Passions Transcript Tuesday 11/27/01



Passions Transcript Tuesday 11/27/01

By Suzanne Lanoue  

Miguel: I can't believe how fast your house is going up, jess.

Reese: Yeah, you guys should be able to move in before christmas, huh?

Jessica: I really hope so, reese.

Charity: Yeah, wouldn't that be wonderful?

Simone: Well, I know it seems like you guys ve been living at tabitha's forever.

Jessica: It does. It really does. We're grateful to tabitha, you know, for letting me and charity and my mom stay there while our house is being built.

Charity: Yeah, well, it'll be really nice to be in our own home. That is for sure.

Jessica: Will it ever! I don't know, staying at tabitha's has just been kind of odd.

Charity: Yes.

Reese: Well, of course it's odd. Tabitha's a witch.

Simone: Oh, reese, come on! Stop it.

Reese: Well, it's true! You got to admit it's creepy in there. And ever since charity's been here, she's been having bad vibes about evil. I'm telling, that evil -- it's tabitha.

Miguel: You're way off base, reese. All right, charity has vibes, but they're not always right. You know, like she thought she sensed some book that was evil and then it turned out to be a bible.

Charity: Yeah, well, I still don't understand what happened. I'm telling you, i was sure there was a book that was evil, a book that would destroy us.

Miguel: Just try to forget about it, charity. It wasn't evil. It was your aunt grace's bible.

Jessica: You know what? Miguel's right. You know, your premonition was wrong.

Miguel: Just like that one you keep having about kay trying to break us up.

Kay: There has to be a spell in here that's going to help me break up miguel and charity.

Tabitha: Kay's very smart to have hidden the book of spells with charity sniffing around.

Timmy: Yeah, kay pulled out her mother's bible instead. And poor charity didn't even know what was going on.

Tabitha: If "poor charity" had discovered the book of spells, it would have spelled disaster for us, timmy.

Timmy: Timmy's just worried that kay will pick out the wrong spell and turn into a panther again.

Tabitha: Hmm, panther or worse. I know. I think we're going to have to help kay out a bit.

Timmy: How?

Tabitha: Well, when she puts the book aside, i will pick out the perfect spell and mark it for her so the next time she picks up the book, the right spell will be staring her in the face and then -- poof! -- Miguel and charity will be finished.

Sam: I feel terrible leaving like this.

Grace: Look, sam, don't. I know you need to be there for your son. I know you got to help ethan through this difficult time.

Sam: I'm glad you understand. I know david was doing his best to make you think that i was doing this for ivy's sake.

Grace: I know that this has nothing to do with ivy. I know that you just want to help your son. I don't care what david says.

Sam: I'm just glad you still believe in me.

Grace: Of course I do. And I'm going to talk to david later and tell him exactly where i stand, which is right next to my husband, my true husband. That's you, baby.

David: Ivy, i've done everything i can to break them up. Their love for each other is -- it's unshakable.

Ivy: No, I don't accept that. Now I am going to tell you the next step in my plan, and it's going to work. I'm going to get sam back, and you're going to make it happen.

David: Your plan is good, ivy. It may just be the thing that will break sam and grace apart.

Theresa: I'm so nervous.

Ethan: Hey, look, theresa, don't be, all right? I'm sure julian wants this annulment just as much as you do. And all you have to do is sign the papers and then it's forgotten.

Theresa: Thank you again for forgiving me. I mean, marrying julian was a horrible mistake, and I will make it up to you, ethan, I swear.

Ethan: Theresa, i love you. This isn't about forgiving you. This is about re-establishing trust in a relationship.

Theresa: I know. It's the most important thing to you, that marriage be based on trust.

Ethan: Right, it is, and I believe you if you tell me there are no more secrets, because if there were, you know, I couldn't marry you. The relationship would be over.

Whitney: Are you all right, mrs. Lopez fitzgerald?

Pilar: Yeah, whitney. I'm just nervous f theresa. You know, I want to be here in case anything goes wrong.

Whitney: I know you're scared it's going to come out that theresa has slept with julian.

Pilar: My God, so many lives would be destroyed if it does come out.

Whitney: You know, I actually think her secret is going to be safe. I mean, who's going to tell ethan?

Harper: You were definitely born under a lucky star, julian.

Julian: You know, I think you're right, harper. I can't get over how well ethan's taking the news that theresa and I consummated our marriage, and he's actually forgiven her?

