Passions Transcript Wednesday 12/5/01



Passions Transcript Wednesday 12/5/01

By Suzanne Lanoue  

Tabitha: Oh. One spell. One spell -- that's all I need tourn kay back into herself. Why can't I find the body & thing?

Timmy: Oh -- too la e. ,

Charity: Evil. Evil.

Charity: Miguel, help me! Miguel, evil.

Miguel: What are you talking about, charity? -

Charity: Miguel, miguel, I saw evil. It's here. It's in the house. Where's kay?

Timmy: It's over, tabby. Kay's not going to get away t is time.

Ethan: Theresa, it's just a formality. +

Pjust to be sure we do everything legally, just tell us that you'reot pregnant anwe can be done with it.

Pilar: Do it, mija. Tell ethan you're not pregnant and sign the annulment papers.

Ethan: Theresa, just --ust make it official. & Tell us you're not pregnant. +


Ethan: Theresa?

Pilar: Theresa, are you still not feeling well, mija?

Theresa: No, mama. &

Ethan: It's got to be the tension. She's still stressed out about Keeping her marriage to julian a secret.

Phow can you blame her?

Pilar: That must be it. +

Ethan: Theresa, don'torry. There are no more secrets.

Ivy: Look at her, sam. I am telling you, she is still keeping something from ethan.

Sam: All I see is a young woman under an incredible amount of stress.

Ivy: She's going to hurt our son again. I know it.

Sam: Why would she do that& when sheoves him?

Ivy: I'm telling you --

sam: No. Theresa would never do any hing to hurt ethan.


Harper: Could she be pregnant?

Julian: Dear God.

Harper: Look at her face. Look at the guilt in her eyes.

Julian: Oh, God. I don't even want to think about it.

Harper: Well, you're going to have to think about t, julian, because if s e is carrying your child and ethan and luis find out, they'll kill you.

Sheridan: As soon as liz is through, i want to talk to her mystery guest.

Luis: I will never forget your hospitality, liz.

Liz: Well, there's plenty more where that came from. Listen, I'm counting on you coming back down here to visit again real soon.

Luis: First chance i get. Look, thanks again for setting up your friends to sail beth's boat back up here.

Liz: Glad i could help.

Luis: Well, I hope brian and diana have a safe trip.

Liz: I'l pass that on. I'm just sorry you didn't have a chance to meet them while + you were ere. I really feel likeou could've had a connection with diana, seeing as how she lost the love of her life, too.

Luis: Well, I will get to meet her and brian when they get here. And maybe they can tell me more about the island, why I felt so close to the woman I loved and lost when I was down there.

Sheridan: There was just something so familiar about that man's voice, even through the static. I have to talk to him, brian.

Brian: You have amnesia, diana. I mean, you want to talk to everyone, hoping that they'll& - -beble elp you piece & togetherou past. &

Sheridan: What's wrong with that?

Brian: Nothing, except that you ge ting your hopes up could justead to a big letdown when you find out that this guy can't tell you anything.

Sheridan: Look, it's not that i'm so desperate to learn everything about my past. It's just that this man -- I'm just curious about him, that's all. Liz, are you done talking to him?

Liz: Uh-huh.

Sheridan: Can I -- please -- hello? Hello?


[Captioning madeossible by the national broadcasting company]


sheridan: Look, I know that we've never met, buthere is st something about your voice, even through the static, +

hat soundedo familiar. Hello? Are you there? He hung up.

Liz: Probably because i'd already said good-bye.

Sheridan: I really wanted to talk to him.

Liz: Oh, I'm so ry. -But don't worry. You'll have plenty of time to talk to him when you get up to Harmony. Heantso take you and brian to dinner.

Harper: Itould be eerily ironic, wouldn't it, julian?

Julian: "Eerily ironic"? What in the hell are you talking about?

Harper: If it's true theresa is pregnant.

Ere you had your sister kille so luis could not pry into crane secrets,nd now you could have another little lopez fitzgerald to wor About.

