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Passions Transcript Friday 10/12/01

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Ivy: I am not telling you again, Rebecca. Get out of my way!

Rebecca: This is not your house. Julian divorced you and he is my fiancť, so this is my house, and I am not letting you in.

Ivy: Get out of my way, bitch! Iím coming through!

Rebecca: Over my dead body.

Ivy: Let go of my wheelchair!

Eve: Stop it, both of you.

Ivy: Iím going to break --

Eve: Ok, you are in no condition --

Ivy: Damn my condition! This bitch is toast!

Eve: You are weak and you need to rest.

Rebecca: Oh, she can rest somewhere else. This is not your house!

Ivy: Wrong!

[Rebecca screams]

Ivy: Oh! Ooh! Let go, Rebecca!

Julian: I donít care what you have to do. I want my marriage to Theresa annulled, and I mean now.

Harper: Julian, I've told you -- this annulment process is complicated because you got married in another country.

Julian: And I told you I donít care how complicated it is. I want the bloody annulment so I can marry Rebecca. We have to stop her from babbling to the world that I had my sister killed.

Harper: Anything this delicate takes time.

Julian: Just shut up and do it! With my money, it shouldnít take that long. Oh -- I went to Bermuda with the express purposes of getting my divorce from Ivy and to carry out the plan to kill my sister. Instead, I got drunk, married and bedded my former sonís fiancťe, the delectable Theresa. Now if I donít marry Rebecca immediately, she'll rat me out for being behind my sisterís death. But, you see, I canít marry her because Iím already married to Theresa. And if Ethan or Theresaís brother finds out that I married and bedded her, they'll kill me, no questions asked. I've already had a preview of their wrath.

Harper: Julian --

Julian: You get that annulment now! Or a -- I will be a bigamist, b -- I will be murdered, c -- I will go to jail for murdering my own sister, or d -- all of the above.

Theresa: It was -- it was Julian Crane.

Pilar: Oh, dear God --

Pilar: No!

Theresa: Mama?

Theresa: Oh, Mama. No.

Ethan: What happened?

Beth: Why donít you sit down, have a glass of wine? I ordered your favorite. Wait a minute. You didnít know, did you, that we were joining you?

Luis: No, actually I thought it was just going to be me and Hank for dinner, but --

Beth: Listen -- I hope itís ok.

Luis: Huh.

Sheridan: Iím so hungry; I could eat this paper and all.

Brian: Whatís wrong?

Sheridan: "Sheridan Crane put to rest." Sheridan.

Pilar: Teresita.

Theresa: Oh, Mama. Itís all right.

Pilar: No, mija. Itís not all right.

Ethan: Pilar, what -- what happened to Theresaís wedding dress?

Pilar: Iím sorry. Iím sorry. I didnít mean to. But when I think about whatís happened --

Theresa: Itís ok, Mama. Itís ok.

Pilar: No, Theresa. Itís never going to be ok.

Theresa: No, Mama.

Ethan: Pilar -- you know, whateverís gotten to you, whatever you're so upset about, you know you can talk to me about it.

Pilar: Ethan, I --

Ethan: You know, we're so close. I mean, you're like a second mother to me. So, whatís going on?

Beth: Itís ok that Iím here, right? If it isnít, I can go.

Luis: No, no, no, itís -- Iím just surprised, thatís all. This is great.

Beth: Ok. Good. Then we can all have a nice evening together.

Luis: Yeah.

Woman: Well, donít let the fun begin before I fix my lipstick. Point me in the direction of the powder room, Beth?

Beth: Oh, Iíll do better than that. Come on, Iíll show you.

Luis: Whatís going on, Hank?

Hank: Nothing. I just thought it would be good for you to be out with friends, kick back. I was going out to dinner with Lisa tonight, and I thought it would be nice if Beth came along. You guys could talk, catch up on old times.

Luis: A date? Is that what this is supposed to be? Is that what you told Beth?

