Passions Transcript Friday 11/30/01



Passions Transcript Friday 11/30/01

By Suzanne Lanoue  

Grace: Charity, i won't say there's nothing to your premonitions. I mean, I get them myself. But this feeling that there's

evil in tabitha's, -- you know, I just don't sense - that. Maybe you're over tired or you're just anxious from fainting earlier.

Charity: No, aunt Grace. There's evil. It's nearby, and it's trying to take miguel away from me. I am so sure of it.

Grace: Maybe you're sensing something that happened earlier or you're misreading what your mind is trying to tell you.

Charity: Aunt grace, what i'm feeling is real! +

[Charity sighs]

charity: There's evil.

Pit's in this house. It's nearby in a book -- a book of evil. I sense it so strongly. + + It's trying to break up miguel anme. And it's trying to do it right now.

Kay's voice: I bet uptight charity never kissed miguel like this before.

Miguel: Wow.

Kay: [As charity] what?

Miguel: Dging by that kiss, You must be f eling a lot better than youere earlier.

Kay: How could I no be? Your lips are as sweet as the ice cream that you brought me.

Miguel: So all your

remonitions are gone?

Kay: I feel perfectly fine now. + In fact, I feel like a whole new person.

Tabi ha: Our kay has quite a gift for the understatement.

Timmy: If timmy didn' know -better, he'd swear tha was the real cha it .

Tatha: The spell we led kay to find is working perfectly.

[Kay sig]

kay: [Normal voice] ok. Spin to the left, spin to the righ , spin me into the one miguel loves.



Kay: [As charity] talk about aakeover.

Tabitha: Even miguel doesn't

prealize that it's kay he's kissing and not charity.

Timmy: Tabby's plan is working.

Tabitha: Oh, yes,ad.

Patong last, kay is poised to s eal her cousin's unkarama

pboyfriend, and we'll get an ndefinite re rieve from oivion. Judging by tOoks of it, kay is well on her way to having her way with migue

p liz: Are you telling me + the truth? Doou really want to stay here just to with ana, or is there another reason you don't + wanto go to Harmony? Pis it this beth or this guy luis?

Sheridan: Ok. I've been thinking.

Doc: An excellent idea. If more eople used & thei noggins,h y wouldn't end Up in the rmuda triangle.

Liz: Diana, what were you about to say?

Sheridan: Well, for some reason, this town Harmony has a realold one. It's as if i'm being drawn to it.

Brian: What do you mean exactly?

Sheridan: Look, don't get mad at me, ut i've changed my ind. I want to sail there with you after all.

Liz: Diana, b ian has changed his mind. He's decided not to go.

Etha : Look, I wanto ead to the mansion, see what's taking dr. Russell so long to exami e theresa.

Luis: Yeah I know she fainted because lian fired his gun by accident, but, ++ Well, it's not like he shot her. She should be up to signing those annulment papers by now.

Ethan: You wanto come with me?

Luis: Go on ahead. I'll be in soon.

Ethan: Is place reminds you of sheridan, doesn't it?

Uis: Well, yeah. I mean, ethan, this was sort of a special spot for us, you know? And I feel close to her here, connected.

Ethan: I'm sorry you're hurting, luis. I mean, I can only imagine the ain i'd be feeling if somethingap ened

ohe esa.

Luis: Yeah. Well, hey,ook -- just because it didn't wo k out for me and sheridan -- I mean, doesn't mean i won't -fo you guys.

Ethan: Oh, yeah. Theresa and I went through a rough patch, but eveThing's going to be ok. Now that she's told me here's no more secrets, i can't pconceive of anything coming between us.

Eve: The resu ts are in, theresa, and this @ime there's - no room for ubt.

Theresa: Well, what oes his + mean?

Eve: Thisest came out positive, too. You're definitely pregnant.

Theresa: Tell me this isn't happening.

Eve: I'm so sorry, oney.

Theresa: God, i'm -- I'm pregnant with julian crane's baby! + My life is ove . I'm going to lose ethan forever.

P[captioning made possible by the national broadcasting company]

theresa: My dream of a life with ethan is -- it's over. It's hopeless. Dr. Ussell, it's hopeless.

Eve: Oh, that damn julian. This is all his faul for getting you drunk - and marrying you and then having sex with you. God ou think he would've &

Theresa: I -- don't under tand.

Eve: It's just I'm sure this isn't e first time that julian s gotten young woman - into this situation, that's all.

