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Passions Transcript Thursday 10/11/01

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Beth: He's been doing that for over an hour, looking at that photo album Miguel and Charity gave him.

Hank: Well, with all those pictures of him and Sheridan --

Beth: He finishes it and then he starts at the beginning again, over and over.

Hank: God, I wish he'd just stop torturing himself. Sheridan's dead and she's never coming back.

Beth: That's a little bit harsh, Hank. I mean, Luis does need to mourn. He needs to say good-bye to Sheridan in his heart.

Hank: Yes, but she'd want him to get on with his life.

Sheridan: You know, I am feeling much better. It's not too late to go out, is it?

Brian: You know, I don't know.

Sheridan: I would love to see more of the island.

Doc: Oh, that sounds like a fine idea. Walking around will get Dianaís blood flowing. It might even jog her memory.

Sheridan: Maybe I'll even remember my real name.

Brian: Ok. Ok, we'll go for a walk. We'll stay out as long as you want.

Doc: I'll be in the lobby.

Brian: Ok.

Liz: Brian, can I see you for a minute?

Brian: Excuse me one second.

Sheridan: Ok.

Liz: You think this is a good idea? It's late and you have to work in the morning, put out to sea before dawn.

Brian: We'll see.

Liz: "We'll see"? Brian, you got bills. You have to work to pay those bills.

Brian: Yeah, don't you think I realize that, Liz?

Liz: And what about the money you promised me for letting Diana or whatever her name is stay here?

Brian: You'll get it. It's just -- I don't know, I'm thinking about taking tomorrow off maybe.

Liz: Off? Brian, you don't work, you don't get a paycheck. You don't get paid, I don't get paid.

Brian: Would you relax? You will get paid. I'm talking about one day here, that's it.

Liz: Brian, I see the way you look at her. I know it's not going to be just one day.

Ivy: Well, how am I doing?

Eve: Better. Much better.

Ivy: Good. When can I go home?

Eve: In a few days.

Ivy: No, Eve, please, I want to get out of here now.

Eve: Yes, well, of course you do. But your health is the most important thing right now and you're still paralyzed.

Ivy: The specialists said it was only temporary.

Eve: Yes, it is, but we're not taking any chances. We're going to wait for the swelling in your spine to go down.

Nurse: Dr. Russell? There's a messenger outside who insists he has to personally hand Mrs. Crane something.

Ivy: What is it?

Nurse: He wouldn't say.

Ivy: Well, send him in.

Eve: He can only stay for a minute, Ivy. You still need to rest.

Messenger: Ivy Crane?

Ivy: Yes?

Ivy: Well, I wonder what this is. Oh. My formal divorce decree from Julian. Well, I already knew about that.


Eve: What's wrong?

Ivy: As of midnight tonight, I am forbidden from entering the Crane estate.

Eve: Forbidden?

Ivy: Oh, Rebecca! Oh, this reeks of Rebecca! Well, Julian may have divorced me, but he is not about my home. No way. I am not about to let Becky Wecky move into my house. Eve, I have got to get out of here. I've -- I've got to get home! I -- I need to kick Rebecca out on her big fat butt!

Rebecca: Oh, but, Mario, you are the most dramatic caterer on the east coast. I just want you to think simplicity. Oh, well, of course I do. I want you to be creative. Just -- just think simple and elegant. Julian. Mario, Iíll call you right back. Julian, what happened to you?

Julian: Oh, I had a minor altercation with Pilar. It seems she's upset over my divorcing Ivy.

Rebecca: Well, that bitch. She is so fired.

Julian: What?

Rebecca: Well, now that you've divorced Ivy, there's no reason we have to keep Pilar on.

Julian: We can't fire her.

Rebecca: Why not? She's just the maid. If I want to get rid of why can't I?

Julian: Because I said so.

Rebecca: Oh. Well, why are you so concerned about Pilar all of a sudden? What does she have on you, Julian? Does she know some secret you're not telling me about?

