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Passions Transcript Thursday 10/25/01

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Liz: So are you going to get to work on that boat today?

Brian: I said I would, Liz.

Liz: Good, because your tab here's getting bigger by the day.

Brian: And I will pay you what I owe you. Diana's tab, too.

Liz: Aren't you the gentleman.

Brian: Come on, Liz. Don't be mad at me. You know I hate it when you're mad at me.

Liz: As if I could stay mad at you anyway. Well, I want you to know I know why you're hanging around here this morning. You're hoping that you're lady Diana will wake up in enough time to come have a cup of juice with you.

Brian: Well, actually Iím waiting on her because she's going to help me work on the boat.

Liz: Hmm. Now, you know she's going to be more in the way than help. What does a woman like that know about fixing a boat? I bet before the accident she never went a day without a manicure.

Brian: Oh, come on, Liz.

Liz: Come on yourself! Do all men lose their senses when it comes to beautiful women or just Irishmen?

Brian: She is beautiful, isn't she?

Liz: Brian, you are flying too close to the flame. I just donít want to see you get hurt.

Brian: Well, maybe I wonít.

Liz: You can play all imaginary games you want to, but she is never going to be one of us. As tattered and as banged up as she was when you found her, you can just tell by the way she carries herself she was born to money and class.

Brian: So? What if she was?

Liz: So even if her lover's dead, the she seems to think, are her people missing her and wondering where she is. And, Brian, she is missing them, too. So as soon as she gets her act together enough, she's going to sashay out of here so fast you won't know what hit you. You're going to be left with nothing but a big empty hole where your heart used to be.

Sheridan: Thank God you're here. I thought I'd never see you again. I don't know what happened. I got lost. It doesn't matter. You're here and we're together, and I -- I love you so much. Wait a minute. This isn't right. You're dead. I -- I remember you dying.

[Sheridan gasps]

Sheridan: It was only a dream. If only I could remember who he was, I know Iíd be able to remember everything else.

Luis: Check in on Beth for me while I'm gone, will you?

Hank: Where are you going?

Luis: Sam told me I could take a short leave of absence.

Hank: Well, I asked you where you're going, Luis.

Luis: Uh -- Bermuda.

Hank: For God's sake, man. I thought we talked about this.

Luis: Hank, this has nothing to do with Sheridan. You remember that phone call that Beth got yesterday before you took off?

Hank: She seemed upset. What was it?

Luis: Oh, it's a long story. A boat that Beth owns, used to belong to her father, was ripped off.

Hank: What does that have to do with Bermuda?

Luis: It's docked at an island down near there. Beth needs someone to bring it back so she can sell it so she can try and buy this place back from the Cranes.

Luis: Well, Beth and I are still friends.

Hank: Don't you know by now that you can't scam a scam artist? You volunteered to make the trip because of Sheridan. You can't get it out of your head that somehow she survived the un-survivable. And you think by going back down there, you're going to find her. Am I right or am I right?

[Theresa screams]

Ethan: Theresa -- what's wrong?

Theresa: Ethan?

Ethan: Yeah, of course it's me. Who else would it be?

Ivy: We know, Julian. We know you married Theresa.

Ethan: You slept with my fiancťe.

Luis: You! You defiled my sister.

Ivy: Pig!

Ethan: I'll kill you for what you've done!

Luis: After me!

Ivy: I say we rip his eyes out so he can never look at another young girl again!

Ethan and Luis: Ah!

Julian: No!

Rebecca: What -- what is it?

Julian: Oh -- oh. I can't see. They tore out my eyes! I'm blind!

Ivy: Don't keep me in suspense, Jerry. I am paying you an arm and a leg to find out what went on between Theresa and Julian in that island resort. Now, what did you elicit from the Justice of the Peace?

Jerry: It's more what he didn't say, Mrs. Crane. When I asked him about your husband and Miss Lopez Fitzgerald, he suddenly got very nervous, closed up like a turtle in its shell.

Ivy: Did he? Well, now all we have to do is find out why.

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and I would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

Liz: Look, Brian, I am not telling you anything you don't already know. Diana has another life somewhere. And when she remembers it, she's going to want to go back to it -- and to the people who are in it.

Brian: Yeah, but the most important person -- this guy who loved her -- she's sure that he's dead, Liz.

Liz: Well, she thinks that because she's having these spotty memory flashes here and there. But we don't know what really happened.

