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Passions Transcript Monday 10/15/01

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Timmy: To par-tay.

Tabitha: So do I when thereís something to celebrate, and there is. I promised our friends in the basement that we would deliver, and we have. Kay has renounced her 15 minutes of goodness and re-embraced evil, as I knew she would. You know, Timmy, for a civilian, that girl has enough of the right stuff to be one of us.

Timmy: Poor Kay.

Tabitha: Poor Kay, my Aunt Fanny. Sheís going to get exactly what she deserves. Here -- look at her.

Timmy: Kay doesnít look that happy.

Tabitha: Well, sheís not supposed to look happy. Sheís about to inflict all manner of pain and suffering on Charity and Miguel. Thanks to Kay, those two will never make love now. We will be spared, and Charity will be doomed.

Charity: Tabitha, did you just say I was doomed?

Hank: See, buddy, that wasnít so bad.

Beth: Hank just let him be. It was too soon for him to go out with other people, just too close to Sheridanís death.

Luis: Sheridan -- Sheridan -- Sheridan, itís me.

Ivy: This is still my home. Now, get out of my way.

Are a nobody now, Ivy. A nobody, and you are stuck in this wheelchair. You are the laughingstock of Harmony. Everybody knows you were struck by lightning chasing after your ex-lover.

Ivy: I would rather be a laughing stock than a stupid slut.

Rebecca: Ah! How dare you!

Ivy: Oh, please. A tramp is still a tramp, even if sheís in designer clothes. I am not about to give up my home and my belongings to you.

Eve: Either you let Ivy stay here or, by God, Julian, I am going to tell Rebecca Hotchkiss that you're already married to Theresa!

Julian: Shh. You just donít understand, do you, Eve? Iím holding the better hand. You tell Rebecca about me, Iíll tell big, bad T.C. that you gave birth to my baby.

Eve: Well, tell him. Tell him! You know he'll just kill you. Now, look. Iím warning you, Julian. You let Ivy stay here, or Iím going to tell the entire world everything that I know about Alistair and Julian Crane. Because I have had it up to here with how you treat people! Now, it is one thing to steal my innocence, but to ruin the daughter of my close friend -- God! That could've been Whitney or Simone! I could kill you myself.

Harper: Now, now, now. This isnít getting us anyplace.

Julian: Donít worry about it, Harper. Sheís bluffing. She'd never risk hearth and home to sell me out.

Eve: Try me. Letís just see whoís the last man standing when I tell Ethan and Luis what you did to Theresa.

Ethan: Theresa and I want to have a church wedding as soon as possible. So, if we can, we'd like to schedule the first available time slot.

Father Lonigan: Iím sorry; Ethan, but I cannot marry you and Theresa. It is impossible.

Ethan: Whatís the problem, father? What do you mean, you canít marry Theresa and me?

Theresa: All Father Lonigan meant was that he -- he canít marry us until we have a new marriage license and everything. Isnít that right, Father?

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and I would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

Charity: Tabitha, didnít I just hear you say that I was doomed?

Tabitha: Oh. I didnít say you were doomed. I meant you might well feel doomed with all the trouble your familyís facing right now.

Charity: Trouble? What, did -- did something happen?

Tabitha: Oh. How clumsy of me to break it to you this way. You obviously havenít heard. Oh, I do so hate to be the bearer of bad tidings.

Charity: Whatís wrong?

Tabitha: Well, your aunt and uncle -- they're going through a rough personal patch right now. It seems that Grace was never legally married to Sam.

Charity: What?

Tabitha: I know itís an awful shock, isnít it? But I suppose it shouldnít be, really, when you think that Grace has had amnesia all these years. I suppose she simply forgot she was married to David Hastings. Unfortunately heís come back to town to reclaim her as his wife.

Charity: Oh, my gosh. I -- this must be what the leaves were warning me to beware of.

Tabitha: Sam and Grace are upstairs right now comforting Jessica. Kay couldnít deal with the news at all. She just ran off into the night.

Charity: Oh, this is awful.

Miguel: No. Donít worry, all right? Your aunt and uncle are going to work things out. They love each other.

Tabitha: No. If only love were enough, Miguel.

Luis: Iím sorry. I -- I just thought you were someone else.

