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Passions Transcript Tuesday 10/16/01

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Rebecca: Pilar. What are you doing here?

Pilar: I work here, Rebecca.

Rebecca: Well. You have some nerve coming here after attacking poor Julian. I mean, hitting him, scratching him on the face -- how could you do that to your employer? And why?

Pilar: I have my reasons. What happened between Mr. Crane and me is personal.

Rebecca: You are on thin ice with me, Pilar. Could you bring in the rest of my bags, please?

Pilar: Iím not your slave. 

Rebecca: You still work here. If you have a problem taking orders from me, you -- well, you could quit.

Pilar: Not as long as Mrs. Crane is in this house. I work for her.

Rebecca: Well, donít make yourself too comfortable because neither you nor Ivy are going to be here for very long.

Pilar: Ivy told me this morning that sheís contesting the divorce and that Julian is allowing her to stay in the house for now.

Rebecca: Well, thank you so much for the update, but it really is none of your concern.

Pilar: Look, I am not interested in your pathetic attempt to take over this house.

Rebecca: "Pathetic"? You listen to me, tequita -- Ivy is not going to be able to stop Julian from divorcing her, and I am moving in here today, and I will marry Julian.

Pilar: I'll get somebody to help you with your bags.

Rebecca: Ooh. Ooh, the nerve of that woman.

Gwen: Mother, maybe you should wait till Julianís divorce is final before you start moving in here.

Rebecca: No way! If Ivy has moved back in here, then I have to defend my turf.

Gwen: I just think it'll be really uncomfortable living under the same roof as Ivy, especially with Pilar being so hateful.

Rebecca: Well, I donít care. Something is going on here. I can just -- I can smell it. I donít know what it is, and I tried to get it out of Julian, but he keeps putting me off. Before this day is out, Iím going to find out what it is.

Julian: Oh, my, look at me -- cut and bruised as if I'd been in a common street brawl.

Harper: Not a common brawl, Julian. Your attackers were two women.

Julian: Yes, among others. I have a good mind to press charges. God! I ask you, Harper, did I deserve such treatment?

Pilar: You bastard!

Julian: Oh!

[Julian groans]

Pilar: You defiled my daughter!

Julian: Pilar --

Pilar: You took her virginity! You ruined her! Thatís the ultimate sin!

Julian: Ow!

Pilar: I should tear your eyes out!

Julian: No!

Pilar: Oh, you son of a bitch!

Julian: Oh! Ow!

Eve: It is bad enough that you got her drunk, but then to sleep with her!

Julian: We were married, for crying out loud!

Eve: As if she wanted to be married to an insufferable pig like you!

Julian: No good deed goes unpunished.

Harper: Do you call seducing Pilarís young daughter a good deed?

Julian: What? I married the girl, didnít I? I gave her my name. Sheís Mrs. Julian Crane. I made an honest woman of her. If thatís not a good deed, then I donít know what it is. And this is what I get for my trouble.

Harper: Do you understand the mess you're in? You're about to be married to three women at the same time. You married Theresa in secret.

Julian: I divorced Ivy.

Harper: And Ivy is contesting the divorce. And Rebecca expects to marry you ASAP. She wonít be put off much longer.

Julian: God, canít you think of something, Harper, some legal reason to postpone my marrying Rebecca?

Harper: No. Iím through, Julian. Hire another lawyer to get your annulment from Theresa. Hire someone else to finish your divorce from Ivy. Iíve had it! I work for Alistair, and Iím going to tell him everything.

Julian: No

[Phone rings]

Alistair: Julian, what the hell is going on?

[Door opens]

Whitney: Hey.

Theresa: Whit.

Whitney: Whereís your mom? Whereís Ethan?

Theresa: Mamaís at the mansion and Ethanís asleep on the couch.

Whitney: Good. So, has Julian come through with the annulment yet or not?

Theresa: Not so loud, ok? You'll wake Ethan.

Whitney: So I guess you havenít told him anything about Julian getting you drunk and then marrying you?

Theresa: Of course I havenít told him.

Whitney: So, are you annulled yet or not?

Theresa: I donít know. I mean, I havenít heard from Julian.

Whitney: Well, you better talk to him. You need to make sure that he gets that annulment right away or Ethan is sure to find out the truth.

Ethan: Ooh, whatís this?

Sheridanís voice: Luis? Luis?

Sheridanís voice: Luis, Iím here.