Harper: It's amazing. You know, he almost killed you when he found out you had married her. Why is he so accepting that she slept with you?

Julian: I don't know. I guess the little tamale has very impressive powers of persuasion. Although i must say, I don't think that i would be able to forgive her if the situation were reversed.

Harper: Isn't that a bit of a double standard?

Julian: Well, absolutely, but a man is allowed his dalliances, but the woman he marries must remain faithful. Ethan has always been such a straight arrow, so moral and full of honor. I'm just amazed that he's being so open minded about this.

Harper: It's baffling, to be sure.

Julian: So it is. You know, I'm going to ask ethan when he gets here why he accepted this so calmly, how it is that he was able to come to terms so easily with the fact that i -- I slept with his future wife. Hmm.

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ethan: Mother. I didn't think you were supposed to be released from the hospital till later today. I told you that I'd pick you up.

Ivy: I had the hospital car service bring me home. I couldn't stay there another minute. Besides, i wanted to be here when you when theresa and julian sign the annulment papers.

Ethan: Well, I appreciate it, mother, but it's not necessary.

Ivy: Don't be so sure. I know she's still keeping something from you, ethan.

Ethan: Mother, please.

Ivy: Your father's on his way over, too.

Ethan: Sam? Why is he coming here?

Ivy: To support his son, of course.

Ethan: You're afraid i'm going to attack julian again, aren't you? Look, mother, don't worry. I have my anger under control, I promise.

Ivy: Are you sure?

Ethan: Yes, absolutely. Look, I hate julian for what he did to theresa, but i'm not going to kill him, unless i found out he did something else to theresa.

Ivy: Well, who knows what could happen?

Maid: Oh, mrs. Crane, welcome.

Ivy: Excuse me, but as far as i know, i am still the only mrs. Crane here.

Maid: But the newspaper said that pilar's daughter was married to --

ivy: I don't give a damn what the newspaper says! I am still the only mrs. Crane in this house! Now, get out of my way!

Theresa: Thank you.

Maid: Oh, mrs. Crane. Let me help you.

Theresa: Thank you.

Man: May I take your coat, mrs. Crane?

Theresa: Please.

Ma did madam have a good day shopping?

Theresa: Madam had a wonderful day. Thank you. Ok.

Whitney: Theresa, what's the matter with you? Come on.

Theresa: Oh. Did you hear her? I mean, she called me mrs. Crane.

Whitney: I heard her, theresa. She made a mistake. So what? Let's go.

Theresa: But, you know, I've always dreamed about being called mrs. Crane. But as ethan's wife, not julian's.

Whitney: Look, theresa, you better pull yourself together. Stay in the here-and-now unless you want to risk losing ethan forever.

Theresa: No, don't say that, ok? I mean, ethan forgave me, and we're going to be married, and we are going to spend the rest of our lives together.

Whitney: I still think that you're playing with fire by not telling ethan the whole truth -- that you slept with julian. If ethan finds out now, it could be the end of everything for you.

Julian: Yes, I'm going to do it. I'm just going to take ethan aside and ask him how it is that he was able to accept the fact that i had a delightful romp between the sheets with theresa.

Harper: You may want to phrase that a little more delicately.

Julian: Oh, yes. I suppose you're right. But I'm just curious, that's all. As i said before, I expected ethan to go berserk, considering the way he reacts to hearing about my marriage to theresa -- packing a bag to get out of the country. He was taking it all in stride.

Harper: You still have to face the wrath of her brother when he finds out.

Julian: Oh, yes. Well, I suppose it's too much to hope for that luis will be as understanding as ethan. Yeah, you're wrong. I'm not that lucky. Well, at least i don't have to run from ethan. I think he's achieved a high level of sophistication. He's much more broad minded than he used to be. Well, whatever it is, I'm grateful. Oh, no.

Harper: What is it?

Julian: You don't suppo-- are -- are you sure that ethan knows that i slept with theresa? Is there any chance he didn't find out?

[Door opens]

kay: Hi, guys. Hey, did you get the snacks?

Jessica: Well, we're not going to die of starvation while we plan charity's birthday party.

Kay: Great!

Jessica: Hey, tabitha, do you want a soda? We got plenty of junk from the b&b.

Tabitha: Oh, no. I don't want to intrude. Just pretend i'm not here. I'm on my way to my knitting.

Simone: So, kay, why don't you help us plan the birthday party.

