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Passions Transcript Monday 10/29/01

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Miguel: It's ok, Charity. You're all right.

Charity: It was so real, Miguel.

Miguel: But it was only a dream.

Charity: It can't be true. It just can't be.

Simone: Charity's on to you, Kay. I'm sure she is.

Kay: Do I care what Charity thinks? All I care about is making Miguel mine. Nothing's going to stand in my way this time, ok? I am through being the good girl.

Miguel: You want to talk about it? Tell me what your dream was about.

Tree: Charity, beware. Kay is not alone. There are others who would take Miguel away from you.

Simone: Charity knows you're trying to steal Miguel away from her.

Kay: Simone, no, she doesnít. Ok, she said a lot of people were trying to take Miguel, ok? She doesn't know it's just me. Princess?

Tabitha: Isn't it obvious? We've got a bloody tree trying to kill us.

Timmy: But why?

Tabitha: It must have heard me plotting against Charity and it's trying to protect the brat -- I mean the girl. Unless Charity asked for help.

Timmy: Can't Tabitha just tell the nice tree that she's not going to help Kay get Miguel?

Tabitha: It won't work, Timmy. The tree is very wise -- very, very wise. It could see through the lies and it knows perfectly well that I don't want Charity and Miguel to ever make love.

Timmy: What's Tabitha trying to say? That Timmy and Tabby should just give up?

Tabitha: Well, we may not have a choice, Timmy.

[Door creaks]

Julian: Oh! God, Harper. Thank the lord it's only you.

Theresa: You're white as a sheet, Julian. Did you think I was Ivy?

Julian: My bride-to-be. My plan to bribe Rebecca into postponing our wedding failed miserably. Rebecca's armed and dangerous. If I don't marry her, I'm a dead man.

Ethan: Look, Theresa, I really think you and my mother can patch things up.

Theresa: I'm not so sure. I mean, she sounded like she blames me for everything that happened. You know, I don't think my being here is a good idea.

Ethan: I know you're nervous, but, you know, we're going to be getting married and I really want my mother's blessing.

Theresa: Ethan, she is certain that I am the one who sent the e-mail to the tabloid.

Ethan: Look, my mother understands that just because it was e-mailed from your computer doesn't mean that you sent it.

Theresa: I don't think she understands that, Ethan. I am sure that she blames me for everyone finding out that you're Chief Bennettís son and not Julianís.

Ethan: Look, just calm down, all right? That's in the past. I know you and my mother can be good friends.

Theresa: I wish I was as sure as you.

Ethan: Look, Theresa, I'm telling you, that she's totally wrong about you.

Ivy: You're positive, Jerry? There's no doubt?

Jerry: I've got all the proof you need, Mrs. Crane.

Ivy: From the Justice of the Peace?

Jerry: He didn't want to talk at first, but I've been at this a long time and I worked at him till he finally cracked.

Ivy: And was my hunch right? Did Theresa and my husband have something to hide?

Sheridan: Whenever we're apart, just look at this rose and you'll know that Iím thinking of you, that I haven't forgotten about you, I haven't forgotten our love.

Luis: You got to let it go, man. She's gone.

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet ii would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are pone e

Sheridan: I'm sorry.

Brian: For what?

Sheridan I shouldn't have let you kiss me. I thought I was with the man that I love, the man that I lost.

Brian: That man, the one you once loved -- you said he was dead.

Sheridan: I know. I had a memory of holding his lifeless body in my arms.

Sheridan: It would take a miracle to bring him back. But the love that I have for him will never die. It is so deep inside of me. And that will last forever.

Luis: Hello?

Brian: Diana --

Luis: Hello, is there anyone here? Diana?

Brian: Diana, wait.

Julian: Rebecca threatened me, Harper. She said if I don't marry her, she'd pump me full of holes.

Harper: You're kidding me.

Julian: I wouldn't kid about a think like this. This whole situation is a mess!

Harper: Well, try to look at the bright side.

Julian: What would that be?

Harper: Well, Rebecca doesn't have to kill you. You're going to marry her.

