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Passions Transcript Thursday 10/18/01

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[Phone rings]

Grace: Hello?

Sam: Hey, honey, itís me.

Grace: Oh, Iím so glad you called. Iím at the construction site.

Sam: Well, howís it going?

Grace: Oh, itís amazing. These guys are so wonderful. You'd think they were putting up their own house, not ours. They've made so much progress, and itís going to be just beautiful.

Sam: I canít wait for us to have our own place again.

Grace: Me, neither.

Are you going to go home?

Sam: As soon as I can. I miss you.

Grace: Oh, sweetie, I miss you, too. Is something wrong?

Sam: Luis is here. Every time I look at him, I think what he must feel like, losing Sheridan.

Grace: I just canít imagine.

Sam: Heís still in a state of denial. Heís convinced the Bermuda police to post flyers of Sheridanís picture all over the area, including the outback islands with no police force of their own.

Grace: Oh, no.

Sam: Canít say I blame him. How can you believe someone you love so much is really gone forever?

Grace: I donít know.

Sam: Iím just glad you've decided not to let David come between us.

Grace: Well, I donít care if Iím legally married to David. My life is with you and the family that we've built.

Sam: Well, thatís why I called -- to tell you howÖ

Man: Thank you.

David: You always did make the best lemonade.

Grace: What are you doing here, David?

Luis: So, you got my fax?

Man: Iím holding the missing persons flyer in my hand as we speak. Iíll make sure it goes out to all the islands around here, but I wouldnít hold out much hope.

Luis: Iíll hold out hope. You just distribute Sheridanís picture.

Man: Sure. Sure thing.

Luis: Thanks a lot. I really appreciate you doing this, Captain.

Sam: Did they get your fax?

Luis: Yeah. Now I just got to wait for the captain to distribute Sheridanís picture, and hopefully someone will recognize her. Sam, I know you think Iíve lost it, but I canít shake the feeling that somehow Sheridan survived the explosion and the hurricane. Sheís just out there. Sheís out there. Sheís waiting for me to find her.

Sam: Because of some rose that mysteriously appeared on your desk?

Luis: Sam, itís a sign. This rose is a sign from Sheridan, letting me know sheís still alive.

Brian: Whoa, wait a minute. Where are you going? You havenít had your tea yet.

Sheridan: Iím going to go take another look at the roses. Would you mind if I snipped one off the bush?

Liz: Oh, snip them all. Roses grow wild around here.

Sheridan: Maybe if I carry one with me, it'll help trigger my memory.

[Phone rings]

Liz: Hello?

Man: This is police headquarters, calling to tell you we'll be sending out an emergency fax to all the islands.

Liz: Sounds important.

Man: Yes, you'll receive it shortly.

Liz: Arenít you going to ask me who was on the phone just now?

Brian: Who was on the phone just now?

Liz: The Bermuda police. They want me to be on the lookout for some urgent fax they're sending around to all the islands. Knew that infernal machine would come in handy one day. Brian, if you keep staring at her like that, your eyeballs are going to fall out of their sockets.

Brian: Iím sorry, Liz. Hey, Doc.

Liz: Hey, Doc. Itís ok, Brian. Iíve been there myself. And I know you're hoping you can get Diana -- or whatever her real name is -- to fall for you. But what if sheís involved with someone in her old life?

Brian: Well, I just have to hope that she likes me more.

Liz: Not that you arenít one of the most charming rogues Iíve ever met, but if she gets her memory back, sheís not going to stick around here. Sheís going to hightail it back to her own world as fast as her pretty little legs can take her.

Doc: Even if she doesnít get her memory back, the people who miss her will come looking for her. The second they get wind sheís here, they'll snatch her home so fast, your head'll spin.

Sheridan: What is it about these roses?

Sheridan: Where was this rosebush? Why is it so important to me?

Sheridan: Who gave me the rose? Was it a boyfriend? Am I married? Is it someone that I love?

Ivy: Ethan! Ethan! Oh, good, you're here.