Theresa: What am I going to do? P p eve: Oh, sweetheart. It's not going to be easy, - but you' eoing to have to be honest with ethan. You're going to have to tell him the truth.

Theresa: No. + I can't! I promised ethan that I wasn't Keeping anything else from him. I hated lying to him, but I couldn't tell him that julian nd slept togethe . I knew that ifou get the marriage annulled that he would never find out. But now if i tell him that'm pregnant wi h julian's child, he'll go+ crazy. You kn, he'll -- he'llate me pr betraying his trust. He'll never get ast this, . Ussell. & What man could?

P eve: Oh --& I hink thathen you tellthan the truth, he's going to be angry with you, yes, + but -- butisury is going to be cused on julian and what he did to you!

Theresa: Wel , that's eve worse. Etn anis are outside right now, waiting for me to sign the annulment papers. And they were eady o ripim apart when they learned that we were married.

Pi mean, if they foun out that -- that julia not only slept with me but he got me

regnant, they'll kill him fo sure. My brother and the an that I loveilspend the rest of their lives behind s, and it will e all my fault!

P sheridan: You to me that you werexcitedo be out atea again, hat sailing the boat to new england would be a great trip and that you needed the money. +

Liz: Ain't that the truth.

Sheridan: What happened to change your mind?

Brian: The more i thoug t + about it, the more i realized -that it wasn't a good idea after all.

Sheridan: Why?

Brian: I can't put it intoords exactly.

Sheridan: Do you not want to take this t ip because & you found out you'have to sail

pthe boatack to Harmony? Look, is there someone or something you don't want toee there?

|||||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||| |||||||||| |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| |||||| |||||||||||||||| ||||||| |||||||||||||||||| |||||||

Kay's voice: Just kissing miguel is such a turn-on. How charity's kept herirginity all this time is beyond me. But althat will change when miguel makes love to me --

pthe new and uninhibited charity. &

Miguel: Charity, & your kisses -- I don't know how

o say this, but they're, like, way more intense than usual.

Kay: [As charity] well, it's just that i feel so free and& -uninhibited now that my premonitions are gone. + It- it's like i can finally show you how much I eally love you.

Miguel: I love you, too, charity. , -

Timmy: Is it hot in here, or is it just them? -

[Tabitha chuckles]

tatha: It's kay, doll-face.

Pshe's eal making her move toteal miguel away - from char ty. And if she succeeds, she'll stop blondie and the bod from eve Making love. Charity won't come into her full powers and the threat of goodness to our side will be gone- as will kay's virginity.

Timmy: Timmy still doesn't understandowhis wo ks. Ifiguel thinks tt's the real charity and not kay, then what happens if charity figures out what kay's doing?

Tabitha: Well, for starters, there'll be a huge catfight that will give fluffy pause. But that may not happen. The way "kiss me" kay is going, the real cha itynd miguel are going to be over andut. ,


P p grace: Earlier you had a vision of kay with aook of evil. Do you think she's trying to come between you and miguel?

Charity: I have had premonitions about her and miguel making love. I don't really know what to make of them.

Grace: Come on -- Kay and miguel? I mean, that's nonsense. Miguel loves you, only you. I mean, no one -- especially kay -- could come between youwo.

Charity: They've been friends + since chiloo +

grace: Exactly. I mean, they're like brother and sister, nothing more.

Charity: I guess.

Grace: You know, I think there's some similarities between your relationship and mine with sam and ivy. I mean, you know tha ivy was sam's first love and that they even had a child -- ethan -- togethe . Now, i was really afraid that ivy was going to t y to come between sam and me. Bu I know that sam loves me and there is no way that ivy could take him away from me. I mean, you and miguel -- you have that same love. And if kay or anybody tried to come between you two, they just couldn't. I mean, even ivy has given up trying to come between am and me.

Grace: Whats it, charity? You have another premonition?

Eve: The tests prove that that's julian's child. You can't hide it. + You have to tell ethan.

Theresa: But it will estroy him, dr. Russell. Ethan's always talked about us having a family, how much he's oked forward to us having our first child. He'll never be able o get past this -- rst because he'll know that I've kept another secret f omim, and, second, because I'm pregnant& with another man's baby, a man+ that ethan used to think was + his father!

Eve: Theresa, i know it won't be easy, sweetheart, & but -- but you're going to start

Phow. Pyou' e not goingo be able

ptoeep it secret. You have to tell ethan before - heinds it out for himself!

[Knockn door]

ethan: Hey, wha's -- what's going on? What -- what s itou have to tell me?


