Passions Transcript Friday 12/14/01



Passions Transcript Friday 12/14/01

By Suzanne Lanoue  

Luis: Antonio is on the phone, and he wants to talk to me? He's about to get an earful.

Sheridan: Hello? Is anyone there?

Pilar: It's antonio?

Luis: A ghost. I -- i heard a ghost.

Pilar: Yes. Antonio.

Luis: No. Sheridan.

Pilar: You mean you heard your brother's voice on the phone -- antonio?

Sheridan: Hello? Is anyone there?

Brian: What's going on?

Sheridan: Nothing. I don't think anyone's there.

Brian: I knew it. I knew i shouldn't have called home.

Luis: Sheridan.

Ethan: What kind of guy dumps his girlfriend when she gets pregnant before they're ready?

Chad: I don't know. Type of guy who probably wasn't worth being with in the first place.

Ethan: Tell that to theresa and whitney's friend. She looks like she's at the end of her rope.

Chad: She'll be ok, man. Whitney will talk some sense into her.

Ethan: Yeah, I hope so. It would be a shame if she goes ahead with the abortion when she doesn't want to get one.

Chad: Yeah, because that would be pretty tough to put behind you.

Ethan: You know -- you know, I realize there's two sides to this issue, but for me personally, I can't see ending a pregnancy just because the timing is inconvenient. I'm just lucky theresa and I feel the same way so that we don't end up in the same boat as that poor girl over there.

Theresa: Yes, operator, I've got the number.

Theresa: Oh, what am I going to do?

Kay: "Bad cousin, good cousin, naughty and nice, let the former prevail, let the latter turn to ice. Bad cousin, good cousin, naughty and nice --"

tabitha: She's giving herself over to the dark side, timmy. The spell that she's casting to break up charity and miguel is turning out to be so powerful that no one will be able to escape it.

Timmy: Does princess mean that kay's won this time? Timmy don't think so. Kay looks like the one that's going to die. She's bleeding to death.

Tabitha: No, no, timmy. It's not kay's blood, it's the demons' blood. They're strengthening her confidence in casting the spell. I'll wager that charity's the one who's close to death now.

Kay: "Bad cousin, good cousin, naughty and nice, let the former prevail, let the latter turn to ice! Bad cousin, good cousin, naughty and nice --"

timmy: Princess!

Tabitha: Hush! I don't want to miss a single rivulet of blood.

Kay: "Naughty and nice" -- oh. "Bad cousin, good cousin, naughty and nice --"

tabitha: Oh, what a prize my kay has turned out to be. I -- i couldn't have cast a more diabolical spell myself at the height of my wicked powers. Oh, charity is doomed, as is her love life with miguel. Talk about a hot romance gone cold.

Charity: Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.

[Charity gasps]

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kay: What happened? Must have been one hell of a spell.

Kay: Oh, my God! That's from me? I was bleeding? I can't let anybody see me like this. Oh.

Kay: Got to go see what happened and if the spell worked and got rid of charity like it was supposed to.

Timmy: Did it work, princess? Did kay's spell finally break up charity and miguel for good?

Tabitha: Well, there's only one way to find out, timmy. We'll have to follow kay, see what havoc she and the book of spells have wreaked. Come on.

Pilar: Give me the phone, luis. I want to speak to antonio.

Luis: It is not antonio, mama, it is sheridan! She's alive!

Pilar: Mijo, no! It's been a long time, but I know the sound of my own son's voice! Let me have the phone!

Luis: No, you just want it to be antonio because we were just talking about him a few minutes ago.

Pilar: Luis, you want to hear sheridan's voice so badly, you think that it's she. It's imposible, luis. She is dead.

Sheridan: Don't you dare take it back now, brian. It was the right thing for you to call home.

Brian: But you didn't hear what my brother said about me.

Sheridan: What's the difference? The important thing is that you tell your mother that you're all right and that you still love her. The rest will take care of itself.

Brian: Easier said than done.

Sheridan: Look, don't walk away from the opportunity of reconnecting with your family. Do you know what i would give to be able to talk to someone who loved me? Anything in the world. Please, don't throw this opportunity away.

Brian: It's different for you, diana. I'm sure whoever your family is that they loved you and they still do. My family hates me, and they have good reason. Look, I should have never let you talk me into calling them. Just hang the phone up.

Luis: You were confused, mama. You hit your head when you fainted.

Pilar: I fainted because I heard antonio's voice.

Luis: Well, you couldn't have because it is sheridan. I know it is!