Pilar: Oh, damn it!

Theresa: Mama, are you all right?

Pilar: No, Theresa, I am not all right. And how can I be all right after what happened to you in Bermuda? Marrying Julian Crane, losing your innocence to that sick, horrible man.

Theresa: Mama, I was drunk, ok? It was a mistake.

Pilar: He got you drunk, Theresa. And it was more than just a mistake. It was the worst thing I could possibly wish for you.

Theresa: Oh, Mama, everything will be taken care of. I mean, Julian -- he will get the annulment and no one will ever know that we were married.

Pilar: Well, Julian must do it right away. Because if Ethan or Luis find out, they'll kill him.

Theresa: I know, Mama, and that's the most important thing -- that Luis and Ethan never find out.

Ethan: What can I never find out, Theresa?

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and I would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

Beth: I brought you a refill, Luis.

Luis: Oh. Thanks, Beth.

Beth: If there's anything else I can do, just holler, ok?

Hank: How long are you going to keep doing this, buddy?

Luis: What?

Hank: Sit here staring at these photos.

Luis: I don't know. I just miss her so much.

Hank: Of course you do. But there's a fine line between mourning for somebody else and mourning for yourself.

Luis: Is that what you think Iím doing?

Hank: I know I sound like Iím a jerk, like Iím being hard on you, but I see this as tough love. You know, you're going to have to let Sheridan go. You're not going to be able to do that by sitting here staring at pictures.

Sheridan: Is everything all right?

Brian: Fine. Everything is fine. Actually, Liz here was just offering for the kitchen to make us some sandwiches. There's a little beach not far from here, actually, in walking distance. We can have a nice little moonlight picnic.

Sheridan: That sounds wonderful.

Liz: And who's going to pay for those sandwiches?

Brian: Put them on my tab.

Sheridan: Shoes. I don't have any shoes and, I mean, these clothes are the ones that you got me on the boat.

Brian: Yeah. Liz, would you mind letting Diana borrow something of yours to wear?

Liz: Oh, I -- I'm sure that my clothes wouldn't fit Diana. But there should be something in here.

Brian: Whoa, that's a lot of suitcases.

Liz: Confiscated from guests who didn't pay their bills.

Brian: Oh, no kidding? Well, I'm sure that there is something in there that Diana can wear. I'll tell you what -- why don't you peel through all that stuff, find something to put on, and I'll meet you in the lobby.

Sheridan: It'll be good to get out and walk around, see the island.

Liz: I'm not running a charity here, you know.

Brian: You'll get your money, Liz.

Liz: Oh, yeah, I'll believe that when I see it.

Brian: She's lost her memory. She might not even have any family.

Liz: Well, if she does, I'm hoping they're rich. Then they can give me a big, fat reward for taking care of her.

Ethan: What can I never find out, Theresa?

Theresa: I don't want you to find out what Mama is making for dinner tonight. It's a surprise.

Ethan: Are you serious? A surprise when I can smell it? Look, she's making my favorite, arroz con pollo. She used to make it for me back at the mansion. Oh. Sometimes it's like being a Crane was actually someone else's life. But you know what? I'm through living in the past. Right now I'm going to stay totally focused on my future, and you are my future, Theresa.

Theresa: Oh, I love you so much, Ethan.

Ethan: Yeah. I love you, too. But we have work to do. I've made a list. So why don't we sit down and start planning our wedding.

Theresa: Now?

Ethan: Do you have a better idea?

Theresa: Uh, no, I guess -- no. Mama --

Pilar: It's all so terrible, Theresa -- the lies, the deception, Ethan wanting to marry you, not knowing that you're not free to marry.

Theresa: Mama, as soon as Julian gets the annulment, I'll be able to marry Ethan. He will never know about Julian and me.

Ethan: Am I doing this all by myself?

Theresa: I'm sorry. I'm coming, I'm coming.

Ethan: Ok. Well, first things first -- the license. Since we went to Bermuda, our marriage license expired.

