Passions Transcript Wednesday 10/24/01



Passions Transcript Wednesday 10/24/01--Thursday 10/25/01 USA

By Stephanie 


Brian: You feeling better?

Sheridan: Trying. The last thing anyone around here needs is me feeling sorry for myself.

Liz: It must be rough not remembering anything about yourself.

Sheridan: I'm so grateful to you and Brian. I mean, I couldn't have asked to have been rescued by nicer, more generous people.

Liz: Oh. Well, don't look at me. Brian's the one that fished you out of the sea.

Sheridan: You've been great, too, Liz. I mean, if ever I get home, wherever that is, I won't ever forget what you've done for me.

Liz: Oh, don't mention it.

Sheridan: I just wish that I hadn't remembered the man I was in love with.

Liz: Why is that?

Sheridan: Because it makes it harder to realize that he's never going to come looking for me.

Liz: Are you sure he's dead?

Sheridan: It's the one clear memory that I have. I can picture him, dying in my arms. Whoever he was, I've lost him.


Hank: What kind of weirdo strolls in town claiming to be grace's real husband, then hangs out by volunteering to work on Sam and grace's new house?

Luis: Hank, forget about it. All right? It's between them. Besides, from what Sam says, this guy's story checks out.

Hank: I don't care what checks out. It doesn't set right with me. Sam and grace have been through enough. I wish to hell this guy had never shown up.


Sam: Grace. What are you doing?

Grace: Well -- Sam, he waved at me. I mean, I didn't want to be rude, especially when he's working on our new house. You don't even want me to talk to him, do you?

Sam: That's up to you. But I do have a question for you. David claimed that you felt something when he kissed you, that he felt it in his heart. Did you, grace? Did kissing David bring back old memories, old feelings?


Ethan: You know, I left our wedding paperwork in the kitchen. We'll be right back.

Chad: I mean, Theresa can't sign a new marriage license application when she's already married to Julian.

Whitney: Well, look, I'm just hoping that she threw Ivy and Gwenís mother off when she said that she "accidentally" signed Julian's annulment papers. Now, all he has to do is get another set of papers filed, and then his marriage to Theresa can be dissolved and no else ever has to find out about this.

Chad: Well, you know, Whitney, that's a lot of hoping and wishing. And I don't even want to think about what Ethan would do if he were to find out.


Julian: I cannot believe that you tricked me into signing this marriage license.

Rebecca: Well, I don't see any reason to wait, pookie, so our wedding is tomorrow.

Julian: Hmm -- but --

Rebecca: No buts! Told you I spoke to that judge that's a friend of mine and he got rid of all that messy red tape.

Julian: But I -- but we can't. Ivy's contesting the divorce.

Rebecca: Well, it doesn't matter. You see, I hired an attorney of my own, and he said that as far as the courts are concerned, you are divorced. There is nothing standing in our way. So by this time tomorrow, I will be the second Mrs. Julian Crane. Oh! Isn't it wonderful?


Ivy: Something went on between Julian and Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald in Bermuda. And I want you to find out what it was. There were annulment papers on Julian's desk downstairs, and Theresaís signature was on them.

Jerry: Her signature?

Ivy: Yes. She claimed she signed them by accident, but Iím not so sure.

Jerry: Then you think Mr. Crane and the young lady could be married?

Ivy: Oh. Wait. No, that's absurd, even for Julian, but they are hiding something. And I think my son, Ethan, deserves to know what it is before he makes the colossal mistake of taking Theresa as his bride. I want you to find out what Julian and Theresaís secret is, and I don't want you to come back until you do.


Sam: Grace, you didn't answer my question. Did Davidís kiss stir up some old memories? Do you remember being married to him now?

Grace: No, Sam, I don't remember, and I didn't feel anything when he kissed me.

Sam: Well, something is different. I can tell. Now, grace, what does this guy mean to you?

Grace: Sam, he's my first husband. I mean -- he's my legal husband. That doesn't mean you have to hate him.

Sam: Look, I don't hate him. But I'm not going to stand by and let this guy try to take you away from me and our family.

Grace: He knows he can't because I made it perfectly clear to him that I want him to move on with his life without me. Sam, I love you. And in my heart, you are my husband, not David. But, you know, that doesn't mean we can't be civil or even nice. And he's just doing what we would hope any man who had lost his wife would do.

Sam: Maybe.

Grace: You did everything you could to prove that he was making this up, and you couldn't. So if this is true and we know that it is, then he must be decent because I wouldn't have married him, I wouldn't have fallen in love with him if he wasn't.


Ivy: Well, I'm afraid Julian has frozen my assets, but this should finance your trip.

Jerry: Oh, I'm sure it'll more than cover all my expenses, Mrs. Crane.

Ivy: Well, I'm going to fight this so-called divorce of Julian's, whatever it takes. And if I protect my son in the process, then the cost is more than worth it.

Jerry: I'll call you when I get to Bermuda.

Ivy: Well, it's a small island. It shouldn't take you too long to figure out what Julian and Theresa have been hiding. Thank you. You can go.

Ivy: If I am right, Theresa, and you are hiding something from me and from Ethan, I'm going to fill your life with more pain than any pill can ever take away.


Ethan: So, why don't you look through the rest of this paperwork and I'll finish filling out the new marriage license application.

Theresa: Sure.

Whitney: You know, I really appreciate you not blowing the whistle on Theresa.

Chad: "Blowing the whistle"? I call it more like detonating an atom bomb. You know, Ethan would completely lose it if he ever found out that Theresa and Julian were married. And if Julian ever copped to the fact that he and Theresa spent the night together --

Whitney: If only Theresa hadn't been drunk.

Chad: And that's supposed to make it all right? Come on, Whitney, get real. This is serious. And we don't even know how many people at this point suspect or know about this. I mean, take Gwenís mom, for example. I mean, if she keeps pushing Julian to get married, then Theresaís marriage to Julian is bound to come out. And that's it. Everybody's lives will just go up in smoke.


Julian: But, dumpling, if we get married tomorrow, we won't have time to plan a proper ceremony. What about the wedding of your dreams?

Rebecca: Oh, well, my only dream is to marry you sooner as opposed to later. Do you he a problem with that, pookie?