Tabitha: Now's our chance, timmy. We'll snag the spell book, find the perfect spell, mark it, then when kay reads it, it'll be finito for charity and miguel.

Timmy: Uh-oh. Timmy thinks there's a glitch in tabby's plan.

Tabitha: What do you mean, a glitch?

Oh, no! Oh, no, the book. Oh, we can't let anyone see it.

Miguel: What do you think of this?

Charity: Hmm.

Jessica: I think we're not going to do --

kay's voice: Oh, no.


Charity: There it is again.

Miguel: What?

Charity: Miguel, I know you're going to think it sounds crazy, but i'm sorry. I feel the evil again. The evil book is here. And it's a threat to us. I'm not imagining it! It's here! The evil is here!

Tabitha: Oh. We have to do something, timmy, and fast.

grace: I'm so excited. It'll be so wonderful to have our own place again.

Sam: You can say that again.

Grace: You know, I have an idea. Instead of going out to dinner tonight, why don't we start painting our new bedroom?

Sam: Ooh. Tonight?

Grace: Yeah. I mean, you know, if we do some of the work ourselves, it'll be done sooner and we'll be in there before you know it.

Sam: So do you want to start painting the bedroom tonight?

Grace: Yeah, I do. You know, sam, our house isn't just a roof over our heads. It's a safe place, like the walls of a castle. And after everything that our family has been through, we really need that safe place.

Sam: You're right. Everything will be better when we move in our own home. But for now, we have to hold on to the love we have as a family. The strength of that love is what will hold us together. And we're not going to let anything come between us.

Grace: Uh-uh.

Tabitha: Oh, timmy! Timmy! We have to do something! If charity finds that book in my house, ross will be able to prove that I'm a witch, and then those brats will destroy the book and kay will never be able to come between charity and miguel.

Timmy: And if charity and miguel make love, timmy and tabby are doomed.

Tabitha: Exactly!

Timmy: What will timmy and tabby do?

Tabitha:H. Oh, I don't know, timmy. But whatever it is, we're going to have to do it fast.

Charity: I'm not crazy, miguel. It's here. It's in the room, and it's going to destroy us.

Ethan: Well, I finally got mother all settled in, but I left my briefcase in the car, so i'll be right back.

Theresa: Ok.

[Theresa sighs]

theresa: Whitney -- no. You are just going to have to believe that the truth about my sleeping with julian is not going to come out. Ok, julian knows that ethan would kill him, so he's not going to say anything and you're not going to say anything and mama's not going to say anything and i am certainly not going to say anything.

Whitney: But you should, theresa. I mean, have you not learned anything yet? Secrets always have a way of getting out, end of story.

Theresa: No, no, I am going to sign the annulment papers and put this whole mess behind me. And then i'm going to marry ethan, the man that I love, and we are going to spend the rest of our lives together.

Whitney: You know, that is just a beautiful dream, theresa, and i really hope it comes true. But there's --

theresa: What?

Whitney: Julian knows, theresa, and what if it accidentally slips out? Or what if he doesn't know that it's still a secret and brings it up to ethan?

Theresa: Oh, my God. I didn't think about that. I've got to do something. I've got to get to julian before he talks to ethan.

Pilar: I'll be so glad when this is all over with.

Ivy: This is far from over, pilar, and you know it.

Pilar: What do you mean?

Ivy: Theresa is still hiding something. I know it. And I saw the look between you and whitney, and i know that you're covering for theresa.

Pilar: Ivy, look, this has been very painful for everyone involved.

Ivy: Especially my son. I know you're not going to tell me anything. You're going to protect your daughter. Well, I am going to protect my son. So it's my job to uncover whatever it is that theresa's hiding, and uncover it i will. You can bet on it.

Julian: Now, you're absolutely sure that ethan knows theresa slept with me?

Harper: I'm sure ethan said he and theresa talked it through and that she said there were no more secrets between them.

Julian: You're positive he knows everything?

Harper: Ethan said everything was out in the open and that she wasn't keeping anything from him. What else could he have meant?

Julian: Good. Thank God. Oh, it means there's nothing to worry about. Ethan knows the truth and he's apparently come to terms with the fact that i slept with his fiancee. We can talk about it openly like grown, mature men.

Theresa: I have got to get to julian before he signs the annulment papers. I've got to make sure that he knows not to say anything about us sleeping together.

