Passions Transcript Monday 11/26/01



Passions Transcript Monday 11/26/01

By Suzanne Lanoue  

Sam: Hit star 69, hastings. Let's see who called you just now. 10 to one it's linked to why you canceled your big photo shoot to stay here in Harmony.

Grace: You know, sam, let's just not push it. I just want to go on our special lunch.

Sam: Grace, listen, don't worry, nothing will keep us from going on that lunch. It's just my cop instinct tells me that he is hiding something -- something big -- and that phone call he got is part of it.

David: This is absurd.

Sam: Oh, really? I bet if i knew who called, I'd know exactly what you're & trying to hide.

Ivy: Oh, you must be at the bed-and-breakfast with the little woman.

David: Yeah, well, actually, a couple of people.

Ivy: Sam, too ooh, my goodness. How's it going?

David: Not well, I'm afraid.

Ivy: Well, don't worry. I have a plan that's going to give you a lot more time alone with grace.

Sam: Come on, hastings. Tell us the real reason you stayed in Harmony.

Ivy: I have to find ethan and convince him to dump theresa. I know she is still keeping secrets from my son.

Theresa: I can't be honest with ethan. Whitney, he'll hate me forever if i tell him that i didn't just marry julian, I slept with him.

Pi : Theresa? What have you decided to do? When ethan gets off the phone, he's going to ask you if you're keeping anything else from him, and I hope that you will tell him the truth.

Ivy: Yes, theresa, I hope that you'll be honest with ethan for once and admit that you're keeping another secret because it is obvious that you are. I can tell by looking at your face that you're hiding something. And it must be a whopper, considering everything else that you've done.

Pilar: Por favor, mrs. Crane.

Ivy: "Adios" is more ke it, pilar, because when theresa tells ethan the truth and nothing but the truth, he will dump her in a flash.

Harper: I'm glad theresa has been totally honest with you, ethan, and i'm glad you found it in your heart to forgive her r everything.

Julian: I went to bermuda with the express purposes of getting my divorce from ivy and to carry out the plan to kill my sister. Instead I got drunk, married and bedded my former son's fiancee, the delectable theresa.

Harper: You must really love theresa to forgive her for doing what she did.

Ethan: Yeah, well, if there's one thing I've learned, there's no substitute for honesty. It's the single most important thing in a relationship.

Harper: I hear you, ethan. And I'm happy theresa has owned up to everything that's ppened with julian.

Julian: Theresa told ethan we slept together? Oh, my God, he'll finish what he started at the hospital. I'm as good as dead. Oh, God.

Brian: Diana, wait. Look, et's not go down to the dock. Look, whoever cried out sounded like they were really hurting emotionally. Maybe -- maybe we shouldn't intrude.

Sheridan: Brian, i know what & you're thinking -- that the guest from the states is still down at the dock and that somehow he and i are connected because liz said we were both having memories or dreams about being on the titanic together. I know liz meant wl, wanting us to meet. But I'm sure that there is no chance that this man and I are connected. Like said, his fiancee is dead. And one of the few things that i remember is that my fiance is dead, too.

Sheridan: I know it's crazy to think that my dead fiance is down by the water waiting for me.

Luis: My little sister, married to the biggest letch in Harmony.

Beth: Well, it's not for long, ok? I heard theresa is having the marriage annulled.

Luis: Still, how could she do such a thing?

Beth: Well, I don't think it was her fault. I mean, julian got her d unk.

Luis: So then he took advantage of her? I'm going to kill the bastard. I swear to God i'm going to kill that bastard!

Sheridan: Do you hear that? That man sounds like he's in emotional distress. Maybe thers something we can Do to help. Let's go see.

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sam: I want the truth. Why are you still here in Harmony?

Ivy: You're not going anywhere, david. You're going to stay and finish the job I hired you to do -- break up sam and grace for good.

Sam: Out with it, hastings. Why are you still here?

David: Ok, I'll tell you. Because this has gone on long enough, and I am sick of it.

Grace: Sick of what?

David: Of not being completely honest.

Sam: I knew it.

David: The reason i'm still here in Harmony is because of -- is because of ivy crane.

Sam: Ivy?

David: Yes. Ivy is the reason I haven't left town.

Julian: God. Why would theresa tell ethan that we shared a night of conjugal bliss? Why would she fess up now? Unless she's trying to save her neck by having ethan wring mine.