Julian: Oh, no, lovey. I'm counting the milliseconds until you're legally mine. It's just that what you're proposing seems a bit hasty, unnecessarily precipitous. It --

Rebecca: Tomorrow, Julian.

We are getting married tomorrow. I am not about to wait for Ivy to stop contesting the divorce. Now, she'll be dragging those big paralyzed feet of hers forever. No, and if there's going to be a legal battle, I am going to fight it as Mrs. Julian Crane. It'll give me much more credibility in the courtroom.

Julian: Ahem. But I really don't see --

Rebecca: Is there something you're not telling me, Julian?

Julian: Oh, nothing, sugar plum. You know everything about me.

Rebecca: Hmm. You certainly are acting very peculiar.

Julian: Mm-hmm.

Rebecca: First, I thought it must be about your sister's passing, but then the -- we both know it couldn't be about that. And then you've been even more nervous ever since you got home. I thought that you were going to have a coronary when Ivy saw Theresaís name on those annulment papers of yours.

Julian: Theresa already explained that. She didn't realize what she was signing.

Rebecca: Yes, you both hastened to explain that. That isn't why you're stalling about marrying me, is it, Julian?

Julian: No.

Rebecca: Are you married to Theresa?


Ethan: You know, I can't believe they're making us fill out a new marriage license application.

[Ethan sighs]

Ethan: But I guess this is the last time I'm going to do it, so I guess I can push on through it.

Chad: You know what, man? I never seen one of those things. Let me take a look.

Whitney: Ok, Theresa, just how are you going to sign a new application when you're already married to Julian?

Theresa: Whit, that is the least of my problems. Ok, hopefully Julian is working on a new set of annulment papers, so it shouldn't be long before I can marry Ethan legally.

Whitney: I really hate to be the one to mention to you, Theresa, but so far, everything you've hoped for has backfired. What makes you think this annulment's going to go rough in time?

Theresa: Because Rebecca won't let up on Julian to marry her. Ok, even if he didn't want to rush things for me, he has to to save his own neck. So, once Julian gets a new set of annulment papers, I will sign them, Julian will have them filed, and Ethan will never know that I married Julian and slept with him.


Julian: Me, married to Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald? Oh, you can't be serious.

Rebecca: Hmm. Do I look like Iím kidding?

Julian: Ahem. I thought we'd put that ridiculous hypothesis to rest.

Rebecca: Oh, yes, because Theresa said that she didn't know what she was signing. Why should I believe any word out of that little tart's mouth?

Julian: Well, I won't argue with you there. The girl's clearly pathological. But in this case, she is telling the truth. She thought she was signing a loan agreement. I mean, for heaven's sakes, she even produced the check that I wrote to help Ethan start his own law practice. Do you honestly think that there's enough alcohol in the world to induce me to marry someone of her ilk?

Rebecca: Well --

Julian: Besides -- hmm? Aren't you my one and only lovey-dovey oodle-poodle, hmm?

Rebecca: Well, I thought I was.

Julian: Well, rest assured, you are. You are my own little sex Goddess. I wouldn't dream of marrying anyone else.

Rebecca: Aw. Pookie, that's all I want to hear.

Julian: Mmm.

Rebecca: Besides, I would think that you would be just as anxious as I am to make our relationship legal. Well, it's only my status as your wife that keeps me from having to testify against you should -- well, should anyone ask any questions about your sister's "accidental" death. Of course, if we weren't married, well, then Iíd be forced to tell everything I know -- you know, tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God. He did it! Julian Crane arranged for the murder of his only sibling, his sister, Sheridan. You should have married me when I told you to, pookie.

[Julian whimpers]

Rebecca: Will you excuse me, pookie? I have a zillion calls to make. So much to do, so little time.

Julian: Harper, it's me. Where in the hell are those new annulment papers?

Julian: Listen; if you don't want your life destroyed along with mine, you'll get them to me right now!


Brian: Don't cry. Everything's going to work out.

Sheridan: You've got no idea how much I want to believe you, Brian. I just don chance of that happening. I mean, every time I see the face of the man I loved, I just feel sadder and -- you know, I didn't just lose him when he died. I lost any chance that I had of before you found me at sea.


Luis: In some ways, I don't mind that this guy David came to town.

Hank: I thought you were on my brother's side.

Luis: You know I am. Sam means the world to me. It's just that this guy finding the woman he loved and lost after all these years is proof that miracles can happen.

Hank: Your story's a little different, buddy.

Luis: Why, because Sheridan's body was identified?

Hank: She was cremated, Luis.

Luis: Yeah. I'm not so sure it was Sheridan anymore.

Hank: Where's all this coming from? I thought you said yourself how futile it was to hope that Sheridan survived. You even told the Bermuda police to stop distributing that flier with her picture on it.

Luis: I know. I was just watching this guy David, and Iím realizing he had faith for over 20 years that grace was out there somewhere. And why can't it happen to me, too?

Hank: Clinging to a mighty thin thread if you're basing your hopes on Hastings. Personally, I wouldn't bet my lunch money on anything that had to do with him. I mean, what kind of guy, you know, spends his free time a house that his wife plans to live in with another man? Nobody's that noble. I'm not getting anywhere with this. Let's go get a cup of coffee.

Luis: Ok.


Sam: I keep thinking about what Luis said earlier down at the station, about how each of us has only one really great love in a lifetime.

Grace: Yes, I guess he was talking about Sheridan.

Sam: He was, but I couldn't help but think about you and David. I mean, like you said, you must have had strong enough feelings for this guy to marry him in the first place. But what if -- what if you get your memory back and it turns out that he is the great love of your life, grace?

Grace: Sam, I love you now, with every fiber of my being.

Sam: That's not what I asked.

Grace: Then I can't answer your question because I don't remember my life before I met you -- unlike you with Ivy.

[Grace sighs]

Sam: Grace, where did that come from?

Grace: Sam, you brought it up. How many times have I heard you say you never get over your first love? So does that mean you've never gotten over Ivy? Is she the great love of your life?

Sam: I'll tell you exactly what I told Luis. Ivy's not the great love of my life.

You are.

Grace: And are you sure about that?

Surer than anything else in this crazy world. I'm way past any feelings I ever had for Ivy.