Luis: Whoís here? I donít see anyone.

Sheridan: Luis, Iím here. Itís me.

Luis: Sheridan?

Sheridan: Yes, Luis, itís me.

Luis: Sheridan, is that really you?

Sheridan: Yes, Luis, itís me. Iím here.

Luis: You're alive?

Sheridan: Yes, Iím alive.

Luis: Thank God. I thought I'd lost you.

Sheridan: I would never leave you.

Luis: And I would never leave you. I love you so much. Sheridan -- Sheridan.

Julian: I was just thinking about you, father.

Alistair: Put me on the speakerphone, Julian. I know Harperís there with you.

Julian: Ahem -- he knows you're here. Now, if you mention a word about what happened, I swear Iíll have you disbarred.

Alistair: What the devil are you muttering about? Speak up, boy.

Julian: Well, I just said I hope you're enjoying your safari.

Alistair: Got him!

Julian: Sounds as if you're on a shoot as we speak.

Alistair: Thatís exactly where I am. Unlike you, Iím adept at multitasking. Now, whatís this I hear about Ivy moving back into the house?

Julian: Um -- I had no choice. And Ethanís helping her contest the divorce.

Alistair: Ethan? If he knows whatís good for him, he'd better not make trouble for the Crane family.

Ethan: Whatís going on in here? I suspect cooking.

Theresa: Yes. I made you breakfast, and I was just going to wake you up.

Ethan: Well, it smells terrific. Thank you.

Theresa: Did you sleep ok on the couch?

Ethan: Yeah, yeah. It was fine. I -- I just -- I couldnít stop my mind from racing.

Theresa: What were you thinking about?

Ethan: Opening up my own law office.

Whitney: Really?

Ethan: Well, you know, Iíve tried to get a job at every law firm in this town, but --

Theresa: Julian and Alistair have you blackballed.

Whitney: Right.

Ethan: Right, so, you know, this is really the only thing I can do -- open up my own law office.

Theresa: Well, I think itís a wonderful idea.

Whitney: Yeah.

Theresa: Sit.

Ethan: I knew you would. No, itís just last night when I was helping my mother; I remembered why I became a lawyer in the first place.

Whitney: Well, I thought it was so you could take over Crane industries one day.

Ethan: Well, that was really Julian and Alistairís plan. I mean, I just always dreamed of helping the underdog. And, you know, I remembered that when I was able to stop Julian and Rebecca from throwing my mother out of the house.

Whitney: Mrs. Crane was at the Crane mansion last night? I thought she was still in the hospital.

Theresa: Well, she got out and sheís furious with Julian, so sheís contesting the divorce.

Whitney: Is she?

Ethan: Well, I just -- I donít think the divorce is legal since Julian filed it in Bermuda. And in the meantime, my mother has every right to stay in the house until the case is resolved.

Whitney: So Ivy and Julian are still married?

Ethan: Well, itís tricky. I mean, if Julian married someone in Bermuda where he finalized the divorce, that would be legal. But since my mother is contesting the divorce, he canít marry Rebecca. I mean, if he did, he'd be a bigamist. Itís just -- Iím hoping that with my legal knowledge, I can help other women in my motherís position -- you know, women that are in a troubled marriage and are miserable.

Whitney: Oh, well, you know, Iím sure you can find one or two women like that.

Theresa: Well, I think itís a wonderful idea that you're opening up your own law office. You know, Iím going to look for a job, too.

Ethan: You wouldnít be interested in going back to work for my mother, would you?

Theresa: Sheís -- sheís back at the mansion. I mean, I -- I couldnít do that. I canít!

Ethan: Well, I understand why.

Theresa: You do?

Ethan: Well, yeah. I mean, I know why you want to get as far away from that house as you can.

Theresa: Why -- why do you think that I donít want to go back to work at the mansion?

Ethan: Well, I know you still think my mother blames you for the tabloid getting that e-mail saying Iím not a Crane.

Theresa: Yes. Well, she does, Ethan. I mean, you saw her last night. Sheís so angry with me.

Ethan: But, look, I told her you didnít do it. And -- look, Iím going to talk to her again and try to get her to believe you. And then Iíll talk to her about you coming back to work for her.

Theresa: No. No, no, please, Ethan, donít. I mean, I donít think that she'll ever forgive me, and it'll just be uncomfortable. I will find another job.

Whitney: Iím sure she will, Ethan.