Julian: Why do you keep talking about the ossibility of theresa being pregnant? Do you want me dead?

Harper: Then who wou sign my checks?

Julian: You just remember that. Now, get over there and make

psure theresa signs those papers.

Harper: Why don't we wind this thing up?

Ethan: Yes. Theresa, areou feeling well enough to sign?

Theresa: Yes. & I just want this to end.

Eve: Could I have just a moment with theresa alone? Just want toake sure she won't faint again.

Ethan: Yeah, that's a good idea.

Eve: Theresa, are you sure & - that you don't wan to tell ethan?

Theresa: That i'm pregnant with julian's child?

Eve: No more secrets.

Theresa: I can'T. Dr. Russell, can't. Ethan will kill julian andpend the rest of his life in prison.

Eve: But it's going to come out, honey. Ethan's going to know. You can't keep pregnancy a secret.

Eresa: I just need time. You know, I need time right now to -- I'm confused.

Eve: Sweetie, you are more than confused. You are in a state of shock. So maybe you should put off signing until you can think this all through.

Theresa: But if i don't sign, ethan will know something is wrong. And ivy is watching me like a hawk. So have to.

P eve: Ok. Ok. It's your ife. Ethan? She's eady now.

Ethan: Good. All right. Harper? All ight, honey. Let's see. All you have to do is sign on the xs and it'll albe over.+


Tabitha: If ever a girl was frozenn fear, that one is. +

Timmy: What if miguel sees kay?

Tabitha: He'lrealize that Charity was ight all along, that kay was reading the book of evil spells and not the bible. And he's bound to figure out that she -- she used some spell of some kind to turn herself into charity.

Timmy: That woul n't be good for timmy and abby.

Tabitha: No, it wouldn't, & lad. It would be the end of us.

Miguel: Charity, i don't know where kay is, but I don't want you to worry.

Charity: Miguel, we're all in danger.

Miguel: No, charity, we're ne.

Charity: Miguel, I saw evil. It was right outside.

Miguel: Ok. I'll go out there and check it out.

Timmy: Don't just stand there, tabby. - Do something.

Tabitha: Oh, yes, there must

something. There must. Yes!

Charity: Oh, miguel. Miguel, evil is here. I can feel i

Miguel: Wait. T ere.

Grace: Oh!

[Grace gasps]

charity: Oh --

miguel: Oh, my God, mrs. Bennett.

Grace: Miguel, what's going on?

Charity: Aunt grace.

Miguel: I'm so sorry.

P grace: Um -- charity, what's happening? +

Miguel: Charity felt that she saw evil in he e.

Grace: Evil?

Charity: Evil's ere, aunt grace.

Miguel: Charity -- charity, what exactly did you see?

Charity: Me. I saw me. -

Grace: What?

Charity: Evil disguised as me.

Tabitha: Oh, rats. I'd better turn the lights back on.

Grace: Oh, here must be a storm brewing.

Miguel: Charity, there's no evil in here.

Charity: Well, I still feel + it, and it'sery close.

Tabitha: Oh, timmy --

timmy: Find the right spell,


Tabi ha: Well, the best way to find out is to try it, right, lad?

Timmy: Go for it, princess. -

Tabitha: "Thunder and lightning out of the blue, get rid ofhis twosome, & t is blasted two


Timmy: Oh. Wrong spell, princess.

Tabitha: Oh, hell's bells and buckets ofod. &

Grace: There is a storm coming.

Charity: No! It's not a sto m! & It's evil -- it's here! It's all around us! ||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||


Pilar: Everything is good now, mijo. Theresa just finishesigning the papers.

Luis: Whatut julian?

P pilar: He's going to sign them now, and t en & this marriage wi l be erased & forever.

Pilar: Luis- luis, it's almost over. Don't attack julian. He's not wortht. Did you callhe islan

Luis: Yes. + The boat is ready to be brough back.

Ethan: Done. All right. Now, once those are final, you'll no longer be mrs. Crane.

Pwe can finally get married.