Pilar: Then speak to her. If she's there, go on, son, talk to her.

Brian: Do as I say and hang the phone up -- now.

Whitney: I wish i knew what to say to make it all better.

Lynn: I just don't know how things got so messed up. If you would have told me a couple of months ago that I'd be alone and pregnant, i would have never believed you. God, gavin and i were so happy. We had so many plans for the future, and now I don't know what I'm going to do. I just wish I could turn back the clock and be as full of hopes and dreams as theresa is with ethan. Well, I'm glad things are working out for somebody.

Whitney: Things aren't always what they seem.

Theresa: Tell me this isn't happening.

Eve: I'm so sorry, honey.

Theresa: God, i'm pregnant with julian crane's baby! I can't tell ethan the truth. I can'T. This is the only way.

Ethan: Listen, I know it's none of my business, but it seems to me this guy you were going to marry isn't worth all that much if he insisted you get rid of your baby.

Chad: Did you ever think that maybe you're better off without him?

Lynn: Don't hate gavin. You know, he's just not ready to be a father. This is first year of med school, and he has a long way to go after that.

Chad: Look, I ain't trying to trash your guy or nothing, but, i mean, we are talking about a baby that you and him made together.

Lynn: That's what I told him, but he gave me an ultimatum -- either my future with him or this baby i'm carrying.

Whitney: My God. Theresa, you can't do this.

Reese: I know what charity's game is. She's turned the tables on us. She knew that if she disappeared, she'd smoke us all out in the open and then she could tag us all at once. Kay's the only smart one. She went off by herself. That way charity wouldn't find her.

Miguel: Reese is probably right. Look, I think we should take kay's lead and split up.

Jessica: Ok, cool.

Miguel: All right, see you later.

Tabitha: I'm almost as anxious as kay is to see if her bloody spell did the trick. Oh.

Timmy: Watch it, princess!

Tabitha: Oh. Kay's seen something up ahead, and it must be pretty juicy. Her eyes are almost bulging out of her head. Come on, lad.

Kay: Oh, my God.

Kay: The spell must have worked.

Tabitha: It is a bit chilly out. Methinks charity should have dressed more warmly for this evening.

Timmy: Don't mock timmy's charity. Is she still alive?

Tabitha: Just frozen stiff, lad. No doubt she'll emerge as fresh as a daisy when all the ice melts. Let's just hope the big thaw waits until kay has all the time she needs to make miguel fall in love with her. Lovely spell, lad. I must remember it for the future.

Miguel: Kay?

[Tabitha gasps]

miguel: Is that you?

Tabitha: Oh, no. That's miguel. If he sees charity in that ice block, then he'll free her immediately and all kay's fine work will be for naught.

Pilar: Go on. Go on, son. If it is sheridan, you must have lots to say to her.

Brian: Do as I say, diana. Hang up the phone.

Sheridan: No. I won'T.

Brian: It's my family.

Sheridan: Which is why you should talk to them. Look, no matter how bad you think things are, I'm sure they want to talk to you, I'm sure they want you home.

Brian: You know what? You're wrong about that.

Sheridan: Well, you know what? If you won't talk to them, then i will.

Pilar: Go on, mijo. Unless you're afraid you imagined sheridan's voice.

Luis: No, I -- sheridan, it's -- it's me. It's luis. I love you. N't concentrate.

luis: Sheridan, where are you? Because I will come get you wherever it is. Sheridan? Sheridan, say something.

Pilar: She's not there, is she?

Luis: Hello? Hello!

Pilar: Son?

Luis: The line went dead.

Sheridan: Brian, give it back.

Brian: It's too late. I already disconnected it.

Sheridan: Why? You know you wanted to talk to your family.

Brian: Yeah? So what when they don't want to talk to me?

Sheridan: Look, whatever you heard your brother saying, I'm sure he didn't mean it.

Brian: Oh, he meant it, all right. Look, diana, no offense, this is my life, so why don't you back off, ok?

Luis: Damn it! Damn it! Damn it.

Tabitha: Rats! I'm too far away to stop miguel. If someone doesn't stall him, he'll see charity in that block of ice and then kay will never be able to steal him away for herself.

Kay: Hey, miguel.

Miguel: Hey, what are you doing here? Where have you been?

Kay: Trying to hide from charity. You haven't seen her, have you?

Miguel: No, I'm trying to hide from her, too. You know, if we stay out here in the open like this, she's going to catch us for sure.

Kay: You're right. Let's go find a hiding place. Come on, let's go.