Theresa: Wait a minute. If you're going to open up your own law office, you are going to need a secretary. I could be your Erin Brockovich.

Ethan: Thatís a good idea. Then we could work together.

Whitney: All you need now is to find a space.

Ethan: Thatís right, and we donít even need that much room -- just enough space for a couple of desks and some chairs.

Theresa: Iíve got it. I know just the place.

Luis: Sheridan! Sheridan, donít go! Donít leave me! Sheridan? Sheridan, where are you?

Luis: Sheridan? Sheridan? Why'd you run away?

Sheridan: I went to the cottage. I wanted to cut a rose -- last one of the year. You know, always loved the roses that your father planted for your mother all those years ago. Those roses are a symbol of our love, too. And as long as those roses are in bloom, I will love you, always.

Luis: And I'll always love you.

Luis: Sheridan.

Alistair: What have you done about Ethanís interference?

Julian: Iím working on it, father. It only happened last night.

Alistair: Well, needless to say, I will be very displeased if Ethan drags out this divorce. You need to marry Rebecca -- and fast! She knows way too much about our family secrets.

Julian: Yes, I know, father, and Iím most anxious to marry her.

Alistair: Well, see to it. If sheís your wife, you know, she canít be forced to testify against you should there be an investigation into Sheridanís death. Donít you agree, Harper?

Harper: Yes, sir, Mr. Crane. The best for the family would be for Julian and Rebecca to marry as soon as possible.

Alistair: Then make it happen, Julian. With Sheridan taken care of and Ethan out of the family, I have no choice but to leave matters in your hands. Donít screw up.

Julian: Everything is being handled, father. No need to worry.

Alistair: Is that true, Harper? Is Julian telling me everything I need to know?

Harper: Yes, sir. You know everything. Everything is running smoothly.

Alistair: Good. Itís a jungle out there, Julian. Marry Rebecca.

Gwen: Why do you think thereís something going on behind your back? Something like what?

Rebecca: I wish I knew, Gwennie. I do, but something is going on. I mean, why else would Julian allow Ivy to stay here at the mansion?

Gwen: Well, Ivyís been injured. She just got out of the hospital. Perhaps Julian thought it was just appropriate that he let her stay here until the divorce is final.

Rebecca: No. Julian never does anything out of the goodness of his heart. No, there has to be some reason, something -- oh, something that he is getting out of it by letting Ivy stay here at the house, and I think I know what it is.

Gwen: What is it?

Rebecca: I think heís going to use Ivyís contesting the divorce to try to weasel out of marrying me.

Gwen: Well, why would he do that? I thought he wanted to marry you.

Rebecca: Well, I certainly believed he did. But then he started acting so strangely. It all started in Bermuda.

Gwen: I think you're just being paranoid.

Rebecca: No. Someone whoís paranoid has all the facts, and I donít. But I will have them. And if I find out that Julian doesnít want to marry me, I am going to make him pay. And I know enough about Julian to bring down the entire Crane Empire.

Pilar: You can take the luggage upstairs to Mr. Craneís bedroom, Waldo.

Waldo: Mr. Craneís bedroom? Are you sure?

Rebecca: Yes, Mr. Craneís bedroom. Do you have a problem with that?

Waldo: No, ma'am, Mrs. Hotchkiss.

Rebecca: Good. Then do it.

Gwen: Mother, would you please calm down.

Pilar: Just take the things upstairs, Waldo.

Rebecca: Yes. Take all the bags except for this one.

Pilar: Is that a gun case, Rebecca?

Rebecca: That is none of your business.

Pilar: It is if thereís a gun in that case. Where do you plan to use it?

Rebecca: Well, donít worry, Pilar. I wonít use it on Ivy. I donít need a gun to take out the trash.

Pilar: Iím happy to hear it. On the other hand, I wouldnít object at all if you were to use it on Mr. Crane.

Rebecca: Hmm.

Ooh. Oh, I swear, as soon as I am Mrs. Julian Crane, Pilarís head will roll.

Gwen: Mother, thereís -- thereís not really a gun in that case, is there?

Theresa: Ta-da! Welcome to the new law offices of Ethan Winthrop, Esquire.

Whitney: So this is the great idea?

Ethan: Here in the living room?

Theresa: Yeah! Why not? I mean, we are hardly ever in it. We're always in the kitchen!

Ethan: Yeah, but what about Pilar?