Ethan: Yes. I was going to see you after I spoke to Julian, let him know that we are contesting this island divorce of his. And you're not going to lose the house, nor anything else, without a substantial settlement or a fight.

Ivy: Thank you, darling. I knew I could count on you. Oh, donít tell me Rebeccaís gone back to Sunny Brook Farm?

Ethan: She and Gwen were here a minute ago. I guess they went upstairs.

Ivy: I must've missed them. I took the elevator. What? My vase. Oh, damn that Rebecca!

Ethan: Mother, itís just a vase. Iím sure it can be replaced. How are you feeling?

Ivy: The truth?

Ethan: Absolutely.

Ivy: Well, Iíve felt better. Aside from the fact that my legs donít work, I didnít sleep a wink last night.

Ethan: Well, we'll ask Dr. Russell to give you more pain pills.

Ivy: No, that wasnít the problem, darling. I just was very worried.

Ethan: Is there anything I can do?

Ivy: You're the only one who can.

Ethan: Well, tell me what it is, Mother. I mean, Iíll give blood, a kidney, whatever.

Ivy: Itís sweet of you to offer, dear, but thereís only one thing thatís going to make me feel better. Please donít marry Theresa.

Julian: Pilar with poison. Rebecca with a rifle. Eve wants to geld me. Ethan and Luis want to tear me to shreds. Iím going to make a resolution. In order to stay alive, I will never see Theresa again.

Theresa: Mr. Crane.

Julian: God -- what are you doing here? God forbid your mother or Ethan finds us together. They'll kill me.

Theresa: I donít want Ethan to find out we're married any more than you do.

Julian: Your mother just attacked me like a screaming banshee for robbing you of your innocence. She doesnít seem to care that we're legally man and wife.

Theresa: Well, thatís why Iím here -- because I am your wife and you're my husband. And you're the only person who can give me what I want.

Julian: Oh, really?

Julian: Minor obstacles aside, I must say I donít regret our Bermuda marriage for one minute. Whatever I have is yours, my darling wife.

Theresa: I was hoping that you would say that.

Julian: Oh, music to my ears.

Theresa: What are you doing?

Pilar: Whatís Theresa doing here? Oh, you pig! Get your hands off my daughter.

Grace: David, why would you want to help build my new house?

David: Well, it seems a little illogical, I guess, but I -- I couldnít think of any other way to be close to you. Look, I know that you plan to put a formal end to our marriage and continue life with Sam, but I just -- I just canít forget the life we had together.

Grace: No, David --

David: Iím not going to abduct you. Iím not going to take you away from here. I just want to help in any way I can, even if it means this, even if it means finishing this house.

Grace: Even though you know Iím going to spend the rest of my life here with Sam?

David: I love you; Grace, and Iíd do anything -- even this -- if it'll make you happy.

Luis: I know itís far-fetched, Sam.

Sam: Try next to impossible. You're an experienced cop, Luis.

Luis: Yeah, and Iíve been trained to look at the hard evidence, not let emotions get in the way. But I keep thinking of something that you taught me when I was a rookie. Now, Sam, you said that there were going to be times when the facts didnít add up and it felt like my back was up against a brick wall. During those times, you said that you've got to go with your instinct -- and I quote -- "because your gut never lies." This is one of those times, Sam. I mean, this rose and my instinct -- Iíve got the feeling that Sheridanís still alive. Now, thatís why I canít give up hope. Iím going to find her.

Brian: She thinks that rosebush could be the key to her past somehow.

Doc: If sheís right and it triggers even one memory, my guess is her whole life will come back to her in a rush.

Sheridan: It feels like I was happy, but who was I with? Is there someone out there who loves me?

Ethan: I told you last night that nothingís changed. I love Theresa, and Iím going to marry her.

Ivy: Ethan, how can you forget that Theresa lied to you about your father? I mean, she knew for ages that you werenít a Crane, and yet she let you find out in the cruelest possible way.

Ethan: You know, Mother, you seem to forget that you knew I was Sam Bennettís son a lot longer than Theresa did, and somehow you justified not telling me. Should I just hold that against you forever, too?