Brian: Ah, come on, he's got to be dead. If he weren't, he'd be out here combing the area looking for her. I know that if she were my girlfriend or my wife, I wouldn't have given up that easily.

Liz: Well, maybe he thinks that she drowned in that hurricane. I don't know, Brian. I don't have all the answers. I'm just warning you.

[Brian sighs]

Liz: You're setting yourself up for a major fall.

Brian: Morning. How did you sleep?

Sheridan: I -- actually, Liz: The one that you think died.

Sheridan: Only in my dream he was alive. He was holding me in his arms, and I felt so safe. Only it's just a dream. He's gone, along with any chance that I had of finding out who I am.

Hank: Admit it, the real reason you're going back down to Bermuda is to look for Sheridan.

Luis: Hank, I'm not going to deny that I was hoping for a miracle. You know, it all started when I found that rose on my desk. I thought for sure that it was a sign from Sheridan that she was still alive. And then David Hastings returning, finding grace after all these years.

Hank: You know how I feel about that.

Luis: Right. Just because a miracle is handed out to him, it doesn't mean that the man upstairs is handing them out to everyone. And now I know that Beth is the one who gave me the rose. So, no, I'm not expecting to see Sheridan again. I know that she's gone.

Hank: So -- so why go anywhere near Bermuda so soon? You're going to only dredge up painful memories.

Luis: Well, maybe that's not such a bad thing. Maybe I need to work through that pain before I move on. Maybe I need to -- to put those ghosts to rest before I get on with my life. Maybe that's what she would have wanted.

Ethan: Theresa, who did you think I was? I mean, who else would be kissing you first thing in the morning?

Theresa: No! No one. I -- was so deep in my sleep that you startled me, honey.

Ethan: You ok now?

Theresa: Yes.

Ethan: You seem really disoriented.

Theresa: I -- Iím fine. I'm fine, I am. I'm so sorry that I knocked the tray all over the floor.

Ethan: No, don't worry about it. I -- this is unbelievable.

Theresa: What is it?

Ethan: My ex-father is marrying Rebecca today.

Theresa: Well, he can't. He's already married -- to your -- to your mother, Ethan. Um -- how can Julian marry Rebecca when -- when your mother's in the middle of contesting his divorce from her?

Ethan: He's got a lot of nerve. I think I'd better head over to my mother's house, see how she's holding up. You want to come with me?

Theresa: Um -- that's all right, Ethan. Um -- you should go by yourself.

Ethan: You're still uncomfortable around her, aren't you?

Theresa: You blame me?

Ethan: No. I mean, not really. But I'm going to talk to her again. You know, I don't want bad blood between the two women I love most in this world. But just, you know, be patient with her for now. She's gone through a lot.

Theresa: It must be terrible to be trapped in a wheelchair for who knows how long.

Ethan: Not to mention sitting back and watching her former friend Rebecca marry the man she still considers herself married to.

Theresa: I mean, is there any way you can stop the wedding from taking place?

Ethan: Well, we'll see. I mean, I got to start working fast, you know? I've got to find out if Julianís Bermuda divorce can hold up in a Harmony court.

Theresa: And if it doesn't?

Ethan: Mother and I are still going to have to go up against Harper and his battery of Crane lawyers that are paid to do Julianís bidding.

Theresa: So, are divorces and annulments and things alike?

Ethan: Hmm, what do you mean?

Theresa: Well, I mean, I was just, you know, just wondering. If the two people involved want their personal business private, can they do that?

Ethan: Yeah, sure. I mean, it's up to them. Whatever they want.

Julian: I can't see! The vultures tore out my eyes!

Rebecca: Julian, get a grip!

Julian: Oh, how can you be so harsh, woman? I've lost my sight!

Rebecca: Oh, pookie, the only thing you may have lost is your alcohol-soaked brain. You're wearing a blindfold.

Julian: What? Why on earth --

Rebecca: Well, as soon as you calm down, I'll explain.

Julian: Oh, thank God. I had the most graphically violent dreams. Oh! What's this?

Rebecca: Oh, those are handcuffs. You see, I put the handcuffs and the blindfold on while you were sleeping.

Julian: What -- what is this? Some sort of new love game?

[Rebecca laughs]

Rebecca: No, pookie. The marital aids here are just for good luck.

Julian: I'm afraid you've lost me.