Theresa: Mama wonít mind.

Ethan: Well, what about Luis? I mean, how would he feel about this?

Luis: What? How would I feel about what?

Theresa: Luis. Didnít you get any sleep at all last night?

Luis: Yeah, I guess. I dreamed a lot.

Theresa: What'd you dream about?

Luis: Sheridan. She was at the front door. She was holding a rose. It was from the bush that papa had planted for Mama. And those roses always meant a lot to me and Sheridan. Those roses are special, you know.

Sheridan: I know. So whenever we're apart, just look at this rose and you'll know that Iím thinking of you and I havenít forgotten about you. I havenít forgotten our love.

Theresa: Iím sorry, Luis. You know what? Why donít I make you some breakfast? And then maybe later we can all go all a nice walk on the beach.

Luis: Well, thanks, but I got to get down to the station house.

Ethan: You're going back to work so soon?

Whitney: Luis, are you sure you're ready for that?

Luis: Well, I have to go back to work. Itís the only thing thatís going to keep me sane.

[Sheridan gasps]

[Brakes screech]

Sheridan: No.

Liz: Whatís wrong?

Brian: Diana must be having a bad dream.

Liz: Oh, well, Iím not surprised. Lost at sea, half-dead when you found her -- sheís been through a terrible trauma.

Brian: And she doesnít even remember the accident that caused her to be lost at sea.

Liz: No, and thatís a mercy. But she also doesnít remember her name, who she is, or where she comes from. No wonder sheís having bad dreams.

Sheridan: No.

Brian: Poor girl. Maybe I should wake her.

Liz: I think itís best you let her sleep. Doc said her subconscious might still be working in her dreams. Maybe sheís reliving something in her past while she sleeps.

Brian: Do you really think so?

Liz: Thatís what doc says. Who knows? Maybe when she wakes up, she'll have a clue about who she is.

Brian: Could doc be right? Could Dianaís past be alive in her subconscious, and suddenly when she wakes up she remembers everything?

Liz: You wouldnít like that very much, would you?

Brian: I admit I wouldnít mind if she didnít remember her past at all. But I can see how much that it troubles her, not knowing anything about it. I want to help her find out about her past. I just hope it all doesnít come back at once.

Liz: You're hoping she'll spend enough time here so that she'll fall for you and that when she remembers she wonít want to leave.

Brian: Liz, do you believe in love at first sight?

Liz: Are you serious?

Brian: Iím just asking. Do you believe in love at first sight?

Liz: Well, you're asking the wrong person. Iíve been knocked around so many times, Iím not sure I believe in love at all.

Sheridan: No.

Brian: Looks like sheís waking up.

Liz: Yes. Maybe in a few minutes we'll find out if her past came back to her in her sleep.

Theresa: I think you're right, Luis. Work will help you move on with your life.

Ethan: Yeah. I mean, I feel the same way. You know, Iíve given up on trying to find jobs at one of the local law firms, so Iím -- Iím starting up my own law firm.

Theresa: Iím going to be his secretary.

Luis: Thatís good. So, did you find a space yet?

Ethan: Well, actually, Theresa suggested that we use the living room as a space -- you know, just until we start-getting clients and money starts coming in.

Theresa: I told Ethan that Mama wouldnít mind. I mean, do you mind, Luis?

Luis: No, not at all. In fact, I think itís great -- the whole family working together towards a common cause. Let me know if I can help, you know. I know itís what Sheridan would have wanted. So, I'd better get down to the station house, ok? Ethan, let me know if thereís anything I can do, all right?

Ethan: Yeah. Thanks, Luis.

Luis: You got it.

Theresa: I told you that Luis and Mama wouldnít mind. Now -- if we get rid of this sofa, we can put a desk right here. And maybe, you know, a bigger desk right here. We could go to the used furniture place. Oh, this is so exciting, Whitney!

Whitney: Itís going to be really wonderful.

Theresa: Yeah. We could -- we could decorate this place together. You know, we want to make sure it looks dignified and lawyerly.

Ethan: You know, Theresa -- I hate to put a damper in your happiness, but we kind of have a problem. Actually, itís a major problem.

Theresa: Well, what is it?

Ethan: Julian.

Whitney: Julian?

Theresa: What does -- what does Julian have to do with this?

Ethan: Everything.

Julian: Oh, I tell you, my nerves are shot. I think I'll go to the club and try to unwind. Would you check out there and see if Pilar is skulking around somewhere?