Grace: Then why can't you accept that you're the l e of my life? Why are you so worried that Iím going to remember some old feelings I had for David?

Sam: Look, it's not you. It's the way this guy talks about you two. I mean, he's so possessive, like he has a right to you, like he knows things about you that I never could. And kissing you -- now, that was crossing the line, and he knows it.

Grace: Sam, I know, and David explained that he was kissing me because he was trying to jog my memory, and it didn't work. And I am so sorry that Kay had to witness it and I'm so sorry that she had to tell you about it. But maybe now you know how it felt every time I walked in on you kissing Ivy. It hurt, just like it hurt you to find out that I kissed David. The difference is that David knows he doesn't have a chance with me.

Sam: Grace, what are you saying?

Grace: Well, to be honest, I don't think that it's David that's a threat to this relationship. It's Ivy.


[Rebecca hums]

[Ivy chuckles]

Ivy: Hum all the wedding marches you like, Rebecca. It will be a cold day in hell before you walk down the aisle with my husband.

Rebecca: Really? Oh. They're predicting lovely weather tomorrow. Julian signed the marriage license. We're going ahead with the ceremony.

Ivy: Over my dead body.

Rebecca: Oh, Ivy, I think it's enough that you're paralyzed and in a wheelchair. And my attorney says that you can contest this divorce from now until kingdom come, but there is no reason why Julian cannot marry me immediately.

Ivy: How little do you know? You know, being Mrs. Julian Crane comes with all sorts of unexpected baggage, Rebecca. As my father used to say, "be careful what you ask for -- you might just get it."


Chad: Anybody else want something to drink?

Theresa: I'm ok.

Ethan: I'm all right.

Theresa: Thanks.

Whitney: I'll take a soda.

Chad: All right.

Ethan: Ok, Theresa, it's your turn to sign the new marriage license application.

Theresa: I'll be right there.

Whitney: Theresa, you cannot sign that. It's illegal.

Theresa: Whitney, will you cut it out? I told you there's nothing wrong with me signing it. It's filing it that could get me into trouble.

Whitney: I don't know.

Theresa: Well, it doesn't matter because I don't have any other choice.

Ethan: Well, you better hurry, Theresa, unless you want me to forge your signature. Sweetheart?

Theresa: Ok.

Mm-hmm, there.

Ethan: Great. Well, I think I'm going to run this down to the courthouse right now. I've got a friend down there who can file this first thing in the morning.

Theresa: No, you can't do that.

Ethan: Why not? Why don't you want our marriage license filed?

Theresa: It's not that I don't want you to file the marriage license. It's just that I want to be there when you do it. And I can't take the time today, what with trying to throw a whole new wedding together on the spur of the moment, you know? Maybe tomorrow.

Ethan: Well, sure, if that's what you want. I mean, I guess it's my fault anyway that we have to fill this out again. If I hadn't been such a jerk on the day we were supposed to become husband and wife, probably be married right now. You think you can forgive me for that?


Julian: How the hell am I supposed to calm down when Rebecca has me over a barrel about marrying her tomorrow? Must I remind my own attorney that I am already married to at least one, perhaps two women? I feel like one of those circus performers on a unicycle trying to keep a hundred plates in the air at the same time.

Harper: Now, your getting upset won't help things. I already told you Iím having a messenger bring over more annulment papers as soon as the office opens in Bermuda.

Julian: That means my -- my annulment to Theresa can go through tomorrow?

Harper: I can't promise that.

Julian: For God's sake, Harper. Rebecca tricked me into signing that marriage license, and she won't let up until she's my wife. I suppose I'll just -- just have to play along, clean up this mess later.

Harper: Bigamy is against the law. If your marriage to both women becomes known, it could mean jail time.

Julian: Well, I'd rather go to jail for bigamy than killing my own sister.

Harper: Well, you have a point.

Julian: On the other hand, if Luis finds out I married his baby sister, he'll kill me without asking any questions -- that is, if Rebecca hasn't already shot me. It's better than the electric chair. I'll take my chances with bigamy.


Sheridan: Maybe that's the reason I can't remember any more than I have. I don't want to remember because I have nothing to go back to, and maybe I was so devastated over losing this man that I tried to take my own life.

Brian: I don't think so.

Sheridan: Why not?

Brian: Because you have too much spirit. Look, if you would have wanted to die, you had ample opportunity to do so before and after I fished you out of the sea. So, no. I think you loved your life, even if you did suffer a great loss.

Sheridan: I guess I'll never know.

Brian: You know, maybe you don't realize it, Diana, but you're not much different than the people you've met here on this island.

Sheridan: You all know who you are, where you've been.

Brian: Yeah. But all of us -- me, Liz, doc -- even though we all come from different places, we all kind of ended up here the same way -- leaving our past far behind us. See, you -- you didn't have that choice. Take my word for it -- it's not a bad place to start over. We take care of each other here, Diana. And we'll take care of you, too. At times you may feel lost, but you're never going to feel alone again, not ever.


Beth: Hey.

Hank: Hey. Two cups your high octane.

Beth: Ok. How you doing, Luis?

Luis: I'm ok. Thanks for asking.

Beth: Don't forget what I said, ok?

Luis: I wonít. I'll call you if I need anything.

Beth: Ok.

Hank: This guy has a thing for getting on the Bennett brothers' nerves.

Luis: Well, hank let it go. Hastings has got as much right to be here as anyone.

Beth: Hey, Iíll have that order ready for you in just a minute, ok?

David: Thanks. I'm sure the crew will be happy to see me when I get back.

Beth: It's really nice that you're helping out Sam and grace with their new house.

David: Yeah, it's not a big deal. I don't mean to interrupt --

Hank: Then don't.

Luis: Hank.

David: Listen, we don't even really know each other, but I he to say how sorry I am.

Luis: Well, thanks. In a similar circumstance. I was sure Iíd lost someone I loved, but I never gave up hope. And I ended up finding her.

Luis: That's what I'm telling you, hank -- miracles do happen.

Hank: So says st. David.

Luis: Look, bro, I know you've got a problem with this Hastings guy. But I'm telling you, he seems all right to me.

