Passions Transcript Monday 12/10/01



Passions Transcript Monday 12/10/01

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Tabitha: Oh. It's so bloody frustrating, timmy. So far, in her attempt to win miguel, kay has used the book of spells to turn herself into a panther and into charity. Meanwhile, the real charity and miguel are closer than ever.

Timmy: Maybe their love is too strong for anything to break it up.

Tabitha: That better be your martimmy talking. There are plenty of spells in the book of evil for kay to experiment with and try to tear charity and miguel apart. Eventually, one of them will work.

T.C.: I don't get it, sam. What is hastings doing here?

Sam: David claims that he wants to help grace and me move back into our home asap.

Hank: You don't buy that, do you, bro?

Sam: I don't trust anything he says or does. Despite all the proof he's given to show he and grace are married, i still don't believe it.

T.C.: Sam, i hear you. But why would he go through all the trouble if he wasn't grace's husband? I mean, what is this guy's motivation if he's not legit?

Sam: I don't know. There's just something strange about that guy.

Ivy: You're not going anywhere, david. You're going to stay and finish the job I hired you to do -- break up sam and grace for good.

David: No, no, you didn't hire me. You blackmailed me. Ivy, i've done everything I can to break them up. Their love for each other is -- it's unshakable.

Ivy: No, I don't accept that. Now, i am going to tell you the next step in my plan, and it's going to work. I'm going to get sam back, and you're going to make it happen.

David: Sorry, grace. But with what ivy has planned, you and sam don't stand a chance.

Grace: Hey, guys.

Jessica: Hey.

Grace: It's going to be beautiful.

Charity: Thank you, aunt grace.

Jessica: I hope so. I got enough on my hands.

Grace: Charity, you feeling better?

Charity: Yeah. I haven't had any premonitions or a sense of evil since we left tabitha'S.

Reese: Interesting.

Charity: I hope my premonitions are wrong, aunt grace. I really do. I would hate to think that a baby would destroy or cause any pain, or that anybody would want to break up me and miguel, for that matter.

Jessica: But you're still convinced that you saw an image of yourself at tabitha's -- not once but twice.

Reese: Very interesting.

Charity: I swear that evil disguised itself as me.

Miguel: Chief bennett explained what that was all about, charity. You were just seeing your reflection in the mirrors.

Charity: But it seemed so real.

Miguel: No, no, look. What's real is our love, charity. No one's going to ever break us up.

Sheridan: Oh, my goodness. I remember!

Pilar: Ethan, there is something you need to know. So it's true, huh? You're pregnant with julian's baby?

Theresa: It's awful, but, yes, it's true.

Ethan: What is it, pilar? What's troubling you?

Ivy's voice: It's about theresa. It has to be.

Luis: Mama, what is it that you need to tell ethan?

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timmy: Timmy wants to go home. He's still sore from the fall.

Tabitha: You're sore? I'm the one you fell on from two floors up. Stop whining and start listening. We have got to keep our tabs on kay, make certain she stays focused on trying to break up charity and miguel.

Simone: Charity senses that someone's trying to break up her and miguel, and I know that someone is you, kay.

Kay: Yeah, I -- i cast an evil spell that changed me into charity so that i could fool miguel.

Simone: Hmm. Well, I know it seems impossible. Considering everything that happens around here, i'd believe just about anything.

Kay: Simone, if i had the power to cast spells, don't you think I would've used one that works?

Simone: I guess.

Kay: I think the paint fumes are starting to get to you because you're losing it.

Simone: You know what, kay? Just be careful because every time that you try to break up charity and miguel, something bad always happens.

Kay: Nothing bad is going to happen this time. Because I know that book has a spell that i can use to break miguel and charity up, and I will use it to make him mine.

Sam: Hey.

Grace: Hi, there.

Sam: How's charity doing? You know, I worry about the toll her premonitions take on her.

Grace: Well, they're both a gift and a burden. But, you know, i don't think what charity saw earlier was real. So much of it was so outlandish.

Sam: A baby who destroyed lives?

Grace: Evil coming between her and miguel? I mean, don't repeat this, but charity thought that the evil was kay.

Sam: Kay? Kay. Well, look, I know our daughter isn't perfect, but i hardly think she's evil.

Grace: And she would never come between them. Never.

Tabitha: Ha. Get a clue, gracie. Not only will kay try to break up the sappy couple, she'll succeed if our side as anything to do with it.

Timmy: Then timmy and charity can live happily ever after.

Tabitha: Hmm. Speaking of happiness, casa bennett is full of it. Everything is oozing new and fresh and bursting at the seams with goodness.