Julian: But if anything goes wrong before Becky and I say, "I do," I mean, if the ceremony is postponed for whatever reason, I'm a dead duck! God, here it is!

Harper: What?

Julian: My handgun. Marriage is supposed to be a 50-50 arrangement? Well, if she's armed, then so am I. Give me that!

Harper: You're in enough trouble as it is, Julian.

Julian: Don't remind me.

Harper: You arranged to have your own sister killed.

Julian: God. You're reminding me.

Harper: The annulment hasn't come through yet and Ivy is contesting the divorce. The last thing we need is a shootout between you and Rebecca.

Julian: What did I ever do to deserve this? If I marry Rebecca, I'll be charged with bigamy. If I don't marry her, she'll tell Luis I had Sheridan killed and he'll rip me limb from precious limb after Rebecca has filled me full of holes. And let's not forget Ivy! God knows what she'd do if she found out that Theresa and I were married. I am trapped, Harper. I am trapped.

Theresa: I don't think your mother will be able to forgive me, Ethan.

Ethan: Of course she will. I'll admit my mother sounds angry because you scanned that letter into your computer. But I'm telling you, if the two of you just sit down and talk, you can work this all out.

Theresa: I don't know. She seems so tense.

Ethan: Well, she is tense. I mean, we just had a talk.

Theresa: What did you talk about? Our wedding? Was that it? Ethan, talk to me.

Ethan: Well, my mother said that she would accept our relationship and forgive you if I made a promise to her.

Theresa: A promise? What promise?

Ethan: It's not that big of a deal. You know, it's -- it was an easy promise because I have complete faith in you.

Theresa: What was the promise, Ethan?

Ethan: I promised her that if you ever hurt me again or lied to me that I wouldn't believe your excuses and that I would call off our engagement and our relationship.

Theresa: You can't make that promise.

Ivy: So give me the dirt, what are Julian and Theresa hiding? Did something happen in Bermuda, something they don't want anyone to know about?

Jerry: Fact of the matter is your husband got married in Bermuda.

Ivy: He what?

Jerry: Tied the old knot.

Ivy: To who-- oh, no. I was right, wasn't I?

Jerry: 100%. Julian married Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald.

Miguel: What is it, Charity? What was your dream about?

Charity: You'll say it isn't possible.

Miguel: I think I know what you're talking about. You had the same premonition as before about Kay and me making love, right?

Charity: Yeah. But this time -- this time there are others trying to break us up, too.

Miguel: Charity, we've been through this. Nobody is going to break us up, you know, not Kay, not anybody.

Charity: It was so real.

Miguel: Some dreams do seem real, and we all have them.

Charity: This one was vivid and I could hear the whispering, "beware, beware."

Miguel: Who was whispering?

Charity: The same thing that warned me before. The tree.

Reese: I just saw the most amazing thing. You know that big old tree out front? Well, it's leaning right over into the attic.

Simone: What?

Reese: Well, the branches are sticking straight in the window, like they're doing it on purpose.

Charity: No.

Tabitha: Oh, ancient and mighty tree, I respect your attempt to protect Charity, but we both know that it's a futile gesture!

Timmy: Ow! Good job, Princess. You really got the tree to listen to reason!

Tabitha: Listen to me, you big toothpick; this is a total waste of time! If I don't stop Charity and Miguel making love, then --

Timmy: Then Charity will come into her full powers and destroy Tabitha!

Tabitha: Not to mention a certain smart-aleck doll.

Timmy: Hello! You'd better get on the stick, Tabby! Timmy's getting harmed big time!

Ivy: I knew they were up to something in Bermuda, but married? Julian and Theresa?

Jerry: Mr. And Mrs. Crane.

Ivy: Are you absolutely sure?

Jerry: Couldn't be any surer. The Justice of the Peace handed me a copy of the marriage license and he officiated at the ceremony. It was held at a chapel here at the resort.

Ivy: Ok, I want every detail.

Theresa: You can't make a promise like that, Ethan.

Ethan: Theresa, it's all right.

