It is full of water.

Thank you, lad.

What's it doing?

I'm going to give Sheridan and her captain some wind.

What's that stuff?

I picked it up last time i was in the crane mansion. Watch the screen, Timmy. Watch the screen.

There must be something that we can do.

Unless you have a line to mother nature. We can't go anywhere without the wind.

You want wind, baby? I got you wind right here.

Where's that wind coming from?

I don't know, maybe you do have an in with Mother Nature.

It came from right here, Antonio, chap. Now get yourself right back into Harmony so i can see some real pain and suffering.

I don't understand. I don't know what you're talking about.

You don't?

No, i don't.

Pillar. You are as true a parent. If i had any doubt Teresa was pregnant before, i certainly don't now. Your eyes practically came out of their sockets when i called you a grandmother. Teresa's pregnant, isn't she?

Can i get you anything, Mrs. Crane?

No thank you, Sheila. Could you check back with me in a while?

Who is that woman, that new maid?

Oh, i didn't introduce you. I'm so sorry. Her name is Sheila.

I'm the housekeeper. It's my job to hire the staff. You hire her?

Yes, i did. She just arrived in the states. She was working down at the crane resort in Bermuda.

Crepe resort?

Mm-hmm. In fact, she remembers seeing Teresa there with Julian in a compromising position.


That's right, pillar. I have Teresa exactly where i want her, and i have proof. She's not going to weasel out of it this time.

Ivy, please. You can't do this.

Yes, i can. And I will. (Doorbell sounding) that'll be Ethan and Teresa. I asked them to come right over.

Everything in our lives would be perfect.

This is it, pillar. Ethan and Teresaís relationship is over. Ah, this is the perfect night.

i'm here for you, Luis. I will always be here for you.

We were young. Will i ever be able to forget you?

Not bloody likely, Luis, especially since very soon you're going to see the girl in the flesh. And just wait until you see who she's with, your long lost brother, Antonio. Oh, this is going to be a blast.

Someone's going to be hurt. Everyone.

Of course they will, lad. That's the fun of it.

I can't wait. I can't wait to see what Harmony has in store for me.

I didn't think you would be here.

Yes, I'm working.

Ethan, did Mrs. Crane say why shed to see us?

Teresa, i need to speak with you.

Ethan, come in, darling. Whitney, Chad, how are you doing?

Hey, Mrs. Crane.

How are you all? Where did Teresa go?

She went outside to talk to pillar. What's happening? What do you have to tell us?

I just had an early Christmas present for you and for Teresa, and I just couldn't -- couldn't wait to give it to her.

Did you need me, Mrs. Crane?

Yes, Sheila. You have perfect timing.

You look upset.

Ivy knows. Ivy knows you're pregnant with Julianís baby.

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