Whitney: Well, how are you going to do that, theresa? What are you going to tell ethan?

Theresa: Uh -- you stall him. Tell him that I -- i went to the -- the powder room. Oh, excuse me. Hi. Where's mr. Crane?

Maid: Your husband is up in his -- I mean, your bedroom.

Theresa: Oh, thank you. I just need to get to him right away.

Ethan: Theresa, where are you going? We're meeting in the library. Why are you going upstairs?

Theresa: Oh -- I was just going to go

the powder room.

Ethan: Well, why don't you just use one of the powder rooms down here?

Theresa: Down here? Right. I -- i didn't think of that. Of course I'll use one of the downstairs powder rooms.

Ethan: Well, I guess I'll meet you in the library then and we can sign these papers and get on with our lives.

Theresa: Ok. I've got to get to julian right away. I'll sneak up the back stairs.

Ivy: Pilar, you know me very well, and you know I don't give up on things easily.

Pilar: Yes, I do know that about you.

Ivy: So you know that i'm not going to give up until i uncover whatever it is that theresa's hiding from ethan and expose her for the liar that she is.

Pilar: Why do you hate her so much? I know she's made mistakes, but you can't deny that she loves ethan. She loves him with her whole heart. She would move heaven and earth to be with him. He is her whole life. Don't you want that kind of love for your son?

Ivy: Love isn't enough.

Pilar: Why, ivy? Because it wasn't enough for you?

Ivy: Wh?

Pilar: You always talk about how much you loved sam. But it wasn't enough to leave julian all those years ago, was it? You stayed in this loveless marriage so that you could enjoy the wealth and prestige of being mrs. Julian crane. And you still can't give it up. Now, love might not have been enough for you, but for most people, it's the most important thing in the world.

Ivy: You have no idea what you're talking about. I have never stopped loving sam. I have always loved him, and I always will! I will never give up on sam!

Sam: What the hell are you up to now, ivy?

Simone: Kay, what's wrong? You look scared to death.

Kay: Nothing. I'm fine.

Tabitha: Timmy, we have to act now before charity sees the book.

Charity: It's here, miguel. It's -- it's here.

Miguel: Charity, it's all right. There's nothing here that can hurt us. Now, the book of evil was just your aunt grace's bible, remember?

Charity: No, miguel. Something's wrong. That book was not aunt grace's bible when i felt the evil. It was something else, something different, an evil book. Miguel, I'm just scared. It's right there!

singer: You are my passion for life

miguel: It's your aunt grace's bible again, charity. There's nothing evil about it.

Charity: Oh. I was so sure, miguel. I don't --

kay's voice: Where did it go?

Simone: What is wrong, kay? What are you looking for?

Kay: Nothing. I'm just wondering what she's flipping out about, that's all.

Charity: I don't understand. The book i saw was a different book. It was an evil book.

Miguel: Charity, i don't know what you're so upset about, but this book isn't evil. Why don't we just get back to planning your birthday party, ok?

Reese: Come on, we'll figure out what kind of food we want.

Jessica: Yeah, you know, and the music and costumes.

Reese: I was thinking something spicy.

Timmy: Timmy's impressed. Timmy's never seen his princess move that fast -- like lightning.

Tabitha: Hmm.

Timmy: And having timmy put the bible on the desk -- that was inspired.

Tabitha: Hmm. I may be an old bird, timmy, but i've still got what it takes when I need it. Now, let's see what we can find. Oh. We need the spell. We need to find the right spell and then mark it, hide the book back in its hiding place, and then when kay finds it, she'll be able to cast the spell.

Timmy: And charity and miguel will be finito?

Tabitha: Hmm-hmm! Yes, timmy -- finito! Finished forever.

Miguel: This could be really cool. What do you guys think?

Jessica: No more island themes, no.

Reese: Yeah, we didn't have very good luck with our last island.

Jessica: We've all put our opinions in. What do you want to do?


grace: Hello? I thought you'd all gone home for the -- david.

David: Hello, grace.

Grace: What are you doing?

David: I'm painting.

Grace: Well, yeah, but why?

David: Well, I helped with the construction. I thought I'd help with the painting, get things finished for you.

Grace: Well, that's -- that's very nice of you.

David: I know that your house is something that you see as your only safe place, so i want you to have the security.

Grace: Thanks. I -- i don't know what to say.

David: There's nothing to say. I love you. I want you to be happy.