Miguel: I'm coming. I was just thinking, though, that, like, this is the first time since i've met charity that i haven't wanted to see her.

Kay: Oh, that's sweet.

Miguel: I know everyone thinks our relationship's pretty sappy, but i can't help it. I love her, you know, and if anything happened to her, I don't know what I'd do. I think it would kill me.

Theresa: What are you doing, whitney? This is hard enough.

Whitney: I am not going to let you do something that i know you're going to regret. Honey, your whole life you've dreamt about having a baby.

Theresa: Ethan's baby, not julian's. Give me the phone.

Whitney: No. Uh-uh. Not until you think this through. You can't make a major, life-changing decision when you're out of your mind with confusion and fear.

Theresa: Don't you get it, whitney? If i had another choice besides abortion, I'd take it. But I don'T. What's that saying? There's no such thing as a little pregnant. You either are or you're not.

Whitney: Ok. You're pregnant. And you wish the father of your baby was someone else.

Theresa: It's worse than that, whitney. I'm pregnant by the man ethan grew up believing was his father. If ethan finds out, it'll kill him. I can't tell him, whitney. I can'T.

Whitney: Ok, but what about the baby, huh?

Theresa: What do you mean?

Whitney: This isn't just about you and ethan. The decision you make is going to affect your baby, too, honey. Really want to make me cry

Singer: You are my passion for life

miguel: You know, I always thought that falling in love was something that always happened to other people or in the movies. Now I don't know what I'd ever do if I lost charity.

Tabitha: Don't buckle, kay dear. The last thing you need right now is an attack of conscience.

Miguel: I mean, even hell couldn't tear charity and me apart. And it's a good thing we're only playing hide-and-seek right now because if charity and i were really separated, I wouldn't stop looking for her for the rest of my life.

Kay: No, I guess you wouldn't, would you?

Miguel: Come on. Let's go find a place to hide.

Kay: You know what? You go. I'm going to try to find a hiding place on my own.

Miguel: Oh. You figure you got a better chance of winning if you stay by yourself. You're probably right. You always did have the killer competitive instinct. I'll catch you later.

Kay: Ok.

Father lonigan: To come between a love like theirs would be virtually impossible.

Kay: Could evil even do it?

Father lonigan: Split them? Yes. But only a very great evil.

Kay: What am I doing? Such a waste of time. I'm just going to end up blowing my chance with miguel like i always do. I guess I better go tell him charity's stuck in a block of ice.

Tabitha: Has she lost her mind? This girl's almost home free. Oh. The last thing she needs now are these pesky little pangs of conscience. They're going to ruin everything.

Brian: Look, diana, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have snapped at you like that.

Sheridan: No, I'm the one who's sorry. I shouldn't have interfered in your personal life.

Brian: That's what I mean. I appreciate the fact that you're trying to help. I know that's what you're doing, but a reconciliation between me and my family -- it's not going to happen.

Sheridan: But you hardly spoke two words to your mother.

Brian: I could hear what my calling was setting in motion. The last thing i want to do is cause any friction between my brother and my mother.

Sheridan: Are you sure you heard him correctly? I mean, the connection really wasn't all that clear.

Brian: Yeah, it was clear enough to understand what he was saying. And besides, i don't blame him for feeling the way that he does. If he'd have ran out on the family the way that i did, i'd probably feel the same way.

Sheridan: Even so, what about your mother? I'm sure she would give anything to talk to you.

Brian: No, it would just set my brother off again. Look, diana, i've caused my family enough pain. The last thing i want to do is cause them any more.

Luis: I know that that was sheridan on the phone. Why the hell would the line go dead? Maybe sheridan's in trouble. Maybe she was calling for help and got cut off. I've got to find her.

Pilar: Luis, listen to me, mijo. You're not going to help anything by getting upset.

Luis: Upset? I'm a little beyond upset, mama. Where could she be?

Pilar: Luis, por favor, you're not being rational, son. It could not have been sheridan on the phone. She's gone mijo.

Luis: No. I used to think that, too, but, mama, I've got this sense. Call it a sixth sense, whatever you want, but i've got this feeling that sheridan is alive. And now I know it. Mama, it was sheridan's voice. I know that I heard sheridan's voice.

Pilar: And I know that i heard antonio's voice.

Luis: Antonio? Why the hell would antonio be calling here after all these years? He doesn't give a damn about this family.

Pilar: We don't know that. We don't know anything about the reasons why he left of why he's staying away. And perhaps he would have explained if i had been able to speak to him.