Grace: Did you justave another premonition?

Charity: I saw sam and ivy. And they were laughing ogether, and they were kissing each other.

Grace: Sweetie. Don't wo Y. I mean, that's @ust not going to happen. + Sam ves me, he's committed toe, and there is nothing that ivy can do to get sam away from me. I mean, your premoni ion is + wrong. It's just way off base, and --

Charity: I'm reallyorry. &

Pyou know i didn't mean to upset you. I wish that my premonit ons wouljust go away altogether. I -- don't want to see intohe future. It's not a gift. It's a curse.

Grace: I know, sweetie, and I know that it's really difficult for you. But, you know,ou're not going to be alone in this. I will always -- i will always be here for you. Ok?

Kay's voice: I can't believe how wellhis is goi g. Miguel'sractically eating out of my hand.

Timmy: Timmy hates to admit it, but miguel's one smooth dude.

Tabitha: Oh, no, lad. He's merely gone hormonal.

Timmy: Miguel likesuys?

Tabitha: No, you twit. Miguels merely responding to kay's -- a laharity's -- advances. He has no idea that he's getting- -it on withisrue love's scming cousin.

Timmy: How could miguel know? Timmy can't even see the difference.

Tabitha: I know, timmy. That's what's so perct about this s ell.

Kay: [As charity] thanks again foratisfying my cravings. I feel so much better now.

Miguel: I'm glad you're not having any more premonitions. You know, that one about someone having a baby that would cause pain really scared me. I can't imagine how a baby could hurt someone. You know, they're supposed to bring joy to people's lives.

Kay: I know. I think having baby is the most wonderful thing that can ha pen to a couple.

Tabitha: That kay's a clever one. She's already laying the groundwo k for her plan of getting pregnant by miguel so that he will leave charity and marry her.

Miguel: I think about us having our own baby all+

he ime.

Kay: Eally? &

Miguel: I love babies. You know, I can't wait for us to havene- That is when we're married + and we can afford it, of course.

Kay: I can't wait, either.& I think having a baby will bring so much closer together.

Tabitha: This is going to work out even better than i hoped for, timmy. Miguelasn't got a clue that he's playing right into kay's nursery plans.&

Beth: Luis?

Luis: Hey.

Beth: You've een go so long, i was starting toorry.

Luis: Yeah. I'm ok. Ateast i will be once theresa signs those annulment papers. We can forge that she was ever maied to julian,nd -- and theresa and ethan can get marriejust like they planned.

Beth: For once, a haY ending.

Luis: No, I still hate tha julian took advantage of theresa. Just the thought of him just touching her andutting that ring on her finger --

beth: Hey -- why n't I get you out of here, you know, away from julian? +

Luis: No. Theresa hasn't signe the annulment pape s yet. And besides, you know, ts --& this placeeminds me of sheridan. It was a special place fors. Sheridanlways loved that my father built this gazebo for my mom when we lived on the estate and he e en

lanted special rosebushes for her.& Sheridan loved the fragrance of those rosebushes. We spent a lot of time here. I even asked her to marry me here. She said yes.

Beth: I'm sorry. I didn't know.

Luis: You know, I've ust been standing here, thinking about all the good Times we had together, all the plans we made and dreams we shared. Everywhere i look, you know, it remin me of sheidan. I just don't see that changing.

Beth: You know, it's so soon after --

luis: And I know sheridan wouldn't want me to mourn forever. - She'd want me to move on. I just don't see how i can. She's iny heart, my soul. She always will be. I love her. And I miss her God, miss her so much.

Sheridan: Well, brian? Is there someone or something that you're trying to avoid + in Harmony?

Brian: No. It's just that since you decided not to sail back with me, I ealized i didn't want to be away from you that long, so i decidedo stay here instead.

Sheridan: But I want to go now. I don't know why, but I just feel like Harmony has someind of link t my past. - But I won't be able to find out until I see the place firsthand.

Brian: It's just -- it's betterf we stay here on the island, you know?

Sheridan: Is there something morehat you're not telling me? Because you were so excited bere.

Brian: I know. I know i was, and I changed my mind, hat's all.

His woman, beth -- & shs just going to have to nd somebody else to sail that boat back to Harmony because I'm not going to do it.

Ethan: Is everything ok? You two have been in here & soong, i was starting + to wor y. + Theresa, you've been crying. Something's wrong. Are you sick? Is that why she fainted earlie ?