Theresa: No, it isn't. To say that you'll break up our engagement, our relationship if you ever found out that I lied?

Ethan: Look, I didn't want to make the promise, ok? I would never gamble our love on our future. But it was a meaningless bet because I can't lose. The odds are totally in my favor.

Theresa: In your favor?

Ethan: Yes, because we are going to get married and we are going to spend the rest of our lives together. Theresa, nothing -- and I mean nothing -- could ever make me call off our engagement. And besides, I mean, you're the one who told me to do and say whatever I could to get my mother to put the past behind her.

Theresa: Yes, but, Ethan --

Ethan: No, look, it was an easy bet because it's not going to happen. You'd never do anything to hurt me and you'd never lie to me.

Theresa: Ok, you promised me that Ethan wouldn't find out about this.

Julian: Well, he won't, he can't. God knows what would happen to me if either your brother or, God forbid, Rebecca knew we were married. I want this annulment as much as you, Theresa, perhaps more.

Ethan: Theresa, what is it?

Brian: I just want you to understand that I know why you kissed me back. Because you thought I was the man that you loved.

Sheridan: Yes.

Brian: Well, I kissed you because I love you.

Sheridan: Oh, you can't say that.

Brian: But it's true.

Sheridan: No, it can't be. We just met.

Brian: Diana, look, I have been close to other women before and I have never felt anything like this. I was in love with you from the moment that I pulled you out of the water.

Sheridan: No, I was half-dead when you pulled me out of the water. You felt sorry for me and you still do.

Brian: You're wrong, Diana.

Sheridan: You know, remembering the man that I love and that no one would come looking for me really hurt me. You saw how torn up I was. And you kissed me because you're a nice guy.

Brian: No, that's not true.

Sheridan: You saved me from drowning. You saved me physically. And now you're just trying to save me emotionally by saying that you love me.

Brian: Look, you can vent all the excuses that you want to, but the fact of the matter is --

Sheridan: No, please, just don't. Don't say "love." I know what true love is. And I will never feel that again.

Brian: Diana, don't cry. Don't cry.

Liz: The boat owner's friend.

Luis: Yeah. Yeah, I came down here to sail it back.

Liz: Oh, name's Liz.

Luis: Hi, pleased to meet you.

Liz: Likewise. Oh, the owner of the boat and I have talked on the phone a couple times, but we've never met.

Luis: Oh, you run this place?

Liz: Yep. Joint's mine. All mine.

Luis: It's nice.

Liz: Yeah?

Luis: Yeah.

Liz: I wish more people felt like that.

Luis: Why, are things slow?

Liz: I got more time on my hands than I could use.

Luis: Well, I know you've got at least a couple guests. I came in and I heard some guy call a woman named Diana.

Liz: You did?

Luis: Yeah, I didn't see them. They were already going out when I came through the door.

Liz: Oh. I didn't know they were back.

Simone: Tabitha!

Charity: Are you ok?

Tabitha: Well, I've felt better.

Miguel: How'd this happen?

Tabitha: I was up here with my doll, getting ready for the Crane wedding, and suddenly there was this great roar and this tree came crashing through the window and we got pinned.

Reese: You know, according to "Lord of the Rings," trees are the wisest of all God's inanimate creations.

Tabitha: Lord of the who?

Simone: Rings.

Tabitha: Never heard of him.

Reese: And Native Americans believe that the souls of the dead sometimes live on in ancient trees. Maybe the spirits are trying to tell us something.

Tree: Beware. Beware.

Charity: Beware.

Reese: Maybe the spirits are trying to warn us that there's evil among us. What have you been up to, Tabitha?

Tabitha: Me? I haven't been up to anything.

Simone: Reese, what is wrong with you?

Reese: Me?

Simone: Yeah, upsetting her, yelling at her. We need to be trying to help her.

Miguel: Don't worry, Tabitha, we'll get you out of here.

Kay: How, Miguel? The only way I can think of is to cut the tree down.

Miguel: Call the fire department. Tell them to bring chainsaws.

Charity: No, no, no. You're not going to hurt this tree. This tree is my friend.