Hank: My friendís been under a lot of pressure lately. He didnít mean any harm.

Woman: Thatís ok. Whoever your Sheridan is, sheís awful lucky you want to see her so badly.

Lisa: He was really crazy about her, wasnít he?

Hank: You have no idea. Thatís why I want him to be around other people right now. He shouldnít be alone with his thoughts.

Beth: You know, when Luis broke up with me, I was devastated, but at least I got to see him from time to time. I canít imagine what it would be like to lose the person you love forever.

Liz: Donít tell me you lost your sea angel already.

Sheridan: Hi.

Liz: Diana. So, did you enjoy your tour of the island?

Sheridan: Yes. Brian showed me all around. Itís a beautiful island.

Liz: Yeah, I think so. The best part is most of the world doesnít know we're here. Not that I couldnít use the business. But, as they say, once they discover you, thereís no going back. Guess the same thing can be said for people as well as islands.

Sheridan: Well, maybe walk and look around. I wasnít really paying much attention to what I was seeing, Iím afraid.

Liz: Oh, donít apologize. You've been hurt. You're not yourself.

Brian: You know, Liz didnít mean anything by that.

Sheridan: No. Itís all right. But sheís right. Iím not myself since I canít remember who I am. Just because Iím not ready to have a sense of humor about my situation doesnít mean the rest of you canít.

Doc: Wise words, young lady. One of the best remedies I know for stress is a finely tuned sense of humor. The more you worry, the longer it'll take for you to regain your memory. So try to relax and not strain your mind too much. Thatís your best bet.

Sheridan: Iíll try. When Brian and I were down on the beach, I had a moment where I thought I might be Sheridan Crane.

Liz: You did?

Sheridan: Yeah. I read a story about her in the newspaper being lost at sea. But then Brian told me that her body had been found and identified. I canít get her out of my mind, though. I -- I donít know why.

Doc: Oh, I think I do.

Rebecca: Itís just like old times, isnít it?

Ivy: A little. We never liked each other very much, even when we were sorority sisters.

Rebecca: And you have not changed a bit. You still hang on like -- like a pit bull when thereís something you want. You never have learned to let go.

Ivy: Oh -- and you did?

Rebecca: Sam Bennett is a perfect example. You see, he never was right for you, but you just couldnít see it. And you married Julian, but, oh, you still had to hang on to the wrong side of the tracks. And what'd it get you? A bastard son, a divorce -- oh, and your own motorized wheelchair.

Ivy: I would rather be paralyzed for the rest of my life than be you.

Rebecca: Ooh, and you're mean, too. You know, I have always said that behind that smile is a mean streak a mile wide. But it looks like itís finally caught up with you. Julian is going to divorce you, and there is nothing you can do about it. Oh, you literally do not have a leg to stand on.

Ivy: Iím not leaving my home.

Rebecca: Oh, Ivy, please donít make me call the chief of police -- your own, dear Sam Bennett -- and ask him to throw you out of the house on your tush. Oh! How embarrassing would that be?

Ivy: You can call Sam. You can call the National Guard if you like. Rebecca, you can have Julian. Take him all with you. Sleep with him up in his room. I donít give a damn. But I will not accept this divorce of his. I didnít get married in Bermuda, and I am not honoring a divorce from there. This is still my home. I am staying! Now, get out of my way.

Julian: Iím not afraid of you, Eve. Iíll be glad to call your bluff. But just out of curiosity, why are you siding with Ivy now? I thought you hated her.

Eve: Not as much as I hate you for what you did to Theresa. Besides, Ivy is my patient. I owe it to her to make sure that she gets the best post-operative care that she can. And I am not about to watch you throw a paralyzed woman out of the home that has been hers for over 20 years!

Julian: Ivy can recuperate somewhere else. Why donít you find her one of those places with a wheelchair ramp and handicapped parking? She is no longer my wife, ergo this is no longer her domicile. And I want her off these grounds immediately.

Eve: Oh, ok. Well, then you wonít mind if I tell Rebecca that you wonít be having a wedding because you already have taken a wife. Rebecca!

Harper: Julian, sheís going to do it.

Julian: No, she wonít. Sheís bluffing.

Eve: Is that what you think, Julian? You know, there is a way to keep you from ruining any more young girls. I should've used a scalpel while we were at the hospital, but this'll do in a pinch.