Hank: That's my point. Everything about the guy is so damn above reproach. Too good to be true, if you ask me. You know, something keeps nagging at me. David knew that grace had gone to Boston. If he really tried to look for her, why couldn't he find her? But when Sam rescued grace from the fire and realized she had amnesia, he and the police turned New England inside out looking for someone who knew her. Where was David then?


Sam: Grace, I thought we resolved all this. Ivy isn't the love of my life. You are.

Grace: Well, does she know that?

Sam: Of course she does. Why would you even ask?

Grace: I keep remembering what you said to her in the hospital.

Sam: Ivy was fighting for her life. Eve asked me to talk to her to try to give her a reason to come out of her coma.

Grace: I guess I'm still insecure about Ivy, like you are about David.

Sam: I didn't realize it was still so difficult.

Grace: I'm just trying to be completely honest, Sam. I think as long as we're honest, we'll be ok. That's the key. Complete honesty. No secrets. As long as we do that, no one will ever be able to come between us.

Sam: I love you.

Grace: Yeah. I know.

Sam: If honesty is the key to us staying together, then we don't have any problem. Ivy is out of my life forever. You can take that to the bank. I'll never give you another reason to feel insecure.

Grace: Thank you.

Sam: But it's got to go both ways. Can you do the same? Can you tell me that David is out of your life forever?

Grace: I don't know if I can do that, Sam. Ok, it's not what you think. I don't love David. It's just he's the only link I have to my past. Sam, he can tell me things that Iíve wanted to know about myself for so long.

Sam: If he understands that you love me, then why does he keep hanging around, refusing to leave Harmony?

Grace: You know, maybe he just needs some time to deal with his own feelings. I mean, at least we can give him that.

Sam: It's just the way that you keep seeing his side -- as if you don't want him to leave, as if you don't mind if he stuck around here in Harmony forever.

Grace: Well, maybe you're right, Sam. Maybe I don't want him to leave.


Ivy: Well, you talk to me after you've been first lady of the empire for a month. See how your feet feel after your 15th charity luncheon in spike heels. Tell me how you like smiling at everyone you see, remembering all their names and what they want from you and who has the real power.

Rebecca: Oh, I'll know who has the real power. I will.

Ivy: Well, don't say I didn't warn you. My God, Julian. You look worse than usual. What's wrong? Is one of your dirty little secrets about to be exposed?


Luis: Thanks. Hank, there's any number of reasons to explain why David didn't track down grace in Boston after they got separated. Look, maybe he was out of the country on a photo shoot and by the time he got back, grace was already gone.

Hank: But wouldn't someone have recognized his description of her and led David to Sam?

Luis: You make it sound so easy. Boston's a big place. That was over 20 years ago, and not everyone had a computer back then.

Hank: Still, something about this whole scenario stinks.

Beth: No!

Luis: I hope Bethís ok.

Hank: You check it out. I got to run.

Luis: What's wrong?

Beth: No. Please tell me that this is a mistake.


Theresa: You'll see, Whitney. Julian will get the annulment before anyone else ever realizes that he and I were married.

Whitney: Now, are you sure that Ivy bought your story about why you signed those annulment papers?

Theresa: Absolutely. She bought the whole thing, hook, line, and sinker. Besides, she's got her hands full fighting Julian on his divorce. So there's no way that she has any time to snoop around in my business.

Whitney: Well, I just hope you're right because if she does, you're going to lose everything you ever wanted.


Julian: I'm not the least bit upset. I just have a lot of things on my mind -- like a crippled ex-wife from hell charging around my home in a motorized wheelchair.

Ivy: No, no, no, I'm not buying that, Julian. You're as nervous as an alley cat.

Julian: I have a lot of business concerns on my mind.

Ivy: Oh, no doubt you do. Which is why I keep thinking about your extended stay in Bermuda. No doubt you accomplished a great deal down there -- aside from our island divorce.

Julian: What are you getting at, Ivy?

Ivy: Oh, I'm just marveling at the way you manage to keep all the balls in the air.

Rebecca: Back off, Ivy. I will not have you upsetting my future husband.

Ivy: Go ahead and marry him, Rebecca. You'll find out soon enough that things aren't quite the way you thought they'd be. I wonder how long it will take you to realize you can't trust one word that comes out of Julian's mouth.

Rebecca: Lovebug and I have no secrets. We share everything.

Ivy: What? Did he toss you a bone and tell you one of his itty-bitty secrets so that you would feel like he was taking you into his confidence? Mark my word, Rebecca, there's a lot more where that came from. If I were you, I'd watch my back. You don't want to get caught in Julian's crossfire.

Rebecca: You don't suppose she knows you killed Sheridan, do you?

Julian: Well, of course not. She couldn't.


Sam: You don't want him to leave?

Grace: Eventually, but I'd like for him to stay around long enough for me to find out something about my past. I mean, surely you can be patient enough of me to do that. Look, Sam, he's an important photographer. I'm sure he's going to have to go back to work. But please don't make me cut off the only connection I have to my past. Please.

Sam: If that's what you want, then I won't.

Grace: Hey, you know, it's not like he's some kind of monster sent here to tear me away from you and my family. I know it's a difficult situation. David's an open book. You know, I think one day we're going look back on all of this and see it as a positive experience. You'll see.


Luis: Beth, what is it? Is there anything I can do?

Beth: No, Luis. There isn't anything anybody can do.

Hank: I don't buy Luis' explanation. After Sam rescued grace, she spent time in major Boston hospital under her first name. If David had really tried to find her, he would have been able to.


Sheridan: So you think I fit in around here, huh?

Brian: Fit in? But you've only been here a short time, and I can already tell that you're one of us.

Sheridan: Why, because I'm stuck here, because I have no place to go?

Brian: Like I said, this is not a bad place to be stranded. In fact, I have been officially appointed by the travel council to offer you a permanent position here on the island with us, the island of people who have no one else and nowhere else to go.

Sheridan: Well, then it is my pleasure to accept your invitation.

Brian: Well, then it's official. You are one of us.

Sheridan: Thank you -- I think.

Brian: You're welcome -- I think.

Liz's voice: Careful, Brian. You're playing with fire.


Beth: Are you sure? No, I just can't believe it. It's horrible. All right. Yeah, I understand.