Timmy: That's the way a home should be.

Tabitha: Tell that to our friends in the basement, timmy. Come on, we've got work to do.

Brian: You recognize the picture?

Sheridan: It's amazing. Where is it?

Brian: Harmony. I went on to check the weather for our practice sail tonight, ended up surfing the net, thought I'd check out some sights in Harmony.

Sheridan: I knew Harmony meant something to me. I've been there before! That's why i recognize the wharf!

Brian: Don't get your hopes up, diana, because all those little quaint new england wharves -- they all look the same.

Sheridan: Maybe. I just -- no, brian. I recognize that wharf because I have been there before in a memory with the man that i loved. If a picture of Harmony can jog my memory, then I'm sure going there and seeing the places I've been and the people I knew will help me remember who i am, and I owe it all to you!

Pilar: Ethan, my daughter loves you so very much, and it's true she's made mistakes, terrible mistakes. But her love for you is real and deep.

Ethan: I know.

Pilar: No, ethan, you don't know everything, and -- and you must. I'm so afraid for theresita, I am so worried that what's happened has destroyed her life.

Ivy: I knew this was about theresa. She's keeping something else from ethan, something huge.

Luis: It's all right. You just take your time, ok?

Pilar: I hate saying this, but the truth is that --

ethan: Pilar, it's all right. And you don't have to say the rest. I know what this is about. It's about julian and theresa.

Tabitha: Good evening, all.

Grace: Oh. Hey, tabitha.

Miguel: Hey, tabitha.

Tabitha: I saw the lights on, so i came to see if I could help.

T.C.: You know, tabitha, it's nice of you to offer, but I don't think you want to paint.

Tabitha: I'll have you know i'm the grandma moses of Harmony. Just give me a brush and show me where to work my magic.

Grace: Well, perfect. You know, I think in the foyer, here, there's a wall.

Tabitha: Ok.

Grace: Start with that.

Reese: I don't like the idea of letting a witch help us paint. She'll probably cast a spell on your new house.

Jessica: Would you just stop with the tabitha's-a-witch routine?

Miguel: Yeah, reese, we're all sick of it.

Reese: All right. But when you find out she's tainted the place, you're going to wish you would've listened to me.

Jessica: Ok, we'll see.

Miguel: Whatever.

Timmy: What's tabby really up to?

Tabitha: Our housewarming gift is a medley of hexes hither and thither. We can't allow the bennetts' lives to be too blissful, timmy, and my job is to ensure that they have wall-to-wall misery.

Sam: Hey. We'll be able to move in soon.

Grace: I know, I can't wait. To have our family all together and being in our home.

Sam: After what we've been through this year, rebuilding our house is like a fresh start for us. And nothing bad is going to happen. Hey. What's wrong?

Grace: Charity had a premonition earlier. I tried to put it out of my head because it was so ridiculous. I guess I just didn'T.

Sam: What was it about?

Grace: She saw you and ivy together, kissing.

Sheridan: I am sure that Harmony holds a key to my past in remembering who i am!

Brian: Diana, slow down, because I don't want to see you get hurt.

Sheridan: I've been on that wharf before. I know it! I had a memory of being there with the man i loved.

Brian: I know you think that, but maybe just because you saw the picture you forced this into something, you know, that's a memory that's really not real.

Sheridan: Maybe you're right. What are the odds that i could have any ties to Harmony? It's like you said -- I want to remember so badly that I'm letting hope win out over reason. Well, if that's the case, then i probably shouldn't even sail to Harmony with you after all.

Pilar: You know what I have to say is about theresa and julian?

Ethan: Yeah. It was foolish of me not to realize it sooner.

Luis: Realize what? What else did julian do to theresa?

Ethan: Think about it, luis. I mean, pilar said she's afraid what happened to theresa might destroy her life. That can only mean one thing, and it'd have to be something so serious that it would cause theresa and me to split apart forever.

Theresa's voice: Oh, God. Ethan knows I'm pregnant with julian's baby.

Ethan: I made it clear to theresa that in a relationship, honesty and trust are more important to me than anything. And I also told her that if i ever found out she was keeping a secret from me, I couldn't marry her, and I meant it. That's what this is about, pilar, isn't it? The secret theresa tried to keep from me.

Pilar: Yes, ethan. That is what this is about.

Ivy's voice: I knew it!

Jessica: I'm glad charity's feeling better. She gave mom a really big scare. She's so lucky to have somebody like miguel. Seems like they grow closer every day.