Harper: There's no reason things can't work out, Julian. You and Rebecca should be married before the ink dries on these.

Julian: Tell me those are the annulment papers.

Harper: They finally arrived.

Julian: Oh, give them to me. Where do I sign?

Harper: Right here. And as soon as Theresa adds her signature, the annulment will be complete.

Julian: Hallelujah.

Harper: And no one will ever know you and Theresa were married.

Julian: No one.

Harper: Pilar won't talk, and certainly Theresa wonít. They're too afraid that Ethan and Luis will kill you.

Julian: They're afraid?

Harper: And spend the rest of their lives in jail.

Harper: Certainly, Alistair doesn't know about you Theresa?

Julian: What, are you mad? He'd skin me alive. No, the only thing he's waiting for is for me to marry Rebecca so she can't be forced to testify against me, which is why this wedding cannot be delayed. I must marry Rebecca.

Harper: Didn't I just tell you that you have nothing to worry about?

Julian: Oh, Harper, there's always something to worry about -- always. How Ivy would love to get her little paws on these. Could you imagine the trouble she could cause if she found out that Theresa and I were married? But she wonít. Oh, no, ivy, my sweet. You've lost. I've won.

Ethan: Theresa, talk to me. What's wrong?

Theresa: Just wondering why your mother made you promise to break off our engagement if you ever found out that I -- I lied.

Ethan: I told you, we've been through this, and it doesn't matter.

Theresa: But it's almost as if she's implying that she knows something.

Ethan: Theresa, that's silly. She's not implying anything and there's nothing for her to know. Look you wouldnít lie to me and you wouldn't hurt me.

Ethan: I don't know. Maybe she's reacting to her failed marriage with Julian. My mother just wants to protect me. You know, she wants me to be with someone who believes in the sanctity of marriage and knows that's based on mutual trust and honesty.

Theresa: Yes. I'm sure she does want that.

Ethan: Someone who believes in the vow to love, honor, and cherish, and that is the perfect definition of you. You'd never get married more than once. For you, marriage is forever.

Luis: Well, are they guests or they just work here?

Liz: Well, one's a friend -- Brian. He's a local fisherman, does odd jobs for me. But Diana -- I don't know much about her. She's a newcomer.

Luis: Well, this sure is a beautiful island. I mean, at least it looks that way from the plane.

Liz: It has its charms.

Luis: Yeah. Well, I think I'm going to go stretch my legs out and check some of it out from sea level, and then Iím going to head down to the dock, check out the boat, you know, make sure it can make that trip back to the states.

Liz: Oh, I think it's pretty seaworthy. Had Brian work on it for me.

Luis: Oh. Well, that's good.

Liz: Yeah, it was really a one-person job. Diana volunteered to give him a hand, though I don't figure she was much of a help.

Luis: He just likes her company, huh?

Liz: For now. We'll see. You know what -- if you want a good look around the island, why don't you climb that hill behind the hotel. It's called Lovers' Leap.

Luis: Thanks. I'll take you up on that. Thanks.

Liz: Ok.

Brian: You know, I thought you could've used some exercise, but you're not even huffing and puffing. That was a pretty steep climb back there.

Sheridan: Was it? Didn't really notice.

Brian: That's because you are in a-one shape. Oh, I love this place.

Sheridan: Can see almost the entire island.

Brian: Yeah, itís called Lovers' Leap. Legend has it that a young woman threw herself from this cliff when she found out that the man she loved was lost at sea.

Sheridan: Lost at sea?

Brian: Iím so sorry. I didn't mean to bring up that memory that you had.

Sheridan: No, it's all right. I just can't help but wonder if the man that I loved died at sea while I survived.

[Sheridan screams]

Brian: I've got you. I've got you. Just hang on.

Singer: You are my passion for life

Brian: I've got you. Just hold on to me, ok? I've got you. I've got you. Come on.

Sheridan: Oh, my God.

Brian: You're ok, you're ok. You're ok. I've got you. Just breathe.