Pplook -- theresa, it's going to be ok. Whatever is wrong, we'll get through this together. Now, just tell me what it is. Te me what's w ong.

Singer: You are my passion for life

miguel: Charity, you know, I'm -- i'm reay happy that you're as excited + as i m about having children. And -- and i think having a baby really bonds a couple together.

Kay's voice: That's wha I'm countingn. &

Kay: [As charity] & i know a baby bonds a couple together.

Miguel: Charity, i think that i should b ing those to theitchen. I'll be right back.


Kay: Miguel said how much a babyonds Couple toge her. Now i know my plan will work.

Kay: I have miguel so turned - on, we'll be picking out baby names before he knows it!

Charity: I know that evil is in this house and it's trying to hurt me.

Grace: Charity, i wis you would just go back to bed and rest.

Kay's voice: Oh, no. That sounds like my mom and charity are heading downstairs. I can' le them see me this way.

P kay: Ok. I ve to tu nyselback into kay, and fast!


Grace: Charity,ince you won't lay down and rest, - I think I'll make you some warm milk. Maybe that'll relax you and make these premonitions sto .

Charity: I wishhey'd stop for good.

Grace: I don't think that's going toappen, sweetie. I think you're always going + to have them. & But, you know, i have them, too, androm what david says, I guess I always have. You know, it may not seem like it but God gave us this gift.

Charity: Kay and jessica

pdon' seemo have premonitions.

Grace: No. But hey are standish women, - so maybe they wi l gethis same gif . And then they can he youight & foGoodness

charity: Yeah. Unless this giftakes them in different direction -- away from good ess. &

Luis: You know, I'm -- i'm

eally sorry that I wasn't able to sail your dad's boat back to Harmonyor you +

th: Don't worry about it. I talked to l z -- that woman

hatuns the hotel + + in st. Lisa's -- and she said she'd find some peopo sail it back fo me.

Is: That's great.

Just being on that island was so s range, hough.

Beth: How so?

Luis: I know it soun wei d. When i'm in mony, i think about sheridan all the time, but I know tha she's gone. But when ias down there on that island, I didn't ust think about e . I felt her, like -- like she was real, like i could reach out and touch her. And I wonder why that was. What was it that was down on that island that made her elo close to me?

Sheridan: Thanks, liz.

Liz: Sure.

Liz: You must really have a good reason for not wanting to o to Harmony. Look, I knowt's taboo around here to ask about people'sas . It -- it just seems like you're trying to avoid the boat owner, + beth, or her friend, luis. I mean, why else would ou tell diana that you refuse to leave

pnow t at younow she's changed her mind and wants to go? &

Brian: Well, swordfish isn't the only thing you grill around here, liz.&

Liz: Brian, i know you were + & looking forward to spending time alone with her on the boat. You were hoping she'd all & in love with you.

Brian: She can fall in love with me here just as easy on dry land.

Liz: All ight,ook. Everyone's iding something re. That's howe ended up n this island. I'm just letting you know that - if you ever want to talkbout why you don't want to go to Harmony, then i'm here.

Brian: Right back you,

iz. Onl there's nothing to talk abou@.

Liz: Brian's hiding something. But, then, so am i.


Ethan: Hey --

ook, heresa, i love you. But if you're sick, I'm here fo you all the way. Look, and I can tell you're scared, alGht, but it's going to be ok. You remember our promise not toee any secrets from eac other. + So isomething's wrong, i nee to know the truth.

Theresa: It'sothing. No, nothing is w ong.

Eve: Theresa's fine. It's just her blood pressure drop ed and she fainted. That's all. &

P ethan: I mean, are you sure she's al righ ? That'sll it is? +

Eve: Yes.

Ethan: Wait. No, some hing's going on, & and I think I knowT it is. ?

Wisdom om heoo

Grace: Why do you think kay and jessica's owers could take them in a different rection, away from goodness? -

Charity: I don't know, but -- but i cannot shake the feeling that evil is in this house.

Grace: Oh, and if it is, it's certainly not coming from my girls. I mean, ok, kay isownstairs and she's certainly not perfect, But she's not evil.

Charity: Ok. I dn't say that she was. + - I can't help what I've seen in my premonitions. + &

Here's something or omeone - working to try and tear miguel& and me apart.

Pthat i know. P grace: Well, I loveay, and I can't believe she is the source of this evil that + you are eling, and iertainly can't believe At she's trying to tear miguel away om you. - -But,harity, ifay were to eve urt you or to try to come between you and miguel, I would stand by you.