Harper: Ethan, just a minu e. Julian, you don't understand. Theresa and ethan are coming over here to sign the annulment papers.

Julian: Ethan is coming here? Oh, my God! I've got to get packed, get the crane jet readied, get the hell out of here before ethan kills me. I hear that siberia is lovely this time of year.

Ethan: Harper, are you there? What's going on?

Harper: Ethan, i have to go. I'll speak to you later.

Ethan: What -- I wonder what that was about. Doesn't matter. I'll get theresa, we'll go to the mansion so she and julian can sign the annulment.

Ivy: Unburden yourself, theresa. Tell poor, crippled ivy your secret. Save me the trouble of having to find out for myself.

Ethan: Mother, stop berating theresa. She's not hiding anything. Look, the annulment papers are all set. We just have to go to e mansion, and then you can sign them.

Theresa: I'll be so glad when my marriage to julian is over. Then we can be together the rest of our lives.

Ivy: Excuse me. Need i remind you that theresa has never answered your question? She has never admitted that she's finally out of secrets.

Ethan: Mother, please.

Ivy: Personally, I think she's keeping any number of secrets in order to hang on to you. How about it, dear? Are you going to tell ethan yet another lie when you promise him that you're secret-free?

Ethan: Mother, I meant what i said. Stop badgering theresa. Look, I remember my question, and I'm going to have theresa answer it. Listen, theresa, we can get married and be together if you're honest with me from now on. So tell me -- can you promise me you have no more secrets?

Ivy: Well, of course the little tramp is going to lie and say yes.

Ethan: Mother, let her answer. Just tell me once and for all -- are you keeping anything from me? Anything at all?

Grace: Ivy?

Sam: You couldn't leave town because of ivy crane?

David: That's right. No, you didn't hire me, you blackmailed me.

Ivy: Whatever. It all boils down to the same thing. You're going to stay in Harmony until sam and grace's relationship is destroyed.

David: Look, I told you, I've done everything i could think of to do exactly that. But your manipulations are no match for the kin of love those two have for each other.

Ivy: Well, sam loved me once just as much, and he will love me again once grace is out of his life. So you get her away from him, or i'm going to use what i have on you to make you wish you'd never been born.

Sam: What about ivy?

David: I think you still love her, sam. I think that soon you'll finally admit that you've never stopped loving her and then you'll leave poor grace so that you can be with ivy.

Sam: That is ridiculous.

Vid: I came back here because I don't want grace to be alone when i know that her life is bound to be blown apart. I came back here because i want to help her pick up the pieces when you break her heart -- for the second time.

Sam: Stop trying to come between us. I will never hurt grace. But you -- you're another story.

Harper: Julian?

Julian: I have to get out ofere before ethan arrives loaded for bear.

Theresa: Get off of him, ethan!

Julian: He nearly killed me at the hospital, and that was before he even knew I slept with theresa.

Harper: Oh, calm down, julian. Ethan didn't seem upset on the phone.

Julian: You can't be serious.

Harper: No, ethan seems to have accepted what happened between you and theresa and moved on. I don't think the boy poses any threat to you.

Julian: Really? Theresa told ethan that we slept together, and he isn't even angry?

Harper: Well, ethan said that theresa was totally honest with him about everything.

Julian: I can't believe it.

Harper: Well, be that as it may, ethan and theresa are on the way over here to sign the annulment papers. And your former son didn't seem upset at all, just happy that theresa was honest with him and that they've patched things up.

Julian: I guess there's no need to beat a hasty retreat, yes? Ah! Why don't we have a cocktail --

harper: Of course.

Julian: To celebrate. Here's to a man being able to sleep with his ex-son's foxy fiancee and get away with it. I still can't believe it. I never thought theresa would tell ethan that we consummated our marriage.

Theresa: I promise you i have no more secrets from you.

Ivy: I cannot believe your nerve, theresa! You're hiding something. I know you are.

Ethan: Mother, please.

Ivy: Ethan, look at whitney and pilar. They know that theresa is hiding something.

Ethan: No, mother, they're embarrassed by the way you're behaving.

Ivy: Ethan, how can you be so blind?