Luis: Beth, what is it? What happened?

Beth: My worst nightmare, Luis.

Luis: Well, what's wrong? Is there anything I can do?

Beth: No. There isn't anything anyone can do. My dreams have just been destroyed. So has my life.


Liz: So, what are you two so happy about?

Sheridan: Well, Brian and I just figured something out, Liz.

Liz: What's that?

Sheridan: That maybe I have amnesia and can't remember my life before I came here because I have nothing to go back to.

Brian: So that makes her just like everyone else on the island -- no one and nothing to go back to.

Sheridan: And that's why you all stay here and take care of each other.

Liz: Oh. I guess that's one way of explaining what we're all doing here.

Brian: So she's one of us now. Well, at least for as long as you want to be.

Sheridan: Thank you, Brian. Guess that will be for a long time. Hey, you know, why don't I go make us some sandwiches?

Brian: You know, that'd be great.

Sheridan: If that's all right with you, Liz.

Liz: Sure. Make whatever you want. Ok, Brian. If Diana is now one of us, when are you going to start paying her bills? You did say you'd take care of her, didn't you?

Brian: Yes, I did, and I will.

Liz: When? I'm still waiting for you to take care of your own bills. So, how do you plan to take care of Diana when you can't even take care of yourself?


Theresa: I have a great idea. We should have a make-your-own-fajitas party.

Ethan: That sounds kind of cool. What do you guys think?

Whitney: Sounds great to me.

Chad: Yeah, I love Mexican food.

Whitney: Mm-hmm.

Ethan: Yeah, I think so.

Theresa: Cool.

Chad: Oh, want to stretch my legs. You know, this is killing me. I mean, just watching Ethan so happy, planning for his wedding, and me knowing that Theresaís already married to Julian Crane. I mean, he's my best friend, Whitney. I mean, I feel like a rat not telling him.

Whitney: Chad, come on, we already --

Chad: All right, I won't, don't worry.

Whitney: Thank you.

Chad: I wonít. I am not going to be the one to break up their relationship.

Whitney: You know, but I'm still kind of scared that their secret somehow is going to come out anyway.


Tabitha: Kay, Miguel, and charity are not the only ones in for some pain, Timmy. Ethan and Theresa are absolutely primed for it.

Timmy: But Julian's trying to get his marriage to Theresa annulled, right, princess?

Tabitha: Hmm, "trying" is the operative word. Things are not going well for Julian. He just doesn't know it yet.

Timmy: Timmy's tired of waiting for all the pain and suffering to happen. He's going to go home and make his Halloween martimmy mix.

Tabitha: Wait. There's plenty of time for that. Our goal now is to figure out a way to get on to the Crane estate.

Timmy: Timmy doesn't want to go back there! He's afraid of Julian!

Tabitha: Oh, piddle. Julian will be far too busy to worry about you. Besides, I have got to get back into Hecubaís lair. I need some very special ingredients to help Kay tear charity and Miguel apart.

Timmy: Can't Tabby go without Timmy?

Tabitha: What, and have you miss all the fun? I'd never dream of it. Now you just get ready for a howling good time, Tim Tim, because tomorrow Julian won't be able to keep his marriage to Theresa a secret no matter what he does. And during all the commotion, you and I will slip away to Hecuba's lair. Julian will be far too busy to notice us. He'll be saving his own skin. Come on, lad, let's go.


Rebecca: Julian, you hurry up and make your phone calls so we can go. I want you to run some errands with me.

Julian: Errands? I'm really too busy to run errands.

Rebecca: Julian, we are getting married tomorrow. There are invitations to pick up, so many arrangements to make.

Julian: Can't you take care of it? I have some serious business problems to handle here.

Rebecca: Well, what could be more important than keeping your pookie happy? Or, well, I could go talk to the police and tell them about your extended stay in Bermuda and your sister's untimely death.

Julian: How long are you going to threaten to expose the fact that I had Sheridan killed?

Rebecca: Right up until the moment that you make me Mrs. Julian Crane.

Julian: Touchť.

Rebecca: Good. Now, Iím going to go get the list and then we can go. Oh, smile, pookie. Tomorrow is going to be the happiest day of your life.

Ivy: Jerry, it's Mrs. Crane. What have you found out?

Jerry: Got a couple of leads to follow up. Don't worry, Iíll come up with something.

Ivy: Fabulous. I can't wait to find out what that little tramp Theresa and Julian were doing down in Bermuda. I can't bear the thought of Ethan marrying Theresa when I know that she is hiding something from him. And if you can find out what it is, I can stop the marriage. And if I get something on Julian at the same time, I can really put the screws to him in the divorce.

Jerry: Well, I'll do my best, Mrs. Crane.

Ivy: I know you will. Let me know as soon as you have something on Julian and Theresa. I can't wait to destroy them both.


Liz: Come on, Brian, I want to hear your plan. How do you plan to take care of Dianaís bills and yours at the same time?

Brian: I said Iíd take care of it and I will.

Liz: And I heard you and I still want to know how. You didn't go out fishing again, so you didn't make a dime.

Sheridan: Hey, Liz? Do you have any cheese slices?

Liz: Oh, look in the bottom of the refrigerator.

Sheridan: Ok. Thanks.

Liz: Hey, you know, you need to eat more than a sandwich. You need fruits and vegetables, too.

Sheridan: You're right. I'll make us a salad.

Brian: You know, Liz, you're nothing but an old softie, worrying about Diana getting her fruits and vegetables. What Ė

Liz: No, I'm more more worried about you paying for those fruits and vegetables. But I just thought of a way for you to get the money.


Luis: Beth, what do you mean your life's been destroyed? What happened?

Beth: I just got such bad news.

Luis: About what?

Beth: My father's boat.

Luis: Right.

Beth: You know the one he used to sail down in the tropics? Well, when he died, he left it to me.

Luis: I remember you telling me about the boat.

Beth: Yeah, well, since he died, Iíve been renting it out to make extra money, you know, for my mom and me, and it's what's been keeping my mother going. I've been trying to save every extra penny that I could.

Luis: Beth, so what went wrong?

Beth: Well, the agency that I hired to rent it out -- they called and they said that some crooks had rented it out and they just never brought it back. They just sailed it off, Luis.