Kay: I'm not just going to sit here and watch charity and miguel get closer. There's a spell in that book that's going to make him mine, and I'm going to go find it.

Tabitha: These hexes are the gift that keeps on giving. Insurance that bad things keep happening to grace and company.

Timmy: Timmy's not high on hexes. And besides, won't the bennetts notice tabitha's graffiti?

Tabitha: Oh, of course not, dim-tim. I'm not leaving them visible. I'm going to paint over them over so no will see them. But their effects will be felt for years to come.

Reese: Aha, witch! I knew you were up to no good, but this time I have proof! You're casting spells on this house!

Tabitha: Oh, what are you talking about, ross? These are just harmless doodles.

Reese: Yeah, harmless to denizens of the dark side. Just wait till everybody sees this. They're going to know I'm right. You're a witch!

Tabitha: Unhand me, you nasty, rude boy!

Reese: I'm not letting you out of my sight till everyone comes and sees your hellish handiwork!

Timmy: Oh --

reese: Tabitha was drawing symbols on the wall.

Timmy: Poor princess.

Reese: It's right there!

Timmy: Timmy wonders how she'll get out of this one.

Reese: Just come and take a look. I promise --

sam: Charity had a premonition of ivy and me kissing? Trust me, that will never happen.

Grace: It's just that charity saw it.

Sam: Wait a second. You were eavesdropping on us?

David: No, but I heard what you were saying, and i can't say i'm surprised. Charity saw what i've been saying is true all along. You're still in love with ivy, and eventually you're going to leave grace to be with her.

Sam: You son of a --

grace: Uh, david --

pilar: Yes, ethan. This is about the secret that theresa tried to keep from you. I'm so sorry that this has happened, so very sorry.

Ethan: Pilar, it's ok. Nothing's changed. I still want to marry theresa.

Pilar: You do?

Ethan: Yes. Look, I just think you're having a delayed reaction to julian and theresa getting married. It's like posttraumatic shock or something.

Pilar: Yeah, I'm definitely in shock.

Ethan: Pilar, like any concerned and loving mother, you're worried that because theresa married julian, there'd be huge repercussions and that i won't want to marry her. But I swear to you that's not the case. Look, what happened between -- between julian and theresa hasn't changed anything. I still love your daughter. I still want to marry her and spend my life with her and the children we'll have together.

Pilar: Children. Ethan, what's happened between theresa and julian has changed everything.

Sheridan: Maybe I want to remember who I am so badly that i fooled myself into having these false memories. I mean, maybe Harmony just sounds familiar because I want it to.

Brian: I don't want to bring you down, diana. I just don't want you to get your hopes up and be all disappointed.

Sheridan: So you don't think my going to Harmony is a waste of time? Maybe I am forcing these memories, but I don't think so. I am sure that i have been on that wharf before.

Brian: Wouldn't that be something?

Sheridan: I know you're afraid that I'll be let down. But there's a chance that i won't, and that's a chance that i have to take. It's the only chance that i might have at remembering who i am.

Brian: You really want to sail back to Harmony, don't you?

Sheridan: Yes. And with you there, what could possibly go wrong?

Brian: All right. All right, we'll do it.

Sheridan: Thank you, brian. I don't know what I would do without you.

Brian: Well, first things first because we do need to do that practice sail to make sure you're ok for the ocean. Liz is packing up some food for us now.

Sheridan: I'll go get it. I'll meet you down at the boat.

Brian: All right.

Sheridan: You know, I really hope I don't frightened out at sea. I'm convinced that Harmony is going to change my life.

Brian: Harmony is going to change my life, that's for sure. I just don't know if i'm ready for it.

Singer: You are my passion for life

grace: Sam, please. I mean, you know, the kids? The family.

Sam: I still don't want him hanging around us, eavesdropping on us.

Grace: Just let me talk to david, ok?

Sam: Ok, fine. But you put that bum in his place.

Grace: You know, it really wasn't very nice of you to eavesdrop on us.

David: You know, you really should listen more to charity's premonitions. When we were together, you had premonitions and they were almost always true.

Grace: Almost. But her seeing sam kiss ivy isn'T.

David: Really?

Grace: You know, david, when are you going to leave Harmony?

David: I told you. When i know, when I'm absolutely sure that you're happy.

Grace: Oh. Well, see, i am happy. So you can leave anytime.

David: I don't buy it, grace. Your niece's premonition got to you because you know there's enough truth in it that it could really happen.

Reese: Forget nut case norma and her numskull father. This time I have positive proof that tabitha is a witch. Behold, her witchcraftiness. See the evil she's been up to?