Sheridan: You're becoming like my guardian angel. That's the second time you've saved my life.

Brian: Look, I would do anything for you.

Sheridan: Oh, Brian.

Brian: Look, I know I said I wouldn't talk about love, but if you'd fallen off that cliff just now, I don't know what I would have done.

Sheridan: The altitude's getting to both of us. Let's get out of here.

Brian: Ok. Are you ok to stand up?

Sheridan: Yeah.

Brian: Yeah?

Luis: How am I supposed to do it, Sheridan? How am I supposed to go on without you?

Ivy: Oh, Theresa has convinced my son that she is the most innocent person on the face of the planet.

Jerry: Innocent? Not according to the Justice of the Peace. He said that after she and Julian got married; they were ready to commit bigamy. They asked the Justice to perform a double ceremony.

Ivy: Double?

Jerry: Julian was going to marry Rebecca and Theresa was going to get hitched to Ethan.

Ivy: What?

Jerry: But after they'd heard that you'd been injured and that Sheridan was missing, they called it off.

Ivy: Oh, my God. That girl's even more wicked than I imagined. Ok, ok, look, here's what I want you to do, Jerry -- I want you to fax me that marriage license. I'm going to give you my private fax number, ok?

Ethan: I don't know who my mother's talking to, but she looks very excited. Maybe she's getting some good news.

Charity: Look, I won't let you hurt the tree. The tree is my friend.

Miguel: I understand, Charity, ok? I mean, you believe that the tree on the island helped you save us and that you can communicate with this tree, but --

Charity: Don't hurt it.

Miguel: I don't want to, ok, but it's either Tabitha or the tree. You know, we have to get the fire department over here to cut down the tree.

Tabitha: I hate to interrupt, but I'm the one who's being choked here. All I can say is at my advanced age, if you've seen one tree; you've seen them all.

Charity: Tabitha, look, I won't let you get hurt by the tree. I can find a way to get you out of here without cutting down the tree.

Miguel: How?

Charity: I'm going to ask the tree to let her go.

Kay: Oh.

Ivy: Have you sent it?

Jerry: You should be getting Julian and Theresaís marriage license any moment.

Ivy: Wonderful. I am going to give Julian a wedding present they'll never forget.

Harper: Ah, the groom, looking properly nervous. The fun is just beginning, Julian.

Julian: Do you delight in my misery?

Harper: Why should you be miserable? Soon you'll be standing at the altar with your beautiful bride, taking your solemn vows. Smile. Nothing could go wrong now.

Julian: Well, with the luck Iíve been having lately, nothing could go right. It's as if Iím cursed. I know who's behind it, too -- Tabitha Lennox and her little sidekick Timmy, the talking doll. The moment I crossed paths with them, my life began to unravel. And that doll is no doll. I don't know what it is, but it's alive.

Harper: If someone were to hear you go on and on about a doll that's alive, they'd think you'd snapped.

Julian: I'm telling you, Timmy is no doll. It's some sort of flimflam, and I'm the flimflamee.

Timmy's voice: Timmy hopes Charity can talk the tree into letting Timmy and Tabby go.

Tabitha: So do I, Timmy, but it's a double-edged sword because it would mean Charity was coming into her full powers, and then it'll be happy trails for us. We'll be goners.

Charity: Look, I know this is going to be hard to understand, but I really think that I can get the tree to let Tabitha and the doll go. At least Iím going to try.

Kay: My cousin's headed for the loony bin it's going to be easier to get Miguel than I thought.

Charity: Ok. I know you want to protect me, but there are times when we have no control over what's going to happen in the future. We just have to let things play out, even if it means that Iíll be in danger. Whatever may come, I'm going to face it.

Simone: If I were you, I wouldn't go up against a girl who can make a tree listen to her. That is really some powerful stuff.

Sheridan: I'd love to go back up there again, maybe even take a picnic.

Brian: Well, then it's a date. I'll arrange everything.

Sheridan: No, you don't have to.

Brian: Hey, I want to. I want to make your stay here as special as possible. I know you're getting closer to remembering your past, and if and when you do, I hope that you're ready to forget the life that you left behind you and you'll be willing to stay on here with me.