Luis: They stole your boat?


Julian: Harper, I need those annulment papers now. Rebecca's insisting that we get married tomorrow.

Harper: I'm doing everything I can to hurry things along, Julian.

Julian: Well, then you'll have to do more! I'm desperate!

Harper: I know, but I can't have those papers delivered from Bermuda to Harmony until tomorrow. Can't you stall Rebecca?

Julian: She's too suspicious. As I said, if I have to marry her before the papers arrive, so be it.

Harper: Marrying Rebecca before you're officially annulled is the craziest idea you've ever had. Oh, except for marrying Theresa in the first place and except for sleeping with her -- and, of course, except for having your sister killed.

Julian: You just keep working on getting those annulment papers for Theresa to sign.

Harper: As I said, they'll be here tomorrow as early as I can arrange it. Meanwhile, I hope you're doing what you can, I mean, keeping the list of people who know about you and Theresa to a minimum, there's no one who will tell, right?

Julian: You would be wise to keep your mouth shut and do exactly as I say.

Henry: But I --

Julian: Nothing happened here last night. There was no wedding. Do you understand me?

Henry: No, I --

Julian: Do you have any idea who I am?

Henry: Well, yes --

Julian: I am Julian Crane. My family owns this entire resort. I can have this chapel put out of business just like that! So you damn well better do as I order.

Henry: But what do you think --

Julian: No one can ever know that you performed a wedding ceremony last night. As far as you're concerned, Theresa and I never married. It never happened.

Henry: But --

Julian: No buts! No one who knows we married will say anything, I can assure you of that.

Ivy: Let me know as soon as you know anything.

Jerry: Will do, Mrs. Crane. And I'll start by questioning the justice of the peace.

Rebecca: Ivy. I didn't know that you were lurking about.

Ivy: Hardly lurking, Rebecca. I'm right here in plain sight.

Rebecca: Hmm. Well, I've been meaning to tell you that you shouldn't bother coming to the wedding.

Ivy: Really?

Rebecca: Yes, Iím afraid your wheelchair clashes with my centerpieces. No offence.

Ivy: None taken. But I was so looking forward to the wedding, Rebecca. I have a present that I think you and Julian are really going to enjoy.

Rebecca: A present? Just what are you up to, Ivy Winthrop?

Ivy: It's Ivy Crane to you, Rebecca. And I'm not up to anything. No, I just have someone out trying to find the present I want to give you and Julian. And when he does, I think it's going to be one you'll never forget.


Luis: Did you report the theft to the police?

Beth: The agency did. But they're down there in tropics where the police have to be bribed to do anything. I used up a lot of my savings just bribing the police.

Luis: That kind of corruption makes me sick. There's got to be some other way around it.

Beth: No, the agency said that there was no other way. Now I've not only lost the income from the boat, I've lost the chance to buy back this cafe from the Cranes. That's why Iíve been working so hard to save money.

Luis: I know it's always been a dream of yours.

Beth: Yeah. And I've just put everything into building up this -- this business after, well --

Luis: After you and I broke up?

Beth: Yeah. Look, Luis, I'm not trying to make you feel sorry for me, ok? I love this cafe and Iíve loved working hard here. Now it just seems like another dream just died.

Tabitha: Look, Timmy. Luis is with Beth and she's crying. Pain and suffering is already bursting forth all over Harmony.

Timmy: But how does that help tabby get into the Crane mansion?

Tabitha: It doesn't. But something will come along to get us in. I can feel it.

Father Lonigan: I sense you, evil. I know you're there. I have no time for you now. But one day you and I will do battle and, when we do, the forces of evil will not be able to help you.

Tabitha: Oh, poppycock, you blind old fool. You want a piece of me? Well, bring it on! I'm ready when you are.

[Tabitha scoffs]


Theresa: Ok. I think the guest list is done, and mama is taking care of the gifts for our attendants.

Ethan: Oh, good.

Theresa: So -- what's this one?

Ethan: Oh, that's mine.

Theresa: These are your wedding vows.

Ethan: You're not supposed to hear that before the ceremony.

Theresa: Too late. You really feel this way about me?

Ethan: Of course I do. I give you my heart and my soul, and I trust you with them because you're the most honest and trustworthy woman in the world.

Chad: So who all knows about this secret again?

Whitney: Well -- ok, you and me, Julian, of course, the justice of the peace who married them down in Bermuda, Julian's friend Bruce and Julian's lawyer, Theresaís mom, my mom, and -- oh, father Lonigan.

Chad: Damn, that's a whole lot of people to call it a secret.

Whitney: Well, but I don't any of them are going to tell anybody. I mean, they're all going to want to protect either or Julian or Theresa.

Chad: Yeah, but what about father Lonigan? I mean, he's a priest. If somebody asks him, he can't lie.

Whitney: I know, I know. Theresa said that he almost forced her to confess to Ethan already.

Ethan: What are you two talking about so seriously?

Whitney: Oh, nothing. We're just talking.

Ethan: Well, then come over and help us plan the wedding.

Theresa: Yeah, we're planning the wedding party.

Ethan: Right.

Whitney: All right.

Chad: Yeah, let's do it.

Theresa: And you will be my maid of honor, of course.

Ethan: And, Chad, you're still going to be my best man, right?

Chad: Wouldn't miss it, brother.

Ethan: All right.

Whitney: Oh, are you still going to have Jessica and Kay in the wedding, too?

Theresa: Yeah, I don't see why not. Even though this wedding is smaller than the last one, they are your half sisters.

Ethan: Definitely. And I want for Luis and Miguel to be our groomsmen. I want my mother to be part of the ceremony, but Iím not sure that's going to happen now.

Whitney: So she must still be pretty angry with Theresa.

Ethan: Yeah, she's not too happy with our getting married. She thinks Theresaís going to lie to me again. I'm sorry, Theresa. Look, don't be upset about it. Look, once we're married, I'm going to convince my mother that she's wrong. There's nothing to worry about.

Theresa: You think so?

Ethan: I know so. Look, my mother's going to realize that you did not send that e-mail to the tabloid and that you will never keep a secret from me again.

Theresa: Ooh!