Ethan: Mother, stop it, all right? I'm going to marry theresa, + and you're just going to have to live -- look, theresa, thank you for being honest with me. I know mother and you have your differences, but I'm sure once she sees how happy you make me, then she'll change her mind.

Ivy: No, never. Theresa is a lying slut, and I will not rest until i prove it.

Ethan: Excuse me. I'm going toake my mother to her room, and then we'll go to the mansion, theresa, and get your marriage to julian annulled.

Ivy: Ethan may have a blind spot when it comes to you, theresa. I don'T. I see you for what you are, and I will be watching you. Remember that. I'll be watching you.

Beth: I hate the way i upset you, luis. Please, just try and calm down, ok?

Luis: Calm down? Beth, how am i supposed to be calm when julian crane is my brother-in-law? I'm going to kill that pig for what he did to my sister.

Liz: Hey, what's going on? Did you see diana? I sent her to look for you.

Luis: No, I didn't see diana. I don't have time to see her now, anyway.

Liz: Why? What's gotten you worked up like this?

Luis: I'm sorry. It's a long story. I got to get out of here asap. I'm not going to have time to sail the boat back.

Liz: But your friend, she's counting on you.

Beth: No, it's ok. I'm the friend. Beth.

Liz: Liz. Nice to meet you.

Beth: You, too.

Liz: So, what do you want to do about your boat?

Luis: I'm sure you'll be able to arrange something. I'm going to call for a car to take us to the airport.

Beth: About my boat -- I need huge favor.

Sheridan: I could have sworn i heard someone cry out from here.

Brian: Yeah, I know. Whoever it was, he must be ok now.

Sheridan: I can't get the pain in that man's voice out of my head.

Brian: Yeah, whatever caused him to cry out, it must have cut him to the quick, that's for sure.

Sheridan: I just hope whoever it was is all right now.

Brian: You know, diana, you are such a good person.

Sheridan: So are you, brian. You know, we better get back to the cafe, make sure everybody's all right.

ivy: Ethan, theresa has lied to you about everything short of the weather. How you can believe she's telling you the truth now, it's beyond me.

Ethan: Mother, she's learned her lesson.

Ivy: Well, a snake may shed her skin but she's still a snake.

Ethan: Look, not another word, all right? I love theresa, I'm going to marry her, and there's nothing you can do about it. See you later.

Ivy: Oh, ethan. There is something i can do about theresa. I can watch her like a hawk. She has another secret. I know she does. And when i find out what it is, I can finally get rid of that doe-eyed little sneak. And with theresa out of the way, I can bring sam back into our lives. Oh, ethan, i promise, soon you and sam and i will finally be a family. Well, I -- i better put my plan into motion.

Sam: I should have wiped the floor with you a long time ago.

Grace: Ok, sam, just don't, all right? I mean, we have our special lunch, remember?

Sam: Grace, listen, i haven't forgotten. I love you too much to let anything, even this troublemaker, stop us from going to lunch. Now, i promised you a special time, and I'm not about to go back on my word.

[Phone rings]

sam: It could be the station house. Chief bennett.

Ivy: Sam, i'm sorry to bother you, but i'm afraid something awful is about to happen.

Sam: Ivy, what is it? Are you all right?

David's voice: Nice timing, boss.

Ivy: Don't worry about me. I'll manage. It's ethan. I'm afraid he needs you again, sam. Can you be there for him? Can you -- can you be there for our son?

Julian: Oh, getting away with getting it on with theresa is almost as sweet as her lips were. Trust me, harper -- talking is such a waste of that girl's time. Talking. What about luis? If theresa told ethan that we made the earth move, she'll tell her brother and he'll kill me.

Harper: Calm down, julian. I checked on luis. He's still mourning sheridan's death -- or should i say "murder"?

Julian: Get to the point.

Harper: Luis has gone back to the islands to grieve. He's hundreds of miles away from Harmony.

Julian: This is just too good to be true. Ethan knows I slept with theresa and he couldn't care less, and theresa's big, bad brother doesn't have a clue I slept with his little sister. I'm safe, harper, safe from harm.

Luis: Crane's a dead man when i get back to Harmony. Beth? I got a car waiting. If we hurry, we can catch the next flight ou .

Beth: Ok. It was so nice meeting you. Thank you for everything.

Liz: You're welcome.

Luis: Beth, come on.

Have to go.

Beth: Ok.