Harper: Is she still working here?

Julian: Well, Ivyís back, so I assume her lifelong lackey is with her. I donít want to run into the harridan. Please, just go check the hall for me.

Harper: You're all clear.

Julian: Good. Pilar was so righteous about her precious little girlís virtue. If she only knew. That little tamale wanted it as much as I did.

[Julian chuckles]

Harper: Julian --

Julian: Oh! What I wouldnít give for 10 more minutes in bed with Theresa.

[Julian chuckles]

Harper: Julian, shut up!

Julian: Whatís --

Pilar: You pig!

Julian: Pilar, donít hurt me!

Pilar: Oh! You stay away from my daughter!

Julian: Harper, help me!

Pilar: You worthless animal! You should be shot!

Julian: Harper!

Pilar: Oh!

Julian: Ow! No, Pilar -- Pilar -- Harper!

Officer: Luis, itís good to see you back.

Second officer: Howís it going, man?

Third officer: How you doing?

Luis: Good, thanks.

Officer: Luis, itís great to see you back at work so soon.

Luis: Yeah. Yeah, I know.

Officer: Look; I just want to say, on behalf of all of us, you have our deepest sympathies. If thereís anything you need, anything at all --

Luis: Well, thanks.

Officer: Yeah.

Luis: Thanks a lot. I think that workís the only place thatís going to help, you know? It'll just help me take my mind off everything thatís happened.

Officer: I understand.

Luis: Thanks again.

Sheridan: Good morning.

Brian: Good morning. Would you like some coffee?

Sheridan: Yes, please.

Liz: Did you sleep all right? We couldnít help hearing you moan in your sleep.

Brian: It was as if you were having a bad dream.

Sheridan: Thank you. I was. It was very bad.

Brian: Well, do you remember what it was about?

Sheridan: No. Flew out of my head as soon as I woke up. I wonder if it had anything to do with my past.

Brian: It could be possible.

Sheridan: What was it, Brian? What -- what would make me have a nightmare?

Brian: I donít know. Maybe you were dreaming about being caught in the hurricane.

Sheridan: Maybe. But maybe it was something else. If I could just remember one thing, it might just bring everything back then.

Theresa: I donít understand, Ethan. I mean, what does Julian have to do with you opening up your new law office?

Ethan: Well, the money I would have if I were still Julianís son. I have nothing now.

Theresa: I know, Ethan, but that doesnít matter. I mean, we can start with nothing. You donít have to give up your dream. It means everything to you.

Ethan: No. See, I just -- I wasnít thinking before. Look, even if we start the office here in your living room, we still need money for law books, advertising, telephones.

Whitney: Well, what about your mother, Ethan? She came from a wealthy family, didnít she?

Ethan: Yes, but all her assets are frozen until the divorce is negotiated, and I have no idea how long thatís going to take. Iím sorry, but -- I mean -- Iím just going to have to put our dreams on hold.

Theresa: I guess we have no other choice.

Ethan: Well -- I mean, in the meantime, you know, we can get jobs of our own and start saving. Look, donít worry. Itís going to happen one of these days.

Theresa: I know it will.

Ethan: Ok. Iím going to go put on something else. Then Iím going to run over to the book cafe, see if I can get some second-hand law books.

Whitney: Thatís a really good idea.

Ethan: Theresa, I may not be able to start my law firm right away, but at least I can start working towards my dream.

Theresa: It breaks my heart to see him so brave. Itís sad to see him have to just put off his dream.

Whitney: Well, honey, heís being realistic, you know?

Theresa: There has to be some way I can get the money for Ethan.

Theresa: Thatís it. I know how to get the money for Ethan.

Whitney: Oh, no. You know, I donít like it when you get that look in your eye, Theresa. Whenever you get that look in your eye, it means disaster.

Gwen: Thereís nothing in there that I should be afraid of, is there?

Rebecca: No, thereís nothing for you to be afraid of.

Gwen: I think that we should -- we should just keep it cool. I know you're upset, and I know that you are upset that you couldnít marry Julian as soon as possible, but itís going to be hard to live under the same roof with Ivy.

Rebecca: I will force myself to ignore it.

Gwen: Well, itís going to be hard for her, too, knowing that you're sharing a bedroom with Julian.

Rebecca: Why? She never wanted to be there. Thatís why sheís in the situation she is.