Ivy: If thatís what it takes, then so be it.

Ethan: I canít believe Iím hearing this.

Ivy: Well, you are. I would rather lose you myself than see you make the biggest mistake of your life by committing to the wrong girl. Ethan, if Theresa can lie to you once, then she can do it again. I mean, who knows what secrets sheís keeping from you even now?

Pilar: You animal! I warned you to keep your filthy hands off my daughter!

Theresa: Mom, please! It wasnít Julianís fault!

Pilar: You are little more than a child. Heís a grown man! Of course itís his fault! I warned you. And you do not learn, do you? I told you to keep away from my daughter! Those scratches on your face -- obviously they werenít enough to convince you that I was serious. You deserve to die for what you've done --

Theresa: No, mama --

Pilar: Theresa, please! You did not want to tell Ethan and Luis what this pig had done to you because you were afraid that they would go to jail for killing him. Well, I will go to jail for your murder instead. I will be glad to spend the rest of my life in jail knowing that you are dead!

Theresa: Mama!

Sheridan: I saw his face. Who is he?

Brian: Are you ok, Diana?

Sheridan: Iím more than ok. I just remembered something -- actually I should say someone.

Brian: Well, thatís great. Who is it?

Sheridan: A man. He must have been a boyfriend or husband. But someone loves me, and I can now remember what he looks like.


Luis: Now, if you were in the same situation with Grace, would you stop looking for her?

Sam: This is not a missing persons case, Luis. The body was formally identified as Sheridanís.

Luis: But what if your gut told you that she was still alive? Huh? What would you do then?

Sam: Probably the same thing you are.

Luis: I knew it. Sam, you donít give up on the love of your life, not once you've finally found them. I mean, you canít. They're a part of you. They're the other half of your heart and soul. I should probably stop there, or you're never going to make me detective.

Sam: Go ahead. You might as well get it all out.

Luis: Iíve been having these dreams about me and Sheridan -- vivid dreams that take place during different times in history. Last night I dreamt that we were alive during the revolutionary war. My name was Luke and hers was Sara, but it was definitely me and Sheridan. You know, itís like proof that we were always together. Maybe we were always together. And I figured if we could survive the course of time, then we could survive this, too. Thatís why Iím not giving up hope. Iím going to find her.

Ethan: Mother, you are entitled to your own opinion, but I am a grown man now and I can marry whomever I choose.

Ivy: But, Ethan, you canít trust Theresa.

Ethan: Yes, I can, and I do. Look, I have discussed with Theresa the secret she kept from me about my paternity, and she said she would never do anything like that again. I love her, and I have complete faith in her. You're just going to have to accept that.

Ivy: Ethan, she may have had the best intentions in the world, but if she could lie to you about something so important once, she can do it again. Look at Julian. I mean, the man started out as a snake, a cheat, and a liar, and he'll always be --

Ethan: Donít even use their names in the same sentence. If thereís one thing I know for sure, itís that Theresa and Julian have nothing in common.

Pilar: Whereís the gun you keep locked in your desk, Julian?

Theresa: No, no -- Mama! Julian misunderstood why I came here today. He thought that Iíd come around to the idea of being his wife. But I only came here to ask him for a loan for Ethan, to help him start up his own law practice.

Pilar: What?

Julian: You did? Oh, thatís right! Yes, she -- she did.

Pilar: Why on earth would you ask this man for anything Theresa?

Theresa: Mama, he has heaps of money. And, like it or not, I am married to him. And I thought that he could help me help Ethan. After all, he did think of Ethan as his first-born son after all these years.

Julian: Exactly so. And Iím going to write the check as we speak. Theresa -- there you are, my dear.

Pilar: Itís an empty gesture. Money to you is only a way to manipulate people. You donít care about Ivy or Ethan or Theresa, a young girl you took as your -- as your -- I canít even say the word, it makes me so ill!

Julian: Well, then I believe I have good news for you. I think my lawyer has just faxed the annulment papers. I donít think I shall be Theresaís husband for that much longer.