Liz: Wait! There's diana. Can you just wait, just a minute? She's dying to meet you.

On phone:Bill, I'm stuck at work.

Singer: You are my passion for life

julian: Harper, I -- i can't tell you how nervous i was about etn discovering that i slept with theresa, especially since i got her looped to take advantage of her nubile lushness. Now everyt ing's out inhe open. I feel as if a tremendous weight has been lifted from my shoulders. To quote the bard,+ "all's well that ends well." What the -- I own this paper! Now the entire world is going to know that i tied the knot with theresa. Oh, my God! What if luis sees this?

Harper: Relax, julian. "The herald" is a local rag. It'll never see the newsstands in the islands.

Julian: Yeah, perhaps. What about radio and television?

Harper: I'm sure alistair is using his clout to keep that story suppressed as long as possible.

Julian: Hopefully. Yes. As long as luis doesn't know that i slept with theresa and we coupled in conjugal bliss, i'm safe.

Luis: Liz, look, i'm sorry, but if we don't leave now, we're not going to have time to catch our flight. I just can't meet diana, all right? Come on.

Liz: Bye.

Sheridan: Guess they're not he, either.

Liz: Who?

Sheridan: Brian and I heard this man cry out in deep emotional pain down at the dks. We went to go see if we could help, but there was no one there.

Brian: Yeah, we thought he might have come up here.

Liz: I guess that was our guest from the states. He got some bad news from home and hightailed it out of here to the airport.

Sheridan: I hope everything will be ok.

Liz: I don't know if it will or not. I didn't hear the whole story. But I'm just sorry that the two of you didn't get to meet. I think it could have change your whole life.

Brian: Liz, drop it. You've already got diana's hopes up for nothing.

Liz: Look, I'm sorry. I -- i really didn't mean to hurt you. I just thought if there was a chance that there could be some kind of connection, i owed it to you to try.

Sheridan: I appreciate your trying to help. But if this man were someone from my past, we were meant to be together, then we would have met.

Liz: Sounds like you believe in fate.

Brian: I do.

Sheridan: I just think that when two people share true love, nothing can keep them apart. They'll find each other eventually.

Brian: Thanks, liz. You had diana in tears earlier because you had her believing this guy from the states could have been her lost love from the titanic.

Liz: Well, I was just -- - now,ait a minute. I think I have a way to make it up to you for upsetting diana.

Brian: Oh, yeah? What?

Liz: The chanceo make your dream come true.

Ivy: Sam, i'm sorry, but I'm afraid ethan might need you again.

Sam: Why, ivy? What's going on?

Ivy: Ethan and theresa are on their way to the house so she and julian can sign the annulment papers and end their sick farce of a marriage.

Sam: Hold on a minute. Ethan and theresa are back together?

Ivy: Yes. I'm afraid it's true. Theresa swore to ethan that she was all out of secrets, and he believed her. He can't see it, but i am afraid that theresa is going to ruin his life.

Sam: Ivy, i've known theresa since the day she was born. She's not a bad person. It's just that she acts sometimes without thinking things through.

Ivy: And then lies to cover herself.

Sam: I'm just glad ethan and theresa worked things out. If she makes him happy, then we should be happy for him.

Ivy: But what about ethan going to the mansion? Sam, what if he gets angry or upset and tries to kill julian again? I would -- i would go myself and keep an eye on things, but I'm stuck in this damn wheelchair. Please, sam, please. Can't you go and make sure there's no trouble?

Sam: Now is not a good time, ivy.

Ivy: Sam, i cannot have myon arrested for murder. If -- if theresa is hiding something from ethan -- and i think she is -- then ethan will go crazy when it comes out. If you can't go and be there as his father, then -- then go & as Harmony's chief of police and make sure there's no crime.

Sam: Look, aren't you being overly dramatic?

Ivy: You saw how ethan was at the hospital. If julian says the wrong thing, he could snap.

Sam: Ok. I'll head over there, then.

Ivy: Thank you, sam. Thank you so much.

David: Ivy wants you to do something for her. Right, sam?

Sam: Ivy's worried that ethan will go off on julian again. She wants me to meet ethan and theresa at the cranes' to keep the peace.

David: You know, you say that grace is the most important person in your life. But once again, ivy calls and, without a moment's hesitation, you blow off your special lunch with grace.