Doc: I think I know why you canít get Sheridan Crane out of your mind.

Sheridan: Why? Tell me.

Brian: Oh, you know, whatís the difference? We already know that the womanís dead. The papers confirmed who she was through her fingerprints and her dental records, doc.

Liz: Donít bite docís head off. Just let him explain what he means.

Doc: Well, itís simple, really. Diana here read about what happened to Sheridan Crane at sea. And her experiences were so similar, sheís just identifying with her. Itís no wonder you're upset, realizing how close you came to losing your own life out in the hurricane. I think all Diana needs is to be left alone so she can get a good nightís sleep. It'll help you forget all about this Sheridan Crane.

Charity: Donít you see? First I have a premonition about a boat exploding. Then we find out Sheridan Crane died in an accident at sea. Then -- then I hear the leaves telling me to beware, and next thing I know, this awful thing is happening to my aunt and uncle.

Miguel: And you have premonitions about things that donít come true, too. Ok, no offense to Tabitha, but youíre getting your story second-hand. I mean, wouldnít it be better to hear what they have to say?

Charity: Yeah, I guess so.

Miguel: And thereís no way that Chief Bennettís going to let some guy waltz into town and break up his family. He'd fight it with every bone in his body.

Tabitha: Just so you know, Iíll back him all the way. I feel very protective towards the Bennettís. I always have. They're like a second family to me.

Timmy: Princess is laying it on thick.

Tabitha: What am I supposed to say -- that the whole Bennett family gives me hives and you're the only living thing I give a damn about?

Timmy: Maybe not.

Tabitha: Iím on a roll here, Timmy. Charity thinks that the message from the leaves was about that David Hastings fellow when really it was about her mean as a snake cousin Kay.

Timmy: Is Kay still out there?

Tabitha: You bet she is, scheming and plotting like the evil girl she is.

Kay: I tried being good, and what did it get me? A broken home and a mom and dad who arenít even married? The hell with that. From now on, Kay Bennettís going to be bad. And sheís going to get Miguel.

Ethan: Well, is that what you meant, father? That you canít marry Theresa and me until we have a new marriage license?

Father Lonigan: As soon as you and Theresa have everything in order, Iíll be glad to marry you.

Ethan: Oh. Well, great. I have the new license application in the other room. All we have to do is sign it. Iíll go get it.

Theresa: Ok. You told Father Lonigan, didnít you?

Pilar: I was too upset to keep it to myself.

Father Lonigan: I covered for you, Theresa, but only because I want you to be the one to tell Ethan the truth.

Theresa: But I canít, father. If I tell Ethan that I married Julian, he will try to kill him, and so will Luis. If I can just keep this quiet for a few more days, Julian has promised to get us an annulment.

Ethan: Annulment? Whoís getting an annulment?

Eve: You should have to wear an ankle bracelet like paroled criminals have to wear. That way, if you got anywhere near a young, innocent girl, the alarm would go off and the police could swoop in and keep you from stealing yet another young womanís innocence. You donít even deserve to live among civilized people after what you've done.

Julian: You're not being rational, eve.

Eve: Rational? No. No, Iím not. I remember what you did to me, and then I realize that you're just doing the same thing over again with Theresa. Whoís next, Julian? Huh? One of my daughters?

Julian: Well, they are stunners.

Eve: Oh, thatís it! Iím not going to cut you with these, Julian. No, I am -- Iím going to take care of you for good. I am going to tell Rebecca everything that she should know about the man she wants to marry.

Julian: Sheís out of her mind!

Harper: Do you blame her after what you did?

Julian: Whose side are you on, anyway? She needs to be stopped.

Sheridan: Brian.

Brian: I donít mean to intrude. I just wanted to make sure you had everything you needed.

Sheridan: Yeah. Iím fine.

Brian: Good. You had kind of a faraway look in your eye when you were looking out the window. Anything come back to you?

Sheridan: No. Nothing that makes any sense.

Brian: Must be awful frustrating. Look, if thereís anything I can do for you, anything at all, just ask, ok?

Sheridan: You've been so kind. I -- I wouldnít even know what to ask for. Except -- no. Forget it. Itís too silly.