Timmy: Timmy wants to know what he and his princess are looking for, wandering around like this.

Tabitha: I told you, Timmy, we're trying to find a way to get on to the Crane estate to find a way to get back into Hecubaís lair. Wait a minute. I've got it. We'll just ask them!

Timmy: Ask who?

Tabitha: Well, the forces, of course. Well, I bet they'll find a way. They'll give us what we need.

[Tabitha chants]

Tabitha: Great forces with all the power, find us the way to go to Hecubaís lair buried deep below.

[Tabitha chants]


Brian: So what's this all about, Liz?

Liz: Well, I thought you could do this as a favor for me. As you can see, this tub needs a little work, but your handy. I know you'll have her shipshape in no time.

Brian: So you want me to fix this boat up as a favor?

Liz: If you get my drift.

Brian: Yeah. Yeah, I think I do.

Liz: And I'm sure you'll have a good time, too.

Brian: So did you hear that, Diana? Liz wants me to get this vessel back into sailing shape.

Sheridan: Really? Can I help?

Brian: Yeah, sure, if you want to.

Sheridan: I do. I think it'll be fun.

Liz: Great idea. Ok, I'll leave you two.

Brian: Well, no time like the present. Let's get to work.

Sheridan: Ok.


Luis: I don't understand. You said this happened about three months ago.

Beth: That's when the crooks stole my boat.

Luis: Well, then what was the phone call about that got you so upset?

Beth: It was about another call I got about three weeks ago that my boat had been found.

Luis: Well, found. That's great news, isn't it?

Beth: Not really. I couldn't take off work to go and get it. So the agency said if I sent them some money that they could hire someone to sail it back to Harmony for me. So I sent the rest of my savings down there. The call that I just got was the agency telling me that the man they hired to sail it back just disappeared with all my money. I don't have anything left, Luis. I mean, I just -- I don't know what Iím going to do.


Rebecca: I'm ready. Let's go.

Julian: Are you -- are you sure you can't run these errands on your own?

Rebecca: Well, there's so much to be done. I mean, I have to check on the invitations, I have to look at the cake, and I have to make sure the flowers are right. I can't do it all on my own. Or do I have to get mean?

Julian: All right, Iíll go, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.

Rebecca: Aw. My poor, grumpy pookie. Aw. Pookie, you know you're going to hate running all these errands, but I promise you, you will love your wedding night.

Julian: I will?

Rebecca: Oh, yes. See, I won't be spending my wedding night with another man the way Ivy did. I'll be right by you all night long.

Rebecca: So come along, pookie.

Julian: Unfortunately, I'd rather my wife, Theresa, were with me all night long.


Ethan: Father Lonigan. It's Ethan. Here, come on in.

Father Lonigan: Thank you, Ethan.

Ethan: Mm-hmm. Well, you're just the man I wanted to see. Theresa, it's father Lonigan.

Theresa: Hi, father. Whitney and Chad are here, too.

Whitney: Hello, father.

Chad: Hey.

Father Lonigan: Good evening, children.

Ethan: You know, I was going to call you today. I want to set up a date for our marriage.

Father Lonigan: I'm sorry, Ethan, I thought I made it clear I can't marry you and Theresa.

Ethan: But you said once we got all our affairs in order that you could marry us.

Father Lonigan: And are your affairs in order?

Ethan: Yes, we filled out the new marriage license application. I'm going to file it tomorrow, so we're all set.


Beth: Thanks.

Luis: So, Beth, this guy they paid to sail your boat back -- did he take off with it?

Beth: No. It's still sitting down there waiting for someone to come and get it.

Luis: Well, then it's not all bad news. You still got your boat.

Beth: And what good does it do me? I can't afford to take off work and go get it.

Luis: No, but I can.

Beth: What?

Luis: I just got a great idea. You know, Samís been trying to get me to take time off of work, so why don't I go down and get your boat?

Beth: No, Luis, I can't ask you to do that. I mean, I don't even have any money to pay you.

Luis: Well, who said anything about money? Look, this might be just what I need to get over losing Sheridan. You know, time to clear my head, out there by myself, alone on the sea.

Beth: Luis, I can't let you do it. I won't help. It's only going to hurt you.

Luis: Hurt me? Why?

Beth: Because the boat is in the worst possible place for you to go. It's on an island near Bermuda, where you lost Sheridan.


Brian: Diana, what is it? Are you all right?

Sheridan: Yeah, I'm fine. Doc said I would have memory flashes from time to time.

Brian: And you just had one?

Sheridan: Yeah.

Brian: Well, I'm going to go down into the galley and see if we should start down there or start on deck, so come on.

Sheridan: Thanks.

Sheridan: Why did I have a memory flash just now? Must have something to do with seeing this boat.

Oh. Whoever he was, he did love me very much. So, so much.


[Tabitha chants]

Tabitha: Show me the way to Hecubaís lair.

Timmy: Timmy thinks princess should give it up. It's not working.

Tabitha: Will you hush up, Timmy? Just is patient. It will work. Make me invisible, as small as bait. Just get me onto the Crane estate!

Timmy: Princess is wasting her time.

[Tabitha chants]

Rebecca: Julian, would you hurry? You know, we have to get these invitations to the messenger service tonight for our wedding service tomorrow.

Julian: I'm hurrying. I just don't see why one of the servants couldn't have taken care of this.

[Tabitha chants]

Tabitha: Come in, come in! Come in! Can you hear me?

[Tabitha chants]

Rebecca: Ah! Oh!

Julian: Oh, my God! He's alive again.


Father Lonigan: Ethan, that's not what I --

Theresa: Father said that when the proper papers were filed that he would marry us. Isn't that what you said, father? And by tomorrow, all the proper papers will be filed. I promise.

Ethan: You know, I can't wait for the ceremony. This wedding is going to be perfect.

Theresa: It's going to be perfect. I'm sorry, father. Mama is not home, but I will tell her that you stopped by, ok?

Father Lonigan: Theresa, I'm disappointed in you. You still haven't been honest. Ethan still doesn't know you're married to another man.

Theresa: I can't tell him, father. I will lose him for sure.