Rebecca: We are getting married today. And it's bad luck for a groom to see his bride before the ceremony. So you be a good boy and keep the blindfold on while Iím taking a shower, all right? Oh, and you have to get dressed somewhere else because Iím going to get ready here.

Julian: Since when did you become such a traditionalist?

Rebecca: Since I want this wedding to come off without a hitch.

Julian: Oh, oh, stay, stay. I have some wonderful, amusing ideas for the accoutrements --

Rebecca: Tonight, pookie, when I am the second Mrs. Julian crane.

Julian:  Positively certifiable. I'll just throw some clothes on; try to -- try to clear my head of all of this nonsense. Must be the closet right about here --

[Julian screams]

Hank: You had me worried there for a minute, buddy.

Luis: Hank, I just want to put Sheridanís death behind me once and for all. And if I can help out Beth at the same time, why not? Hey.

Beth: Hey.

Hank: Hey. Thanks.

Beth: Did Luis tell you what he offered to do for me?

Hank: Yeah. He was just filling me in on how he's going to help get your father's old boat back near Bermuda.

Beth: Listen, I'll understand if you've had second thoughts.

Luis: No.

Beth: I mean, going back down to the part of the world where you lost Sheridan --

Luis: Beth, it's all right.  I already booked a flight. I'm leaving later this morning.

Beth: Oh. Well, thank you so much. You're a real friend.

Luis: You know, I never realized how much I hurt Beth after we broke up.

Hank: Well, that's how she wanted it. She didn't want to make you feel guilty for choosing to support your family instead of marrying her.

Luis: And I probably would have. And that's why I want to help her now. If retrieving this boat for her can help her buy this place back from the cranes, then -- well, who knows? Maybe it will help make up in some small way for what I did to her back then.

Hank: There's another way you can make it up to her she might even appreciate more.

Luis: Yeah?

Hank: You could give going out with her another shot.

Brian: Can you throw me that sponge real quick?

Sheridan: Aye, aye, captain.

Brian: Now, are you feeling any better?

Sheridan: Yeah. It helps to work out in the fresh air. Keeps my mind off of things.

Brian: Yeah. I guess I know what you mean. Well, I reckon that's why I do what I do -- being on the water for a couple of days at a time. The ocean can make any problem you have seem quite small.

Sheridan: Can't imagine what it would be like to be out on the ocean, especially alone.

Brian: Oh, it's not so bad. You get used to it. Actually, it gives you some space to think about things that you just otherwise wouldn't have time to think about.

Sheridan: Yeah? Like what?

Brian: Hopes, dreams, whatever.

Sheridan: What are yours?

Brian: What are my what?

Sheridan: Your dreams. All I seem to do is talk about myself. I -- I hardly know anything about you well, what do you think about when you're out at sea?

Brian: Stuff, you know, like what it would be like to settle down one day.

Sheridan: You mean, get married?

Brian: Maybe. Who knows?

Sheridan: Why haven't you already?

Brian: Just hasn't come up.

Sheridan: I bet that's your doing.

Brian: Oh, yeah? Why do you say that?

Sheridan: Because you're an amazing person. I bet if you gave a woman half a chance, she'd fall madly in love with you.

Brian: I don't know about that.

Sheridan: You'll see. The right girl will come along for you one of these days. I'd bet on it.

Brian: She already has.

Harper: Good God! What happened to you?

Julian: Don't ask, Harper. You don't want to know.

Harper: I hope no one saw you in this state. You look like you're completely unspooling.

Julian: You're damn right I'm unspooling! Rebecca wants to get married today whether I like it or not. I'm about to become a bigamist since I'm already married to my ex-son's fiancťe.

Harper: Not to mention the fact that Ivy is contesting your divorce in the first place.

Julian: Oh, that diva in a wheelchair is the least of my problems. Rebecca will not be put off. She's got more determination than a team of sumo wrestlers. And don't think that she won't turn me into the authorities for killing my sister if I leave her high and dry at the altar. God! What have I done to deserve this?

Harper: Well, you --

Julian: Don't answer that!

Harper: The important thing here is to maintain appearances. No matter what the circumstances, you must appear calm and in control.

Julian: I'll get calm as soon as I hear you've gotten that new set of annulment papers from Bermuda.

Harper: Well, I told you Iím working on it. And I should have the papers ready for signing by you and Theresa before Rebecca starts down the aisle.

Julian: Well, you'd better because my marriage to Theresa must be erased from the books once and for all. No one can ever find out about it.