Hank: Yeah, you've got tabitha this time, reese. Mm-hmm.

T.C.: Yep, that is some evil.

Reese: Vindication at last.

Simone: Yeah, for tabitha.

Reese: Huh?

Jessica: All she did was finish painting the wall.

Reese: What? But -- no, but -- but they were here! I -- i saw them! How'd you do it, witch? How did you make those evil symbols disappear?

Tabitha: I'm sorry, ross, but I really don't know what you're talking about.

Reese: You did something to make those symbols vanish. I know you did.

Tabitha: But I was with you, dear. Remember?

Reese: Oh. Right. Aha!

He did it. Your living doll primered over the wall while we were gone.

Hank: Tabitha's doll painted the wall?

Reese: He's trying to cover for tabitha.

Tabitha: What an imagination he has. You know, you might have a future in network television.

Reese: Was that a putdown?

Tabitha: And as far as the paint on timmy's gloves goes, I must've got him too close to the wet trim while i was trying to help my dear neighbors ready their rebuilt home.

Reese: Don't believe her. Timmy primered that wall.

T.C.: Yeah. Well, sugar bear, maybe we should ask tabitha to bring timmy over and paint our kitchen.

Simone: Oh, well, you know, he does great work. Mm-hmm.

Reese: But tabitha and then timmy --

hank: Maybe you should just sit down, chill out for a little while, reese, ok?

Jessica: Yeah.

Simone: Sorry, tabitha. Once again, we apologize for reese.

Reese: Ugh. Wipe away the paint on that wall! You'll see the proof!

Tabitha: Thank you, timmy. Geek boy almost had me there.

Timmy: Timmy doesn't like what tabby's doing, but he couldn't let his princess go down in flames again.

Tabitha: Yes, i know. I've got to be more careful. But I've still got more hexes i've got to put about down here.

Timmy: Hasn't tabby done enough?

Tabitha: Oh, no. Not as far as our bosses are concerned. By the time I'm finished, the bennetts' chance of happiness has to be zero to none.

Sheridan: So far, so good. I'm not nervous at all.

Brian: Yeah, but we're still close to shore. The water's calm. Let me see how you do when we get in the rough stuff -- you know, make sure you're ready for this trip. Because once we start going to Harmony, there's no turning back.

Sheridan: Thanks for watching out for me. I think I'm ready to set sail to Harmony, maybe even find out who I am.

Brian: Aye, aye, mate.

Sheridan: It sure is a beautiful starlit night.

Brian: Yeah, it's beautiful.

Sheridan: You know, I heard liz and doc saying that there's some sailors that used the stars to navigate.

Brian: Yeah, some still do.

Sheridan: Do you?

Brian: Not really.

Sheridan: Did you used to? Brian? Hey, what's wrong?

Brian: Nothing. I'm just remembering a story my mom told me when I was just a kid. It's about leaving home, losing your way. She said that there'd always be a special star up there to help guide you back, back to the ones that love you.

Pilar: Ethan, what happened between theresa and julian changes everything. It wasn't her fault, but she --

ethan: I know it wasn't her fault. He got her drunk. But it -- it was never a real marriage. They were never really together. And now that the marriage is annulled, I just want to put this behind us, you know, forget it ever happened.

Pilar: I don't think you can, ethan.

Ethan: I'll prove it to you. Theresa, your mother's afraid that because you married julian, I think you're somehow tainted, ruined, not worthy to be my wife. And while I do share pilar's belief that a couple should be true to each other, I know that what happened between you and julian was a drunken mistake. A one-time fluke. Theresa, don't cry. I love you. I never stopped and I never will. I still want to make you my wife, make a life with you. You're my soul mate, now and forever.

Eve: Pilar, he loves her so much. If you tell him that she's pregnant with julian's baby, it'll kill both ethan and theresa, and the stress could harm the baby.

Pilar: God forgive me, but you're right, eve. I can't tell the truth. I can't do it.

Ethan: And now, so there's no doubt in anyone's mind, I'm asking you again. Will you do me the honor of being my wife? Will you marry me?

Theresa: Yes, ethan. Oh, yes!

Pilar: I can't tell ethan that theresa's pregnant with julian's baby, but the truth will come out. Theresa won't be able to keep this a secret.

Ethan: You see, pilar? Your worry was for nothing. I still love theresa and i want to marry her.

Pilar: Yes, i see that now.

Ethan: I know you think it's your job as theresa's mother to worry about her, but I'm going to be her husband soon. I'll take on that worry.

Pilar: Yeah, even so, I will never stop worrying about my daughter.