P charity: Evenhough kay is your daughter and I am just your niece?

Grace: Swee heart, you have never been just a niece to me. I love you like you'rey own & & daughter. & And I would suppor you while i tried toelp kay come to her senses. Ok? Come on.

Kay's voice: I haveo tur myself back into me before charity and myom see me like -this. They'd think was the evil that charity's feeling.

Timmy: Uh-oh. - If grace and charity come downstairs, they'll see kay as chari y.

Tabitha: Yeah. Good thing miguel's in kitchen & so kay has time to change he self back.

Miguel: Charity? -

Tabitha: Me and my big mouth.

Miguel: Hey. - Kay: [As charity] hey.

Miguel: I just remembere & thatou wanted some pizza earlier with your ice cream. Should i heat you up a sce?

Kay: Yes! That is such a great idea. Just make sure it's suer hot, & ok?

Miguel: Ok. + Anything for you, charity. &

Kay: Oh.

Tabitha: Go, gi l, go. You haven't go much time. -

Kay: I have to change myself -back, and fast!

Eve: Ethan! -

Ethan: What? No, I just -- I noticed you made a ote here about theresa being on bir h con rol. I mean, is that what caused he blood pressureo drop, pmaking her faint? P eve: No. Birtcontrol didn't causeTheresa to faint.& It was julian discharging his weapon.

Ethan: Well -- I mean, I just want to make sure theresa being on birth control & is safe.

Pi mean, we do want to have children someday, but not until & I get my law p actice up and running. I mean we can'tven think about having children until then. T if the pill is making theresa sick, then we should, you knownstry something else.

Eve: No. - No, the pill isn't a problem.

Ethan: Oh, good. I was -- I was st afraid thatt was making her sick. Well, hopefully you won't have + to be on the pill that long. I can' wait to have children. I'm really looking forward to the first time heresa's pregnant. You know, it's just --& it's amazing thinking -- knowing that my child is growing in theoman i love. &

Ethan: You know, when found out I wasn't a crane i was real uet.- But now, aer julian's latest & stunt,'M so glad thereon't be a drop of c ane lood in theresa's and my children.



Ethan: If you're eling ok, why don't we sign these annulment papers, get julianut ofur lives forever.

Theresa: Yeah. - I'm ust going to freshen up.

Ethan: Al right. Well, I'll go get luis, and then we'll meet in the livingoom.

Theresa: Ok.

Theresa: You heard what & & he said, dr. Russel . There's no way ethan could eve ge past he fact that i'm pregnant with julian'saby. - What have I done? & What have I done?

Brian: You've been at that a while.

Sheridan: Yeah, I -- i felt

plooking at the map andhe towns - that are surrounding Harmony might spark a memory. But it didn'T.

Brian: I'm sorry.

Sheridan: Me, too. Maybe Harmony sounds familiar

ecause I -- i passed through there on a skirip like you anliz did. Maybe someone just happened toention it one day. I don't know. For some reason, this rmony

pstrikes a chord withe.

Brian: Going back to Harmony -- it means a lot to you, doesn't it? -

Sheridan: Yes, brian.

Piteans t world to me.

Brian's voice: I can't do pit -- not now. Not when beth and luis could be in the mix. But look at diana. It'll break her heart if she doesn't go to Harmony. I couldn't live withyself for hurting her.

Brian: All right.& Fine, I'll go. P sheridan: What? +

Brian: We'll sail this beth & womas boat back to Harmony.

Sheridan: Oh, brian --& thank you, thank you, thank you!

Ian: Yeah, anything fo you, diana.

Sheridan: You know, I don't know what this Harmony means+ to me, but i just have a feeling that it's t e ight thing o do by going there.

Brian: I hope so.


Kay: There has to be a spell in here to turn myself back to me!

Charity: I hope i'm wrong about kay.

Grace: Well, I'm sure you are.

Kay: Oh, no. Charity and my mom are coming down!

Grace: I mean, she would never try to split you& and miguel up. And if she did, how could she possib make miguel love her?

[Kay groans]

kay: I -- i -- I can't go out the front door. If go out, charit and my mom will see me. Ifo out he back, miguel will see me. He's in the kitchen. If i can'tind a spell to change me back, i'm done for! & &

Timmy: The jig is up, princess.- Kay's a goner.

Tabitha: Yeah, if she's caught, our role in this oppelganger disaster will be -exposed, and we'll be gone along wi h her. Oh.

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