Grace: David --

david: Listen, before you say anything, I know that sam feels that he gets mixed messages from me, that he thinks I have some sort of ulterior motive. But I hope you don't feel the same way. I hope you know that i just want whatever is best for you.

Sam: I heard what you said to pilar. Now, did you call me over here because of ethan, or is this another one of your schemes to try to rekindle our past?

Ivy: I'm not going to lie to you, sam. I meant what i said about loving you still. I will always love you. But I'm not up to anything. I know that there's no future between us. I've accepted that. But it doesn't change the way i feel about you.

Sam: So you really are worried about ethan?

Ivy: Yes. That's the only reason i asked you to come over here. Today is the first time ethan will see julian since he found out that julian and theresa were married, and you saw him at the hospital. He nearly killed julian.

Sam: He was furio, d rightfully so.

Ivy: And you were the only one who could keep him from doing serious harm to julian. That's why i wanted you here -- in case something else happens.

Sam: Like what? What do you expect to happen?

Ivy: I'm convinced that theresa is lying to ethan.

Sam: About what?

Ivy: I don't know. But I am afraid that if the secret comes out ethan could go crazy again.

Sam: And that's the only reason you wanted me here?

Ivy: Yes -- to help your son if he needs it. I'm not trying to rekindle anything between us, sam. Please. How could I possibly undermine you and grace from this wheelchair? Spray.

Ivy: You have made it very clear that you don't love me, that you love grace, and that you always will. But I can't help it if i still love you. But I know when to give up. I just, you know -- I wish you would believe me when i tell you that I have.

Sam: Look, I'm sorry I jumped to conclusions. It was just that i've been on edge lately, david hastings coming into town, saying he's grace's husband, trying to come between us.

Ivy: I know.

Sam: I do believe you, that you're not still trying to come between grace and me. I'm sorry. Look, just don't cry.

Pilar: You liar.

David: I hope you know that i don't have any hidden agenda, grace. I mean, it's no secret that i still love you and i want you back as my wife.

Grace: Well, you've been very upfront about that, david.

David: Well, I also want you to know that i've given up on that. I know that you'll never leave sam.

Grace: You see, sam still feels that you're a threat to our marriage and he doesn't see yet that you're not.

David: I'm -- i'm really not.

Grace: Well, you know, I don't want to hurt your feelings, but i have to be honest. I don't love you.

[David sighs]

david: Well, I -- no. No. Nothing.

Grace: No, what? What were you going to say?

David: No, no. You'll just think that i'm trying to --

grace: No, I want to hear it.

David: No, you'll think i'm trying to undermine sam, and --

grace: I want to know what you're going to say.

David: All right. Look, you say that you don't love me, and i understand and I accept that even though -- even though it hurts me deeply. But like i said, I want what you want. You have amnesia. You don't remember our life, our marriage, or what we once had together, so of course you don't see me as a threat.

Grace: No, I don'T.

David: Well, sam sees me as a threat because he's coming from a very different place. Sam sees me as a threat because he knows how he still feels about someone in his past.

Grace: You're talking about ivy.

David: Yes. Sam still has feelings for ivy.

Grace: No. He doesn't.

David: Yes, he does. Sam loves ivy. And I'm afraid of what that's going to do to you someday.

Grace: Well, david, I think you should just keep your fears to yourself because sam loves me and he's not going to let ivy or anybody else come between us.

David: I hope you're right, grace. And I hope that you're happy with sam. But I'm -- I'm sorry. I still have my doubts.

Theresa: Mr. Crane? Julian! Mr. Crane, it's theresa. We have to talk before you go downstairs to sign the annulment papers. It's urgent! Listen, ethan can never find out that we -- you know, we actually -- well, we slept together, ok? You have to promise not to let anything slip no matter what. Ok, if ethan found out the truth, he -- he would go crazy and I would lose him forever and I'm afraid that he'd be so angry that he wouldn't be able to stop himself. I'm afraid that he would kill you, julian! Oh!

Ethan: Hmm. I need a paper clip or a stapler.

Sam: Here. Here.

Ivy: Oh.

Sam: Ahem. Where is everyone?

Ivy: Julian should be in soon. They're meeting in the library.

Sam: Well, I'm going to call grace. I'll be in the foyer till you need me.

Pilar: You are such a liar.

Ivy: And you are such a hypocrite. Oh, it's all fine and dandy for your daughter to lie through her teeth, to deceive my son about everything.