Hank: Whoa. Would you just slow down? Itís nothing like that. I just invited Beth as a friend. You two go way back. I -- I thought it would be better for you to be out with friends than to sit alone someplace mourning.

Luis: Oh, you figured that, huh?

Hank: Remember when we talked --

Luis: Yeah, and you -- you said that I needed to move on with my life because thatís what Sheridan would've wanted.

Hank: She would.

Luis: Well, I am not ready to do that. And I am certainly not interested in any other woman. Itís only Sheridan. Sheridanís the only one.

Brian: Oh, the wind shifted. Looks like we're going to have fair weather tomorrow. Not that we donít have good weather most of the time around here anyway.

Sheridan: Itís so sad.

Brian: Whatís that?

Sheridan: When the boat she and her fiancť were on exploded. Sheís been missing since the hurricane and they sent out rescue crews, but thereís been no sign of her. Iím sorry. What were you talking about?

Brian: Nothing.

Sheridan: Iím sorry, the weather. You were talking about the weather.

Brian: The forecasters are saying that we're going to have a lot more hurricanes over the next couple of decades.

Shan: Thatís too bad. I'd hate to see this place damaged. Itís almost like paradise.

Brian: Not "almost." It is paradise.

Sheridan: This poor woman lost at sea. This woman. Wait -- wait a minute. Could she be me? Could -- could I be Sheridan Crane?

Ethan: Pilar, talk to me. Whatís happened thatís made you so upset? Whatís going on?

Theresa: Itís all right. Mama, please. I understand what has you so upset. So much has happened -- Sheridan, Ivy being hurt so badly -- I mean, near death -- and Ethan and my wedding being stopped -- itís all hit you so hard. You know how important family is to Mama, Ethan, how deeply she cares for those she loves.

Ethan: Yeah, of course.

Theresa: Please.

Pilar: Sorry. Iím sorry that I spoiled your dress. I came here to tidy up Theresaís bedroom, and I -- I saw her wedding gown. It made me think of Luis and Sheridan. And I acted badly, violently. And I guess I spilt the ink on your dress. Iím so sorry.

Theresa: Itís ok.

Ethan: Oh, Pilar, donít worry about it. Iím sure we can get it cleaned. It was an accident. Itís all right, really.

Pilar: Iím going to make myself some tea. Maybe that will calm me down.

Ethan: Your motherís really upset.

Theresa: She'll be all right, Ethan.

Ethan: Yeah, I just hope thereís not something else sheís upset about, something sheís not telling us.

Julian: I donít care what you have to do, who you have to bribe, or how much it costs. I want my marriage to Theresa annulled, and I want it now.

Harper: As Iíve said, getting a foreign marriage annulled is a very --

Ivy: Let go of me!

Rebecca: You are not getting into this house!

Julian: What the hellís that?

Ivy: Let go, Rebecca!

Julian: Oh, good God. It sounds like Ivy.

Rebecca: Away you go.

Ivy: Oh, just stop it, or Iíll rip your hair out!

Eve: Stop this, both of you!

Rebecca: Eve, you just stay out of this.

Eve: Ivy is my patient.

Rebecca: Yeah? Well, sheís going to be a dead patient if you donít just get out --

Julian: Good lord! Are you still alive?

Ivy: And breathing fire.

Julian: You mean I wasted a perfectly good bouquet of flowers on you?

Eve: Oh, thatís a terrible thing to say.

Julian: Well, sheís a terrible sight to behold.

Ivy: One thing you should know, Julian. When I was in the hospital, I wasnít completely unconscious. I saw you fiddling with my I.V. And I heard what you said.

Julian: You're obviously still delirious. And what on earth are you doing here, anyway?

Eve: I brought her home to recuperate.

Rebecca: Wrong location. Ivy doesnít live here anymore.