Ivy: Not while there's still breath left in my body.

Julian: Earn your keep. I want you to file those papers immediately. Free from the lopez fitzgeralds once and for all.

Ha per: Unless luis puts two and two together nd it adds up to you killing s eridan.

Luis: You damn hypocrite.

Pilar: Luis --

julian: Who? What?

Luis: You. You made sheridan's life - miserable, and now suddenly you've got some picture of her, pretendingo love her?

Etn: Luis --

julian: But I -- i --

luis: You never did! You neve loved her r a second! It's your fault that she's dead.

Sheridan: That man In Harmony -- did he say why he wanted to take brian and me ou to dinner when we get there?

Liz: Well, I'm sure it's to thank ou for sailing his friend's boat back up. But he also said that there was something about this island, something thatade m feel close to the woman that he loved and he lost at sea. He seems very interested in our little piece of paradise down here.

Brian: Well, I know everything there is to know about it.

Liz: Then you'll be able to answer s ques ions.

Brian: I'll try.

Sheridan: There are things about this island that just go beyond facts andigures.

Liz: You got that right.

Sheridan: Even though I can't remember who i am or where i comeRom, i've had so many memories on this island

pof thean that I loved, the man that i lost. Maybe that's w i'm so interes ed in someone else who lost the love of their life and had memories of her on this


Liz: One way or the other, you'll finally get to meet.

miguel: Charity, there's no one here.

Charity: I'm telling you that i saw a living, breathing version of myself. It was an evil force, miguel.

Grace: Oh, charity.

Charity: Listen to me, aunt grace. My premonitions are right. I know that now. There's evil in the house. And here's a baby that's going to be born, and it's going to hurt a lot ofeople. Now, this evil -- it's getting

pstronger. So if we don't do something about it, it's going to destroy everybody!

Tabitha: "Stamp your foot, give them the boot. Snap your fingers, fly away ringers."

Charity: Someow it's not as strong now. & But I still feel i ve y close.

P grace: Charity, after seeing our house implode, i can believe anything. And I know that you can sense and feel things that the rest of us don'T. So we're going to try o find

pthis evil that you sense is near.

Miguel: Ok. We'll search the house. Ok? If this evil's here, it's not getting out. ,

Miguel: All right, you guys stay here. I'm going to search the place, starting with the basement.

P timmy: If miguegoes to the basement, he'll see tabby's friends. &

Luis: You did it, julian. You're to blame for what happened to sheridan.

Julian: I had nothing to do with her death.

Luis: Well, maybe you didn't - exactly kill her, but you sure as hel tried to wreck her life.

Julian: I loved my sister.

P luis: If you and your father hadn't tried to keep us apart, we wouldn't have been onHat boat that exploded. We wouldn't have been caught in a hurricane. Sheridan would still be alive.

Sam: Come on, buddy.

Luis: No, I am telling you, - julian, I amot going to let you ruin my sister's life. Get off of me! From here on out, you're on notice,ou hear me? You stay far away from my sister.

Julian: You needn't worry about that. I veo intention of ever seeing eresa again.

Luis: Good. Because if you ever hurt her again, i will kill you.

Pilar: Theresa?

Theresa: Que, mama?

Pilar: You go on ahead withuis and ethan. I want to check with the housekeeping staff before i leave.

Theresa: Ok.

Luis: Let's go, sis.

Theresa: Honey --

ethan: Um- I'll be right back. I'll catch up with you. Theresa: Ok.

Ethan: Mother, we're having a little celebration at pilar's ouse. And, actually, you both are welcome to come. But, mother, for you, - There's one condition -- I want you to set aside these crazy ideas about theresa keeping something from me.

Sam: I'd really love to celebrate with you, ethan, but i really need to get backo grace.

Ethan: Of course. I understand. Thanks, dad.

Ivy: Well, there's not much for me to celebrate, is there? Now that the annulment papers are signed, you're free to marry theresa, and that will be the biggest mistake of your life.