Theresa: Oh. Oh, so what do we have to do?

Ethan: Oh, just fill out another one. We just have to fill out this application, then I'll take it to them tomorrow. "Are the bride and groom currently single, married, or divorced?" Well, that's kind of a weird question. I mean, can you imagine someone who's already married applying for a marriage license? Ridiculous. Well, that's an easy question. Single for both of us.

Rebecca: Well, Julian? What does Pilar have on you?

Julian: Nothing. She -- she has absolutely nothing on me. But just think of the bad publicity. Pilar could run to the tabloids and -- "Cranes fire minority housekeeper after years of loyal service." If father saw that, he would have a cow.

Rebecca: Oh, all right, then. We'll keep her, for now. She's not number one on my priority list. Number one is planning our wedding. Oh, there are so many details.

Julian: Oh, for pity's sakes, Rebecca, I just got through telling you that father doesn't want any more publicity.

Rebecca: Bad publicity. This is good.

Julian: Can't you wait a little longer? Uh -- Sheridan has just died, my divorce has hit the papers, and for me to take another bride so quickly -- the tabloids would love another scandal.

Rebecca: Oh, well, if they'd love another scandal, I'd be happy to give them one. You know, I wonder how they would react when they hear that Julian Crane arranged for the explosion that killed his sister.

Julian: Becca, please.

Rebecca: Well, here's the deal -- you marry me and I keep my mouth shut. Remember, a wife cannot be forced to testify --

Julian: Testify against her husband. I know, I know.

Rebecca: But if you don't marry me, well, then Iíll sing like a nightingale and, oh, my poor little pookie will go to the electric chair.

Ivy: I have to get home, Eve. I have to. I'm not going to let Julian and Rebecca kick me out of my house!

Eve: You can't leave now, Ivy. You're recovering from major surgery.

Ivy: No, I'm -- Iím fine, Eve. Please just bring me my clothes.

Eve: No, I'm not going to sign a release.

Ivy: Well, then I will sign myself out! Patients have that right!

Eve: You are being so foolish.

Ivy: I am going home, whether you sign off on it or not!

Eve: Ok. All right. You can leave. But first you're going to have to sign a paper that says that neither I nor the hospital is liable and that you are leaving against medical advice.

Ivy: Fine, I will sign anything. Just get me out of here!

Eve: I have to warn you, Ivy, if you leave now, there's a chance that you could be permanently paralyzed.

Ivy: No. No, no, no. No, please, Eve, I am not going to let them take away what I have earned by putting in 20 years in that poisonous, rotten marriage. No. No. When I see Julian, I am going to rip his heart out! Oh, I mean, it's bad enough that he went out of the country to divorce me, but to have Harper draw up a document to keep me off the estate? That is too much! When I get a hold of Julian -- oh, he's a dead man! Ooh!

Julian: Hmm. You can be so bad-tempered, Rebecca.

Rebecca: Well, I prefer to think of it as passionate. And you of all people should appreciate that, Julian. See, because all that passion will be yours forever. All you have to do is hold up your part of the bargain and no one will ever know about Sheridan.

Harper: Sorry to interrupt.

Julian: Oh. Harper.

Rebecca: Oh, you're not here to tell us there was a problem with Julianís divorce from Ivy, are you? I don't want anything to hold up our marriage.

Harper: No, Ivy is out of the picture. All the papers have been filed.

Rebecca: Ah, you have made my day, Harper. Isn't that good news, Julian?

Julian: The best.

Rebecca: Well, I'll be popping in and out here. I have so many plans to make. I want our wedding to be perfect. Ciao, caro.

Julian: Hmm.

Rebecca: Oh.

Harper: Your face.

Julian: Don't ask.

Harper: Obviously, you haven't told Rebecca that you married Theresa in Bermuda.

Julian: Of course I didn't.

Harper: As your counsel, I'm obliged to inform you that if you marry Rebecca, you'll be a bigamist.