Julian: Yes, that bolt of lightning must have knocked what little sense you had right out of you. Did you not receive the divorce papers? Did they not state in black and white that you are no longer Mrs. Julian Crane, that you are forbidden to enter the Crane estate?

Ivy: Oh, I got your divorce papers, Julian. But I refuse to accept some fly-by-night island divorce.

Julian: Well, you have no choice. Harper here will tell you itís all perfectly legal. That being the case, you have no reason or right to be here.

Rebecca: None.

Ivy: You shut your face, Rebecca!

Julian: So, without further ado --

Ivy: What are you doing, Julian? Get -- Julian!

Julian: I am escorting you out.

Ivy: Bastard!

Eve: Julian!

Julian: Well, that should take care of that.

Rebecca: Oh, you were magnificent, darling.

Ivy: Ooh, Iíll make them pay if itís the last thing I do! If it takes me the rest of my life, I will make them pay!

Eve: Ivy, please let me take you back to the hospital.

Ivy: No.

Eve: You are risking being permanently paralyzed.

Ivy: I am staying right here in my own home. They're not going to get rid of me that easily.

Sheridan: Could the missing woman be me?

Brian: Diana, look Ė  I brought you to this island and I took you to Lizís, we thought for a moment that you might be Sheridan Crane.

Sheridan: Really?

Brian: And we tried to contact the Crane family and let them know that we'd found her. But then we heard that a body had been recovered and, well, that she had died. And they identified the body through dental records and fingerprints. We knew that you must be somebody else after we heard that news, so --

Sheridan: You're right. Thereís no way I could be Sheridan Crane. I guess it was too much to hope for.

Brian: Why donít we see what other goodies Liz put in this basket?

Sheridan: I just wish I could remember who I am, what my real name is, where I come from, if I have any family or loved ones. Brian, what if no one is looking for me?

Brian: Diana, I find it hard to believe that thereís not anyone out there looking for you.

Sheridan: But you said that all the people lost in the hurricane have already been found or at least accounted for.

Brian: I know, and that doesnít mean a thing. Someone can still be looking for you. I canít imagine that you donít have someone out there in your life, someone -- your family, a boyfriend.

Sheridan: I hope so. I feel such emptiness inside of me. I want so much to believe that thereís someone out there looking for me, that at least one person cares about me.

Luis: Iím not ready to move on yet, Hank.

Hank: I know --

Luis: And Iím not interested in being with another woman.

Hank: Thatís not what I had in mind tonight. I just thought that being out with people you like --

Luis: Well, itís -- itís not what I need right now, ok?

Hank: Iím worried about you, buddy.

Luis: Donít be.

Hank: I think you're still holding out hope that Sheridan will come back.

Luis: Hank, Iím not kidding myself. I know that Sheridan is gone. I mean, hell, I had enough evidence. All the reports that came in confirmed that it was Sheridanís body that they found out at sea. Yeah, I would like to have hope and I would like to believe that she is coming back, but I know sheís not.

Hank: No.

Luis: And as far as moving on goes -- I canít even think about that right now. Itís not right, and itís not loyal to Sheridanís memory. I just canít do it.

Hank: Ok, ok, I just think that --

Luis: You know what? Look, Iím just going to go get some air, all right? Now, you tell Beth that something came up and I had to go.

Hank: All right.

Luis: I donít want to hurt her. I just canít do this right now.

Julian: This should calm you down.

Rebecca: Aw. Itís not nerves, pookie. Itís fury. I mean, the gall of that woman. Has she no shame?

Julian: Not a lick.

Rebecca: I mean, trying to force her way in here and then attacking me. Is she insane?

Julian: Itís all over now. We've finally gotten rid of her for good this time.

Rebecca: You know, I almost wish Iíd let her in.

Julian: Whatever for?

Rebecca: Well, she was so furious when she found out I was redecorating the house. Could you imagine the fit she would throw if she saw that I actually did it?

Ivy: You're not going to get rid of me that easily!

[Ivy screams]

[Knock on door]

Pilar: Father Lonigan, please come in.