Ivy: Are the repercussions of julian and theresa's marriage all that's upsetting you, pilar?

Pilar: Yes, ivy. That's what's upset me -- the repercussions of theresa's marriage to julian.

Eve: Well, you were married to julian, ivy, for what must've seemed like an eternity. Surely pilar's upset is understandable.

Ivy: I suppose.

Luis: Well, I'm glad we got that all cleared up. I was starting to worry about you.

Chad: Yeah, we all were.

Ivy: I still think there's more to this than some people are letting on.

Theresa: Thank you, mama. Thank you for not telling ethan that i'm pregnant with julian's child.

Pilar's voice: I hope i'm not making a mistake.

Kay: Seeing miguel and charity together make me want to puke. He was mine before my crazy cousin ever came to town. But it's ok because I'm going to find the right spell in here and it's going to get him for keeps.

Kay: Oh, no. Don't tell me the book's run out of spells.

Kay: "A spell to break up a happy couple." Wow, this book is writing a spell just for me? "Love is patient, love is kind, my words erase love from their minds. A happy couple they will not be, their hearts all filled with misery." The spell must be working.

Grace: Ooh.

Hank: Grace, you ok?

Grace: Yeah, I just felt a little strange there for a second.

T.C.: You know what? It must be the paint fumes. Seems to be getting to a lot of people these days.

Grace: Yeah. Hey, have any of you guys seen sam?

Hank: I think we went outside for some air.

Grace: Great. Because I think I need to give him a really big kiss all of a sudden.

Timmy: Tabby, look. There's smoke coming from tabby's attic.

Tabitha: Kay must've cast another spell! If it works, our lovebirds will be plucked from each other tonight.

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Kay: I hope this spell works better than the last two did. I have to break up miguel and charity.

Tabitha: I have a feeling that whatever spell kay is casting is going to do the trick. And after tonight, charity and miguel will be nothing more than a nauseating memory.

Timmy: But kay's cast several spells from tabby's book, and they've all backfired.

Tabitha: Well, practice makes perfect, and something tells me that this time the spell that kay has picked will work. It will tear the happy couple apart.

Sam: Have you guys seen grace?

T.C.: She went outside to look for you.

Hank: She wanted to give you a big kiss.

Sam: Hmm. Well, in that case, out of my way. My wife needs me, and I'm not about to disappoint her.

[T.C. Chuckles]

grace: There you are. I've been looking for you.

Ivy: I still think there's more going on here than meets the eye. Theresa's keeping a secret, a secret that is eating away at pilar.

Eve: You and your conspiracy theories.

Ivy: No, I know that you said something to make pilar change her mind about what she was going to say to ethan.

Eve: Did I?

Ivy: I've known pilar almost all my life, and she's a strong, levelheaded woman. It would take a lot more than worrying about ethan and theresa's relationship because of her annulled marriage to julian to have pilar this distraught, and you and I both know it.

Ethan: Hey, i got an idea. I think ch and i are going to call the court and make sure the annulment papers were filed.

Theresa: Ok.

Whitney: Ok, theresa, you bought yourself some time with your mother not telling ethan that you're pregnant with julian's child, but you're luck's not going to last. You can't hide your pregnancy, theresa. Soon you're going to start to show. Look, ethan and everyone else is going to know, and when they do --

theresa: Whitney, I can't think about that now.

Whitney: Oh, oh, because, after all, tomorrow's another day? Theresa, please stop with the scarlett o'hara routine. Tomorrow is another day, but you will still be pregnant.

Theresa: Let me enjoy being with ethan right now!

Whitney: Theresa, you're just --

theresa: Things will work out. They always do.

Luis: God, thanks for ethan and theresa's love. I'm happy that they have each other. I'm happy that nothing can ever come between them. Wow. If only sheridan were still here. If only we had that same kind of love, nothing could ever come between us. Nothing but death. Yeah. I wish you were still here.

Sheridan: Besides your story of that star guiding you home, you've never told me anything about yourself.

Brian: Not much to tell.

Sheridan: Do you have family back in the states?

Brian: Hey, you know, where's that food that liz packed for us?

Sheridan: I'll get it. I wonder if you'll ever follow that star back to the people who love you. Back to your family.

Pilar: Antonio. Your family needs you, son. I pray you follow that star back home to us soon.

Woman: So no matter how long you're gone or how far away you go, there's always that special star in the sky to guide you home, lead you back to those who love you.

Boy: I love this story. I promise I'll always remember it.

Woman: Will you, my dear antonio?

Antonio: Yes, mama, i will.

Brian: I still remember, mama. I still remember.

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