Brian: No, no, go ahead. Ask away.

Sheridan: You're going to think Iím crazier than you probably already do. I mean, itís hotter than July here, and for some reason I have this terrible craving for a hot cocoa. Liz probably wouldnít even have any.

Brian: Actually, I just happen to know where a secret stash is. Coming right up.

Sheridan: Hot cocoa? I wonder where that came from.

Beth: Canít stop thinking about her, can you?

Luis: I try. Everything I see, everything I do, reminds me of her. The woman we saw just now -- I mean, I could've sworn it was Sheridan -- even though I know logically that it couldnít be her. Her body was positively ID'd before she was cremated. But, honestly, I could've sworn that that woman was Sheridan.

Beth: Donít feel bad. Anybody who lost the love of their life would feel the same way.

Luis: Yeah. Even this place reminds me of her. We used to take long walks, and Iíd take my jacket, put it around her to keep her warm, get hot cocoa. Can almost smell it now. You know, you're a real good sport, listening to me go on about Sheridan. Why donít you go join hank and Lisa? Iím sure they're much better company.

Beth: No. Not to me, Luis. And just for the record, I donít mind listening to you talk about Sheridan. I meant it when I said I really liked her.

Luis: She liked you, too.

Beth: And, besides, I owe you one. When my father died, you listened to me go on and on for I donít know how long until I finally accepted his passing. And I want to be here for you until you get over Sheridan.

Theresa: I was just telling father that he will never have to worry about us getting an annulment.

Ethan: Oh, thatís for sure. No, we're going to be married for 100 years, maybe even 200 years. Well, letís just finish filling out the license application. Dates of birth. Places of birth. "Are either of you married?" Donít think so. Ok. You just need to sign right here, Theresa.

Theresa: I see.

Father Lonigan: You might want to read through it before you sign it.

Ethan: Oh, thatís ok. We filled one of these out before, Father Lonigan.

Pilar: Well, still, Ethan, you might want to double-check your answers. You donít want to make a mistake and have to do it all over again.

Ethan: Ok, whatís going on around here? I mean -- you know, I am getting the distinct feeling that somethingís going on that I donít know about.

Theresa: Mama and Father Lonigan just want to make sure that everything goes smoothly this time.

Father Lonigan: Actually, itís more than that.

[Phone rings]

Ethan: Can you hold on a sec, Father Lonigan? This'll just take a minute, I promise. Hello? Hello? Is someone there?

Woman: Mr. Ethan, itís Martha. Thereís a problem at the house.

[Rebecca screams]

Ethan: Oh. Iím sorry; Martha, but you shouldnít have really called me. Iím not a Crane anymore. Itís not my house.

Martha: Itís about your mother, sir. Sheís trying to run over Mrs. Hotchkiss in her wheelchair.

Ethan: Sheís what? Iím on my way. Apparently my mother and Rebecca are trying to kill each other.

Pilar: But Ivyís in a wheelchair.

Ethan: Sheís using the wheelchair as a weapon. I guess I better stop them.

Theresa: Please, Father, donít tell Ethan that I married Julian. I will lose him forever if you do.

Pilar: Things are going from bad to worse.

Tabitha: Feeling a bit better, dear?

Charity: No, not really.

Tabitha: Well, I know just the thing to cheer you up. I was going to have a late-night snack. Would you and Miguel like to join us?

Charity: "Us"?

Tabitha: Did I say "us"? Oh, dear. Well, you know how attached I am to my little Timmy doll. If I treat him as real, I feel a little less lonely.

Miguel: Tabithaís right. You should eat something.

Tabitha: Now, if you're not hungry, Miguel, why donít you go out and have a word with your friend Kay?

Miguel: Iíd be glad to, but I thought you didnít know where she went.

Tabitha: Oh, well, Iíve just caught a glimpse of her out there, and she looks very upset -- not that I blame her after what Grace and Sam told her tonight.

Miguel: Would you mind if I go talk to her?

Charity: No. Go ahead.

Timmy: Tabithaís bad.

Tabitha: Ooh -- why, thank you, Timmy.

Kay: Miguel. Whereís Charity?

Miguel: Inside with Tabitha. I heard about that David Hastings guy. How you doing?