Gwen: I understand. I just -- I just want you to remember that nothing is solved by violence.

Rebecca: I agree. Itís just sometimes it is necessary to send a very forceful message.

Gwen: Oh, my God, put it away!

Rebecca: You know, I always was the best shot at the country club grouse shoot. You know, if Julian and I need to have a shotgun wedding, so be it.

Whitney: Whatever you're thinking about doing, Theresa, donít do it. You're already on the edge of disaster. Donít make anything any worse.

Theresa: Whitney, Iím not going to make things worse.

Whitney: But you could. Listen to me. Your secret marriage to Julian could destroy everything that you have with Ethan. Donít risk that.

Theresa: You donít even know what my idea is.

Whitney: Exactly, and Iím afraid to ask you.

Theresa: All right, look. Look at me. What do you see?

[Whitney laughs]

Whitney: I see my crazy friend who'll do anything for the man that she loves.

Theresa: Ok, thatís right.

But the person that you also see sitting here is Mrs. Julian Crane.

Whitney: So, what does that have to do with you getting money for Ethan, Theresa?

Theresa: Donít you get it? Until Julian gets my marriage annulled, I am Mrs. Crane -- the rich Mrs. Crane.

Whitney: So what? So is Ivy, according to Ethan.

Theresa: Well, until they get that whole thing untangled, Iím legally Julianís wife, not Ivy. See, Julian married me legally in Bermuda after he divorced Ivy. Think about it.

Whitney: You know, I am thinking about it, Theresa, and itís really scaring me.

Theresa: Whit, donít be silly. Why shouldnít I take advantage of the fact that Julianís my husband? Whit, this is the answer to my prayers. Iím going to ask Julian for the money.

Julian: You -- I ought to -- Harper, please help me.

Pilar: Not even God can help you! I hope your soul burns in hell!

Harper: I understand completely, Pilar, but enough.

[Pilar groans]

Julian: Oh!

Pilar: You -- donít you ever touch my daughter again, you pig!

Julian: I -- I promise you, I will never touch her again.

Pilar: If you do, I wonít let Luis kill you! I'll kill you myself with poison, and you'll die the slow, painful death a pig like you deserves! Oh!

Gwen: Mother -- mother, please put that gun away. You're really scaring me.

Rebecca: There is nothing for you to be afraid of. Now, Julian, on the other hand --

Gwen: This is insane. You canít -- you canít possibly think that you're going to force Julian into marrying you by shooting up the place.

Rebecca: I did not divorce your father to end up with just a bunch of broken promises. Now, if Ivy is going to stake her claim, then I have to stake mine. And possession is 9/10 of the law. And I intend to possess Julian and everything that goes with the Crane name, including this mansion. Ah! You know, I always hated that vase of Ivyís. Just doesnít go with my decor.

Officer: I saved your mail for you, Luis. Looks like a lot of sympathy cards.

Luis: Oh. Thanks, Ryan.

Luis: Hey, you know what? I think I'll just answer these at home. Is there, like, a box or something I could put them in?

Ryan: Yeah, sure. Try that, Luis.

Luis: Thanks, buddy.

Sheridanís voice: Whenever you and I are apart, just look at this rose and you'll know Iím thinking of you. You'll know I havenít forgotten you. I havenít forgotten our love.

Luis: My God. Sheridanís alive.

Sheridan: Itís so frustrating. I mean, Iím so close, but I -- I -- I canít remember. I canít remember what I dreamed.

Brian: Try not to let it upset you, Diana.

Sheridan: I canít help it. Iím just so afraid that I wonít get my memory back.

Brian: Look -- sometimes a thought will pop into your head or a dream will pop into your head just when you're thinking of something completely and totally different.

Sheridan: You think so?

Brian: Thatís what Iíve heard, anyway.

Sheridan: Maybe you're right. You know, I think I'll go take a walk, clear my head.

Brian: Great. I'll go with you.

Liz: Hey, Brian, hold on a minute. I'd like a word with you.

Sheridan: I'll just -- I'll wait for you over here.

Brian: All right. What is it, Liz?

Liz: I saw your face a minute ago when Diana was trying to remember her dream. You're afraid that sheís going to remember someone sheís in love with, arenít you?

Brian: I wonít deny it. I mean, it would be foolish to think that a woman as beautiful as Diana didnít have someone special in her life. But maybe by the time she remembers, I will have replaced that special someone.

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