Harper: Rest assured, Julian. No one ever will.

Ivy: Track down that milquetoast Justice of the Peace again and find out what he's withholding about Theresa and Julian.

Jerry: Oh, I intend to. But the man's a nervous wreck. I've got to take things slow, use a little finesse.

Ivy: Finesse, my left foot! I don't have time for slow, Jerry. Do it today. Now, I have a good idea of what went on between Theresa and Julian, but it's -- it's so unthinkable, it's so potentially explosive that no one else is going to believe it without proof. Find out what transpired between them and bring back the evidence in time for me to give Julian and Rebecca a wedding present they will never forget.

Theresa: Where are you going?

Ethan: I'm going to finish getting dressed. Don't worry. I'll stop by before I leave.

Theresa: Ok.

[Phone rings]

Theresa: Hello?

Julian: Theresa, are you alone?

Theresa: Yes! Why are you calling me here?

Julian: Well, I thought you might like to know that I'm expecting to have the new set of annulment papers in my possession very shortly. To get over here and sign.

[Knock on door]

Ethan: Hey. I'm heading out, so I'll call you later.

Theresa: Wait. I'm coming with you.

Ethan: I thought you didn't want to be around my mother.

Theresa: I changed my mind Ethan, Ivy loves you so much and she's going to be my mother-in-law someday.

Ethan: Well, not someday. Soon, baby.

Theresa: Well, that's why I want to try to make amends with her -- show her that I am in her corner as much as you are. Is that ok with you?

Ethan: It's more than ok. Have I told you how much I love you? All right, well, Iíll wait for you in the living room.

Theresa: Ok.

Theresa: Now, I have got to find a way to sign those annulment papers without Ethan knowing once Iím in there.

Gwen: Are you absolutely certain that you want to go through with this wedding?

Rebecca: How can you even ask me that question?

Gwen: What, do I really need to point out to you that things haven't exactly been normal around here lately? For starters, ivy's still here in the mansion. She's living here and she's fighting Julianís divorce tooth and nail.

Rebecca: Look, little Miss Ironside can fight this divorce with every nut and bolt in her little motorized wheelchair. But I'm going to take her place as Julianís first lady and Iím going to do it today.

Gwen: Well, I hope you know what you're doing.

Rebecca: Oh, Gwen, I know exactly what Iím doing, besides what better time to marry Julian before everything goes bad? I am going to make sure that that man doesn't weasel out of his commitment to me. Haven't you ever heard of knocking?

Ivy: Oh, I don't think I have to announce myself in my own home.

Rebecca: You know, maybe you have bleached your hair just one time too many. Or maybe your little accident made you dense. But when are you going to realize that you are no longer mistress of the manor? That you hold claim to nothing in this house? And soon it will all be mine.

Gwen: Mother, settle down.

Rebecca: No. Not until I'm done. And I should think you would be embarrassed to stay someplace where you're not wanted. It's very pathetic, not to mention futile.

Ivy: I'd listen to your daughter, Rebecca. You don't want to get all riled up and sweaty for your big day. No, I just rolled in here to tell you that Iím still working on that gift for you and Julian. I think it's going to start your life of wedded bliss off with a -- oh, with a big bang.

Rebecca: Mm-hmm. What is it?

Ivy: Well, I can't tell you that. It would ruin the surprise. Suffice it to say, it's something that will have everyone talking about it for years to come.

Justice of the peace: Oh, there's Reginald now.

Ahem. I -- I need a little time off, Reginald. A vacation, actually. I want to leave the island for a while. I'll be back, but I'm not certain when. It's -- it urgent that I leave

Jerry: Reggie's taking a break, said I could fill in for him for a while.

Justice of the peace: I'll come back, then.

Jerry: Oh, there's no need. A vacation's a wonderful idea. We all need to take time for ourselves every now and then. But before you do, Iíd like to finish that talk we started last night. You remember the one -- about what happened down here between Julian Crane and Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald.

Singer: You are my passion for life.

Ethan: I can't believe Julian's going through with this.

Theresa: Me, neither.

Ethan: My poor mother. I should go see how she's holding up.

Theresa: Ethan. You know, maybe you should go by yourself.

Ethan: But I thought you said you wanted to make peace with her.

Theresa: I do. I just think that you should break the ice with her first. I mean, the last thing that your mother needs this morning is for me to barge into her bedroom unannounced. Why don't you let her know that I am here to show my support for her? And if and when she gets ready to see me, I will be right downstairs.