Pilar: Good.

Julian: Voila.

Theresa: Where? Where do I sign?

Julian: Right there.

Theresa: You see, Mama? Once Julian files these annulment papers, it'll be like our marriage never existed.

Pilar: If only that were true, my child. But no piece of paper will ever erase what this pig did to you! No piece of paper will ever give you back your innocence! He has defiled you forever! Ah!

[Theresa screams]

Pilar: The only way I will ever sleep again is with you dead!

Liz: Well, look whoís smiling. Whatís going on, guys?

Sheridan: Iíve started to remember my life. Iím almost positive that I have a boyfriend or a husband somewhere. I can even picture his face!

Liz: Oh. Good for you. Doc here thinks that once you start remembering details, then the rest of your past will come back in a torrent.

Doc: This is a good sign, a very good sign. At least we know you donít have full-blown amnesia.

Sheridan: Well, if I keep this up, then I might get my memory back and be home by tomorrow! Wouldnít that be wonderful?

Brian: Yeah, terrific.

Sheridan: You two looked like you were waiting for something important when we came in.

Liz: Oh, I am. The Bermuda police called me to be on the lookout for an urgent fax that they're sending around to all the islands. They didnít say what it was about, but I got the feeling it was kind of important.

Sheridan: Maybe itís about me. Maybe the man I love is trying to find me.

Sam: I know what itís like to love someone with my whole being. But let me tell you something -- the human spirit is incredibly resilient.

Luis: Now, whatís that supposed to mean?

Sam: Well, when I was younger and in love with Ivy, I thought she was the only woman Iíd ever have such deep feelings for. And when I lost her, I wanted to curl up and die because I thought my life was over. Then I met Grace, and you know how I feel about her. Look, Luis, I know it seems impossible, but I am living proof that you can love again.

Luis: Well, I canít imagine being with anyone but Sheridan. Wait a minute. You told me that you never get over your first love, and I always assumed that that was Grace, but now I know that itís Ivy. Maybe you care more about Ivy than you want to admit.

Grace: Thank you, David.

David: Anything I can do to help. I mean it, you know.

Grace: Well, Iím beginning to believe you. As long as you know where Iím coming from.

David: Yeah. You made it perfectly clear. You intend to stay with Sam and your kids. I understand.

Grace: I just wish you'd accept it. You know, itís not too late for you to move on with your life, find somebody new.

David: If I was going to move on with my life, I would've done it years ago when you first disappeared. I didnít because I loved and I missed the life we had together. I havenít changed, Grace. But Iím starting to realize that you have.

Grace: And howís that?

David: Just that the Grace I knew would've never accepted a lie from someone who was supposed to love her, and yet you seem almost sanguine about Samís deception with Ivy.

Grace: You know, David, I told you that Sam and I have discussed this --

David: Let me just finish because I donít get that at all. How can you honestly tell me that you wake up every morning next to Sam and will for the rest of your life and believe a word that he says after he lied to you about something as important as his first love?


Ivy: What was that?

Ethan: I donít know. It sounded like it came from the library.

Pilar: You are lower than a junkyard dog!

Julian: This from a household domestic?

Ethan: Iíd better go see whatís going on.

Ivy: Not without me you're not.

Pilar: You're a pig, and you deserve to die for what you've done. I will kill you, Julian. I will kill you!

Ethan: Pilar!

Pilar: Ethan.

Ethan: Whatís going on here? Why are you trying to kill Julian? Theresa, what are you doing here? Look, somethingís going on here, and I want to know what it is.

Singer: You are my passion for life.

Luis: All Iím saying is that Ivy just became available again. Now, isnít there a small part of you that thinks about being with Ivy instead of Grace?

Sam: No. Grace is my life.

Luis: Sorry. Itís none of my business. I was --

Sam: No, Luis, you have a right to ask. But I know how I feel. I donít want to be with Ivy. I love Grace.