Father Lonigan: Theresa, a marriage built on secrets started with a lie is no marriage at all. It's a sham. And poor Ethan thinks that Iím going to marry the two of you. Theresa, I won't do it. I hope you know that. I will not be a part of these lies and deceptions. Be honest with the man you love or your future with him is doomed.


Julian: I knew you were alive. Rebecca!

Rebecca: Oh, what happened?

Julian: Becca -- look. I told you the doll was alive. There he is, in living color.

Rebecca: Oh, Julian, not the doll again.

Julian: He was just sitting there staring at me.

Rebecca: Julian, I'm the one who had this huge collision. I'm the one who should be seeing things, not you.

Tabitha: Here. Oh, so sorry.

Rebecca: Why were you kneeling in the middle of the boardwalk, anyway?

Tabitha: Oh, well, I was looking for something I dropped. Oh! Found it.

Rebecca: Oh, no, Julian, would you look at the time? We're never going to get these invitations to the messenger service on time.

Julian: Really? What a pity.

Rebecca: You know what -- let's go back to the house. I'm just going to give the invitations to the servants to hand-deliver, ok? Come on, Julian.

Rebecca: Julian!

Julian: Coming.

Timmy: Can Timmy and Tabby go home now? Julian almost caught Timmy this time. And the forces didn't help tabby at all. All they did was get tabby run over by a crazy rich lady.

Tabitha: Oh, au contraire, Timmy. I got exactly what I was asking for. Voila!

Timmy: Tabby swiped one of the invitations?

Tabitha: Indeed I did, lad. Tomorrow we will be going to a wedding, and it is on the Crane estate and we will be on our way to Hecubaís lair.


Luis: No, you're wrong. I can do it, Beth. I can go down there and get your boat.

Beth: Luis, I saw the look on your face when I said it was in Bermuda. It'll just bring back all the memories of your time there with Sheridan. I can't let you go through that kind of pain.

Sheridan: We have enough time, all day.

Luis: We have the rest of our lives.

Sheridan: Hmm. Will I ever feel love like that again? Maybe I can't remember his name because of his death. It -- it would be too painful.

Sheridan: I'll never remember who he is or my life. I will never feel love like that again.


Ethan: The only that could come between Theresa and me is if she told me another lie. She made that mistake, but, you know, we promised one another that we would have no secrets between us.

Whitney: Theresa, what are you going to do?

Theresa: I don't know. I mean, father Lonigan said that he wouldnít marry us. He said a marriage based on a lie is doomed.

Whitney: Well, honey, what did you expect? He's a priest. Of course he's going to refuse to be a part of a lie.

Theresa: I just hope that the annulment papers come through soon. And once I sign them, I know that I can convince father Lonigan to marry us. I mean, once Julian and I sign those annulment papers, everything will be perfect.

[Phone rings]

Jerry: Jerry here.

Ivy: It's me. How's it going?

Jerry: Well, I'm just about to talk to the justice of the peace.

Ivy: Well, go to it. Let me know what he has to say.

Jerry: Right.

Jerry: I've been looking for you.

Henry: You have? Why?

Jerry: Just want to ask you a few questions.


Beth: You see, Iím right, Luis. It would be too painful for you to go there again. I just mentioned Bermuda and you take a nosedive.

Luis: Well, maybe I need to feel that kind of pain. You know, maybe it would be a good opportunity to finally say good-bye to Sheridan, you know, stop hoping, to -- to stop imagining that Iím ever going to see her again. Maybe the peace of mind that Iím looking for is somewhere down there in those tropical islands.


Brian: Diana, I -- Diana, what is it? Are you having more memories?

Sheridan: He loved me. He loved me so much.

Brian: Who? Who loved you?

Sheridan: The man I keep seeing in my memories. I remember him and I remember how much I loved him. And I'll never see him again.


Tabitha: The forces came through for us, Timmy. We have our invitation to Julian and Rebeccaís wedding, thus our entree to Hecubaís lair.

Timmy: Timmy's impressed.

Tabitha: Timmy should be impressed. Secrets are going to be revealed and pain is going to run like water. When Rebecca and Ivy and Ethan find out that Julian and Theresa are married -- ooh-la-la, what fun! And during the commotion, you and I will slip away into Hecubaís lair and I will get everything I need.

Timmy: Timmy guesses it'll be a long day.

Tabitha: Yes, so we'd better synchronize our watches, lad. We don't want to miss a second of the wedding that will rock Harmony to its core. Ha-ha. Right on.


Whitney: You seem to think that once you sign those annulment papers that everything's going to be fine, but you're still going to be lying to Ethan. And you should know by now that nothing ever goes as planned.

Theresa: Whitney, everything has to go as planned. If it doesn't, I will lose Ethan forever.

Ethan: Here you go.

Theresa: Thank you.

Whitney: Hey, guys.


Julian: Rebecca, listen to me -- that doll was alive.

Rebecca: Would you stop talking about that damn doll? It is late and I have so much to do for our wedding tomorrow.

Julian: But you must believe me.

Rebecca: Enough!

Ivy: My, my, my. Trouble in paradise?

Rebecca: Not at all. Everything is just fine.

Ivy: Julian, Harper called you. He wants you to call him back right away.

Julian: Thank you.

Ivy: Are those your wedding invitations?

Rebecca: Yes. But don't worry, as I said, you won't be needing one.

Julian: Harper, it's me. What is it?

Harper: I can't stop worrying about this situation. I keep thinking about how many things could go wrong. What if Rebecca or Ethan, Luis or Ivy find out about your marriage to Theresa before the wedding tomorrow? Any one of those four people would happily kill you.

Julian: I told you, no one who knows is going to say anything. Pilar won't tell. Neither will Theresa or her little friend Whitney. Don't worry; no one is going to tell.

Rebecca: Don't you have something else to do other than sit there and watch me? I know! Why don't you go work on that fantastic wedding present you have for me and Julian?

Ivy: Yes, I could do that. And the more I think about it, the more perfect I think it is for the two of you. Oh, it's going to be the talk of the wedding, the talk of the town -- the talk of the world.

Rebecca: Must be some present.

Ivy: Oh, trust me, Rebecca; it's going to be explosive.

Henry: What do you want, if I may ask?

Jerry: It's about Julian Crane and Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald.

Henry: Ahem.

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