Ethan: You're so sensitive. You know, not everyone would be so understanding.

Theresa: No, it's nothing, Ethan, really.

Ethan: No, it is to me. You know, and, actually, I think you're right. You know, the best way to handle this is just go step by step. You'll be all right down here by yourself?

Theresa: Yes. Don't worry about me. I'll, you know, find something to do. Maybe grab a cup of coffee with Mama or something.

Ethan: Mm-hmm. Just steer clear of Julian. I won't be long.

Theresa: Ok.

Theresa: I've got to find Julian and get those annulment papers signed.

Luis: Hank, we've been through this.

Hank: I know, I know. It's too soon for you to jump in another relationship. All I'm saying is that when the time is right, you could do a whole lot worse than Beth. You know? She never stopped loving you. She's always been in your corner.

Luis: Hank, let it go. You know, it's way too soon for me to think about going out with anyone right now.

Hank: But you won't rule out the possibility that things may click for you two in the future.

Luis: How can I even answer that? I can't think that far ahead, all right?

Beth: Here you go.

Luis: What's this?

Beth: Information on my father's boat -- photos, directions on how to get to the island off Bermuda, that kind of thing.

Luis: Excellent. I'm going to keep you posted as soon as I get down there.

Beth: Ok. Thanks again, Luis. This really means a lot to me.

Luis: Well, that's what friends are for. All right. I will call you as soon as I get back, all right?

Hank: Be safe.

Luis: All right.

Brian: A penny for your thoughts.

Sheridan: I was thinking about the ocean, the sheer vastness of it. A keeper of so many secrets.

Brian: Like where you're from?

Sheridan: And what we were talking about earlier. You know, hopes and dreams. I know I must have had some before. I just can't remember what they are. Maybe they were a lot like yours. You know? Getting married, settling down, having kids with the man I love. I must have really loved him or I wouldn't be able to picture his face so clearly.

Brian: Maybe you guys were married. Maybe you even had kids together.

Sheridan: I remember now. He gave me an engagement ring. We were supposed to get married, but -- I don't have a ring. It must have never happened. He must have -- he must have died before we ever had a chance.

Rebecca: That'll do. You're dismissed.

Gwen: You know, mother, you should really be nicer to these people. They came on really short notice.

Rebecca: Oh, you're right. I'm sorry! Well, I'm just so anxious to be Rebecca Crane.

Rebecca: Uh-oh. Where is that makeup guy?

Gwen: I'm sure he'll be back any minute.

Rebecca: Hmm. You know, I still don't know why you didn't want to get your hair done.

Gwen: Hmm, just not in the mood. I -- I don't feel very good about today, what with ivy and that attitude of hers.

Rebecca: Yeah. Well, don't let ivy get to you. She is just trying to ruin my moment in the sun.

Gwen: Maybe, but did you see how pleased she seemed to be with herself? It's as if, I don't know, she's anticipating some sort of big trouble at your wedding.

Rebecca: Ivy is full of hot air. There's nothing she can do to spoil my day. I have everything under control.

Gwen: Ok, what does that mean?

Gwen: Mother, you promised me you'd never touch a gun again.

Rebecca: I lied. I have to sign them and get out of here before anyone finds us together.

Julian: Well, I'm afraid you're a bit premature. Harper's not here yet.

Theresa: No, no. Don't tell me that.

Julian: But don't worry. He'll be here as soon as he can.

Theresa: I don't have time to stick around! Ethan will get suspicious of me.

Julian: Ethan?

Theresa: Yes. He's how I got here. He was coming to see his mother, so I asked if I could join him, and he's upstairs with her now!

Julian: Oh!. It seems we have some time to kill. What do you say we celebrate the end of our marriage the same way we started it? At least this time, we'll be left with something to remember. Hmm?

Ivy: Ethan. Oh. Thank you for coming. Your support -- it just -- it means everything to me.  I want to do anything I can. Speaking of which, Iíve looked over some papers and Iíve called Judge Rathbone. I'm going to try to get an injunction to stop Julian and Rebeccaís wedding so we can get a chance to contest this matter. All of them -- they're all in Julian and Alistairís hip pockets. None of them have the guts to stand up to the cranes.

Ethan: That may be true, but it's worth a try.

Ivy: You're the best son any mother could ever hope for.