Sam: Shut up.

David: Why don't you just admit it, sam? Admit that i'm right? Admit that ivy is the most important person in your world -- ivy, not grace?

Brian: Ok, liz. So, what's your great idea?

Liz: It starts with this.

Sheridan: The boat we fixed?

Liz: Yeah. The new guest from the states was supposed to sail it back, but now he's out of here, so the owner of the boat asked if i knew anyone who was interested. How about it, brian? -

Brian: Sure, if you'll be my crew.

Sheridan: Aye, aye, captain, sir. Oh, just think of it, brian -- the two of us out on the open sea. What a great adventure this is going to be.

Brian: It'll be incredible.

Liz: But you wanted more than an adventure. Right, brian?

Brian: Liz, this is the turning point of mine and diana's relationship. By the time we get this baby into home port, she is going to be head over heels in love with me. And she won't even turn her head to look at another guy.

Liz: You want her that bad?

Brian: Oh, yeah. She's the one. I've known it since the first time i laid eyes on her.

Liz: Well, the owner left instructions on sailing it back. I'll go get them.

Brian: Ok. Thanks, liz.

Liz: See you later, diana.

Sheridan: Bye, liz.

Brian: Oh, this is going to be great.

Sam: Not that it's any of your business, hastings, this is not about ivy. It's about my son ethan. I'm worried about him. Ethan's on his way over to the crane mansion so theresa and julian can sign their annulment papers, ending their marriage. P grace: Well, I'm glad that theresa and ethan are back together.

Sam: Yeah, me, too. They have a great love, a strong love. And nothing could break apart something that solid. Ivy called because she was concerned that ethan would go off on julian again, given what happened at the hospital. And I think she's right. I should be there for ethan so he doesn't do anything 'll

pregret. I'm so sorry that we missed our special lunch today.

Grace: Yeah, I'm disappointed, but I understand. And ethan's your son. We'll get together later.

Sam: Thank you. You sure you're going to be ok?

Grace: I'm fine.

David: I've lost count. How many times has ivy taken sam away from you?

Grace: Ivy hasn't done anything any loving mother wouldn't do.

David: You know, this is exactly why I've decided to stay in Harmony -- because eventually sam isoing to break your heart --

grace: You know what? David, you are wrong.

David: And when he does --

grace: Sam loves me and only me.

David: Grace --

grace: You know what? I am just sick of you cutting down sam.

David: No, I am --

grace: Here. Sam, wait.

David: Damn. I don't care what ivy says, it's bloody impossible to break those two up.

[Phone rings]

david: Yes? What is it?

Ivy: Is sam gone?

David: Yes, he just left.

Ivy: I old you i'd get him out of the way so you could work on grace alone.

David: Look, this whole charade is a waste of time. Sam and grace are in love, now and forever. I can't break them up any more than you could.

Ivy: I didn't ask for your opinion, david.

David: But it's the truth.

Ivy: No, it's not. I know how to break up sam and grace for good. Just wait till you hear the next step in my plan.

David: Oh, I'm waiting onins and needles.

Ivy: Spare me the sarcasm. Sam is going to be mine again, and you are going to make it happen.

David: Do tell.

Ivy: Ok, well, first, I'm going to go back to the house and be there when sam arrives.

Pilar: Tu no aprende, theresa. Hmm? Telling ethan thatou're not keeping any other secrets from him, after everything that's happened,as completely sealed your fate, mija.

Whitney: Your mother's right, & theresa. I mean, do you not see a pattern here? You lie, you get caught. You lie, you get caught. And for you to think that ethan is not going to find out that you slept with julian crane is not only naive, it's just lain stupid. You have to be honest with ethan this time, theresa, or there is not going to be a next time.

Theresa: You know, I appreciate your concern. But I know i did the right thing. I even feel like luck is on my side. Fate is starting to smile on me again.

Whitney: No, laughing at you for being more naive is more like it, theresa.

Theresa: No. Whitney, lighten up. Things could be a lot worse. Mama, luis is out of town. If he would have seen this morning's newspaper, he would have gone ballistic. He would have snapped julian's neck like a chicken. But now when he gets back, everything will be settled. My marriage to julian will be annulled. Ethan and I will be husband and wife. And everything will be behind me.

Whitney: You are dreaming, theresa. You're dreaming.