Sheridan: Look; I don't know what the future holds, Brian, but I can tell you it's good to have you in my life. When I needed a friend the most, you were there.

Brian: And I always will be.

Sheridan: Oh, my scarf. I must have dropped it on lovers' leap.

Brian: Oh, you know, I'll go back and get it.

Sheridan: No, no, that's all right. I'll go and get it. I'll be right back.

Luis: I would have searched forever for you, Sheridan. I would have gone to the ends of the earth. But now I have to accept that you're gone, that you're gone forever. Good-bye.

Miguel: A big gust of wind must have bent the tree and slammed it through the window.

Kay: Yeah. And then another one must have whipped it out, I guess.

Tabitha: No, no, I've got the explanation, and it has nothing to do with Charity being able to command the trees, so don't you worry about that, dear. No, as I see it, it's the roots. The roots are loose. I've seen that tree bending wildly in windstorms.

Reese: Yeah, when was that, a couple hundred years ago?

Miguel: Knock it off, Reese. Now, come on, we'd better check out those roots, make sure this thing doesn't come crashing down and really hurt someone.

Simone: Are you all right, Tabitha?

Tabitha: Oh, yes, dear, I'm fine. But I really must be going. I don't want to be late for the wedding.

Charity: Miguel and I are doomed. I just know it.

Kay: You're right, Simone, she does have powers -- and they're telling her she's lost Miguel.

Timmy: Wasn't that awesome, princess, Charity talking to the tree like that?

Tabitha: Oh, awesome? It was frightening. It mean's Charity's powers are getting stronger by the minute. And if she ever makes love to Miguel, then she'll come into her full powers and she'll destroy us. Come on, we haven't got a moment to lose, Timmy. We've got to get to the wedding and then go down to Hecubaís lair and find the ingredients we need to help Kay win Miguel.

Timmy: Where's the wedding invitation?

Tabitha: Oh, don't tell me you've lost it.

Timmy: No, it's right here.

Tabitha: Oh, come on.

Julian: Oh, that little weasel. He thinks he's so clever, pretending to be a doll when he's really Tabithaís right-hand man.

Singer: There was a boy a very strange, enchanted boy they say he wandered very far very far over land and sea and then one day

Julian: Oh, my God!

Singer: A magic day he passed my way

[Timmy screams]

Singer: And while we spoke of many things

Timmy: Ow!

Singer: Fools and kings

Timmy: Quit it!

Singer: This he said to me

Timmy: Timmy can't breath. Greetings, Mr. Crane.

Singer: The greatest thing you'll ever learn

Timmy: What?

Singer: Is just to love and be loved in return

Julian: You are a living doll.

Timmy: Like Timmy hasn't heard that one before.

Julian: Scaramouche. He and that old lady are like vultures. Whenever I see them, I know disaster's about to strike. That doll does concoct the most delicious drink, however.

Harper: Julian, you have to stop dwelling on Tabitha and her doll. They're not going to show at the wedding

Julian: Of course it's by invitation only. Who in their right mind would have invited them?

[Fax machine beeps]

Theresa: Mrs. Crane? Ethan just told me about the promise he made to you. You know, about breaking our engagement off if he ever found out that I lied or hurt him again. And I want you to know that I love Ethan more than anything in the world and I would never do anything to hurt him.

Ivy: How sweet of you, Theresa.

Theresa: Are you expecting a fax, Mrs. Crane?

Ivy: Hmm, yes. I'm about to get the fax of my life.

[Fax machine beeps and whirs]

Liz: The guy that's going to sail the boat back just got here. He's out taking a walk and he's going to go check on the boat later.

Brian: Well, it's all set to go. Diana and I got her in shipshape. You know, we really worked well together.

Liz: Good. Sounds like you're making progress.

Brian: Yeah. I'm beginning to think that Diana and I may just have a future together.

Liz: Well, I just hope you don't wind up getting hurt, Brian. Diana has a past, and one day it's going to catch up to her.

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