Ethan: Mother, we've been @hrough this before. All right, i p omised I wouldn't marry theresa if she was keeping secrets, but she isn't.

Ivy: Ethan, you are so blind.

Ethan: She swore to me, and I believe her.

Ivy: That's what I mean about you being blind.

Ethan: Mother, she'd never lie to me nor do anything to hurt me again.

Sam: Ivy, why don'tou stay out of this?

Ivy: Because he'sy son! & He'sur son.

Sam: He's also a man who knows his own heart. Let him make his own decisions.

Ivy: Ethan, theresa is keeping something from you. I know it.

Ethan: That'st. I'm not going to hear another word against her.

Sam: You are making a very big mistake. Ethan loves t eresa. And the worst thing you can do is kee Shing him away from her. If youeep doing that, & you could lose him.

Pila : Something is going N. I saw those looks between eve and theresa. Is it possible theresa's keeping another secret? Whatould it be?

June: Hello? Is anyone here?

Liz: Hi. Can I help you?

June: Name's june. I'm looking r a job.

Liz: Oh, I'm sorry. I eally wish I could help,

pbut unfortunately I don't need anyone right now.

June: Been hearing that a o lately.

Liz: Yeah, I bet. You know what? You should try your luck in bermuda. They have a lot more job openings there.

Julian: I'll pay you very well. Very, very well.

June: Sounds good to me, mr. Crane.

Julian: That's her. She's the one I want you and your partner to kill.

June: I'd rather not go ck to bermuda.

Sheridan: You should see hat bria isoncocting in there -- a seafood masterpiece. &

Liz: Whatever t is, it is going right onisab.

Sheridan: I'm going to go get + changed fo dinner.

Liz: Ok.


Sheridan: I know you. Er

my loved ones faces

Singer: You are my passion for life

sheridan: I think I know you.

June: Me? No. I think you've got me confused with someone else.

Sheridan: No, I could swear.

June: So could i. I've never seen you before. -

Liz: Well, then, introductions are in order. June, diana. Diana, june. Does it ring a bell, the name?

Sheridan: No. It's odd, though. I could swear that i remembe

pyou from somewhere.

June: It is odd.

Sheridan: Just wishful thinking, I guess. Sorry. P liz: Diana's got amnesia.

June: Diana? Amnesia?

Liz: Yeah, she doesn't remember her name, where she comes from. She doesn' remember anything. She just picked that name out& of the blue.

June: So she doesn't remember + anything?

Liz: Just a handful of painful memories, you know. Recollec ions of losing the man she loved.

June: Does she remember how it happened -- losing him?

Liz: Only that she held him in her arms as he was dying. Good friend of mine, a fisherman out here, found her half-dead in his net.

June: Really?

Liz: Yeah. She's lucky she's alive. It's a miracle. &

June: Definitely.


Ethan: Come on. Get in here, man.

Whitney: Ok. To your love.

Et an: We're almost there. Soon we'll be drinking champagne at our wedding.

Chad: Here's to that.

Luis: Yes. The best is yet to come, huh?

Chad: So, when can we expect an addition to la familia?

Theresa: Oh.

Ethan: Well, I --

luis: Oh -- hey, hey --

ethan: No. I think we're going to wait a while before we start on that, but the plans are definitely in the offing.

Luis: Well, on a more serious note, ethan, i would like tohank you for making me Godfather to the firstborn.

Ethan: And if whitney's interested, I mean, like her to be the Godmother. If that's ok?

Whitney: Ofourse. I would be thrilled.

Luis: Ok, I would like to propose toast. To ethan and theresa -- health, happiness, and love.

Chad: All right.

Luis: Hear, hear.

Eve: Theresa --

luis: Bottoms up.

Eve: You can't drink.

Ethan: Theresa, don't worry. There are noore secrets.

Pilar: Could eve have given theresa a pregnancy test. -But why? She couldn't be -- oh, my God. Oh, my God. My daughter's pregnant with julian's baby.