Singer: Shall I compare thee to a summerís day thou art more lovely and more temperate rough winds do shake the darling buds of May and summerís lease hath all too short a date sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines and often is his gold complexion dimm'd and every fair from fair sometime declines by chance or natureís changing course untrimm'd. But thy eternal summer shall not fade nor lose possession of that fair thou owíst nor shall death brag thou wanderíst in his shade when in eternal lines to time thou growíst so long as men can breathe or eyes can see so long lives this and this gives life to thee

Luis: I heard about this Hastings guy.

Sam: Graceís husband.

Luis: You mean former husband.

Sam: No, afraid not.

Luis: Then itís true? They're still married?

Sam: It seems that way. I couldnít believe it at first. I was so sure this guy was a fraud. I ran a thorough check on him.

Luis: And he checked out?

Sam: Every last detail. You know, I would've staked my reputation that this guy was nothing but a fake, but I was wrong. My gut was wrong, you know? You canít fight hard evidence.

Luis: Arenít you a little worried?

Sam: How do you mean?

Luis: Well, I know Grace has amnesia, but what if her memory comes back and she remembers being in love with this guy? And what if she realizes that David is the real love of her life and not you?

Grace: Sam and I have worked through his not being honest about Ivy.

David: Yes, so you said.

Grace: But I donít think you listened, David. Itís resolved. Samís learned the hard way that he has to be honest with me about anything and everything. And, besides, the relationship he had with Ivy was over years ago, long before Sam and I ever met or fell in love. And to be perfectly honest with you, our relationship has never been stronger than it is right now.

David: Whatever makes you happy, Grace.

Grace: David, I am happy.

David: One last question. You forgave Sam, right? I mean, you worked hard to get past the lie he told you.

Grace: Yes. Thatís what I wanted.

David: Are you sure? Did you forgive him because you loved him or because you couldnít stomach the thought that he might return to Ivy? Is it your love for Sam or is it your jealousy of Ivy thatís been keeping this relationship going?

Ethan: Pilar, when I asked you why you attacked Julian at the hospital, you told me it was because of the way he treated Mother when she was a patient there. If all thatís true, then why are you still furious with him?

Ivy: Yes. Iíd like to know whatís going on as well. Not that I donít appreciate your loyalty, Pilar. But my life is out of jeopardy and Ethan is contesting the divorce, so why were you going after this worm with a letter opener? Is your problem with Julian about me or is it about someone else?

Pilar: Iíve had enough of this. Itís time for the truth to come out. You deserve to know why Iím so angry with Julian.

Theresa: Mama --

Pilar: Theresa, Ethan has a right to know.

Theresa: Then I should be the one to tell him.

Sheridan: Someone loves me. Maybe heís looking for me and thatís what the fax you're waiting for is about!

Liz: Oh, honey, I hate to burst your bubble, but we donít have the first idea what they're sending us in this fax.

Sheridan: How long ago did they call?

Liz: Just a few minutes is all.

Sheridan: And you're sure that the machine is working?

Liz: It was the last time I checked.

Doc: We all want you to find out who you are so you can get back to your people, but itís no good getting your hopes up without good cause.

Liz: You look like you've been punched in the gut.

Brian: Well, look at her, Liz. All she wants is to get away from here as fast as she can.

Liz: You know, Brian, it has nothing to do with you. She is in love with someone from her past life.

Brian: Yeah, and she doesnít even know who he is, Liz.

Liz: And you donít know who she is, either, but I donít see it slowing you down any.

Brian: I just wanted a little longer with her. Thatís it.

Liz: Look -- it ainít over till itís over. And thereís no reason for us to think that that fax coming in has anything to do with your Diana. Chances are sheís going to be here for a long time.

Brian: Yeah, well, the problem is, is that she doesnít want to be here. I -- I know if Iíd have met her -- I know if Iíd have met her before, Liz, I could've made her love me more than anybody sheís ever met.

Luis: I shouldnít have said that.

Sam: No. You have every right to ask. I mean, for all any of us know, David could be the great love of Graceís life.