Ethan: You know, you don't seem half as upset as I thought you'd be.

Ivy: Oh. Well, maybe it's because I have an ace up my sleeve.

Ethan: Really? Like what?

Ivy: No, I'd rather not say just yet.

Ethan: Ok. Suit yourself. I am not here alone. Theresa's downstairs.

Ivy: What is she doing here?

Ethan: She wants to let you know that she's rooting for you.

Ivy: As if I'd believe that.

Ethan: Mother, please. This hostility towards Theresa has got to stop. She's not the villainess that you've made her out to be. She just wants to make amends with you. The least you can do is give her that chance.

Ivy: Ethan, you do know that I only have your best interest at heart. I want you to marry a woman who is worthy of your love.

Ethan: Theresa's more than worthy. She's honest, caring, loyal --

Ivy: Ok, look, I'll make you a deal. If Theresa proves to be everything you claim she is, I'll put the past to rest, I'll forgive her mistake, I will accept your relationship, and Iíll even treat her as a daughter.

Ethan: Well, thank you, mother, but I don't see why?

Ivy: I said "if" she proves to be all you claim she is. If, on the other hand, it turns out that she is withholding important information, any information whatsoever, I want your word that you will stop making excuses for her and let her go. I want your promise that you will break it off with her for good. .

Beth: That's right. My friend's flying down to pick up my father's boat and he's going to sail it back for me, so I want to make sure that it would be ready when he gets there.

Liz: No problem, honey. I got someone working on the boat right now. As soon as he's done, it'll be as good as new.

Beth: I appreciate it. My friend should be there some time today.

Liz: He knows how to get to this little out-of-the-way island?

Beth: Yeah. I gave him directions.

Liz: Ok. Then Iíll be on the lookout for him. Soon as he gets here, I'll take him down to the boat straightaway.

Flight attendant: Magazine?

Luis: No, thanks.

Flight attendant: First trip to Bermuda?

Luis: No, I was here a while ago.

Flight attendant: Oh. Going back to see your girlfriend?

Luis: No. I don't have a girlfriend anymore. She's gone.

Sheridan: I was supposed to marry the man I love. I was supposed to have children with him. Why was it all taken away from me before we had a chance? Why?

Brian: I'm sorry. I am so sorry.

Sheridan: I mean, I've lost him. I will never see him again.

Gwen: Put that thing away.

Rebecca: Not a chance. No, this thing may come in very handy, especially considering who I am marrying. I mean, I may want to marry Julian, but he is such a bastard.

Gwen: Mother!

Rebecca: What? Why are you acting so shocked? I have never trusted Julian as far as I could throw him. And lately, I trust him even less. I know something is going on. I just don't know what it is. But by the end of this day, Julian is either going to be my husband or my victim.

Julian: You'll only be my wife for just a little bit longer. The least you could do is fulfill your conjugal duties one more time.

Theresa: You pig!

Julian: God! What's the matter with you?

Theresa: What's the matter? I made the biggest mistake of my life with you and I want it to be over. Get the annulment papers here now!

Julian: But I --

Theresa: No "buts." Ok, you promised me that Ethan wouldn't find out about this.

Julian: Well, he won't. He can't. God knows what would happen to me if he or your brother or, God forbid, Rebecca I want this annulment as much as you, Theresa. Perhaps more.

Justice of the peace: You couldn't be more off base, sir. I don't know anything about Mr. Crane and this Theresa woman. I just need a little vacation, that's all.

Jerry: And you should have one -- but not before you tell me what I need to know because I think you're lying and I'm not going to let you off the hook until I hear the truth, the whole truth. Now, you tell me what happened between Julian Crane and Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald.

Ethan: Mother, that's not going to happen. Theresa has learned her lesson the hard way. She will never lie to me about anything again.

Ivy: Just humor me, Ethan. If Theresa is as pure of heart as you think she is, you have nothing to worry about. If, on the other hand, Theresaís revealed to be the person Iím afraid she is, I want you to be protected. I want your promise that you will end it with her; you'll boot her out of your life. If you're right, you have nothing to lose.

Ethan: I think you're being ridiculous, but if it's going to make you feel better, all right, fine, I promise. I'll try to call the judge again.

Ivy: Oh. My poor, darling Ethan. If I find what I think Iím going to find, I'll not only break up Rebecca and Julian, I'll get rid of Theresa, too. And I thought this wheelchair was going to keep me down.

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