Luis: Mama, look, I'm sorry, all right? I know that you want this family to be the way that it was years ago. It's not going to happen. And I know that it wasn't antonio on the phone because I know that I heard sheridan.

Pilar: Luis, mijo, I know that's what you want to believe, but you're a policeman. You deal in facts, and the fact is sheridan died.

Luis: Yeah. A few months ago, I would have believed that. But a few months ago, I hadn't yet looked into the eyes of real live demons. I hadn't seen my brother trapped in the jaws of hell. So i'm not such a stickler for facts anymore because now i know that real life can be far more unimaginable than anything the human mind could dream up. I know that sheridan is alive. I can feel it. I just have to figure out where she was calling from.

Pilar: Can you do that?

Luis: Watch me. Damn. It's supposed to connect with the last person who called. It's not working. Wait a second. Got it. Operator, yeah, this is ofc. Lopez fitzgerald of the Harmony p.D. I just received an urgent call. I need you to trace that caller and its whereabouts. Now.

Theresa: But my pregnancy's not very far along, whitney. I wasn't thinking of the baby as a -- a baby.

Whitney: Well, that's what he or she plans on becoming.

Theresa: I can't believe I'm considering abortion. You know, I've always been taught there are other alternatives. If only I could pass the baby off as ethan's.

Whitney: Theresa, no. My God, it's horrible.

Theresa: Then i don't know what else to do.

Whitney: Please, theresa, don't. Don't do this.

Theresa: I don't want to, whitney. Yes. I need to make an appointment, please. Pounding on piano ]

jingle bells, jingle bells

[ child yelling ]

Sheridan: Look, I don't know if i have a brother. But if i did, I can't imagine staying mad at him forever.

Brian: Look, let's not fight, diana.

Sheridan: I don't want to fight, either, but you're being really pig-headed.

Brian: Yeah, so i've been told.

Sheridan: I think you're just exaggerating about what you heard your brother say. So, he's mad at you for leaving the family. That doesn't mean that he hates you.

Luis: How many years have we waited for antonio to come home at christmas? It's not the worth the pain. It's not worth the hurt that he's caused this family.

Brian: I know what I heard, diana. He told my mother not to waste her time talking to me.

Sheridan: Even after all these years? I'm sorry, but it sounds like your brother is as pig-headed as you are.

Brian: Well, that could be. He always was a stubborn kid.

Sheridan: Aren't families supposed to be about unconditional love and forgiveness and understanding? I mean, if your brother doesn't feel any of those things for you, then, i'm sorry, I don't know what kind of person he is, but he's definitely someone that i don't ever want to know.

Luis: Operator's going to call me back as soon as she traces the number.

Pilar: I just don't want you to get your hopes up.

Luis: Why not, mama? That's all i have left. You'll see. As soon as the operator traces the number, we'll call sheridan. We'll find out where she is. You'll see. I know what I'm talking about.

Kay: Miguel can't be very far ahead. I'm going to go tell him. I'm going to tell him charity's stuck in a block of ice. He doesn't have to know I had anything to do with it.

Tabitha: There you are, kay. Feeling any better, dear?

Kay: Not really.

Tabitha: Oh, what a shame on such a lovely, sparkly night. It's miguel again, isn't it?

Kay: It's always miguel.

Tabitha: Oh, I'm so sorry things haven't worked out the way you wanted. You two have always struck me as the ideal twosome, much better suited to one another than he and charity.

Kay: Try telling him that.

Tabitha: Well, I would, but he wouldn't listen to me. Charity's his first love, and men never seem to get over that initial first crush. Oh, well. See you later, dear. Chin up.

Kay: You know, when i think about it, i was miguel's first crush. I mean, he even admitted that we'd be together if she hadn't come to town.

Tabitha: I think it worked, timmy. Kay's remembering that actually miguel liked her first.

Timmy: Even if kay changed her mind, miguel's bound to find charity frozen in ice sooner or later.

Tabitha: I'm not so sure, lad. I have the distinct feeling that we've only seen the tip of the iceberg as far as kay is concerned. Hold on to your hat, lad. Well, I know you haven't got a hat. It's just a figure of speech.

Kay: What the heck is that?

Timmy: All timmy can say is wow.

Tabitha: Come on, lad. This show's going on the road.

Lynn: I hope whitney and theresa realize how lucky they are to have boyfriends like you. If one of them got in trouble, you'd never suggest that they got rid of the baby.

Ethan: Not in a million years. It would go against everything i ever believed in.