Father Lonigan: I heard about Sheridan, and I came to offer my condolences. Iíll be praying for you and your family.

Pilar: Thatís very kind of you, father. Please sit.

Father Lonigan: Luis must be devastated. He loved Sheridan so much.

Pilar: She meant everything to him.

Father Lonigan: I put a call in to the Crane family, but I know you and your family will grieve more than Julian and Alistair.

Pilar: The Cranes -- they donít care about anybody but themselves.

Father Lonigan: Iím afraid you're right.

Pilar: I did everything I could to keep my children away from that -- that family. But I failed. Luis fell in love with Sheridan.

Father Lonigan: Who was nothing like the rest of her family.

Pilar: No, she wasnít. She was wonderful. But Luis' heart is broken and heís suffering so much, father.

Father Lonigan: It will take time.

Pilar: And now to find out this about my Theresa. My baby, my sweet little girl. I will never forgive the Cranes. Never.

Theresa: Itís ruined.

Ethan: Theresa, donít worry about it. You know, Iím sure the dress can be saved.

Theresa: No.

Ethan: Yes. Look, we'll take it to my motherís cleaners, you know? We'll put a rush on it, and -- and if it canít get done in time, then -- it doesnít matter what you wear, just as long as we get married. Thatís all that matters. And the sooner, the better.

Julian: Rebecca wants to get married right now.

Theresa: Well, I want an annulment right now. So stop talking about it and make it happen.

Theresa: You know, even if they can clean the dress, I think that maybe we should wait to get married.

Ethan: Why?

Theresa: Well, to give Luis time to get over losing Sheridan.

Ethan: But Luis wants us to get married. You remember what he said in Bermuda, that we should get married right away --

Theresa: I know.

Ethan: Theresa, is -- is there something else thatís happened, something -- something that makes you want to wait, not get married?

Luis: Sheridan.

Beth: Luis -- are you all right?

Luis: Yeah. This is the hardest thing that Iíve ever had to go through, and Iím just -- I canít do this tonight. Iím not ready.

Beth: Itís ok, Luis. I only want whatís best for you.

Luis: Thanks.

Beth: But I do want you to know that my being here tonight is only about friendship, and I made that clear to hank when he invited me.

Luis: Well, you're a good friend.

Beth: Thatís all that Hank had in mind, too. He just -- he wanted to get you out -- not for you to forget about Sheridan or me to take her place. Thatís not what this is about. And if it was, I wouldnít have come.

Ivy: What have you done to my home?

Rebecca: This is my home now. And I have exorcised every trace of you from it.

Ivy: Who performed the exorcism? Liberace? Well, at least you got one thing right.

Rebecca: Oh, and what might that be, not that I care?

Ivy: The bar. Julian can stay unconscious there for years.

Rebecca: I want you out of here now!

Ivy: You can scream your bloody head off, Rebecca. And you, Julian, can threaten until the cows come home. But Iím not leaving.

Rebecca: Julian, do something. Get her the hell out of here. I cannot stand for this.

Julian: Iím warning you, Ivy.

Ivy: Oh, donít threaten me.

Julian: You have no legal right to be here --

Ivy: Oh, you can take your legal right and shove it!

Julian: Donít make me have to call security.

Ivy: Do whatever you like, but Iím staying.

Eve: All this stress is not good for my patient.

Rebecca: Good. Good. With any luck, the bitch will be finished off and we'll be done with her once and for all.

Ivy: Not a chance.

Rebecca: Julian, do something! I am not going to take this anymore. I want our wedding pushed up to now -- right now!

Julian: Letís not rush things, Rebecca. I told you I wanted you to have the wedding you deserve.

Rebecca: Donít push me, Julian, because if you push me I will push back and you will go to the electric chair. Just where the hell do you think you're going?

Ivy: Iím going to my room to take a nap.

Rebecca: We'll see about that.