Theresa: No, whitney, i know when luis gets back, all he will do is wish me the best.

Luis: Wait a minute, beth. What about your boat?

Beth: Oh. Um -- don't worry. Liz said that she had someone f om the island that would sail it back to Harmony for me.

Luis: Oh. Well, that's good.

Beth: Yeah.

Luis: I can't wait to get back to Harmony and get my hands on julian crane.

Luis: Damn cranes. All they do is cause people pain.

Beth: Easy, luis. God, i'm afraid you're going to give yourself a heart attack before we even get back to Harmony.

Luis: Can't help it. No one uses my little sister, especially a scum like julian crane.

Beth: You know, I was just wondering, why do you think that diana woman on the island wanted to talk to you, anyway?

Luis: I don't know. I mean, liz thought we had some kind of connection. Diana lost the man she loved, and I lost sheridan.

Beth: Maybe you could have helped each other.

Luis: Talking about sheridan isn't going to bring her back. All right? Nothing will. She's gone. I'm never going to see her face again.

Sheridan: Wonder where we're sailing to.

Brian: I don't know, somewhere in the states. Liz went to get the name of the town and how we're supposed to get there.

Sheridan: Can't wait to find out.

Brian: Yeah. Diana, you know, i was thinking about something that you said earlier.

Sheridan: Really? What?

Brian: Well, you said that if you and the guy from the states were supposed to meet, that you would have met.

Sheridan: Yeah, I believe that if two people are meant to be together, then they'll be together.

Brian: I was hopingou'd say that because i'm starting to think that we're meant to be together.

Sheridan: Really?

Brian: Yeah. I mean, think about it. I rescueou out of the sea.

Sheridan: Twice.

Brian: You have these dreams or memories about you and I being on the titanic. I know that I can convince you that we were meant to be together, if you'll just give me that chance. I could show you that I'm the only man for you -- just me and only me.

Liz: Let's see. Beth wants her boat sailed backo -- Harmony? Harmony. I wonder if --

ethan: So, are you ready to go to the mansion, get your marriage to julian annulled?

Theresa: I am. Believe me.

Ethan: Good.

Theresa: Thank you again for forgiving me, for understanding why I didn't tell you about julian.

Ethan: Theresa, look, it's not a question of forgiving you. It's a question of re-establishing trust in our relationship. Look, if you kept any secrets from me, we couldn't be together. We could be friends, but I couldn't marry you if you were still keeping

psecrets from me.

Pilar: Why does theresa make things so complicated? Why can't she just make her life simple, just say the truth and avert disaster?

Whitney: I don't know. I don't know. Maybe, you know, theresa's & right. Maybe this ime it will be different. Maybe somehow ethan won't find out that theresa slept with julian. I don't know.

Pilar: Oh, no, whitney. The truth always comes out -- trust me. And when it does, theresa's going to need us more than ever because when ethan finds out, it'll be the last straw. It will destroy their relationship forever.

Theresa: Oh, I agree with you. Bui just don't think that anyone will alk. And if everyone does keep quiet, how would ethan find out that theresa slept with julian?

Julian: You know, I can't wait for ethan to get here.

Harper: How much brandy have you had?

Julian: No, I'm serious. I feel a kinship with him that i haven't felt since i found out he wasn't my son.

Harper: I take it this has to do with ethan's benign acceptance that you and theresa had slept together?

Julian: Yes, exactly. Who knows -- maybe we can compare notes on what the little tamale likes to do in bed.

Harper: Don't push your luck, julian.

Julian: Oh, nonsense, harper. Ethan's been most gracious about accepting the fact that I bedded his bride-to-be, and i plan to tell him so.

Ivy: I have to get to the mansion before sam does. I'll tell him that i was too worried about ethan hurting julian to stay away, even though it put my life at risk. Sam will feel protective towards me just like he used to. I must say, my plan is coming together rather nicely. Then once I learn what theresa is hiding, i'll use it to get her out of ethan's life for good. + Lying bitch. Nobody takes advantage of my son and gets away with it. Hmm. Yep. I bet that soon, ethan will be safe and i will have all the happiness I ever dreamed of. Theresa will be history. And sam will be mine.

Grace: Sam.

David: I'm sorry, grace, but ivy left me no choice. I have to destroy your relationship with sam.

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