Whitney: Hang up the phone before you make the biggest mistake of your life.

Theresa: You know, that's easy for you to say. You're not the one who's pregnant by the most horrible man in the world.

Whitney: So what if it's julian's baby. It's your baby, too.

Theresa: Stop saying that.

Whitney: No. Not until you understand exactly what you're about to do. This is not another one of your crazy schemes that once you realize that you were wrong, you get a do-over. If you end this pregnancy, that's it. Forever and ever, theresa. Honey, think about what you're doing.

Chad: You know, maybe it'd help for you to just get away for a while, you know? I mean, being here in Harmony where you and gavin met probably isn't helping.

Lynn: My family does have a ski home in the mountains.

Ethan: Hey, what's wrong?

Lynn: Gavin and I were planning on spending christmas there this year. And now I'll never see him again.

Chad: Hey.

Theresa: Lynn needs you, whitney. You better go see what's wrong.

Whitney: I'm not going anywhere until you hang up that phone.

Theresa: All right. You win.

Whitney: Don't you dare touch that phone while i'm gone. You understand?

Theresa: Yes, i'm sorry. I was disconnected. I need to make an appointment.

Theresa: I'm sorry. I really am. A sponge can hold germs.o ceayisot u edE igge now new ve men in investigation.Also5,agedy on in - isesconcernsabousaonnealabama's sies adways. N ouwhatne mayo wants out en...So...I @on' ca e @ adAlive,it@ way..) E residen aco wo -- atme can es closing inn osama n N. J

Brian: Look, don't be so quick to pass judgment on my brother.

Sheridan: I can't help it. If your brother really has no use for someone in his own family, then i don't know what kind of person he could be.

Brian: Look, I'm the one who walked out on him when he was barely more than a kid.

Sheridan: Yeah, but he's an adult now, isn't he? He should be grown-up enough to understand that sometimes people do what they have to do.

Brian: Thanks. Thanks for taking my side.

Sheridan: Who else's side am i going to be on? I know you, brian. I know that you are a thoughtful and compassionate and caring person who would give the shirt off his back to anyone who needed it.

Brian: I'm glad that you see me that way, but there are things that you don't know about me, things that happened between me and my brother. Now, he's got every reason to hate me. Some he doesn't even know about.

Pilar: You cannot make it ring by staring at it, luis.

Luis: I know. I know.

Pilar: But when it does, I'm afraid you'll be disappointed. The operator's going to give us antonio's number.

Luis: Ok. Let's just say for the sake of argument that you're right. Let's say antonio did pick tonight to call out of the blue after all these years.

Pilar: He did. I knew he would someday.

Luis: All right. So when you fainted and dropped the phone, that's when antonio got disconnected. And then sheridan called.

Pilar: Oh, luis --

luis: Mama, I know it's a stretch, but that's the only thing that i can figure out. What's the difference? Only thing that matters is that i get sheridan's number. Then i can call her and find out where she is.

[Phone rings]

luis: Yes, operator? I've got the number. Thank you. I got the number.

[Phone rings]

luis: Come on, sheridan. Answer the phone. Answer the phone.

Sheridan: Maybe it's liz.

Brian: No, I can see who the caller is. It's my mother's house.

Sheridan: See, i told you that they wanted to talk to you. Answer it.

Brian: I don't know if that's such a good idea.

Sheridan: Oh, brian, come on. This phone call could change your life. All right, chicken, if you won't answer it, then I will.

Whitney: Lynn, what happened? Are you ok?

Lynn: It's just so hard.

Chad: Where did you disappear to?

Whitney: I had to go to the ladies' room.

Chad: Where's theresa?

Whitney: She'll be back soon. It's ok. It's all right.

Theresa: Yes, i'd like to make an appointment as soon as possible. That's right, an abortion.

Ethan: What? An abortion? What are you doing, theresa?

Miguel: Hey, guys. Anyone seen charity yet?

Jessica: Not me.

Reese: Me, neither.

Simone: Well, we all just joined up with each other. I can't imagine where charity would be looking for us.

Miguel: Look, I'm tired of this game. I think it's time for us to start looking for charity instead of letting her --

[jessica screams]

reese: What's wrong?

Miguel: Oh, my God. Something could have happened to charity. We've got to find her.

Kay: Am i dreaming or what?

Tabitha: Is this fun, or is this fun?

Tabitha: I always said that girl had a natural glow about her.

Kay: Charity, is that you? Unding on piano ]

jingle bells, jingle bells

[ child yelling ]

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