[Ivy screams]

Harper: She must have just seen the foyer.

Rebecca: I will not be put off, Julian. We are getting married now.

Julian: Harper, come here. You get that annulment now.

Harper: Iíll do the best I can.

Julian: You can see what Iím up against.

Harper: Well, it takes time to extricate you from these messes you somehow manage to get yourself into, Julian.

Julian: Never mind the reprimand. Just get the annulment. Just calm yourself, Julian. Everythingís going to be fine. Oh! Not you.

Pilar: First Sheridan, and now this with Theresa. So many of my beliefs have been called into question, Father. Iím sorry, but I am losing my faith in God.

Father Lonigan: No, Pilar --

Pilar: That he could let something like this happen.

Father Lonigan: Iím not entirely sure what you're talking about. You keep mentioning something thatís happened to Theresa. Is she all right?

Pilar: My daughter will never be all right after whatís been done to her.

Father Lonigan: Whatís been done?

Pilar: Julian Crane -- Julian Crane took my daughterís innocence. He tricked her. He manipulated her. He stole her virginity. That pig.

Brian: So, whatís on your mind, Diana?

Sheridan: Sheridan Crane. Her death was a tragedy, but at least --

Brian: At least what?

Sheridan: So wonderful how loved she was. Just wish I had that.

Brian: Oh, come on. Somebody out thereís looking for you, wondering where you are.

Sheridan: I just wish I could remember who I was so I could find them.

Brian: So not knowing who you are is starting to get to you, huh?

Sheridan: Yeah. Memory is something you take for granted until you lose it. Without it, I donít know how Iíll ever find my family. I mean, I donít even know where I would start. Brian, will you help me? Will you help me find out who I am, where I belong?

Brian: Sure. Iíll do whatever you want.

Beth: Iíll be honest with you. I've never gotten over you. But you already know that.

Luis: Well, thatís why I didnít want you to get the wrong idea.

Beth: No, I wonít. I know you love Sheridan. From the moment she came along, I saw the way you were around her. It was pretty clear how you felt. And it hurt, Iíll admit. I wanted to hate her. But then I saw how happy you two were together, how genuine your love for each other was. So I accepted it because I wanted you to be happy. And then I saw what a wonderful person Sheridan was and I really grew to like her. We became friends. You know, we've had some long talks together, most of which you donít even know about.

Luis: You did?

Beth: Yeah. We talked a lot about you, life, all kinds of things.

Luis: Well, tell me everything. I just want to know more about her, what she thought and what she felt. I just want to hear it all.

Ethan: You know you can tell me anything. Thereís nothing terrible enough that I couldnít understand, that I couldnít forgive you for. I love you. So, tell me, what is it?

Julian: What is it, sweet Theresa?

Theresa: Donít touch me. What are we doing in bed with each other?

Julian: Well, making love, of course.

Theresa: No! Thereís nothing. Iím just worried about Luis. You know, and Mama -- they're hurting terribly, and I just -- Iím just not sure they're up for a wedding right now.

Ethan: But, see, I think that is exactly what everyone needs -- a celebration -- where two people who are madly in love with each other are joined together. Nothing can come between us.

Theresa: Ethan --

Ethan: Letís -- letís just do it, all right? Letís -- letís reaffirm our happiness in everyoneís hearts. Letís bring back love to Harmony.

Pilar: They slept together, Father. Julian took my daughterís virginity.

Father Lonigan: In the name of all thatís holy --

Pilar: Heís ruined her life.

Father Lonigan: But how did this happen?

Theresa: Theresa went to Bermuda. She wanted to persuade Julian into taking Ethan back into the Crane family. He got her drunk on champagne. And when she woke up in the morning, she was married to Julian and in bed with him.

Father Lonigan: Are you sure they're married?

Pilar: She saw the license herself. It was signed by a local justice of the peace. Theresa -- she told me that -- she told me that she dreamed that she was marrying Ethan, that she was making love to Ethan. But instead she woke up next to Julian.