Luis: All I meant was that Grace has amnesia and no one knows what her life was like before she met you.

Sam: No. But I sure as hell know what her life has been like for the last 20 or so years. I believe in Grace and me and everything we've built together. Thereís no way this David Hastings is going to come between us, no matter what they once shared together.

Grace: You know, David, I donít have to work at keeping Sam away from Ivy. He wants to be with me. And I want to be with him.

David: If you say so.

Grace: You know, I hate when you do that.

David: Maybe I should go back outside and keep working on your house.

Grace: You know, I wish you would consider moving on with your life.

David: Maybe I could.

Grace: Well, I think that would be best.

David: If you were willing to help prove something to myself and to you.

Grace: Anything.

David: I was hoping you were going to say that.

Theresa: The reason I came here today was to ask Julian for a loan.

Ethan: A loan? What for?

Theresa: To help you start up your law office, Ethan. It just -- it would have taken so long if you and I had to wait to save up the money.

Ethan: But to ask Julian of all people?

Theresa: I know how you feel about him. But he raised you as his son, and I figured that he still cared enough about you to want to help you out.

Ethan: Itís a sweet thought. But I will never take Crane money for anything in this world. Donít you realize any money from Julian and Alistair comes with such long strings attached that, I mean, for the rest of our lives, we'll be paying it off. And itís going to take us a while, but I want this law practice to be something that we work towards and build up together. What I still donít understand is why you were attacking Julian with a letter opener just because Theresa was asking him for a loan.

Pilar: I started to think about everything else Julian had done, and I -- I just lost it.

Ethan: Well, Julian, you're in luck because I donít want your money any more than you want to give it to me.

Julian: Ah --

Ethan: You canít very well finance the law practice thatís going to be fighting you over your divorce with my mother.

Julian: Whatís that you say?

Ethan: I said that Iím going to make sure that the divorce with my --

Julian: You put those back.

Ivy: Oh, not until I see what you're so interested in.

Ethan: Whatís going on?

Ivy: Iíll tell you in just a moment. Annulment papers?

Grace: Ok, David, so how can I help? What can I do that would make you realize that you need to get on with your life?

Sam: Grace and I love each other. Thereís no way this clownís going to mess with that.

Luis: Yeah, Iím sure you're right. You and Grace have a marriage that people only dream about. Sheridan and I used to talk about how we wanted to be like you.

Sam: Iím sorry.

Luis: Sam, I know itís like a needle in a haystack, but I got the feeling sheís still out there. I donít believe that she is gone. If only -- no. All I can do now is wait.

Man: One more hotel on the list. I donít even know why Iím bothering, but I promised that cop on the mainland. Here goes nothing.

[Fax machine rings]

Doc: Maybe thatís the emergency fax you were called about, Liz.

Liz: Could be.

Sheridan: What if Iím right? What if this fax is about me and I can finally find out who I am and go home?

Doc: Easy now. Itís no good getting your hopes up over nothing, Diana.

Sheridan: I know you're right, but I just have a feeling that this fax is about me. This could be the piece of the puzzle that I need to figure out who I am.

Ivy: What are you doing with annulment papers, Julian?

Julian: I swear to God, Ivy, if you donít give me those papers, you're going to need more than a wheelchair.

Ivy: And what is Theresaís signature doing here?

Ethan: That -- that canít be. Are you sure, Mother?

Ivy: Hello. Itís her handwriting right there in black and white, isnít it, Ethan?

Ethan: Yes. But I donít understand. Whatís going on here, Theresa?

Ivy: Oh, my God.

Julian: Thatís not what you think.

Ivy: Oh, my God.

Ethan: What? What? I donít get it. What?

Ivy: No wonder. Itís too horrible for words.

Ethan: What, damn it? Look, why is Theresaís signature on papers annulling a marriage with Julian?

Ivy: Well, thereís only one reason I can think of, Ethan. They got married. It must have happened in Bermuda, only it appears that one of them is having second thoughts.

Ethan: Is this true? Are you married to the man I grew up believing was my father?

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