Julian: Astonishing conclusion, Harper. You must have been top of your class at Harvard law.

Harper: Yes, I was, and one of the first things I learned is that the client must be kept abreast of everything that's going on.

Julian: Oh, Well, that's what got me into trouble in the first place.

Harper: Well, the point is you must stall Rebecca.

Julian: Easy to say.

Harper: Well, you can't marry her, that's for sure.

Julian: Actually, you see, bigamy is the least of my problems when it comes to Rebecca.

Harper: Really? Why? What else is going on? What could do your reputation more harm than being a bigamist?

Julian: Being a murderer.

Hank: I hate to see you in pain. Is that so wrong, wanting my best friend to feel better?

Luis: And you think all I have to do is just try?

Hank: Like I said before, I see this as tough love. I'm not giving up on it. So this is what I think you should do -- start small, have dinner with friends, with me.

Luis: Yeah, that's small, all right.

Hank: Meet me at the Lobster Shack in an hour. So it's a date?

Luis: Yeah. Yeah, I guess.

Hank: See you there.

Beth: How's he doing?

Hank: He's going to be fine. Just fine.

Ethan: I want this to be a perfect wedding for you, Theresa.

Theresa: I know you do, Ethan.

Ethan: You know, after happened the first time we tried to get married, I just want to make sure everything comes off just as we planned.

Theresa: Well with me.

Theresa: But I do, Ethan. I mean, she still thinks that Iím the person who sent the e-mail to the tabloid saying that you weren't a Crane.

Ethan: But that's over, all right? I know you didn't send the e-mail. Theresa, you are the woman I love, and my mother's just going to have to -- just going to have to learn to deal with her anger.

Pilar: I'm afraid that's not going to happen, Ethan.

Ethan: Why do you say that?

Pilar: I just know Ivy.

Ethan: Look, you know, I am not going to let anyone keep this from being a perfect wedding for you. It's going to be our first and only wedding and it's going to be a memory we share forever. I can't wait to marry my beautiful, innocent bride.

Theresa: Oh! Mama!

Ethan: Pilar, are you all right?

Harper: Murder? What are you talking about, Julian?

Julian: I'm going to tell you something, Harper.

Harper: Well, I hope it isn't what I think it is.

Julian: Sheridan's death? It was no accident.

Harper: Dear God, you killed your own sister?

Julian: Shh! Quiet!

Harper: Well, this time -- this time, you've gone too far. I'm out of here.

Julian: Harper, wait. Harper, it wasn't my idea. It was fatherís.

Harper: Alistair's idea?

Julian: So if you abandon this family, you'll incur his wrath, and we both know what that means. I would strongly advise against your running out on us.

Harper: All right. I'll stay.

Julian: That's a wise decision, Harper. So you see, I had my sister killed, Rebecca knows, and if I don't marry her, she's going to blow the whistle.

Harper: Wait a minute. Rebecca is going to tell the police if you don't marry her?

Julian: That's why this annulment you're looking at a long stretch in the penitentiary, or worse.

Julian: Father and I were worried that if Sheridan married Luis, he would get close to family secrets and start nosing around trying to find out what really happened with his father's disappearance.

Harper: Luis still blames you and Alistair for that?

Julian: He can never gain access to the Crane family's secret files.

Harper: So to keep Luis away, you killed Sheridan?

Julian: God rest her soul.

Harper: But what's the logic in that? I don't get it, Julian.

Julian: You don't have to. Now you can see my predicament. I had Sheridan killed, Rebecca knows. That's why I need my marriage to Theresa annulled ASAP.

Harper: All right, Iíll make a few more phone calls. But I have to give you fair warning -- this is going to take time. Getting an overseas marriage annulled is difficult. The best would be for you to persuade Rebecca to wait a few months.

Julian: Well, that simply isn't going to happen. She wants to get married now. If anyone stands in her way, Rebecca will eat them alive.

Eve: I've arranged for a nurse to be with you around the clock.

Ivy: Wonderful.