Pilar: If anyone is a hypocrite, it's you. You attack my daughter because she's keeping secrets. But you are the queen of deception. You have no intention of giving up on sam. Please. You're still plotting to take him away from grace.

Ivy: That's not true.

Pilar: Really? I saw the smile on your face, ivy. You say that theresa's lies have hurt ethan. But yet you say nothing about the pain that your lies have caused sam and grace. You attack my daughter because you see yourself in her, don't you?

Ivy: Oh, certainly not.

Pilar: Don't condemn theresa because what you have done is far worse than anything she's ever done.

Grace: So, sam, how's everything going over there?

Sam: So far, so good.

Grace: So ethan's ok?

Sam: Well, I haven't seen him yet. But as soon as the annulment papers are signed and I make sure ethan's ok, I'm coming home.

Grace: Good.

Sam: How are things over there?

Grace: Fine. Um -- I talked to david, and he accepts that I love you and that i'm committed to our marriage.

Sam: Well, you think he believed you and he'll finally back off?

Grace: Yeah, I think so. I mean, he says he just wants me to be happy.

Sam: That's funny. Ivy said the same thing, said that she's over trying to break us up.

Grace: God. That's a relief. You know, sam, i think -- I think everything's beginning to turn for us, don't you?

Sam: Yeah. I do.

Grace: Well, pretty soon we'll be moving into our new house and moving on with our lives.

David: Yeah, I know i promised i'd be there. Look, I'm on a -- I'm on a major photo assignment right now, ok? How long? A lot longer than I planned. Yeah -- no, no, no, no. I'm not even in the country right now.

Timmy: Hold it, princess. Timmy thinks he found the perfect one, nice and short.

Tabitha: Oh, which one?

Timmy: "New life, new strife, a newborn destroys everyone's life!"

Tabitha: Oh --

oh, no, timmy!

No, not that one!

Timmy: What? What did timmy do?

Charity: Ah!

Miguel: Charity --

jessica: Oh, my God!

Charity: Ah!

Miguel: Charity, what's wrong? Hey.

Charity: Ah!

Reese: Did she eat too many chips?

Jessica: Have some water. Here, here, honey.

[Charity gags]

simone: Be quiet! She's in some serious pain!

Kay's voice: Now what? What's the loony tune up to now?

Jessica: Can I get you anything?

Charity: Oh! Uh-uh.

Tabitha: That's what you've done.

Charity: Ah!

Miguel: Tell me what's wrong.

Tabitha: You've opened up the door for charity to have more premonitions, to see even more of the future.

Timmy: Timmy doesn't understand.

Tabitha: Oh. Oh, you're going to understand soon enough, timmy. I'm afraid we're both going to understand soon enough.

Charity: Ah!

Miguel: Tell me what's wrong. You ok?

Charity: Ah!

Theresa: Julian, can you hear me? This is important! Under no circumstances can ethan ever find out that we slept together. Do you understand? It would be disastrous if he did. Oh, I'm just glad that i found you before you talked to ethan so you could be warned not to let anything slip. Oh, I hate to think what could have happened!

[Julian whistles]

julian: Ethan. No one told me you were here.

Ethan: Well, I -- I'm here to see you sign the annulment papers when theresa comes back. Where's harper?

Julian: Uh -- he'll be down shortly. Well, I must say, I'm relieved to see that you're in a better frame of mind.

Ethan: What makes you think i am?

Julian: Well, all I'm saying is that I -- i understand your anger completely. I'm just happy to see that you're not going to kill me today. You're not, are you?

Ethan: No, not that i forgive you for the way you took advantage of theresa. In fact, i feel like i should tear you apart for what you've done, but i realize i'd only be hurting myself.

Julian: Oh, well, very -- very wise.

Ethan: And I also recognize that you are who you are. You're the same man I grew up with. It's in your nature.

Julian: Well, be that as it may, i -- I think you're being very mature about this.

Ethan: No, I'm accepting it because I love theresa. Now, she told me everything that happened between you two, and no more secrets between us. Look, I just want us to move on.

Julian: Well, as i said, very mature, very broad minded. I have to hand it to you, ethan. You've always been such a stickler about the morality of things, i'm a little surprised that you're taking this so well, much better than i myself might.

Ethan: You? What are you talking about?

Julian: I'm talking about all of it -- i mean, everything that happened between theresa and me.

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