Father Lonigan: Dear God.

Pilar: My baby. My poor little girl. Sheís innocent. Saving herself for marriage. Damn Julian Crane. Damn him for what heís done.

Luis: Tell me about your talks with Sheridan. I just need to fill in the gaps, know everything I can about her.

Beth: Of course. Iíll share it all. We'll talk as friends, mourn the loss of Sheridan together.

Luis: I'd like that.

Beth: Iím here for you, Luis.

Luis: Yeah. Well, I guess we should go back in, see how Hank and Lisa are doing.

Sheridan: I want to thank you, Brian. You've been so kind.

Brian: No. No thanks needed. I just wish I knew how I could help you, you know, knew where we could begin.

Sheridan: Well, one thingís for sure -- Iím not Sheridan Crane.

Brian: Well, thatís a start. But I think that we've talked enough about dead people tonight, donít you? I mean, Sheridan Crane may be dead, but Dianaís very much alive.

Sheridan: And I owe you for that. You saved my life.

Brian: I think we better get back to the hotel.

Sheridan: Yeah.

Ivy: What in the name of sister Parrish have you done?

Rebecca: Itís called style. Not that I would expect you to recognize it.

Ivy: Oh, really? And what style would you call this?

Rebecca: Itís sort of post-modern.

Ivy: Yeah, right. Itís more like post-Madame. Of course, what can one expect from a slut like you?

Rebecca: That is it. I want you out of here now.

Ivy: No, Iím staying.

Rebecca: Ivy, you have one hell of a nerve. You have no right to be here anymore.

Ivy: I have more right than anyone.

Rebecca: Have you no shame? Ivy, you are making a total ass out of yourself.

Ivy: Iím making a total ass out of myself, Rebecca? Look around you! Oh, please. You are so pathetic. Trapping Julian into marrying you -- what, is that your idea of a catch?

Rebecca: I donít have to trap anybody into anything. Julian wants to be with me. And I can please him in ways that you couldnít possibly imagine.

Ivy: Oh. Oh, please, Rebecca, donít delude yourself. Julian will have a mistress lined up 10 minutes after you say, "I do." Knowing him, he already has one. Get out of my way, Rebecca. Iím taking the elevator up to my room.

Rebecca: Fine. Iíll call security. Iíll call the cops. They will side with me because, you see, this is not your house anymore. Julian divorced you, remember?

Ivy: Right. Well, Rebecca, this is what I think of your divorce.

Rebecca: Ah.

Ivy: I am still Mrs. Julian Crane.

Julian: Whatever it is you have to say, Eve, Iím not in the mood.

Eve: Ivy is my patient, Julian, and she came very close to dying.

Julian: Well, evidently not close enough.

Eve: She needs a place to recuperate, Julian. She needs to be in her home under close medical supervision.

Julian: Ivy has no place here. I divorced her with a capital D. And I donít care where or if she recuperates.

Eve: Julian, you're going to let Ivy stay here, or Iím going to run to Luis and Ethan and tell them what you did to Theresa in Bermuda.

Julian: You know what, Eve? Knock yourself out. Tell them what you will. Iím tired of this. I canít worry anymore what those two morons might do to me. Iíll just double security. Iíll call in the National Guard if I have to for protection. I am Julian Crane. I will not be threatened. I will not be blackmailed. So, go ahead, tell them. Tell all.

Pilar: Even if the marriage is annulled, Father, the damage has been done. My babyís been robbed of her innocence.

Theresa: Mama, are you all right?

Ethan: Father Lonigan, you're here. This is great. This is perfect.

Father Lonigan: What?

Ethan: Well, I was going to call you later, but -- well, Theresa and I want to have a church wedding as soon as possible, and -- well, if we can, we'd like to schedule the first available time slot.

Father Lonigan: Iím sorry; Ethan, but I cannot marry you and Theresa.

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