Eve: The only problem is I don't know exactly where to send her.

Ivy: Send her to the Crane mansion, of course, Eve.

Eve: Ivy, Julian barred you from the Crane mansion.

Ivy: It's my home, Eve, and no one is going to keep me out of it.

Sheridan: Is that ours?

Brian: Yeah. I thought we might get hungry, so --

Sheridan: I am getting my appetite back.

Brian: Great. Let's go then.

Sheridan: Ok.

Woman: What a handsome couple you make do you mind if I take your picture?

Sheridan -- I don't know.

Brian: Um, sure. Why not?

Sheridan: I must look a mess.

Brian: No. You look incredible, really.

Woman: Go ahead. Keep it.

Brian: Oh, thank you.

Sheridan: Thank you.

Brian: Doc, do you mind holding on to this for us while we're out?

Doc: Sure.

Sheridan: You know, I just wanted to thank both of you from the bottom of my heart for everything that you've done.

Doc: It was our pleasure.

Sheridan: We'll be seeing you when we get back, I hope.

Liz: Oh, we're not going anywhere.

Sheridan: Ok. See you later.

Brian: See you later.

Doc: Well, looks Brian sure is smitten with Diana.

Liz: Yeah. I just hope he's not in over his head. What Brian doesn't realize is that somebody is coming after that girl to take her back where she belongs. And he's going to be left with just memories. I just don't want to see him get his heart broken.

Luis: What happened?

Theresa: Oh, Mama just dropped a pot.

Luis: You ok?

Pilar: I'm fine.

Ethan: Hey, Luis, so we decided to take your advice. We're not wasting another day. We're planning our wedding.

Luis: Wow. I think Sheridan would've liked it that way.

Theresa: Mama, please, you have to calm down. We can't let Ethan and Luis become suspicious.

Pilar: Why not? Julian deserves to be punished.

Theresa: But it was my mistake, too, Mama. Julian didn't force champagne down my throat. Now, if Luis and Ethan find out, they will kill him. So the only way to handle this is to wait for Julian to get annulment and no one will find out.

Pilar: Secrets always come out, mija.

Theresa: Mama, this one canít. Ethan can never know.

Pilar: You're starting off your marriage to Ethan by telling him another lie.

Theresa: It's the only way, Mama. I mean, Julian will get the annulment and I will marry Ethan.

Ethan: Hey, Theresa, your brother just had a good idea. Why don't we just forget about planning the wedding and just the four of us jump in the car, drive to New Hampshire, and get married by the justice of the peace? What do you think?

Theresa: No.

Pilar: You canít.

Sheridan: This Island is so beautiful.

Brian: Yes, it is. Are you hungry because that walk made me famished.

Sheridan: I could eat the whole basket.

Brian: Go for it. You'll have to forgive the crude packaging.

Sheridan: Forgiven.

Brian: There you go.

Sheridan: Thank you.

Ethan: What's wrong with getting married tonight?

Theresa: Uh -- it's just -- it's not romantic enough for us to just jump in the car and get married. Look, look at all the work that you put into planning this, Ethan. I mean, how can we let your efforts go to waste?

Ethan: Yeah, you're right. I'm a fool. I mean, no, I wouldn't dream of messing up your first and only wedding. I mean, could you imagine us in our first apartment and seeing a picture of the justice of the peace, and us you know, standing there with our clothes all ruined from the drive?

Ethan: It smells like something's burning, Pilar.

Pilar: Oh, the food.

Pilar: It's burned.

Theresa: Mama --

Pilar: I'm so terribly sorry. It's ruined.

Luis: Mama, in all my life, I've never seen you burn dinner before.

Pilar: Well, we were talking and I -- I just --

Luis: The only time I ever smelled anything burning in this kitchen was when Theresa was cooking.

Ethan: What, you saying my wife-to-be can't cook?

Luis: No, Theresaís a great cook. She's just -- she's just easily distracted. Well, guess that's a sign or something.

Ethan: Yeah, what's that?