P julian: Never have to deal with the lopez fitzgeralds again. Finally, a peaceful night.

Harper: I could use one myself.

Julian: Just think -- I will never again have to hear anyone threaten to kill me.

Pilar: You animal! - I'llill you!

Grace: Shh.

Grace: How can there be two of you?

Charity: She's evil. Pure evil.

Miguel: Oh, my God. You are evil. +

Grace: I want nothing more to do with you, kay. Do you hear me? Thank God I have sweet charity in my life because she is good and you are so evil!

Grace: Charity, let's sit down while we wait for miguel to come back from the sement.

Charity: Yeah. You know what? I can't sit there.

Grace: Why not?

Charity: I don' know. There's something evil around the sofa or behind te sofa. I'm going crazy. &

Grace: No. -

Charity: Why would I be afraidf the sofa?

Grace: Look, sweetheart, I don't know. Bu listen to me -- I believe you -- your premonitions, your visions, everyt ing, ok? & I believe you. I'm going to check behind + the sofa, all right?

Charity: Aunt grace, no. Please don't. Let's just wait for miguel, ok?

Grace: All right.

Grace: Miguel, was there anything in he basement?

Miguel: I couldn't get down - ere. The door wasocked. But something's not right. I mean, it has been way too long + since we've seen kay, ani'm beginning to think t at this evil that you sense has Something too with her,

hatt could havearmed her.

Grace: Well, maybe she's upstairs. +

Charity: Alright let's go look.

Timmy: What if they do find kay upstairs?

Tabitha: I've come o the end of the book, timmy, and there's not one spell I can use to turn + kay back into herself. + Not one. We're doomed, timmy. Doomed with a capital D. Half off?

Abitha: Locked. Got to think.

Pgot to know what's going on upstairs. But how?

Immy: Oh -- please, no.

Tabitha: The trellis! Go on, lad. Hurry up. Up you go.

P timmy: Timmy's begging.

Tabitha: No time r begging. Go, go, go! Ll catch you if you fall.

Timmy: If timmy had a nickel for every time he's heard that.

Tabitha: Go on, go on, lad. Up you go.

Sam: Grace? &

Grace: We're upstairs, sam.

Sam: What's eve yone doing up He?

Grace: Charity saw an image of herself in the living room.

Sam: What?

P grace: An exact image. She's afraid that there's evil inhis house.

Miguel: We're worrieabout kay, chief bennett. You haven't seen her, have you?

Sam: No.

Miguel: We just started looking for her.

Sam: We l, let's split up, and we'll search all the rooms.

Charity: I'm going to go to jessica's and my room.

Timmy: Kay's about to get nabbed, rincess! What do immy and tabby do?

Tabitha: There must be a spell to turn her back. Maybe I missed it. I must find it before it's too late.

Pilar: You filthy animal! I should kill you for what you've done to my daughter!

Julian: But it's over! T e papers have been signed! We're no longer married.

Pilar: You animal!

Julian: Look, get ahold of yourself, woman. It's not as though she's pregnant.

Pilar: You know, julian, you're so low. It's not even worth it to kill you! I have to go to my daughter.

Julian: This is madness.

Harper: Oh, you are indeed beset on all sides.

Julian: I'm telling you, ha per, he minute i get ivy out of this house, pilar goes right with her! It's a pity she wasn't lost with her husband all those years ago. Never again, harper. Never again do i want to see a lopez fitzgerald fors long as i live. I'd be ter call ther, ell him the pa er have been signed. And then as soon as the annulment is final, I'll be free to marry rebecca.

Harper: Oh, I just hope it really is all over.

Pilar: Look what he did to my daughter, to my baby.

Ethan: Why shouldn't she have A drink, dr. Russell?

Eve: Well, she fainted earlier. Actually, I just came by to see if she was all right. Was afraid her bloodpressure might be a little high, and alcohol can interfere with bringing it down to normal.

Theresa: I forgot. Of course I'm not going to have a drink. Nothing to affect my body.

(not sure if this is the end)

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