Kay: Aside from the small matter of finding out Iím illegitimate, just fine.

Miguel: Hey. You donít have to play tough girl with me. I know itís got to be rough.

Kay: You're right. It is rough. Can you believe I actually bought into the idea that when our house was finished again we'd be like a family? We're never going to be a real family again.

Miguel: No, donít say that, Kay. All right? Your mom and dad love each other and you guys more than anything in the world. They'll work this thing out.

Kay: Miguel, itís not just a thing. My mom is married to some guy that we donít even know. But, you know, donít worry about me because, I mean, I learned a lot tonight -- that life isnít always fair and if you want something you just have to reach out and grab it. Do whatever it takes to make yourself happy.

Pilar: Father, Iím afraid Theresaís right. If she confesses what sheís done to either Ethan or her brother Luis, terrible things will happen. Ethan is still worried about his mother and Luis is devastated by Sheridanís death, and they will take out their anger and frustration on Julian and pay for it the rest of their lives. Please, donít tell anyone what Iíve told you. Please, father.

Father Lonigan: You are one of my most devout parishioners, Pilar. If that is your wish, I will respect it.

Pilar: Thank you.

Father Lonigan: But Theresa must understand there can be no wedding to Ethan until her marriage to Julian is annulled.

Pilar: What -- what if that man doesnít keep his promise? What if that animal truly has ruined Theresaís life forever?

Father Lonigan: You cannot think that, Pilar.

Pilar: Oh -- father, how can I not? All my life I have lived for this family, for my family. My beloved martin disappeared, and then my son, Antonio, my oldest, gone. I -- I still light candles for them every night. I pray for their safe return. I donít get angry with God. I donít even question why heís done this to me. I -- I accept his will. I give him thanks for the good things that I have left -- Miguel and Theresa and Luis. But now -- now my children are suffering, too. I canít take any more of this. I just -- I canít do this anymore.

Rebecca: Give it up, Ivy. I won. You lost. Let go of me!

Ivy: Oh, if you insist.

Rebecca: Ow!

Ivy: You can browbeat Julian all you want to, Rebecca, but you will never oust me from this house -- not as long as there is breath in my body.

You are the trespasser here, not me!

Eve: Whereís Rebecca?

Ivy: In the foyer. Why?

Eve: Because I have something I need to tell her.

Rebecca: I donít care what she says. Sheís lying. Oh, pookie, she tried to kill me.

Eve: Oh, my, my. Things are getting more interesting by the minute. And when you find out what Julianís done, you're going to want to kill him.

Luis: Are you going to be ok getting home by yourself?

Beth: Yeah. Do it every night. But if you -- you want to come by for some hot cocoa --

Luis: Oh, thanks. Not tonight. Maybe another time.

Beth: Yeah. Maybe another time.

Sheridan: Thank you. Mmm. This is good.

Brian: Well, people do tell me I make a mean cup of hot cocoa. So, does it remind you of anything?

Sheridan: I feel like it should, but Iím not sure.

Brian: I wish I could help.

Sheridan: I wish you could, too.

Brian: Well, I guess I should let you get some sleep.

Sheridan: Thank you for being so nice.

Brian: Anytime.

Brian: Good night.

Sheridan: Good night.

Sheridan: What is it? What am I feeling?

Ivy: Well, Eve, whatís Julian done now?

Julian: Whatever Eve has to say is irrelevant at the moment. I will not have you and Rebecca going at one another like mud wrestlers.

Ivy: Ethan!

Ethan: Mother, are -- are you all right? Whatís Rebecca done to you?

Ivy: Oh, donít worry about it, darling. I can more than handle myself against Rebecca. Although I do find it rather tacky that she and Julian are trying to kick me out of my own home.

Theresa: Well, thatís terrible. They have no right!

Ivy: Well, I appreciate your indignation, Theresa, but I can do without your help.

Ethan: Mother, I thought you had gotten past all that garbage having to do with the e-mails sent to the tabloid coming from Theresaís computer.

Ivy: I have tried, Ethan, but letís face it -- none of us would be in this predicament if it werenít for Theresaís carelessness.

Ethan: I donít want to hear it, all right? Look, I love Theresa more than I ever did. We are still going to get married. I just -- I want you two to get along.