Luis: I was supposed to meet Hank at the Lobster Shack for dinner and then I came home, I saw Mama cooking, and I figured I'd invite him over. Well, obviously there's no dinner anymore, so come on, guys, what do you say? Let's go to the Lobster Shack, get something to eat?

Theresa: Oh --

Ethan: I'd love to, Luis, but I still have -- I have stuff to work on planning the wedding tonight.

Theresa: Yeah, you know, I'll whip up some dinner. You could help. We could make sandwiches.

Luis: How about you, Mama? Want to grab a bite to eat?

Pilar: No, son, I -- I have a lot of things to do.

Luis: Well, I guess Iíd better get going then to meet Hank.

Pilar: Bye. Go, Luis, enjoy yourself.

Luis: All right. See you later.

Pilar: Ok.

Ethan: See you, Luis.

Theresa: Bye.

Ethan: All right, well, we still got some work to do, too. Got to figure out where we're going to spend our honeymoon.

Pilar: Laundry. Please excuse me. I -- I have things to do.

Ethan: What's wrong with your mother?

Theresa: She's just embarrassed about burning dinner.

Pilar: Oh, my baby. My baby girl. Damn you, Julian Crane. Damn you for what you took away from my daughter.

Ivy: It's locked! Oh! My keys were fried by the lightning. Oh.

Eve: Ivy, this is just an amazingly bad idea. Now, you belong in the hospital. Trying to force yourself into the Crane mansion is just going to cause you unnecessary stress.

Ivy: This is my house, Eve. I am not going anywhere.

[Doorbell rings]


Harper: I'm doing all I can, Julian.

Julian: Well, do more! I need that annulment.

Rebecca: I'll get that for you, pookie. You two men continue your business. Oh! . You see what a good wife Iím going to be, Julian? So much better than Ivy ever was.

Julian: Don't ever mention that name.

Rebecca: Relax. We don't ever have to see her again.

Julian: Yeah, we'll never see her in this mansion, that's for sure.

Rebecca: No. Oh, no. You are banned from these grounds, Ivy. What are you doing here?

Ivy: Iím going in.

Rebecca: Oh, no. You are not coming in here.


Hank: Hey. You made it.

Luis: Yeah. Hank, I thought it was just going to be you and me for dinner.

Hank: Little change of plan. Figured it'd be better for you to be around more people than just your boring old bud.

Beth: Hey, Luis. I'm glad you're here. We were waiting on you to order, and I am starving.

Theresa: Mama, it was -- it was Julian Crane.

Pilar: No!

Theresa: Mama?

Theresa: Oh, mama. No.

Ethan: Hey, what happened?

Ivy: I am not going to tell you again, Rebecca. Get out of my way!

Rebecca: This is no longer your house. Julian divorced you and I am his fiancťe, this is my house, and I'm not letting you in.

Ivy: Oh. Get out of my way, bitch, I'm coming through!

Rebecca: Over my dead body.

Ivy: Let go of my wheelchair!

Rebecca: Uh-uh, sorry, Ivy.

Eve: Ivy!

Julian: Would you get on with it, man?

Harper: I'm moving as fast as I can, Julian. This annulment process is complicated because you married a woman in another country.

Julian: I don't care how complicated it is. You just get that bloody annulment so I can marry Rebecca. We have to stop her from blabbing to the world that I had Sheridan killed.

Doc: You're right, Liz, soon as the woman finds out who she is, she'll leave the island and never come back. I know how you feel about Brian, but if this woman takes off, he isn't going to be happy.

Liz: Yes, he can barely take his eyes off of her. But how will this Diana remember her true identity?

Doc: All kinds of ways. Who knows what could trigger her memory. It could be anything. Something as simple as a sign or a television program, a newspaper article -- anything. Anything could set her memory off.

Sheridan: I'm so hungry; I could eat this paper and all.

Brian: What's wrong?

Sheridan: "Sheridan Crane put to rest." Sheridan Crane.

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