Ivy: So whatís this big bombshell that has to do with Julian, Eve?

Ethan: If this has anything to do with my motherís physical condition, Julian doesnít matter. Not only am I Ivyís son but I am also her attorney, and I want to be absolutely sure that Julian and his legal team arenít trying to pull a fast one on her due to her vulnerable condition.

Rebecca: Are you going to let him talk to you that way?

Ethan: He has no choice, Rebecca, because thereís not a court in this land that would condone throwing my mother out of a house sheís lived in for 20 years. Isnít that right, Harper?

Harper: Well, thereís --

Ethan: But that aside, you know, Iím not convinced that your divorce was legal, Julian.

Julian: But of course it was!

Ethan: Why should I believe you? I havenít seen one iota of paperwork on a financial settlement, nor have I seen a copy of the divorce decree. You do have one, donít you, Julian?

Julian: Well, not on my person, but Iím sure itís on file with the magistrate down there.

Ethan: Well, fine, then. I will call Bermuda first thing in the morning and talk to them myself. But I want you all to understand that from this moment on, we are contesting the divorce. You will not be marrying anyone else, much less throwing my mother out of her house.

Julian: What are you -- this is outrageous! What?

Harper: Donít argue with them.

Julian: No, but Iím just --

Harper: Donít you see? While the divorce is being contested, Rebecca will have to back off on marrying you. This'll buy you the time you need to get your annulment from Theresa.

Theresa: If Ethan calls the authorities in Bermuda about Julianís divorce, they will tell him about his marriage to me.

Miguel: I donít see it that way, Kay. I mean, my mother raised me to believe that if you just treat people right, good things will happen for you.

Kay: My mom raised me to believe that, too, Miguel. But you know what? Life just doesnít work that way. Bad things happen to good people all the time, Miguel.

[Charity screams]

Miguel: Thatís Charity.

[Charity screams]

Tabitha: Good grief, dear, what in the world are you screaming at?

Charity: Those leaves -- they just appeared under the door!

Miguel: Itís ok. Itís ok. They got blown in by the wind.

Charity: Uh-uh. No, Miguel, they didnít --

Miguel: No, itís all right.

Charity: They're -- they're following me. They're trying to warn me of something. I can feel it!

Miguel: Itís ok. Itís going to be ok.

Charity: No!

Miguel: Ok? Itís ok.

Charity: Itís so cold.

Miguel: Shh.

Charity: Itís so cold.

Miguel: Iím here. Itís ok.

Tabitha: And so the fun begins.

Theresa: Ethan is sure to find out that I married Julian when he calls Bermuda in the morning.

Eve: No. No, not if Julian can get the marriage annulled by then. Then it should be expunged from the records.

Theresa: Mr. Crane, you have got to get the annulment immediately.

Julian: Iím doing my best, dear.

Rebecca: Excuse me, Theresa. I need a word with my future husband. Julian, are you and your attorney actually allowing Ivy to contest a perfectly legal divorce? Just -- just throw her out of the house.

Julian: Well, not just yet, dear.

Rebecca: Why not? You said you would.

Julian: Well, I know, but on second thought, I -- I realized how insanely it might appear for me to throw my newly paralyzed ex-wife out of a home sheís called her own for so many years.

Harper: Absolutely correct, Julian. You wouldnít want to pull a female judge if this goes to court.

Julian: No. Hmm.

Ethan: We've just won the first round, mother.

Rebecca: What about us? What about our wedding plans? Just how long is she going to stay here?

Julian: Well, it shouldnít take more than a couple of days to straighten this out. I think you can be patient for that long.

Rebecca: To hell with patience. I demand to know what the hell is going on here!

Beth: Well, I guess this is good night.

Luis: Thanks for putting up with me.

Beth: I told you --

Luis: Right -- Iím great company.

Beth: You donít have to be with me.

Luis: No. Iím glad Hank got me to come out. It wasnít nearly as bad as I thought it was -- that -- thatís -- thatís not what I meant.

Beth: No --

Luis: I just --

Beth: Donít worry about it. I really do understand. Take care of yourself, you hear?

Luis: Iíll do my best.

Sheridan: Hello, moon. Are you looking over my friends and family, too? Where are they? Doesnít anyone miss me?

Luis: Good night, Sheridan.

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